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  1. Thanks, it's good to be back. Between studying for and doing finals, helping my sister and brother-in-law move, searching for a new job, and helping a friend and his improv theater group, I have not had much free time to myself. And while I'll try to start posting more, for the forseeable future I'm still going to be a bit spotty. Now since the last few jokes where highbrow and intellegent jokes, how 'bout a change to a piece of lowbrow?: Two friends are talking and the first one says that he had a Freudian slip at the airport. The second friend asked what is a Freudian slip. First friend says, "I was being waited on by a beautiful ticket agent and when I told her what I wanted, instead of saying, I want two tickets to Pittsburg, I said 'I want two pickets to Tittsburg'." "Oh, so that's what you call it!" says the second friend, "I had a Freudian slip just this morning. I was having breakfast with my wife and I meant to say, 'Please pass the Toast' but instead I said, You ruined my life you goddamned bitch."
  2. That was GOOD! And I go out enough, thank you very much .
  3. "Well then," Anomie said with an impish grin "let's get this party started." 'Let's make this a bit dramatic.' Anomie thinks with a silent laugh. Anomie takes a stance with his feet apart at shoulder width with his left foot place in front of him, then slowly raises his left hand, palm held stright out. His eyes begin to emit a grey glow and his hannd is also swathed in a glow. A point of smoke comes into existance before the group and as the point begins to enlarge into a cloud, small bolts of vibrantly colored energy cascaded from the it, reaching out to the party members, touching a shoulder here, a hand there, leaving behind a softly pleasent feeling after it's passage. Then the bolts come to a sudden stop, and the center of the cloud opens up, leaving only a slowly spinning ring of smoke, revealing the stark white and grey vista of the lunar surface through its shimmering surface. He turns his head towards everyone else, eyes still glowing, a say's with a gentle smile on his face "Now who would like to be first?"
  4. "Ei, quer outra bebida?" Anomie looked at the near empty cup in his hand before looking at the lady who asked him a question. "Não, mas agradece de qualquer jeito." He replied in perfect Portuguese. She smiled at him before turning and going to get herself something from one of the coolers sitting in the distance. He smiled to himself. 'At least she wasn't disturbed by my gaze' he thought as he downed what was left of the… well whatever it was that was handed to him when he got here. He slowly got up from his seat and walked over to the blazing bonfire and threw his cup into it. And despite having just stared into the bright flames, when he looked up he could pick out all the stars shining in the night sky. Slowly Anomie turned and walked away from the fire, pushing past couples who were dancing or necking, and past the small impromptu band that was playing. As he started to walk into the tree line, he saw other people starting to leave, and he saw more people coming down from the road side to join in the festivities. But still he kept walking, and brought his gaze down to his arm. The material of his coat started to shift until a small screen popped out and flashed a time before again resolving into a jacket sleeve. 'I bet everyone is starting to get ready for the trip,' he thought with a bemused smile 'so I guess I better get back' With only the slightest of efforts, he felt the quantum flow. He could see, he could feel the very fabric of space time, see the endless twist, feel the nuances in its pattern. In his minds eye he saw how he wanted to shape it, and with a small push, it bent. A small point of smoke appeared before him, and quickly it grew into a slowly turning ring that stood slightly taller than him. In the center of the ring was an image, a distorted image, as if you were looking through the surface of a pond, with ripples emanating from the edge, working there way in. But still, one could make out the image with relative clarity. It was a bedroom, one that was obviously somewhere else on Earth as it was bathed in sunlight. He turned back to the party for a moment, doffed his fedora, and said his good-byes to Brazil before stepping into the warp gate, and emerged into the room that Walker had had procured for him. As soon as he was through, he could feel the presence of the others in the hotel, as well as the presence of a few other Nova's. Only Walker and Neil were together, so maybe they hadn't started just yet. 'Well, I'll just get cleaned up then head down.' With that thought, a grey glow surrounded him and the mud that was caked on to his shoe's, pants, and trailing edges of his trench coat as well as the dust, dirt, and sweat that had accumulated evaporated. With a final look around the room as he's heading out, he thinks 'this is a really nice room, now I really feel bad about the fact that I didn't use it after Walker went to the trouble of getting it.' then silently shuts the door behind himself.
  5. With a puzzled look on his face, Anomie glances at the new form of Deeth. "DD? I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say." After a moment his puzzled look turns into a wry grin "And if you are dressing the part for a trip to the moon, shouldn't you be dressed as a 60's leisure suit?"
  6. Smiling at Deeth's question, Anomie responds "Sure, why not. Why don't you bring along a hackysack as well? Lets see if we can get a game going."
  7. "Look, sir, either order something or let someone else have that stool." Anomie sat at the bar, looking at nothing in particular. Slowly he drew his gaze to the bartender, the same one that had been trying unsuccessfully trying to engage him in conversation for the past five minutes. When he leveled his eyes with hers, her saw her step back slightly, and heard her quick intake of breath over the sounds of the club. Quickly he dropped his eyes again to keep from further disturbing her and uttered the first thing she heard him say since taking up his place at the bar, "Shirley Temple, please." As the bartender hurried to get his order, he mused about her all to typical reaction. 'Damn my eyes,' he thought bitterly 'some Novas look completely normal, but I had to get stuck with eyes that scare some people on a primal level' "Wow! Is there any place in particular we are going?" He picked up on Neil's question from the other side of the dance floor as easily as the rest of the conversation between the others occupying the table he and Vixen sat at before he excused himself. She was a nice girl, but he wanted some time to himself to think things over. Still he listened in when everyone introduced themselves after they arrived and their chit-chat afterwards. 'Do I really want to get involved with other people again?' he thought while staring at the drink that had just been placed in front of him 'I mean think about it Anomie, whenever you windup in a group, something bad invariably happens. Do you want the past to repeat itself?' A new song started to play over the speakers, causing him to stop his internal dialog for a second as something about it tickled him as familiar. After a few seconds he thought with a small smile on his face 'Ah, it's a remix of a song I loved as a kid.' After a little laugh at how the song made him feel a little old he went back to looking at his drink and was going to continue his train of thought when he was disturbed by the man next to him. "Turn off this baseline crap," he screamed at the DJ "and put on some good Nova made stuff!" It was obvious that no one except those nearby heard him over the sounds of the music and conversations going on, but it still rankled Anomie. 'Damn supremest.' He thought with disgust, his mood chilling considerably. The man, who had been enjoying a good laugh with his companion quickly turned around and stared at Anomie, eyes wide while he continued to look at his drink on the counter, a small frown on his face. The man just as suddenly looked away and visibly shuddered as he stood up and excused himself from his friend. Anomie watched the man through the mirror behind the bar as he quickly made his way to the exit. 'I still got it' Anomie thought, a slight smile tugging at his lips. He grabbed his drink and spun on his stool to look across the club. He quickly spotted everyone through the crowd sitting at the table. 'Why not, I'll join them. After all, what's the worst that can happen if we're staying in system.' With that he got up and made his way to the table. "Hello again Vixen, Walker. I'm Anomie, who might the rest of you be?" he said, hiding a smile.
  8. Well, I'm not sure if this is something you would be intrested in, but here's a power I picked up off of a site titled The NovaNet Eufiber Control(Developed and approved by Todd Bowes, submitted by Ronin) Level: 3 Quantum Minimum: 4 Dice pool: variable Area: special Range: special Duration: special Multiple Actions: Yes Description: The nova can control and manipulate both her's and another nova's eufiber colony This exceedingly rare power gives a nova control over other novas' eufiber colonies. Most of the techniques here can only affect another nova's eufiber, but some allow the nova greater control over her own eufiber. The nova can only use this power on novas who possess eufiber. As with other suite powers, the nova may freely use one technique per dot in the power, and may use abilities she does not know by paying double quantum and rolling at a difficulty. Eufiber Revolt Dice pool: Manipulation + Eufiber Control Range: (Quantum + power rating) meters Duration: Instant This basic power allows the nova to make a target's eufiber turn on its host, inflicting damage. She must have a target within her line of sight in order to use this ability. The nova rolls Manipulation + Eufiber Control. The target may resist with Eufiber + Weave. Each net success counts as one level of lethal damage that cannot be soaked. Morph Dice pool: Wits + Eufiber Control Range: (Quantum + power rating) meters This power allows the nova to manipulate another nova's eufiber, causing it to change shape. Similar to the Shaping technique from Elemental Anima, a nova can use this for a variety of purposes, from changing a eufiber's colour, to having words spelled out in the fabric, to even binding the target. In any case, the target resists with Eufiber + Weave. Each use of Morph costs three quantum. Separation Dice Pool: Variable This power allows allows the nova to physically separate a target's eufiber from the host body, and animate it. To separate, the pays three quantum and rolls Wits + Eufiber Control, the target may resist with Eufiber + Weave. If the nova wins, the eufiber colony is successfully separated from the host. To animate, the nova must roll Intelligence + Eufiber Control. The eufiber colony can take any shape from humanoid to a blob, and has Physical Attributes and Initiative equal to (target's eufiber rating + the nova's Eufiber Control) - (target's base attribute rating) down to a minimum of one. If the Physical Attribute ratings go above five, each dot above five becomes a Mega-Attribute. The separated colony also receives a Weave rating equal to the nova's Weave rating. The nova can only retain control over the separated eufiber colony for as many rounds as she has dots in Eufiber Control. The nova can also use this ability on herself and may choose to not resist separation. Quantum Drain/Invest Dice pool: Intelligence + Eufiber Control This allows a nova to drain or invest quantum energy into a eufiber colony. To invest quantum in another eufiber colony the nova rolls Intelligence + Eufiber Control rolled in contest against the target's Eufiber rating. Each net success represents a dot of quantum the nova may invest in the target colony. The nova then spends as many quantum points as he wishes to invest, giving the target nova additional stored quantum, up to double the target's Eufiber rating, even if the target colony is already filled with quantum. However, if the nova invests more quantum than double the rating, each point invested over that limit becomes one level of unsoakable bashing damage. To drain, the nova pays three quantum and rolls Intelligence + Eufiber Control. The target resists with Eufiber. Each net success represents one dot of quantum drained from the target's eufiber colony. It also removes the additional soak from the Eufiber as well, until the target replenishes her eufiber with more quantum. The nova may absorb as many drained quantum into her own eufiber (even if her quantum is already charged) as she wishes, up to twice her Eufiber rating. Each dot of quantum over twice her Eufiber rating becomes one level of unsoakable bashing damage. The nova also gains additional soak equal to dots of drained quantum up to the target's Eufiber rating. The dots of drained quantum and levels of soak fade at a rate of one dot/level per turn. Mobility Dice pool: N/A This ability allows the nova to give eufiber enhanced mobility. The eufiber forms rolling wheels, or extends limbs for faster running, or even forms pontoons for travel on top of water. This power cannot be used to simulate or enhance flight or gliding abilities. The nova can use this ability either on herself or others, provided she pays three quantum per person. The character's movement pace is multiplied by (1 + Eufiber Control). The nova can use this ability multiple times (each time costs three quantum) to increase that multiplier. For instance if a nova spends six quantum, the multiplier becomes (2 + Eufiber Control). Extras: None.
  9. Unfortunately , WoD now has the 'Fall of Greatness' angle covered in it's new systems of 'Angel' and 'Demon'. Even though it is all backstory, the former represents Abberant, and the latter is Trinity. Soooo, no more need for the tragic hero's of the Aeoniverse.
  10. What's wrong with War Planets? I happened to think that it was a pretty good cartoon. I only take offence that it's classified as something it's not. Other than that, it's cool. And did you know it still airs on Showtime Beyond . And sorry, never seen any FLCL so I can't give you a recomendation.
  11. Quote:Origanlly posted by Brucifer there are 3 pics all showing an Abeerant attack on a space station (i believe it was a station) and over the 3 pics a heavily tainted pax gets closer and closer (anyone, help?) Just out of curiosity, what makes you think that the Aberrant that approches the camera is Pax?
  12. Another question, is anyone still working on the Aeon Society site? I would like to E-mail the developer of the Millennium's Edge setting, but his address is to the old aeonsociety.org link. Is there any way I can get in touch with him?
  13. Quote: Originally posted by Deeth Who's to say that a powerful precog, with the resources and drive, doesn't get a group, or multiple groups together to prevent the aberrant war.... or even moves it back/forward by a decade or two...Did you sit in on any of my game sessions? That synopses is very similar to the game my character was involved in. Quote:Originally posted by Centipede: I don't think anyone want to add another Pax-level nova.My question is about the people here that are playing imported characters from their tabletop games. After playing them long enough, they should be well above the starting level Nova, and depending on how long they played and how the experience points were accumulated they could very well be able to rival Pax or perhapes even Mal. How would you incorperate them without violating canon already established?
  14. I have never been to the Amproom. I know it's somewhere in Ibiza, but where is it exactly?
  15. It will be a pleasure to meet you face to face. When would you like to make arangements for this trip?
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