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  1. Obviously, a 'broken home criminal' would be an Outsider... or Thespian.
  2. Kaitlin "Kat" "Garfield" Vandussen Description/Background Kaitlin Vandussen is a cute 15 year old girl with pretty, spunky facial features, a natural fair golden tanned complexion, and unusual amber eyes. She's a bit taller than average at 5'7'' and her loose, baggy, second-hand clothing camouflages a husky, chunky build. In fact, Kaitlin hides a body that combines the best features of a Crossfit Champion and an Olympic gymnast and freerunner, powerful yet graceful, while retaining exuberant and surprisingly firm curves. Considerably more developed than a 15 year old girl should be, Kaitlin has very broad shoulders with hard, thickly muscled arms and legs, a tight waist and thighs nearly as big, and chiseled 8-pack abs. She has pale blond hair with black roots and tips that falls just past her shoulders that she wears loose or tied back in a short pony-tail, and almost always wears a battered US Army Ranger or USFS Cap. Though she was often called 'Kat' back home, at Ravenhurst, she got tagged with the name 'Garfield' as a play on her obvious nickname because of her supposedly overweight build and the fact she always eats big meals in the cafeteria and seems to always be snacking besides. Kaitlin grew up in the tiny mountain town of Dubois, Wyoming, population 971. Her father is a former US Army Ranger, discharged on disability, her mother was a USFS Ranger who died when Kaitlin was young. With her father unable to work much - idly making microbrews he sells to a local saloon, but mostly drinks - and most of their funds going to medical bills, they never had much money, but Kaitlin didn't mind much while she had the mountains and forests to run through, climb, and explore. With his injury and death of his wife, her father has grown bitter and angry and drinks more than Kaitlin would like, and while she has been taking care of herself more than he did since her mother died, Kaitlin loves him dearly still and hopes with magic, she can fix him so he can be the man he once was. Kaitlin is a stubborn, driven young woman, generally honest and straight forward, sometimes to the point of bluntness and values her independence and self-sufficiency almost to a fault. Often remote with those she doesn't know and doesn't call someone friend easily, but when she does, she is extremely loyal and will defend them against anything, as long as that loyalty and friendship is returned. With friends and those she knows, she is more easy-going and exuberant. She despises boredom and laziness and loves running, climbing, and jumping around, working out and just generally being outside and physically active. Having to take care of herself, and sometimes her father, since she was young, Kaitlin is a decent cook, hunter, and fisherman, and rather handy around the house, fixing things. Since coming to Ravenhurst though, she has been morosely homesick for the mountains she misses and is pissed that she didn't get to go to Summerwild instead. And while proud of the physically impressive build she has forged in the last year, in the rarefied air of the Vermont Magical Academy, it and her rustic upbringing has also made her self-conscious about it to and she has been trying to hide it much as she can, while sneaking out late at night or early in the morning to get a good run in. ATTRIBUTES Knowledge ● Conviction ●●● Talent ●●● Technique - Fitness ●●●●●●●● ADVANTAGES Down To Earth Fast Healer Not Completely Of This World - Lycanthrope (Werecougar) Peak of Perfection Strong Willed Total Bad Ass Tough As Nails DRAWBACKS Allergy - Silver Homesick Lyin' Eyes Poverty Stubborn
  3. From the album Kaitlin Vandussen

  4. From the album Kaitlin Vandussen

  5. From the album Kaitlin Vandussen

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  8. From the album Kaitlin Vandussen

  9. The mighty, rural jock-mage Kaitlin shall make her return!
  10. <If we can get a big enough sample of the demon-leech blood - I can't believe I just thought that! - we should test it on human and mage blood too, just in case. Seems like the Latino gangers have been turned into turbocharged ghouls - that is the term, right? - but who knows if it's started to twist them into actual demons or whatever too.> Kaitlin thought back over the link. She agreed with both of them, that the deal could have gone a lot worse. "We're gonna muscle and eyes," Kaitlin replied promptly, her gaze flicking from Naomi for a moment to give Terrence standing beside her a quick, appraising and appreciative glance, a brief grin twisting her lips. "Seems like the Latino gangs are getting supernatural help in their turf war with the Vamps. A kind of help the Leeches can't face without risking turning into crazy, ravening monsters that will tear the city apart. I mean, more than they are already. Think, going Hulk, but not as pretty and easy going. We gotta stop them and the supply of the supernatural power, which is demon-vampire blood, apparently." Kaitlin paused, cocking her head to the side as she considered, then pulled out her phone. "I might know someone who can tell me some about the Latin Gangs, but do you guys know anything about the Pandilleros, where they've set up shop, and... um, er, other gang... stuff?" Her mouth grew tight with a faint reddening to her cheeks as she shifted self-consciously. "Fucking Hell, what do I know? I'm from a tiny town in Wyoming, the only gangs we had were the occasional group of Arapaho or Shoshone and a three hardcore survivalists that lived in a bunker built into a played out mine."
  11. Religious nutbar Leeches! Lovely! Though a small, rural town in Wyoming, Dubois had a relatively large bohemian artist scene and Kaitlin had had little contact with the deeply religious. Carmilla's reaction had been eerie as fuck and after taking a step back, Kaitlin had restrained herself from lashing out with a strike that would have shattered the quintessence making up the vampire's Pattern. It likely would not have gone over well, assuming Carmilla's 'Master' hadn't warned or protected her somehow. Kaitlin folded her muscular arms, hard biceps swelling slightly, and gave Cade a sharp nod, finding his suggestion for a favour in turn reasonable, then nodded at the vampires, showing them her agreement as well. As much as it seemed the Leeches were getting the best of the deal, she didn't relish the idea of more of them turning into those... things. Vampires and Demons and... and who knows, Faeries even? Oh my!
  12. "Um, right," the powerfully athletic young woman muttered. Kaitlin eyed the girl uneasily despite standing a foot and a half taller and having an advantage of over a hundred pounds of unnaturally dense muscle, having never been practiced at concealing her emotions. She glanced around, despite knowing there would be no sign of Carmilla's master, she couldn't help it. She really didn't like the idea of the... whatever it was reading her thoughts, she didn't like the idea of anyone reading her thoughts. The other vampires staring at Carmilla doubtfully did nothing to put her at ease either. Having seen the video of the Vrykolaka in action, she could well understand the vampires having to keep their distance as they would just spread the infection of the vampire-demons even faster. I'll have to make a concerted effort up channel my personal enhancement rituals each morning to have a chance going toe-to-toe with these things. And as Carmilla had said, she was Terrence and company would help. But still, some judicious questioning back at the Chantry might be in order. Who knew what Lore some of the other Mages had picked up over the decades or centuries? "Do these Vrykolakas have any other major weaknesses we should know about besides the sun?" Kaitlin asked the gathered Lee- vampires in general. "Whether known or rumoured, anything that'll give us an edge?" She jerked a thumb at Carmilla. "And who the Hell is her master and the master of the pandillaros?" Kaitlin turned and glowered down at the smiling, uncanny girl-vamp. "Who the Hell is your master?"
  13. Kaitlin had the acute senses of a predator, so she was completely surprised by the voice coming from the shadowy corner. She barely restrained herself to a sharp stare like the others rather than reacting instinctively and trying to kick the pale girl-woman's head off her shoulders. Creepy, Kaitlin though with a faint shudder. Despite skill with the Sphere of Time, Kaitlin found prognostication as very suspect - at best, it simply let you sense and gauge possibilities. That said, she certainly didn't like the thought of more of the Leeches turning into those... things. It was damn fast. Still, while finding and disrupting the source of this demon blood would benefit them all, it really looked to her that they would be the ones taking all the risk, especially since it seemed only the Vamps were susceptible to being transformed by said blood. Kaitlin glanced at her Cabal-mates, then thought over the mental link that Genevieve had set up going into the meeting, <Okay, so this is a threat to all of us, but we're the ones taking the risk while the Vamps avoid getting mutated and losing their minds. What are they going to offer, or what concessions are they going to make?> Cade knew more about Vampires than they did, while Genevieve was the better negotiator and had one of the Vampires addressing her directly, even if it was a creepy-ass one. So she would let them ask the question of recompense, if they thought it appropriate.
  14. Kaitlin glanced at the photo, but it didn't mean anything more to her than it did to Triessa. It was just some sort of skull tattoo to her. She didn't know much about vampires besides the bits she picked up from Cade, enough to know that the Camarilla were the 'civilized' ones and the Sabbat were the 'monsters' but so far, she rather appreciated the Sabbat representative's directness. Which didn't make the situation make any more sense to her. Demons now? Demon-vampires and Demon-ghouls?! She was just a physically-aspected Mage from a tiny town in rural Wyoming. She'd known something of lycanthropes - insofar that they existed, at least - but It was still astonishing to her that it seemed every myth of things that go bump in the night was turning out to be real in some fashion. She opened her mouth to ask something, but closed it without saying a word, not wanting to reveal her ignorance in front of the leeches, at least not in this matter. Like the others, this looked liked an internal to her from what she'd heard, unless these Baali were a concrete danger to the city instead of just a danger to the leeches' criminal enterprises. Kaitlin folded her hard, muscled arms and shifted her weight from one foot to the other, trying to affect a wise silence as she listened to the responses to her cabal-mates inquiries.
  15. The whole placed reeked of a prepared hunting ground, the name, the decor, the ambiance all serving to put the vampires' prey at ease, even eager to serve themselves up. Kaitlin was willing to bet there were back rooms well suited for feeding and probably for disposing of bodies for all she knew. It wasn't a club she would have frequented in any case, but she made a special note to not to specifically. She didn't know what all Vampires could do, though she knew they had access to a variety of powers, of which superhuman strength and speed and terrible claws were quick common. She nodded politely towards Radu in response to his greeting and accepted a flute of champagne she had no intention of drinking. Instead, she began pulling upon her chi, in preparation of enhancing her own greater than human capabilities. Just in case. "Thank you, um, Baron Radu, for the invitation. But I gotta say, we sure are interested in the reason for it," Kaitlin said, cutting a skeptical glance towards Penny. "All we know is that the reason is supposedly... dire."