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    Aberrant: Wild Card - WC Chit Chat

    Sorry Damon. I suppose it's a combination of how hectic my life has been lately, and the fact that for some reason, I'm having a hard time getting the character into the plot. If you ever choose to revisit the concept, I think I'll have to modify my character somewhat. When I put myself in "Lizzie mode" all I do is get frustrated at not knowing what to do or where to go. So.. I apologize for the lack of posting, hon. And I understand the frustration.
  2. Helen Booth

    Aberrant: Wild Card - WC Chit Chat

    Okay then, give me till this afternoon guys and I'll modify that post slightly. Thanks Damon.
  3. "Yeah.. until it runs out of battery or something." Lizzie sighed and stood up, brushing the dirt off of her legs. "Sorry - guess I'm frustrated. I don't do frustrated very well. And I don't do 'doing nothing' very well either." She walked over and knelt down next to the unconscious woman, examining her for a long moment. "Other than this chick, how do you guys feel? I felt like I was starving to death, but I feel better now that I've had something to eat. Matt, you were the worst of us, but you seem totally fine now. You - sorry, what's your name again?" "David." "David. Are you okay? Cause if everyone's alright, I vote Jadzia shuts that thing down for now until we think of some better questions to ask. It would be our luck that it *IS* the only thing in this screwed up place that works according to normal rules, and if the battery life is limited then let's preserve as much as we can. Now, let me see if I can wake her up.. she seems fine other than being unconscious." With that, Lizzie lifted the woman slightly and tapped lightly on her cheek with the back of her hand, the way one would someone who had fainted. "Hey.. sleeping beauty. You there? C'mon.. wake up."
  4. Lizzie sat quietly, observing the others as they tried to think of questions. If it seemed that she was unengaged, it was only because she was absorbed in what was going on, and trying to puzzle it out in her mind. Finally, though, she glanced up.. and when she spoke, her voice trembled slightly, though she did her best to suppress it. "And could you ask it if.. if there's a way back?"
  5. Lizzie's willpower had held on until food was actually dropped in her lap. That was the tipping point, and at that point Matt's injuries were shoved to the back of her mind, along with all thoughts of warmth, as she ripped the wrapper open and tore into the caloric feast, consuming the candy bar first. She was halfway through the remainder of the trail mix when she heard Matt's curse, and it was enough to jar her from the junk food feast. She stood up, hurrying over towards Matt, unaware at first of his miraculous healing. She only realized that she'd abandoned her efforts to help him in favor of food, and her face burned with shame as she hurried over and knelt down next to him. "Matt, be careful! We need to--" She stopped, mouth opening slightly in shock, as she looked him over. She reached up and ran her fingers over his nose, and then took hold of his arms, turning them over to look at the places the frostbite had singed his skin. He saw her swallow nervously, and she shook her head, looking scared. The whole scenario went against everything that made Lizzie's life stable, and coherent, and it terrified her. "I.. I don't know. It's got to be. I.. I remember the ship, so it's got to be true, but.. I don't know, Matt."
  6. Lizzie glanced around at the scene that had unfolded around her. She was shaking slightly on her feet, but it was a sharp pain in her stomach from lack of food that finally got to her, and she doubled over slightly with a small groan, then dropped unceremoniously onto her ass, though she managed not to pass out completely. She motioned Alexa impatiently towards the riverbank as the other woman's attention focused on the group of invalids on the ground in front of her, shaking her head to indicate that they'd be fine. "Go.. be ready to help her. I'll check these two out." And without waiting for a response, she started first with the unconscious woman she'd been trying to move, her fingers searching the side of her neck for a pulse, while at the same time she spoke to Matt. "Hey, stay with me okay? Try to stay awake. I need to get you both taken care of." Click to reveal.. Rolling Int/Med to check out the woman and Matt so that she can figure out what's wrong and treat them both: 5d10 → [1,10,3,1,7] = 2 suxx + 1d10 → [10] = 1 suxx + 1d10 → [10] = 1 suxx + 1d10 → [9] = 1 suxx. Total Suxx: 5 Holy crap.. really? LOL! http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2834568/ http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2834571/ http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2834575/ http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2834580/ Burning two WP to keep focused on treatment and try to ignore the hunger. Current WP: 4/6 A quick check on the woman revealed that she was unconscious, but breathing, so she moved over to Matt. As she inspected him her fingers trembled, and she drew in a shaky breath. "Matt, can you hear me? We need to get you somewhere warmer - do you think you can walk if I help you? You have frostbite, and I need to treat it. And I need to set your nose, it's broken. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
  7. Click to reveal.. Per + Aware: 7d10 → [4,6,8,1,3,5,2] = 1 suxx Lizzie had been too engrossed to really notice much of anything save the woman's breathing, and helping her turn so she could cough up the river water from her lungs. But as Alexa stood up and spoke, Lizzie glanced up, and her eyes widened in surprise. She swallowed back the fear she felt rising in her throat. She scrambled to her feet, trying to help the woman up so they could run. "C'mon, I know it hurts, but you've gotta get up..." Click to reveal.. Posting a Strength roll to try to help lift the woman, let me know if I need to do more. Str: 2d10 → [6,10] = 1 suxx Popping the ten: 1d10 → [9] = 1 suxx Total Suxx: 2 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2454144/ http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2454146/
  8. Lizzie gasped with surprise at the chaos laid out before her, but as she righted herself from almost tripping over Alexa, instinct took over and she helped pull both Alexa and the stranger out of the freezing cold water. Alexa seemed to be moving on her own, but the other woman seemed to be in significantly worse shape. She turned the woman over onto her back and searched for a pulse in her neck. "She's got a pulse, but she's not breathing. You know CPR?" Alexa nodded slightly, and Lizzie tilted the woman's head back to open her airway, taking over the CPR "breathing station" position and leaving the chest compressions to Alexa. She pinched the stranger's nostrils, and then leaned over and delivered two deep breaths to the unconscious woman. Click to reveal.. Lizzie's Roll, Wits+Medicine: 4d10 → [5,3,4,4] = 0 suxx
  9. She didn't remember this park, but then again that only piqued her curiosity more. Her brow furrowed in concentration, and her walk became a bit slower and more cautious as she crossed the entrance to the park. Her fingertips brushed lightly over the stone pillar that supported the arch. She studied the entrance for a long moment, her hesitant nature almost getting the better of her. But then she clenched her jaw and moved forward, her feet treading surely on the yellow-stoned path. Her lips twitched briefly in amusement as she was reminded of Dorothy, and for a moment she could almost hear the voices of little munchkins chanting "Follow the yellow brick road!". But she put her serious face back on, and followed the path to the curve, pushing aside the foliage as it became dense enough to brush at her hair and arms.
  10. Lizzie looked around, but sighed with frustration at the strange man's disappearance, this time certain she wouldn't be able to find him. For several long minutes, she just stared at her own reflection in the shattered mirror pieces laying on the bathroom counter. It was like being in some kind of weird, horrifying carnival fun house where you couldn't hear anything and nothing was as it should be. She stared at that reflection for a long time, trying to apply logic to an illogical situation. Finally, she realized that she needed to get out of the house. It felt horrific, being in some sort of fragment of her past. Out of habit, she cleaned up the mirror shards and deposited them into the trash can - to do otherwise seemed wrong somehow, even if she didn't believe this was truly her childhood home but only some sort of.. illusion. Then she quietly left the house, closing the doors on her way out that she had opened, and cleaning up the glass in the front hall from where she'd broken the window. Then, without any other real options, Lizzie decided to do what she always did when she needed to think - she took a walk. She stepped out onto the sidewalk, glanced in both directions, then turned and started walking, with no real particular destination in mind. She didn't know what else to do.
  11. Helen Booth

    Aberrant: Wild Card - WC Chit Chat

    Lizzie: Hm.. then why is your hand still on my thigh? *wraps her fingers around his wrist and removes said hand*
  12. Lizzie watched him as he healed her injuries, staring for a moment at the changes to her clothing and looking as if she were struggling to remember something, the way you would waking up from a dream that you didn't want to forget. She seemed to distracted to notice Deuce's slight lecherousness, and after a moment she braced herself against the counter and stood up, and picked up one of the larger pieces of the broken mirror. She glanced at her reflection in it, then she turned back to look at Deuce. "Thank you." He could see her desire to argue with him, to renounce this whole situation as illogical, to argue like she had with Mulligan that she wasn't anyone who would be able to save the world even if this is all real and not some crazy dream. But she forced those words away, swallowed them like a bitter medicine as she sat the broken glass back down on the bathroom counter. "So now what? Please.. tell me what I have to do. I don't understand any of this.. it seems crazy. But I know.. I know I don't want to die."
  13. Helen Booth

    Aberrant: Wild Card - WC Chit Chat

    LOL - yeah, the difference being that Mattie was "tending" to her ankle.. whereas the lecherous old man was *finished* tending to her thigh.
  14. Helen Booth

    Aberrant: Wild Card - WC Chit Chat

    Will get an update soon, need to update GoD tomorrow first. But in the meantime, I only have one thing to say... ...what a lecherous old bastard!!!
  15. She jumped slightly at his touch, and started to shift as if to stand. But the pain from putting pressure on her ankle caused her to cry out softly, and she slumped back down against the ground, lifting her hand to wipe the tears off of her cheeks out of her eyes. Then she glanced back up at him and gazed at him for a moment, too worn out to even be surprised at his appearance. She felt tired all over, exhausted and numb, and her voice was calm (if a little shaky) when she spoke, as if she had cried all her anger away. "I don't believe in bad luck." She sniffed slightly, then reached up and plucked the hand towel from the towel rack and used it to wipe her nose in an attempt to look dignified. "Then again I don't believe in weird alternate universes, devoid of people or rationality, either. Except you. And the orange fur guy." She sniffed again, though more in an "I'm not going to cry anymore" type of attitude this time, and glanced up at him. "Tell me what's going on. I can handle it the truth, I just can't handle not knowing." She paused briefly, then continued, her voice sounding stoic. "Am I dead?"