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  1. UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK CITY (the present) There was a note in Devin's pause and apology that piqued Sean's concern, but then there came the urgent text message from McKellar. After what the Irregulars in Norfolk were dealing with, she didn't trust in the coincidence. <OMW by WT in a min> Sean texted back without looking at her phone, then tucked back into the covert pocket of her purse with inhuman deftness the human couldn't catch. "Excuse me, Ladies and Gentlemen Ambassadors, it seems there is still much you need to discuss among yourselves," Sean slipped in between the squabbling French and Italian ambassadors with sultry, demure grace. "I hope I have conveyed our intent to help all the peoples of the world rather than a select few, and I will be available to speak with you again, but for the moment, I will leave you to it." Sean nodded her leave then turned on a smart heel before any of the ambassadors thought to object. She had already left the audience chamber, her flawless behind and eye-catching hair disappearing behind the door just as voices were being raised. She nodded at Laurie, who had been waiting outside. Though Sean's face was smooth, Laurie still caught the vibe of concern coming off her sister. "Laurie, can you cover here, at least with the US ambassador and any Washington observers here?" Sean asked, pulling out her glassy black smartphone (or what looked like a smartphone), and tapped something out swiftly. "Something's up at Bulwark. It might be bad." "How bad?" Laurie asked, stiffening with her own rising worry. "That's what I'm going to find out." Sean disappeared with a blooming blur of muted light. THE WATCHTOWER, EARTH ORBIT (the present) Sean recorporated aboard the Watchtower, and gave the T'tauri technician manning the teleporter a grateful nod. "Thanks, Oe'Brinn," Sean said in fluent T'tauri, which looked vaguely disconcerting coming from a human mouth. "Just give me a moment." Sean took off her heels and formed her PAM suit from a pale skirt-suit into a dark, tactical bodysuit with integrated boots, as she let herself swell back to her full height and more athletic and buxom figure. A faint frown crossed her lips as she recalled the last time she'd seen herself wearing this was on the front of the magazine, where she'd been photoshopped into near cartoonishness. <Lilly, Kia, I understand your concern, but considering the resources they seem to have access to, if this a black or rogue operation, or worse, a more wide ranging one, we need to acquire as much information from that lab as quickly as possible before it gets completely scrubbed,> Sean sent to the Irregulars in Norfolk over guildchat. <And for that, Sage will be a great help, risk though it may be. Also, it will be easier for the Watchtower to get you all out of there if your guys are all together.> There was a weighty pause before Sean added. <This might not be an isolated event, guys. I've been recalled immediately to Bulwark. Don't delay.> Sean nodded at the T'tauri. "Energize, Oe'Brinn." The T'tauri rolled all four of its eyes in sequence, fingers sliding down the console, and Sean discorporated once more into motes of light.
  2. UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK CITY (the present) "... and while true, you have no restricted your advances and developments to the US, it does seem the US has... " Sean listened to the committee member with feigned attentiveness. Most had been persuaded to see things her way with smooth words and a subdued smile, but there were a few still digging in their heels, looking for anything nefarious in their intentions. But she would convince them soon enou -- Her eyes widened at the reverberations of the psychic assault on Abel. Sean hid her expression behind a sip of water as the representative from Italy droned on, his eyes more on her chest than her face, Abel's confrontation with the Quantum infused Brain playing before her mental gaze. She was preparing to cast her perceptions remotely to determine where Abel was when the conflict was ended with finality and it was revealed where it was. Naval Base. PsyOps. <If at all possible Abel, recover anything you can from the drives, digital copies preferably, physical drives if necessary,> Sean sent over guildchat as she continued responding at the hearing. "Your concerns are noted, Mr. Bianchi," she replied in fluent, melodious Italian. "But as I'm sure you are aware, we have been generous with our inventions. Indeed, in some cases, with universal healthcare programs implemented and certain assurances promised, other nations have been seeing more benefit than the US. And the Irregulars are committed to seeing world wide..." <I'll hopefully have this hearing wrapped up shortly. Some are just protesting out of habit or sheer contrariness.>
  3. UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK CITY (the present) Sean watched Pandora depart, a faint frown gracing her lips. Her superhuman abilities may not have been as blatant as the other Irregulars and many other Keys and in a direct confrontation she would be at a disadvantage, but her talents lay in other directions, which didn't mean they were lesser. To most, the technology and devices she was capable of developing may as well have been magic, and she was willing to share them. For the most part. She wasn't bending over backwards trying to make people happy, she was trying to encourage them to invest bettering themselves and the world around them. People were more inclined to do so when they were happy and it was strengthened when it aligned with their own enlightened self-interest. Happiness was a convenient - and gratifying - byproduct. Her eyes narrowed slightly, thinking of self-interest and Dr. Rashoud. Pandora urging her to consider the Doctor's suggestion was just making her dig in her heels against the idea. A... nodeoctomy, I suppose? A nodeoctomy seemed like an extreme measure as yet and she found it curious the Dr. Rashoud would suggest it so soon. Hmmm... "Ms. Cassidy?" "Yes?" The UN page felt himself stiffen at the sound of that incredible voice and he swallowed when those piercing, enchanting turquoise eyes were leveled at him. Her small frown disappeared behind an expression of polite inquiry so smoothly he almost believed he had only imagined it. The woman known as Savant may have been a few years younger than himself, but she carried herself with such self-possession and her eyes held such knowing, that he felt half a boy. "The Committee, it has reconvened and it ready for you." "Excellent." About time. Sean flowed to her feet and smoothed her skirt and adjusted her suit jacket just so. "Thank you for informing me." "If you will follow me?" Sean flashed the page a brief smile and nodded for him to lead the way, though she knew it already. As they approached the audience chamber, with each step, the click of her heels grew more sonorous and poignant, her presence become more palpable and enthralling. The committee believed she was coming to address them purely on the matter of the Irregulars and their connection to the American government and military and ostensibly, it was. But she intended to make it more than that, laying groundwork and pulling threads for later events and goals. She had researched every member of the committee and spoke their languages fluently so she could address them individually and en mass most effectively. The woman who strode pass the page into the audience chamber was something tangibly more than human even as she conveyed the sense that she was an exemplar of humanity. Her rich and melodious voice filled the room with resonant music without the need of the microphone on the lectern. "Ladies and gentlemen of the Committee, thank-you for allowing me to speak with you today and this important matter..."
  4. UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK CITY (the present) Sean had noticed something peculiar about Kia, something subtle, after seeing her several times visiting Abel in the lab when her vision has been attuned to differing spectrums and her sense for precise measurements of distance and volume sometimes giving her very incongruous results. In some ways, it had reminded her of a stable Portal, but she hadn't gotten around to making a study of it, partly because she had been busy with other projects and partly because she was giving Kia the time to bring it up herself. And it certainly explained where the mass for her more drastic transformations came from, since she had seen little to no evidence she was drawing it in from her surroundings. Extrapolating from that, Sean could see how something similar was happening with Sara. The absorption rate of her node made quantum-based senses useless, but it seemed her node was acting as the aperture, the funnel, for the energy getting pulled into the hypothetical extra-dimensional storage space. Due to its qualities, Sean didn't believe a PAM suit would help significantly, but perhaps one of the T'tauri powersuits, like the one Laurie possessed, could be attuned to slow the rate of energy absorption, to give them more time. She would have to talk with Laurie and the T'tauri delegates. In the face of Pandora's concerned touch and her bleak smile, Sean's expression firmed with resolute determination. Cold, brutal, efficient logic dictated a solution to the potential catastrophic posed to the Earth. It was one she refused to consider, a solution she exempted from billions of equations in her mind until any and all others were exhausted. Enticing lips curved in a brief smile as Sean brushed rich, mult-hued hair - bright under the noon sun streaming in from the windows - from her face. "I'm worried too. About Sara. For Sara. The idea of the extradimensional pocket gives me another path of inquiry to look into. If we can manage a controlled release..." Sean pursed her lips in a musing moue, speculating and calculating on Sara's rate of absorption, what the output might be if it was released all at once, and the effect it may have on Sara. Properly released, could it be used to turn her from... from let's call it a Lock, back into a Key? "I also have a possible trail on what may have caused Sara's issue in the first place." Circumspectly, she studied Pandora for any hint of recognition or familiarity with what she mentioned next. "Something called Operation Deadbolt. There's a few I want to ask about it. Have you heard anything about it, Pandora? Even hinting at it?"
  5. UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK CITY (the present) "At least we don't have to worry about instant planetary disintegration or mass extinction available upon request," Sean murmured. She finished her coffee and with a casual flick, tossed the empty cup into a trash can across the open hall. Having developed a viable Quantum Vacuum Thruster, she had several spacecraft designs in the works meant to engage an invading fleet in a variety of tactical methods. They certainly weren't meant to confront the fleet on their own, and the probabilities were still in flux if Earth's fleet - one that make a notable difference - could be completed in time. It depended on if the nations' manufacturing infrastructure could be tuned to a common purpose, if they could acquire the raw resources to build the fleet, and what Keys with what abilities could be convinced to help. They would have to speak with the T'tauri and Grutal Freen - and any other sympathetic alien factions they could find - to see what aid they could offer and were comfortable with... "I know," Sean said with melancholic acceptance and determined resignation. She glanced at the frozen people working at the UN building as she began peeling back mental filters on her formidable awareness. Always at least subliminally conscious of threats directed at her, this went further. She could sense changes in the universe that would affect her; she could... hear was not the right word, but know when she was being talked about or referred to, a ripple in the quantum field at her name she could detect. "We're a fractious, self-interested lot," Sean admitted. "Which isn't a completely negative thing. Competition can spur innovation, but too often, it stifles it. People believe they can only gain at another's expense, rather seeing we can all rise together. We have to show that we can, not just to new people's who may become our allies, but to ourselves. Else, your brothers won't even have to make the journey to eliminate a potential threat. We'll have done it ourselves." She took a deep breath. "I'm attempting to do what I can on that front." Sean looked down at her hands. Perfect hands, beautiful hands that could create and break, their flesh and proportions flawless to a scale the human eye couldn't discern. Her hands. They had all changed, were changing still, some more than others, some faster than others. But one and all, the Keys had been born human. Pandora and her siblings had come into existence with their capabilities - in many ways, they had started in stagnation. The Keys, the human Keys, they were still evolving, and who could say where it would take them? But the rest of humanity would have to evolve with them, for both their sakes. Could one survive without the other? Perhaps, but what survived might not be recognizable. "The Keys." Sean shared a look with Pandora, conveying what she was thinking with glance and a subtle gesture. "We're still learning too. But powers aside, we're still human, in that we have our saints and our sinners, each of us wanting to make our own marks on the world in our own way. And even if we align in goals, the paths to them can and will differ and at times clash." Sean twisted on the bench, recrossing her legs and faced Pandora directly. "You and Apollo have spent more time with him recently, and with your... prolonged experience, your point of view would be more unbiased that those of family and friends and their - our - prior interactions. Pandora, what is your sense of De-" Sean interrupted herself, pursing her lips in a tight line before correcting herself. "- of Ronin?"

    Sean's Theme - Say Anything: Do Better Season 2 Theme - The Avett Brothers: Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
  7. NEW YORK CITY, THE UNITED NATIONS (the present) "So, your kind were never human - sorry, never... mortal, I suppose I should say," Sean murmured with a frown. "It's not gods we're facing, but Titans afraid of usurpation by Gods." She snorted in wry amusement. "And Goddesses. Bummer." She had been hoping for some common ground to work from, but it seemed that wasn't the case. In Greek and Roman myth, the Gods and Goddesses were just humans writ large, their qualities and foibles amplified. That described human Keys accurately enough, herself included. They could bend and break the fundamental forces of the universe. In some ways, from what Pandora described, her kind practically were fundamental forces of the universe. They were also stagnant, with the possible exception of Pandora and Apollo. They had come into creation as they were, with no further need to evolve and grow. Anything with the potential to equal or surpass them must fill them with existential dread. They couldn't have peers, only minions. Sitting on the bench next to Pandora, Sean recrossed her legs and sipped at her coffee, studying the people. They still breathed, she could hear their hearts beating - in growing synchronicity - but they were eerily still. She might be able to accomplish such a feat with a carefully modulated command, for a single person and just for an instant. Sage or Tease had the potential, with extreme effort, and Sean wasn't sure they could do it on such a scale. Gravity. Electromagnetism. Time and Consciousness. Unbounded by rules, how would she prevent Pandora's kind from unmaking the Earth and those who resided on it? She believed she could see a way to prevent the remote unraveling of molecules and atoms, but to expand it enough to cover the entire Earth or even further? And that was just one means of destruction. She eyed the frozen onlookers once more, thinking of Keys and Keyholes, Locks and Deadbolts. Children of chaos itself, if there was a way to enforce the rules on them so they couldn't just flip the game table... "Thank you, Pandora, that gives me something to go on, at least. When they finally arrive, what do you believe they will do?" Sean asked, nodding at the people. "You've seen it before. Try to crush our minds and will? Or simply destroy the Earth? Destroy the Sun and wipe us out in full? I take it this isn't going to be a knockdown, dragged out brawl between us." She didn't need a Death Star to destroy a planet and a Starkiller base wasn't necessary to kill the sun. Progress was being made to get people off planet, but even so, without the Earth, what colonies they could produce would be easy prey.
  8. NEW YORK CITY, THE UNITED NATIONS (the present) The constant stream of interruptions at the UN were growing tedious and irritating - Sean understood Devin's frustrations in some respects, though she could not condone many of his actions. A thread of thought began analyzing the interruptions, seeking to determine if they were due to the natural chaos inherent to so many nations and other interests interacting - chaos she wanted to mold into a more harmonious order - or if they were being coordinated to prevent her speaking. A woman like her, she could change minds with a few words and time in her presence. A clinical part of Savant could see a game set before her, one with countless spaces, multiple dimensions, and innumerable pieces, a game for the Earth's survival and what will come afterward. Sean hated that she had to play the game, had to play if she wanted a say in how it was won, if it could be won, and hated that at times, it thrilled her too. It was like the satisfaction of building something and having it work at envisioned, but on a different scale. Most people were pawns. That wasn't a disparagement - in chess, they did most of the work and employing them effectively was a key to winning. She was trying to give them the opportunity to be most effective, to even move up to higher echelons. Triumphing over the looming threat wouldn't be one with Knights, Bishops, and Rooks alone, especially when all the Kings and Queens on the board were playing against each, or another game entirely. Speaking of Queens, here was one Sean had wanted to talk with, a Queen of unknown capabilities and goals, one who had played the game far longer than the Earth and all its pieces had even been placed on the board. "I do," Sean admitted simply with a nod, melodious voice modulated not to carry. She had been granted a respectful distance from most, but she was keenly aware of every eye and ear turned her way. She had surreptitiously disabled a listening device that had been planted nearby. Her lips curved briefly with cool rue. "Seems like some of us have had a harder time getting your attention than others." "Some of you need more attention than others, dear," Pandora replied with a matching smile. "Some of you want more attention that others." "Fair enough," Sean conceded. She took a sip of her coffee - Starbucks was getting better, experimenting with a Cornucopia Processor she believed. "I would like a bit of your time now." "'Tis why I'm here, Sean. I didn't believe you wanted to return to Tahiti for... training at my and Apollo's hands, as others have." "No, not at this time." Sean's smile turned wry. "Perhaps at another, depending on how things play out." Sean glided over to the railing overlooking the grand lobby of the United Nations building, her heels clacking softly, where the light from the front windows would strike her just so and where delegates returning from the front or several of the hallways on her level couldn't fail to see her. She was getting annoyed - she had another reason for being in New York besides the UN - and soon, she would start taking more direct measures to avoid wasting more of her time. She had played with the character creator sliders in her node, making herself shorter, but her heels brought her up to her original height, slimming her bust somewhat, and made herself look a bit older, a woman in her twenties instead of being short of them. Her make-up was subtle and sublime such that only a sharp eye would even notice it and her nails were manicured and shaped, painted with a rose-gold gloss. Her only jewelry were a pair of studs in each ear and several rings of apparently braided silver on her left hand. Her fitted skirt-suit was a pale cream, the skirt slim and coming to her knees, her tailored blouse a green complementing her eyes and her sunset-coloured hair, which was pinned back and left to fall straight and smooth past her shoulders. Sophisticated, a touch glamorous, professional. Sean still wanted to punch Courtney in the face. Many nations and their delegates were a conservative lot. She didn't plan on them even subconsciously considering her youth as a factor in what she had to say, or that she had been born male. "I wish to learn more of your... siblings, Pandora, them and your people before their... ascension. What were you like... before? What methods and tactics we can be expected to face when they get here. Simple annihilation or will they try to suborn us, dominate us? You said they can't translocate themselves through space." Sean eyed the elegant woman standing beside, a woman who was actually billions of years old, musing on her, her companion. Others. "Can they reach across the galactic distances to affect the Earth, individuals in other ways?" Sean turned from Pandora, and placed her hands on the railing, looking down at the lobby three stories below, all the people going here and there, many looking up to glance or stare at her. She sighed, but empathy and determination tightened her sculpted jawline. "Your people failed, Pandora. They conquer, rule, and destroy, but they failed. Mine are... Political and corporate greed and corruption are endemic, hate, prejudice, and nationalism have riven us apart. And yet, we have moments, many moments of greatness, caring, sympathy and hope. Courage, heroism, and sacrifice. Unity. I'm trying to curtail the former and nourish the later, Pandora. If fight we must, I want us fighting together instead of against each other, and to all have something worth fighting for. Some might want to burn it all down, but we may not have time to rebuilt. We may not like what rises from the ashes." Her hand tightened on the railing, just short of distorting the metal as she turned to face Pandora again. "When we win, I don't want us to look in the mirror and find out we've become what we've just fought against. I don't want to win to find out we lost in the end. Help me. Help us. Or we'll see it just happen all over again."

    ST #1: Build a sweet, futuristic motorcycle/hovercycle (or shifting hybrid) then use it for a notable purpose beyond looking awesome. ST #2: Encounter a temptation to serious consider sleeping with someone other than Sara, maybe even with Sara's approval or insistence - No, Devin does NOT count as a serious temptation. ST #3: Find out who stole Felix's Art Book and why, and warn Felix of the potential danger/save him from it if the danger has already struck. LT #1: Find who did the thing to Sara, discover what the thing is, restore Sara and punish the person with extreme prejudice for what was done to her. LT #2: Through technological advancement and subtle social initiatives, elevate the human race and develop a movement for Global Unity and the Will to resist the threat coming for Earth, so that all contribute instead of a small subset.
  10. Characters I enjoy

    I like the idea of the various versions of Sean Cassidy (clearly, ), I just haven't managed to write for him/her in a way that I'm completely satisfied with, which is one of the reasons I keep rebooting the character. One of characters I feel I wrote the best for was Yseult Sierra in Fox's Stargate Game. Admittedly, I was working far less back than, so I had more time to write for her, but with all the side-fics plus story, she was very well realized. I think the most fun I had with a character was Megagirl - she was a giant version of a Powergirl/Captain Marvel homage. She was also a complete idiot. I wrote just whatever popped into my head instead of dithering or over analyzing, and it managed to be amusing and fun.
  11. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    Savant will attend. Hopefully the President will behave and not precipitate some level of disaster.
  12. Embraced from behind, Sara didn't see the flash of irritation and frustration Sean made no effort of concealing crossing her face. While Sara had agreed with her more often then not after they had both been enhanced, she never been so... so meek and acquiescent with her. Sean had reluctantly accepted the shift in power dynamics between her and her parents, and how nearly everyone did whatever they thought would please her and never, ever told her 'no', but it was distressing having her girlfriend react the same. "... can to make things right, Sara. I promise," Sean murmured into her hair, giving Sara another hug. She suppressed a wince at feeling the palpable reaction Sara had to the sound of her voice. "We're being recalled to HQ, baby. Seems like someone back home is jumping on this faster than I would have credited. Did you want to stay here in the paradise of Tahiti, or come back with me?" "Whatever you think is best," Sara replied almost dreamily, raising Sean's hands in her own to give them a kiss. Behind her eyes, Sean snarled. She could have powered down her node, but the effect of her presence on Sara wouldn't suddenly abate, and witnessing the switch before her eyes could have an adverse affect on her. Through experience, Sean knew suddenly unveiling herself in front of others had an even more drastic effect. "Let's head back together then. The familiar surroundings will help and it'll give Dr. Rashoud a chance to look at you. She has some of, if not, the most experience with our unique physiogology." The explanation wasn't necessary, it was clear to Sean as she placed her tablet back in the satchel and helped Sara get ready. "And home will be just a short ride away." <Ready for recall. Thanks for giving us a moment, Devin,> Sean replied to the Irregular's uber Uber driver. Instead of the familiar sensation of being pulled through space and time, a purple portal irised open in front of the two young women. Devin was still in full burn-it-all-down fettle and Sean looked a question at him, which Devin answered with a glance at Sara. Sean and Sara looked an even worse mismatch at the moment, but the pleading and warning in Sean's eyes stayed Devin's tongue... barely. "Thanks, Devin." "Don't worry about it, Sugartits. You haven't seen your bill yet." "I'll pay it," Sean countered coolly, giving Devin a nod that intimated she'd pay whatever he asked as she and Sara stepped through the portal to Guardian Shield HQ.
  13. "What we're going to do, hon," Sean amended, instinctively modulating her voice in a way she hadn't had to do with Sara before, so as not to overwhelm her and make her more at ease in her presence. "You're not in this alone. Never alone." She quirked a wry, teasing smile. "Just think of this as an opportunity as experiencing both sides of the quantum divide now that you know both sides exist." She had seen the desire and lust, fondness and caring in Sara's eyes before, but not the sheer adulation and need. It was something she had learned to manage as a matter of course, despite what they Jauntsens may believe, but not in respect to Sara. It was thrilling... and terrifying, and it highlighted the disparity between them in a manner more immediate than a direct display of power. An idealistic part of her said it shouldn't matter if they cared about each other. Cold logic countered that the difference in the sheer scale of what they were capable of, what they were, couldn't do anything but alter their relationship in innumerable ways. Their relationship wasn't doomed - nor was it fake, despite what the Jauntsens might think - but it would have to change, in ways subtle and gross, going forward, depending on how the situation fell out. "But your girlfriend is one of the most intelligent beings in the solar system, and is friends with other, and can be very persuasive. We're figure this out." Sean shifted gracefully on the hospital bed so she was facing Sara, one long leg crossed under her, the other hanging off the bed, toes touching the floor. She wiped the tears from Sara's cheek with a gentle finger, the warmth of her other hand and the tenderness of her touch easing the tension from her girlfriend's shoulder. Sean took a quick glance at the monitors hooked up to Sara and resecured her IV. "I might be able to do something about our dropped link right now, if you like, Sara," Sean suggested, keeping her tone carefully neutral so as not to unduly influence Sara. "The innate one we had as Irregulars might be offline, but I was able to establish one with Laurie. I can try to with you as well..." Sara slumped against the impossible woman before her, their breasts pressing together as she slipped her arms around Sean's neck and rested her cheek on her shoulder. "Will you, baby? You're right here, in my arms, and I still feel so far away from you..." Sean hid a wince, hearing the note in Sara's voice that the distance was a physical one, or only having to do with their loss of their mental link, but that now one was a quantum powered goddess and the other now only knew what it had felt like. Sean tilted Sara's head up with a pair of fingers under her chin, turquoise eyes locking on blue. "Link or no link, no matter how far away from each other we might be we'll always be close in our hearts." Sean smirked self-deprecatingly. "Ugh, I can already hear the Jauntsens gagging. But we were many of each other's firsts. Whatever happens, that can't ever be severed." They potentially had eternity before them, according to Pandora. Over that span of time, there were no absolutes. But it was true enough for now. "Keep your eyes on mine." Sara stared, her breath going still, those intoxicating turquoise eyes - eyes that had attracted her even when Sean had been a boy half a head shorter than she was - seeming to penetrate her down to her very soul, seeing everything she was, everything she could be. Slowly, gently, Sean reached out with tangible will, seeking the mental path of the connection they once had, and finding nothing, blazed a new trail. "My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your-" Sara slugged Sean on the arm, who chuckled absently. The tendril of thought and will reached out, brushed Sara's mind with the briefest of contact, then began to unspool wildly and out of control, as though she had hooked a maddened Moby Dick who was seeking to drag her down into the depths of the abyss. Quantum energy was being dragged out of her at a horrendous rate. Sean's own node was smaller and less efficient that most of the other Irregulars and the sensation felt like road rash on the brain, her node being rubbed raw. Her jaw tightened, a hint of gritted teeth peeking between her lips as she braced her against the consuming singularity Sara's node had become and with a supreme effort of will, severed the connection between them as she pulled her gaze away. Sean took several shuddering breaths as she forced her hand to not clench on Sara's shoulder with bone-crushing force. It had been a danger she had considered after hearing the reports from the T'tauri and Pandora, one she had been willing to risk, but the intensity of it had been on outside end of her calculations. Had she not been able to pull free, she could have been drained dry, potentially even rendered into a state like Sara's. A potential remedy for Sara's situation just became considerably less feasible after experiencing this. "Baby? Are you okay?" Sara asked worriedly, seeing the flash of distress on Sean's immaculate face. "I felt... something, just for a second, but I don't - I can't feel you in my mind." Sean took one more steadying breath and turned back to Sara, apparently calm and collected once more. But her pupils were still widely dilated, her irises thin rings of brilliant, almost incandescent, turquoise. "I'm... I'm okay. This was a distinct possibility, it was just... more than I was expecting." "What was?" Sara asked again in growing worry, her hands this time going to Sean's shoulders. "Do you remember anything about getting hit by the quantum pulse?" Sean asked in turn. "Only that I was flying, that I had to get to a plane I knew was in danger." "Okay. So, here's the little that we know, after consultation with a T'tauri science medical officer and Pandora - we're in Tahiti at the moment, by the way. Physiologically and genetically, you're completely human... Except you still have a Node." Sara cocked her head to the side in question. "And that means what, exactly?" "We're not sure," Sean admitted. "Not even Pandora is. You're node is acting like a black hole, sucking every bit of quantum energy that comes close into it. We can't even really see your node or where the energy is going, but rather are detecting your node by the absence it's causing in our senses. At a guess, you're ability to absorb various spectra of energy is in part responsible for your current condition, and likely, why you are still alive." Sara stared. "Is... is that bad?" "For the moment, it's indeterminate, hon." Sean wasn't going to lie to her, and in her expression, Sara could see the range of possibilities from nothing thing happening to her condition being fatal. "We're going to have to study you more to find out what is happening and what we can do about it. It... might require a bit of exploratory surgery, but we're not at that point quite yet." While Sara absorbed the revelation, Sean's eyes widened slightly at the contact from Abel and the info dump. Sean and Sara mirrored each other as their lips tightened into a straight line, as Sara recognized the look in Sean's eyes, it being extra conspicuous to both of them that she no longer had access to Guildchat. "Sorry, hon, getting updated by Abel," Sean apologized, slipping her glassteel tablet from her satchel. "I was suppose to be helping him with collating and deciphering the information on the event, but then I found out you were conscious again when i didn't know how long your coma was going to last and... well." Sean shrugged and gave Sara a quick hug. "This does relate to you as well. The pulses were being aimed at the plane, until you got in the way. When it hit you, the pulse wave collapsed into you, shutting down the event, but causing an unforeseen side-effect, likely to who or whatever was enabling the quantum pulse waves in the first place." <I already tried to reestablish a mental link with Sara,> Sean sent back to Able. <It failed. Quantum energy is still being drawn in, but the connection only lasted for 137 picoseconds.> It had felt magnitudes longer. <I could not determine if the absorption rate was increasing in so minute a time. We'll have to set up a series of diagnostic procedures to determine it. I'll retrieve the the passenger manifest and start collecting a dossier on the passengers. With multiple data points on the pulse waves, I'll help with the math on calculating their amplitudes, frequencies, and other characteristics so we can try and establish their nature, see if we - or the Qeeg - have ever seen anything similar or comparable. Guardian Shield too, with their probes and while they had the portal program active> Sean reviewed the data the Abel sent her as she her fingers began gliding over her table with unconscious, eye-catching grace. Sean gave Sara an apologetic smile. "Sorry, babe, I'm still on the clock. Things are... hectic. See, orca-zilla tried to eat Cape town and..." Thanks to incredibly enhanced, multi-threaded thought processes, Sean was to tell Sara what happened after she fell unconscious while digging through the digital world for the information she wanted. She'd always been gangbusters at math, so it only took a tiny bit of her attention to help Abel with any calculations he needed in trying detail the pulses and their effects. "... and now, you're here in Tahiti and various shits are starting to hit various fans," Sean finished, watching in concern as Sara slowly got dressed. She was far from 100% but she wasn't an invalid either. Sean set aside her tablet, a smirk on her face. "Airlines should really spend on system security. I could have done this easily even before getting quantum hammered." Sean had ghosted into the airline systems and collected the passenger manifest for the flight with ease, even refraining from a leaving a tag that she had ever been there in the first place. She set up a Proxy program to scour public social media sites to collect any accessible information on the passengers - she'd collate it and look for any patterns in it later - then stood up to help Sara with her IV and top. "You don't have to push yourself, Sara. Take your time to recover, though we may have to head back to Guardian Sheild HQ sooner than later. The, um, incident is really starting to blow up, and we still don't know exactly what caused it, what's happening with you, and what the fallout will ultimately be." <We'll return when we can,> Sean replied to over Guildchat, though it was directed mainly at Lilly. <While Sara has regained consciousness and is in seemingly good health, there are other considerations in play. Not the least, as Abel said, coming back with a more complete overview of the situation. If we wait too long, there will be less to find.>
  14. Sean closed her mouth with a snap, her jaw growing tight. While Devin's outburst was not precisely unexpected, the intensity of it was. She might have been a supergenius and teenager herself, but even Sean couldn't decipher all the vagaries of the teen mind. Still, there had to more to Devin's display than just the perceived issues between him and her sister. "Lau--" "No!" Laurie interrupted, holding up, the paleness of shock being replaced by the redness of her own anger, feeling the psychic link snap. She couldn't let her sister talk, let her manage her. "No, Sean, just... no. He got his hissy fit, leave me to my own." She inhaled sharply through her nose, forcing her eyes to stay dry. "Devin can go fuck himself too." She glared up at the ceiling, despite knowing it made no sense and shouted, "You hear me, Jauntsen! You can fuck your own self!" Laurie paced in agitation, though none of her fury and irritation were directed at the T'tauri. She was fond of the little guys and she offered the technician an apologetic smile in passing, though it didn't abate her own outburst. "It's not like I was waiting for him to call or text or anything, whether I was in DC or back home. I'm fifteen, sixteen, and the liaison from an alien race. Most times, I had to act like a stone-cold bitch to be taken seriously by those arrogant old men. I'm so sorry I didn't want him to see me that way or end up acting like that towards him!" She harrumphed, crossing her arms across her chest. "I probably should have! He has no idea how hard it was for me. I just have a super-suit, no super powers of me own, and it's not like I could just blast a senator or congressman or director of a major department to smithereens to make a point. But I'm sure he's just going to ass his way through it all without any regard to consequences and then bitch at me later that it isn't so hard!" Sean carefully didn't say anything but Laurie seemed to know what she was thinking. "And, yes, I know, I know, I'm the one who sent him there. With everything else going on, it seemed to make sense at the time. Nothing makes sense anymore!" She bent over, holding her face in her hands, muffling a scream of utter frustration. After a moment, she straightened back up, shook her hands and squared her shoulders. "Well, he can be some other girl's problem, now. I still have my responsibilities to the Qeeg." Sean could see the hurt in her sister, despite Laurie trying to hide it, how she didn't really mean what she said. She wanted Devin to be her problem, but Laurie wasn't going to throw herself at his feet and beg his forgiveness. Sean glided over to her side, placing a consoling hand on her sister's shoulder. Laurie stiffened under the touch, then slumped under the comforting pressure. "Don't manage me, Sean," Laurie muttered. "No managing," Sean assured her. "You've been doing great with the Qeeg and in DC, going above and beyond. Really, sis. I'll explain things to mom and dad, and I'll try with Devin too, if you guys don't talk again before you have to leave. I know you're angry now, might be angry for a while, just don't do anything... rash you might regret later, okay?" Laurie scowled up at Sean and could see the petulant contrariness in her eyes: I will if I want to! Sean sighed. "Just give it some thought, 'kay? I've gotten to know him somewhat better and Devin isn't a bad guy. He just talks before he thinks, which is unfortunate in a guy who can control space and time." Sean's eyes widened at the ephemeral contact. Relief warred with concern, her lips pursing in musing thought. <The moment could be better, but thank-you for the update, Pandora,> Sean replied in cool politeness. <State of Quantum Singularity.> That could refer to a number of phenomena. <Explain, if you would, please.> <Of course, Sean. Sara's node has undergone some manner of transformation that I am unable to ascertain. Yours is the first species I have encountered to possess an organ like the node. Like a singularity, the node is drawing in and absorbing any quantum energy that comes near or is directed at it. Also like a singularity, it is growing smaller and more compact the more energy it absorbs, at least in this dimension. Without being able to follow the flow of energy, further analysis is proving troublesome. I can speculate on what will happen if the process continues, dear, but it will merely be an educated guess.> <No need.> Sean could speculate too. Best case scenario, it simply goes away. Worse case, it could kill her, with a wide variance between the two extremes. <Where did Marissa and Charlie find you, Pandora?> <Tahiti, Sean. It's a magical place.> Pandora projected the details to Sean. <I'm on my way shortly.> Sean refocused on Laurie and Abel. "Sara has recovered, or at least awoken." Sean's expression went carefully neutral, revealing nothing. "She's apparently reverted to being completely human and unenhanced. But there is still an issue at play. I'm going to see her." Sean glided over to the technician, pulling out her tablet and the flight recorder. After a moment of digital chicanery, she returned her translucent tablet to her satchel. "I've copied the flight recorder data to my tablet and the telecom data to the Qeeg system, Abel. I'll collaborate on mining the stuff from Tahiti after I check on Sara." "Of course, Sean," Abel assured his friend. "Wish her the best from me too." Sean nodded then began striding back to the transporter room. ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ Sean glided into Sara's hospital room and paused, her breath catching for a moment. It was Sara. The Sara she had first known, the Sara who had been the first girl she had ever kissed. But not the Sara who had become Avenger. To other eyes, but the differences would have been subtle, but to Savant's perceptions, they were glaring. And for the moment, immaterial. A part of her had worried that Sara wouldn't wake at all. Still, the coldly rational and efficient part of her mind subconsciously analyzed the difficulties that would arise in their relationship if she was enhanced and Sara was not. She could already see the stress Sara was experiencing having lost access to the powers and capabilities she had grown used to having. "Sara." One word as though voiced by a symphony, and Sean was suddenly at her side, gently restraining her from savagely ripping out her IV then enfolding Sara in her arms and pressing her forehead against her own. "We'll figure out what's happening, but what matters right now is that you are awake and healthy." Without regard to who else was in the room, Sean caressed her cheek with fingers softer than silk and stronger than steel, then gave her a tender a kiss. "You are the girl that first attracted me. Not Avenger."