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    "Hey, I'm far better than cute, I'm cheeky, and fun." He shot Sean a playful wink and grinned to Kia. "Sorry, Giddy Lu Wu," he played on name of the little girl from the Suessian tale of the Grinch. "I don't think Blink Dog is quite up to snuff, unless, you know, we use like, 'Dawg', and make me sound all urban and gangsta..." "Of which you are niether," Lilly said with a teasing smirk while moving past him to get something to drink. She patted him on the shoulder to help console him after her sarcasm. "If your boyfriend wasn't here, I would so sexually harass you right now." He replied, glaring at her with an equal amount of humor. "Oh, come one dude, since when has that ever stopped you?" Sandy grinned and the two young men offered each other a greeting and a fist bump. "Yeah, fair enough," Devin shrugged, reveling in his reputation for douchery. He and Sandy weren't the greatest of pals, but since he'd started hanging out at Sean's they'd had a few opportunities to talk. At first Sandy was pretty defensive of Lilly and the way Devin would talk, but in time he came to understand that it was mostly in fun. As an act of truce, Devin kept his antics towards Lilly minimal in Sandy's presence. Of course, Lilly was far from needing any protection, but guys had to feel chivalrous when to the ladies they cared about, even if that lady could bench an eighteen wheeler. "Sojourn is a cool sounding name," Abel added. He was organizing his place on the table, getting his assorted dice and note books ready. "You're Rarely in one place very long these days anyway." Kia perked right up from her place on the couch. "Oh, yeah." She beamed a smile. "I like that one, it's fitting too." "If we're going for fitting," Sara chimed in. "What about 'Captain Pervert'." "Also fitting," Kia agreed with a polite and totally innocent nod. "Not helping, Kia." Devin offered in a monotone deadpan expression. He then capped his hands together. "I got it. Jaunt. Because it's what I do." "So all this time we shoulda been calling you 'Masturbate'..." Sandy asked with a smooth, subtle squeeze of the trigger of his 'burn' gun. The room erupted in a sudden explosive laughter with Devin at the center of it rewarding them all with both his middle fingers on proud display. "Sandy, out of nowhere," Sean managed through her laughs. The moment subsided and Devin, a bit flushed in the cheeks form being blindsided by Sandy, was tossing a few bags of chips on the table while still giving the bird to anyone still chuckling at his expense. "Seriously, though," Sandy offered between laughs. "Jaunt. I like it. It sounds like a Metal Gear code name. Roll with it, I would." Devin held his arms out at waist level and looked to Sara. "And just like that, Jaunt is born."
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    "I wasn't suggesting you, or anybody, couldn't cook. I just though that it would be one less thing to worry about so we could focus on our studies. I didn't mean to offend anybody and I am truly sorry if I did." SIobhan said as she looked at the others. "It was just an idea.." she said, her voice trailing off into a small sigh. "Please excuse me." she said, excusing herself from the others, her mood clearly a bit down. Siobhan walked over and out onto the dock where she took a seat, looking out across the water, trying to just take in the scenic view and push out the poor first impression she felt she had made. 'You never get a second chance to make a first impression.' her parents had always told her... drilled into her is more like it, she recalled as she noticed a small bird chirping. She smiled faintly at the bird. "Why hello there." she said, extending a lone finger which the bird immediately flew over to and perched. "My name is Siobhan. It's a pleasure to meet you." she said, lightly petting the bird with a singer finger of her other hand. "Oh! You brought friends." she commented with her smile slowly returning as she felt a squirrel climb up her arm to sit on her shoulder while several fish swam about the end of the dock. It was always easier with animals. She had always liked them and they had always seemed to return it in kind. They never had pretentiousness (aside from some cats), and were always more upfront about their feelings, saving the guessing games so common with interpersonal relationships. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Squirrel." she added, petting the squirrel's head lightly with the same finger as it sat up on her shoulder.
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    "Naw, you wouldn't find pics of Laurie on my phone, relax," he finished the Twinkie and took a few steps from the kitchen area before disappearing and reappearing not far from Sean. "I'd totally move them to a jump drive so you couldn't find em..." His grin went wide as Sean's perfect lips pursed, she lashed out and punched him in the arm. She connected and he laughed. By the very virtue he didn't teleport away from her proved that he playing around. "Chill, I'm just joking. Any pics she sends me will be willing donations to my spank bank, and no, I'm not going to say 'no' to them. If she wants to send em' that's on her. Seriously, I'm a grade A d-bag, not a mouth breathing rapist." "Yet." Sara added with a glare, but she was still carried a slight expression of being playful with him. Some might think the two hated one another, but the truth was they shared a decent joke once in while. Devin and Sara were a lot alike, thought they'd never admit it. They were both, until recently, running from something. Whether from their lives, their choices or their problems, they both had found outlets in their own ways. In Sara's case, Sean had provided her some stability, someone she could confide in and share some of her burdens. Devin however, was still running with not even so much a destination in mind. "Well, I applied for the seminar tickets online but you know how all these liberal college campuses are," he shook his head and mocked an exasperated sigh with his arms thrown up high. "What's a guy to do?" He faded away and was gone for a few seconds only to reappear next to Sara, lying on the bed beside her with a large, thin rectangular box wrapped nicely in an ice blue ribbon with sparkled silver edging. "Hi, Sara, I feel like we're drifting apart." She slammed her arm into the bed, coming down in a sideways arc that caught nothing but the bed sheets. Devin was already gone, knowing her tendency to choke him out first and giggle at his jokes later. He solidified into view next to Sean, startling her slightly, his way of silently moving about and being almost everywhere at once was an incredibly difficult trait for anyone to get used to. He thumbed back to the bed, cradling the fancy box in one arm. "Sara tried to kill me again. I feel like I'm losing her, like there may be someone else... do you think it was something I said, or did?" A guitar pick hit him in the back with the force of a snapped towel. He arched his back and tried to rub the stinging spot but it was just out of thumbs reach. Sean tried to cover her laugh with her hand, but it was obvious. "That's a safe bet, yeah," she slipped the box from under his arm before he dropped it. "Careful, what do you have, anyway?" "Take a look," he said. The stinging was dying down swiftly. His new super body did a good job brushing off most minor injuries so the antics of the team tossing high speed small objects at each other (which was more common that one might think) didn't bother him for too long. "Laurie was pestering me about dresses. She likes hers but she loved this one she saw on some website." "Devin, you didn't." Sean narrowed her eyes, partially surprised that she was assuming he did something selfless. She moved swiftly to the table and set the box upon it. She lifted the lid and took a peek inside. "Since the military is asking us to help them out, I decided to remind them that they have several under aged workers performing top secret military missions into combat zones... and not paying us, well, me. It may not be Captain McKeller's department, but I gotta hand it to him, he came through and pulled some strings." For once both the ladies could see a hind of red in Devin's cheeks. Apparently being a decent guy was a new experience for him. "I was, uh, hoping maybe you could give it to her."
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    Lilly looks and Devin and gets up from her seat to walk over to him, the normally easy going girl looking more serious than normal. "Dude. This isn't a fucking comic or game or a Netflix series. This is, admittedly bizarre, real life and serious stuff here. You do you, and all that, but you need to drop the clown act or whatever the heck it is, at least in regards to this. I'm serious. Right now we have to train, consolidate our power and prepare and NOT going picking needless fights. We can't just go around doing things slapdash and picking needless fights just because you get a wild hair up your butt. If the Deviants have killed people, then they will be dealt with, but running off half-cocked is not the way to do it. And like it or not, we are all in this together. You're not a loner anymore. You have to think about others and the huge ramifications of your actions." she told him, strangely seriously. "And his name is Hooli. He is here helping us, so at least show him some respect and use his name." she added. Lilly sighed, her demeanor softening greatly. "Dude. Just... chill. Seriously." she said as she slapped Devin's shoulder with a smile.