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  1. Nina: Well, all your Knacks are from Hero, so you're safely covered anyway.
  2. I have no idea what you did with Charlie at this point - I'm not planning on returning to the game. If you want thoughts on what he will be doing as an NPC, I am willing to offer them.
  3. To be clear, we're using the Modern Age setting from Shards of the Exalted Dream and the 2.5 updates from Scroll of Errata. You'd want to look at those before making a decision.
  4. Does Ink Monkeys count as 'fan material' then?
  5. I'm fine with either setting of Exalted. I assume we're using 2.5 errata, not simply the classic Exalted 2e?
  6. The Scion Origins full PDF is out to backers like myself. The full Hero PDF should be coming soon.
  7. I look forward to when you are done.
  8. I'm flexible as to options. All of the stuff you're thinking seems fine to me.
  9. Does that include the freeform Psi system then?
  10. Sure, aliens would be good too. Canon stuff like Doyen, Chromatics, Coalition & Qin? Or new stuff?
  11. And likewise, are we dealing with a unified government or separate nation-states? What is the relationship between them and the Psi Orders?
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