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  1. The Chat Thread

    I am all for Discord.
  2. I am considering this...
  3. What kind of setting are you looking at?
  4. My Vesk Soldier has a completed sheet. The rest will come (and be submitted tomorrow).
  5. Planning on a spy/hacker type daredevil, methinks.
  6. I'm interested. Standard 13 Transformation points or do we get more?
  7. Democracy In Modern Mythology

    While I do generally support the in-story awards, my one concern is about those whom have started at a different Legend (IE, most of us at 3, Grace at 2). In other words, some of us may yet hit the demigod upgrades well before others do. Just a thought. So right now I will abstain for the moment.
  8. High Level Novas and How to Kill Them

    It sounds like it's time to make them build new characters. As for alternative challenges, someone with Aggravated Mental Blast. People don't know about it because for obvious reasons, our hit-psychic uses it sparingly.
  9. Aberrant-Inspired Open World Superheroes

    This sounds like a pretty new and interesting take. I like it.
  10. New Aberrant fanbook project?

    Aka, Chosen, the Site Admin.
  11. New Aberrant fanbook project?

    Adventure Player's Guide seems like a good option. What I am roughly visualizing is as follows... Chapter One (Age of Adventure!): This is more of an expansion on the setting itself, various villains, heroes, organizations, etc. Also I'd incorporate the storytelling themes, seeds, and such as well. Chapter Two (Mechanics): New rules, Knacks of all stripes, those sapient gorillas. Modern era knacks included (see below). Chapter Three (Time Marches On): This is the looming fates we know will come. Discussing the death of Crackshot, the corruption of Primoris and the downfall of the Aeon Society, World War 2, and the Telluric Dampening. How everyone is ushered off the stage, until the Galatea incident. Chapter Four (21st Century Adventure!): Adventure re-imagined for the modern day.
  12. New Aberrant fanbook project?

    I'd probably be better off working on some of those other projects like the First Aberrant War or the Adventure Player's Guide.