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  1. "How nice for you on winning the crowns, Courtney. Chet." Sean did not sound like she meant it, her enchanting voice dripping with condescension, suggesting the crowns for Queen and King of the Winter Ball were of the most trifling concern to her. She hadn't missed the look on Courtney's face or the tone in her voice. If Courtney didn't what they had just faced, she still hadn't expected them to come back, and possibly not even to have survived. "We just had a... small issue to deal with and now it's been... taken care of." Though Sean was speaking to Courtney, smirking down at the shorter woman who was her only challenger in looks and sex appeal, she had infused her voice with such seductive sultriness for Chet's benefit, it might as well have been tactile. "I'm sure your friend Otter can give you an update or there may be some details in the news in the morning. But for now, we just want to dance a little. Have a... good night." With the clicking of heels and extra sway in her hips, Sean led Sara onto the dance floor, flashing Chet a wink in passing. Chet might be following Courtney like a puppy, but he'd be thinking about her all night and she, Chet, and Courtney all knew it. Oh well, I guess I'm more irritated by Courtney with the crown than I thought... Sensual and glamorous, with sublime grace and skill, Sean took the lead as she danced with Sara, relaxed and at piece. Watching the coruscating bloom of quantum plasma shoot up into the sky from Kemu Valley, Sean had felt a schism between the woman she was now and the boy she had been. The superpowered woman had felt grim satisfaction - the Asheen had threatened their entire world and had been utterly eradicated for their temerity and arrogance. Their Overlords were still out there, but the Asheen were not and Savant accepted the outcome. The boy had felt guilt and shame. Yes, they had saved Earth, but how many worlds had they destroyed in the process. Inhumans eyes had been able to the rush of quantum plasma as few - or no - others could, and it had been the essence of destruction and creation. The boy had no doubts as to what had happened to those planets connected to the Asheen portal network. Surely some of those planets had been enslaved, unable to resist the Asheen rather than being wholehearted supporters. But then Sean had pulled her eyes away the beam of beautiful, terrible energy to look at Sara, her sister, and her friends, and the dichotomy had faded. There were safe and alive, her family was safe and alive, the world was safe and alive, and there was no shame or guilt in that. Over Sara's shoulder, Sean smiled at her sister, radiant, excited, and sarcastic as she danced with Devin. Perhaps Laurie hadn't considered all the ramifications of what they had done yet, and while there might be a time for that, it wasn't tonight. She nodded at Devin, unabashed in their accomplishments, thanking him for bringing Laurie home and giving her what he could for this night. They had face an entire hostile civilization and won, but for the moment, they could be the teenagers they were, dancing at the Winter Ball. Sean twirled Sara out to the length of her arm, then pulled her back in for a dip. She brought her back up then bent her head down to give her a deep, passionate kiss. It was good to be alive and she would never doubt the actions she took to keep her and hers alive ever again... ... probably.
  2. <Roger, Sis, stay safe and Jaunt, you better bring her home,> Savant sent back as she took down a flying drone about to blind-side Archangel. Despite the cool, professional demeanor she affected, Sean tingled from the waves of Quantum energy washing over her and the concern she felt for Laurie that she forced not to affect her judgement. Laurie might be wearing a T'tauri Mobile Suit, but she was still her little sister, wasn't Quantum Enhanced herself and now her life was in Jaunt's hands. <They're through.> Avenger acknowledged <Break and withdraw,> Savant replied immediately, plotting out evacuation routes for the remaining Irregulars and sending them the mental images of the paths they should take and when. She had studied the topography of the area for the original recon mission mission and directed them to go south-by-south-west, where the land dropped after a slight rise. <Don't stop to engage. The T'tauri force field will not impede us.> Her previous encounter with the Force Field and an update from Laurie had confirmed that. Rifle in hand, Savant swung around and loping towards the force field with fluid grace as she slipped around dead and destroyed drones, dust and acrid smoke choking the air. Archangel teleported to the edge of the force field - unable to teleport outside of its confines - slicing a path clear with lethal photons for the rest of them. Sage flew after him while Avenger swooped around and low to scoop up Savant from behind, her arms wrapping around tight below her breasts. Avenger's aura of plasma didn't touch Savant as she turned up the speed. Savant kept on her awareness the Asheen force, in case there was something in their movements that suggested the knew what their plans were or could do something about them. Vanguard moved on an angle to intercept the swiftly lumbering Chimera, who collapsed into a form much easier for Vanguard to handle. The expulsion of so much mass caused a spike in heat, then with Chimera in her arms Vanguard cleared the intervening Asheen drones in a single bound and turned on the afterburners to dart away like a bolt of lightning, Chimera's durable mutability able to handle the sudden rise in g-force. With Savant in Avenger's arms and Chimera in Vanguards, the female Irregulars cleared the horizon in moments as Archangel and Sage covered the distance as translocated photons. Then the fire and fury of the real light show began.
  3. "V-2, bomb," Sean commanded with cool urgency as she noticed the quantum fluctuation growing around Laurie's left-hand Vanguard-Protector. She'd seen Jaunt flitting about enough - both before and now on the battlefield - to recognize when a port was eminent. She had no doubt that Vanguard could survive whatever Jaunt was pulling her into, but she was less sure of the T'tauri device. "Incoming!" Splattering a howler into goo with a casual back-fist, Tuesday responded to Sean's request almost before she had finished the second word, knowing she wouldn't have made it without good reason. She tossed Sean the bomb in a flawless lateral pass, the bomb barely leaving her fingers before she was pulled to play the part of a living kinetic missile. Sean caught the bomb as if she had been playing football with Lilly all her life. She whirled like a ballet dancer, deftly avoiding an energy blast, her foot lashing out to shatter the pelvis analog on a drone-soldier and shooting another through the head at point-blank range with her gauss rifle. The tall, shapely woman glided forward, slapping the T'tauri bomb against Laurie's back. Or rather, against the back of the vibrant yellow, red-helmeted power armour Laurie's skin-suit had become. <Hold onto this, sis,> Sean projected towards her sister even as shifted smoothly, sighting through the scope on her rifle and downed a pair of flying drones that looked like multi-pronged organic spears that were threatening Sage and Avenger. Sean was considerably more resilient than human and her PAM suit provided remarkable protection, but the T'tauri Battlesuit was even tougher and was better suited for carrying the bomb without compromising either her or her sister's efficiency. I really need to get my hands on one of those... <Yeah, got it, uh... Savant,> Laurie replied, feeling slightly odd using her sister's code-name. Nanites comprising the T'tauri Battlesuit shifted, incorporating and protecting the bomb. Tapping a minuscule fraction of the energy contained in the bomb, Laurie grinned fiercely as she saw the readings on her green-tinted visor/HUD spike. <Hells yeah!> Laurie began firing anew with the arm-cannon of her power armor, which looked like something Samus Aran from Metroid would wear to kick ass . Balls of actinic blue-white light fell in a scattered arc in front of her, exploding in coruscating energy, leaving craters and charred or vaporized Asheen battle drones behind. She'd been sort of miffed by Lilly saying she'd already done her part in procuring the bomb, but her retort had died on her tongue when she had juiced her. That was a bloody heady feeling and Laurie had wondered how the Irregulars could act all... regular - relatively, especially in Devin's case - if they felt like this, or something even more intense, all the time. But the bomb had only been a part, and not even the biggest or most important thing Laurie had done, at least in her mind. She'd gotten the T'tauri to get involved instead of being observers, and they had geared her up in a T'tauri Battlesuit. More importantly, they'd unlocked its functions and given her a crash course in how to use it. As long as it had energy and material, the Battlesuit essentially had the power and capabilities of starfighter... minus FTL. This was her planet too. She'd hadn't been joking with Devin. She wasn't stupid and wouldn't throw her life away, but she'd put herself at risk as much as Sean or Devin or the othersif she could make a difference. And with the Battlesuit, she could. Flanking each other, the Cassidy sisters kept the T'tauri bomb safe, they moved at a steady pace towards the Gate. Glancing to the side, Laurie saw the cool, fiercely focused smile on her sister's face, the one Sean had always gotten when she had been her brother when he had been in the zone in a video game. <That's our side, guys,> Laurie said over guildchat, needlessly, relayed via Savant and Jaunt, as the T'tauri ship descended and covered the entire valley with a translucent dome. <It'll keep them from escaping and will contain the blast. Uh, the T'tauri also said, when the bomb goes off, we should be far away. Like, way away.> Sean might not have Power Armor like Laurie or be capable of raising Force Fields and Energy Fields like Sage and Avenger. She might not have been as incredibly durable as Vanguard and Chimera or skip through space like Jaunt. What Sean was, was aware. She could see, hear, smell, feel practically everything going on in the valley, with an acuity and intensity was almost staggering. She was almost experiencing the entire battle in a manner others would consider abstract, a series of flowing equations and formulas that she was able to adjust with the right input. It wasn't that Sean was inhumanly fast - though she was - it was simply when the Asheen sought to attack her, she wasn't there. A subtle shift or a slide to the side just enough to make the blow or blast miss, a casual saunter that moved her just out of reach. It was like fighting an elusive shadow, like engaging with yielding mist. An aware, deadly mist. John Wick was a pale shadow of her. Where others were superhuman siege weapons and artillery, she was an assassin. And she didn't miss, ever, every variable accounted for to make every shot a bullseye, as naturally as if it was inevitable. She could sense the equations of their existence and all she had to do was solve for x so the result was zero. Savant couldn't strike with the force of a nuke, but she didn't need to. It took surprisingly little force on the carotid artery to kill man. All she needed to know is where to strike. With her superhuman senses and a genius with mechanics, Sean did know where to strike. Though they were organic - for the most part - the Asheen war machines were just that, machines, and she knew machines. Headshots were sufficient for the common and more man-sized drones, her fist, foot, or glassy metallic blade for when they got close. She may have looked like a supermodel and had a supercomputer for a brain, but like Jaunt, it was easy to forget or overlook that Savant was super-strong too. If not to Spider-man or Vanguard levels, let alone Hulk or Superman, she was still at least as strong as say, Spider-woman. Her matte-black machete severed limbs and bisected thoraxes with graceful ease. For the more titanic war-drones, Savant had to be more canny. Instead of pulverizing their heads or liquefying their spines, she ruptured their internal power sources - sometimes resulting in a catastrophic shutdown causing an explosion taking out other drones nearby by. Or she disabled sensory organs and severed critical nerve or connective tissue clusters, hobbling and disabling their ability to attack or resist. Each one maimed was one that wasn't attacking her team-mates or getting in their way. With her encompassing awareness and a specifically designed coilgun rifle, the entire valley was practically in her reach and Savant watched the backs of all the Irregulars. Sometimes it was just a heads up in Guildchat and a suggestion on what to strike for, other times it was the passage of a hypervelocity bullet, followed by a touch of wind and a high-pitched whine. Though outnumbered hundreds-to-one - Savant could provide the exact ratio, if necessary - the Irregulars were pressing the attack and it was the Asheen invasion force who were being pushed back. The coordination of the alien army was faltering due to multiple factors. The actions of Vanguard, Chimera, Jaunt, and Avenger were demolishing huge swathes of drones, while Savant and Sage were targeting commanders and subcommanders. The former through noting patterns in the surrounding drones, the latter through direct psychic action. The Irregulars all beginning to reform towards the portal, Savant noticed something new. Under the carapaces, armored plates, and limbs of the larger war-machines emerging from the portals, she could sense small, discrete units of mass, much smaller drones being smuggled out. The Asheen Titans of War were immediately targeted by the Vanguard and Chimera, but there smaller drones went largely unnoticed... but not by Savant. The drones looked roughly the size and shape of a human eyeball, propelled by four equidistant, nearly invisible wings that fluttered so rapidly that normal human vision wasn't capable of seeing them. Their lines seemed subtly off from the other Asheen organic machines, leading Savant to hypothesize they were prototypes or new, non-field tested models. These were not recon drones, she surmised, as dozens swirled out into a growing formation centered around the enormous form of Chimera. There was something odd about the energetic spectra around them, all the free flowing quantrinos emitted by the Irregulars, the portals, and the internal power sources of the Asheen war machines twisting in a disconcerting fashion when they passed before the frontal lense of the eye drones, as though imparting anti-spin or a negative charge. Though inured to pain, the monstrosity that was Kia felt like what were pinpricks of sunlight on the back of her neck, if she had had a neck. Except it wasn't the soothing balm of a sunny summer morning. They felt vaguely... nauseating. Not good, Savant thought. Since conventional weapons - well conventionalish, since they were talking lasers and masers, plasma guns and particle beam cannons - didn't seem to be overly effective, it seemed the Asheen were attempting something else. It must have been new because they seemed to be acting slowly, but if successful, they could be devastating. <Chimera, alley oop!> Savant sent to Cthulhu's nightmare as she dashed forward in long, loping strides, commanding her PAM suit to toss out a loop of synthetic fiber, slinging her rifle on her back and drawing her pair of pistols. She'd need their firing rate rather than the extra range and power of the rifle. Savant's comment came with the understanding of what she wanted and one of Chimera's vintacles caught the loop of fiber and flicked. Savant was a tall woman, voluptuous and sleekly toned. Chimera currently outmassed her thousands of times over with a commensurate strength. Like a diving peregrine falcon, only going up instead of down, Savant was launched into the air with enough g-force to knock out a jetfighter pilot. Arms down by her sides, in her dark bodysuit, she looked like splinter of night, save for sunset-hued hair ruffling under the light of the moon and stars and T'tauri force-field. Then Savant began spinning, her pistols firing in a continuous rhythm, a melody played by deadly hypersonic hornets. Working on the principles of magnetic fields, her pistols didn't release muzzle flashes, only high-pitched whistles of death, spraying bullets around Chimera, each one finding one of the eyeball drones. They spattered into puffs of gooey ichor under the impact and hydrostatic shock. The apogee of her muscle-imparted flight and the apex of the T'tauri force field overlapped and Savant deftly twisted to curtail her spin and used her legs to absorb the impact with the field. The field tingled and for a moment, Savant was still high above the battleground, taking it all in with a sweep of her turquoise eyes... ... then she fell. Flaps of fabric grew from her sides of her PAM suit, connecting her wrists and ankles, synthetic patagia and suddenly Savant's bodysuit was a wing suit that she manoeuvred with preternatural grace an agility. She circled above the valley several times, eating elevation and decelerating, slicing at passing airborne drones with her machete to land in at a sprint to once more flank her sister, a pistol appearing in her other hand as though by magic. <Stay on look out for drones that look like winged eyeballs,> Savant warned in a crisp, professional mental tone and sending the Irregulars a mental image as her heart pounded with satisfied excitement. <I'm not a 100% certain, but I believe they are meant to disrupt our ability to manipulate quantum energy. Can't tell you how effective they may be, but it would be better not to find out. I'll warn you if I notice any pointing your way I can't reach.> She nodded as Sage relayed his part, her blade dispatching a pair of howlers that tried to jump on Laurie's back. <Almost time, guys.>
  4. <While Sara may be 'da bomb', she isn't the bomb,> Sean clarified with cool amusement as she rechecked the pair heavy pistols slung on her hips. <Sara will make the bomb, if Laurie can't convince the T'tauri of our needs or they can't get it to us in time.> Sean slowly panned her head around, picking out targets through sight, sound, and more, and plotting them onto a mental map, preternaturally aware of everything happening around her. A small tilt of her head towards Sara by her side indicated that she'd go in riding Sara-Air for mutual support. <We'll need the power-frame to stay standing to energize the disk - we may even need to stop the Asheen from bringing it down if they realize what we are actually trying to do. The disk is essentially the transit station for the junction portal. What we're going to have to do is go through one of their portals to get to the other side and set the bomb from there. The idea is that the blast will travel through the junction portal and be rerouted to all the connected portals via the energy disk. It's sound theory, with several contingencies available to us, and of course, we may have to improvise. Plans drawn in sand and all that...> With swift, practiced motions, Sean assembled a powerful looking anti-material rifle and slung it over her back. Dressed in a snug bodysuit of indiscernible colours and armed with deadly looking firearms, her turquoise eyes lambent and penetrating, Sean looked dangerous and almost too beautiful to directly look at. <I would suggest we move in in a staggered formation so we aren't clustered, picking off what we can, as though we are just doing a hit and run and not fully aware of the extent of their invasion. That will give Laurie a bit more time to get us our toy. If it she does or when it feels like she is taking too long or the Asheen start pulling out too many or too big troops, we'll make our surgical strike to break through their lines and go through one of their portals - the two-sided silver ones - and try to set off the chain reaction, using either the bomb, Sara, or whatever else we can scrounge up if the first two aren't feasible. We're all coming back from this.>
  5. <Well, since Jaunt was able to send Laurie up instead of us needing to lure the T'tauri down,> Sean commented directly to Abel, making a gesture down low with two fingers pointing upwards towards the sky and beyond, <it's a moot point now. It wasn't a preference, just an option we had to consider with what we knew and the time we have at hand.> Sean took several long steps to join Devin at the door, leaning back against the door jamb and holding up a placating hand. The look in her eyes was sympathetic, even agreeing with his sentiments to at least some degree, but also understanding there wasn't time for them to let disagreements distract them. "I don't see you as just a rather convenient Uber, Devin." Sean's tone was sweet and convincing, but it sounded genuine. She could have just been sweet talking him of course, but she had heard every word between him and her sister. Sean worried about her sister and truly hoped that she wasn't involving herself in this affair just because she felt overshadowed by her brother-now-sister. She didn't believe Laurie was - she was remarkably self-aware and if she didn't know what her place in the world was, there was no doubt she would find it. Devin's concern for Laurie was obvious, but what impressed Sean the most was him letting Laurie make her proposal, her decision, then helping her to make it happen, despite it being the last thing he wanted to do. It was one of the hardest things to do - she knew, she had done the same. "We all have something to contribute here," Sean stated, standing up straight and raising her voice for everyone to hear. "Lilly, your idea isn't a bad one, but so far, the Asheen have been a step ahead of us, and nothing we've seen suggests they are less than clever. They simply have more experience with this quality and quantity of power. If they have a way to negate one of your clones, they can negate all of them. We all bring something to the table, and in combination, we have such versatility and capability, the Asheen can't counter them all, raising our probability of success." Sean arched a beseeching brow at Devin. <You believed enough in Laurie to send her up there, the least we can do is make sure the effort isn't wasted, dude. Please?> Sean slipped around Jaunt and approached Lilly. "I don't know the exact mechanism of your self-duplication ability, Lilly," Sean admitted, "but they seem to be you in all respects, including mannerisms and personality." <We can hear them all in Guildchat, and I presume you can communicate directly with them as well,> Sean added on a personal channel to Lilly. "Don't know if you draw them in from mirror realities or create them wholecloth from subatomic particles, but I also don't know if your clones are aware of their limited existence. If they are you, I was supposing they still had a self-preservation instinct and didn't believe it was fair to them, or to you, to have a plan sacrificing them if it wasn't necessary, especially if you would end up experiencing that sacrifice." Sean quirked her lips wryly. "Nor do I think it is the best plan. Forgive me the pun, but consider Legos. You can make something using the same 'brick' over and over again, but you can make something greater using a variety of pieces." Sean turned, catching each of the Irregulars' eyes. "And together, we a greater than the sum of our parts. We can do this, ladies and gentlemen, I know we can, working together. Agreed?"
  6. "Hmmm..." Sean mused, idly looking up, through the ceiling and into the sky, in the off chance she could discern the alien craft. "While we will need to take to the offense, we're also going to need allies, serious ones. The Asheen, and the ones behind them Blitz mentioned, are interplanetary, or even galactic empires. Taking out an entire invasion force still won't impact their resources enough to stop them. We need to make the idea of an invasion too costly for them to contemplate." Sean nodded at Sara as she removed her heels and formed her dress - actually her PAM suit - into a fitted, tactical body suit that looked more like something from a Marvel movie. Her luxuriously styled hair shifted back to her regular, shorter punky look with one said razor-cut short. "Stopping the invasion won't stop them, but it will buy us time for find a more permanent solution." She glanced over at Lilly. "And I agree with your father - a plan predicated on self-sacrifice isn't the best plan. We'll need brains on site to figure out the best of action and where to strike, absent a detailed idea of what we'll find." Sean indicated herself, Abel, and Alec, then Lilly, Kia, and Sara, "Muscle and Firepower to hold them off." Sean gestured around the group again, but with a slight emphasis on Kia and Abel. "Versatility for anything else that comes up. And of course," Sean gestured at Devin in a manner mirroring Laurie earlier, "one of the most important things, a way to get out." Sean lips tightened as she continued, her gaze lingering on her sister, then going to Abel. "As for contacting the T'Tauri, well, unless we can ping them with satellites we already have up there, we have to do something down here that will draw their attention enough to investigate, like what happened before. So, either using one of the portal devices to spew out enough quantrinos to make seem like an enhancement in progress, or..."
  7. <They don't have nodes,> Sean agreed, <and I can't see any quantum fuckery going on around them. I'd conjecture, someones or something likes - like Hooli the bear or others - have been able to lock on them and use them as observation... platforms, as it were. There might have been an interaction that caused your vision, Lilly and it might have something to do with exposure to free quantrinos, but that exposure is just one of the many variables that allow quantum enhancement to occur. I'd suggest telling them nothing now, but they are your SOs, Lilly and Alec, so the decision is yours.> Sean flashed Laurie and Devin an indulgent grin, and shot Laurie a wink. "Man, we're sisters now, we don't have any secrets from each other. Just think of this as mild, very mild, payback. For your own peace of mind, I'd get used to it. Us Cassidy women can be a spiteful lot, even if, or especially when, we forgive you." Sean tossed her head, flinging her artfully tousled hair over her shoulder and glanced over at Lilly, her smiled widening as she snaked a hand around Sara's waist, snugging her close. "That is a wonderful idea," she crooned, playing along with the excuse. "Seconded. Shall we, babe?" Her fingers laced with Sara's, Sean lifted their conjoined hands and kissed the back of Sara's hand, then began leading her towards the limo. A bit of witty banter and a large bill from her clutch, and Sean was sure she'd convince the driver to take the night off and let them have fun with the limo before picking it up in the morning. <We're going to stop them this time. Kia, second guessing if we're back to 'our' reality will just drive you mad. Even if Abel wasn't so sure, knowing what you know about imminent events, what would you do differently?Let's move it, move it, and get this party started.>
  8. "Groundhog Day, Laurie," Sean replied to her sister, giving Devin a penetrating look, then glancing around at the others. She could see the fluctuations and intensification of their quantum emanations. The experiences they had all had had changed them, and not just in memory. Sean's hand gave Sara's a comforting, grateful squeeze - she had her Sara back. "Devin here, like the rest of us I think, just went through several iterations of how things could have gone, and that let him reexamine his life, his decisions, and his priorities." Sean gave Devin a nod that looked almost regal and her smile was appreciative without being sensual, for which he was grateful. It would have been awkward hitting on Sean in front of her sister and then Sara would Avatar his ass into the ground or into dust. "Thank-you Devin. While I might debate on how good of a brother I was, I am trying to be a better sister." Her grin turned a touch wry, though her turquoise eyes were particularly bright. What Devin had said had touched her more than she was willing to reveal. "And who knows, maybe hanging out with us, will help you be a better man. Laurie seems to find something worthwhile, despite her protests and exclamations." Sean nodded again. "The past is acknowledged and understood, so let's leave it there. What matters now is where we go from here." Sean looked around under the pretense of a casual turn and letting her classmates get a good look at her. Shifting spectrums, Sean looked through the wall into the Winter Ball proper. It only took a moment to find Clare - an unenhanced Clare, as yet, her features untarnished by the turmoil the Irregulars presence would cause. Sean sympathized with how she would feel, but hadn't forgiven her the actions she taken against Laurie. The recording devices were still planted around the place too. <And where we go from here isn't the Winter Ball,> Sean added over Guildchat, confirming it was reestablished. Her mental tone was professional and full of focused clarity. <Clare is no longer enhanced and the Asheen Invasion is still incipient rather than in progress. Like Groundhog day, things have reset, now we have the chance to change them... if we boot it. We go to Bulwark, give them a heads up and gear up, then we jaunt to China before the Asheen get their portal network online and disrupt it instead of the warp bubbles disrupting us. I would suggest leaving some Lilly and Kia clones behind in case we don't shut the portal down before they can send out some troops and as back-up.> Sean made some quick calculations that a Cray super-computer would have trouble keeping up with. <We might be able to contact Laurie's Martian friends before hand, to see if they can help, but that would be up to Jaunt, if you think you can reach them.> There was a pause and they could sense a frown in Sean's mental voice, even if physically, she seemed poised and pleased to be at the Winter Ball and with all the attention she was receiving. <I suppose Kia could Clone then copy our appearances so it looks like we're all still at the Winter Ball, so as not to raise questions about our absences, but really, I think that is a minor concern compared to a world invasion. Any suggestions or additions before we make our excuses, leave, and try to save the world this time around?>
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  11. There was the briefest of hesitations before Sean put her arms around Sara, this world's Sara, her embrace slightly tentative. This Sara looked weary, so weary in a way her Sara never did and she felt... delicate. Still, it was undeniably Sara and with all the unexpected deviations for their porting, it felt good to have her arms around her. Sean held the embrace for a long moment before she stepped back and unslung the pack from her shoulder. "See for yourself," Sean replied as she glanced around the... lair (?) with incisive perception. Sean could sense the boy - boy? He might be a year older than I am, subjectively, anyway - reacting as pretty much all men did, but he dutifully kept most of his attention on the monitors. Monitors... Could the Asheen be watching her, them, to see how they would react, using this reality, these realities as pseudo-simulations? A faint frown tugged at her lips. "But there's something more, Sara. something serious." Seam took a deep breath and holstered her weapon, subtly conveying she offered no threat, nor was it imminent. "I don't remember this... reality, this... time. I know you, Sara, or a version of you, but not... this, or him." Sean gesticulated at the cellar, the boy, and then wider, indicating the city, the world. "The last thing I recall was us, you, me, the rest of the Irregulars teleporting to China to stop the Asheen and then everything going wrong. Have the Asheen been here? Are they still here?" Sean sighed expansively. "I'm afraid I'm not the Sean you know, Sara, not entirely."
  12. "Well... fuck." Also very Shadowrun, Sean thought, returning the phone to the holster in the small of her back and resecuring the slim pack on her back, the authorities showing up just before a clean getaway and with a complete disregard for collateral damage. The police aircraft had responded so quickly to the forming portal that very accurate sensors to detect spatial disturbances/anomalies must come standard. The reaction of the police strongly suggested the apparent portal was her escape plan rather than another response by the authorities. Though six seconds was fast, it wasn't outside of the realm of possibility for Sara to come flying in, considering how fast she could fly, if she was on standby. That was what she had been expecting, but had begun considering other options when she'd been given the six seconds response. A portal worked, but just in case she was wrong, Sean drew one of her pistols. "Here goes!" I hope I don't regret this! Moving at a staggered pace to throw off any predictive aiming, Sean took several steps towards the tear in space then dove for it.
  13. At least one of the Irregulars have an analog here. Sean felt a bit of relief at seeing Sara in the remarkably clear screen of the smartphone, even if it wasn't her Sara. This Sara was older, harder, with hair shorter than Sean had ever worn it, even as a boy. Sean wasn't much of fan of it, preferring something she could actually run her fingers through. She wondered what differences she had painted with - in the dark, the reflective glass of the skyscraper hadn't been clear enough to show her any changes to the feminine features she thought of her natural ones now. But now wasn't the time to try and explain things, which would be better in person anyway. Nor was it the place, especially if she had just stolen something. She could feel the extra mass of three items in the pack she still held. "Something happened, I'm a bit disoriented, but I got it, babe," Sean replied smoothly. Just act like it's a job in Shadowrun and you're a Prime Runner. A rank 20 Initiate Elven Adept has nothing on you. "I'll explain when we meet up and get clear. Are you still able to extricate me or will I need to make my own escape? I'm on the roof right now and the coast is clear for the moment."
  14. Her eyes followed the black-and-white airborne vehicle until is was hidden from view by another skyscraper, a faint frown on her lips. The disorientation from finding herself in a new place, hanging against the side of a skyscraper was gone, but that didn't mean she knew where she was. She didn't think about how natural and comfortable it felt to be back in her quantum-enhanced female form, the strength, agility, and vitality permeating every fiber of her being, the clarity of thought and hyper acute awareness returned to her. Still, another channel of thought dwelt on the regret that she - they, she presumed - hadn't remained in the other reality long enough to get a chance to see what it would have been like to get intimate with Sara as a guy, as much of a guy as she had been, anyway. Alas, for what ifs. Sean took a quick inventory. Boobs - check. She seemed to wearing a PAM suit - a closer look revealed it to be an upgraded version - patterned in black and grey, some parts with a glossy finish, others matte, perfect for urban camouflage, urban camouflage here, at any rate. The cable she was hanging from was attached to a motorized ascender which in turn was connected to a tactical harness. The harness held several tools and devices, including a pair of pistols. Very Black Widow or The Major. She pulled one of the pistols free and gave it a quick perusal. It looked like one of her coilgun pistols, though a more advanced model with what looked to be an integrated suppressor. It must have worked on different principles however to be effective on the hypervelocity ammunition. She'd take a long look later, she had to find out where she was now and what the situation was. Sean activated the ascender and rose up the skyscraper swiftly, a deft touch of a hand or foot keeping her from banging against the side or spinning. Seven minutes, thirty seconds later, she flipped over onto the roof of the building. The cable had been hanging from a brace clamped to the railing around the rooftop. The rooftop was flat, with a section that seemed to parking for flying personal vehicles. Sean unclamped the brace and shrugged the snug pack from her back, but before she stored the brace or looked to see what else she was carrying, she looked out over the cityscape. She didn't gasp, she was too collected and cool for that - or at least felt that she was - but her heart rate did quicken at the sight. It was a dystopian cyberpunk scene straight from Blade Runner or Deus Ex. Skyscrapers everywhere. The building she was on was 311.57 meters tall and it wasn't the tallest one. All gleaming steel and dark concrete and reflective glass (or derivatives/alternatives) and neon lights, holograms and animated images on their sides. Layers of traffic - ground bound and airborne - flowed below in swift, uniform rivers of fiberglass, rubber, metal and light. Autonomous vehicles, clearly, or mostly. The only vehicles Sean saw moving out of line on what had to be manual control appeared to belong to the police. And the police seemed far more prevalent here, where ever here was, spot lights panning around as though searching. The background noise of the city was different than what she was used to or would have expected, the air much cleaner. Electric or fusion powered cars, the flying ones must use magnetic or gravitic principles for flight rather than conventional ones. Sean took a closer look at the terrain, the topography of the city and any writing she could see, trying to decipher where she was. She was alone in a Philip K. Dick or William Gibson world, her mental links down. She didn't know if Lilly's attempt had caused this - she wouldn't have expected it to affect the rest of them. And though she was alone right now, right here, it didn't mean she was alone in this reality. The transference might have disrupted their mental connections until they could meet up and reestablish them again. Sean saw two main scenarios - they were all in this reality, but scattered. Or they had each 'fallen' into their own. Well, potentially three scenarios - this could have been a future version of her own timeline, she supposed, but lets just deal with different realities instead of adding time travel to the mix. The Asheen were purported masters of Portal technology - that could easily translate to facility with pocket or alternate dimension technology. She looked up, focusing her vision to block out all the light pollution, looking up at the sky and beyond, looking for any significant new construction or objects in orbit and slowly widened her awareness towards any immediate threats. Were the Asheen here too? She would have to see if she could get online, see if there was anything on her friends - or their analogs - here, see if they existed here. And she would have to find out about this world, this reality, how it differed and how it aligned with her own, if she wanted to figure out how to get back home and back to Sara.
  15. "Dev, man, we aren't trying to figure out how Lilly does it. We're going to see if it will do something, see if it'll get at least one of us out of here. We're trying to do something, dude. And if it fails, we'll try something else," Sean exhorted. He nodded at Lilly. "If you're willing Lilly, go for it, but be careful."