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  1. Marko's head spun as he tried to grasp the difficulty at trying to get a child educated these days. Whatever happed to just dropping the kid off, saying 'teach him' and picking them up in a few years? For crying out loud. "It's all caught up in the system, right now Donna. As they're transitioning from wards to foster care." The pupils of his widened and thinned and widened again, like they were focusing on Donna's soul... "All of the paperwork is in order, Donna. Let me just get these to the girls and you can work on that." He offered her a smile. "I'll be back in a moment." "Probably not," Cheyenne shrugged. "Considering the hefty decline in the American education system due to under qualified educators and active shooter incidents." Abigail's eye widened again and all she could muster was a smile at Ms. Ellis. "Please excuse her, she's retarded." Before Ms. Ellis could really take all that in, Marko exited Donna's office with two forms in hand. He gave them to the girls, barely realizing Ms. Ellis was there until... well, he realized she was there. His eyes feasted on her frame. "Wow... uh, hi...," was the boundary of his articulation. "What am I supposed to write on?" Cheyenne motioned about waving the document about. Marko smiled at Ms. Ellis then slowly turned his head to Cheyenne who was living proof children only existed to be cock blockers. "I don't know Cheyenne... you're in a school, this is where problem solving happens. Figure. It. Out." Abigail was already filling her out, having brought her own pen and notepad. Marko chuckled like a flustered father. "Heh, hi. Sorry, kinda new to this whole... parenting thing." When Ms. Ellis quirked a brow as if Marko should have at least fifteen years experience at it, judging by their age, he amended his statement. "I'm fostering. Trying to give these sisters a good home. Abigail has a bright future and I wanted to see her have an opportunity," he gestured to Cheyenne who pressing her document against the wall outside Donna's office and writing with a pen she'd stolen from the counter. "That one... I dunno, I'll probably just sell online." Cheyenne heard him and offered a sharp middle finger in reply with out ever looking at him. "Oh, uh, Cain. Marko Cain," he offered that angelic smile and extended his hand. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."
  2. "I'm not surprised," Marko chuckled nervously. He wasnt nervous in the slightest but he'd spent centuries faking the human condition for moments just like these. "With the passing of their Great-Great, there's been a lot of paperwork in the shuffle. Transference of custody, estate transfer, school records. We've been sitting on a mountain of paperwork for a about a week now. Chances are the boarding school they were at was late in sending it." "That's sort of the conundrum we find ourselves in at that moment, by law I can't have these ladies out of school, but that same law says they can't attend without the records." Getting the records would be no problem, but that would take time they didn't have if the girls were living at the Angelo Estate in violation of state law. That drew attention, and with spies everywhere in New Orleans, even the minor issues like truancy and not having custody of the girls were all things that could be used as weapons against the Angelo siblings. Thankfully, they'd been fighting this 'war' longer than most in the city. "At the very least, if enrolling them isn't an option, Miss, please tell me it's Miss," he flirted with a charming smile. "Lamoin, then at the very least we can tell the state we at made the effort before the records got here." "Please," Ms. Lamoin said, returning the smile. She wasn'He ret wooed by any stretch of the imagination, but she had to credit him for the gumption. "Call me Donna." Cheyenne arced a brow and snottily added, "Can he call you 'Onna' for now and just give you the 'D' later?" Eyes widened as Abigail thrust her hand in her sisters face so face there was an audible 'pop' as it covered the hole her sister was using to simulate communication. "Oh, my, god... Ms. Lamoin I an so sorry for the both of us, she didn't... she has a... sometimes... she... uhh..." "Outside." Marko said calmly. They exited the office for a moment and as he excused them he closed the door. Lowering himself to Ceyenne's eyes level he smiled. "Okay, first, that amazing. Ill timed, but hilarious. Bump it," he raised his fist and Cheyenne bumped it with an evil smirk. "Now, I need you two-" "Us two?" Abigail chimed in. "She's the one acting like a child and blowing our chances at getting into a good school," Marko and Cheyenne looked around the office that looked like it hadn't seen a makeover since the 50s. They looked at her. "Okay, fine, a school... but still." "I need you to sit out here and let me handle this," he looked to Cheyenne. "And quit being an ass hat. You get in first, then you start running the place." He walked back into her office, a bashful smile on his face. "Wow, I am... I am so sorry for that. She's a handful. Been acting out a lot since she got the bad news, plus the move and the new school. Poor girl is going through quite a bit," he offered an awkward chuckle. "Holy shit, he's good," Cheyenna said with her pressed to the wall just outside the office. "Abby... I think I have found my Pi Mei... I must learn his ways." Abigail hit her sister, backhanding her as a warning to quit. It wasn't hard, just that hit siblings give when they don't want one to get the other in trouble too. "Great, yeah, now quit. I swear Che, if you mess this up. I mean, you get it right? We don't have anywhere else to go... we have no money, no food... you're gonna make either him or Cara mad and they're gonna get tired of it and toss us out. What then? Hmm?" "So here's my proposal, Ms. Lamoin," the ancient vampire smiled. "I was hoping we could get the girls enrolled now, and since their records are three, maybe five business days out, once they arrive I will deliver them personally. Is that something we can do?"
  3. "Well, we didn't want you to listen in, but since you have, what's done is done." Cara looked at her little brother as if to say 'that's it?' The old Marko would have offered up something, a threat a terror inducing anecdote, something. He poured himself a cup of coffee and snatched up a sausage from the plate, pinching it with his fingers and he nibbled off a bite. "Chill, sis," he shrugged and sipped his coffee with a smile. "Look, if they're going to be care takers, they're going to have to learn this shit eventually, right? The more they know now, the less this shit will bake their noodle later." "Oh, man this is awesome. This is like the Vampire game I play online. See there are thirteen clans of vampires all descended from Caine who was cursed by god- OW!" Cheyenne held the side of her head where Marko had flicked her ear. "Yeah, shut up dip shit, no one cares." He flicked her again, making her head 'thump' and she winced in pain while giggling slightly. "And that's for the ironic cereal." "You're such a dick, I swear!" She spun about and threw a sausage from the plate at him which hit him in the chest. She looked to Cara and fumed. "How do you tolerate him?" Cara managed a chuckle, although still looking really serious. "It's taken years. Marko, you wanna tell them the news?" "What news?" Abigail asked, cupping her coffee mug in her hands. Marko smirked. The girls were apparently his responsibility since Cara was not for the idea of them staying there, she felt it was too dangerous, but her brother was vehement that they had an obligation to care for the sisters due to their promise. Both the vampire sibling knew they would be debating this until the sisters were old and gray and it was long irreverent. "Get dressed, girls. We're getting you registered for school." Cheyenne spun around on her stool and looked at Marko. "Oh, come one, that's bullshit! We live with vampires, you guys have been everywhere and done all kinds of stuff. Why can't you teach us?" Cheyenne held her ear again and Cara flicked it. "Language. We don't have time-" "You have nothing but time!" She spun about and yelled at Cara, suddenly realizing what we did and got tight lipped real quick. She grasped her other ear as Marko flicked it. "OW!" "Sorry, I have no real reason for that one, it just seemed fun." He pushed off the counter. "Look, we're not sitting through complaints or bullshit, okay? You're going to school whether you want to or we have to compel you to." "But we don't have records," Cheyenne was doing her pest to put up a fight. Abigail was smirking, admiring the fight in her sister but knowing that "It'll take weeks to get them! Oh, darn!" "Not a problem. That's where compelling the staff comes in, "Marko smiled again. "Now, get dressed. Go." They didn't seem motivated until the veins around his darkened and his fangs grew. "Now." They screamed and bolted faster than the sibling vampires using celerity and were out of the kitchen and dashing up stairs. His sister looked at him, still not pleased with his decision to allow them to stay. "Nice." Cara laughed softly. "You know it's not that I don't care, Marko, it's just," she sighed. "It's dangerous here. They so young, and this city is a mess." "I know, Cara," Makro nodded as he approached his sister and wrapped an arm around her for an early morning hug. Cara's expression was one of 'this is nice' and 'who are you and where's my bother'. Since when had Marko hug anyone in the last... oh, century. "If they had anywhere else to go, I'd turn them away, but they don't. Besides, raising kids'll be fun." "Meaning this is going to be a fiasco of Marko proportions." She added dryly. "Most likely." He replied with a Deadpool sweetness to his voice.
  4. "Hey, Colby, look, I'm not saying don't do it, man. Your little anti-Original Witches cult thing sounds like a blast, it does. They say 'the sun sucks' say 'yeah, fuck the sun, I fucking hate it too, long live the fucking beast'. I get it, I'm down. There's a girl you wanna meet there and you get a free hair cut, groovy. Have a blast." He was trying his damnedest not to toss Colby out on his ass, but his fuse was getting shorter shorter. "I know what was told to me and know at some point I know I'm going to come face to face with one of them, and you know something? I'm welcoming it. But until then, I'm keeping a low profile." Cara snorted at him keeping a low profile, her lips curled into a suppressed smirk she tried to hide by sipping her drink. "Oh, shut up," he tossed her a wayward middle finger. "Colby, this curse hasn't weakened me. It's awakened me. I went unchecked for over a century, the longest any of our kind, that I know of, to ever keep their humanity off and survive for that long. And there's a reason for it, we don't suffer monsters like the one I was to live for very long. The depravity, the horrors, Colby you don't want a man like me, like the one I was, on your side. I would win you the day then burn everything you worked for to the ground with no other reason than to watch the flames flicker in the moonlight. You don't want a gut like that on your side, Colby. I want this curse broken, I do, but as long as it's on me I'm forced to see every day the monster I am, I was. The very same monster you accuse the Originals of being. What to happen to me when we're done, hmm? Dispose of me too? I say let them come. Let the Originals come before me and demand punishment for what I've done. I deserve it." He took a deep breath then straightened up. "Whether it's death, or a thousand years of agonizing torture, rest assured Colby, my sentence will be far less excruciating and thousand fold more merciful than wht they are going to do to you."
  5. Marko waggled his finger at Cara, then Colby. "Mmm, yeah, that's a good point too. All good points, sis. What's the deal Colby? You seriously can't be buying into all this."
  6. "We have freedom," Marco said calmly. Humanity was weird, it made him think a lot, a bit more than he was used to... okay, a lot more than he was used to. "The Originals leave us be. They don't give one whit about their progeny. Look, you go after them and you're stirring up a hornet's nest." It was mildly refreshing for Cara to see her brother being sensible. "Colby, I've seen this before. People rise up agaisnt the Originals and they lose. In retaliation the Originals begin wipe us out en masse as punishment for trying to kill them. I'd like to point out that they're kind of in the right as that sort of thing really hard not to take personally. In the end, those that are left will pump their fists, refuse to accept any accountability for their part in it all and go back to screaming how 'oppressed' they are under the absentee eye of the Originals." Marko shifted his weight, unfolding his arms and walking around the room a bit. "I'm sure you think it's a great idea, and I'm sure your mysterious benefactor is sitting behind his desk toking an extra fat cigar and chuckling a meniacal chuckle at all these peons ready to die in his name... and I say have fun with it. I'm not on the best of terms with Originals, the ones I know are assholes, and one in particular gives lousy head, but I don't think that's worth a death sentence. Think about this Colby. Think really hard."
  7. "Well, in that case," Marko smiled and took Colby's glass from him. He turned and poured the old werewolf a triple. "I agree with my sister, let's get to the 'filling in' part." Colby held in the chuckle but wore his own reply of a smile wide and proud under that thick mustache of his. "Lemme guess: this is the marching orders' 'get fucked' complimentary drink?" "Damn, that never gets old," Marko offered him a raised glass and a polite nod. "So, what's got everyone's panties in a knot?"
  8. "None as powerful as the ones here," Marko said quietly to his sister. "I'm not fond of Originals coming here either, considering they all hate me one minute and love me the next. I'm gonna get changed, I think I have brain on my shirt. We'll talk about this later, definitely. ***** "Colby, you son of a bitch!" Marko skipped down the stairs, pulling a fresh shirt over his head. He passes Cheyenne and gave her a look. "Put some clothes on, you look like a whore." He kept walking barely acknowledging she existed and missing the double birds she gave him as he walked passed. Marko's hand smacked firmly into Colby's with a greeting he wasn't quite prepared for. He gave the ancient vampire an incredulous look. "You okay, son? You seem to be..." "Feeling?" Marko laughed. "Yeah, something new I'm trying. Long story." "Curse, I heard." Colby nodded his head. "Bad business, that. Whole of New Orleans knows at this point. You think it was wise to alert everyone to your, condition?" Marko shrugged with a sarcastic smirk. "All the thing does is make me a nice guy. I can still defend myself and others if need be so all it'll do is encourage the stupid ones to cross the line and we all benefit from it when I thin the herd. Bourbon?" Colby laughed and shook his head. Marko's head for strategy left a bit to be desired. "I would love some." "So," the vampire poured out three glasses of very old, very expensive bourbon for them. "What's up? What's so ominous that has you creeping around our door?"
  9. Killing a mortal in front of Marko and Cara was not a very effective tactic, at least not front Marko's point of view. He saw humans as nothing more than food he could play and sleep with. Her being young didn't really strike a chord with him either... hell, over the centuries he'd killed so many of all ages that eating a younger meal was like eating buffalo wings... you just lost count at twenty or so and finished the basket anyway. He sighed, shaking his head. It was hard for him to remember that with his humanity restored, he couldn't help but feel some pang of sorrow for the girl. Hell, she looked about eighteen, that was a waste of a snogging. "Guess she doesn't want that latte..." He looked and saw Cara was gone. He'd just flagged over a waitress and the girl he was talking too blew her friggin' head off. The gunshot startled the crowd of people and there was Marko... all eyes on his him and his now dead hottie-he-couldn't-snog-later. Vampiric speed was not a good idea, especially with a crowd of witnesses. He saw Cara across the way, his vampiric eyesight narrowing at distances humans couldn't hope to manage. He gave her a subtle nod, telling her to go and that he'd catch up. There were enough CCTV cameras in New Orleans and enough witnesses to know that he'd done nothing wrong. He'd committed no crime and with the practiced ease of a professional sociopath, he switched from psycho to citizen in the span of a heartbeat. "Call 911!" he shouted at the waitress he was flagging down. Already people were beginning to crowd around the scene. "Everyone get back! God damnit! Someone call 911!" People asked questions, there was a flood of panic. He knelt beside her and checked for a pulse (in case the bullet didn't do its job). She was barely there, her heart was fading and her brain, what was left of it, was slowly winding down as her nervous system shut down. Such a waste... he'd been here three days already and could have really used that snogging.
  10. "Rule for eternity?" Marko asked as his face scrunched in distain. "My sister has far to busy of a life to play Queen of the Damned in the armpit of the south and me? Do you smell this place? New Orleans is a garbage fire after it's been hosed to embers. Damp, muggy, soggy and it smells like an unwashed vagina fisted full of haggis." "But, I won't lie, I'm intrigued. So, go on... what's the pitch? My sister asked you a question, and since you threatened her, your life is already forfeit. The only thing ensuring that you survive the next few days is how amused and or happy she is with your answers." Marko smiled warmly and motioned to the empty chair next to them. "Please, have a seat. Would you like a latte or something?"
  11. "About five-seven, curly dark hair, shoulder length. She black, or mixed, caramel colored skin smelled like the ocean, so she might have a beach house. She was about fifty-one to fifty three. Said her name was 'Momma Walters', spoke with a think accent. Haitian if I to guess." He took another drink. "And why do you get to play 'good cop', I'm the good one." "Oh, please," she mused with soft, fun grin. I'm an Angel." He snorted and smiled. "Not a bad call though, I'll lay low, head back to the estate and get the sheets off stuff. See how old man Thatch is doing." "Is he still the caretaker?" Cara asked, a but amazed. "Yup, nearly eighty years old now, if I had to guess," Marko smiled and nodded. Old man Thatch was one of few men Marko had ever truly respected, even with his humanity off. "I'll meet you there later."
  12. "Nope," he spun his cup around in his fingers on the table. "Like I said, usually I'd just dunk someone's preschooler into a water barrel until they spilled what I wanted to know. That's sort of how I get things done. I don't ask for help, I don't apologize, I don't need people, Cara." He could feel her judgemental eyes on him. "Don't give me that look. I know you love these these little blood sacks of yours, why I have no idea. They're food and fun to me, that's it. Who cares if one or a hundred die, Christ, they'll make more." "That's why I called you," he gestured towards her. "If there is an angel in the family, it's you. I fell long ago. I'm not good with this sort of thing, I have no patience for... stuff."
  13. Yeah, he knew. He knew it wasn't her style, but hey, people change right? Maybe she had spiraled to his level depreavity since the last time he'd seen her after seening some twisted video on the dark web or something... but nope. "Buzzkill." He said flatly. "C'mon, Cara. Are you seriously gonna make us do this the looooong way?" The curve of her lips from behind her cup was almost flirtatious were they not siblings. No, her lovely smile was a taunt. Some would think that immortal siblings would get over their games and rivalries, but oh no. She knew he got into this mess and it was only her love for him that was keeping her from laughing out loud. "Curse. Talk." She tapped her painted nail into the table top, indicating for him to spill. He sighed and took a drink from his coffee. He still had the regent on his mind to is was hot and black. "I was in L.A.-" "An Angelo in the City of Angels," she shook her head and laughed. "That is so cheesy, even for you." "You wanna hear this or not?" He retorted, barely holding in the smirk of his own and trying not to laugh. "And fuck you by the way," Cara only raised a hand to indicate she was done and he could continue, but she didn't stop chuckling. "I was in L.A. and my humanity was off. It had been off for a very long time and I saw no reason to turn it back on, then... she crossed paths me." "This Walters lady?" "Yeah." Marko nodded and stared into his coffee. "Outside a club she approached me and just like that... I couldn't do anything. Before I knew it we were in a sublevel of a parking garage, I was kneeling and she uttered a few words and she flipped my switch. She turned on my humanity by force." Cara seemed very interested now. She leaned in. "I didn't even know that was possible." "Me either," Marko swallowed. She'd never seen her brother frightened of something, ever, but she could see that this woman troubled his nerves deeply. "Over a century. That's how long it was off... and in a few moments, without warning or time to prepare for it... I was put through over a century of guilt, remorse, anguish... Cara it... it was like a waking nightmare." Even other supernaturals didn't really understand how Vampires worked. They experienced everything, everything, with a heightened intensity. Anger became rage, pity became guilt, fear became terror. Everything about them was always cranked to an eleven on the emotional and sensual scale. They were, by their very nature, intense creatures, which was why so many got lost in excess. "Anyway, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but basically... I have my humanity now, so anything I do I get to live with the emotional backlash of it. Not to big of a deal because my moral compass was about as screwed as it could be even before my humanity was off, so I think I got her there. However, comma, anytime I try and do bad things it hurts. Like a migraine. The worse the deed, the greater the pain. I can still feed and even kill when I do so-" "Because denying you that would upset the balance of the creature that you are, force you to defy your nature," Cara nodded. She was a smart cookie. "Exactly." He motioned towards hers in agreement. "I can defend myself and it's no holds barred there too. I can't turn my humanity back off to escape this, when I try my eyeballs explode and blood pours from my nose and ears. Very painful." His sister looked at him with a sense of 'why would you even consider that'. "Well of course I tried it. Shit, you know me, I'm all about the easy road. Oh, and it, uh... forces me to do and say things." "I noticed," she smirked again. "Do what sort of things?" "Well, good things. Like get involved in peoples lives... try and help them..." he shuddered with revulsion. "Like some couple got in a fight at a bar the other night, right? Not. My. Business. Still before I know it I'm walking over and right as dude goes to slap his girl I grab his wrist. Then I start spouting this bullshit about not hitting a lady, he needs to be a better man, all kinds of dumb shit. Things I would never say." He trailed off and took a drink his coffee. "So..." Cara shrugged waiting for the rest. "What happened?" "Oh," he swallowed and moved on. "Jack-off took a swing, I beat his ass took his girlfriend home and we had amazing sex." Cara sighed and shook her head. "Seriously, Marko?" "Well, yeah, I mean, this girls reverse cowgirl game was on-" "Yeah, thanks, I got it," she sipped her drink looking disgusted in her brother." "Like, on point..." He smiled wide and nodded while reminiscing. "Please stop talking."
  14. Marko inhaled and looked around the place. "Yup." He said suddenly. "I think I'm done. Keep the hundo, Dennis, and burn that towel, it'll start to smell something awful. Thanks for opening the place up and uh, if you have any tables that're on their way out, lemme know. Joe and I didn't finish our talk." "It's Derrik." The obviously annoyed proprietor replied. Marko laughed. "Whatever, dude, your name's not important, you're not important," he thumbed toward the Regent. "In the end, you're just her bitch. Well. You guys have been great, but we really must be leaving. Lives to ruin, misery to spread, sins to indulge in, all that." With a slap on the bar, a sarcastic grin to Derrik, a roll of the eyes at Dan and a salacious wink at Karen the ancient vampire met his sister at the foyer of the establishment where the two left with out further incident. The streets of New Orleans were as busy as ever and the siblings blended with it easily enough. Everything from street performers to window shoppers congested the walkways but instead of being inconvenienced, it only added to the city's charm. While food and drink did nothing to nourish him anymore, Marko was an avid eater. While blood was and forever would be his ultimate high, he could never seem get enough of all the other flavors the world had to offer. They hit the nearby Starbucks (because there was one every ten feet in every city) where he ordered him and his sister some sobering coffee. She could tell he was still half drunk from something or other from the previous evening. "So," they waded trough a mess of people as they moved towards a table out on the open patio. "Welcome back to New Orleans. Smell hasn't changed, despite this era of affordable deodorants. Thanks for coming, I was really hoping we could do this together. Cara offered him a look as she took a sip and raised an eyebrow. "You know, this... killing all the witches, burning their quarter to the ground. Last time it was plague, and lemme tll you, I was being generous, but this time, oh no. Curse me. Yeah, try it and we'll strip away everything they hold dear and watch their precious ancestors go up in flames. Ugh, this is gonna be so much fun. Like family night... but with lots of screaming and fire."
  15. "I wouldn't mind giving her a once over," Marko raised his eyebrows with salacious intent. "Twice over and thrice over too... you know five times an evening is not uncommon for me. Years of practice." "Mmm... Melody. Now she sounds delightfully delish," his grin was nothing but instigating. "Had a gaggle of Britneys not long ago, but it's been an age since I've had a proper Melody on my lips. Promise to take good care of her," he held three fingers up. "Scout's honor."
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