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  1. "I mean what I say and say what I mean." Charlie replied sagely. Devin rubbed the bridge of his nose in irritation, remembering he was dealing with a dweeb on drugs. "I mean, did you go into the woods and and see the cephalo-gina?" "Nah, Lilly had the Bobs watching me." Charlie responded blithely, unaware of the implications of his statement to the others. In his state of connected-ness, how could anything be wrong?
  2. "The tentacled ones are his competition." Charlie supplied as a matter of course, having found a place to sit back and scratch his head. He then whispered loudly, hand cupped as if trying to secretly impart a fact of great importance. "His artificial greatness surpasses their natural splendor. You make them feel bad about their bodies, Jason. That's meeean." The obvious confusion, plus 'is he fucking crazy' looks from Devin and Marissa resulted, causing Lilly to groan. "Charlie's smoked an entire joint of your special product." A fact which Charlie confirmed by drawing in the dregs of the stump of a joint with a wide grin. "Like I said. Artificial greatness. Fortunately, they have a nudo-phobia. That's a fear of nudists. So they have to eat them."
  3. "Mhmm da a hmm. Mhmm da a hmmmm." It took a moment before everyone realized Charlie was humming the classic wedding song, a smile and gleaming still unfocused eyes. "Whaaat? I wish you two all the best." Charlie frowned suddenly, eyes elsewhere and even more distance. "Better than Mari the Mantis and Clara. I sense a brewing cat-fight in the Force. Over Jason. A thousand lashes of jealousy and torn hair falling. Wow, Lucifer's Reserve is the stuff inspiration is made of."
  4. THE PARTY Charlie got pulled along, going with Cora but eyes wide with innocent confusion. "Hey, what's going on Cora? This party is great! Jase's great. Does this have something to do with Cass and Devin being all stare-faced?" Somehow he had gotten a glimpse of them, but wasn't inclined to question it in the slightest. "Is she trying to blackmail him with the video of him seizure-ing? Bad Cass. Oh, and someone's blackmailing them both now? That'd make a great thriller story."
  5. Lilly left, and everything went back to the way it was - from Charlie's viewpoint. It was as if Lilly's presence had been covering up everyone else who were just so dim except for his friends. Because it wasn't clarity that was the variable factor now, it was the light of each and every party-goer. Jase does greaaaaaaat weed. This is just... Shakespearean. "I don't get it." Charlie pondered out loud. "Why are you so dim, Bob?" "Umm," the awkward Will was the one of the three to respond, confused if the drugged drama nerd was insulting them or someone else, "none of us are Bob." "Don't be silly." Charlie insisted, thrusting a finger at Will. "I mean, it's you Bob," the finger moved to Darren, "Bob here," and finally to Todd "and the other Bob." It had to be some trick of the light, because his eyes seemed to be turning green, then gray, then purple, in time with his change of target. "All Bobs. Nearly everyone here is Bobs. Bobs are dim. I don't get it. Lilly, she's just so bright, like Cora and Sean. Is this something Devin and Marissa did?" Within moments Charlie promptly decided it was their fault, just like everything else. Drought, famine, pestilence, death, the Jauntsens were behind it all. "Yes, they did." Then he saw Cade and ambled off to say hello, his eyes back to their normal blue, leaving behind the three confused football players. Finally, Darren offered his thoughts. "I guess Bannon's stuff must be that good."
  6. There were a lot more people here than Charlie was led to expect. Apparently Jase's unholy alliance with Marissa had indeed surpassed Chet's flyer plan by immense measure. This was not exactly the best thing in Charlie's mind, and from the look on his face, Jase was having second thoughts. Well, no use complaining about it. When asked Charlie gamely complied with the transporting of coolers. Unlike many of the avid partygoers, Charlie weighed the matter and decided that he wasn't going to go drinking tonight, simply settling for a can of Coco-Cola. But when Bannon unveiled the weed, now he had to debate. It was a party, the kind that was meant to cut loose. On the other hand, Charlie's straight-laced nature was reticent at jumping into pot, especially when it was the high-octane version Bannon boasted. Not that he didn't trust his friend, but that was jumping into the deep end, right? Then he remembered that Lucius Cole disdained cannabis with snooty affect, and the answer became simple. "Carpe diem." Charlie proclaimed before snatching up a pack of Lucifer's Reserve. Then he found a comfortable place to sit down, and light it up.
  7. Charlie had his blood up again, but Bannon had a way of cooling things off, even when he was angry himself. True, Devin remained a dick. But then he and his harpy sister would be gone in a couple years, never to be seen again. If only they didn't make passing those years so long and difficult. And so Devin left with Tawny. Charlie let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding and turned to the others. "Well, the mood's been murdered. I vote we get out and go somewhere else. All in favor?"
  8. "What does she see in him?" Charlie grumbled, but took the point of the joke. "Sure." Then Sean swept off to meet up with the doctors. "Or not. Shall we wait or start out to greet Wilbur?"
  9. Charlie started running forward. Devin Jauntsen, if he thought they were going to do whatever malicious thing they had in mind to Sean... Well, to hell with them, Charlie didn't look favorably on violence - real-life violence anyway - but so help him, he would give Devin a nose to make a nicely matched set with Chet! He might lose, check that, probably would lose against that maniac in a brawl, never mind Chet and Courtney, but Charlie Cole would exact a high price for it! And then ground to a halt as Lilly appeared and tore into Courtney and Chet, but seemed to be missing the part where Devin was manhandling Sean. So he still walked in with all the fury he could muster - and more that he could fake with acting. "Yes, do that. And the same goes for you," he directly a withering glare at Devin, "so get your paws off Sean." "Dude," Devin rolled his eyes, "I was protecting him." Charlie's eyes called bullshit enough for anyone with synesthesia to get a headache. "So help me, get your..." "Actually," Sean mumbled, still in shock, "he kinda was?" Charlie's eye twitched. "Sean, don't let him intimidate-" "Charlie," Lilly cut in with a sudden bit of amusement, "Devin was, I saw and heard everything." There was that dramatic pause, where Charlie digesting the words that by themselves were comprehensible and understandable, but together and in that order made no sense. "Alright. Then one, you can let Sean go now Devin. Two, you do not get to play that card." "What card?" Devin asked, confused at what the drama nerd was referring to. "The near-death experience has made me an actual human being card! Let go of Sean!"
  10. Charlie Charlie's Theme: Hairspray - You Can't Stop the Beat Charlie's Playlist: 1. Hamilton - The Room Where It Happens 2. Jekyll and Hyde the Musical - Behind the Facade 3. Les Miserables - Do You Hear the People Sing? 4. Camelot - Fie on Goodness 5. The Phantom of the Opera - The Phantom of the Opera Game Theme: I back Glory. Lucius Cole Theme: Gaston Playlist: 1. Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy 2. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal 3. Beethoven - Fur Elise
  11. It has been dropped: http://www.rpgpost.com/topic/18469-weirder-stuff-project2-the-song-remains-the-same/
  12. Charlie lit up even more, like a flashlight with overcharged batteries. "I'd love that!" It was the most glorious of dreams, helping pick and set up the musical of the year! Already ideas and dreams were flashing through his head at rocket speeds. Just when everything had been so rotten for a long time, Lady Luck was finally throwing him a bone. "When do you want me to start?"
  13. Charlie had come mainly for the food, and since Lona was going to be playing at the fair, be a supportive audience member. But right now his itinerary was hanging alongside Kyle while keeping eyes out for his so-called father and being ready to move somewhere else to ignore him and the bimbo as blatantly as possible. Not exactly much to speak of. So when Mr. Abraham came up, Charlie brightened with a smile for his mentor. "Of course. What's up?"
  14. Charlie stared blankly ahead as Bannon went away. "He's going to bring Mari the Mantis in on this." Considering how the two loathed each other, it was insane to think Bannon would be going this far to ask for her help. Admittedly, on the one hand it sounded like an explosive party, on the other hand, it might just explode. "For the life of me, I don't know whether to accept that invitation or stay far far away." With that, Charlie began to kick back his lemonade like he was chugging booze.
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