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  1. Please note, this file is still in progress... The current version is considerably more complete than this, but still a ways off from being finished. Hoping to complete this little Opus by the end of the year! JC
  2. Dear All, Well, this is it. I'm the last in a long line of owner/admins for this site. Eononline has been around since 2002 and I've been a member almost that long. I took over because no-one else could at the time, even though I have neither the skills nor expertise to keep the site going. EON in its current form has been dying for a long time now, and I've pretty much been an absentee landlord for the most part. I said when I took the job that I'd do it until the site either died, or we found someone better. I'm glad that it will be the latter of the two. I'm glad that Chosen can hopefully help keep this little Library of Alexandria for all things Aeon going. I've sent all the account information to Chosen, but the actual site merge may take a while, but once it's done we'll have a shiny new, and hopefully active, home. Jackson Creed
  3. Erm, couldn't find Disco Soup in the waiting validating list... Could you check to make sure of the exact name used? JC
  4. Sorry I've been incommunicado for so long. RL issues never seem to go away! ::brick Chosen, what do you need for the back end stuff/ftp to start the merge process? JC
  5. I'm going to be incommunicado for the next 48 hours or so, but I'll see about sorting out the ftp malarky when I get back on Sunday. Hopefully we'll be able to get things sorted in a relatively decent timeframe. ::cool JC
  6. Hi folks, Since the topic of this forum has drifted from Metaphysician's Scion game proposal onto site development, I've created a new set of forums in the Games section. People may want to copy and paste their posts across into the threads over there, or possibly just start over. JC
  7. Hi Chosen, Welcome to the forum. I've made you a Superadmin so you have the same access to the admin control panel that I do. Feel free to poke around and take a look at the behind the scenes maguffin! Let the discussions begin! JC
  8. There you go, that should do it Hopefully you're joining urges will be revitalised JC
  9. SalmonMax, if you re-register I'll make sure you're added to the board. JC
  10. Hi, Jackson Creed here, Admin and owner of EON. Let me know what username you want for the EON forum and I'll verify you (EON suffers from horrific levels of spambots which are a bit beyond my ability to prevent without making the forum verification only). Then we can talk with the other active members and decide on how to proceed. JC
  11. Let me know what people want. Could someone ask Chosen to tell what username he wants so I know which to approve? JC
  12. As far as adding Scion to the forums, I would certainly not be against it given that I'm a huge fan of Scion. It would be easy enough to create a new set of threads if people are agreeable. JC
  13. As long as there's life in the old girl, then EON will continue! JC
  14. Sorry for the late reply folks. The forum has been created (right here) and I've moved the thread into it here in Aberrant IC Games. Moderators can mod and change stuff here as with any other thread. Fantastic idea for a game by the way! ::biggrin If I can free up a bit of time, I might be tempted to join... JC P.S. My email address is dannybladeuk@yahoo.co.uk in case you need to get hold of me in a hurry... I just wasn't expecting so much activity so quickly! Yay!
  15. Well, the money is not the issue really, it's more a case if there is the heart anymore. That's why I've given so much notice (September 2010); if there is a way to reivigorate the community, even just a bit, then there will be a reason to stay open. I don't want to see EON close down, after all that's why I took over from Archer, but I also don't want to live in a ghost town. There is plenty of time to think of ways to regenerate the site, but in the event that doesn't happen we will still have many memories. JC