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  1. "You are most gracious, Kitsuki," Zoyu murmured in dulcet tones. "We will not take up much of your student's time." She glanced at Yuzo then nodded towards the assembled students. "This Kobei, he is here?" "Yes, Zoyu-san," Yuzo confirmed. "The bald Mantis in the trousers and vest." Zoyu glanced over, concealing a frown at the Mantis' attire. The Mantis were all strange and often gaudy, those this one didn't seem to be such a successful - or thieving - trader to warrant such ostentation. "I see." Zoyu glided over towards the man, a polite, demure smile on her lips, Yuzo at her side. "Kobei-san?" He looked around the slender, yet curvaceous Crane, not quite hiding his admiration for her form in her elegant kimono. "I am he." "Then you are the man I am looking for, thanks to the suggestion of Yuzo-san, here." Her smile widened just a trifle. "I wish to speak with you of Sake, if you could spare a few moments, and perhaps earn a few coins as well. There are two brands that are of particular interest to me."
  2. Zoyu bowed her head to the Dragon Swordmistress. "That would be most acceptable, Kitsuki-san, though in truth we have come for another reason." She nodded towards her students practicing their drills. "There are still unraveled threads from the events of last night, and we are hoping one of your students may be able to aid us finding where one of them fits in this wicked tapestry."
  3. Zoyu's mismatched eyes narrowed faintly at the mention of offering Kado apology. To her mind, it was they who were due the apology for being delayed in pursuing their duty, and ostensibly, aiding Kado in his, whereas keeping weapons off Teardrop island was to protect it. Ridding Teardrop Island of a murderous Oni did far more in protecting the island than did keeping a mere three blades off it. Zoyu was well acquainted with social graces, but too, her tongue was unable to voice a lie. She arched her brows and glanced towards her clansman. "Kaze-san, as one who so enjoys the craftmanship of blades, arms, and armor, perhaps you would like to speak with the honorable Kado, and perhaps bring a jug of fine sake to thank him for his time. And if he should recognize the Maker's Mark on a certain blade..."
  4. "A good hunch, Yuzo-san," Zoyu confirmed, returning his smile and showing him the maker's mark on tang of the blade she held. "The fruit is most ripe." Her smile grew amused and indulgent as Kaze commented on the lack of proper technique in the smithing of the blades and she inclined her head. "No forgiveness is necessary, Kaze-san. My father, he is a bladesmith at the Kakita Artisan Academy. I have heard all the comments and criticisms about poor crafting. Still, few are able to fashion a katana of any sort, so I can see etching one's mark even on blades of this poor quality." She paused, frowning at the discarded and dissembled blades. "Perhaps it is not just a matter of substandard craftsmanship, but the lack of proper time to fashion such a number of blades." Zoyu huffs, blowing her lock of obsidian hair from her face and wraps the naked blade in winding rags for transport. She nods at Rin, giving a pointed glance at the jugs of sake in the Dragon's hands. "Much like the sake, these blades may lead us to where else the cultists may operate or at least to those who collaborate with them, knowingly or unknowingly. I may not recognize this particular Maker's Mark, but there is one in Ryoko Owari who undoubtedly has seen many a Maker's Mark. Kado, the guardian of Teardrop Island and proprietor of Swords Polished. I believe we will be well served in paying him a visit."
  5. Zoyu's Perception + Investigation Roll Rolling 3k2. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 12,9,7 Total: 21 (Rolled) = 21 Verbose Output: *Rolled a 10. Exploding. New die adds 2 and becomes 12. *Rolled a 7. *Rolled a 9. Zoyu's Intelligence + Investigation Roll Rolling 3k2. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 17,9,6 Total: 26 (Rolled) = 26 Verbose Output: *Rolled a 6. *Rolled a 9. *Rolled a 10. Exploding. New die adds 7 and becomes 17.
  6. Zoyu's eyes had narrowed at Rin's laughing comment, but she had pursed her lips to consider the Kenku's words. She might not have been the natural swordswoman Rin was, a scion of Mirumoto himself, but pride and dedication had narrowed the disparity and she was clearly the better duelist. And of course, Kakita's style of the blade was vastly more elegant than Mirumoto's Niten. Musing on her ancestry and what it may mean in regards to her skill with the blade, and spending time with Tsukiko while in Ryoko Owari, Zoyu only paid half a mind to Tisuri as he told the story of Kakita Eji. But she focused more when Kaze began to speak of their night and the ramifications, then Kageko and Rin mentioned what still had to be done. Zoyu's face darkened slightly, irritable that their wretched night in Ryoko Owari would never seemingly end. Zoyu nodded agreement with Kageko and Rin, her lock of sable hair falling forward to partially obscure her green eye. "There are many paths to follow in tracking down the machinations threatening the Empire. Fortunately, there are many of us as well," she suggested. "Isawa Akari and another could go to the lands of the Pheonix to investigate Isawa Orimono and check the archives of the Asako, knowing the cipher, as Kageko-san mentioned. Perhaps Kuni Taka could take our findings to Tsuma before continuing on to research among the Kuni." An affronted frown crossed the Crane's face before she grudgingly added. "And perhaps he could pay a visit to the Kakita Artisan Academy, to see if any there recognize the artistry of the masks. I can provide you with a letter of introduction." The specter of Yajinden hung over all Crane, especially among the Asahina, and Zoyu did not like even contemplating that one of her clan could so befoul their honour and betray the empire in such a way. "I doubt it could be a Crane artisan, but they may know of any who approach their skill." Zoyu finished her cup of sake, then poured herself a cup of water and refilling those of any who desired it. "Then the rest of us, as Kageko-san and Rin-san have said can return the blade, question the Shoshuro, then follow what trails that may develop from here."
  7. Zoyu circumspectly squeezed Tsukiko's hand in return. "My blade may belong in one world, and indeed, longs for it, Tsukiko-san," Zoyu murmured, her habitual serene smile on her lips, but her eyes were bright with deeper emotion. "But I very much enjoy visiting your world, and I have every intention of doing so again and again." She glanced up at the much taller woman, her smile widening just a trifle more. "Why else defend the Empire if not to do so?" At dinner, though her graces and manners were in evidence, Zoyu's mind was more on Tsukiko than those on hand. She was largely silent, only replying instinctively as politeness dictated. But then Tisuri began speaking about her and Rin's heritage and suddenly as that, Zoyu was in the here and now, thoughts of Tsukiko flown out of her head. "My skill with the blades comes of dedication and being of the Kakita," Zoyu replied loftily, but there was the slightest hint of uncertainty in her faint frown as she fingered her anomalous lock of hair. "As for my... eccentricities of hair and eye, I had always believed were markings of glories or tragedies on my previous journeys on the wheel of life. But you claim it is the blood of the honoured Kenku flying in that of the Crane? Your blood?" Tisuri in his human guise nodded in a way that was both boastful and bird-like. "It is so." "Hmm." Zoyu lips formed a contemplative moue, considering her shared heritage of Crane and Crow as Kakita Kaze asked about one Seiobo-sama that she was not familiar with. With such legacy, perhaps Tisuri-sama would be willing to share the mythical and mystical arts of the blade for which the Kenku were renowned...
  8. Zoyu hugged Tsukiko back, her arm firm as she helped her to sit up. She barely restrained herself from wiping away the tear trailing down Tsukiko's cheek though she longed to, to do that and much more. Her own mismatched eyes were bright, though she did not shed any tears. Tsukiko was two years her senior, and when they had first met, when Zoyu had been but thirteen, Zoyu had thought her worldly and remarkable, and had learned much from her. But Tsukiko was an actress and playwright. Zoyu was a warrior, a swordswoman and duelist, trained to battle. The fight had not assailed her so, though its outcome could have. "Never believe that I abandoned you in your time of need, Tsukiko," Zoyu assured her in dulcet tones rich with emotion. "Had I run to your side, I would have merely bought you a few breaths of life before Ryoko Owari fell to darkness and ruin and we died side by side." The Crane gestured with sharp grace over her shoulder towards the perpetrators of the event. "By dispatching the Moon Cultists, Amaterasu still shines down upon the city, and you retain the chance to live a life as long as the Fortunes decree." Zoyu helped Tsukiko to her feet. Standing Tsukiko stood a head taller than Zoyu, who looked up at her, her expression tender and sincere. Her voice was a low, intimate murmur for the Feathered Scorpion's ear alone. "You will always have a place in my heart, dearest Tsukiko, and as such, I know I will never feel alone. I hope and wish it is the same for you."
  9. With the rays of the Sun warming her face, Zoyu's shoulders slumped with the ache and exhaustion of the long, terrible night. But the ache and exhaustion was as nothing to the trepidation of her heart. She looked down at the executed Moon Cultists dispassionately for a moment, then straightened her shoulders, once more wrapping herself in pride and self-assurance. She had made her choice and helped save the city. Now to see if that decision had cost her one of the very few she cared about in Ryoko Owari, the one for whom she cared the most deeply. To see if this Victory would forever taste of ash to her. The sleek Crane turned on her heel, dismissing any further thought of Moon Cultists and Zombies - the threats and boasts of the reach of the Moon Cultists could wait for another time. Zoyu gave Rin and Tisuri a nod. "It is done, and done well," she said smoothly, but Rin could hear an unaccustomed brittleness in her tone. "If you will excuse me, there is who's disposition I wish to determine." Zoyu strode across the courtyard towards the Acting Troupe's Float, graceful but severe, ignoring congratulations and thanks, cries and pleading for help, both. Seeing the unmistakable form of Bayushi Tsukiko laying prone upon the float - willowy, yet taller than most men - Zoyu barely restrained herself from dashing to her side with unseemly speed, though her steps hastened notably. She leapt upon the float and knelt by her side. Eschewing decorum for a moment, Zoyu cupped her cheek, caressed it, to feel her flesh once more and see if it still retained the warmth of life, that the delicate pulse of blood still flowed through elegant neck. "Ah, Tsukiko, you are the only Lady Sun I truly wished to see with the morning..." Zoyu murmured.
  10. Zoyu will run over to join Rin, dashing through the breach in the zombies she made and try to cut down the Moon Cultist so that she and Rin can get at the spellcasters the following round (I presume Zoyu) wouldn't have enough movement/action to run over there, dodge or elude the Moon Cultist, and then attack one of the spell casters). Spending the +1k0 from Karmic Tie on the strike, taking 2 raises and her free one from Strike as the Lightning for better Initiative to try to cut the Moon Cultist's head off and end him so she and Rin can deal with the spellcasters. Edit: Has to spend her Void Point to go after the Moon Cultists instead of directly protecting Tsukiko. Rerolled Damage to account for the reassigning of her Void Point. Attack: 9k4, 2 raises, +1 Free Raise (called shot to the head/neck). Rolling 9k4. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 15,15,8,8,7,5,4,4,2 Total: 46 (Rolled) - 10 (Raises) = 36 with 3 Raises for a Called Shot to the Head/Neck Edit: Oops! Forgot about the shaking ground - total to hit should be 31 (reducing rolled total by 5 to account for the +5 to TNs) Verbose Output: *Rolled a 5. *Rolled a 8. *Rolled a 10. Exploding. New die adds 5 and becomes 15. *Rolled a 10. Exploding. New die adds 5 and becomes 15. *Rolled a 4. *Rolled a 8. *Rolled a 7. *Rolled a 2. *Rolled a 4. Damage: 6k3, possibly more rolled diced, depending on effects of the called shot to the head/neck Rolling 6k3. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolling 6k3. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 19,8,5,4,1,1 Total: 32 (Rolled) = 32 Verbose Output: *Rolled a 1. *Rolled a 8. *Rolled a 1. *Rolled a 4. *Rolled a 5. *Rolled a 10. Exploding. New die adds 9 and becomes 19. Fluff Duty. Love. It was a conflict that all samurai risked confronting. But like her desired and respected Toshimoko-sensei, for a true servant of the Empire, there was only one real choice, no matter how much it may cost one in making it. Saving one might allow her to save the other, but it was a distant thought, as instinctively her Duty and her Heart decided her course of action. Zoyu's face was smooth, calm and serene, her voice cool and sure, while her eyes were bright and fathomless. "I have made it, Tisuri-sama," she said, dipping her head towards the Kenku, before sprinting towards Rin and calling over her shoulder. "If you would be so kind, this one would be in your debt if you could see to alleviating the Lady Sun's most imminent distress." The beautiful Crane did not allow herself to look back, to seek a response in the Kenku's dark eyes or to look upon her dear friend and first love. Though and action were one, and they were directed towards one goal, the swift and sudden strike that would end the thread. With the long and graceful steps of a gazelle, Zoyu ran after Rin. And through the breach the Dragon Swordsmistress made in the Zombie, Zoyu leaped, her starlight blade sweeping in a singular slash to bring the Moon Cultist down low to open the path for her and Rin to the Maho-Tsukai seeking to humble Lady Sun. To save Lady Sun...
  11. Zoyu will be dashing towards the Scorpion Acting Troupe, to the Actress portraying Lady Sun in particular, by the most efficient route she can readily determine. She'll only attack a zombie if one is within reach of her blade and is impeding her. Action: Attacking Zombie, targeting its Mask, if circumstances mentioned above warrant it. Taking 2 raises, and has a free one due Speed of Lightning, all applied to targeting its Mask. Rolling 8k4. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 21,7,7,5,4,4,2,1 Total: 40 (Rolled) - 10 (Raises) = 30 = Hit, with 3 Raises to Hit Mask Verbose Output: *Rolled a 7. *Rolled a 5. *Rolled a 4. *Rolled a 10. Exploding. New die adds 10 and becomes 20. Exploding. New die adds 1 and becomes 21. *Rolled a 1. *Rolled a 7. *Rolled a 2. *Rolled a 4. Damage - Rolling 6k3. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 8,7,7,5,4,3 Total: 22 (Rolled) = 22 Verbose Output: *Rolled a 5. *Rolled a 7. *Rolled a 4. *Rolled a 8. *Rolled a 3. *Rolled a 7. Fluff "My heart has always led me to trouble," the shapely Crane muttered, grinning crookedly as her mismatched eyes took in the sight of the descending Kenku before turning back to lock on the tall figure portraying Lady Sun with avid need. Her heart surged with exasperation and exultation at the appearance the Kenku, a girl's delight at the tales she listened to with wonder warring having faced its irritating and abrasive manner. "And it seems it is no different this night." She glanced over her shoulder for a moment at the Kenku, her smile growing wider and more assured. "But this one finds herself pleased to see you once more, Tisuri-sama." Zoyu chuckled low with rueful mirth despite standing in the midst of terrible chaos that stood to doom Ryoko Owari. "And yes, to hear your berating cackle. This one does hope she may have the chance to weather your scolding in less desperate circumstances, however. Shall we make them so?" So saying, Zoyu didn't wait for a response, but followed her heart to reach Tsukiko, to protect her, dancing through the press and chaos of bodies and zombies with fluid grace and adjusting instinctively to the heaving of the ground beneath her feet. She didn't no seek out the zombies now, but slipped by them, her blade flashing out to shatter a mask only if it impeded her way. As her green eye and blue eye looked about for the best route to reach the assailed float, a part of her looked for the source of the trouble, the center, so as to end the threat to the first person she had ever loved beyond her family in the most direct and efficient means possible.
  12. Zoyu will move forward to engage the closest Zombie she can see and attack it, taking 2 raises and having a free one due to better initiative to target the mask. Then she will call out to the other Samurai in the courtyard, telling them what to look for when targeting the Zombies and to attack the masks, so hopefully they stop cutting innocent peasants. Action: Attacking Zombie, targeting its Mask. Taking 2 raises, and has a free one due Speed of Lightning, all applied to targeting its Mask. Rolling 8k4. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 9,8,6,6,6,5,3,2 Total: 29 (Rolled) - 10 (Raises) = 19 = Hit, with 3 raises to target Mask. Verbose Output: *Rolled a 6. *Rolled a 6. *Rolled a 6. *Rolled a 8. *Rolled a 2. *Rolled a 3. *Rolled a 9. *Rolled a 5. Damage - Rolling 6k3. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 16,7,7,2,1,1 Total: 30 (Rolled) = 30 Verbose Output: *Rolled a 7. *Rolled a 1. *Rolled a 7. *Rolled a 1. *Rolled a 2. *Rolled a 10. Exploding. New die adds 6 and becomes 16. Fluff With Yuzo and Kaze flanking the Sun Priestess and Kageko to repel any encroaching Zombies, Zoyu glided forward to cut her way towards the float of the Scorpion Acting Troup, seeking to make her way to the tall, slender figure of Bayushi Tsukiko, even as she aided Rin in preventing the zombies from forming up into a mob to rush the praying women below the Dragon Orb. Her blade flicked out from her saya like a sliver of starlight, sundering the porcelain mask at a touch. Her lips creased in a faint frown as she saw the other samurai attacking any in the courtyard with the slightest resemblance to zombies in their panic and fear. Raising and modulating her voice to be heard over the din of battle, Zoyu gestured with her katana to emphasize her comments or to point towards any other true Zombies she could see. "Fellow defenders of the Empire, seek out only the zombies with the most exquisite of porcelain masks, the ones that do not cower before you or cry out, for the dead know no fear. Strike at their masks to break the maho animating them."
  13. With her lithe dancer's grace, Zoyu slipped through to the forefront of the pressing throng, noting any of the true zombies, but not engaging them in her haste. Her eyes also were drawn to the troupe of Scorpion Actors, looking for Tsukiko's tall, slim form. Breaking free, the svelte Crane approached the Sun Priestess on light feet, giving her a deep bow before turning to the side, interposing herself between the Sun Priestess and the Dragon Globe and the encroaching zombies, her hand resting with poised casualness on her obi by the hilt of her blade. Rin made her appeal, but Zoyu had already reached the priestess. "It is to my regret and great shame that I must insist you speak your prayers swiftly, Sun Priestess, and awaken the Dragon Globe," Zoyu said in smooth, polite tones, her eyes flicking from the Priestess to the throng, marking any true Zombies she could see, and then back. "Cultists of Lord Moon seek to cover Ryoko Owari in eternal darkness by corrupting the Dragon Globe and even now the awaken dead infest the courtyard and approach." Seeing what Rin is doing, Zoyu nods, acknowledging the merit of her plan. "Awaken the light as swiftly as you may, Sun Priestess," Zoyu requested as she glided forward to add her trained voice to Rin's in persuading the living to kneel and in so doing, reveal the dead among them. "We will give you the time that is needed."
  14. It was a dilemma and Zoyu's patience was growing very thin after all the tribulations with Oni and Maho-Tsukai and Moon Cultists, though her expression remained calm and unperturbed. Perhaps someone else would have been able to find some way of discerning the truth on such limited time, but if she was gifted with words, she had no talent for using them to spin fables and ruses to trick the girl in any lies. She eyed the girl with her disconcerting mismatched eyes, looking for any signs of duplicity in her manner. "Go!" the Crane said sharply in agreement, exaggerating the movement of her lips for the deaf girl's benefit and gesturing with a hand. "Let us be done with this then."
  15. Action - Attacking the man trying to Iaijutsu Strike Zoyu with her own Iaijutsu Strike. Taking 2 raises for damage and gets a Free Raise for winning Initiative due to Speed of Lightning Method. Iaijutsu Attack - 8k4, with 2 Declared Raises and 1 Free Raise, all applied to Damage Rolling 8k4. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 17,12,9,9,4,4,2,2 Total: 47 - 10 (2 Raises) = 37 vs TN 15 = Hit! Damage = 2k0 (Str) + 4k3 (Katana with Immortal Steel) + 3k0 (Raises) = 9k3 Rolling 9k3. The dice always explode on 10. Highest dice are kept. Rolled: 18,9,9,8,6,5,4,3,1 Total: 36 (Rolled) = 36 Verbose Output: *Rolled a 9. *Rolled a 9. *Rolled a 8. *Rolled a 5. *Rolled a 1. *Rolled a 4. *Rolled a 3. *Rolled a 10. Exploding. New die adds 8 and becomes 18. *Rolled a 6. Fluff The Crane flowed into the room in the Dragon's wake, long white hair with a streak of sable swirling about her, her face smooth and serene as a porcelain mask, her mismatched eyes cold and bright, revealing nothing. Her gaze seemed to be pinned on the Moon Witch, but the duelist was aware of all that was around her. Two men went down under Rin's flurry. Another man's hand twitched towards his blade and the faintest of smiles curved Zoyu's lips. Too slow, her blade gleaming like starlight found his neck before he had bared an inch of steel.