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  1. Never having spent an extended time outside of Wyoming, or even away from her father, Kaitlin clung to a routine to push away her bouts of homesickness. Up before everyone else, she took a spell enhanced run and a work out around the lake, showered, then cooked breakfast as others started waking up. Breakfast was almost invariably heavy on meat and protein, and the amount she made was inconsistent, so it was first come, first served after she ate. Not having any formal training in magic theory, Kaitlin stubbornly applied herself in classes, though she wished there was more focus on practical practice. She learned better by doing rather than by watching. On the other hand, by working on her studies and trying to stave off homesickness, Kaitlin quickly got over feeling self-conscious about her clothes and her unconventional physique. Her short sleeves strained over surprisingly muscular arms, her biceps and triceps bulging even when she was at rest and relaxed. Her build was not only impressive for a fifteen year-old girl, but would have been remarkable even for a full grown woman, or a man. The other girls in Brown group had learned that, one or two catching her accidentally in the bathroom, discovering she was built like a particularly powerful gymnast. Kaitlin had chiseled 8-pack abs, astonishingly big thighs, thick and hard with muscle, and her breasts, larger than average were very firm, jutting from noticeably developed pectorals. And while using magic against each other was expressively forbidden, Kaitlin had no compunction about using - or threatening to use - her hard earned strength to deal with any bullies or assholes. In the academic, if eldritch, setting of Ravenhurst, her physique was a rarity, and was intimidating on its own to many. Kaitlin perked up, smiling widely when she found out they could leave campus for the weekend, and could even go home. There were some hills around Ravenhurst, but the only ones worth the name were at least somewhat distant, and she missed the mountains of surrounding Dubois, as well as her father. She hopped to her feet, intending to sign out and get her weekend pass immediately, but paused after taking a single step when a question did occur to her. "Spenser, what are the rules about talking about what really goes on at Ravenhurst?" the athletic teen asked. "I mean, sure, I guess we can talk about with others not in the know, but we'll sound insane... until we show off some. Is there some sort of hush-hush rule about revealing magic to non-sorcerers?"
  2. Kaitlin stared at 3J. While is sounded like 3J thought it would work, everything around the Witch Trials Kaitlin had heard was bad, especially for any women involved. I wonder if they have another accounting of what really happened during the Witch Trials at Ravenhurts? To Kaitlin, the spell also seemed like it was as likely to actually poison the tongue or make it fall off as it was simply to make the subject unlikely to speak, going by 3J's earlier demonstration. "How about we put a pin in that for now," Kaitlin suggested, standing up from leaning against the door frame. "Safyre is hardly going to let us take a bit of her hair or blood or a nail clippings or whatever. We can probably scoop something up later and keep the spell on standby, in case she gets worse. Instead, who else wants to take a look around Campus?"
  3. Kaitlin paused, curious as to what 3J had in mind, and not at all opposed to the snotty girl being brought down a peg or three. She leaned back against the door frame, fingers laced behind her head as she eyed the red-head's book with interest. She never had a spellbook of her own until just now. She'd looked at some of the occult books at the only book store in Dubois, but nothing there had rung true to her, though some of the Eastern and Martial Art Philosophies had. With learning of the importance of fingerwork, Buddhist and Yogic mudras made a lot more sense to her now. "This is just a prank, right?" Kaitlin clarified, wondering exactly what 3J intended - and possibly considering if it might go a bit wrong like her first spell. "Nothing more serious than that? They seemed pretty serious about what they considered Combat Magic and I don't want to be kicked out on the first day."
  4. Kaitlin gave Siobhan a dubious look. The rich girl had cast that spell swiftly and easily, even reflexively as she said, and Kaitlin was supposed to believe she had never done magic before? Kaitlin used a particular spell nearly every day when she went on a run or worked out, but it felt like Siobhan used magic way more than she did. "Stuff like that?" Kaitlin asked, gesturing at the waste-basket. "No, not me at least, and certainly not daily." Kaitlin glanced, frowning slightly when she saw that Safyre was gone without answering her request. "My magic, or the magic I use anyway is more... " She pursed her lips to one side, then the other, considering, "is more physical I guess, affecting me more than others. It just seems to make more sense to me. I'm not sure how I would make ice like that." Kaitlin hefted up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. "But once you start using magic, it seems to get easier every time. Practice makes perfect I guess. Looks like we have the rest of the day to ourselves, so I'm gonna take a look around campus, see what's what and where what is. Anyone coming along?"
  5. Kaitlin was waiting expectantly for Safyre's answer - though mostly expecting a cutting remark - when something in the wastebasket suddenly caught fire. She stared like everyone else for a moment at the too rapidly rising flames before dashing towards the front door with swift, smooth loping strides and flinging it open. But she had taken no more than three strides back, intending on punting the flaming wastebin right out the door with a strong, aimed kick, when Siobhan put out the fire with a blast of frost. Narrowing her amber eyes in suspicion, the athletic girl slowed her sprint with each step, coming to a stop, when she reached Siobhan and cautiously peeked into the wastebin, but in case there was still something smoldering and a remnant of magical napalm waiting to flare up or something. Finding nothing untoward except for a lingering burnt scent, Kaitlin slid her gaze towards the bewildered girl. "Did you just say you didn't know any magic?" Kaitlin questioned in dry accusation. She nodded down at the wastebin, the frost already beginning to evaporate, the beads of water sliding down the sides. "Then what the hell was that?"
  6. Kaitlin was surprised but not disappointed that it looked like their school day was over. She had expected more on their first day, more orientation or something, but that just meant they got to look around campus on their own. Kaitlin hopped out of her chair, slung her bag over her shoulder and strode over to the box. She fished out one of the loops of strings, one coloured in earth tones of brown, green, and grey. She considered it for a moment, thinking it a stupid game, but on the other hand, her Hadouken spell had been a brute one that hadn't worked out the way she wanted while Safyre's spell had been fancy and impressive looking. She was proud of Pain for Gain, but it took hard work and time for the effects to show - it wasn't something that lent itself to cool demonstrations. Kaitlin looped the string over a strong wrist then picked up the lesson book, leafing through it quickly just to get an idea of its layout, but really she was hesitating. Finally, she took a deep breath and turned to face Safyre. "So, uh, I really liked your spell," Kaitlin admitted, grudgingly if honestly. "If you have time sometime, could you show me how you move your fingers for a spell like that?"
  7. Kaitlin gave Warren a hard look, her arms folded across her chest tensing, making hard biceps bulge and strain the sleeves of her shirts. She didn't need Battle Magic to beat the crap out of a boy or a man. She was stronger than most of them, knew how to fight, and wasn't afraid to do so in defense of herself or to make a point. She shrugged her broad shoulders apologetically at Spenser. "I'm sorry, sir. I'll try to do better. But can I ask why?" "Why what, Kaitlin?" "Why is there a rule against Battle Magic?" Kaitlin asked. "I mean, the magic itself isn't bad, it's how you use it, right? Like, learning Martial Arts, it isn't bad in itself, but it can be used for bad things, or to defend yourself. And almost anything, spell or whatever, can be used as a weapon, if you try hard enough." Kaitlin pointed at Safyre with her chin without actually looking at the standoffish bitch. "Her spell, what if she made the pencil and fancy dome appear inside someone's head, does that turn her spell into a Battle Spell, making it not allowed?" Kaitlin sighed, unfolding her arms and spread her hands. "I was just wondering why there's the rule against Battle Magic. Because of students wanting to get into 'Magic Duels' to showoff and see who's better, or does learning that type of Magic affect you in other ways, or.. or, I dunno what?"
  8. Kaitlin glowered at Warren for his - or his reflections - thoughtless remarks, and folded her arms under breasts, her flannel shirt pulling tight across her shoulders and back. She hated assholes like that, as if their opinion about how a girl should be shaped mattered, let alone sharing it freely. True, she'd never been fat. First, because of how skinny and wiry she'd been, or how poor and for her second-hand clothing, then for all the muscle she'd packed on in the last year. "If it makes you feel any better," Kaitlin said in a whisper that was meant to be heard, leaning from her chair towards 3J, "I've always thought the biggest dicks had the smallest ones." Siobhan earned herself a scowl for another reason. To the overly athletic girl, it just seemed like Siobhan reeked of false modesty, even if didn't seem like she was acting. Super rich, dresses super nice, and then claiming she didn't know magic just before saying she was able to do all these things that sounded like magic to Kaitlin, like something in a Fairy Tale. Warmth of her heart, right! Vomit! Kaitlin couldn't help but feel sudden urge to find one of Snow White Siobhan's animal friends and eat it, out of sheer principle. Game stew was great and warming on a chill night. But that was just being petty. Part of the reason for it was because one of the main reasons Kaitlin wanted to learn magic was so she could help her dad and fix his leg that medicine couldn't seem to help with and here was Siobhan claiming she fix her horse's leg with just a touch. Itjust seemed too easy in Kaitlin's eyes. To her, healing looked like a type of transformation and she had tried a direct transformation spell on herself before, just after learning she could do magic, and it hadn't gone well. It still gave her nightmares. She had learned you never got something for nothing, in magic or in life.
  9. Kaitlin woke up before dawn and slipped out of the guesthouse-come-dorm-to-the-Browns using the window. The early morning air was crisp, dew painting all the foliage. She wove her hands in a series of pseudo-mystical mudra gestures and engaged in a series of breathing exercises as she cast her bodybuilding spell. She felt the weight, the strain of the spell settle on her, in her, then went for a run around the small lake. She tried to estimate the distance as she broke her run at intervals for a series of pull-ups, pushups, and squats in a CrossFit Hero WOD (Workout of the Day), while keeping an eye on the terrain for places to climb and jump on or off of for a freerunning course. Kaitlin got back to the guesthouse with her hair plastered to her head with sweat and her sweatshirt and sweatpants clinging to her body with her exertion. Her dorm-mates were just beginning to stir and she grabbed a change of clothes and slipped into the bathroom to grab a shower before they noticed her. Being an only child, she wasn't used to changing in front of others, and while her baggy clothes hadn't completely fooled the other Browns as to her build, she was still a little self-conscious about what they would think, especially after her workout with her muscles pumped and thick veins standing out in stark relief. Still, the badly faded band-shirt with the flannel shirt over it didn't hide the breadth of her shoulders or the thickness of her arms and chest, and her patched, olive green cargo-pants were snug over her thighs. If people couldn't tell exactly how defined her was, she was clearly not overweight due to fat. While the others got ready for the day, Kaitlin made pancakes, breakfast sausages, and hashbrowns for everyone, eating her own heaping plate and doing the dishes while the other ate. She didn't seem to mind doing it, though she didn't offer to make anything different if anyone else wanted something different. If they did, they could make it themselves. In the classroom, Kaitlin was a little tentative about touching anything except for grabbing two bottles of water from the coffee service. It didn't look like any classroom she'd ever seen, except maybe in a cinematic version of Harvard or something. At Spenser's request, Kaitlin perched herself in one of the comfortable chairs, her legs crossed and hold a bottle of water in each hand balanced on her knees. She listened attentively to Spenser, not wanting to make a mistake on her first day of class. Believing herself the most untutored in Magic, except for maybe Warren, Kaitlin thought one of the others would volunteer to go first, especially Safyre, who acted like she knew so much. But when no one stepped forward, Kaitlin put one of her bottles of water on a side table and kept the other then hopped to her feet. She wasn't embarrassed about how little she knew about Magic - that was why she was here after all, to learn. "I'll go, Mister- uh, just Spenser," Kaitlin said with brusque confidence, her blond and black ponytail bouncing as she strode over to the spot Spenser had indicated, leaving her bottle of water on a table in passing. "My name is Kaitlin Vandussen, but most people back home called me Kat. As for magic, how about this?" Kaitlin took several focusing breaths then shifted into a solid martial arts stance. She made a series of motions with her hands and fingers suggesting a series of directions or arrows ↓↘→ then extended her arms towards the water bottle bottle on the table, her wrists pressed together and her hands perpendicular to the floor and shouted, "Hadoken!" A faint, translucent beam of bluish energy the width of her two hands flowed from her palms straight towards the water bottle. The beam of energy struck the water bottle, which was tumbled end over end, bounced off the back of a chair, went flipping through the air, then landed on the ground with a thump half way across the room and spun around for a bit before coming to a stop. Kaitlin frowned a moment before giving Spenser an uncertain smile. It was totally stolen from a video game - one of the saloons in Dubois had a trio of standup arcade machines - and she had expected it to hit the bottle with a lot more direct force than that, but at least her spell hadn't failed. "Er, ta-da?"
  10. Kaitlin gave Siobhan a suspicious, narrow-eyed glance as she pushed her cart through the produce section. Did she just read my mind?! If you're reading my mind, stay the fuck out! she thought fiercely, imagining a vivid, vicious pummeling. She snorted in annoyance as she studied each apple before placing them in a plastic bag. "If you want something like that, you're off hunting it yourself," she muttered with a scowl at the taller girl. Her scowl faded as they made their way through produce towards the bakery section. "Honestly, I can barely taste the difference in store-bought meat, though the grade does matter. But the best tasting meat is the meat you catch yourself." The broad-shouldered girl resisted the urge to add anything that caught her fancy to her cart, considering the rich girl's offer to cover it all, instead adamantly keeping herself to budget given them by Maria, even if Siobhan was holding onto the actual cash too. In the meat section, she kept to the cheaper cuts of meat - they might be tougher, but cook or marinate them long enough and they would taste good and fall apart in your mouth. She had to see if she could find a pressure cooker at a second-hand store. "No!" she protested when Warren tossed a pair of bags of Fudgee-Os into her cart. She grabbed them and shoved them back onto the shelf. "We don't need that garbage. Besides, cookies are easy enough to bake and cheap enough to make." They clashed again when they got to the cereal aisle. "Honey-nut Cheerios!" "Count Chocula!" "Cheerios!" "Chocula!" "Then get your own damn cart, Warren! And take your damn Fudgee-Os with you!" She tossed them with more force than was necessary against his chest, then stared at them and then back at her cart. "When the hell did you even get them back in there?"
  11. Kaitlin closely watched Maria perform the spell with interest, though not without feeling slightly uncomfortable as well. She supposed it wasn't really stealing - nobody was loosing money, the bank was insured, and anyway, banks made gazillions of dollars on other people's money - but she had been caught shoplifting when just a little girl, before she'd known was real, and only the gruff but kindly man who ran the only martial arts school in town stepping in on her behalf had stopped it from becoming something serious. Samurai Joe of Samurai Joe's Jeet Kune Do had given her a job cleaning up the dojo, which had earned her a few extra bucks to help her dad with paying bills, mostly to buy food they couldn't just hunt, as well as giving her an outlet for her all her energy in learning Jeet Kune Do. She had found in him something like an old uncle she'd never had. She returned Maria's broad grin with a scowl as the female half of their chaperones handed the money to Siobhan. She couldn't see how the rich girl could understand the value of money or what things cost, but contented herself with a sniff as she stalked over to the cart corral and pulled free a cart with a single sharp jerk. After all, they'd be sharing a dorm for who knew how many years, it was better to keep the peace over something as minor as who held the money for food. But if Siobhan tried to buy something stupid like, who knew what, a free-range, grass-fed, organic pheasant or something, she was going to make her put it back. Having never had much money, Kaitlin knew how to stick to a budget, though she wished she'd had a chance to sniff out some coupons. 200 hundred dollars could have fed her and her dad for quite some time, if without treating themselves. She'd see what she could do for her dorm-mates. But she really hoped she could hunt, especially after seeing what the 'sale' prices for meat were like here. "Hey, at least they aren't trying to magic up food and letting us buy the real deal instead," Kaitlin commented in passing, planting one foot on the under-carriage of the cart and propelling herself with the other in sure, strong pushes, up the curb and into the supermarket. Maybe spaghetti - not too expensive, can make a big pot of it and have leftovers for later... Where's the ground beef and pasta section in this place?
  12. Kaitlin's cheeks reddened when Maria gave her bicep a squeeze, remarking at it's solidity despite the fact she wasn't even flexing. "I work out some - more than some, really," Kaitlin admitted with a proud yet self-conscious grin then gave Maria a nod. "I'll be careful when I go out for a morning or evening run, then." While magic had helped, she had worked hard to earn her muscles. It was one of the only spells she had made that had worked as intended, not like the hair dye spell that had turned her hair blond and black, though she had grown to like it. She still shuddered at the thought of her first attempt - she had tried a sort of metamorphosis/transformation to get instant muscle gain and had ended up paralyzing herself for hours in crippling pain. Her second attempt at the spell - Pain for Gain, she called it - multiplied the effects of working out and exercise, though it also multiplied the effort required. She didn't know what the precise multiplier was, but if she had to guess, over a year of hard bodybuilding and cardio had turned into the equivalent of five years or more of physical development. All without the deleterious effects of steroids or of working out at or before the onset of puberty. She didn't know what she felt about sharing a room with someone else. She didn't have any siblings, so had always had a room to herself. 3J might be fat - she herself had always been wiry and athletic and now her bulk was all muscle - she was all stuck up or unthinkingly privileged like the other two girls. Hopefully, they would get along, or at least, not rub each other the wrong way. Sitting in one of the rear seats of the minivan, Kaitlin pressed her face to the window, peering about the town. She'd been to a city before, but not often, and never out of state, and Middlebury was still nearly ten times the size of Dubois, Wyoming. It certainly lacked the rustic, frontier feel of her home town. When Matthew mentioned that they would be taking some classes at Middlebury High School, she sat up straight, the seatbelt pulling tight against a shoulder and between her breasts. "What's wrong with a normal school?" Kaitlin retorted, reflexively taking the opposing view from the standoffish girl. "What kind of school did you go to before Ravenhurst? Besides, it's not like we need to go to a magic school to learn Math or Science or whatever."
  13. Kaitlin forgot about Snow White and her animal friends when she felt something staring at her, something in the woods. Suppressing a shiver of trepidation, Kaitlin's hands tightened on the rail, her amber eyes gleaming as she tried to discern what was watching her. She hadn't ever backed down from anything back home and she would be damned if she would here, magic and strangeness or no. She wondered if she should break out her bow from the case attached to her rucksack, but stopped herself. She didn't even know what she was looking for and didn't want the others to think she was jumping at shadows. With magic being real, she wondered if mythological creatures were too, unicorns and griffons, bigfoots (bigfeets?) and goblins. Dragons. Kaitlin nodded at Maria's comment about the chaperone, her brother Matthew, and at his arrival with Warren, but didn't take her narrowed eyes off the woods across the lake. "Um, Maria, are there any dangers were should know about the woods?" Kaitlin asked, a hint of suspicion in her voice. "I run and climb - freerunning, really, you know, parkour? - regularly through the mountains and forests back home, so I know the dangers there. Are there like, bears or wolves, or... er, other things here?"
  14. Kaitlin glanced over a thick shoulder and just stared in abject dumbfoundary at Siobhan. What the girl was talking about was so far beyond her experience that Kaitlin found the idea of that level of wealth more strange than the fact that magic was real and that she could work it herself. The only private chefs in Dubois where the ones who worked at the local restaurants and saloons and cafés and Patty Laramie who ran the bakery. And anyone who had someone do their shopping for them if they weren't handicapped or lacking a vehicle would be openly mocked or silently judged. Every teenager in Dubois could drive, even if they didn't technically have their license. She'd been driving for almost two years, and didn't even have trouble seeing over the dashboard anymore. "You can get a chef or whatever if you want, and if they'll let you bring someone - a.. uh, 'Muggle', I guess - to Hogwarts," Kaitlin said to Siobhan, a bit of challenge in her tone, "but I can do my own cooking, thank-you very much." I just might not be able to afford to buy anything to cook, is all... Maybe the cafeteria has student workers? She knew she and her dad didn't have much - their pick-up was old, the single story house little more than a log cabin. They hadn't had cable and the hot water always ran out too quick, - but she had never felt as poor as she did right now. She turned back and braced her arms on the railing surrounding the patio and looked over the modest lake with hooded amber eyes. It sounded like Siobhan - or her family, at least - had more than one home, at least one overseas and even her on site servants lived in a nicer house than she did. Kaitlin how no idea what it would be like to have people to do everything for you. She been helping her dad, taking care of him often enough since her mother died. Would it be freeing or limiting?
  15. Holding her rucksack in one hand instead of slinging it over her shoulder, Kaitlin accepted the key from Maria and glanced at it curiously before pocketing it. Then she looked around the grounds. The Summer House was nicer than the bungalow she shared with her dad back home, but it reminded her a bit of it, it being on its own on the edge of the forest. No mountains nearby though. Kaitlin hoped she could find someplace for active, intensive climbing, but until then, she supposed she could add some daily swimming in the lake... until it got too cold anyway. She did like the idea of bunking in a detached house instead of a dorm. It would be easier to sneak out for a run before her fellow students woke up and she had to answer questions. "This is nice," Kaitlin agreed good naturedly, but Maria caught Kaitlin's sidelong glance toward Safyre, suggesting it would be nice until the bitch gave Fun the death of a thousand snarks. There is no way I'm sharing a room with her. I'll share with Warren first, even if I have to break his hands after he tries to cop a feel. She was pleased at finding out they had their own kitchen was even more delighted by the grill set-up they had out on the back patio. It wasn't like she was a master chef or anything, but she did enough cooking and grilling back home, stews and BBQ mostly. Kaitlin's grin faded at the mention of driving into town to buy stuff for cooking. Chewing on her bottom lip self-consciously on her lower lip made her look even younger than her fifteen years. "Um, I don't want to be that girl, but do we get a stipend or something for food? I don't have much money," Kaitlin asked Maria self-consciously, who she guessed would be one of their chaperones. If they didn't, she would be eating in the cafeteria, unless that cost extra too. Then she'd need to find a job, if that was even allowed when going to a fancy boarding school. There must be something she could do on campus to make ends meet. "Or is there hunting allowed anywhere nearby? Fishing even?"