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  1. CinemaVision Kodi Add-on 4
  2. openHAB 1

    openHAB 1
  3. My work schedule is a nightmare for the next month.  I'll be slow to respond to anything during this time.

  4. RPG Post Updates

    This was related to the issue with people having to reload the page to see the editor.  It should be fixed now.  You can also click the insert other media in the bottom right to add images.  That copies it to the site so that there is no chance of the images being removed from somewhere else.
  5. Justice League of Eberron OOC Thread

    Currently, I have to move the recruitment threads into the forum.  
  6. RPG Post Updates

    The new chat is a yearly subscription.  The price isn't too bad, other than being an ongoing expense.  I prepaid for the year so it is free until next July.  It isn't being used because some people were very vocal about not wanting to switch to it.  Also, the current chat has some functionality (primarily dice) that the new one does not.  I had hoped to add that functionality to the site, but have not had the time.
  7. RPG Post Updates

    Glad to hear that the site is working properly.  My best guess is that we may switch the chat clients some time mid-next year.  That estimate could be off by a very long time though.  I hate the flash chat, but realize that I am in the minority.
  8. RPG Post Updates

    The shoutbox was causing the site to slow down significantly.  It will return as soon as the issue is resolved.