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  1. One, they look alike in three ways.One they are both females, and two they both have high mega socials,and her eyes,but really only in person. Cherry is taller,has a sharp chin,nose,and all her face is not as soft.She is four inches taller. They have been seen in two places at the same time.
  2. I live in a bay, in the middle of califonia...What is this winnter you are talking about?I mean,some times it rains,and most ofthe time it doesn't.I wear what I wear in june,and in desember.I don't understand this idea of diffrent weather patterns...
  3. Side walk,and about two blocks from a fire station. Lucky to have few lasting effects,and lucky to be near to a five star private hosspital.It's a scary place from medical ethics,but boy do they have a well trained staff.
  4. Details,seven broken ribs,causing damage to the lungs.I had ~30% of my right lung removed,my left arm broken in no fewer than 10 places,wrist and hand well,they were a mess...Four years ago. I like to call it drunk drivers in SUVs are evil.There was no part of my body that wasn't damaged,including spine and head.The only plus side,is that I did not pay a dime,for any of the medical crap,and I got a free nose job,oh,and aside from minor side effects I amd full recovered from it.(Ie,back pain,loss of dextarity in my left hand,and shortness of breath-compared to what I used to have.-)
  5. Well,I could tell you all about mine, but I do wish to make Ashnods pain seem some how lesser.I am sorry,you evil,fanitcal ...Oh Wait that your character..In any case,get better soon.
  6. In all life,there is meaning.Not all life have the same meaning.Even,if we had the same meaning in life,I think we would have to find it on our own. For me,to tell you the meaning of life,I would either be unable to properly convey the words,or you may be unable to understand the meaning.What I am trying to say,is that I think,not only must the teacher be able,the pupil must be ready.Like all things truly worth knowing,one must let the knowledge flow in,rather than forcing it down.One must,take parts,of ideas and let them form greater wholes. But,then again we all have find some things on our own.
  7. Of the many ways to enter,Agnelli chose one of the odder ways.She did not walk,fly nor fall into the room.She did not touch,the floor,celling,nor walls.She was simply hanging from her knees along the rafters.She didn't make a sound,nor caused a hassle. She hung from that metal bar,watching everything below.She saw,everything below,and as such she heard everything below.She could go down,and change the world.Make it a better place,but that would be illegal.She miled.Oh she wasn't going to do,as it would not be worth the risk.Wile the ends some times validated the means.The means never validated the ends.So, instead of making the world a better place she watched. Her blue hair hanging down.Those strands not moving with the air.They stood just as still as her.Moving only slightly as she lightly breathed. A brief thought ran threw her mind.How many people would recognize her without her changes,out of her uniform.She noted that from time to time when she went out without her eufiber suit on,she was often referred as looking like herself.But not being herself..She would tell them the truth,but still some people wouldn't believe her.But that is part of the job.They sometimes don't see you as a person, but you as uniform. In a soft voice.She spoke out to anyone who was listening hard enough to hear over the crowd,and music. "'Till I come."
  8. Life is a game,one with no rules.She knew this now,but still she played by the imposed laws of others.She was going reshape the world in her own way.She was staying one step a head of the game.She didn't play fair,anymore.She did she help those that needed help, but she never stayed,never asked for glory.She never asked for fame. It wasn't in her nature to help those that needed help,and then get more than them.She stopped those who were victimizing those that would slip threw the cracks.She didn't always stop crimes,she also helped those who couldn't see they needed help, and those that gave up on people helping them.She had more than enough to change the world,for one person at a time.She knew that was the way things that mattered hapened.Movements, causes, politacal issues came,and went.People lived their lives the same way after those things died.The messages lost,and the only things that truly changed were individual people.She just aimed her goals in ways that would change the world,by changing people.She was one step ahead of the game,trying to beat the odds. Wile she did try to change the world,she was only human.Or rather only a nova.She did relax,but she never did so with the companionship of another.She did go to the AmpRoom.She didn't talk to anyone,besides those she needed to.Then she didn't talk or say more than she had to.She was a wall flower,by her own choise.She was there to watch,and listen,not to inter act.Due to her changes,and the fact she never came here,she wasn't known here.She was given a new name,Blue Cherry.This name was from the fact she had blue hair,eyes,and lips,and always ordered her Double sun dots,with no cherries.She answer to it,and nothing else ever since it's first use. Sure enough she went into that Amp Room once ever week.She was staying one step ahead of so many things,in her new life, fame, blame, glory, shame, pain, friends, names, past.But most importantly she was one step ahead of the game.
  9. I am done.I finished the task that I set out to do,the results will be made clear to those who know what to look for.I will not be rejoining Utopia,nor will I bother keeping track of most of the novas here.I know those who I wish to talk to,and those I will forget.Those that I will call friends, either know who they are now,or soon will. I leave on this note, I love Utopia,and I wish those in Utopia the best,but anyone from Utopia tries to find me..So be it,but it ain't going to be too friendly.
  10. "That was Low-five.Love that boy like a brother.I used to watch after him.That was part of my job.I never let him get hurt." "But,I think Utopia already spun this off.A training project.After all,one must train in as real way as possable.No,one was hurt."
  11. You aren't looking before archives. E6, is the place old file from their opnet site go too. But, then again..If you don't trust,that's your problem.
  12. No,Jager that file is of a movie that Utopia put on their main opnet site, it is me signing at my 18th birthday.Nothing illegal about it.It is in fact prefectly free for anyone to download
  13. I'll give you a file name Jager. E6://Archives/tn2m/Agnelli/SE-10018/10:00-04:00 Hope you like Rage Against the Machine,No Fun At All,Pain, and Full Metal.
  14. for the most part use the flaws from other white wolf games, and you will be close to par.But if you do this, I would highly recommend making sure the edges and flaws balance themselves. And, you were one of the people who I thought would be fun in the idea I had.
  15. Well, with that Agnelli was gone.Going to malls.Ugly things.Places of tempary joy, greed and long remembered envies.She tried to go unnoticed.But that lasted as long as ice in hell.She was flocked by people.It was an odd mix.Some hated her,others loved her.Some were nice,others were wicked.She tried to ignore them.She heard child sreaming, a father yelling at him.She was next to the boy. "Oh, dear.What do we have here?" The father and son went silent,as she spoke.She looked into the boys eyes. "Do you know,who I am?" The boy nodded.the tall tell signs of crying were on that young boy's face. "Good,would you mind telling me, what happened?" In such a cute voice he spoke. "Daddy, doesn't love me!" Pouting abit, she looked into boys eyes. "Why do you say that?" The boy looking back up. "Because he will not get me Nova Basket ball." Oh bother.A silly thing,but she knew it would be silly.Young were always this way. "Tell you what,if your doesn't love you..Would he have asked me to come here to give you a basket ball, so you could grow up and play better than anyone on that game?" The boy looked to his father, and smiled.The father sighed, smiled back. "Thanks for be on time" "I am always on time for the big ones." She walked into a sports store.She hoped her bank card still worked.It did.taking her pin out she signed that ball."I maybe your hero today, but someday you will be mine".She handed the ball to little kid.The ball had the T2M, logo on it.It didn't mater.She knew she touched that boy on some level.As far as other people she tried to ignore them.She talked to people, calmly explaining she was just here for shoping.No she didn't want a date. She went from store paying, even if it was offered to her for free.She found everything she was looking for,save for the leather straps.When an arm wrapped around her throat,and an other around her right arm. "Agnelli,you loose" "Not now, not here Low-five.This ain't no game..And I am not playing" "Agnelli, you know you can't get away with me on you, and the rest of the team should be here faster than you can get away with me around.So give up" "Look,I do not want to hurt you,But I can't go back." "You can't hurt me.You never could,even in training you hold back when hitting me.So stop trying to act like you.." She elbowed her former team mate in the gun.Not hard enough to really damage him.But to knock the wind out of him.Then she was gone.Back into Craft's house. "I have bad news." "I am sorry"
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