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  1. "I do." She said flatly, standing in the doorway looking like living medication for ED. She'd just been lounging all day so she didn't bother dressing in anticipation for any adulting. Yoga pants that hugged her skin and a short tee that did little to hide her midriff where a sparkly black gemstone shaped like a heart glimmered at the piecing in her navel. Dennis caught himself staring, and didn't care one bit. It wasn't his fault that whatever powers the young woman acquired made, nay, practically forced, people to stop and oogle for a moment or two. Marissa seemed used to it at this point. He motioned past her. "May I?" "Sure," she said lazily, stepping aside with the door to let him in. "My parent's aren't home if you wanna fool around." "Very funny," he said with an amused smirk as he took in the Jauntsen home. Marissa smirked back as she closed the door. She walked past her guest and he couldn't help but notice that the rear of her yoga pants said 'NSFW' across the cheeks. She collapsed back onto the couch, curling her legs up close while leaning against the arm of the sofa all comfy like. She grabbed her phone and swiped the screen to unlock it. "So, Mr. Carpenter, let me guess. You have a commercial I'd be perfect for... all I have to do is blow the director?" "Wow, aren't you a ray of sunshine," he motioned to the loveseat that was just at a right angle close to Marissa. She offered a dismissive gesture awarding her approval for him to have a seat. The Jauntsen's, despite their obvious problems, kept a very clean home and the home itself was certainly a bit more pricey than most of the others in the Shelby area. "Your home is quite lovely, by the way." "Thanks," she didn't look up from her phone. "Mom and Dad both have pretty decent jobs. Mom teaches and my Dad does like, Forestry or something? Good money in telling people they don't have a license so you're keeping their fish. Who knew, right? Anyway, they both make way over ten bucks an hour, so we're pretty much the richest people in Shelby. Like backwater Kardashians... oh, we also have all our teeth, so the native Montanans practically worship us." "Good to know," he chuckled. "You seem, and I'm just spit balling here, irritated. Did I come at a bad time?" She slapped her phone down on the arm of the sofa. Before Dennis realized what he'd unleashed by rubbing Marissa's particular lamp of neurosis the genie of her crazy side was already out and granting wishes in the form of answers. "You know what? Kinda, yeah. My brother and I get home and drop the big reveal on my parents that their twin children are gods, gods!" She clenched her fist as she emphasized that word, glaring at a silent Drew Carey on the screen, daring him to challenge the appraisal of herself. "And you know what they're reaction is to hearing their daughter has tapped into the very essence of the Primal Wyld and their son can manipulate time and space to exists instantly in any location he pleases is? Do you know what it was?" "Ah," was all he managed to muster. "Of course you don't," she cut him off, talking over his... mumble. "Because you weren't here for the fiasco that was dropping the bomb of reality on my parents, who after being transported to another planet in order to hide from the buttface Titans of Eternity still, for some dumb ass reason don't seem to want to embrace the fact that their children are not normal anymore. Mom went back to work, still comes home, preps dinner, yells at me to pick up my shoes on the stairs. Dad does the same and not once, not, once has either of them posed the simple question of: so what can you do exactly?" "Per-" "Oh, and that doesn't cover my asshole brother who, like always, as soon as him and dad get loud with each other, he decides to just stormed out. Now, however, instead of him running into the garage or up to his room to wank off to Japanese drawings or his one, one," she thrust a single digit in Dennis's face who had to lean back to avoid it. "Picture of that skanktard Lily Pryor, ew, by the way, he fawns over over much, he just pops over to Rome, or South America... thousands of miles away. But can he pop back home to take his loving and adoring sister out to Paris for some shopping and a decent cup of coffee? Oh, heeellllll, no." "May-" "And you know what else? Mom didn't even wash my skirt like I asked her to, so I had the perfect outfit planned today but," she waved her hands down her frame to indicate a cue for a once over. "Here I am, still in my pajamas because she couldn't do one. Simple. Little. Thing. I've had to rearrange my whole day. We're out of mocha K-Cups, I can't find my favorite lip gloss and this day is pretty much completely wasted. UUGGHHH!" She tensed up and clenched her fists and vented her rage. Drew Carey was on the screen and they got a close up of him laughing with one of the contestants. Marissa flipped him off, as if Drew was mocking her pain, and screamed at the TV. "Oh, fuck you Drew!" He waited for a moment to make sure her noise hole has gone into it's recharging mode before confidently adding: "You know it's only eight thirty, right?" The glare she shot him from her narrowed eyes could have melted ice. Still, he pressed on. "Look, I see you are obviously neck deep in what is certainly a landfill sized load of over privileged white girl problems." "Right?" Marissa replied with a victimized mopey tone to her voice. "I am so stressed right now, you don't even know." "Wow. Just, wow." He had no words. "Perhaps, however, I can help cheer you up," he smiled at her. "After all, there is a reason why I've come all this way to see you..."
  2. Tease, Jaunt's sister, Marissa, slowly walked into the room, not wanting to interrupt the conversation that was going on. She did little to hide her grin as her brother reminded the doctor that he and his staff were incapable of doing their jobs given his unique physiology. The echo of her modest heels announced her several steps before she arrived but she stopped not far the doctor, waiting for an opportune time to interject. When the doctor turned to leave, visibly irritated by Jaunt's lack of tact, she didn't waste any time speaking up. “Good to see you up and about. How are you feeling?” “Well as can be expected, I suppose,” he replied to his twin. She could hear it in his voice that he still wasn't at one hundred percent. “What did I miss?” “I don't know. I didn't jive with your friends very well. Abel's a brain raper, Lilly is a self-righteous bitch, a monster bear tried to kill us... that was fun,” her brother chuckled at her absolute disdain for heroics. “And despite my powers not getting us all killed, they decide to inform me that I'm no help help at all and can go home... so fuck them, I did. You're friends are assholes. Not sayin', just sayin'.” “So, basically, you were a four alarm blazing bitch the whole time and Lilly told you to either play nice or kick rocks... so you threw a tantrum and kicked rocks while she drank your loser tears.” Marissa crossed her arms, looking off in every direction but her brother while her red lips tightened. “...no. Look, you were doing god knows what for god knows what reasons, and I knew it wasn't you! I just wanted them to help me find you and bring you home safe... and... well, they're not very good and following my directions. They wanted to do, like, their own thing. It totally got in the way of finding you and I wasn't having it. The prospect of Lily losing her shit and punching me though... I decided at home was the best place for me.” Devin approached his sister and held out his arms. “C'mere.” She hugged him tightly and finally let her self cry the tears of joy she'd been keeping in since she heard he'd woken up. Quietly they held one another in silence as they soaked in the moment of their reunion. “Mmm, your hair smells like berry flavored win-sauce.” She managed half of a laugh and pulled away, wiping her eyes with one finger while her make-up seemed to magically correct itself and go back to being flawlessly applied. “Mom and Dad are home. All we have to do is get you checked out at the nurse's station and you'll-” “Pffft. Yeah, that'll happen.” He laughed as reality around them rippled and bent. With nothing more that a slight ripple and soft breeze of displaced air the siblings were gone.
  3. "We didn't discuss anything, we were going to, but were interrupted by Sean." She pointed out. "Charlie, you're sweet, and I see what you're trying to do, but I'm not an Irregular anymore. I can't keep doing this with people I positively hate and I blame for what happened to my brother. It's like working with the enemy, and all I ever hear is 'we'll look for him soon', or we'll get on that right after this', or 'this is more important'. If it were Lilly's dad that was missing, best bet we'd be looking for him, but no, it's just my brother and they don't don't seem to overly concerned to help me with that, so I'm done. I'll find him on my own, somehow." "It's a club full of empty promises that I simply can't be a part of." The hand on her dislocated shoulder began to spasm and she held it tightly with her still good one. "You'll never actually be one of them Charlie. You'll always be 'the help' while they play the hero. Good luck to you, though." She offered him a warm smile as she waited for Abel to summon his personal gate maker to send her home... to a house where the Irregulars had evacuated her parents to some unknown planet.
  4. "See?" She looked to Sean with a smirk. "People are easy to manipulate. I'm living rent-free in her head, and she's too much of a coward to stand here and listen to anything I have to say. Always turning her back, like what she did to Laurie and Sandy when she was busy fucking my brother. But, oh, watch as she takes the moral high road with everyone else. You want me to take orders from you? From any of you?! Then be people worth taking orders from. Be leaders. You're not. You're pathetic, every fucking last one of you." She looked at Pete, quirking up an eyebrow. "Okay... maybe not the lead singer of the The Cult over here, I can't really judge him yet, considering we just met." "Summon your slave, Abel, and send me home." she waved her hand. "I'll find and help my brother on my own. I don't need any of you. Your P.A.M. suit will at my place, pick it up anytime you like."
  5. Tease listened, holding her arm. Afterwards, instead of some outburst of denial all she could do was chuckle softly and shake her head. "He's going to decimate you, and you're going to deny it the whole time he's doing it. You guys have no idea how screwed we are, you really don't. Devin has always been a 'winner', he's a competitor and he's always looking to 'win'. Whatever you guys did to him," she still held true to the idea that whatever was wrong with Devin was their fault. "he's going for the win, and he'll do anything he can to get that 'gold'." She offered absolutely nothing of value, just a condescending shrug. "Good luck with that. I'm sure you super pros have it all figured out though, so no worries, right? Be sure and keep us plebs posted, yeah?"
  6. Expecting both barrels of an insult gun pointed directly at him, Charlie's waited for the worst to come out of her mouth. "Did you hear her? Seriously? And she knows she can get to me so she taunted the bear... are you fucking kidding? It's a fucking bear, it doen't know any better. How retarded do you have to be to pick a fight with a fucking bear when you know it can't hurt you. And that's the only reason she does it. She knows no one can hurt her so she dares everyone to try. So easy to be the bad ass when you know you'll always win." Surprisingly all her venom was directed at Lilly. Charlie breathed a slight sigh of relief. "Charlie, there is no way to explain anything to these guys, they're morons. I give up. I'm so done trying to be a part of this circus. I'm just going to sit back and watch this freak show unfold and I guaran-damn-tee you that my brother is going to decimate them. And they're gonna deserve it." She looked at Beartholomew and smiled. It was genuine and Charlie could actually remember ever seeing her smile. It was like she was honestly and truly never happy. "I don't know about really like. I don't know... I've never seen a real bear, let alone pet one... it's just..." she shrugged and for a moment her expression said 'I'm just a regular eighteen year old'. "I don't know... kinda cool. He's not too hurt though, I don't think. He seems to be alright." With the mention of Apollo Tease's face turned more terse. She stood up, wincing painfully as her dislocated arm shifted. Her pride was legendary it seemed, more than willing to sit there in pain then have any of the others come near her, let alone touch her. "Wait, yeah. And Apollo is a god. So if he can do it, then it stands to reason that only another god could... maybe using the power on mammals has a different effect than on insects. Charlie, mammals have higher brain functions that insects and fish don't, that might be why they're going all haywire." Her face grew sullen and she winched with grief. "Ugh, shit." "What?" He asked. "If we tell them," she motioned to the Irregulars. "They're going to find some way to fuck it up. Maybe we should follow this lead on our own." She knew some of the others had super hearing, she just didn't care.
  7. "While I appreciate the offer," she said to Lilly, with about as much venom as a single phrase could hold. Lilly was astonished she managed to cram that much 'go fuck yourself' into so few words with just tone and inflection. "But this gaggle of fools is about as incompetent as they come. I'll be damned if I'll let any of you anywhere near me. It's probably best if a medical professional tends to it, considering you fools got it this way to begin with." The bear rolled up and shocked them all, roaring and standing (as best it could) in defense of its 'Queen'. "Woah, woah, big guy," Tease shirked back a bit, scared as hell as the awakened bear rolled back up and began roaring in her defense. "No, no... they aren't harming me." Tease didn't like bears. Or nature. Mostly because nature generally meant no wifi or zero bars on her phone, but it was also because nature was dirty. There was mud and dirt, and bugs and... well, anyway, nature sucked. Tease didn't like people either. Mostly for all the reasons standing around her. The more they spoke the more she was convinced that her brother was going to absolutely obliterate them. At this point, she almost considered it a mercy to the world. She had resigned herself that there was no point arguing with these people, they were either insane, crazy, ignorant, not in the reality as her or... possibly a little bit of everything. Despite her train of thought, and he absolute disdain for anything 'nature', there was something about the bear that made her not discount it out it out of hand. Animals weren't really her thing, and when there is a 1,200lb bear not a few inches by you hollering up a storm, most people would have crapped themselves and started running (well, not the Irregulars... they were so cool that they didn't consider how majestic and dangerous mundane creatures were any more), but Tease... she just couldn't help but look at it and simply not be afraid. If she'd ever considered connecting with nature before, starting with an angry, confused, and probably hungry, grizzly bear was no where near the top of her list. Yet she reached out to it anyway. Her hand touched the soft fur atop its snout and it, in a friendly gesture pushed its head closer toward her. Her eyes reflected a warmth and tenderness none of them thought possible from the ice queen that was Tease. Reflected in her eyes was a the awe and majesty one might find in a child's eyes when they meet Micky Mouse or sit on Santa's lap for the first time. Here, under her hand, was one of natures most powerful wardens, and it was soft. It was kind. It was almost magical the way such a strong, powerful beast could be so gentle, kind and nurturing. She was going to grind Lilly's ass to dust, but forgot what scathing insult she was going to fling her way. Jeane was a lost cause, and Sean was cracking jokes about almost being cut in half... she found it best to left the children play in their own ignorance for awhile. It hurt her to see such smart people be so foolish. "C'mon, big guy," she walked away from them, the magic having left her eyes to replaced with something that honestly and sorrowful. "At least someone here has my back." "So," she asked the bear. Still not believing she was actually talking to a fricking bear. "Are you... y'know... okay? I mean, do you even understand anything that's going on? I know I'm asking a lot of questions and I'm sorry, but so far, you're the smartest guy I've talked to all day. Plus, you're really soft, so that's pretty cool... I haven't known any bears before... is there, like... stuff you guys do for fun or... what?" There was a long pause then finally she touched the side of her head. "Did I really have long ears? Be honest, did they look tacky?"
  8. "Last realm I walked?" Tease asked softly as the green glow faded from her eyes. "What? What do you know!?" Then in ran Jeane, "No, wait!" She help out her hand in a vain attempt to stop what was about to transpire. The beast knew something, it told her something she didn't expect and understood even less. Then came the megaton release of more quantum energy than she was prepared for, even with the warning. She was blasted backwards and tossed end over end before slamming into a tree. She cried out in pain as she felt a stabbing pain jolt through her shoulder and down her arm. She tumbled through the snow and earth, stopping several hundred feet away from the bear. Sean was just finishing up praising the coward when the fae empowered Tease approached the team, staggering and clutching her left shoulder as it hung limp, dislocated no doubt. Her face was marred with dirt and grime as well as a few scrapes and bruises, there were muddy streaks on her cheeks where her tears from the pain had washed away the stuck earth on her perfect features. Her hood has fallen from her head, her hair was in shambles and as she slowly limped forward the more perceptive of the group could see her long pointed ears slowly shrink back down to their normal size. "You don't get to leave yet," Tease hissed to Jeane. "You were supposed to be my partner, you were supposed to get my back," she gripped Jeane by the bicep and her about, wincing and grunting under the pain. "So before you go, in front of them, and especially me, look me in the eyes and tell me why you ran away and left me to die."
  9. "I do not try," she said in that otherworldly imperious tone as her eyes flashed with that greenish glow again. Her voice overlapped like she was possessed by something from somewhere else. She whipped her head about to face Lilly and she almost seemed like she wasn't Tease anymore while this strange energy coursed through her. She motioned to Lilly, the others, then herself. "You try. They try. I do." If they thought Tease was a handful before, whatever aspect of her powers that a hold of her at the moment... apparently this bitch was ten times worse, and, under her hood... were her ears tapered? She faced the great bear. "Great Beast, hear me. I have told you we mean not to harm you. This one," she motioned to Lilly. "Would approach you. Allow her to do so under the word I have given. If she is foolish to violate my decree, grant her a death swift and deserving of the warrior she claims to be." It was so weird listening to her talk that way... but she didn't seem to be doing it purposefully, it was like the words were just 'flowing'. She turned to Lilly, pointing back to the bear. "Go. I offer no promises given its tortured state, but you are but a place holder. Your loss effects nothing in the larger scheme."
  10. "Marissa," she replied to the undisputed Lord of the Forrest. Her tone was still imperious, but also compassionate. As the quantum energy flared and surged, she raised her hands and held them out at he sides, as to not threaten the beast, and began walking towards it. "I know you're scared, I can feel it. The hunger, is it the energy you need? Does us using our abilities make you hungry? Will it ease some or all of your suffering? We can help you. I was scared too, all these new things going on around me, I was so, so scared..." She softly 'shhed' as she continued to walk forward, sure it was a long ways away, but the thing was massive, hearing it 'speak' was hardly problematic. "Trust us. Calm down, and tell me. Tell me what is wrong? What hurts?" From around her, as the petals wafted away on a stray breeze a soft green mist formed around her it swirled at her feed and crawled up her thighs and spiraled around arm. She held it out to the massive beast and blew into her palm, sending the misty vapor towards it. She had no idea of she was making the right call, but like the bear in the bathroom said... come to think of it, she never actually let the poor guy talk... oh well, she was pretty sure it would have said to try this and see how it went. "Breathe deep, friend Bear. This will hopefully sate your hunger, calm yourself and relax." If not, we're all screwed... she thought to herself.
  11. Tease staggered, gripping her head before she had a chamce to bombard Lilly with more insults and vitriol. She wasn't accustomed to telepathic intrusion and mammoth bear's 'voice' boomed throughout her brain like a bass drum taunting a thunderstorm. Reflexively she called on her own powers. A slight breeze swept through the area, rose petals and the scents they brought swam and danced on the air, swirling about her in a small torrent as she summoned the majesty of the Primal Wyld. When her eyes opened they were a verdant, wild green setting her face aglow. She was more than Marissa Jauntsen. She was more than 'Tease'. She was an emissary, a symbol of the might and majesty of the Wyld forces long forgetton from the days of old. Even if she never realized it, her node did... it wasn't playing games. This beast fell under her domain, it owed her fealty. It was time it learned it's place, or died ignoble and forgotten. "Hear me, mighty beast," her voice wasn't her own, it echoed and overlapped with an unearthly imperious tone. "We are not enemies, we have come to help you, to ease your pain. Allow us to help you, harness the fires of your rage and cool it with the waters of temperance. Calm, mighty one, calm..." She extended her hand and 'offered' to the bear, as best she could, considering it's size. [[Attempting Emotional Manipulation, but it's really big... if she can touch it, she might be able to offer it pain killers to ease it's pain (temporarily) via Poison]]
  12. "I-I don't know," Tease shot back. For the first time Savant saw the young woman's confidence waiver, her tone unsure. "I don't use my abilities like you guys do! I'm not always blasting peoples minds and making people do what I want simply because I can! Emotional Manipulation is dangerous! If I leave the wrong impression in the mind, I can have someone eating other people's faces in a blind rage!" Sean took some solace in hearing that she was at least responsible with her powers, somewhat. "I've never tried it with an animal before, people are simple, we wear our emotions on our sleeves, but animals are more complex, they function solely on instinct and necessity. All this thing knows is eat, sleep, hunt, repeat." She motioned to Glacial Grizzly. "And something that big!? I mean... you guys are easy to manipulate, Savant... but that thing is huge! I'd need to be way closer... waaaaay closer than I ever want to be to a giant, rime covered, killer grizzly!"
  13. "Well, someone has to press forward and do something, or you'd all just stand there touching one another or being gross all day," she turned her head and spat out a large mouthful of water. The heels she was in filled in to create wedges instead. Her heels were only a modest three inches, but they kept spiking into in the ground, burying themselves in the soft mud. The flattened wedge seemed to be faring better. It was almost scary wow quickly she took to shifting the P.A.M. suit, it was almost as if nothing was impossible for her to manipulate. "It's like you were all raised by a pack of wolves with Asperger's. Like none of you have any sense of decorum or propriety, it's... it's mind boggling!" "And stop pampering me," she scoffed and handed back the canteen. "You don't have to pull that diplomat crap with me, I see through it, Cassidy. I get it, okay? You're a guy, now you're a girl... but please don't pretend like you know how to be a woman. We're not besties, we're not gonna sit around braiding each other's hair or talking about guys. Now, get you're gaggle of Hodor's together and catch up to me when you're ready to find this thing instead of playing CW hour in the middle of Canada." She marched off down the trail, "Thanks for the water." She paused only a few steps away as the eighty-two foot bear rose up over the treeline some four miles away. She swallowed hard and took a single step back... "A-actually... maybe I'll wait for some of you less important people to go first. I'm pretty sure I have future in this world and the rest of you are just nature experimenting with Darwinism." It roared over the treeline, shaking the earth with its mighty bellow. She popped her hands over her ears, but her face contorted into an expression of confusion... she looked up at the mighty beast. She mumbled softly, not realizing she was speaking out loud as her tone took to sincere concern. "It's... confused... afraid... in pain..."
  14. Tease's cheeks bubbled up and here eyes grew wide in disgusted horror. She spun about and hid her head away as she loosed the contents of her stomach in a series of violent heaves. Finally he spat in a vary unladylike manner scooping up a few wads of fluffy white snow and shoving them in her mouth to rinse out the aftertaste of her bile. Kia was one of her closest friends and now she was some sort of 'slither monster'... not that she'd seen that movie, because it was lame and Nathan Fillion wasn't even all that cute in it anyway... or funny. When finished she started walking away, far away, from everyone else in the direction of the 'big obvious tracks'. Charlie attempted to ask if she was okay, but she simply raised her hand up to him, her finger pointing to the sky in the universal 'wait one' gesture. "You people are positively fucking disgusting. That was... there are no words for what that was. Have some decorum and at least warn someone that you're going to do something like that! What the hell is wrong with all of you!?!" "I'm going to follow these tracks. Because apparently we can't look for my brother until we handle this," she waved her hands about the scenery in a chaotic pattern. "Whatever the hell this is, and I'm going to do it, hopefully, with my back to all of you so I can not see you being disgusting!" She marched off down the several feet before her heel slid in the mud and she wobbled slightly, catching her balance at the last moment. She clenched her fists at her sides, keeping still to gather her rage. "I hate snow. I hate the mud. I hate giant mutant thingies... Canada sucks! UGH!" She fumed and pressed on in independent, misplaced rage.
  15. "Yeah, I'll pass," Tease was inspecting something under her fingernail. With a few flicks from the nail of her thumb against the nail of her ring finger she seemed content she'd resolved the issue. "I've thing with touching, or people touching me, especially nerds." "Thanks though," she smiled like that was it took to remove the snobbishness of her words and make everything come up roses. She glared at her nail again, seemingly displeased. "Ugh, this cold... I already chipped my nail polish. Can we find this thing already? So you guys can do roll your dice and beat it up or whatever, and we can move onto important things?"
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