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  1. A suspicious, dark shadowed, eyebrow was raised in Gabe's direction. "Um, what's wrong with beer? It has more kick than the fruity drinks you guys like."
  2. "I guess it the fact that you were build, not born Isis." The woman's reflective eyes looked into Isis's rather blank emotionless ones. "The Thuldans wiped everyone I cared about. Friends, family, everything... and I wasn't there to stop it." Memories of her colony being burned and scorched flooded her thoughts. The images of all the people she grew up with, whether she knew them or not, being little more the scorched husks scattered about their homes and land. "If I were a robot, like you, it wouldn't hurt so much to remember everything I lost. I wasn't supposed to be a mercenary, I was supposed to be an engineer. I was dating a guy, we were going out to places, my dads birthday party was coming up soon... and then this." She waved her hands about the room to emphasize her environs. "You might care when you screw up Isis," Her expression was pure sadness. "But how often do you cry yourself to sleep when you zigged instead of zagged?"
  3. Yup... they're gay. She thought to herself, slouching in her chair a bit as Erebus gave the debriefing. I'm tramped out from head to toe and totally prepared for a night of irresponsible acts and not a single one of them notices. She sighed and she continued thinking. Great, of all the mercenary crews to rescue me it had to be the gay one. I've gotta be the unluckiest woman in the omniverse... I can't believe this. "Doncha worry Capn' Isis Shiro and I will make short work of those guys. Shikon's fully repaired and ready for war again." She 'toasted' as she raised her beer to her lips. "To fortune and glory."
  4. Her time on the Lighthouse was, as usual, boring. There were only so many gadgetry shops she could visit and only so many knick-knacks and thinga-ma-whatsits she could pick up for spare parts before she realized she had done all there was to do here... except get totally shit-faced in an attempt get over the whole 'I got shot by a tank because I was an ignorant tool' issue she was having. So, she didn't mind so much that she was actually wearing some make-up, and that she'd bothered doing her hair up a little bit, keeping her blue bangs combed around each side to frame her attractive face. Her black leather shorts were shorter than the crew would be accustomed to, in fact they were blacker and leatherier then they were accustomed too also, and showed a bit more of her butt then what was considered 'polite' in society, but she didn't care; she'd be so damn drunk soon it wouldn't matter who was looking. She scooped up her matching coat and slid her arms in it not bothering to zip it up and hide a silver top with a plunging neckline. Ten minutes later her knee high boots were clacking loudly on the hotels perfectly polished granite floor as she met Isis. "Hey," she smiled at her robotic compadre. "Where're the others?"
  5. "I kinda mean more the whole 'regret' thing than anything else Isis." She trained her vision off to the holodisplays of medical equipment. Despite talking to a machine she could bear to look Isis in the eyes as she spoke. "You've never let people down, and even if you did, you wouldn't care. You can't care. I wish I could do that, y'know? Look back on things I've screwed up and just 'not care'. It beats the alternative." She pinched Isis's arm gently wiggling the synthetic flesh a bit. "You got it good, that's for sure. I so wish Capt. Erebus would let me work on you... I could upgrade the snot outta you."
  6. Originally Posted By: SalmonMaxJust in case she captures a weapon capable of automatic fire sometime. Kittani can upgrade any weapon to use automatic fire, providing the weapon could normally support that feature. She can also create and install any of the 'Gadgets' in the books with relative ease, including masterwork items. Just an FYI.
  7. "No," Kittani shook her head. Isis didn't understand her, but then again she didn't expect her to, she functioned on robot logic, not human thought. "You're not really getting it, Isis. I don't envy all of you, or even your 'immortality'. I envy that you don't have to worry about guilt, or remorse, or fear. As humans, we carry those things with us forever. You're lucky, at least in my opinion, because you won't ever have to deal with things like that." She breathed in, sucking her teeth as she moved a bit the wrong way and a pain shot through her side along her mending ribs. "No pain is a plus too." She tried to smile and seem even-spirited.
  8. "Isis," She tried to sound as compassionate as possible, but wasn't sure it come out the way she intended. The fact that you can 'keep coming back' makes you effectively immortal. Your death isn't meaningless because you can't die." Grabbing her pillow she tucked it in front of her and buried her chin into it. "Besides, you're not even alive. Emotions and sensations are unique to each person. Even through programs that would allow you to experience such things, still they are just codes programed by someone else based on their interpretation of what that emotion or feeling may be. It would never really be yours." "Now having said that I'd like to point out that I like having you around." She grinned at the machine in front of her. "We're friends and I happen to think that your existence is no less valuable than anyone else aboard this ship. So don't go getting all 'robot with a soul' on me, explaining metaphysics to a combat model makes the brain hurt..." "...but yeah, dying is a pretty hard thing to accept, I guess."
  9. "Hmm, see, that I can't say." She fiddled about with her sheet in her lap nervously. Although she seemed calm enough Kitty really didn't know what to do with idle hands. "We couldn't communicate with her. She did what she felt she had to do to survive the situation since we were acting independently. Since she acted to preserve her own life, and she succeeded by the very merit that she's still breathing, then I suppose no error was made. Successes of her action based her initial intention proves that." She smiled a bit. "God, I'm starting to talk robot..." She brushed her short hair back past her ear, tucking a few blue strands away that kept falling in her eyes. Her voice fell into a slight whisper, like her mind trailed elsewhere. "Yeah, I do in a way. Envy you, I mean." She paused for a moment searching for the right words. "You don't feel anything. I was so scared down there, it hurt, I thought I wouldn't make it, as a human I know that if something happens to me, that's it, it's done, and it scares the hell out of me. "That's why I envy you, and other machines. If something happens I can just bring em' back." She perked up a bit and shrugged. "Even rebuild them in a way that takes into consideration the weak points that brought them down in the first place, be it rust, weapons, programming errors. You name it." Kittani smiled, but it was empty and those same blue strands found their way back behind her again after having fallen down again as she spoke. "It was dumb of me not to listen to you down there, but I had to do something. Granted 'getting shot' wasn't what I had in mind, but I guess I've got a lot to learn."
  10. "Hmm?" the lovely woman beside her asked. Her bones were knit for the most part but Adrian had asked she remain bedridden until the knit had time to set to prevent accidental tearing or undoing the knit. "Oh, um, I dunno." She carefully sat up and crossed her legs 'indian style' pulling the sheet up around her waist to prevent any surprise visitors from inspecting her backside. "Milena seems really...um, wow, you know? She so beatiful and confident. I envy her a bit, like I do you. I wish was beautiful and confident and like a machine, not having to answer to anyone or having emotions or regrets. To just be able to be." "Sebastian's cute." She blushed and Isis's sensors detected a raise in her heart rate and slight increase in body temperature. "Okay, I take that back, he's freaking gorgeous, like 'hi, I want a tongue bathe you' gorgeous. Which means he's either one, gay, or two, married or with a beautiful girlfriend. I overheard him and Adrian talking, we're dropping him off at the Lighthouse, he's some business to take care of or something. I dunno what we're doing with Goldie Girl."
  11. Well, let's do it! I'm not much on ideas either, but they could just simply exchange ideas on what went wrong and down there and go from there. Since none of the crew are really close any opportunity for them to have bonding moments is certainly pretty cool.
  12. Machiavellian Rue - Medical Bay "Ow!" Kittani flinched as Adrian's finger once again found the tender spot in her side. "It hurt the first three times you stabbed me in the ribs, seriously, what makes you think its changed in forty seconds?" The Doctor grinned and took a few notes on his data slate. "Stop complaining. If you would have listened to Isis your ribs wouldn't be broken, now would they?" He walked away and procured from his supply cabinet the necessary items he'd need to repair her broken bones. Science had come along way, and broken bones were now something medical science treated as commonly as the flu. She looked over to Isis who was plugged into the diagnostic server. "She, okay? I could have a look at her." "She'll be fine." Adrian replied. "Like you, she just needs some time to recover." "Yeah, I suppose..." She winched slightly as the Doctor approached. This was so going to be a long visit to the clinic...
  13. Oh, Kittani is P.O.ed at Shiro. Which if you think about it is completely hypocritical since Isis told her to stay put and she didn't, which ended getting her shot by a tank. But hey, its totally different in her case, that's what double standards are all about.
  14. I'm planning on posting something in line with Isis in terms of Kitty healing in a med bay, I've just been busy. Oh, and Kitty is avail for fics if anyone is interested.
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