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  1. "You know, we're making a lot of assumptions." Charlie finally said. "Assuming Sara is right, assuming our tech is causing this. Right now, we have far more questions to answer before we can make any ethical debate or argument about the future of humanity." Jeane was getting more worked up and Charlie was trying to be the peacemaker, the same as he'd tried with Tease. "I think right now we're missing some more current answers: why did Dr. Rashoud do this? My understanding was that she was essentially a sane person."
  2. The door opened, and Charlie poked his head out, listening to Jeane. "Gimme a minute." The door slammed shut again. Shortly thereafter, Charlie 'Proteus' Cole emerged with similar beach-appropriate dress. "Sure, Rio it is." A little linguistic matter occurred to him. "You know, I don't actually speak Portuguese. Do you, or are we going to try and make do without?"
  3. "DAMMIT, JEANE!" A Proteus now made of solid earth barrelled himself in front off her. "I said run! This isn't a spar! I get that you don't know the story - but there are reasons for what I told you to do. Get the hell out of here before he kills you."
  4. The icy fingers that ran up Charlie's spine at Apollo's words heightened as Jeane, not knowing who was challenging her - and her competiveness was making her make a very bad mistake. "Jeane..." he reached out, trying to catch her arm, but it was too late, and Abel was already launching trees. Only then did his hand catch her arm. "Jeane. Apollo is practically a god - completely out of your league- and it looks like he wasn't our friend after all. You and Pete run, now!" And Jeane realized Charlie meant every word of it, and the resigned look on his face - that he seemed to be saying the goodbye.
  5. <About as much as the handle I have on you guys.> Charlie's sour mind-voice spoke for itself on that subject. He was just worn out already trying to deal with the issues between a group that clearly predated his meeting them, and were outside his understanding. Honestly, even Apollo appearing naked did not elicit much of a reaction from him. No defense like that of a stewing teen, super-powered or not.
  6. Charlie pinched the brow of this nose as Tease ran her mouth off again, turning from an extremely beautiful girl with a hidden heart someone to... a bitch. This happened again and again. "So I'm guessing you don't want me along on the thing we discussed?"
  7. Charlie stood like the eye of the storm while everyone blew over. The awkward thing was, from his position, he could see everyone's points. Jeane had not reacted well on the one hand, breaking the plan and leaving Tease exposed. On the other hand, she had been directed and influenced by this Pete guy, assuming her sudden power boost was his work. Lilly was trying to keep the fractious elements of the Irregulars together, and the fact that Ronin had left people watching was not a good reminder on top of him murdering her dad. And Tease? Well, it seemed she had actually forged some kind of connection with the bear, and obviously was really pissed as hell about the turn to violence. We need a group therapy session, stat. But how am I going to drag everyone into one? Meanwhile, he joined Tease. "I get it. You really like this big guy, and hate that he got hurt. But everyone's gone through a hell of a roller-coaster." Finally his red energy fizzled out and he returned to normal flesh and blood. "You need to find a way to explain your side of things at a lower setting than 'C4.'" A pause, then he observed: "Remember what Apollo did in training? With the insects?"
  8. "Not the best option." Proteus added after hearing Vanguard's suggestion. "I get your reasons, but still, it's a mountain-sized bear, death aura immunity or not. And sure, giving it energy calmed it down, but for how long? I vote trying to drain." "I took down Orca-zilla." Vanguard pointed out. "Yes, but part of my brain is still screaming 'it's a giant freaking bear'. DRAIN IT."
  9. Proteus gaped, before closing his mouth and brushing his hand through Jeane's quantum spear. He turned into crackling, living lightning and floated forward to join Vanguard. "All right. Let's show Smokey that only we can prevent wild blights."
  10. Charlie took the tingling power boost, before seeing the Kia-Gigers on parade and their downcast maker. "Don't be like that, Kia." Charlie interjected warmly. "I know you're trying your best. Anyway, it's no reason to sit this one out. We need you and... them, no matter what they look like. You'll find a better way eventually." There was also the little caveat that there was going to be no good way, but tact demanding it be left quite unsaid, thank you very much. Thou shalt not break the heart of the kind bubbly girl who can also become Cthulhu.
  11. GUARDIAN SHIELD HQ Charlie took a quick trip inside the changing room and yet found the process so... easy. It felt like him, just like how he was changing form from elemental energy to hard mass. Just as intuitively to use his powers, he found, was to make the suit shape to his needs. The door swung open, and Charlie stepped out with a big grin. "This is really easy!" In swift, seamless tandem, his suit changed from t-shirt, belt and pants, to a tuxedo, then a Merry Men of Sherwood outfit, to a Superman costume, back to matching the outfit he'd been wearing when he'd first come to Norfolk.
  12. Charlie, after the tumult subsided, realized it was time to have an overdue talk. Namely with his mom. They'd had little catch-up after the Cape, beyond, 'I'm still alive, and hey, I'm one of the Keys and with the Irregulars now.' No discussion of his dead dad. He had no idea where the bimbo was, and frankly, he didn't care in the slightest. But he knew the group had her on the list of pick-ups, even if it seemed unlikely Ronin would focus on her. So he went looking for her. And then remembered that the families had been taken to an undisclosed location, causing him to ground to an awkward halt.
  13. "Sean will beam you up." Charlie told her. "So you'll get a chance to see and decide for yourself. I suppose you'd better make goodbyes to your interviewer. Unless you want to be dramatically sent up in front of their eyes."
  14. "To answer your questions in reverse order, no idea, nothing, and if you don't believe me, take it up with Sean, because what she showed us was pretty damning." Charlie responded in a cold level voice. "Incidentally, Kia and Lilly were denying it as much as you. But the fact is even if you think Jaunt wouldn't, Ronin did do this. Even I could tell the change from first meeting to Tahiti. So whatever the fuck happened, he's no longer the person you think he is."
  15. "Your brother has murdered Lilly's dad." One giant bulldozer, coming right up. "So reschedule a new appointment."
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