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  1. I noticed that too. I was sitting in the theater and had to force myself not to mutter " Just kiss her already! You dig her, she digs you, blah blah blah let's kill some monsters already. " ::tongue While this movie won't win any Oscar gold it was a hell of a lot of fun. Lots of cool imagery, neat gadgets, and just about every major monster movie cliche of the 1930s and 40s thrown into a stew and left to bubble and froth nicely. Jackman is naturally charismatic, and makes you feel for the character even if we know next to nothing about him really. Literary purists may cringe at the inconsitencies(Dracula as a eurotrash-looking fellow rather than the white-haired and mustached Impaler archetype, Mr. Hyde once again not a dwarf but another Hulk pastiche, and Frankenstein's monster being referred to by the name of his creator, and Gabriel Van Helsing? Huh?) but on the whole the film is two hours and change of pulp fun. The brides were cool, the transformations were cool, the movie was just plain cool. My one wish is that they'd kept it in black and white throughout the film, but I guess you can't have it all. If you're looking for a Serious Horror Film keep on trucking. But if you're looking for a fun action adventure/swashbuckler/old-school monster movie, check it out. Enjoyable stuff. -Def.
  2. Good to be back in the old neighborhood. I lost track of EON a few months ago, what with RL getting insanely busy and all, but its great to be back. Hope I run into some more old pals and meet some new peeps. As to joining an Aberrant game. . .yeesh, so many! Maybe one step at a time huh? -Def.
  3. Greetings my excellent friends! ::bigsmile Just thought I'd peek my head in the door and let y'all know I'm back. Hope things've been good while I've been away. Hope to talk to you soon. Take it easy, -Def.
  4. Woo! Rock the casba Anine! *boogies* ::biggrin -Defender.
  5. One of my favorite quotes of all time: " In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight, let those who worship evil's might, beware my power. . .Green Lantern's light! " -Oath recited by Hal Jordan, Green Lantern Sector 2814. And yes, I am a comics geek. Thanks for asking. -Defender.
  6. Don't make me pull this forum over and come back there. . . -Defender. ::angry ::tongue
  7. Hehe. One of the many times I'm proud to be Canadian. Our politics are far too boring to be corrupt, and with multiple parties there's always fun. I tend to vote New Democrat Party myself, I like their pie-in-the-sky idealism. ::biggrin -Defender.
  8. I've got mixed emotions when it comes to this Time of Judgment business. On the one hand, it's a hell of a ballsy move. I mean, WoD always talked a good game about how the End of the World was coming, but never in my fanboy heart did I think they'd actually go and do it. You have to respect a group of talented people making good on their promise. On the other. . .damn. It's the end of an era for me personally. I remember starting my role-playing journey with Werewolf 2nd Edition way back in the 1994. The core of my decade's worth of rp is coming to a close next year. I'm not mad or anything, shaking my fist at Ethan Skemp and company. In fact, I like the idea of the story coming to a close. I just feel this pleasant melancholy. It's letting go of a piece of my past. Weird how fast time goes by. ::dontgetit -Defender.
  9. ::blink Hate D&D? Me? No way! I'm a fan of Dragonlance (pre-Dragons of Summer Flame fiasco) and Ravenloft fan from way back. I really enjoy the new edition of Ravenloft SSS put out. It's just that I started gaming nearly ten years ago with the White Wolf system and it's hard for an old fart like me to change (hell, getting me to try the Trinity/Exalted system took some cajoling. . . ::tongue ). And I love the depth of detail that Wizards is trying for with their d20 Modern and such, trying hard to reach the mainstream crowd. I'm sorry if I came off sounding uber-negative. ::blush -Def.
  10. I tend to find the sheer amount of time and energy one devotes to the d20 system to take away from the overall gaming experience, but that's just me. As a side note, the art in the book is great, with some really neat computer-generated images of the Lawgiver pistol, Lawmaster motorcycle, and the downright -sick- (in terms of power) Manta Prowler tank. Starting Judges get a lot of toys and resources to draw upon (they begin as 3rd level characters) and it's impressive 22nd century tech to say the least. -Def.
  11. It's certainly possible to convert the d20 rules to d10, given a bit of legwork. The game itself is gorgeous and the setting material is really well done. If you've got the extra cash lying around I'd definitely give it a look-see. -Def.
  12. I'll grant before I even start this review I've little business making it. My experiences with Judge Dredd come mainly from the feature film (*shudder*) and a chance read of one of the novels released by Virgin Publishing by Dave Stone. Nevertheless, I have found the Judge Dredd concept to be very intriguing, and the idea of a dystopian fascist society that is at once science fiction adventure and dark satire on the state of the modern world to be intriguing to say the least. The time is the early 22nd century. The place is Mega-City One, one of the last bastions of civilization in a world devasted by the Atom War, or World War III. Mega-City One boasts a population of four hundred -million-, and is every sprawling megatropolis image you've ever imagined from Blade Runner to a little Coruscant. Unemployment is rampant, with 87% of the city's population on Welfare, and those that do have jobs teetering on the brink of being replaced by robotics. People live in gigantic apartment/mall/small city complexes called city-blocks. In a city of this size, with such depressing conditions, surrounded by the nuclear wasteland of the Cursed Earth, crime is an inevitability. The only thing between Mega-City One and total anarchy? The judges. In this world, there are no police, no lawyers, and no juries. Judges wield the ultimate authority, patrolling the city streets on their lawmaster motorcycles and keeping the peace with their lawgiver pistols. From the tough-as-nails road warrior street judges to the spooky and mysterious telepathic Psi-judges, the Justice Department of Mega-City One wages a never-ending battle for Law, Order, and keeping the Creeps in Line. And lucky you, you get to play in this world. The Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game would seem to be limited to the two major protagonist types: Street Judge and Psi-Judge, but this is hardly the case. The team at Mongoose publishing has expanded the possibilities by letting players take on roles of citizens and lunatics of Mega-City One, from a regular citizen to a skysurfer (an extreme sports type that uses flying hoverboards to soar the skies), to concepts as way out as gang lieutenants and even superheroes! The world of Judge Dredd has been around awhile, and it shows in the rich presentation Mongoose has produced in this awesome product. There are a few drawbacks of course. The first is the price.$39.95 US is a hefty chunk of change (lucky me, the Canadian shelled out about 63 bucks and change for this tome. The perils of being a fanboy. . . ::tongue ) even for a volume as impressive looking and enjoyable as this. A durable hardcover at 256 pages, richly illustrated with some very cool examples of computer-generated art. Still. . .ouch. Another letdown is the d20 system. I know, I know, it's cool to have a universal roleplaying system that allows everyone to get in on new games on an even footing. Still, I don't really enjoy d20. I can play it, but it's not my bag baby. ::confused On the whole? Dredd rules. If you're looking for a science fiction setting that runs the gamut from straight action to dark comedy, then look no further than Judge Dredd. So buy it already, it's far from drek and it's drokkin' good. ::bigsmile -Defender.
  13. Hey Tumbleweed, I picked up a copy of Doc Sidhe, and I have to say I like. Thanks again for the heads-up! ::bigsmile -Def.
  14. And some Ghostbusters. . . " Egon, this reminds me of that time you tried to drill a hole in your head. . . That would've worked if you hadn't stopped me. " " For whatever reasons Ray. . .call it fate. . .call it luck. . .call it kharma. . .I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that we were -destined- to get thrown outta this dump. . . " " Has anyone in your family ever been declared emotinally troubled, mentally incompetent? My uncle thought he was Saint Jerome. . . I'd call that a big yes. " " We're actually going to go before a federal judge and tell him some moldy babylonian god is gonna drop in on Central Park West and start tearing up the city? Sumerian actually, not babylonian. . . No offense guys, but I gotta get my own lawyer. " " Things were fine until our containment grid was shut down by dickless here. Is this true? Yes, it's true. . .this man has no dick. " ::devil -Def.
  15. Hm. . .start of simple, some Army of Darkness: " Madam I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the store. . . Who the hell are you?! Name's Ash. *spin-cocks rifle* Housewares. " " KLATTU. . .BARRATTA. . .N*COUGH COUGH*! " " Didst thou say the works exactly? Look maybe I didn't say every single syllable, but yeah. . .basically " " Yo. She-****. Let's go. " And of course, my favorite quote after the one in my sig. Takes place after the deadites start getting blown up real good by the gunpowder arrows: " YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBY!!!!!! " ::biggrin -Def.
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