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  1. Kaitlin's cheeks reddened when Maria gave her bicep a squeeze, remarking at it's solidity despite the fact she wasn't even flexing. "I work out some - more than some, really," Kaitlin admitted with a proud yet self-conscious grin then gave Maria a nod. "I'll be careful when I go out for a morning or evening run, then." While magic had helped, she had worked hard to earn her muscles. It was one of the only spells she had made that had worked as intended, not like the hair dye spell that had turned her hair blond and black, though she had grown to like it. She still shuddered at the thought of her first attempt - she had tried a sort of metamorphosis/transformation to get instant muscle gain and had ended up paralyzing herself for hours in crippling pain. Her second attempt at the spell - Pain for Gain, she called it - multiplied the effects of working out and exercise, though it also multiplied the effort required. She didn't know what the precise multiplier was, but if she had to guess, over a year of hard bodybuilding and cardio had turned into the equivalent of five years or more of physical development. All without the deleterious effects of steroids or of working out at or before the onset of puberty. She didn't know what she felt about sharing a room with someone else. She didn't have any siblings, so had always had a room to herself. 3J might be fat - she herself had always been wiry and athletic and now her bulk was all muscle - she was all stuck up or unthinkingly privileged like the other two girls. Hopefully, they would get along, or at least, not rub each other the wrong way. Sitting in one of the rear seats of the minivan, Kaitlin pressed her face to the window, peering about the town. She'd been to a city before, but not often, and never out of state, and Middlebury was still nearly ten times the size of Dubois, Wyoming. It certainly lacked the rustic, frontier feel of her home town. When Matthew mentioned that they would be taking some classes at Middlebury High School, she sat up straight, the seatbelt pulling tight against a shoulder and between her breasts. "What's wrong with a normal school?" Kaitlin retorted, reflexively taking the opposing view from the standoffish girl. "What kind of school did you go to before Ravenhurst? Besides, it's not like we need to go to a magic school to learn Math or Science or whatever."
  2. Kaitlin forgot about Snow White and her animal friends when she felt something staring at her, something in the woods. Suppressing a shiver of trepidation, Kaitlin's hands tightened on the rail, her amber eyes gleaming as she tried to discern what was watching her. She hadn't ever backed down from anything back home and she would be damned if she would here, magic and strangeness or no. She wondered if she should break out her bow from the case attached to her rucksack, but stopped herself. She didn't even know what she was looking for and didn't want the others to think she was jumping at shadows. With magic being real, she wondered if mythological creatures were too, unicorns and griffons, bigfoots (bigfeets?) and goblins. Dragons. Kaitlin nodded at Maria's comment about the chaperone, her brother Matthew, and at his arrival with Warren, but didn't take her narrowed eyes off the woods across the lake. "Um, Maria, are there any dangers were should know about the woods?" Kaitlin asked, a hint of suspicion in her voice. "I run and climb - freerunning, really, you know, parkour? - regularly through the mountains and forests back home, so I know the dangers there. Are there like, bears or wolves, or... er, other things here?"
  3. Kaitlin glanced over a thick shoulder and just stared in abject dumbfoundary at Siobhan. What the girl was talking about was so far beyond her experience that Kaitlin found the idea of that level of wealth more strange than the fact that magic was real and that she could work it herself. The only private chefs in Dubois where the ones who worked at the local restaurants and saloons and cafés and Patty Laramie who ran the bakery. And anyone who had someone do their shopping for them if they weren't handicapped or lacking a vehicle would be openly mocked or silently judged. Every teenager in Dubois could drive, even if they didn't technically have their license. She'd been driving for almost two years, and didn't even have trouble seeing over the dashboard anymore. "You can get a chef or whatever if you want, and if they'll let you bring someone - a.. uh, 'Muggle', I guess - to Hogwarts," Kaitlin said to Siobhan, a bit of challenge in her tone, "but I can do my own cooking, thank-you very much." I just might not be able to afford to buy anything to cook, is all... Maybe the cafeteria has student workers? She knew she and her dad didn't have much - their pick-up was old, the single story house little more than a log cabin. They hadn't had cable and the hot water always ran out too quick, - but she had never felt as poor as she did right now. She turned back and braced her arms on the railing surrounding the patio and looked over the modest lake with hooded amber eyes. It sounded like Siobhan - or her family, at least - had more than one home, at least one overseas and even her on site servants lived in a nicer house than she did. Kaitlin how no idea what it would be like to have people to do everything for you. She been helping her dad, taking care of him often enough since her mother died. Would it be freeing or limiting?
  4. Holding her rucksack in one hand instead of slinging it over her shoulder, Kaitlin accepted the key from Maria and glanced at it curiously before pocketing it. Then she looked around the grounds. The Summer House was nicer than the bungalow she shared with her dad back home, but it reminded her a bit of it, it being on its own on the edge of the forest. No mountains nearby though. Kaitlin hoped she could find someplace for active, intensive climbing, but until then, she supposed she could add some daily swimming in the lake... until it got too cold anyway. She did like the idea of bunking in a detached house instead of a dorm. It would be easier to sneak out for a run before her fellow students woke up and she had to answer questions. "This is nice," Kaitlin agreed good naturedly, but Maria caught Kaitlin's sidelong glance toward Safyre, suggesting it would be nice until the bitch gave Fun the death of a thousand snarks. There is no way I'm sharing a room with her. I'll share with Warren first, even if I have to break his hands after he tries to cop a feel. She was pleased at finding out they had their own kitchen was even more delighted by the grill set-up they had out on the back patio. It wasn't like she was a master chef or anything, but she did enough cooking and grilling back home, stews and BBQ mostly. Kaitlin's grin faded at the mention of driving into town to buy stuff for cooking. Chewing on her bottom lip self-consciously on her lower lip made her look even younger than her fifteen years. "Um, I don't want to be that girl, but do we get a stipend or something for food? I don't have much money," Kaitlin asked Maria self-consciously, who she guessed would be one of their chaperones. If they didn't, she would be eating in the cafeteria, unless that cost extra too. Then she'd need to find a job, if that was even allowed when going to a fancy boarding school. There must be something she could do on campus to make ends meet. "Or is there hunting allowed anywhere nearby? Fishing even?"
  5. "I'll carry my own weight, thank-you very much." Kaitlin muttered, glowering at Safyre. Crude or no, she thought Warren had pegged her right. She-Ra?! She didn't own a dress, did have a stupid headdress-thing, and unlike the cartoon, she actually had muscle, muscle hard earned even if she has used magic to help her earn it. Kaitlin knew one of the main reasons she was here. She wanted to learn, she wanted to help her dad, make him into the man he used to be instead of the man wallowing in self-pity and drunkeness. So far, medicine couldn't fix his injury. Once, when he had been drunk and she had helped get him into bed, he had claimed he'd been curse when he had been deployed in Iraq. If doctors couldn't fix him, maybe magic could. When Dean Chambers had mentioned 3J's facility with hexes and curses, Kaitlin couldn't help but lean away from her a bit, thoughts of her father in head. But she set her jaw stubbornly when the Dean revealed their grades depended strictly on their own effort and merit. She hadn't relied on anyone back home to help her, she wouldn't here either. She'd power through and persevere. Never give up, never surrender. Plus, there really was magic in the world. Knowing that, how could she not want to see more of it, to experience more of it? "I want to learn, Dean Chambers, to go as far as I can." To go as far as I need to go...
  6. Is that how you got in, you uppity, condescending bitch? Kaitlin thought while taking not entirely concealed delight in Warren calling Safyre out on her attitude. Then she blinked at him, hearing what he had first said. "Wait! You don't think magic is real? Then how did you even get here, because I stepped through a bloody tree in the mountains of Wyoming and came out here in Vermont." Kaitlin paused, and because for all her lack of experience and Warren's doubts, this was a magic academy, added, "The pine tree wasn't really bleeding, well not anything other than sap, anyway."
  7. Kaitlin narrowed unusual amber eyes at Safyre. The bitch wanted to her to ask. And then probably wouldn't even give her a straight answer even. She refused to give her the satisfaction. Kaitlin folded her arms, her sweater pulling tight across her shoulders and biceps, and stayed silent, contenting herself with an expectant tilt to her head. They better not have some sort of time travel magic just so some over-achiever or rich kid can take extra classes and have all the time their need to do homework, because that is just so much bullshit.
  8. They hadn't been told not to sit, so Kaitlin plopped herself down in one of the chairs, placing her rucksack under her feet, her hands resting easily on her thighs. Leaning from her chair, she looked around the fancy office. The mayor back home probably didn't even have as nice an office. She cocked her head questioningly at the snotty girl. "I am relaxed," Kaitlin claimed without much conviction, "Only... there are a lot of people here. The Dean probably meets every first year here, so he can at least match names to faces. He already seemed to know you, Safyre." To her, the orientation hall had seemed to hold as many people as her entire town of Dubois, Wyoming. Back home, practically everyone had known everyone. She didn't see why it would be different at a what was essentially a private boarding school. Though even with her limited experience, Ravenhurst seemed even more cliquish than home. Kaitlin raised her brows in surprise at the redhead's comment and the boy's agreement. She blushed slightly, regretting her earlier comment about his name and gender. "Um, sorry 'bout before, Warren. I've just never been someplace even remotely like this. But why would you, either of you, want to miss out on even seeing the place?" she asked them in genuine interest. "I mean, I was kinda hoping for something more like Hogwarts - do you think Rowling might have gone to the British Ravenhurst? - but maybe we'll get to see the real magic after orientation?"
  9. Kaitlin looked around with undisguised, somewhat self-conscious interest. She'd never been out of Wyoming before. She hadn't thought her first time out of state would happen by walking through a tree. Since learning magic was real just a little over a year ago, that might have been the coolest thing she'd experienced so far. She just hoped her dad would be okay without her while she was attending Hogwarts. So far, Ravenhurst looked less like Hogwarts and more like an exclusive, expensive private boarding school. There wasn't even a Sorting Hat, just tags with their names written on them in plain marker. Two of the girls she was grouped with looked like their belonged here - she didn't know much about fashion, but their clothing looked expensive. She couldn't help but be self-conscious about the baggy, worn fatigues and patched, loose grey sweater she was wearing that hid her very well muscled build behind shapeless bulk. She felt out of place in the refined atmosphere of the magical academy. Kaitlin slung the overstuffed rucksack from her shoulder with surprising ease, letting it sit by her feet. She pulled the drab, threadbare US Army Ranger cap from her head and redid her short pony-tail of black and blond hair - it had pulled loose as she had ran for the old pine tree the letter from Ravenhurst had directed her to. She put her cap back on, carefully pulling her pony-tail through the hole at the back. She offered the girls (and one boy?) she was grouped with a friendly, if uncertain, smile. "This place is bigger than I thought it would be. Who'd have thought there would be so many student sorcerors the world doesn't know about, eh? I guess we're sharing a homeroom or dorm or bunk or whatever. Hi, I'm Kaitlin Vandussen, but most people back home call me 'Kat', if you like." Kaitlin gave the 'boy' a doubtful look, looked around at all the other groups, strictly assigned by gender, then glanced at the tag in his hand. "You're Jillian? Are you really a boy or is this some sort of magic or East Coast Liberal thing?"
  10. Obviously, a 'broken home criminal' would be an Outsider... or Thespian.
  11. Kaitlin "Kat" "Garfield" Vandussen Description/Background Kaitlin Vandussen is a cute 15 year old girl with pretty, spunky facial features, a natural fair golden tanned complexion, and unusual amber eyes. She's a bit taller than average at 5'7'' and her loose, baggy, second-hand clothing camouflages a husky, chunky build. In fact, Kaitlin hides a body that combines the best features of a Crossfit Champion and an Olympic gymnast and freerunner, powerful yet graceful, while retaining exuberant and surprisingly firm curves. Considerably more developed than a 15 year old girl should be, Kaitlin has very broad shoulders with hard, thickly muscled arms and legs, a tight waist and thighs nearly as big, and chiseled 8-pack abs. She has pale blond hair with black roots and tips that falls just past her shoulders that she wears loose or tied back in a short pony-tail, and almost always wears a battered US Army Ranger or USFS Cap. Though she was often called 'Kat' back home, at Ravenhurst, she got tagged with the name 'Garfield' as a play on her obvious nickname because of her supposedly overweight build and the fact she always eats big meals in the cafeteria and seems to always be snacking besides. Kaitlin grew up in the tiny mountain town of Dubois, Wyoming, population 971. Her father is a former US Army Ranger, discharged on disability, her mother was a USFS Ranger who died when Kaitlin was young. With her father unable to work much - idly making microbrews he sells to a local saloon, but mostly drinks - and most of their funds going to medical bills, they never had much money, but Kaitlin didn't mind much while she had the mountains and forests to run through, climb, and explore. With his injury and death of his wife, her father has grown bitter and angry and drinks more than Kaitlin would like, and while she has been taking care of herself more than he did since her mother died, Kaitlin loves him dearly still and hopes with magic, she can fix him so he can be the man he once was. Kaitlin is a stubborn, driven young woman, generally honest and straight forward, sometimes to the point of bluntness and values her independence and self-sufficiency almost to a fault. Often remote with those she doesn't know and doesn't call someone friend easily, but when she does, she is extremely loyal and will defend them against anything, as long as that loyalty and friendship is returned. With friends and those she knows, she is more easy-going and exuberant. She despises boredom and laziness and loves running, climbing, and jumping around, working out and just generally being outside and physically active. Having to take care of herself, and sometimes her father, since she was young, Kaitlin is a decent cook, hunter, and fisherman, and rather handy around the house, fixing things. Since coming to Ravenhurst though, she has been morosely homesick for the mountains she misses and is pissed that she didn't get to go to Summerwild instead. And while proud of the physically impressive build she has forged in the last year, in the rarefied air of the Vermont Magical Academy, it and her rustic upbringing has also made her self-conscious about it to and she has been trying to hide it much as she can, while sneaking out late at night or early in the morning to get a good run in. ATTRIBUTES Knowledge ● Conviction ●●● Talent ●●● Technique - Fitness ●●●●●●●● ADVANTAGES Down To Earth Fast Healer Not Completely Of This World - Lycanthrope (Werecougar) Peak of Perfection Strong Willed Total Bad Ass Tough As Nails DRAWBACKS Allergy - Silver Homesick Lyin' Eyes Poverty Stubborn
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