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    "The tentacled ones are his competition." Charlie supplied as a matter of course, having found a place to sit back and scratch his head. He then whispered loudly, hand cupped as if trying to secretly impart a fact of great importance. "His artificial greatness surpasses their natural splendor. You make them feel bad about their bodies, Jason. That's meeean." The obvious confusion, plus 'is he fucking crazy' looks from Devin and Marissa resulted, causing Lilly to groan. "Charlie's smoked an entire joint of your special product." A fact which Charlie confirmed by drawing in the dregs of the stump of a joint with a wide grin. "Like I said. Artificial greatness. Fortunately, they have a nudo-phobia. That's a fear of nudists. So they have to eat them."
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    Even with the others around, the feeling this was a bad idea had gnawed at the back of her head, enough so that Coraline had picked up a stick lying at the side of the trail. Shit all useless against a gun, but better than nothing. The stress knotted up in her gut, the anticipation of a gunshot with every single footfall and passed tree. Hostage scenarios of all kinds played out in her head. One gunshot and nothing more? She was not expecting a dirty trailer and what amounted to a second party brewing out here in the dark. Cass's causal greeting and wave did it in. "Okay. Ooookay. What the heck's going on?! What happened with the gunshot? Is everyone okay? Did you know about this trailer before? Seriously, what the heck's going on, guys?" she exhaled in exasperation. No one visible seemed particularly urgent or worried, so her fear for her friends was starting to thaw into worried anger at her friends. If this was all nothing, she'd... Well, she'd figure out exactly what when she got to it. For now, answers would do. They'd do for a lot.
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    "That's what that means?" Devin sat there looking about as dumb as he had in a very long time. Courtney looked at him and nodded her head slowly with an expression that read 'duh'. "Well shit. Jesus Court, why do you have to be gay? You're like, perfectly fucked up enough for me. And those two?" He laughed. "Not a chance in hell. Tawny is ironclad straight. Cassidy, eh, maybe, but I'll know soon enough." "I'm going to hold you too that," she said with a predatory glare as she tipped his drink and finished it. She tossed it at his feet and stood up. "Have fun. I've things to get on with." "Later." He offered passively. For a few moments he had some quiet and time for himself to keep looking on at a city filled with people he cared nothing about. Or did he? Why did the actions of the Nerd Herd keeping running back to the forefront of his mind? Why did they care about him that day when they all knew he would never had done the same thing for them? With a sigh he stood up and brushed aside the confusing thoughts in his head and decided it was time to get on with his party night. Meeting a new girl was always a gamble. Especially when that girl was Laurie Cassidy and you'd spent the better part of three years beating up her brother. Needless to say it didn't place things in his favor. He had a reputation, one he no longer seemed to care about, but a reputation nonetheless. It wasn't going to be easy. In a way that was totally not, but seriously was, creepy he walked about the party for a bit stalking and observing her. Tawny was part of the problem and knew with her there all his lines would be shot down as she tried to save Laurie from Devin's antics. After a few moments Tawny skittered off with a few other friends and Laurie was alone, if only for a few moments. He approached her and planned it perfectly. As she turned around he was right there and she bumped right into him. Classic technique and opened up an avenure for conversation, since people were always apologetic after running into someone. He took the impact and waited for her to apolo- "Fucking watch it, Juantsen," she back away and scanned her chest and pants for any spilled drink. "Jesus Christ. Are you blind or just stupid?" "Uh...," he stammered trying to process a backup to what was the perfect plan. "Stupid, got it." She moved to walk around him. "Good talk." He had nothing. This was supposed to be flawless but she was a master at this game. She was a whole new level of impervious to his station and money and popularity. This wasn't right. It wasn't supposed to work like this. "Excuse you." Was apparently what his brain thought was the best choice. She stopped. Success. Sometimes they just needed a moment to realize they were walking from an opportunity of a lifetime. She slowly turned, her eyes narrowed in disgust. "Excuse me? Exuse me?" "Yeah, you ran into me." Just be stern with her. She's wild and needed to be broken. She stepped back and met him face to face. "You're Devin Jauntsen. For three years you've abused, bullied, tortured and generally made the lives of us in Shelly High a living hell. You're a self-centered, egotistical, pretty little rich boy who thinks that everything in the world is owed to him. You're sorry, pathetic, entitled little ass wouldn't last ten seconds without daddy's money and frankly I can't until the day comes where someone comes a long and ruins you. You deserve nothing but contempt and I hope you and your stuck up sister choke on the ashes of your insecurities and vomit up rancid, blackened sacs of the horrid, viscous nightmares that pass for your souls. You are small. You are wretched and you are weak. Now, do I look like I give one care about running into a piece of shit like you?" There was silence amid the loud music. He could almost see the storm clouds in there eyes and the thunder rolling in her voice, each insult a strike of lightning that coursed through his skin and started his heart. Laurie Cassidy was savage as fuck. "Ssssooo... do you wanna go out sometime or exchange numbers or something?" He regretting saying it as soon as he heard it. He had nothing, his brain was paralyzed. "Exchange numbers? This wasn't a car accident, Devin," she smirked and walked off. "It was a slaughter. I hate you and I hope your prostate falls out." With a toss of the bird she walked off. 'Duh' seemed to be the only face that he could muster. She walked off into the evening and all he could think of was what the wedding ceremony would be like. She was pure fire wrapped in a delicate, beautiful feminine form. He replayed the whole thing in his head and decided to own it. He frowned a bobbed hiss head in retrospect. "That went well."
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    Coraline's worried inner monologue gently dissolved in the wash of Lona's music like salt crystals in the rain, replaced by the ephemeral images of potential routines that flowed with the notes strumming from the instrument. Her fingers tapped out a beat to match the tones, short hand to what she could see behind her closed eyes, faster movements to the happier tunes, slower and more balanced held positions for the happier ones. She could put names and faces of Dance Club members past and present to who would best fit which routine. Lona's care and dedication to her craft was obvious in every note, bringing a further twist of appreciation to Coraline's smile. She'd track down Lona later to congratulate her on the performance. She was slow to come fully out of the haze brought on by that good mood, fingers itching for her notebook of (poorly drawn and ill-proportioned) dancing sketches, a few hours in her basement to see what was possible and what was flight of fancy. The tall brunette caught sight of the back of Cade's head as he and his family headed away from the stage. Hmmm. Okay. she brushed straw off the back of her dress and smooth out any wrinkles. Presentation was the difference between a good performance and a great one, and Lona's obviously emotional act had left a little seed behind for her to act on an idea. She moved through the crowd in the direction of Cade's last heading quickly as she politely could. Which wasn't very fast really, a game of social pinball between 'hellos' with classmates she knew at least in passing. She was no queen bee like Mari, but it was amazing how much a smile and a lot of patience could get you. By the time she caught up, he was on his own again, and a faint flush danced in her cheeks. "Cade! Enjoying the fair?" she opened up with, closing the gap with a big smile on her face, "Want to hang out until it's time to go?"
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