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  1. Jeremy Noctis


    The Scion Origins full PDF is out to backers like myself. The full Hero PDF should be coming soon.
  2. Jeremy Noctis

    I'm Back, Sorta

    I look forward to when you are done.
  3. Jeremy Noctis

    Trinity: The Minerva Protocol

    I'm flexible as to options. All of the stuff you're thinking seems fine to me.
  4. Jeremy Noctis

    Trinity: The Minerva Protocol

    Does that include the freeform Psi system then?
  5. Jeremy Noctis

    Trinity: The Minerva Protocol

    Sure, aliens would be good too. Canon stuff like Doyen, Chromatics, Coalition & Qin? Or new stuff?
  6. Jeremy Noctis

    Trinity: The Minerva Protocol

    And likewise, are we dealing with a unified government or separate nation-states? What is the relationship between them and the Psi Orders?
  7. Jeremy Noctis

    Characters I enjoy

    For me there are certain characters whose core nature are well defined and easy enough for me to grasp even after a long time that I reuse them. Curtis, Mel, Darrik. Also they seem to be memorable to our community, so there's that. Bull. He's not a Paladin, he sends ogres to fight dragons and rescue princesses for him.
  8. I am considering this...
  9. What kind of setting are you looking at?
  10. My Vesk Soldier has a completed sheet. The rest will come (and be submitted tomorrow).