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  1. They had spoken about whether to keep attending school or not before. Sean was certainly not learning anything she didn't already know, and she knew a great deal more besides. At most, all school was providing her with was how to socialize as the woman she was now, and she was doing that at school, on the base, and here and there around the world when she traveled with Sara, or occasionally, Devin. So while Sean wasn't surprised at Sara's proclamation, she was vaguely surprised that Sara had brought it up now with the others. She kept the surprise from her face however, finishing her burger and giving Devin a thumbs up for his seasoned fries. She sat back in the booth, turning slightly to get a better view of Sara and the rest of the Irregulars, and took a sip of her extra-thick strawberry shake. "Just because we all happen to be together, doesn't mean there's some terrible doom about to strike, Devin," Sean countered with a grin, "sometimes we can just hang out, even without gaming or anything." Sean did feel a mild sense of melancholy as Bunnee and the rest of the patrons departed, leaving the dinner to the Irregulars. The Irregulars were different, no doubt, and others could sense it, even if they couldn't exactly classify how. Sean had grown used to the deference and attraction directed at her, but it was still different coming from her neighbors and those who had known her for years, if not most of her life. "Which doesn't mean something eventful won't crop up." Sean arched a brow as Sara, pursing her lips in curiosity. "We talked about this before, I'm sure all of us have considered it at least once or twice. Anything in particular come up to make the decision clear for you, hon?"
  2. Operation: Toybox

    Sean reviewed the data Abel provided with a rapidity that would be unbelievable in any other company, but which Abel and Alec had grown used to seeing from the brainy beauty. Even before encountering the first big Asheen assault and discovering their micro-singularity power sources, she'd been pondering on how to manage zero-point - or near zero-point - energy production. Converting the kinetic energy of continuous vortices in superfluids, precise manipulation of magnets and magnetic fields, corralling the constant fluctuations of the fermions of matter fields and the bosons of force fields in regards to Quantum Field Theory. Sean saw many feasible solutions to the problem of power generation, both on the small scale for personal devices and the large scale, like powering cities. Of course, large scale power generation had a whole host of other problems to consider, such as other people and their greed, corporations and utilities, how to integrate with or rebuild the energy distribution grid, potential economic instability. To her mind, the technical part was the easy part, but she had been making plans, stored and sorted in the flawless vaults of her mind. "This is great stuff, guys," Sean said of the data, flashing them an unintentionally devastating smile. "I have several ideas on how to convert the power into a stream of coherent light, bound by a magnetic field. The readings on your telekinetic emanations have given me a clue how to manage it. As for a power source, I have some ideas in that direction too. We can plot out the math and theory, but it'll take some actually testing to see what works and what we can replicate intentionally. Hope your node is rested Abel, we're gonna need you to make us some custom components." At least with Guild Chat - or a select channel for an express purpose - it was easy to convey exactly what they needed, with a precision that was beyond mechanical, in dimension and composition.

    Here she was, and honest to god super-woman with a super-human girlfriend, fighting aliens and talking with beings billions of years old, and Sean could still marvel at the eccentricities of humanity. She couldn't help but laugh at the sight of those golden arches adorning a facade that was likely old before the United States was even a nation. The tall, striking woman savoured the kiss. Sean wasn't particularly cold - though she couldn't ignore it like Sara did - but the heat of her lips was sweet. Her talk with Devin rolled around in the back of her mind, but that was a worry for another time. Today was for now, for the moment, and it was more than enough. As their lips parted, Sean sighed, her breath pluming the air. "This was a lovely surprise, Sara," Sean murmured, giving her fingers a measured squeeze as they continued walking hand in hand, arms swinging merrily. "We never really did much for my birthday, I never really cared. It was just another day." Her smile down at the blonde at her side was fond and warm. "But it's different this time, I can't imagine why." She gave a small chuckle that could almost have been mistaken for a giggle. "Only seventeen, but it feels like my first. I'm alive, you're alive, my friends and family are alive. We've already witnessed and endured so much. Looking at it now, I can see the reasons to celebrate birthdays. New lives, new traditions, eh?" The couple continued their meanderings, finding themselves walking through a district full of historic and architecturally significant buildings - Mansions and manors, and former mansions and manors, now museums and art galleries. Dotted among them were trendy restaurants, high-end fashion houses, and hip galleries and boutiques. Le Marais. It didn't take long for Sean to note a peculiarity, even with full senses muted. The streets were far from busy, but there was an improbably high incidence of same sex pairs. And it wasn't just girlfriends or best bros out on the town. Sean grinned wryly. Sometimes it still felt odd to realize she was gay. There really wasn't any other way to look at it, despite any vague curiosity she might have had. "Babe, I think we just wandered into Paris' Gay Village."

    Sean replied in fluid, flawless French, thanking the waiter for the coffee and ordering a pair of dishes she had never tried before, escargot and confit de canard. The waiter seemed pleased that at least one of what he had assumed to be a pair of American girls could speak French, as fluent as a native and with the voice of a sinful angel. Despite the stereotype of the snooty French waiter, Sean and Sara had seen no sign of it, the waiters being differential and polite without being obsequious - even if they weren't shy about admiring a lady. As the waiter left, Sean sighed, inhaling the fragrance of the excellent coffee, the warmth from the cup radiating into her fingers pleasantly, even if she wasn't precisely cold. France hadn't been someplace she had thought to visit in particular, but now that Sara had surprised her with it, she was enjoying herself. While many places were closed, being New Year's day, the churches and cathedrals weren't. She wasn't particularly religious, but she could appreciate the artistry and engineering that had gone into their construction. Jules Verne was one of her favourite authors as a kid. And the Louvre was still open. With the future of the world and society as they knew it in such flux, there was something to seeing their history. Sean could tell Sara was searching for something she would like for her birthday and was concerned about it. Telling her not to worry about it would just make Sara worry more, though. The truth was, Sean was still learning where her own interests lay. She was as interested in technology and computers as ever, but her horizons had greatly expanded beyond them as well. "I do understand about habits though," Sean comment, nodding at the ashtray, a wisp of smoke trailing up to be torn into tatters by the wind, then tapping her cup with a long finger. "I'm still physiologically addicted to caffeine. An addiction I can break I assure you, if I put in the effort, but it's an addiction I enjoy. Unlike the smell of cigarettes." Sean smiled wryly. "I didn't mean you had to quit for my sake, I was just curious why you still did it." It was a worry that Sean had had been before, that had arisen again when Devin accused her of slutting it up, that despite her intentions, others acceded to her whims and desires just to please her - to please the idea they had of her - overwhelmed by her presence. She had used it to her advantage here and there, to be sure, but it wasn't something she meant to do as a matter of course. Sean's smile widened as she looked around, just the edge of the Arc du Triomphe visible down one street. "I'm a little surprised by France, hon. I was wagering on Germany or maybe one of the Scandinavian countries. I would like to see the Louvre, but how about instead of doing all the other touristy stuff, after lunch we just walk and wonder and see what we stumble on?"

    "The fact that you're worried about that and feel bad about it proves that you aren't as big of an ass as you pretend to be, Dev," Sean informed him, putting a hand on his shoulder. A hand that could crush steel, it wasn't a threatening gesture, nor was it a sensual or teasing one. It was simply an expression of human sympathy and empathy. Which didn't mean Devin wouldn't motoroboat those epic tits bobbing right before him given the opportunity. "Look, I can't promise what you're afraid of won't happen, but we're not going to cut you loose just because you break up with my sister, even if it's messy." She waggled a warning finger. "Well, messy to a degree, this is still my sister we're talking about." Sean leaned back, perching her ass on the edge of the counter, and rubbed a foot on the opposing calf and then switch, rubbing off the dirt and sand. "Dude, we've fought aliens together and saved the world, and likely will again. Don't get me wrong, if you break Laurie's heart, I'll eat Haagen-Daz with her and totally bad mouth you as a good sister should, but the judgmental looks will pass and you've endured worse I think. And who knows, maybe you'll surprise us." She waved a hand, alluding to their recent, if brief trip, a wistful curve to her lips. "You managed to surprise me and few enough manage that nowadays." In other ways, he didn't surprise her, like how he commented on her clothing and exaggerated how much she played up her sex appeal. She was self-aware enough to know she played with it like a kid with a new toy, but Devin was seeing it filtered by how he saw her when she was boy and now as a woman. She wore jeans and t-shirts more often than not, but when she wore a dress or skirt or heels - or yes, yoga pants - it stood out to him more than when any other person he had always known as a girl wore the same. Yes, her legs were really long, her tits were nothing less than big, she couldn't really hide them and people noticed. If she and another less endowed girl wore the same shirt, she was automatically considered more inappropriate or sexualized if she showed a bit of cleavage even if the other girl was showing off half her goods. It was a double-standard Laurie had mentioned before that Sean only could really understand once she was on the same side of it as Laurie. Devin might be as perceptiive as she was, but there were still things he was blind to. "Now, I want you consider a few things before you wallow in a failure and a disappointment you haven't perpetuated yet. One, if you break up with Laurie, that doesn't mean it has to be acrimonious and full of drama. You guys might just find out you're better as friends than more and maturely decide to keep your relationship that way or move it back to that." She smirked a bit a nudged him with a shoulder. "Well, Laurie might be adult enough to do it. And speaking of Laurie, what if she's the one to break up with you?" Devin blinked. Break up with him? It took him a moment to really his not-quite-unassailable confidence and ego. "What lady could pass on this awesomeness?" "I know right?" Sean sighed in feigned agreement, rolling her eyes. "Women are always changing their minds. And Laurie can be contrary at the best of times, just to make a point. And if she does, If you need someone to listen or just vent on, feel free to jaunt over. If nothing else, I might be able to explain where Laurie is coming from. But what I mean is your relationship doesn't just go one way and how it progresses or ended isn't just on you Dev." While she let Devin wrap his head around the fact any relationship he might have with Laurie didn't solely revolve his every action, with triumph or mistake, Sean popped another pizza roll into her mouth than sipped on her Pepsi. "One more thing I want you think on. When you were back in California, where you still the jerk you convinced almost everyone in Shelly you are?" Sean asked, her eyes not condemning or judging, just inquisitive. "Well... " Devin reached up and rubbed the back of his neck with his fingers. "Better weather, my friends were there, better access to Olympic facilities. Shelly on the other hand..." Sean nodded, not needing him to say it. "Right. Understandable if still petulant and childish. Here's the thing - you aren't stuck in Shelly anymore. You can literally be anywhere in the world whenever you want. You don't have the excuse of being stuck in Shelly for being a jerk anymore." She narrowed her eyes and folded her arms beneath her breasts. "And let me up the ante a little with some ego-stroking. I'm very really wrong - now anyway - so I double dog dare you to prove me - to prove us - wrong about you." Her lips curved in a challenging smirk. "I think you're enough of an ass to succeed in proving me wrong in how much of a jerk you are." Sean stepped back over to the couch and sprawled out on it, relaxed, and scooped up a controller. She glanced over a shoulder back at Devin, a private smile on her lips. "And just because you might not see the 'real' me often, doesn't mean Sara doesn't." She dipped her head towards him, granting him a point. "But I'll see what I can do about letting you see her more often without having to surprise me. Now get over here so I can beat the shit out of Batman some more."
  6. Operation: Toybox

    Sean nodded her agreement. "It might look fantastic on the screen, but a solid beam would be a massive power sink to little benefit save collateral damage or a cutting tool. Semi-auto pulses is the way to go as a base. Other firing options could be enabled or added to later iterations, with the bearer taking responsibility for the pros and cons for their use, like overheating the weapon or draining the battery." Sean pursed her lips. They were starting on a small scale, but nebulous ideas were already percolating in her head on how to adapt the ideas for a larger scale in the future, like spaceship-mounted weapons. The Asheen had been devastated, but that didn't mean the Overlords didn't have other servitor races, let alone their own directly subordinate minions. Earth would need its own - unified - defense force, one capable of functioning in space. Not just so it didn't have to rely on a handful of superpowered teens or a friendly alien race like the T'tauri, but so it could also aid current and future allies. But those were still plans for a distant time. So far. "As for the military, well... we're working on this on our own. I have some contacts in the manufacturing sectors and with Abel's talents, we should be able to get or make whatever components we need for a limited supply run. We simply don't share our research and designs until we're ready to share them and more importantly, they're ready to see them. That might sound conceited, but with sharing the technology we develop, we bear at least some responsibility for its use." It was also a means of leverage. Sean wasn't naive by any means, the military and government, or at least most members, would do anything to manipulate and control them. As long as the Irregulars had something the government couldn't get anywhere else however, they had a means of negotiating on a more even basis. And seeing just what the Asheen could throw at them, Sean knew they couldn't think of things in terms of single nations anymore. It simply wouldn't be enough.
  7. Operation: Toybox

    "The most likely way to stabilize the parameters of the energy blade would be a properly attuned and aligned magnetic field," Sean mused, pinching her lower lip in thought. "I don't see why the field couldn't be adjustable to at least some degree, to fit an individual's style of fighting and reach." Sean began typing intricate derivations of Maxwell's and Guass' equations for Electricity and Magnetism into the shared program what looked as elegant and sublime as a Renaissance Artist's masterwork painting, made of numerals and symbols, mathematics her infinite palette. Many variables were yet unknown, such as the power and the exactly what the blade would be composed of, but a properly adjusted magnetic field should do the trick. "For a power source, I had originally considered a micro-singularity engine adapted from the Asheen tech, but I'm not sure if we could make one small enough to do the job, nor if we could direct and focus the output precisely in the way that would be required. My second idea feels more elegant and I think would flow into your considerations, Alec." She nodded at the youngest of the trio of brainiacs. "An active quantum field may be able to power the energy blade, if suitably magnified and aligned. A pro - or con - depending on who's asked, would be that each weapon would have to be attuned to a particular person's quantum field and wouldn't work for anyone else. Hmm... or possibly only at vastly reduced capacity. We would also need some sort of transformer lens or emitter to turn the output into the right frequency of coherent light or particle beam, possibly plasma..." Sean trailed off as she started adding headings for various concepts for power sources and blade composition. "Some of this will be adaptable for the firearm, though a more 'conventional'," Sean smiled wryly as she made air quotes, considering 'conventional' would be a relative term in what they would come up with, "power source should work. We should be able to design sidearm and rifle configurations readily enough, by increasing power output and adding focusing mechanisms in series. My coilgun firearms work on an analogous principle."

    "Funny thing is, most of the time, I don't feel sixteen, Dev," Sean admitted with a sigh as she released her hold on her node and bloomed back into her enhanced self. She wasn't mad or irritated with Devin, they just saw things differently, even if they both saw clearer and further than any human that had come before them. "All this knowledge and skill I got with my metamorphosis, even free of the actual experience of earning them, it ages you in ways. At least, it seems to." Sean flowed to her feet and sauntered over to the kitchenette - having to actually walk the intervening distance - and reached around Devin to filch a pizza roll from the pan with her bare fingers. She leaned back against the counter, chewing thoughtfully. Still a bit under cooked, the pizza roll was still tasty. She had made a large batch of them and frozen the leftovers for another time. "But you misunderstood my intent." She brushed the hair from her face and nodded around the converted barn. "This is home, but just for now. I never planned on living here forever, with or without Sara. Bill Gates has Xanadu 2.0, even before... this, I had dreams of building my own fantastic haven. As you said, we're still discovering who we are, together and apart." She smiled enigmatically and arched a brow, letting Devin read into it what he may. "Some curiosities I have Sara can't answer." "I-" "No." Sean wouldn't even let Devin finish the thought, let alone the question or proposition. "Here's the thing, I'm into this relationship for as long as it lasts, instead of seeing it - or at least expecting it - to be temporary. I believe Sara is too." Sean got out a plate and some paper towels to share the pizza rolls - a pointed glare told Devin that he was sharing, whether he wanted to or not. She snagged herself a Pepsi from the fridge and with a nod of her head, asked what Devin wanted then rolled her eyes and got him his damned Cherry Coke. "Devin, over a long enough period of time, everything is temporary," Sean continued. "And at the least - barring premature deadening - we're going to live two or three centuries from what I can tell. On the far side... well, look at Pandora. But thinking of everything as temporary, transitory... " This time, it was Sean who shuddered. "I think one would go insane. Or lose any sense of connection or empathy with others, which is a type of insanity, I suppose. That's besides the point. We have time, Devin, great heaping gobs of it. There's not need to burn through a relationship to get to the next one, afraid you're missing out." There was a faint warning tone in her voice, considering Devin was in... whatever he and Laurie were in. "We have lifetimes to seek out all manner of experiences."
  9. Operation: Toybox

    Sean pulled up to the Cross residence in Little Bigfoot, the customized Challenger/Cherokee hybrid she had built with Abel's and Alec's help. The big wheels crunched on the gravel but the engine was a muted hum, an efficient electric model that could be powered in several ways. She was considered adapting a version of the Asheen micro-singularity power source to give it essentially unlimited range, simply because she could (probably). Because she could was the reason for a lot of the devices she pondered or actually built. She wasn't oblivious to their greater use or the ramifications they could pose, but the curiosity to see if she could built something fantastic and the satisfaction of bringing it to fruition were driving factors. And what nerd hadn't ever dreamed of possessing their own lightsaber. She, Abel, and Alec were going to see if they could make a lightsaber - particle-blade to avoid Disney's lawyers - a reality. Sean picked up the satchel in the passenger seat containing her tablet, a flash-drive of new software for running technical and theoretical simulations and diagnotics and a few rudimentary components she had cobbled together as an intellectual exercise. She strode down the path to the former poolhouse with brisk, unconscious grace, knocking on the door and pausing a moment before entering. "You ready for this, Abel?" Sean asked, her entrancing eyes bright with excitement. She wasn't nearly as enthused about building a blaster or particle-beam cannon, despite their clear usefulness and efficiency over what was, in essence, a medieval weapon. But a damned cool medieval weapon. She thought in terms of efficiency and expedience all the time, and deadly though it would be, she wanted a lightsaber because she wanted a lightsaber. "First thing to have we have to get straight is what we're going to build isn't a lightsaber, but it'll have the same basic function. I don't want us to get caught going down a dead end path by trying to make the technobabble Lucas and later writers came up with work. We have a great deal more - and more valid - options at hand, and can come up with more as needed." The prettiest of the mega-brains among the Irregulars tossed Abel the flashdrive who caught it with a thought and plugged it into his computer set-up. "Let's start simple and brainstorm what essential components we'll need."

    "We could, we can," Sean agreed as she scrolled through the available characters, sometimes flipping through alternate outfits. "Some of it at least. Energy Crisis, definitely. World hunger, probably. Though we'd have to watch out for the law of unintended consequences of course. Free and instant, unlimited energy and food and economies will collapse, etc etc. But abolish crime? Mitigate it, for sure, but abolish it?" she mused as she made her selection. "C'mon, puddin', are you for realsies? Mistah J, the only way we're gonna get rid of crime is by gettin' rid of free will too." It was an almost flawless imitation of Harley Quinn's signature voice and inflections, the character Sean had selected, though choosing her Arkham Asylum outfit. She gestured at the TV as the game loaded, returning back to her natural melodious tones. "I would think the plot of this game and the Justice Lords episodes of Justice League Unlimited would be a fair warning of what could happen by people with super powers taking over." The random stage selector sent them to Kahndaq and Sean came out aggressively with Harley, another combo-heavy character. "That isn't to say I haven't considered how I or we would go about it." She snorted. "One of my ideas was to become the Queen of England, after marrying Harry and altering the laws of investiture during a subtle campaign. There are also tentative plans to become President of the US or Secretary-General of the United Nations. But ours would be a dictatorship, benevolent though it may be. It would take effort to maintain, effort aimed the wrong way." She sighed, and was put on defense trying to block Batman's rush of combos. "I think we have a longer road ahead of us. Trying to influence people and society at large, to start working towards a common goal and in their own best, enlightened interest instead of against it. I think our best chance of success against Pandora's brothers and sisters is if we can confront them as a unified whole, not as... as Gods and Goddesses and with our followers, whether true or forced. We've been transformed," her nod was for them both, "and not just in body, but in how we perceive and interact with the world. I believe we're gonna have to transform the global psyche as well, to succeed." "That easy, eh, just... poof and kumbaya?" Devin scoffed, trying to tie Sean up in a corner with cheap, quick combos. "Never said it would be easy," Sean countered as she countered in game and slipped free, Harley's Mallet coming out to deal some pain. "Nor am I expecting to accomplish some Star Trek Federation Utopia shit either. Just getting us, the collective us of Earth, to something better than what we have now, where greed is good and the 1% reap the most benefit from everyone's effort. Long-term goals, eh?" Sean shot Devin a quick scowl. "And I wear sensible shoes plenty, thankyouverymuch," she retorted, paraphrasing Devin's earlier words. He was reconsidering how girlish or guyish Sean really was, considering the hint of pique in her voice. "I just have some non-sensible ones for certain occasions and outfits." She sighed again, slumping a bit into the couch. "You were a dick to me then, and you're being a dick to me now, if admittedly less of one, and probably not even meaning to," she commented. She sounded merely conversational, but Harley on screen was getting particularly vicious. "Yes, I'm a complete over-compensation as a woman - or person, if you insist," Sean admitted. "And yes, I rather enjoy what I am capable of - though I do hope I'm not rubbing it people's faces - but that doesn't mean I don't have some regrets. And I gotta say, it is rather dickish to claim I don't have or want an actual life or that I'm nothing without my... enhanced attributes." The first bout ended and Sean gestured around the Barn. "I'm trying to make a home here for Sara and I. I'd still like to more video games and a successful gaming company, even if I am also looking at them in the context of them possibly being something to enable societal change. I go to concerts, and not to show off how 'hawt' I am, but to enjoy the music, or at least to see Sara enjoy the music. If I want more, that doesn't mean I don't also want the same things most other people want. We're just gonna have to find that balance between the fantastic things we do and whatever each of consider a 'normal' life, and naturally, that balance isn't going the be the same for all of us." Sean's tone turned... not sad or bitter or regretful, exactly. Maybe something closer to wistful. "It would be insanely self-centered to be ungrateful for what I have, but you aren't entirely wrong about me missing out on stuff. I've always been good with computers and video games." She demonstrated with punishing series of intricate combos. "But I had to work to develop my talent. I had failures, and felt the satisfaction overcoming them and developing new skills. I've skipped that now for so many things. I still feel satisfaction in coming up with a new idea, or accomplishing something with excellence. But in most cases, I didn't get to fumble, humorously and/or embarrassingly, when trying something for the first time or learning a new skill, didn't get to witness my progress from novice to expert, to look back on it and see all the work I put into it. I miss that." Sean was silent for a long moment, setting the controller aside and letting Devin play a few rounds online, before continuing in a soft voice. "Y'know how Lilly can shut her node and become..." Her lips quirked wryly, "... human?" "Uh-huh. She still has a great ass." Sean ticked a finger in the air, acknowledging his point. "I can do it too, now. I think we all can now, since the battle of Kemu Valley. Some kind of forced evolutionary defense mechanism due to being over-inundated with quantum particles there. I've tried it, to more or less see if what you said was true." Left unsaid, but heard anyway, was would she be a man or woman with her powers locked away. Devin felt... something, and looked over. Sean looked the same, and she didn't. She didn't have the superhuman perfection anymore, though she was still at least as attractive as any model he could think of, only his enhanced perceptions able to pick out the subtle changes. Her fantastic hair of sunset yellows, oranges, reds, pinks and purples had returned to her original deep auburn - a deeper shade than Laurie's - though her eyes were still the same entrancing turquoise that had ever been. Without the searing beauty and sex appeal in the way, Devin could see how much Sean and Laurie actually resembled each other. Sean was a great deal taller and more endowed, but otherwise they had a comparable build and very similar facial structure, though Sean didn't have the natural sarcastic curve to her lips Laurie did. "Ta-da," Sean exclaimed blandly, striking a pose to do Vanna White proud, while still sitting down. "It doesn't actually feel that different. Just... less?" She still felt that uncanny competence in nearly all areas, it just wasn't superhuman anymore. But how did she explain that to someone who hadn't felt the same. "It's... It's like not breathing - for those of us who still need to breath, of course. I can still do everything - nearly everything - I could before, it just takes more effort and feels more.... unnatural the longer I maintain it, and having to think on it makes everything else... duller." She shrugged, trying to nonchalant, but Devin could see the effort it took her and in her mild grin. "Makes walking around with out garnering undue attention easier. Though the catcalls really aren't that much less. Maybe it'll feel different for you, depending on how used to or instinctively you Jaunt around, despite your claims of using your legs. But I wouldn't call it feeling 'normal'."
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    "None of us are anything like normal," Sean laughed lightly, pointing at herself with her controller as she supported the Reinhardt moving the payload on the Route 66 map. "And that's not even considering quantum radiation giving us super powers. I was a teenaged boy most people confused with a tween girl slash computer genius. Sara is a lesbian who sold pot while her father was Sheriff. Kia is a Japanese-Hawaiian American with a father who worked on super secret science stuff for the military. Lily was a super athlete like Bo Jackson even before being super. And you have Olympic gymnastic aspirations, right?" "Uh-huh," Devin nodded without taking his eyes off the screen. He wasn't as familiar with Overwatch as Sean was and had to pay more attention. Sean nodded in return, giving Devin a high-five as Hanzo's Ultimate made a breach in the defense. "Right, well, that is a rare thing. Not just wanting to be in the Olympics, but actually striving to accomplish it. Really, there is no such thing as 'normal' but even before, we all deviated from average more than most. We aren't normal." She nodded at the screen and the remarkably high-def action and characters on it, then gestured around her - her and Sara's, really - apartment. "We just do normal things. Play video games and listen to music. Do laundry and cook food. And sometimes... we fight aliens and save the world." They finished the match with a win and started another, this time playing on an Assault map rather than Escort. Sean switched to Zarya this time. As the match loaded, she gave Devin a sly grin. "I gotta say, aside from the boobs," Sean joked, cupping her abundant breasts and making them bounce, "which are awesome, probably one of the best things that has happened to us all is you becoming less of a dick. I had a big chip on my shoulder for..." she shrugged, "y'know, a lot of reasons, and you took more than your fair share of shots at it. I'd like to say I gave as much as I took, but we both know that would be a lie. Being less dickish with the power at your - at our - command is just plain good for everyone." Her grin turned commiserating. "Despite what Pandora's said, there's no rush to figure out what you want to do now. Take it a step at a time or dive right in, whatever pace works for you, man." Her lips curled wryly, "Maybe not too fast, when it comes to Laurie. Though I'm hardly one to talk, I am her big sister. She's trying to figure all this out too, the T'tauri, Pandora, you. She hadn't found that something to be super passionate about and now, a whole new bunch of options has opened up for her. And if you can't talk to your parents or find common ground with people at school, you still have us, dude, and my sister and your sister." The next match ended in a win as well and as Sean mused on which game to play next, gesturing at the stack of game cases and the menu on the screen for Devin to choose if he liked, she pursed her lips. "Speaking of our sisters, I wouldn't be so sure Marissa doesn't know about your powers. Laurie and Marissa are friends and I never explicitly asked her to not say anything to her about... stuff. If you haven't either, she might have assumed Marissa knew, or even took it upon herself to say something. Not saying she has or anything, just a heads up. Marissa might just be waiting for you to say something."

    "Of course we are," Sean admitted breezily. Around a mouthful of pizza, she flashed Devin a smirk so self-satisfied that the most indolent of house cats would take notes, then waggled a warning finger at him. "And the minute after I find out you have footage, you'll be corpse. Laurie will be sad, but alas..." Sean scarfed down the rest of her slice of pizza as quickly as any teenaged boy could have, though managing to look a good deal sexier doing it. She gave Devin a coy, sidelong glance as she flipped from Lucio to Zarya while she waited for the rest the Overwatch PUG make their Hero selections. "What do you need footage for anyway?" She gave a little shimmy, her undersized shirt creaking at the strain. "I know you've peeked at the goods." They both had ESP, though it functioned by different mechanisms even if the effect was superficially similar. She could catch Devin when he was peeking or notice when a jaunt was incoming, but it was damnably hard, even for her. She had to be focusing her sight on the right spectrum and be looking in the right direction. But she had caught the sense of eyes on her in the shower that didn't belong to Sara more than once. "Posterity," Devin claimed with mock gravity, admitting nothing. "Not all of us have - what I presume is boob-enhanced - perfect memory. No way all your brains fit in your head." "Please! As if you'd forget a posterior like mine," she teased in not entirely feigned conceit. She was more than merely attractive, was fully aware of it, and entirely unembarrassed about that fact. She stretched out a long leg and grabbed a controller belonging to the other XBone by an analog stick using her toes and flicked it at Devin, who caught it with unthinking deftness. With their enhanced agility, they made it look like a choreographed dance. "Here, join in. Someone already dropped the PUG." Sean pushed a few buttons on the remote and she switched the TV from one ridiculously large screen into two discreet, reasonably large monitors. She leaned back into the couch as Devin logged in. "But seriously, things are pretty good, all considered. Not withstanding the alien invasion and our billion year-old minder, of course. Been seeing more of the world flying with Sara - not as much as you, probably," she said, dipping her head in acknowledgment towards to Devin, "but found a picturesque island in a remote part of Fiji with a cabin we spruced up. I'm even starting to appreciate some of the noise Sara calls music - I think it helps when you go see and hear it live. We've caught a few concerts here and there. Starting work on a new video game." She flicked a finger at the pile of Devin's drawings. "Might have to confab with you on concept art." Sean picked her Hero - Lucio - then tossed her head to flick sunset-coloured hair from her face and gave Devin a wry look. "And... I get beat up and bullied a lot less now." She pursed her lips, then shrugged. "Catcalled and propositioned a lot more. I judge it a better than even trade, overall." She tapped her controller on her thigh as she waited for initial selections to be made. "How are things with you, Devin? Not with Laurie, particularly, just, y'know, in general."
  14. It was a lazy Saturday morning. There was a cold snap this weekend and frost painted the windows, but the sun was bright and the sky was clear. Sean had a heat-exchange device that Dyson and Lennox would give up more nuts than she had to have, but she was warming the Barn with the wood stove today. The smell was comforting and the open room was toasty. For a rare change, there was nothing pressing and Sean had no big plans. No imminent alien invasions. No lessons from billion-old mentors on how to be a God. Goddess, I suppose. No invention or new tech she felt the need to work on at the moment, since getting a viable lightsaber to work with Abel's help. Well... it wasn't an actual lightsaber, but it used a magnetic field to contain... The practical differences were negligible and they had even solved the radiation issue. There wasn't any gaming to consider. Though Sara spent more time at the Barn than she did at home, she had gone out today. Laurie had gone with their mother for some shopping out of town - and a talk, Sean was sure. So all Sean had planned for the day was playing some video games that she had neglected to one degree or another. On a ludicrously large TV based on a 8K LG model. But it didn't loom or overwhelm, being as transparent and slim as a pane of glass. And it offered 16K resolution, which she could adjust into displaying multiple discreet screens so she could watch TV and play a game, or was super sweet for multiplayer games. She'd finished the hardware and software tinkering yesterday, so it would handle consoles as well as PCs, and upscale graphics to the level that it could, considering the limits of the games themselves. It wouldn't let her cheat on any online games, just give her awesome graphics. Sean took a lingering shower in the bathroom she and her father had finished adding to the Barn last week. Sara's elemental mastery let them do it despite the weather. It had felt great working with her dad on a job again, something she hadn't done since Laurie had grown taller than she had been as a boy. Things had been different of course, but she had still recaptured that moment, that sense, of a more innocent time with her dad. Her dad had enjoyed the time too. There wasn't the space for a tub, but the shower stall was big enough to share. They planned on adding a full kitchen in the spring, turning the Barn into sweet little bungalow. Despite her impossible life, mundane and banal chores still accrued. Sean did some laundry, handwashing the underwear and letting them air dry. Sean snorted in amusement - there was no mistaking hers from Sara's, and it wasn't just the far more capacious cups. Only planning on bumming around the Barn today, she simply wore a pair of yoga pants and one of her old shirts, sans bra. The faded black shirt looked like an overburdened crop top, the green 1-UP mushroom distorted by her curves Though she liked cooking, especially baking, Sean even skipped out on that for today. Laundry was all the effort she felt like putting in today. She flopped down on the couch with the box of cold, leftover pizza and a big mug of coffee, more of a stein really. They had run out of the really good stuff, so she was getting by on the merely good stuff. It would do. Holding her piece of pizza by her teeth and smiling around it, Sean picked up the controller and turned on the console, the transparent going opaque with the opening logo of the game, the musical tone filling the Barn.
  15. "You say we were made this way," Sean said with a self-deprecating gesture are herself that alluding not only to the ludicrous change in the way she looked now compared to how she used to look as a boy, but also how they had all changed, "and that you had some hand in that. What about our..." Her lips quirked wryly, "... our rivals Courtney, Chet, and them? Or the earlier QEHs that occured during Project Stepping stone? Did you have a hand in their development at well? Is our ability with Quantum Manipulation a natural evolution of our specie's genetics or did it only arise through your interference?" Sean liked how she had changed, even despite the trouble it has caused her. And regardless if Pandora's inference has caused her kin to target them for termination or not, the fact was it was done, they had changed, and the First Born now saw them as a threat. She was just curious.