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  1. "I ain't a hero," Fi muttered back just as softly to BB, barely moving her lips. "And don't get more wrong, I love wandering in the Rambler. But you know he's right, 'bout the CS and the Feds. I might have to watch out for people watching for me up North and wanting a word or three, but do you want to have to watch out for CS boot heels and Fed fireballs and demons everywhere we go?" Fi shook her head, Watts clinging to her magenta tresses to maintain his perch. "I generally have a live and let live attitude," Fi said after Eugene finished his proposal and Dawn added her comments. "And while I prefer machines to magic," she shot Tamika a look before the techno-wizard could claim their were the same thing - or at least, not mutually exclusive, "I don't have anything against wizards specifically. Just not my thing. I just like making things, fixing things. And I won't disagree the sitch in North America needs some fixing. But that's big picture stuff, and I'm kinda small." She smirked self-deprecatingly. "Some support wouldn't go amiss, I'd admit. But I like moving around. Don't mean I ain't interested. I'd just like to here more before signing anything official-like. Maybe work something out like consultants or contractors, eh?"
  2. "Yeah, well, it's what we know," Firanis added, giving the over-muscled Juicer a cautious glance. Juicers put her on edge - they always seemed on the verge of exploding. "I found him skirting through Tolkeen after... y'know. Patched him up, and like BB said, he's stuck around." She smirked, half exasperated, half fond. "Probably for the beer more than anything else." Fi's main attention remained on the Glitterboy however. She couldn't help but be intrigued by the pre-Cataclysm technology, still in top working order despite the centuries. "Call me Fi. I'm an Engineer, Mechanic, and general Operator from Ishpeming. Northern Gun? But I've traveled around North America a fair bit, fixing things here and there to make my way." And doing a few other things, but probably best not to mention who else I've worked for at the moment. Watts scampered from the Red Rambler and scurried up to perch on Fi's armored shoulder, who shifted and steadied herself under the adorable, red racoon-ish animal. Watts chittered and chirped excitedly and Fi scritched him under the chin. "This bugger is Watts." Firanis arched a coy, curious brow. "Tomorrow Legion, hmm? I've been around North America, the Federation of Magic not so much." Not ever, really. "But I ain't heard of you lot before. Where do you guys call home?"
  3. At the sight of the SAMAS squadron, Fi had immediately begun edging towards the Red Rambler, booting up the engine and weapon system via commands through her pipboy. Which wasn't to say her eyes didn't linger on the flying power armor. Every mechanic and engineer she knew was terribly interested in the tech of the new Coalition army that had been rolled out just before the war on Tolkeen. They must have a cache of pre-Cataclysm schematics or something... Her piqued interest heightened into almost gushing desire at the tremendous BOOOOM over head and she zoomed in her vision on the chrome-plated figure began approaching with several others in tow. Now there was pre-Cataclysm tech she'd always wanted to get her hands on. But Glitter Boy Jockeys were also so touchy about others poking at their fantastic toy. She was sure once she got her hands on one, she could put it back together... after a few shots at taking it apart... Probably. She glanced at the Glitter Boy's companions doubtfully - they were a varied lot, but all in all, they seemed less inclined to indiscriminate slaughter. Her eyes returned to the Glitter Boy, or rather on his armor. The chrome-plating had a retro style, though it was less effective with modern day variable-frequency lasers. "So I take it, you guys are the Tomorrow Legion who sent out that message earlier?" Fi asked, nodding at the Glitter Boy, Dog Boy, Juicer, Ley Line Walker, and D-Bee with her pointed chin, then jerking a thumb at the asshole wearing the 'Grinning Demon'. Rank and Insignia or no Rank and Insignia, they seemed CS to her. "Not them? Thanks to y'all for help with the mop-up, but I think Prince's Landing has it in hand now. Unless either of you have a spare hip-actuator you're willing to part with?"
  4. Fi hefted the pair of mini-missiles in her hands, nodding in satisfaction. "These'll do, these'll do just fine." A quick check to make sure they were still viable, then Fi was rigging the mini-missiles with a timer and packing them into crack in the wall, chinking them in with some detritus to focus the blast. "That should do it, guys. It should split the Queen like a wishbone and crack this hive like an egg. Mop up the remaining warriors and drones afterwards and then we can waltz in and pick up what's left." The explosion would definitely rile up the hive, but the Psi-Stalker had proven herself a crack shot and Fi wasn't a slouch either with the laser-rifle she had cobbled together herself. With the others, they should be able to make their way out of the hive fragment before the boom. She hefted her large rifle in her arms and nodded back they way they had come. "Oh, we should probably get moving. I set the timer for 3 minutes."
  5. "Reactors can make great bombs," Firanis assured Squidge as she gave the exo-frame a scrutinizing glance, "just depends how much juice they have left. But yeah, not the easiest way, either." The shapely engineer peeked around the corner into the bug queen's chamber. Cybernetic eyes narrowed as they roved over the room, magnifying her view on the things embedded in the wall, thermal imagining filters activating. Hidden, internal radar and sonar systems enhanced her what she could perceive, readouts of what she could appearing on the edge of her field of view.
  6. Fi's eyes lingered a moment on the power armor exo-frame. It might have what she needed to fix the town's mining exo-suit. More, she could scavenge components to make her own power armor suit. She glanced from the exo-frame to the Xiticit queen to the gear embedded in the walls. Behind her cyclopean helmet, she pursed her lips. "Timed blast with a remote detonator, I can do," the pretty engineer affirmed, before pointed at the walls of the bug queen's. "But to make something explodey enough to crack this hive, unless you guys are packing a lot of extra e-clips, I'm gonna need whatever we can scavenge from the shit in the walls." The slender engineer gave a wry shrug. "Besides, there's some credits laying about in goods - would be a shame coming in here and leaving with none of it and blowing it all up." She glanced at Tamika and Adam. "Don't know if you guys can get any... up, readings from that thing inside the queen, but I don't think it's chemical glow-stick. Any chance she suck up the juice in it to protect herself or something?"
  7. "Is your name Murphy?" Fi countered sourly, making no allowances for the mangled wall-o-mancer being unconscious or dead. She gave Tamika and Adam mildly accusing looks, lumping the magic users present together in this insanity. "Cuz anything that can go wrong with weaponizing xiticix will go wrong." Once the Federation of Magic started using this damn... damn spell on the Coalition, they wouldn't stop there, and soon enough the entire continent would have an even bigger problem. She prodded the figure embedded in the wall with the barrel of her laser rifle, then started to riffle through any pockets she could reach while ignoring any dark looks turned her way. "Hey!" she whispered sharply. "If this asshole is the one who did this - invented er, line-hiving, or whatever - I'm just looking to see if he has anything on him on how he did this, or where, or with who, so maybe we can stop Dunscon and company from doing it again. I like traveling and I don't want to have to dodge through budding bug hives everywhere."
  8. Fi handed Phere 30 feet of strong, light-weight cord, then followed after the big psi-stalker without bothering to use it. The much smaller woman was clearly experienced with climbing, scaling the rocky exterior deftly save for reaching for some of the hand- or foot-holds Phere had carved that were a bit of a strain for a woman of Fi's modest height. At the entrance, Firanis crouched down as well, prepping her laser rifle, which looked just a tad oversized for her, though her seemed to handle it with intuitive familiarity. She fiddled with the device on her wrist, linking it up with her cyber-eyes and cybernetic detection array to set up a mapping app on her Pipboy. "You been in one of these, before?" Fi breathed at the Psi-stalker.
  9. Fi gave the Techno-Wizard a nonplussed look and muttered unintelligibly, surprisingly low despite her modest height and slender frame. She flipped the switch on the device for a moment, and frowned as she glanced at the readouts on her Pipboy. The jury-rigged white-noise generator was working above expectations, despite - or, sigh, because of - the nonsense sigils and gewgaws Tamika had added to the blasted thing. She turned it off. "I never said it was valid, but I won't say it ain't useful. A times," Fi reluctantly admitted. She checked her body armor, then readied her custom-made laser-rifle with integrated grenade launcher. She'd encountered Xiticix before, but had never seen the inside of a Hive, or part of a Hive at any rate, and she wasn't going to miss the opportunity now. "Let's do this before I realize how bad of an idea it is. I'll keep a link to the Rambler - I can use its cameras to keep an eye on what's outside, and can either send it back to town or use its weapons remotely."
  10. The slim mechanic snorted, climbing from the driver's seat. "I don't know much 'bout psychic doohickery - I haven't studied M.O.M. implants much - but I can cobble together a white-noise generator easy enough." Fi strode into the back of the Rambler, dragging a hand over various compartments, opening some and pulling out things that might have been junk or high-tech components... or both. She gave the cat-girl a reluctant glance before looking up at Phere. "For it to do more, I'll... need help."
  11. Fi whistled at the display of marksmanship from the big Psi-Stalker. She was more than familiar with firearms - the L-20 was a good weapon - but it still took sharp skill to shoot like that... or a lot of cyberware. She patched in to the radio channel. "Damn! Sweet shooting, Bugswatter." As Phere and BB approached on foot at a steady, deliberate pace, firearms at the ready, Fi circled the Red Rambler in a tightening circle around the Hive Fragment at a more sedate pace. She kept the laser cannon and ion blasters pointed at the Hive, in case of a sortie of bugs, either to blast them to bits or possibly collapse the entrance. Much closer though, and the ion blasters would be a danger to those on foot. She pinged the Black Knight riding the Dragon on the radio - archaic aesthetic or not, that was high tech armor - while keeping on eye on the Rambler's sensors. "You guys up there see any Bugs that've scattered from the Hive? The ones down here have been downed, but who knows how many are still inside."
  12. "Bloody hells and broken skies!" Fi exclaimed at the sight of the dragon. Watt seemed to share the sentiment, cheeping then ducking inside his padded carrier. A moment later, his round ears and amber eyes poked back up through the hole on top in curiosity. Fi had seen dragons before - if from a distance - and met people she believed might have been dragons, but she'd never witnessed the transformation at such close hand. Where did all the mass come from? The girl dragon called Kensie hadn't been hiding all that weight as a girl, she'd have noticed. Barely a teenager in human form or not, Fi warned herself not to make the girl angry - not unless she had the Red Rambler's laser cannon pointed directly at her. Fi took another glance at the dragon on one of the monitors. Hmm, maybe not even then... Which wasn't to say she wasn't mightily curious about what it would be like to ride a dragon. Another time. With a parachute and/or a jet pack. Not now. Fi gave Tamika a thumbs up over her shoulder and hit the button to close the rear door. The six big, thick wheels of the Rambler ground over gravel and hard-packed dirt as Fi turned it around, then shifted into a higher gear. "Hang on. I'm kicking on the juice." The Red Rambler drove smoothly, then gave a small lurch as Fi turned up the acceleration, heading towards the piece of hive at an oblique angle to give the vehicle mounted heavy laser cannon and the ion blasters a larger arc of fire and an easier time for the others to debark on the move.
  13. "And except for the intermittent power output issues, I had her all fixed up," Fi groused as she climbed into the Rambler. Watt squeaked at the sight of his mistress and clambered up onto her shoulder. She tickled the fire-ferret under chin, making him chirp in contentment, then rapped on his reinforced, padded carrier in passing towards the cockpit. "Climb inside, buddy. There's bugs outside and things might get bumpy." Watt clambered into the carrier then poked his head out of the hole on the top, peering around with soft chirrups and squeaks. Fi giggled as pulled on and secured her body armor, then started flipping switches, powering up the Red Rambler, the HUD on the front screen blooming to life. She checked to make sure all systems were operational and linked her personal targeting system to the onboard Heavy Laser Cannon and Forward Ion Blaster. Fi hit a button to activate the external speakers as she grabbed the 8-ball surmounting the stick shift and put the Red Rambler in gear. "Rift or not, better to hit the bugs now, and hard, before they get organized, guys. Anyone need a ride, climb in."
  14. "Hey, kid!" Fi interjected as Kensie put herself in the middle of the argument. "We've been gone for who knows how long - It might've only been a few minutes for us, but a lot longer here. Simon might have a really good reason for aiming a gun at the Coalition fanboy." She gave Simon an apologetic shrug, suggesting he put down his pistol now that the girl was in the way. Fi had been in Prince's Landing long enough that she'd give Simon the benefit of the doubt over Sy, especially after the scene in the bar. "I hope you do, Simon. What's going on?" Fi asked the last over her shoulder as she hustled towards the Red Rambler, tapping a few things into her Pipboy. She linked up with her vehicle's onboard computer, to see how long they had objectively been missing from their own era. Watt might've been stuck in the Red Rambler for too long. "Don't worry, Watt. Mama's back," the slender mechanic cooed as she slapped her hand on the biometric pad, unlocking the side door and climbing into back of the Red Rambler.
  15. Fi scrunched up her nose at being compared to sperm. The unfathomable - to her mind - Psi-stalker seemed pleased with the analogy, but Fi didn't personally care for it. The explanation for what had happened - if not how or why - was fantastic, though Fi wasn't sure what she thought about the apparent complete intermingling of technology and magic. She looked at Adam askance as he comforted the girl. An orphan growing up on the streets and alleys of Ishpeming, Fi didn't remember her parents. And while there had been people - not all humans - who had looked after her welfare here and there, none had really shown as much concern at the armored knight, even through the encompassing concealment of his helmet. The slim woman edged to the side, trying to look around some more, definitely curious. She certainly wanted to know how an era like the one the curator (?) was alluded to could arise from the era they came from. There was a Megaverse out there, infinite possibilities. Even going back to their own era, there was no guarantee the future of their own time would be or even resemble this one. Fi smirked at BB, thinking same as he was, then nodded at Squidge. "I have the same questions she does - why us and not any others around us in the bar, not about staying here - plus, just how far forward in time did we stumble? This isn't just a few decades, or even a century. It can't be." As much as she might have wanted to explore this time, even if it wasn't possible according to the Super-Sweet-Psi-Stalker, Fi had to go back. Watt was left all alone in Red Rambler. She'd be damned if someone else was going take her pet firefox or her truck.