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  1. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    Savant will attend. Hopefully the President will behave and not precipitate some level of disaster.
  2. Embraced from behind, Sara didn't see the flash of irritation and frustration Sean made no effort of concealing crossing her face. While Sara had agreed with her more often then not after they had both been enhanced, she never been so... so meek and acquiescent with her. Sean had reluctantly accepted the shift in power dynamics between her and her parents, and how nearly everyone did whatever they thought would please her and never, ever told her 'no', but it was distressing having her girlfriend react the same. "... can to make things right, Sara. I promise," Sean murmured into her hair, giving Sara another hug. She suppressed a wince at feeling the palpable reaction Sara had to the sound of her voice. "We're being recalled to HQ, baby. Seems like someone back home is jumping on this faster than I would have credited. Did you want to stay here in the paradise of Tahiti, or come back with me?" "Whatever you think is best," Sara replied almost dreamily, raising Sean's hands in her own to give them a kiss. Behind her eyes, Sean snarled. She could have powered down her node, but the effect of her presence on Sara wouldn't suddenly abate, and witnessing the switch before her eyes could have an adverse affect on her. Through experience, Sean knew suddenly unveiling herself in front of others had an even more drastic effect. "Let's head back together then. The familiar surroundings will help and it'll give Dr. Rashoud a chance to look at you. She has some of, if not, the most experience with our unique physiogology." The explanation wasn't necessary, it was clear to Sean as she placed her tablet back in the satchel and helped Sara get ready. "And home will be just a short ride away." <Ready for recall. Thanks for giving us a moment, Devin,> Sean replied to the Irregular's uber Uber driver. Instead of the familiar sensation of being pulled through space and time, a purple portal irised open in front of the two young women. Devin was still in full burn-it-all-down fettle and Sean looked a question at him, which Devin answered with a glance at Sara. Sean and Sara looked an even worse mismatch at the moment, but the pleading and warning in Sean's eyes stayed Devin's tongue... barely. "Thanks, Devin." "Don't worry about it, Sugartits. You haven't seen your bill yet." "I'll pay it," Sean countered coolly, giving Devin a nod that intimated she'd pay whatever he asked as she and Sara stepped through the portal to Guardian Shield HQ.
  3. "What we're going to do, hon," Sean amended, instinctively modulating her voice in a way she hadn't had to do with Sara before, so as not to overwhelm her and make her more at ease in her presence. "You're not in this alone. Never alone." She quirked a wry, teasing smile. "Just think of this as an opportunity as experiencing both sides of the quantum divide now that you know both sides exist." She had seen the desire and lust, fondness and caring in Sara's eyes before, but not the sheer adulation and need. It was something she had learned to manage as a matter of course, despite what they Jauntsens may believe, but not in respect to Sara. It was thrilling... and terrifying, and it highlighted the disparity between them in a manner more immediate than a direct display of power. An idealistic part of her said it shouldn't matter if they cared about each other. Cold logic countered that the difference in the sheer scale of what they were capable of, what they were, couldn't do anything but alter their relationship in innumerable ways. Their relationship wasn't doomed - nor was it fake, despite what the Jauntsens might think - but it would have to change, in ways subtle and gross, going forward, depending on how the situation fell out. "But your girlfriend is one of the most intelligent beings in the solar system, and is friends with other, and can be very persuasive. We're figure this out." Sean shifted gracefully on the hospital bed so she was facing Sara, one long leg crossed under her, the other hanging off the bed, toes touching the floor. She wiped the tears from Sara's cheek with a gentle finger, the warmth of her other hand and the tenderness of her touch easing the tension from her girlfriend's shoulder. Sean took a quick glance at the monitors hooked up to Sara and resecured her IV. "I might be able to do something about our dropped link right now, if you like, Sara," Sean suggested, keeping her tone carefully neutral so as not to unduly influence Sara. "The innate one we had as Irregulars might be offline, but I was able to establish one with Laurie. I can try to with you as well..." Sara slumped against the impossible woman before her, their breasts pressing together as she slipped her arms around Sean's neck and rested her cheek on her shoulder. "Will you, baby? You're right here, in my arms, and I still feel so far away from you..." Sean hid a wince, hearing the note in Sara's voice that the distance was a physical one, or only having to do with their loss of their mental link, but that now one was a quantum powered goddess and the other now only knew what it had felt like. Sean tilted Sara's head up with a pair of fingers under her chin, turquoise eyes locking on blue. "Link or no link, no matter how far away from each other we might be we'll always be close in our hearts." Sean smirked self-deprecatingly. "Ugh, I can already hear the Jauntsens gagging. But we were many of each other's firsts. Whatever happens, that can't ever be severed." They potentially had eternity before them, according to Pandora. Over that span of time, there were no absolutes. But it was true enough for now. "Keep your eyes on mine." Sara stared, her breath going still, those intoxicating turquoise eyes - eyes that had attracted her even when Sean had been a boy half a head shorter than she was - seeming to penetrate her down to her very soul, seeing everything she was, everything she could be. Slowly, gently, Sean reached out with tangible will, seeking the mental path of the connection they once had, and finding nothing, blazed a new trail. "My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your-" Sara slugged Sean on the arm, who chuckled absently. The tendril of thought and will reached out, brushed Sara's mind with the briefest of contact, then began to unspool wildly and out of control, as though she had hooked a maddened Moby Dick who was seeking to drag her down into the depths of the abyss. Quantum energy was being dragged out of her at a horrendous rate. Sean's own node was smaller and less efficient that most of the other Irregulars and the sensation felt like road rash on the brain, her node being rubbed raw. Her jaw tightened, a hint of gritted teeth peeking between her lips as she braced her against the consuming singularity Sara's node had become and with a supreme effort of will, severed the connection between them as she pulled her gaze away. Sean took several shuddering breaths as she forced her hand to not clench on Sara's shoulder with bone-crushing force. It had been a danger she had considered after hearing the reports from the T'tauri and Pandora, one she had been willing to risk, but the intensity of it had been on outside end of her calculations. Had she not been able to pull free, she could have been drained dry, potentially even rendered into a state like Sara's. A potential remedy for Sara's situation just became considerably less feasible after experiencing this. "Baby? Are you okay?" Sara asked worriedly, seeing the flash of distress on Sean's immaculate face. "I felt... something, just for a second, but I don't - I can't feel you in my mind." Sean took one more steadying breath and turned back to Sara, apparently calm and collected once more. But her pupils were still widely dilated, her irises thin rings of brilliant, almost incandescent, turquoise. "I'm... I'm okay. This was a distinct possibility, it was just... more than I was expecting." "What was?" Sara asked again in growing worry, her hands this time going to Sean's shoulders. "Do you remember anything about getting hit by the quantum pulse?" Sean asked in turn. "Only that I was flying, that I had to get to a plane I knew was in danger." "Okay. So, here's the little that we know, after consultation with a T'tauri science medical officer and Pandora - we're in Tahiti at the moment, by the way. Physiologically and genetically, you're completely human... Except you still have a Node." Sara cocked her head to the side in question. "And that means what, exactly?" "We're not sure," Sean admitted. "Not even Pandora is. You're node is acting like a black hole, sucking every bit of quantum energy that comes close into it. We can't even really see your node or where the energy is going, but rather are detecting your node by the absence it's causing in our senses. At a guess, you're ability to absorb various spectra of energy is in part responsible for your current condition, and likely, why you are still alive." Sara stared. "Is... is that bad?" "For the moment, it's indeterminate, hon." Sean wasn't going to lie to her, and in her expression, Sara could see the range of possibilities from nothing thing happening to her condition being fatal. "We're going to have to study you more to find out what is happening and what we can do about it. It... might require a bit of exploratory surgery, but we're not at that point quite yet." While Sara absorbed the revelation, Sean's eyes widened slightly at the contact from Abel and the info dump. Sean and Sara mirrored each other as their lips tightened into a straight line, as Sara recognized the look in Sean's eyes, it being extra conspicuous to both of them that she no longer had access to Guildchat. "Sorry, hon, getting updated by Abel," Sean apologized, slipping her glassteel tablet from her satchel. "I was suppose to be helping him with collating and deciphering the information on the event, but then I found out you were conscious again when i didn't know how long your coma was going to last and... well." Sean shrugged and gave Sara a quick hug. "This does relate to you as well. The pulses were being aimed at the plane, until you got in the way. When it hit you, the pulse wave collapsed into you, shutting down the event, but causing an unforeseen side-effect, likely to who or whatever was enabling the quantum pulse waves in the first place." <I already tried to reestablish a mental link with Sara,> Sean sent back to Able. <It failed. Quantum energy is still being drawn in, but the connection only lasted for 137 picoseconds.> It had felt magnitudes longer. <I could not determine if the absorption rate was increasing in so minute a time. We'll have to set up a series of diagnostic procedures to determine it. I'll retrieve the the passenger manifest and start collecting a dossier on the passengers. With multiple data points on the pulse waves, I'll help with the math on calculating their amplitudes, frequencies, and other characteristics so we can try and establish their nature, see if we - or the Qeeg - have ever seen anything similar or comparable. Guardian Shield too, with their probes and while they had the portal program active> Sean reviewed the data the Abel sent her as she her fingers began gliding over her table with unconscious, eye-catching grace. Sean gave Sara an apologetic smile. "Sorry, babe, I'm still on the clock. Things are... hectic. See, orca-zilla tried to eat Cape town and..." Thanks to incredibly enhanced, multi-threaded thought processes, Sean was to tell Sara what happened after she fell unconscious while digging through the digital world for the information she wanted. She'd always been gangbusters at math, so it only took a tiny bit of her attention to help Abel with any calculations he needed in trying detail the pulses and their effects. "... and now, you're here in Tahiti and various shits are starting to hit various fans," Sean finished, watching in concern as Sara slowly got dressed. She was far from 100% but she wasn't an invalid either. Sean set aside her tablet, a smirk on her face. "Airlines should really spend on system security. I could have done this easily even before getting quantum hammered." Sean had ghosted into the airline systems and collected the passenger manifest for the flight with ease, even refraining from a leaving a tag that she had ever been there in the first place. She set up a Proxy program to scour public social media sites to collect any accessible information on the passengers - she'd collate it and look for any patterns in it later - then stood up to help Sara with her IV and top. "You don't have to push yourself, Sara. Take your time to recover, though we may have to head back to Guardian Sheild HQ sooner than later. The, um, incident is really starting to blow up, and we still don't know exactly what caused it, what's happening with you, and what the fallout will ultimately be." <We'll return when we can,> Sean replied to over Guildchat, though it was directed mainly at Lilly. <While Sara has regained consciousness and is in seemingly good health, there are other considerations in play. Not the least, as Abel said, coming back with a more complete overview of the situation. If we wait too long, there will be less to find.>
  4. Sean closed her mouth with a snap, her jaw growing tight. While Devin's outburst was not precisely unexpected, the intensity of it was. She might have been a supergenius and teenager herself, but even Sean couldn't decipher all the vagaries of the teen mind. Still, there had to more to Devin's display than just the perceived issues between him and her sister. "Lau--" "No!" Laurie interrupted, holding up, the paleness of shock being replaced by the redness of her own anger, feeling the psychic link snap. She couldn't let her sister talk, let her manage her. "No, Sean, just... no. He got his hissy fit, leave me to my own." She inhaled sharply through her nose, forcing her eyes to stay dry. "Devin can go fuck himself too." She glared up at the ceiling, despite knowing it made no sense and shouted, "You hear me, Jauntsen! You can fuck your own self!" Laurie paced in agitation, though none of her fury and irritation were directed at the T'tauri. She was fond of the little guys and she offered the technician an apologetic smile in passing, though it didn't abate her own outburst. "It's not like I was waiting for him to call or text or anything, whether I was in DC or back home. I'm fifteen, sixteen, and the liaison from an alien race. Most times, I had to act like a stone-cold bitch to be taken seriously by those arrogant old men. I'm so sorry I didn't want him to see me that way or end up acting like that towards him!" She harrumphed, crossing her arms across her chest. "I probably should have! He has no idea how hard it was for me. I just have a super-suit, no super powers of me own, and it's not like I could just blast a senator or congressman or director of a major department to smithereens to make a point. But I'm sure he's just going to ass his way through it all without any regard to consequences and then bitch at me later that it isn't so hard!" Sean carefully didn't say anything but Laurie seemed to know what she was thinking. "And, yes, I know, I know, I'm the one who sent him there. With everything else going on, it seemed to make sense at the time. Nothing makes sense anymore!" She bent over, holding her face in her hands, muffling a scream of utter frustration. After a moment, she straightened back up, shook her hands and squared her shoulders. "Well, he can be some other girl's problem, now. I still have my responsibilities to the Qeeg." Sean could see the hurt in her sister, despite Laurie trying to hide it, how she didn't really mean what she said. She wanted Devin to be her problem, but Laurie wasn't going to throw herself at his feet and beg his forgiveness. Sean glided over to her side, placing a consoling hand on her sister's shoulder. Laurie stiffened under the touch, then slumped under the comforting pressure. "Don't manage me, Sean," Laurie muttered. "No managing," Sean assured her. "You've been doing great with the Qeeg and in DC, going above and beyond. Really, sis. I'll explain things to mom and dad, and I'll try with Devin too, if you guys don't talk again before you have to leave. I know you're angry now, might be angry for a while, just don't do anything... rash you might regret later, okay?" Laurie scowled up at Sean and could see the petulant contrariness in her eyes: I will if I want to! Sean sighed. "Just give it some thought, 'kay? I've gotten to know him somewhat better and Devin isn't a bad guy. He just talks before he thinks, which is unfortunate in a guy who can control space and time." Sean's eyes widened at the ephemeral contact. Relief warred with concern, her lips pursing in musing thought. <The moment could be better, but thank-you for the update, Pandora,> Sean replied in cool politeness. <State of Quantum Singularity.> That could refer to a number of phenomena. <Explain, if you would, please.> <Of course, Sean. Sara's node has undergone some manner of transformation that I am unable to ascertain. Yours is the first species I have encountered to possess an organ like the node. Like a singularity, the node is drawing in and absorbing any quantum energy that comes near or is directed at it. Also like a singularity, it is growing smaller and more compact the more energy it absorbs, at least in this dimension. Without being able to follow the flow of energy, further analysis is proving troublesome. I can speculate on what will happen if the process continues, dear, but it will merely be an educated guess.> <No need.> Sean could speculate too. Best case scenario, it simply goes away. Worse case, it could kill her, with a wide variance between the two extremes. <Where did Marissa and Charlie find you, Pandora?> <Tahiti, Sean. It's a magical place.> Pandora projected the details to Sean. <I'm on my way shortly.> Sean refocused on Laurie and Abel. "Sara has recovered, or at least awoken." Sean's expression went carefully neutral, revealing nothing. "She's apparently reverted to being completely human and unenhanced. But there is still an issue at play. I'm going to see her." Sean glided over to the technician, pulling out her tablet and the flight recorder. After a moment of digital chicanery, she returned her translucent tablet to her satchel. "I've copied the flight recorder data to my tablet and the telecom data to the Qeeg system, Abel. I'll collaborate on mining the stuff from Tahiti after I check on Sara." "Of course, Sean," Abel assured his friend. "Wish her the best from me too." Sean nodded then began striding back to the transporter room. ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ Sean glided into Sara's hospital room and paused, her breath catching for a moment. It was Sara. The Sara she had first known, the Sara who had been the first girl she had ever kissed. But not the Sara who had become Avenger. To other eyes, but the differences would have been subtle, but to Savant's perceptions, they were glaring. And for the moment, immaterial. A part of her had worried that Sara wouldn't wake at all. Still, the coldly rational and efficient part of her mind subconsciously analyzed the difficulties that would arise in their relationship if she was enhanced and Sara was not. She could already see the stress Sara was experiencing having lost access to the powers and capabilities she had grown used to having. "Sara." One word as though voiced by a symphony, and Sean was suddenly at her side, gently restraining her from savagely ripping out her IV then enfolding Sara in her arms and pressing her forehead against her own. "We'll figure out what's happening, but what matters right now is that you are awake and healthy." Without regard to who else was in the room, Sean caressed her cheek with fingers softer than silk and stronger than steel, then gave her a tender a kiss. "You are the girl that first attracted me. Not Avenger."

    Sean sighed when Devin thought her comment was an allusion to the conceited potency of her curves when all she had meant was remarking on the drive of the skaters to push their limits sometimes resulting in injuries. Injuries whose scars she was sure they bore with pride. Devin held some funny ideas about her, in her own opinion, but she chalked it up to him holding onto the idea of the boy she had been inside the wet dream of a woman she now was and not being able to resolve her chrysalis in his own mind while projecting his own beliefs about what and who she was based on her appearance. "You're slipping, Dev," Sean commented, wagging a finger at him before gesturing at Bear with a thumb. "I think you've used that line before. I like him." Sean chuckled, winking back and giving Bear a nod and an easy, honest grin. "Nice to meet a guy who doesn't think he can 'fix' me. We need someone like you in Shelly, Bear. If you're ever in Montana..." Bear gave an ostentatious shudder, amusing in such a big man. "Montana? With... snow? Not if I can help it. Although..." He made a point of giving Sean another once-over. "If the ladies there look like you and can catch DeeJay's attention and Mari is hanging around... " Devin slugged him in the arm and Sean laughed again. She was out as a lesbian - few knew and fewer suspected she had been born a boy - and nobody but Courtney and Chet had the audacity to say anything about it to her face. But Shelly was a small town - if growing now - and alternative lifestyles were still looked at askance. She could see the question and disapproval in the occasional face that wasn't voice. There hadn't been a hint of that in Bear - and really, not in anyone - just an unconscious acceptance, with maybe a tinge of regret that they shared the same romantic interests in girls. Subtle and rare as the prejudice might be, it was nice not to have to deal with it at all. Which didn't mean she didn't get stares of disapproval of other sorts. Tawni gave her one measuring glance then promptly did her best to ignore the taller, more curvaceous woman to lavish coy attention on Devin. Sean suppressed a smile as Devin lapped up Tawni's teasing regard, playing into her hands even as he was clearly aware of it. "Think of this more as... vetting Devin for my sister," Sean explained with smooth fiction. "I was coming out this way and thought it would be handy having a local with me." She gave an overly dramatic sigh. "Alas, in Shelly, the pickings for a California Native are slim, so I had to settle for him. But it does let see where he's from. Gotta look out for my little sis, after all." Her smile turned wicked. "And of course, share with her all the juicy dirt I find on him, now that I've met some of his old friends. You guys gotta have some great, embarrassing stories to share about this guy when he was a kid." She bumped Devin's shoulder with her own, then made a show of crossing her heart. "I swear, I'll only tell everyone I know back home. Honest."
  6. Sean strode down the plane like a predatory supermodel as she slipped the flight recorder into her satchel. She considered going to the cockpit to destroy any instrumentation, but she wasn't opposed to the local authorities possibly deciphering what had caused the plane to fail, quite to the contrary. If they had someone who could even come close, that was someone to take a closer look at. She heard the helicopters, calculated their mass and likely complement on board and pursed her lips as she considered Abel's suggestion. She glanced through the hole in the side of the airliner, eying the approaching SAR and News copters. For a moment, she wanted to take his suggestion, using their air born departure as a distraction. But one or more of the copters might try to chase them - in general interest or believing them a threat - and in losing them, especially if they used Cape Town to escape them, the copters might get caught in an accident, rendering them or others in danger. "While I'm sure you want to get your hands on me, Abel," Sean teased her friend dryly, "I don't flying is the way to go at the moment. It'll just drive up their anxiety after the... revelation of us. The Qeeg is still in orbit, we'll just bum a ride from them and we can get to work on collating and correlating the data on board or get a port back to base." Or to where Sara is... Sean's lips tightened for a moment, a hand balling into a fist, concern for Sara rising again, in the hands of a stranger, Jaunt's sister and a pair of billion year old entities. <Sis, can Sage and I get beamed back up to the Qeeg? We got military and media incoming,> Sean sent to her sister as she shifted deeper into the plane to avoid anyone zooming in with a telephoto lense. <We got what we needed from the airliner, and I've already mirrored the data from the telecom tower.> <No probs, Sean,> Laurie replied. "I'll give you a minute to find your tongue, Devin," she said as she moved over to talk with one of the T'tauri. <Port Incoming. And I have something to mention to you too.> <Kk.> Sean gave a small, musical grunt when Kia gave them an update on the situation below the waves. <That's disappointing. Even if the kaiju has reverted to its presumed original orca form, you should have found something. At the moment, you aren't in danger of discovery. It's not likely, but are you willing to extend the search for a bit longer? We can get the Qeeg to recall you so you can avoid the circus brewing out here.> There was the tingle of discorporation then Savant and Sage were back on board the Qeeg. "I gotta tell you, sis, the Qeeg taxi service will be going offline very shortly," Laurie warned eager to surprise her uncannily perceptive sister. "The Qeeg has to go back to the Homeworld... and I'm going with them." To Laurie's disgruntlement, Sean didn't even miss a step, not feeling - or at least not displaying - any shock at the reveal. But she still saw the care and concern in her turquoise eyes despite her dry tone. "I see. And you want me to explain this to mom and dad, I expect?" "Would you?" Laurie pleaded with saccharine sweetness. "What are big sisters for after all? You are taller than I am now and wear the (much) bigger bra." "I'll do what I can," Sean replied with a half-grin, "but I can't promise you won't be grounded until you're thirty when you get back." Sean's tone made it explicitly clear that Laurie would be back, even if she had to cross the astronomical distances to drag her back. Her eyes cut to Devin for just a moment. "You'll have to negotiate any conjugals yourself though."
  7. "And I'm trusting the both of you with my girlfriend," Savant added, her turquoise eyes still flashing with ire thanks to Jaunt. She didn't make any threat or warning about what would happen if Sara was endangered, but she didn't need to. Charles couldn't help but take a step back and Tease swallowed. Sean gave Sara's hand one last squeeze then she stalked past Jaunt, following Chimera and Sage to the teleporter room, though she kept her hand to herself, despite Abel's sympathetic intentions. She gave Abel a one shoulder shrug, thanking him for his concern but preferring to keep to herself for the moment. I hope Pandora has an answer for me, and more importantly, for Sara... "I'm heading down to the plane to recover the flight recorder and see if I can pick up anything else one site. Oracle," Savant's lips twitched at the callsign, "would you have the Qeeg sent everything they recorded on the Quantum Event to my tablet? Between that and what got recorded on the black box of the Air France Flight, I may be able to triangulate an origin point for the pulse." Her eyes narrowed slightly and she gave Jaunt a sharp sniff in passing. Devin might keep telling himself he didn't see her as a real woman, but he had to admit Sean had all the curves and features any woman would envy and any man desire and he couldn't help but admire the way she moved. But the look in her eyes was pure feminine fury. She was going to remember this and use it against him at some point, probably when he had long forgotten it. Savant's lips were tight as she perused the data on her tablet at a speed that would almost hurt an unenhanced human's eyes. While adapting the Telecom tower, she had also cloned the feed and recorded data on her tablet, in case something in range had reacted to the Quantum Event, giving her another point of reference. The tablet looked somewhat like an iPad, though in fact it was an early iteration of a quantum computer that far outstripped anything on the market and had unique programs and interface options. Her smooth footsteps were silent, but emphatic with angry irritation. She hadn't been doing nothing, sitting by Sara's side. "If possible, Chimera, try to recover the brain and possibly the adrenal glands or analogues. Access to the node and altered cerebral structure and the unique hormones present in a Quantum Enhanced Entity will help us find out exactly what's happened." She pursed her lips, projecting mental images of what the organs would look like and where to find to Kia, then nodded. "A piece of its spinal column would be of use as well. With the prevailing currents and the displacement caused by its own tremendous mass, and considering where it went down, the carcass will likely be found in this region." In Kia's mind, Sean sent her an image of where she believed the mutant orca would be found, along with dotted paths indicating descending and horizontal movement. Then another region was marked, in a different colour. "The secondary region is in case postmortem, with a no longer active node or access to quantum energy, the creature returned to something similar to its original size and mass." In the teleporter room, Sean gave the T'tauri technician - Au'Breen - the coordinates for where Abel had taken the ship and where Orcazilla had fallen. "Take care, Chimera. We still don't know what caused the Quantum Wave and whether it might occur again." She nodded at Au'Breen, a faint, amused curve to her lips. "Energize." Nothing happened. Sean sighed. "Ready to teleport." Savant, Sage, and Chimera dematerialized. Savant and Sage rematerialized on the downed airliner cradled in the sand and surf of the beach. Sean immediately shifted her vision, peering through the bulkheads and paneling to study the electrical systems and sensors permeating the aircraft - they would be most sensitive to quantum fluxes and she could try and decipher when and how precisely they were damaged. She looked back towards - and through - the tail, scanning for the box, likely orange, that would contain the flight data recorder. "Hopefully we didn't lose the flight recorder out at sea. We'll be able to find it, it would just take us more time I don't want to lose." In the distance the thrum of approaching helicopters could be heard. They didn't have much time at all it seemed.
  8. "Thank-you for your time and diagnosis, Dr. Mek'koi," Sean replied calmly, her face smooth as she looked down at Sara, standing close to her side. The cool, clinical part of her mind urged her to agree to the procedure, to study the aberrant response of Sara's node, as it could affect them all, the Irregulars and other Keys, but the more tender part of her couldn't be so cavalier when it was her girlfriend and her health. She twined Sara's limp fingers with her own. "But I would prefer we avoid anything invasive for the moment, instead resorting to observation. She doesn't seem to be in immediate danger and Quantum Enhanced Individuals seem to universally possess extreme recuperative abilities. The crystalline structure may be acting as some manner of scar as she recovers. If her vitals destabilize, we can resort to more drastic measures." She nodded at Abel, giving him a brief smile. "Including yours, Abel. In the meantime, I'll remain and monitor her, until my presence is absolutely required elsewhere. I believe I understand your medical devices well enough if you have other duties to attend to." With casual strength, Sean pulled over a cylindrical plinth made of what appeared to be ceramic, but when she sat down on it and crossed her legs, its surface shaped itself to her exquisite contours. Sara's node was still absorbing quantum energy, even if what it was doing with was still unknown, but the personal quantum fields of Keys had a distinct interaction on other Keys, hence one of the reasons they could often sense their presence. Hopefully, Sean's own proximity, as well as mental and audible voice would have a positive impact on Sara's condition. There was plenty of anecdotal and empirical that the presence, touch, and voice of loved ones could help those in a coma. She bent her thoughts to considering all the disparate facts she knew about quantum enhanced individuals, quantum mechanics, biology, every report and study she had read as part of Guardian Shield, every conversation she had had with Pandora about the phenomena of being like Pandora and her kindred and what the Irregulars were becoming. Her thoughts branched down multitudes of paths and hypotheses, endless permutations, trying to find the one that would reveal what was actually happening to Sara and whether she was in actual danger or not. Sean snorted wryly, a minute amount of attention noticing Charlie starting exploring his new capabilities and Marissa went over to talk with him. "The new guy seems to be adapting, despite his rough introduction to the fantastic, Sara," Sean said softly. "Then again, it could be the abundance of eye-candy distracting him. So, I was thinking, the next place I'd like to see... Pandora." Savant straightened on her impromptu seat, growing slightly taut as she cast out her mental thoughts... elsewhere. <Pandora. Apollo. Could I have a moment of your time? Something has... afflicted Sara, and I want to know if you've ever heard of anything like it before and whether Sara is in danger and if - what we can do about it.>
  9. "We'll see," Sean replied coolly with a slight tightening of her lips as she nodded towards Abel, acknowledging his request for the medical bay then gave Devin a grateful nod when he boasted of knowing the way. "Thanks, Jaunt. Lead the way. There might be something to what you said about Avenger and Super-Shamu, but cause and effect might be backward. Something caused the catastrophic failure of the plane, which isn't as simple as some might believe. And give me a shout when you all get around to Overwatch." Laurie gave Devin a baleful glare as she fell in step with him on one side, Mari on his other. "Her sister is right here, you know! And trust me, there's nothing more I'd like to do than take your calls, but I can't give the greybeards in Washington an inch if I want them to take me seriously. Bitching for time with my boyfriend isn't to help." Her glare subsided and she chewed a lip as one of her arms floundered dithering between taking his hand or getting a shoulder under his arm before she settled on linking an arm with his as a pretext to give him some support. "You could visit me there too, y'know." Sean softened Devin's brusqueness by giving Charlie a nod and small smile. The girl holding Charlie was cute. The one who had told him about his father was hot and fit. This woman was something else altogether, something out of a fantasy or comic book that left his mouth dry and his mind blank of any adjective or superlative adequate enough to describe her. "Jaunt might be a little tactless about it," Sean commented, "but you do grow used it. It doesn't get easier, no, but you grow used to it. We'll tell you what we can, but at the moment, I have other priorities." She hefted the blond girl in her arms slightly. "As I'm sure you understand. But Vanguard and Chimera will give you the 4-1-1. Later Charlie, stay strong." Leaving the bridge, Sean looked down at her girlfriend in her arms, at Sara - manifestly not Avenger. <I understand and appreciate the offer, Abel,> Sean replied directly to him over their unique channel. <But I don't think the need is critical as yet. You can scan for mental activity, to see if there is any - to see if she is merely unconscious or in some manner of coma - but no deeper, not at the moment, if you please? In her state, probing any deeper may have more of an effect on her than is prudent. Uncertainty Principle and Observer Effect and all that. But I will definitely keep it in mind if other analyses prove unfruitful.>
  10. While Lilly broke the unfortunate news to the new Key, and tried to comfort him with the late arriving Kia's help, Sean gently scooped up Sara in her arms, feeling a frisson of worry flutter through her, which she kept hidden from her body language and surface thoughts. While she had been considering how to suppress or negate quantum-based abilities - so encounters with their unrestrained or catastrophic use wouldn't have to be ended in a purely lethal manner, such as had just happened - if what had occurred to Sara wasn't temporary or reversible, it meant there was the potential it could happen to the rest of them. Sean didn't want to lose what she had become, to go back to what she once was. To regain her original gender wasn't worth what she now had, and honestly, it hardly ever crossed her mind. A mind capable of processing information on the order of enough petaflops to challenge or surpass the world's greatest supercomputers, a thread of thought couldn't help but analyze and simulate millions of scenarios on how her and Sara's relationship would change if she remained enhanced and Sara did not. On how Sara would react to once again needing to eat and sleep out of necessity. To no longer being able to to fly under her own power or feel compelled by the global consciousness of the world. Sean knew Sara well, and knew how to influence with a word, a smile, a glance, and what she would do in response to how Sara took the situation and reacted to it. The spiraling outcomes caused her more concern than did the possibility of losing her all encompassing enhancements. <On it, Abel.I know where the Orca fell, and I can account for any drift. We can get a sample later,> Sean replied with a flawlessly affected calm, turning her mental channel to the one she shared with her sister. <Has the quantum irregularity subsided enough for the Qeeg to get a lock on us and effect an Evac, sis? Remaining here will only cause a growing disturbance and Devin is down.> Sean could already the sudden spike in Laurie's tension at the revelation and continued with mental tone of assurance, certainty, and fondness to calm her down. <Don't worry sis, he just strained himself doing something stupidly heroic that I'm sure he'll boast about to no end. And in this case, some boasting won't be unwarranted. He'll recover with no adverse effects.> I'm reasonably sure, Sean amended, but didn't add. <If the Qeeg can accommodate, we while also likely have a newly manifested Key with us, as well as a casualty to be treated with dignity. I presume the Qeeg's sensors can pick them up.> But to sure, Sean shot Laurie the relevant details so mistakes occurred. <Give us a few minutes before enacting the Evac.> Sean turned, appraising the murmuring, starting, wondering, amazed, and/or gawking onlookers in the park. They hadn't witnessed everything, but had seen more than enough to realize what they had seen was unprecedented in their experience. Sean could see the mob mentality brewing on the faces about the Irregulars, whether they should freak out, run in terror, drop to their knees in worship or fear, clamor for answers, or any number of other responses and combinations of responses. With a calculated motion, Savant silenced her phone and drew attention towards her, and even with Sara limp in her arms, Savant's bearing was professional and regal, derailing the rising chaos. Then she spoke, her silky, melodious voice a breakwater against uncertainty, perfectly clear to most turned their way as she modulated her tones precisely to convey cool assurance and friendly, non-threatening authority as she switched fluidly between English and Afrikaans. "Ladies and gentlemen, I know you are worried and concerned by what you have seen. Air France flight 721 was struck by an unforeseen event resulting in catastrophic failure. In all but one case, we affected a complete rescue. As well, we are grateful that we were able to forestall any further danger or damage this event could have caused Cape Town." Her perfect lips curved in a rueful, sympathetic smile. "I know, the details are sparse and vague and unfulfilling. When we know more and the local and national authorities can be contacted, you will learn more as well." Savant shrugged, Sara shifting in her arms, and tossed her head over her shoulder, where Abel was still supporting Devin. "But as you can see, we have not gone unscathed and we have to report to our own superiors so that your government can get the information they require." Sean scanned the crowd closest to them and turned her penetrating, turquoise gaze stolid black man with a seamed face with short, salt and pepper hair and a neatly trimmed goatee, who didn't seem as phased or bewildered as most of the others. She nodded toward him then towards the passengers of Air France flight 721. "Sir, if you would be so kind, could you contact the local emergency services?" Savant asked, with just a hint of deference, acknowledging this was their city, not the Irregulars. "They have been through a trying ordeal, and while we will be making our departure shortly, they will still need tending to by professionals."
  11. From her perch atop the telecom tower, Sean watched the pulse expand beyond the bay and the battle at sea. The Irregulars seemed to have the Kaiju in hand and the pulse should ward it away from Cape Town if it tried to flee... it or its offspring or other members in its pod still unseen below the surface of the water. She was nodding in satisfaction when a Vanguard contacted her. An eyebrow twitched when the Vanguard explained the situation, but Savant's mental voice was clear and crystalline and sure when she replied. <Thanks for apprising me of her condition. I'll be right there. The rest of the Irregulars appear to have Orcazilla contained, as the situation now stands.> Savant gave the tower, its altered components and the flow and amplitude of energy coursing through it, calculating how much longer it could continue broadcasting the pulse, then leapt out into mid air. Elegant fingers caught the cornice of the building the telecom tower rose from, catching and redirecting her momentum with inhuman agility launching her towards a lower roof across the street. She landed in a perfect roll and came back to her feet in a sprint to challenge a cheetah. With entrancing fluidity of motion, she jumped from building to building, getting closer to the ground, until she cleared the last street and entered Hanover Park once more. In moments, Savant was at the Vanguards' sides, giving them a nod and smile of gratitude as she crouched on her heels to study Sara. Her dusk-and-dawn coloured hair glistened under the sun, and though she seemed cool and collected, Lilly knew this Sean enough to detect the concern in slight narrowing of her uncanny eyes and the faint frown of her lips. "This is not quite what I was anticipating," Sean admitted as she studied Sara on the cellular level and several spectra beyond human capacity. Vanguard had conscientiously commandeered some blankets to give Sara some to rest on and pillow her head. For an instant, Sean had considered Sara was undergoing something akin to a 'reboot', reinitializing after an 'update' caused by the quantum wave, but just as swiftly, discarded the idea. The medical charts - including her own - and scientific papers she'd read on base suggested this isn't how it would happen. "Then again, while I may be an expert in many fields, biology and medicine aren't some of them, beyond first aid and paremedic training. I can see changes in her, but can't decipher what all them portend." Sean tenderly brushed a lock of blond hair from Sara's cheek before standing back up and giving the park a quick appraisal, so see if panic was beginning arise that could put Sara, or anyone else, in danger, and if she would have to set herself to curtailing and redirecting their anxiety in a more constructive manner. She sighed, her only sign of stress, where a falling plane and a giant sea monster hadn't been able to ruffle her. "I'm going to have to get her back to base for more in depth analysis to find out what's happened to her and how she's being effected." Sean nodded towards the plane passengers, still largely unconscious. "Good job with getting them off the plane, Vanguard." <Good job, all of you.>
  12. Sean might not be able to stick to walls like Spider-Man, but she was just about as strong and more agile by far, with greater reflexes and balance. The fastest path between two points being a straight line - barring Jaunt-like shenanigans, of course, in most cases - she scaled the outside of the building supporting the telecom tower, as easily and swiftly as sprinting down a racetrack. In seconds, she surmounted the building and clambered up the struts of the telecom tower itself, until she locked her leg around one of the struts, supporting herself in front of the control panel. From this vantage, with her superhuman senses, Sean could see the swirling wall of water beyond the bay, the incandescent purple streak that was Jaunt, and Chimera's wing of broodlings being assaulted by tornadoes that were obviously being directed with intent. A shift of focus, with the understanding that all points of reference were one and the same and Sean could see inside the whirlpool, the huge Orca-zilla being pounder on by Vanguard with blows that held nearly the concussive force of atomic bombs. Orca-zilla was clearly being affected. Just as clearly, it still had a great deal of fight left, and even an accidental outburst from the quantum-powered monstrosity could cause Cape Town considerable devastation. They were slowing it, distracting it, but if it got it into its mind to tromp over Cape Town, Sean wasn't sure they could stop it in time. Let's see if I can change its mind long enough for the Irregulars to deal with it. Sean smirked at the secured, tamper-proof control panel as she slipped the canvas sack of electronic goodies from her back. There hadn't been time to waste, so she had gone for the brute force method of procuring the supplies - an overly sexy strut, a direct look, and a sensual plead that she just needed a few things. The dumbstruck clerk manning the counter barely had time for his jaw to go slack at the fantasy woman in front of him before Savant was blurring around the store filling a canvas sack with parts and tools. The clerk just had time to take a shuddering breath, his pants growing taut, when Savant was darting out the door again, giving him a peck on the cheek in passing and promising to return to pay for everything if Cape Town was still standing. The secured, tamper-proof covering on the control flew off and Savant got to work, cognitive thought operating at orders of magnitude beyone what super-computers were capable of. It wasn't that she was moving faster than the human eye could follow - though she was - it was that she was moving with such supreme economy of motion and clockwork precision that every pass of her hand seemed to accomplish a dozen things at once. It was like she painting the technological equivalent of a Renaissance masterpiece in a single brushstroke. Bob Ross, eat your heart out. Savant might have been able to redefine human understanding of physics, but she couldn't completely obliterate it. She still had to respect the limits of what she had to work with, but she could supersede those limits for a time. Which meant, while she couldn't turn the telecom tower into a Kaiju-killing death-ray (at least not in so little time) or completely disrupt its control of quantum forces, she could possibly mess with its concentration on those quantum forces and make Cape Town seem unappetizing. Her elegant fingers flew over the control panel, the intricate microchips and wiring as easy to manipulate as Mega-blocks to her eyes as she rewired and replaced key components with a precision beyond anything industrial machining could accomplish. She plugged in her tablet and wrote new code, text scrolling at an indecipherable blur to any but her. In moments, Savant had managed a feat of electrical engineering and software coding that would have taken Google (all of it) months to accomplish, if they even could have. She pursed her lips, then pressed the red button that reactivated the telecom tower. She felt the pulse in the depths of her chest as she watched the new radio waves expand towards the battle in the ocean. She was reasonably sure it would work... for a time. The pulse operated on a level that was beyond the telecom tower's capabilities - she could override those limits, but only for so long before the tower burnt out under the stress. She had altered the frequency and intensity of the radio waves emanating from the tower to specifically work on something with the mass of Orca-zilla with the estimated sensory capabilities its size and genetic derivation would likely possess. Savant was well acquainted with the quantum signatures of the rest of the Irregulars - other than possibly Jaunt and Sage - they shouldn't be able to perceive the disrupting frequency, let alone be affected by it. To the Orcazilla however, the pulse of electromagnetic, infrasonic, and ultrasonic waves should fill it with subliminal dread as well as hopefully mess with whatever concentration it required to fully utilize any quantum tricks it possessed beyond its physicality and ignoring the square-cube law. I hope it didn't hit it with its own particular brown-note...

    Sean's laughter twined with Sara's as she held her close, caressing her cheek with the back of her fingers. Their relationship had started with them both being outsiders, being together because there was no one else in Shelly for them. Afterwards, when Sean had become an idealized - no, not an idealized woman, but what she had thought to be and what she had thought Sara would believe to be an fantasy woman, they stayed together for the wonder and novelty of it all, and maybe due to a sense of inertia, despite having differing interests. But the honest joy and delight emanating from Sara in this moment told Sean their relationship was no accident or mistake, wherever it may lead. She wrapped her hands around Sara's waist, her turn to whirl her in a circle, then over her head with a grace and elegance to shame an ice dancer or ballerina. For just a moment, Sean wanted to through caution to the wind and have Sara fly them off for all to see, come what may, before better sense reasserted itself. The truth of what they were, and what that meant for the world would come out, but not today. Sean had grown used to having pics and videos taken of her, surreptitiously or blatantly. Even dormed, she was a woman of rare attractiveness and presence, and she was aware of every eye on her. There was even minor bit of calculation to it. Someday, the Irregulars would be revealed for what they were, and when some realized they had taken pictures of Savant before, she wanted them to see they were still just people too. But those were just background thoughts regulated to a lower track in her mind when most of her attention was for the here and now with Sara. Sean returned Sara to the ground with a fluid dip, pressing her lips to Sara's forehead for a moment, then leading the pair of them in a bow and curtsy for their admirers and onlookers, garnering another round of cheerful applause and catcalls, and a few laughing comments on the strangeness of Americans. "Best. Birthday. Ever!" Sean said, bending down to proclaim to Sara's ear alone. Fingers entwined, and an extra strut to her stride, Sean perused what else Le Marais had to offer, hand in hand with Sara. It being Paris, passing through one shop and in a fit of whimsy, Sara bought a rich red beret and perched it on Sean's head, to Sean's bemusement. Not wanting the day to be all about her, Sean lead them next to a boutique record store, where they found out France had a lively metal scene. Also, some record shops did double duty as Wine shops. Ah, France.
  14. <Don't worry, I'll take care of Sara> Sean assured her mount and friend, <Loop around to the plane to drop me off, then you can go all Cthulhu on Orca-zilla's ass.> As she banked around, through her resilient hide and fluffy feathers, Kia could just make out Sean's light and balanced steps as she glided to the rear of the brightly coloured, furry manta ray, Sara cradled in her arms and tucked against her chest. Sean had been calculating the relative velocities of Kia and the telekinetically manipulated plane and she didn't hesitate when Kia leveled off ahead and above the plane and leapt off her back. Savant could have made the jump from furry manta ray to plane with ease, but it would be harder with Sara in her arms. From her back expanded broadly splayed loops of PAM polymer, precisely angled to mitigate her fall. She landed lightly on the plane so agile and with such bodily control, Sara wasn't jostled at all. Sean flowed into the plane via the hole in the fuselage, the force field no longer in effect with the plane being so low. One glance took it all in - the Vanguard darting in and out of the swirling purple vortex, the edges fraying indicating its imminent collapse. The concentrating Abel, his feet not actually touching the deck as he carried the plane with the power of his mind. The limp Jaunt, exhausted from twisting time and space in knots... A slight frowned bent Savant's perfect lips, as she noted the quantum energy begin to be savagely yanked from the mitochondria of Jaunt's very cells and flow towards his quivering Node. Savant and Avenger slipped through the portal in the wave of a pair of Vanguards just as it collapsed and Jaunt's eyes flared with violent, violet incandescence. Sean couldn't but compare what she had seen going on in Jaunt with what was happening to Sara. Sara wasn't physically injured, but the quantum pulse had triggered... something. Sean could see the cellular mutations of Sara's node taking effect, the quantum energy flowing in and coming out altered, shifting the configuration of her quantum signature. It seemed very reminiscent of Sean's own dramatic metamorphosis, in fact, even if Sara wasn't evidencing any outward physical alterations. So far. <What I am going to do is try to make Cape Town seem unpalatable to our Orc-ish friend> Sean informed the Irregulars. <Orcish?> <The giant sea monster bears Orca-like characteristics, clearly that is orcish.> Standing watch over the improvised recovery zone, Sean turned to one of the Vanguard, offering her the blond girl in her arms. "Can you keep an eye on Avenger for me? She's not hurt, but she might be disoriented when she regains consciousness." "Of course, Savant," Vanguard assured her, accepting the supine Sara into her arms. "What's wrong with her?" "At a guess, her quantum expression is being rewired," Savant hypothesized. "As I said, she might be disoriented when she wakes up, but I have our mental channel open and active just in case she's concerned if I'm not around." "And where will you be?" Sean grinned. "Doing science. I may not be able to go toe-to-toe with Godzilla out there." Sean had doubts about how effective her Havok Rifle or Photonblade would be against something of such massive mass - she could tell the Irregulars its precise dimensions, mass, and density, if they wanted to know. "But I got an idea on how to keep it from the city." Savant focused her sight and senses, attuning herself to the plethora of broadcast signals and transmissions streaming through the air. She followed them and nodded as she found a particularly busy telecom tower. Just what she was looking for. She had her tablet and a few things in her satchel, and her hands were more precise than any industrial machine, but she would need a few extra parts. Arno had watched in rapt awe and amazement as the swirling purple hole in space appeared in the middle of Hanover Park and then women started coming through with people in there arms. He had thought them twins at first, until he saw the other young women who looked exactly the same coming through. Triplets, quadruplets, sextuplets. From the clearing of the park, not that far from False Bay, most had seen the the plane falling from the sky... until it wasn't. It wasn't hard to believe these women had something to do with that. Another woman stepped through the portal just before it snapped shut, but it didn't take even an instant for Arno to realize she was different from the others. Taller and more voluptuous, with hair that held all the colours of dawn and dusk. She spoke with one of the sisters, handing her another girl, then turned. Arno felt his mouth go dry. He wasn't entirely sure she was a woman, or human at least. A dream perhaps, or a fantasy, or a superheroine, but unambiguously real. He had never imagined such symmetry and perfection of form, and with a single glance, her haunting turquoise eyes seemed to know him more than he knew himself. He blinked and found her standing before him, the easy curve of her lips releasing him from his stupor. "We saved those on the plane and now we're going to do what we can for Cape Town," the vision said in a voice of pure music, in English, then in flawless Afrikaans. "But I need a few things. Is there an electronics or computer store nearby." Arno found himself answering before giving it any conscious thought, unable to bear the thought of disappointing this impossible woman. There were a number of stores surrounding Hanover Park and he automatically gave her directions to one that suited her needs. She smiled and he felt his heart skip a beat. "Thank you, my friend. We're going to stop the threat to your city, but you may want gather your friends and family and start heading North, just in case." Then the vision in a dark, figuring defining bodysuit was off in a sprint that would have left Usain Bolt in the dust. Savant might not have Lilly's or Jaunt's speed, but over these short distances, she was fast enough. She would need to supersede the limits of the telecom tower, but it should endure for long enough. She considered the Kaiju's mass and apparent genetic derivation, to determine the frequency, amplitude, and power she would need to affect it without damaging the rest of the populous. Essentially, a sonic fence written large to drive off Godzilla from a city, instead of stopping a pet from running out of the yard. Savant's lips curled in thrilled anticipation and challenge. Failure would result in untold amounts of damage and loss of life - actually, Sean could calculate the damage and loss to a frightening degree of accuracy - but there was no room to consider failure with the situation upon them. Do or Do Not. There is no Try. The Tao of Yoda.

    Sean's Might Roll = 3 Successes (+10 Successes from M-Str 2, if applicable)