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    Sample Game
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  2. Matt added a topic in Site Discussion   

    Looking for opening fiction for Aberrnat: Nexus
    We are looking for someone to help us out by writing some opening fiction for the upcoming book Aberrant: Nexus.
    What is Aberrant: Nexus
    This RPGPost fanbook for Aberrant is the guide to expanding the reach of your Aberrant chronicle to cover the rest of the Aeon Continuum game settings and beyond. The overall metaplot of the Aeon Continuum timelines is presented. The possibilities and dangers of both time travel and crosstime travel are examined, along with the nature of the multiple timeline clusters which make up the Aeon Continuum. Those singular figures whose actions have shaped the entire Aeon Continuum are given a closer look. Crossover mechanics for Adventure! and Trinity are established, allowing Aberrant characters to directly experience all the wonders, horrors and strangeness of the Inspiration and Noetic Eras for themselves. Advice and guidelines for playing and Storytelling in high-powered Aberrant chronicles are provided. New ways for the Storyteller to challenge players in such chronicles are also discussed. The lesser-known effects of unfocused Telluric energy on the environment are looked over. New capabilities and options of use to novas traveling in time and/or the Multiverse are offered for your perusal. A brief overlook of what Aberrant players and Storytellers can expect to encounter in chronicles involving extrasolar space is laid out. And finally, we give a close examination of what may prove to be one of the most potent alien threats to humankind in the entire Aeon Continuum: the Doyen.
    Fiction setup
    The concept is as follows: It's 2128, and Terran humanity is losing the Second Aberrant War - badly. Max Mercer has been assassinated. The Colony's forces have taken over the outer Solar System, and are in the middle of conquering the Asteroid Belt before taking on Mars. Desperate, Aeon & the psi orders manage to develop a last-ditch plan using experimental Upeo bioware. They send a single psion time traveler (with a shielded datapod) on a suicide mission to change the past & prevent the Colony's victory before it even begins. The bioware works, and the jump into the past is made. The datapod is ripped free from the psion in mid-jump.
    The psion lands...
    And this is where the story should start.
    1- The psion's mission has succeeded thanks to the arrival of the datapod 20 years earlier. The First Aberrant War has been nipped in the bud, the Teragen voluntarily self-exiled to a human-free parallel Earth & medical treatments developed to correct Taint accumulation. The Colony has died in a traffic accident before ever erupting.
    2- The Aeon Council (sans Max & Margaret Mercer), Project Proteus & certain Utopians have been brought to justice, tried, & convicted at the Hague. Other atrocities of the Nova Age have been dealt with, & those responsible punished accordingly.
    3- The remaining novas & their allies have mostly left Earth & Terran civilization for the newly established colony worlds, leaving Earth in something of a global recession due to the massive loss of population & the colonists' wealth.
    4- The psion's future was a mirage, only a potential future of the current Nova Age, making the psion a phantom. Thanks to the psion's datapod & the actions of many concerned novas, that future has been eliminated - and the psion is soon to vanish from reality along with it.
    How the story ends, I leave to the writers who tackle this.
    Fiction Requirements
    We are looking to represent diversity with the characters in this story.  Trinity is set in a future where North America & Europe are the equivalents of the Soviet Union & the Third World, respectively. The psion should not be someone today's Hollywood writers would come up with.  The characters should be non-combatants.
    The Heroic Psion is also a Phantom, as per the Flaw listed below:
    Phantom (5 point Flaw)
    The character hails from a future point in a given timeline that its nexus has not advanced to yet. As the character's "home" time and history has yet to crystallize, it remains fluid and very vulnerable to change by events taking place in the past. If such changes are made to the character's native timeline, he and his personal equipment are at risk of fading away into oblivion. This is different from mere death in that instead of merely losing his life, the character will have never existed in the first place. The Storyteller has full control over when and if this happens to the character. Fortunately, there are three ways to escape this fate (and buy off this Flaw). First, the character's mind can be recorded with Personality Recording Technology (Aberrant: The New Flesh p. 29) and imprinted into a freshly made clone of his original body produced from synthesized DNA. Second, the character can temporarily be protected from fading away by use of the Unreality Zone quantum power (on p. XX of this book). Third, the character can emigrate to an alternate Earth which has a timeline in the process of crystallizing (read: has its nexus in the present time). After remaining there for five years (and saving up enough experience points), the character can buy off this Flaw.
    Other than that, consider yourselves to have a free hand.
    If you are interested or have any questions please reply.
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  3. Matt added a post in a topic RPG Post Updates   

    The post as functionality is available now.  Please try it out and let me know what you think.
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  4. Matt added a post in a topic RPG Post Updates   

    Now that the base update is active here is the list of some of the upcoming site enhancements
    Changes and New Features Include:
    New menu structure with 2 menu levels. Primary elements are:BrowseBrowse functions similar to the current menu.  It includes:DiscussionGamesChatDownloadsGalleryEtc. Activity StreamsUsers can create custom streams to display whatever content they want to see on the site.User streams can be sharedFilter options include:All content or specific apps. Some apps support further refinement into categories or content-type.Unread contentOwnershipContent I posted inContent I startedContent by specific members (user can create a list)Content I followAreas I followSpecific content I followPosted by members I follow Time PeriodAny timeSince my last visitSpecified number of daysSpecific date range=Editor updatesEditor will be faster and more reliable.Quotes, code boxes, and spoilers can be dragged and moved and there is no more "red line"When cmd/ctrl right-clicking: options to remove or break-out of quotes, edit links and edit image propertiesPasting asks if you want to convert to plain textTotally new code plugin with syntax highlighting as you typeOption to make enter behave as a new line rather than with spacingEditor is responsive, and ability to have small editor show in areas with less spaceMember @mentions in posts can now be selected by tab keySelective quoting to highlight a bit of a post and quote just thatDesign and interface enhancementsImprove typography for titlesBetter contrast for user-entered text (posts/comments/etc)Brighten background colorsImprove sidebar contrast and block stylesSelect messages for multiple deleting in messengerMake leaving a conversation clearerBrowser notifications for completed actions (such as large file uploads)SearchThe main search box defaults to the app you are currently browsing unless you are on home page where it searches allRetina emoticonsThe menu is the biggest difference going forward.  You can still view most things the way you do now, but you'll be able to custom build the stream to include the info that you are interested in.  You can choose if you want to just see the titles of posts or if you want to see part of the text.
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  5. Matt added a post in a topic RPG Post Updates   

    You can now post as one of your characters by selecting the character from a dropdown in the bottom left area of the postbox.
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  6. Matt added a post in a topic RPG Post Updates   

    The account switch should be working now.  There is a link icon in the top right.

    To log out click on your avatar which will open the dropdown with the Switch back to your login.

    In the previous system there wasn't an easy way to go back to your original login so I created an account link back.  You can still use that link now, but if you do you'll create a sort of loop where  you are secondary account as primary account.  If you want to get rid of those back links just unlink the account.  I'll be adding a switch back link to the account drop down at some point.
    You can currently use the post as function to create a new post.  That functionality is still under development.
    Please let me know if it works for you or if you have any problems
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  7. Matt added a post in a topic RPG Post Updates   

    Well that sucks. Thanks for the feedback.
    I am removing the menu link while it is sorted out.
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  8. Matt added a post in a topic RPG Post Updates   

    It still isn't finished but there is a new menu option.
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  9. Matt added a post in a topic RPG Post Updates   

    The primary development of the account switch is complete and it is currently being tested.  If there are no major bugs I will launch it in a few days.
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  10. Matt added a post in a topic RPG Post Updates   

    You can currently create new character by signing up to the site as a new user.  You can use your current email address.  When the account switch function is launched you'll need to add any new characters to it.  I'll post instructions when I can.
    If you have logins with different email address please let me know so that I can consolidate them to your current email address.
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  11. Matt added a blog entry in Kickstarter Tabletop Games   

    Concensus - A quiz board game with a twist
    I aim to go to market with a board game idea based on a traditional quiz but with a twist. All of the plan is made, just need backing!

    Kickstarter - Tabletop Games
    Creator of project:
    Project goal: £10,000
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  12. Matt added a post in a topic Anyone still playing Aberrant?   

    Heya Asche,  How have you been?
    I haven't played it at the tabletop in a long time, but games do pop up on here.
    Here's a link to one that is currently getting started:

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  13. Matt added a blog entry in Kickstarter Tabletop Games   

    Worlds Worst People - History & Fun! Some may surprise you!
    History is full of wars, dictators, & generally bad people! This trump style game allows you to learn about them all in a fun way.

    Kickstarter - Playing Cards
    Creator of project: Wesley Jameson
    Project goal: £8,000
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  14. Matt added a blog entry in Kickstarter Tabletop Games   

    Maze at Battle for the Ring
    Crowdfunding project to fund the creation of a Maze for BftR and other foam-fighting events.

    Kickstarter - Games
    Creator of project: Salvador Solis
    Project goal: $1,700
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  15. Matt added a blog entry in Kickstarter Tabletop Games   

    AcadeCon 2015: Into the Wilds - Presented by The RPG Academy
    The RPG Academy is attempting to take AcadeCon Into the Wilds! Just like a 1st level party of adventurers, we can't go alone.

    Kickstarter - Tabletop Games
    Creator of project:
    Project goal: $4,000
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