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  1. So...getting back on topic. Ghetto Funk Baby have you picked a location for this little paradise? Just curious cause I don't do cold, thanks to my killer metabolism I've only got about .0000096% body fat and I'm not as adaptable as some of my buddies. Is there a price for admission or a, you must be this tall/powerful to ride this ride sort of thing? What will the policies for nova/baseline interactions? Will there be a governing body? And if so how will they be chosen?
  2. So tell me Ghetto Funky Baby will baselines be allowed into this paradise for the sake of manual labor and such? I sure as hell don’t want to have to flip my own burgers down at Happy Burger if you catch my drift.
  3. According to the Holiday issue of PSM, Black Label games is currently working on two massive online multiplayer games built around the LOTR and Marvel Comics universes respectively. One can only hope these aren't just your standard fighting games with online capablity. But RPG's with the scope and ambition of Everquest. I think it would be super cool to finally get my hands on a super hero RPG. What do you all think?
  4. Dr Melinda Thorpe I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide. I appologize about the delayed response. ronin Glad to know I haven't gotten on your bad side. I spend the majority of my time trying to avoid conflict of any kind and I also do not spend a lot of time around people. So it is sometimes hard to tell whether I've upset or pissed someone off. Bastian I am not a nova, just an average Joe baseline. Define non-conventional assets and I'll let you know whether they are of interest to me. However, I can already tell you that if what you have in mind may result in Utopia swooping down like vultures, taking my research, and incarcerating me I'll pass. But I am still open to most ventures. Give me some details and then I'll give you and answer.
  5. Ronin Once again ronin you cannot see the forest through the trees (I’m not sure of the origins of this quote so I’m genuinely interested to see your reply). The comment about getting off the sidelines and into the game was not direct at you but, at the populace in general. There is a sense of apathy that permeates our society. Most people are far too willing to take the “It’s not my problem” stance on anything that does not directly affect them, even more so since the institution of organizations like the Aeon Society and Project Utopia. But the problem lies in the very fact that they can’t do everything and they can’t be everywhere. So sometimes average Joe’s like myself have to get involved and try and take up the slack. And sometimes we need a little help from the other average or not so average Joe’s. Also, if you’ll look at my original request I don’t want your money. I’ll I asked for was a little time and assistance. About your response to Miss Fortune’s question. You’ve already made your value judgement about these kids without even taking the time to meet them. I don’t care if you like me. Your personal opinion of me only matters if it is going to hinder your willingness to meet and evaluate these needy youths. If that is case, I’ll happily fly to Mexico for a week just to be out of your hair so you can stop by the hospital and give them your worthiness seal of approval or not.
  6. Stigmata If you could make it down Monday that would be great. Greyon's Daughter is slated to play at the Po-go. My secretaries brother works as a roadie for Slide Effect the opening act. She says she can score you all-access passes if you like. Jack Chance You certainly have my attention Mr. Chance.
  7. I personally don’t care about the sinister political motivation of any of the aforementioned organizations. All I care about right now is getting the funding we need to keep our research project running. So I can continue to treat a variety of genetic disorders that those who suffer from them don’t have the time, resources, or skill to treat. It’s not my place to point fingers or sling around rumors about any organization or person. All I want to do is help these people and in turn help myself. That’s right, I’ll admit it. My driving force here is to cure myself. Does that make me wicked person, a selfish individual? Maybe. But the person pointing that finger probably hasn’t ever unassed the couch and made a contribution other than there $5.00 a year to the United Way. I’m in the game, not just sitting on the sidelines rambling off cop-outs why I won't try.
  8. Ronin Yes, the inevitability of mortality has occurred to me. But, you mistake me as some fanatical zealot standing on a soapbox preaching about saving the entire population of the planet. I am a man of science and would never be foolish enough to believe that there will ever be a cure for death. The lump of tissue in your brain could have just as simply mutated into a malignant tumor as it did into your MR Node. Had that been the case am I expected to believe that you would simply say, “Oh well, guess it's my time to die. That's the hand fate dealt me, survival of the fittest and all.” I seriously doubt it. It is very easy for you sitting on the other side of the fence. Happy, healthy and a nova. Your unique biology makes you immune to most illnesses and diseases. This makes it very easy for you to take this particular stance on this matter. It's not really a concern for you now is it? On to your point that both nova and baseline should simply accept death as a process of the natural order. There are fewer things that novas have to fear as a cause of death than your ordinary baseline. Most average, everyday people can't step out into mid day traffic get hit by a bus and walk away as though nothing happened. Not that I am naive enough to believe that every nova could survive such trauma. But I have had the opportunity to study nova biology and it is a proven fact that nova's are extremely resistant to most diseases. I believe this gives your kind a distinct advantage in the whole survival of the fittest race. I myself suffer from severe Type A Hemophilia, a genetic disorder that slows the healing process. I lack a particular enzyme called Factor VIII that does not allow my blood to clot and scab to prevent excess blood loss. I have also developed up an antibody to Factor VIII the very enzyme my body needs to help my blood clot. Most people with my disorder don't last long. I will not believe that what I am doing is arrogant, I am not trying to prolong any one's life beyond reasonable expectancy. All I'm trying to do is insure these people get the chance to live a life. You could have stated your position simply by not replying to my request. I'll leave you with an old saying my mother used to say, “Best to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” P.S. Do you possess any power over electricity? I think your heart needs a jump-start.
  9. Miss Fortune - it would be wonderful if you could give me a few days of your time. At this point I think I'd rather have unaligned novas as oppossed to those who have commitments to other organizations. Thank you I will be at the office all day today so drop in anytime. Vixen - Thank you for your kind words and I understand the hesitance you must be feeling. I attempted to contact Violette as you suggested however I have yet to receive a response. No doubt she receives a ton of messages a day all claiming to have been referred to her by someone she knows. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to contact her? If not, I understand you are a busy individual? Once again thank you. Endeavor - A $100,000 is no pittance our accountants can parlay use that to keep this facility operational for at least another month. I believe them that the members of Utopia and T2M are very busy individuals. However, I think if they would just hear me out I think they would agree that the work we do here is very necessary and deserving of funding. Stigmata - I will personally spring for the first bowl of Skyline. It would be wonderful if you could volunteer your time and allow us to take samples of your blood and run a few tests. You advanced biology could be a great contribution to our research. Jager - As with Vixen I feel that being an unknown attempting to contact a nova with only the lame story of "Such and such said I sould get with you," would not yeild any results. If it is all possible could you contact Preston for me? I know this is asking alot but it would greatly be appreciated and I think your name on a private message would yeild higher results.
  10. I am uncertain on how to best broach this matter. I have never posted here and have only met a couple of novas in my lifetime. Please excuse the nature of this email if seems to forward but time is short and we need results expeditiously. My name is Isaac Banta; I am research Hematologist with the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The focus of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is advanced research into blood related genetic disorders. This area hits very close to home for me. I myself suffer from severe Type A Hemophilia. The research we do is crucial in developing treatments and God willing maybe even someday cures for such problems as hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, thrombocytopenia, and many other genetic disorders. However, the American government is its infinite wisdom recently passed a bill cutting the funding to a majority of research programs. Unfortunately our lobbyists didn’t talk to the right people or bribe enough of them because our foundation was one of those who will suffer from the cut in funds. Also, recently our foundation has been plagued with a decline in donations. Ever since the Triton foundation found a cure for AIDS there has been a decline in public concern of blood related diseases. What do I want from you? I am not asking you for money. I am asking you for your support. I have tried to contact Project Utopia in an attempt to get some publicity and hopefully generate interest in our cause. However, I am always relegated to some pencil-pushing PR rep who tells me that the members of Project Utopia and Team Tomorrow are far to busy at this juncture and he we be more than happy to gather a few quotes we could post in the local newspaper. I am not asking anyone to challenge the Government I would just like to get some faces involved. I don’t care if you just erupted yesterday Novas draw attention. And we need some serious attention. I have worked far to long and hard to see my lives work deteriorate due to some bureaucrats attempt to save a few bucks. I need your help please. Do it for the children. Sincerely, Isaac Banta Ph.D.
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