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  1. She listened carefully to what the general had to say, before responding sympathetically and with respect for his dead. "I am sorry to hear that general, it's always hard to lose people." She paused a moment. "I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to see whatever you have on the attacks, as well as some maps of the area and location where you've been having the most trouble. And a look a the resurgent species would also be useful, as well as anything you know about them so far, if possible."
  2. Keira listened to the rest of the group and then shrugged slightly. "It doesn't matter where you put me, or who you pair me with, I can manage just about any task you give me, I don't need armor, what I'm wearing can produce better armor and more comfortable armor then anything you can provide, short of a actual tank." She shrugged and she was wearing what appeared to be some sort of armor rather then the dress she had entered wearing. "If you need me to do anything, I've got enough of ability to alter my shape and appearance to do it.. and I can handle myself in a fight..."
  3. Keira had not been particularly surprised to get new instructions, she had heard that there were some changes and reshuffling happening with the Division in response recent events, which required the Division to respond. She walked though the base, drawing quite a few eyes as a result, something she had gotten used to in the past few years, it was quite a bit more attention then she had gotten before the Cascade.. just the thought saddened her slightly, but she pushed off the thoughts that passed though her mind and walked into the briefing room.. then paused, stepping into the room just as some of the others were making introductions. She was a bit surprised to discover that the director had chosen to take a personal hand in the matter, however, perhaps matters were more serious then she had thought, or something more was going on here then she had first supposed. Unlike some of the others, she wasn't carrying any weapons or tools, other then the dress she was wearing, but she didn't need any, she was a living weapon or tool, if she needed to be.. "And I'm Keira, a good day to you folks." Her voice had a pronounced Cajun accent as she gave each person present a smile and a nod of acknowledgement, before turning her attention to the director.
  4. The Genesic Age: Character Profiles

    Name: Keira Isolde Smythe Code Name: Protean Nationality: American Ethnicity: Cajun Birthday: March 12, 1990 Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana Eye Color: Orange/gold Hair Color: Auburn (usually, it shifts at times, it is always wild, as in the picture, and grows back to at least shoulder length if cut) Handedness: Right Background Born in Louisiana, in about 1990, she was 25 during the genesis cascade, and her home was buried underwater during that year. She survived, mostly because of her natural capability to adapt and survive in any environment, but it caused other changes as well. Her family had lived in the Louisiana bayou for a number of generations, well off, she herself was studying in collage, but had returned home for a visit when the waters flowed in from the gulf and buried much of the US. Living in the bayou made one fairly adaptable to the weather, but it was no match for being drowned, and for a moment it seemed as though she and her family were dead, though they were inside at the time, the house was not designed to be waterproof. The energies of the genesis cascade, however, had altered her, though she did not realize it at first. Developing gills, she might have been able to save some of her family if it had not been for some of the other things that also came with the cascade, such as ancient underwater dinosuars returning.. including creatures similar to alligators much larger and more dangerous then the ones that had been native to the area.. Keira eventually walked out of the sea where the Appalachian mountains had halted the rise of the waters, wearing nothing more then her skin. Embarrassment caused her to become aware of her ability to manifest whatever she desired to wear, something she has further explored and developed since that day, to the point she can do some amazing things with it. She ended up with the Crisis Research & Response Division, determined to help others survive in this transformed world and they began to study how she had changed, all aspects of her mind and body had improved, but her internal biochemistry had also changed significantly as well. Her body and mind is about as close to perfect as possible, genetically it as though she had taken on the best of all possible genetics and discarded most of the worst.. studies of her dna have shown a shifting structure that has scientists rather amazed, especially once she developed the ability to consciously alter her body to any situation. She was eventually tagged with the code name Protean, as she has developed just about any physical body trait one can imagine, even if just temporary. Claws, gills, wings, pheromones, ultra-light bones, tentacles, prehensile tail or hair, acidic blood, web spinners, pseudo-pods, poison fangs, infrared vision, etc. Making her something of a swiss army knife within the Division, since her abilities could be useful in any situation regardless. This, together with her considerable social capabilities, has given a good degree of backing and influence within the Division. Psychologically, she still has flashbacks to the flooding, and the moment she was drowning, as well as the loss of her family. She still likes swimming, especially since she can do it much better these days, but going underwater sometimes brings back those moments. She has some sorrow as a result of the loss, but it's been five years, she's had some time to heal. Personality Compassionate and sympathetic, despite the losses she's experienced, she remains open and concerned about other people, is protective and gentle with children, and far more patient then one might expect. She's also drawn to and due to certain hormonal imbalances particularly vulnerable to seduction by those she finds attractive, though she tries hard to keep control of that aspect of her life, it's not always easy for her to do. Capabilities Raw Potential: She possesses some remarkable capabilities, it is as though body and mind have pushed to the edges of human perfection, she has acute vision and hearing, a photographic memory and apparently is a natural human calculator, and has considerable natural sex appeal. While she's not quite as capable as some other novas, she stands equal to the best of normal humans in raw talent within every field (a matter that has caused some degree of jealousy at times). Physically she's naturally athletic and graceful, mentally she's alert to her surroundings, tends to be rational and cunning with regards to her intellect. Socially she's persuasive, has a sympathetic ear and has an alluring beauty. Skills: She's pursued skills as an athlete and martial artist, since her transformation, she's also taken active control over her manifestation ability, which she is stronly attuned too, she can weave her manifested garments in a thousand different ways, much like she can alter her body.. mixing the two together in a single whole makes her all the more formidable. She's also very insightful into other peoples feelings, has a degree in psychology and can move though social situations almost as well as physical ones. Powers: Adaptive subconscious alteration to her physical traits, amazing conscious ability to shift DNA in amazing ways that should be impossible to suit her desires, ability to manifest and control her own attire to extreme degrees. Superhuman degrees of Stamina, seemingly unflagging degrees of energy.
  5. Game Proposal: The Genesic Age

    This is Protean, she possesses body shift and mega-stamina, and I plan for her to have manifestation fairly high as well, so her appearance can change completely if she spends quantum, but when she relaxes her powers, this is what she looks like.. for now at least (until she develops appearance alteration naturally instead of borrowing it temporarily it with body shift)
  6. Game Proposal: The Genesic Age

    So, I began considering a idea or two and a number of questions came to mind. Eufiber? Neofiber? [Yes, No, Maybe?]Can we take single techniques from level 3 powers as level 2 powers?Is the permanent power aberration a merit or a flaw?If you take aberrations as a flaws, can you also take Chimerical Aberration to alter them?Strengths & weaknesses [Yes, No, Maybe]?
  7. Game Proposal: The Genesic Age

    Looks interesting, I'll have to see what I can come up with.
  8. Pack of Troubles

    Tamara, Kaitlyn's wolf blooded adopted niece should add another point there, over all I like your spirit synopsis there, I'd consider adding a second influence though.. an maybe at dot of some combat ability at this point, until we can get the bonus to wits?
  9. Presently thinking the following as Sidhe Warden, I rather like her look, and the huge lynx is cool. Alternatively.. this is possible, though I'm not sure about the magic bow or this.. same thought about the arrows now...
  10. Fair enough then.. of the two, I actually have D6 fantasy, but if you prefer to use L5R, I'll give it a chance.
  11. Well.. mutants and masterminds is one possibility, and gives a lot of freedom in terms of character creation but Numinara could also work, with a few changes, a Nano could easily changed to a sort of mage, but BESM could also work.
  12. I confess, sword and sorcery is something I like, not sure that either of those systems appeal much though.
  13. MAGE 20 - OOC THREAD

    Ah, it seemed somewhat incongruous with the costs for everything else, I wanted to be sure.
  14. So, no battle suits, constructs or mages, mostly superhuman physical and/or mental/psychic, or do some of the more unusual, such as energy controllers and super human martial artists exist?
  15. MAGE 20 - OOC THREAD

    Need clarification. So, the cost for current ability is 3 experience, and the cost for ability is 3 experience... so let me make sure I understand it clearly, abilities are 3 XP regardless of it it's the first dot or the fifth dot?