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  1. Thanks for the well wishes, all. Though I've been at work all day, things have been looking good. @Finbar How else did you think they got all those Joseph-shaped holes around here? ::tongue
  2. I was sketchy on it at first. Then Pestilence ran a game for us. (Our normal method of dropping a lot of rules and dice rolling in favor of keeping things fast and loose applied.) Boy, were we surprised. It ran great! Unfortunately, due to scholastic concerns, the game has been put on hold. Should we have time, though, I'm sure we'll be throwing down E style again. I officially rank this game up there with Trinity, Adventure, and Shadowrun. ::thumbsup
  3. You are correct that there was a con (of sorts, more like a meet) in the US last year. California, to be exact. There were only nine who were able to attend. I'd suppose it'd be up to the new site owners, or various interested parties to work out another con. [ Edit ] Or, see Bahamut's post above. ::biggrin
  4. This debate was covered in another topic, Finbar. Please leave well enough alone. Thank you. -Joseph
  5. Happy birthday, Sprocket! ::withbeer
  6. Hey hey! Welcome back, Umoja! ::thumbsup
  7. Side note: Running a Nova in Trinity times. I know others who have done this and pulled off great stories with it. Even using stock Novas as designed from Aberrant. It all depends on how you want to play. If you're primary game is Aberrant, I'd recommend only changing the settings. KEep the rules the same, for ease of reference and play. Make psions the (very specialized) equivilents of 10 point Novas with a small Disrupt field active around them at all times, making it harder to hit them with Q effects. (The field would be on at all times, and extend about 2 meters. It cannot be controlled by the psion.) Throw in lots of high-tech goodness, a few aliens, and you're ready to jam. Also note that actual Quantum and Taint in Trinity are different matters entirely. Taint is dirty, Q is not. Also, Quantum and Psi are not opposites. Hope this rambling helps some. -Joseph
  8. No worries about the english, mate, nor about asking questions around here. That's one of the primary purposes of the site. I'm at work right now, so I won't be of much help. Though I'll refer you to the Aberrant PG, Trinity PG, and Adventure. If I recall, all of those books have bits on using Aberrants in other places. Another biggie, bonus that it's free, is the Story So Far. I'm not sure where it is on the web, but I know others have mentioned it here in the past, and can direct you to it again. (Boy, I feel almost useless behind this firewall.) -Joseph
  9. Happy Sysadmin day to all you crazy cats out there! Being an admin myself, I raise a toast in our honor. ::beer Cheers!
  10. Large egos are floating around again... Why do I suddenly dread Senior Mal showing his face again? ::crazy
  11. My $0.02 (taxable, void where prohibited) on this: Politics: n. From the root words poli, meaning many, and tics, blood sucking parasites. ::smokin
  12. Line 'em up, and slam 'em down! It's Pax's 21st today! (The party is officially this weekend. ::wink ) ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer
  13. It will. Unfortunately, we who are working on it have careers and personal lives that come first. As always, we'll let you know when we know more. (BTW, you may want to add some emoticons to your posts so that people don't take your text wrong. ::smile ) -Joseph
  14. Heya, Kev. Good to see you've returned to the land of the overly-caffeinated. ::biggrin
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