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  1. Several miles north of Phoenix-Vegas Arcology, there were a small group of humanoids, looking to be a mix of human and elf, trying to make their way toward the arcology following the river, presently numbering about a eighteen, plus about a 3 children, they were in old van being pulled by a pair of animals that looked like horses, except for a pair of rams horns an a group of guards on all sides. They were fighting off what appeared to be a swarm of giant spiders, huge massive ogres with clubs, and armed lizard men. Fighting the attackers were several individuals with clear cybernetic parts, guns and the mark so the Legion of the Dead on them, and another who was clearly a Faery Knight of the Dawn Court with enchanted weapons and armor. Meanwhile while several inside the van would fire at the swarm moving around them, and someone at the head of the van was calling on some sort of communicator. “This is rescue unit 5 calling arcology command, we are under attack by multiple hostile, requesting support from any unit."
  2. This is the official out of character chat, if you have questions for the players or the storyteller that can't be asked in character then this the place for it. Also, anything else that should be out of character, humor, complements for good role-playing, jokes, etc. Lets keep the rules Basic courtesy and not being a jerk as guidelines to behavior in this thread please.
  3. Please post your characters in this thread, include what would be known of them publicly, including pictures and descriptions, and divine words. This is mainly what should be known, character sheets may be included, but are optional, and should be in spoiler text.
  4. I'm actually not worried about it, some overlap after that point is fine.
  5. Sure; presently this is the characters I have so far, let's not have characters have more then one word in common, outside of Concept Words at least, I don't mind multiple overlaps there,. In any case, the following are presently the characters I've have folks talk to me about, those that are 'in progress' could change quite a bit before the process is complete, depending on where folks are in the character design process, but those with names are pretty set. Sigil - Faery Queen, Deception, Summer(Sort of Winter Reversed) Tanith Sinclair - Peak Human, Alacrity, Bow Kamala Kuhn - Death, Journey, Health Maia - Dragon, Sun, Passion Malcolm Darius 'Dread' Delgath - Might, Endurance, Sword "In Progress" - Engineering, Entropy, Network "In Progress" - Death, Protection, Command In Progress" - Faery Queen, Desire, Music,
  6. So, gave folks plenty of time to think things over, now, I'm looking for final submissions to be completed by then end of this week..that means I should have completed submissions by saturday, the 14th of this month. More setting details. Paragons, unlike godbound, besides only having 1 word, never gain dominion or need to use it to level up, there are presently 5 on the west cost, below are their titles and words. Your welcome to fit them into your backgrounds as desired. They know each other and work with one another, there used to be 9, but four have died in the last decade. They are not the only owers, just the one who started out human, those who are not human anymore were changed during or some time after the Cataclysm. Lady Keva Rune (also known as the Archmage) - Word: Sorcery - Race: Immortal High Elf (Transformed Human) - Location Hub: Seattle - Knows most lesser magics and invocations. Has began a school focused on teaching folks the various lesser magic schools. Between her lesser magics and invocations, is most likely the more powerful and versatile paragons on the continent. Tanya Smith - Word: Earth - Race: Human (Africa-American) - Location Hub: Los Angeles - Tough, strong, stubborn, has raised earth and stone to help create a number of archologies, though she travels less now then she used too. Knows the Strife of Broken Earth, is teaching some of the folks what she can. Cedric Varan - Word: Peak Human - Race: Human - Location Hub: Calgary - Scientist, Hero, Adventurer. He keeps a good portion the area for a hundred miles around his home free from monsters as he can, depends a bit more on equipment then the other Paragon's, but fortunately he's managed to gain a powerful artifact that access some of the gifts of Winter. Julia Morrison - Word: Fertility - Race: Dryad (Formerly human) - Location Hub: Redwood Forests - San Francisco - Lover of nature, but is somewhat feral herself, turning into a dryad has bent her thinking process, but she protects the local humans from monsters and makes sure that the local arcology gardens are quite fertile, contributing to it's growth and development. Indigo (also known as the Shadow Dancer)- Word: Night - Race: Human - Location Hub: None (she travels all over the east cost) - Hard to pin down, she might be anywhere in the west, is known to show up out of nowhere and then vanish when her task is done. Phoenix-Vegas Arcology :Actually this is on the Hoover Dam, but the survivors of major cities of Vegas (Nevada), Phoenix (Arizona) and has been overun by lizard folk, rock trolls, wyverns, giant spiders, and many over monsters, though the Summer, Dawn and Dusk courts of Faery and the Bright Clan of Dragons all have actual embassies at this Arcology, and it appears to be a nexus of power and potential. Several godbound (Player Characters) have appeared around and during it's rise (as well as been part of) in the last four years. The actual arcology is on either side of the dam and stretches several miles in all directions, including down into the earth. NOTE: The Arcology is your default starting location, unless your background indicates something different. How much you have to do with the arcologies growth or the paragons depends on you, otherwise it’s just background info
  7. Both of those sound pretty reasonable to me, that's fine.
  8. I agree, actually, there is a bit of overlap in different words, in some cases enough that I generally would recommend a person not take both of them. Dragon has a lot of overlap with Endurance for example, and I would generally not recommend taking both AI and Network.. to much overlap.
  9. So, her royal Majesty, the Queen Sigil of the Summer court is confirmed as a PC. On another note, I'm adding this as a house rule If you already have AC 3 due to gift or word, you can add the extra effects of any other AC 3 word if it makes sense for your word or concept at 1 point, and if you actually have the words, the cost is 1/2.. so, a dragon with earth and sea would be able to add the effects of both earth and sea AC 3 gifts for 1 point. If he didn't have those two words, he would still be able to purchase those for 1 point, if he had say, some sort of water and earth attack for breath weapons.
  10. So, a few more questions from the chat, so infrastruction and world development. There are areas in the world that never got paragons to manage to save their cities.. and travel isn't fully reliable when monster can swat it out of the sky or a kraken can eat your ship.. or behemoth knock your truck off the road so, most of the surviving cities are turning into archologies, trying to become as self sufficient as possible and have good technology (even cybernetics in some places)... and others are close to or worse then mad max.... think fallout rather then mad max (though fallout has mad max areas) Also, that's certainly enough interest from folks.. but then I did have enough interest in chat to suggest that there would be, but you never know .. if you have any questions ask away. Going to give folks plenty of time for character creation (no deadlines yet, be looking at those next week, but I'll take character submissions or questions at any point)
  11. So, as promised, now that I'm ready to run again, here is the Godbound world that I'm going to run, if I get enough player (at least 4) interest. The year is 2048, it’s been at least a generation since the great cataclysm of 2024, when close to 80% of the population was killed by the following disasters, newly appearing monsters, undead rising from graves and strange beings from other dimensions, arriving, due to the dimensional apocalypse that shattered the world and solar system as we know it. The entire solar system was somehow moved, in a manner that caused all of the stars to disappear, except those of the planets and moon, in the years since, as near as anyone can figure, earth’s solar system is somehow in the middle of an endless void. The sun has strangely enough cooled, winter lasts a month longer, forests have grown larger, and formerly mythic places like Atlantis, Lemuria, Thule, Tir Na Nog, Shangra La, and Agartha now can be found though not necessarily easily, as these locations seem to be within some kind of tesseract. The only thing that save humanity from extinction in the first years was the rise of new races and powers, as well as alliances and treaty’s with some of the more reasonable non-human entities. But even this would not quite have been enough, without the rise of the paragons, humans who had touched upon the power of the THRONE in their dreams and had access to single divine word. Now, a new incarnation of beings rise, some of them human and some of them only partly human, but all of them newly divine, and have a direct experience with the ‘THRONE’ one of great power and increadible transcendence, changing them to become the Godbound they are now. When the first tremors of the change hit earth in 2024 there was a minute where it seemed time and space froze, and everything changed, 40% of the the humans of earth became different, transformed into new and different races, often with strange new ablities, but also some people became more powerful races, or other races arrived from other worlds, allowing for quite a variety, though humans are still the most common race. Immortal Races: A Godbound who is one of these races or becomes one of these races upon ascension must take one of these words, even the non-divine individuals of these races are immortal and ageless (a godbound has ways of becoming immortal, but is not automatically immortal without these words, or words such as Entropy or Time). This means a dragon(or fae, AI, or undead) or a human who becomes a dragon upon ascension must take the dragon word, but a human doesn't have to take any of these words. Dragons: Various kinds of dragons now walk the world, some of them began human and transformed, others are dragons who were somehow transported here from other worlds. The Dragon Word is required for any dragon godbound Fae: All manner of faery creatures now walk the world, the Sidhe are among the most powerful, but any fae can be dangerous, their Queen’s however, are incredibly dangerous. Some are people turned into fae, and others are faery’s who entered this world. While not every Fae is a ruler, a godbound fae must be, even if they are only half-fae before divine ascension, the Faery Queen Word is required. Sentient Undead [Liches, Vampires and Ghouls all can be these]: There are a multitude of ways these come to be, but a godbound undead must have the Undead King, even if they were something like a born vampire. Artificial Intelligences: The dimensional energies that transformed the solar system also pushed some systems to new heights, there are now true artificial intelligences in the world A godbound AI however, must take the Artificial Intelligence word. There are very few ways a human could become an AI, but in this new world almost anything is possible, if you have a story for it. NOTE: The godbound who takes the Peak Human word can not take any of the above race words. Further World Notes The word of Engineering (from Lexicon of the Throne) replaces the Artifice word in this setting, technology is still around, as is the internet, but there are some very strange things out there now. Low Magic exists, but it's not very common, outside of the areas that have teachers of those with the word of Sorcery, or specific races. Every Godbound has a direct experience with the Throne, regardless of if they are fully human or not to fully access their words, though they might have had limited access in their younger days with some reasons. There are vast wilderness regions and ruined cities and maintained cities, and survival complexes in some areas, major cities with more then a million inhabitants had a better chance in the apocalypse due to the Paragons. Character Creation is standard for Godbound, though your words can change this: 16, 14, 13, 13, 10, 8
  12. She listened carefully to what the general had to say, before responding sympathetically and with respect for his dead. "I am sorry to hear that general, it's always hard to lose people." She paused a moment. "I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to see whatever you have on the attacks, as well as some maps of the area and location where you've been having the most trouble. And a look a the resurgent species would also be useful, as well as anything you know about them so far, if possible."
  13. Keira listened to the rest of the group and then shrugged slightly. "It doesn't matter where you put me, or who you pair me with, I can manage just about any task you give me, I don't need armor, what I'm wearing can produce better armor and more comfortable armor then anything you can provide, short of a actual tank." She shrugged and she was wearing what appeared to be some sort of armor rather then the dress she had entered wearing. "If you need me to do anything, I've got enough of ability to alter my shape and appearance to do it.. and I can handle myself in a fight..."
  14. Keira had not been particularly surprised to get new instructions, she had heard that there were some changes and reshuffling happening with the Division in response recent events, which required the Division to respond. She walked though the base, drawing quite a few eyes as a result, something she had gotten used to in the past few years, it was quite a bit more attention then she had gotten before the Cascade.. just the thought saddened her slightly, but she pushed off the thoughts that passed though her mind and walked into the briefing room.. then paused, stepping into the room just as some of the others were making introductions. She was a bit surprised to discover that the director had chosen to take a personal hand in the matter, however, perhaps matters were more serious then she had thought, or something more was going on here then she had first supposed. Unlike some of the others, she wasn't carrying any weapons or tools, other then the dress she was wearing, but she didn't need any, she was a living weapon or tool, if she needed to be.. "And I'm Keira, a good day to you folks." Her voice had a pronounced Cajun accent as she gave each person present a smile and a nod of acknowledgement, before turning her attention to the director.
  15. Name: Keira Isolde Smythe Code Name: Protean Nationality: American Ethnicity: Cajun Birthday: March 12, 1990 Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana Eye Color: Orange/gold Hair Color: Auburn (usually, it shifts at times, it is always wild, as in the picture, and grows back to at least shoulder length if cut) Handedness: Right Background Born in Louisiana, in about 1990, she was 25 during the genesis cascade, and her home was buried underwater during that year. She survived, mostly because of her natural capability to adapt and survive in any environment, but it caused other changes as well. Her family had lived in the Louisiana bayou for a number of generations, well off, she herself was studying in collage, but had returned home for a visit when the waters flowed in from the gulf and buried much of the US. Living in the bayou made one fairly adaptable to the weather, but it was no match for being drowned, and for a moment it seemed as though she and her family were dead, though they were inside at the time, the house was not designed to be waterproof. The energies of the genesis cascade, however, had altered her, though she did not realize it at first. Developing gills, she might have been able to save some of her family if it had not been for some of the other things that also came with the cascade, such as ancient underwater dinosuars returning.. including creatures similar to alligators much larger and more dangerous then the ones that had been native to the area.. Keira eventually walked out of the sea where the Appalachian mountains had halted the rise of the waters, wearing nothing more then her skin. Embarrassment caused her to become aware of her ability to manifest whatever she desired to wear, something she has further explored and developed since that day, to the point she can do some amazing things with it. She ended up with the Crisis Research & Response Division, determined to help others survive in this transformed world and they began to study how she had changed, all aspects of her mind and body had improved, but her internal biochemistry had also changed significantly as well. Her body and mind is about as close to perfect as possible, genetically it as though she had taken on the best of all possible genetics and discarded most of the worst.. studies of her dna have shown a shifting structure that has scientists rather amazed, especially once she developed the ability to consciously alter her body to any situation. She was eventually tagged with the code name Protean, as she has developed just about any physical body trait one can imagine, even if just temporary. Claws, gills, wings, pheromones, ultra-light bones, tentacles, prehensile tail or hair, acidic blood, web spinners, pseudo-pods, poison fangs, infrared vision, etc. Making her something of a swiss army knife within the Division, since her abilities could be useful in any situation regardless. This, together with her considerable social capabilities, has given a good degree of backing and influence within the Division. Psychologically, she still has flashbacks to the flooding, and the moment she was drowning, as well as the loss of her family. She still likes swimming, especially since she can do it much better these days, but going underwater sometimes brings back those moments. She has some sorrow as a result of the loss, but it's been five years, she's had some time to heal. Personality Compassionate and sympathetic, despite the losses she's experienced, she remains open and concerned about other people, is protective and gentle with children, and far more patient then one might expect. She's also drawn to and due to certain hormonal imbalances particularly vulnerable to seduction by those she finds attractive, though she tries hard to keep control of that aspect of her life, it's not always easy for her to do. Capabilities Raw Potential: She possesses some remarkable capabilities, it is as though body and mind have pushed to the edges of human perfection, she has acute vision and hearing, a photographic memory and apparently is a natural human calculator, and has considerable natural sex appeal. While she's not quite as capable as some other novas, she stands equal to the best of normal humans in raw talent within every field (a matter that has caused some degree of jealousy at times). Physically she's naturally athletic and graceful, mentally she's alert to her surroundings, tends to be rational and cunning with regards to her intellect. Socially she's persuasive, has a sympathetic ear and has an alluring beauty. Skills: She's pursued skills as an athlete and martial artist, since her transformation, she's also taken active control over her manifestation ability, which she is stronly attuned too, she can weave her manifested garments in a thousand different ways, much like she can alter her body.. mixing the two together in a single whole makes her all the more formidable. She's also very insightful into other peoples feelings, has a degree in psychology and can move though social situations almost as well as physical ones. Powers: Adaptive subconscious alteration to her physical traits, amazing conscious ability to shift DNA in amazing ways that should be impossible to suit her desires, ability to manifest and control her own attire to extreme degrees. Superhuman degrees of Stamina, seemingly unflagging degrees of energy.