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  1. Lainey snorted a laugh at Deezy's antics. The woman was a miniature whirlwind of chaos, but every team needed one to stay sane. She bumped the teen in the shoulder and grinned. "Yeah, such a trial for you. I can see that it's just ruined your whole week to have to make another gadget to rummage around the ship." ,, She made a face at Sam, mostly teasing. "So, is there real food today, or are all doing rabbit impressions?" She liked Sam. He was good in a fight, knew how to shoot, and didn't get into nearly as much trouble as Deezy. Not that she was going to give the boy a swelled head by telling him that; if anything, it made her a bit harder on him than on the others when they sparred. She dug into the salad, filling her place as much as fair portions would allow, and passed the bowl to Deezy. ,, "Any idea what the captain's got for us today?" she asked the table in general.
  2. Lainey had just stepped into the mess hall, her hair damp from a quick dunk in a shower so as to not show up covered in sweat from her daily exercise routine, when the clanging sounded. She closed her eyes, counted softly to herself, and reminding herself that Deezy hadn't actually managed to vent them all into space yet. Once the red-head made her inverted entrance, Lainey stepped over and locked a shoulder with the tiny engineer to support her weight while she wriggled her hips through the narrow confines of the air vent. ,, Lainey caught her legs as she tumbled out, turned her right-side up, and set her on her feet. "You know," she half chided, half teased, "some day you're going to get stuck where no one can get you out. Then you'll just be a part of the ship." She took a seat at the table, nodding to the others that had made it in before her. "We'll put up a plaque and everything."
  3. z016

    [Alternity] The Crew

    Name: Lainey Profession/Career: Mindwalker PsiGuard Legal Status: We don't talk anymore. Marital Status: Unmarried Known Relatives: None Known Concept: Banged Up But Not Broken Yet Attributes (Motivation/Morality/Traits): Staying One Step Ahead, Honorable But Practical, Focused & Loyal Mechanics Level: 1 Race: Human Profession: Mindwalker Career: Psiguard STR 9 (+0) DEX 9 (+0) CON 9 INT 10 (+0) WIL 14 (+2) PER 9 Durability: 9/9/5/5 Action Check: M 11+ / 10 / 5/ 2 Move: sprint 18, Run 12, walk 4, easy swim 2, swim 4 No. Actions: 2 Last Resort: 1 Perks and Flaws: Danger Sense (-2 bonus to Awareness-intuition checks) Psionic Awareness (INT check to detect the use of psionics in player vicinity) Fast Recovery 2 (Regain psionic energy points after only 4 hours of rest. Powerful Enemy 4 (Concord Military) Old Injury 1 (migraines, head trauma) Infamy 4 Psionic Energy Points: 14 Cyber Tolerance Score: 9 -Psionic Skills- -INT- ESP [10/5/2] -Battle Mind 2 [12/6/3] -Navcognition 2 [12/6/3] (Astrogation, Drivespace) -WIL- Telekinesis [14/7/3] (-1 step bonus with all telekinesis skills) -Electrokinesis 1 [15/7/3] -Kinetic Shield 3 [17/8/4] -Pyrokinesis 1 [15/7/3] -Skills- -STR- Athletics [9/4/2] Unarmed Attack [9/4/2] -Power Martial Arts (Kenpo) 1 [10/5/2] ,, -DEX- Vehicle Op [9/4/2] Ranged Weapon, Mod. [9/4/2] -Pistol 1 [10/5/2] ,, -CON- Stamina [9/4/2] -INT- Knowledge [10/5/2] -WIL- Awareness [14/7/3] -Intuition 1 [15/7/3] ,, -PER- Interaction [9/4/2] Attacks: Power Martial Arts [11/5/2], +0, LI/O, Personal, d6s/d6+2s/d4w 9mm semi-auto pistol [11/5/2], +0, F, 8/16/60, HI/O, d4+1w/d4+2w/d4m Defenses: Carbon Fiber Long Coat (LI d4/HI d4/ En d6-2) Gear: 9mm semi-auto pistol, combat knife, various clothing and minor equipment. Cyber Gear: None Mutations: None Background: Like much of the crew, Lainey doesn't like to talk about her life before joining the ship. Whatever she did, it gave her the fighting skills that makes her useful; being psychic helps and hurts in about equal measure and she really doesn't like talking about how all that came about. Pointy knives and gun barrel levels of not talking about it. Her accent marks her as not from the Verge, but she's never given the Captain reason to doubt her loyalty to the ship or the crew. ,, She's the newest member of the crew, having joined almost accidentally after a bar fight that got out of control (even for a bar fight in the Verge). Several less-than-scrupled men thought Cpt. Chase would be an easy target in the growing fracas and tried to corner the woman to take her off to god-only-knows where. Probably a slave block by the end of it. It was one Lainey's bad days, which meant she was trying to drown the headaches out in a beer-soak, but the sneering men and their arrogant assumptions about women being easy pickings cut through the pain and just pissed her off. She lashed out with power at them, giving Chase the advantage she needed to leave the men groaning on the ground and ending any chance Lainey had of sticking around on the hot and godforsaken hell hole of a planet she'd had the misfortune of landing on anyways. After she and Chase had made it away from small riot, the captain offered to take her out to a non-rioting bar for a victory drink; Lainey declined and asked if the woman knew of any ships heading out from port soon. Curious and grateful for the assist, Chase offered passage on the Esperanza, at a discount even; Lainey accepted and the captain managed to pull the reticent woman enough out of her shell on the trip for Lainey to offer Sable self-defense lessons. ,, She seemed to get along fine with most of the crew, though she wasn't the social butterfly of the ship by any means. At their next port, Chase offered for Lainey to stay on as crew for a trip, if she was looking for work; Lainey took the offer like a life-line and has been serving as extra muscle and psychic wildcard for the ship ever since. She still sticks pretty close to her quarters most of the time, especially on bad days, but she's taken a older-sibling shine to the younger members of the crew doesn't seem to have anyone she actively dislikes or can't get along with, though she's had to insist a little pointedly on the privacy of her past when more curious crewmates (most especially young southern belles) have tried to wheedle more details out of her.
  4. z016

    Alternity: Firefly

    Actually, Vv, do you mind if Madelaine jumped in on Chase's defense in a bar fight and earned her place on the ship from that? That sounds more fun and interesting and like they go get drunk together sometimes. And pick bar fights. Or pick up guys. Or girls. Or both. Y'know, whatever.
  5. z016

    Alternity: Firefly

    The red-wash on that picture messes with my brain something fierce for some reason. I think because of the sun. Weird. ,, Anyhoo, Madelaine would probably have joined up out of a need for berth and coin sometime in the past. She's reliable, doesn't take up much space, is an exceptional fighter and finds them the best routes from wherever they are to wherever they're going.
  6. z016

    Alternity: Firefly

    Thank you, Jordan! You've really really made my day!
  7. z016

    Alternity: Firefly

    I'll be using this account, with a name and picture change, Dave, using the original character I submitted to you before, if that's okay. She is a Mindwalker Psiguard.
  8. I'm still interested as well, just looking for a play to get into the game either in plot or a side-fic.
  9. For a week now, Re had been absent and Ma'at had been upset at Philae and throughout the world. Manetho-Khawy, formerly Jalil Farzheed, high priest of Isis and leader of the Order of Mysteries at Philae had ordered all members of the Order not attending to Darius to study the sky or attend on rituals to Re, looking for some way to restore the balance of nature. The young god-blooded had wondered that they still continued the Rituals of Day, as there was no day, but Manetho-Khawy had said that if balance was to be restored and Re returned from the Duat, every effort had to be made to create the Ma'at that had been disturbed. Darius still found it strange, but as the high priest often reminded him, he was young and there was still much left to learn. So for seven days he kept to the same rituals that had defined his entire life: greeting the sun Khepri in the morning, dedicating the morning to the study of Thoth through reading and lectures from the Order, taking repast at noon and saying prayers to Re, spending the afternoon in deference to Ptah, making crafts for use in the temple, leading the ritual of Khunum at sunset, using the evenings for whatever dedications or observances were appropriate to the day and month, and having the night mostly to himself to think and explore his own understanding, and then to greet the sun Khepri in the morning. Only this week it was not the sun the guided his day, but an electronic clock that told when the sunrise should have been and the sunset, too. On the seventh day, he had just finished the prayers to Re, when the sky began to light. The gathered Order took a collective breath, hoping that balance had finally been restored after a week of endless night. Then the sun appeared, dripping red like blood and shining a sickly amber light over the island. Darius stood statue-still in a horrified shock. It is worse than darkness. What has happened to Re? Several members of the Order cried out and covered their eyes, others bent low and whispered fervent prayers of protection against evil. Manetho-Khawy stared at the sun, it's light too weak to scar his eyes for the moment; the aging man, now sliding reluctantly into his seventies, paled and raised a hand to his lips. "Manetho-Khawy, what is this?" Darius finally found his voice, though it was shaky and reed-thin. "How can this be?" "I do not know, Xeper," he replied quietly. "We must-" The second god to appear before the Order did not come in mist and a haze of incense, as Isis had. Instead, the golden-haired youth was simply there one moment when he had not been the moment before. He appeared next to Darius on the raised platform where the winged boy said his prayers and made his offering on behalf of the order to the ntr. He glanced up at the sky then back to Darius, speaking gently but firmly, "You are called, Darius of Philae." Darius felt a hand touch one of his wings and then a feeling of movement-without-moving; he blinked and his home was gone. For those left on the island of Philae, the day was twice-cursed: the sun was bleeding and the ntr had taken their beloved god.
  10. z016

    Aberrant: Dead Rising - OOC Stuff

    Is Kristin still planning on giving her baby to Gabrielle? I can't remember where we left off with that.
  11. z016

    Aberrant: Dead Rising - OOC Stuff

    Gabrielle knows nothing of the Olympians, though she will probably view them as demons if they're described to her. She might go with a group to hunt them but would be more likely/more suited to heading up an enclave created to keep survivors safe while the combat 'angels' went after the 'demons'.
  12. z016

    Aberrant: Dead Rising - OOC Stuff

    It's been months since there's been any steady posting in DR. Dawn, are you planning on reviving the game, or are we closing up shop? I guess that goes for the players as well, but I know a number of things have been waiting on the ST to move them along. What's the state of things in DR at this point?
  13. z016

    Aberrant: Dead Rising - OOC Stuff

    Gabrielle would absolutely take in the baby, and I have some plans I'm batting around for her to through winter (just things that have happened to her, not fics to write out). I'd like to see how the game goes after the jump forward, and then reassess about pushing the button on starting the end, personally. I think consolidation back to one or two groups would greatly improve the "energy" of the board and bring us back to consistent posting.
  14. Gabrielle shook her head, "No. I didn't even get a good look at him. I didn't know it was a him until you said something." She glanced around the still smolder area. "We should find a basement large enough to fit everyone or split into as few groups as possible. The last thing we need is more panic. Maybe the church has a large basement for functions or storage. Or is there are large store in the area, like a Target or Walmart or whatever kind like that would be here?" The last was asked to Ger and she added, "Somewhere with bathrooms available space enough for activities would be the best, so people aren't just going stir-crazy. That or just find a place and make sure everyone knows how to get there if there's another attack. We don't know why it-he left, so he might be back just as suddenly. Let's get people rounded up, make sure no one's missing or hurt, and then make plans." Fitting actions to words, she started pulling some of her own people from the milling, unhappy crowd and organized a search of the town and a make-shift buddy system roll-call to account for everyone. Her people weren't military trained, but they worked well together, flitting to and from their winged leader and doing their best to bring some order to the chaos after the attack.
  15. "Evacuate? To where? That demon can fly, and can anyone here really man a ship? And what about Fox and the others? They won't know where to look for us if we just disappear...." The angel's brow creased as she tried to think of some way out of this nightmare that simply didn't want to end. That Violet was involved in it somehow only made matters worse; the woman had done nothing Gabrielle could qualify as evil during their brief crossing in the Refuge, but she seemed a woman looking for sin. "He's left for now. I think we need to get everyone together, see if anyone else was hurt, and then see what options we have in case he comes back. And pray that the others will return soon. I'm thinking you are right, that this island is not the sanctuary we need, and being surrounded by water is making me feel far too trapped to be comfortable staying here permanently." She shook her head, "I don't know that Fox will agree on that, but I'm going to ask him to open one of his portals back to Columbia and anyone that wishes to come with us is invited." Her eyes flicked up to Ger, glad to see the man was at least still standing and hoping he was in better faith than when they had last spent time together; if only one of Fox's followers came with her, she hoped it would be him. And she said a silent prayer to the Lord that the congregation and priest here would be amenable to moving to the Midwest, so that the faithful would have the services of a priest and the priest a number of eager acolytes to join him in tending to the lost souls wandering a forsaken world.