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  1. No idea what's going on but I know what its like to feel burned out. Get better.
  2. Y'all let me know if you need help with shop class. That's where my star really shines.
  3. Ain't had no one to correct my double negatives since you been gone.
  4. I do so want to ask what's what here but I guess it'll all come out eventually.
  5. I recollect talking with you once. You said a piece about how you just got back from walking your own way. And how you done found yourself wrong more often than not. We got interrupted by somebody or other about that time. Just didn't put a face to the name 'Roberts' until you piped up. Figure she'll get this worked out one way or the other.
  6. Quote:Originally posted by Dorothy Roberts: Can somebody sneak me in? Sure. Who's your dad anyway? Don't know as why it would surprise any of you. Ain't no crime to be under 21. And that ain't never been enough what to stop no one from trying.
  7. I'll bring my guitar for playing and a jug of grandma's Stone's medicinal syrup for sipping. Oughtta be a time.
  8. Been a spell since I spent time in the cities. Ain't sure about going where bloods been promised.
  9. I ain't ready to say they was stupid but theres a thing or two you can't rightly say was wise. Me and machines get along just fine. It was on account of that I tried to see just how much I could goose one. Set a new land speed record on the first run and like to kill myself. Going that fast a nickel feels tall as a brick wall when it hits your tires. Broke damn near every window in four towns too. Took a spell to get them all fixed.
  10. Now we all know what you mangled it into Jager. Thanks for giving it up so I wouldn't have to think you were just stupid. There's some that stand taller with other folks around them. There's some that stand taller when they stand on their own out of the crowd. Its up to Alchemist... not me and sure as hell not you... to figure out which is god's own trutnh for him. He talked and explained it. I said there's no shame in it. Its done. And you still ain't impressing no one.
  11. Quote:Originally posted by Cull: But sometimes I put on scary faces. Guess that makes you more like most here than they might be liking to think on then.
  12. Now there's a thought what explains a bit. Little strange if you ask me since neither one of us is what you'd be speaking on for a top dog. Might be.
  13. Why you killing Cull? I'm seeing lots of folks here talking some strange things but ain't hearing you explain it. If'n a man is dead its usually proper his kin have first pick of what he done left behind. Don't seem right you just taking what you please. There sometimes a question of need outweighing what's proper but things got to be made right in the end.
  14. Sorry, ol son. Ain't let myself get picked into a fight by someone just cause they was feeling uppity since I was 17. And you ain't this stupid. Leastwise you wasn't last time I was out and about in these parts. Now I done told you before if you got a question just ask and be done with it. This contrary way of yours don't make a fox into a hound dog. You ain't impressing no one.
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