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    Na'Atem gestured with her hands, weaving threads into a spell matrix. The Spellstone glowed and shimmered as the spell took form, emitting rays of light as bands of æther swirled around it. "Ƭƹȴƺƥɸґᵵᶏƫїδתּ" she said in some ancient, arcane tongue and vanished from view, reappearing beside Cosima and the others she took with her. "You are not the only one with such abilities." she commented.
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    Echo leaned back in her chair and looked up at the ceiling (there were MULTIPLE hairline STRESS FRACTURES at the corners of the load bearing supports) idly as she went over in her memory what a long, thoroughly fucked-up day it had been. And Hands! Good old Hands. Always quick to apologize on behalf of his species once the shitshow was over, but never putting his neck out when it counted. Free dinner though. That was one free dinner more than she'd expected to have, so profit was profit, even if it was petty profit. She closed her eyes to stop her exocortex from compulsively building an itemized list of all the maintenance the building needed, and just listened to the music. She couldn't tell if she liked it or not. Would she pay to hear it? Mmmm...no. But it was nice to be sitting here, not having to care about what other people were thinking. They were staring, a lot of them. Fuck'em. Didn't matter for once, and that was a soothing ointment over the raw soreness of her bruised ego. Soon, Echo knew, she'd have to go back to trawling postings for ships seeking skilled hands. Then would come meetings and interviews, and the countdown would begin again. But for now she could let go of all that and just drift atop obnoxiously bright colored lighting and music by people who seemed to confuse volume for talent, and the smell of smoke and booze and sweat and other less identifiable things...and it was wonderful. Someone cleared their throat behind her, and Echo's eyes popped open as she let her chair fall forward to sit up straight again. "I have a chip," she proclaimed, opening her palm and showing the waitress. "I'm here to...cash it in, or...use it to do the thing..." The waitresses' impatient expression (her ordering tablet's low-battery light was starting to glimmer) abruptly struck Echo as amusing, and she broke into a helpless titter as she shook her head, "No, no...nothing. I just...is there a menu? Complimentary snacks? Whatchu got here? Lemme get the whole 'Beyond the Farthest experience.' Rock my world. I didn't even wear socks; consider them pre-emptively knocked off."
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    It might seem bizarre that the ones who looked halfway respectable were the ones expected to cause trouble, sitting in the midst of all the pirates and n'er do wells, but there was sound reasoning when you knew 8-Pieces. The station was the epitome of a neutral zone, and the same ethos of cracking down on violence and conflict in local space applied much the same to on-station interactions. The council would come down hard on gunfights or knife-fights no less than dogfights, and even those who acted in self-defense could suffer just as much penalty. Drunk and disorderly conduct, however, was acknowledged as a different and inevitable thing, which was why Gorunta had a job here. Well, it wasn't the most pleasing of jobs, but it suited his talents, and even with past years of mercenary companies, this was a truly free environment to be able to air his voice. That was what made those three a potential problem, outsiders who didn't know the rules, the customs and codes, could trigger something even without knowing what they did. At least he could be here, keeping an eye on them while being in the best place to hear Evana. Her music was phenomenal to be honest. And someone who could take this place in stride. When she name-dropped him and dedicated a song for him, Gorunta couldn't help but smile - a teeth-filled grin, but genuine, and flash her a thumbs up. Now as long as the android, elf and Lashunta were sensible, this might just be a good night.
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    Evana had managed to stir the crowd of the immediate vicinity of the stage. While nearly the entire club could watch her perform from the various holo projectors all around the place, those closest had to admit she was more heavenly to look at in person. Her 'fans', the local pirates she'd managed to utterly woo in he couple of weeks she'd been here, cheered and roared her on song after song she played. They were regulars, and well into their cups but, hey, they left tips like you wouldn't believe, a drunk and their money made for greats profits. Her heel tapped the stage as the band ran through a few chords for the next song of her set. This place was a like a sauna, which she'd learned the hard way her first night performing here when she completely over dressed in clothing that didn't breathe. She looked great, but damn did she sweat her ass off. After a few nights she knew what sort of crowd she was dealing with and had them pegged. Tonight's color was black. Her halter held in enough to keep the dream of seeing what was under it fresh in their minds while her skirt was short enough to keep them leaning in towards the stage every time she stepped too close to the edge only to see nothing but workout booty shorts with a winky face emoji underneath. She was caked in sweat, her neon blue hair was a sweaty mass that dripped like melting icicles. Say what you want about pirates, these guys were a blast to hang out with. They were loud, fun, and always ready to stand for their own when the drek hit the oscillator. Despite being thieves and criminals, they held more honor than most lawmen she'd met in her day. Sure, some were down right terrible, but the brighter the light, the deeper the shadow. "Wow," she kept tapping her foot to the thunder bass drum. Her voice, despite being a bit raspy from the first couple of songs "And here I thought you guys would be boring tonight." They cheered and held up their cups and bottles, roaring for her next song and shouting a hundred or more obscenities directed at what they'd love to do if they had just ten minutes alone with her. She laughed and corrected them that she needed far more than a ten minutes man. "You're all so filthy, I'm blushing. Really, I'm pure as the driven snow, I assure you..." "Bullshit!" Those closest to the stage all shouted in unison. And everyone shared a laugh. "This one's for Gorunta, that massive pair of walking luggage you may or may not have seen wadding though the crowd keeping you degenerates in line. He's been a doll these last couple weeks, so buy the guy a drink, Besmara knows he deserves it." Name dropping the goddess of pirates always helped when singing in a club full of them. She rolled into the song, losing herself to the music.
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    Jaunt relayed everything Laurie had said through his link with her to the others. He bypassed the drones and nightmare monsters appearing before the giant portal they'd need to get through. Sharing a link with Laurie and the Vanguards, he summoned them to him. Like quantum mist they materialized before him, Laurie holding their doomsday device. "Okay, you ladies know the plan, this is it." It was utter chaos out there. From where they stood they could see it all, a million on seven in what was without a doubt he biggest guild raid in or what ever would be recorded history. Explosions, blood, screaming... there were no words to describe actual war, but it was something akin to Hell. Were these not vile monsters out of some nightmare, Jaunt may have had to stop and vomit. The destruction was on an epic scale and through it all, the Irregulars kept fighting like there was no tomorrow, because if they lost, there would be no tomorrow. Drones and assorted baddies noticed the infiltration of the portal's perimeter and turned to rush them, to stop them from infiltrating the iris. Lightning and storm spat from the skies raining death and devastation upon the first wave. Avenger soared down to land in front of them, lightning spiraled down her arm like electrical barbwire meeting in her palms where her hands were ablaze with quantum fire. Dust and pebbles circled around her in an odd orbit as one pebble flew off and tore through the skull of a drone. There was a brief pause in the enemies courage and she looked back at them. "Quit looking at my ass and do what we came here to do Jaunt." There was no link needed between them, she knew what she was saying. Sure, they never really got along, but they respected each other nonetheless. Two jerk being jerk the best way they knew how: at one anothers expense. If worse came to worse, she'd said her good bye in the best way she knew how. Jaunt took Laurie by the hand and made for the portal. "No bull shit Laurie, we do this, and we get out and you listen to me for once. We have to do this together. And quit saying now all the damn time, you sound we're married." "Hah," Laurie rebuttled, "That'll be the day. Trust me, you don't even make my top one million list of men to marry." The group stepped through the portal as Avenger held the line at the portal. <They're through.> She told everyone when the connection with Jaunt faded as he traveled light years away to the Asheen loci. <Vanguard, help me hold the line. Lets make this count.>
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    Safyre shakes her head. "I'm going to have to cut the trip short," she said to her fellow Ravenhurst students. "Eight doesn't leave me much time to let the school know and get ready." Turning around to see everyone else, she noticed how they were looking at her. "What?"
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    Keiko covered her mouth and tittered in a self-aware parody of Japanese schoolgirl embarrassment. "Oh Taty," she said in a high pitched voice, "You so naughty." She then nodded. "Sounds good to me. Bastion, we'll text ya. C'mon, Tats, I think we'd better leave him alone before he melts straight down through the ground."
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    Time seemed to distill around Vanguard as she spun about to handle another invading presence. Her pupils locked on the arrow shaft spiraling towards her but she didn't move. Swiftly it passed her head and she felt the cool whisk of the breeze it left, like a whispered kiss of a lover along her earlobe. It plunged into the throat of a drone, knocking it off it's 'feet' and carrying it some distance before it fell to the ground gurgling it's last. “Can we not piss off the Angry Portal of Doom, please?” Jaunt shouted, feeling a bit left out that Vanguard started the witty banter without him. People could say what they wanted about Jaunt, but he'd doing competitive team sports his whole life, under the jokes and terrible humor, a victory wasn't a victory unless all of them came home in one piece. “Kaythanks!” <Thanks.> Vanguard's voice came to his mind. <Yeah, yeah.> He blew it off. <Go break stuff.> With the others at his side they followed Vanguard's charge. It made sense, she was the Vanguard, after all. Within moments he was surrounded by drones but they barely broke his stride. Stephen Amel had nothing on him when it came to fighting with a bow in his hand, but that's not to say he didn't steal a few moves. The first one engaged him with a deadly swipe with its weapon but Jaunt wasn't there. A moment before contact he simply vanished and in an instant the thunderous crack of his foot against flesh shattered bone and collapsed the creature's skull. He'd appeared behind the monster, already engaging in a kick that solidly landed. While still airborne he extended himself and pulled the string of the bow taught and let an arrow loose. It streaked from the rest. The idler wheel and cam granted the shaft enough force to punch through a concrete wall. It finally came to rest after the forth drone skull was pierced. Before gravity claimed him the world slowed to a crawl as his eyes narrowed. He vanished once more. He'd locked onto the perfect line of Asheen drones. He appeared, arrow already knocked, and let loose. Like before it whistled through air tearing through neck after neck, one of the only soft spots in their armor. Much like Vanguard just moments before, a shot rung out in the night sky and Jaunt felt the breeze as the slug whizzed past his head. With a gurgle and the crunching sound of the drone's brain liquefying in it's skull, the one sneaking up behind him was dropped by a shot from a high powered rifle at an impossible distance. <Nice.> He smirked. “What? You honestly think I came alone?!" Savant shifted the sights on her rifle. <Fish. Barrel. All that. Avenger and Chimera are good, Sage could use ya.> <On it.> Sage was certainly holding his own, but unlike Savant and Jaunt, he didn't have eyes in the back of head. Sure, he'd tell you all day he did, but no, seriously... he didn't. He was dispatching various forms of quantum created tech-death upon a group of Asheen that were moving to intercept his barrage of technological devastation upon their numbers. When Jaunt appeared before their numbers he let an arrow loose. The big one leading the charge swallowed it like a prom date eager to keep up the status quo. “S'up.” Was the only greeting Jaunt offered as the horde behind it wailed out in fury. 'Once a game, it's on.' as the saying goes and like a bullet he charged into the horde, he jaunted past the front line, reappearing in a gap several rows past the vanguard (small 'V'). He surprised the poor fool he appeared in front of and didn't hesitate to uppercut the drone square in the chin. It was easy to forget that Jaunt was actually super strong, able to lift small cars with little difficulty, so the looks of shock from the surrounding drones when their compatriot flew up straight into the air, made it worth it. The drone didn't get very far before Jaunt reached out and snatched it by the ankle before it got too high. There was an audible 'smacking' sound against its limb as his grasp tightened and with a pivot he spun the drone around, slamming it into its brethren in a sweeping circle, smashing them with a ton of force. It was a bit cruel and unusual but screw these guys. They were trying to destroy his planet and looked like something that spawned from Lovecraft every morning after twenty minute push on the commode. <So, Sage... you given thought to what we talked about earlier?> Jaunt asked through guild chat. Sage dispatched several drones with some sort of grenade he'd conjured up. <You talked, I was ignoring you.> Jaunt beat a particularly difficult drone to the ground then continued to wail on it with the drone he was still holding. <Tomato, potato, dude. C'mon, you mean to tell me you've never been a bit curious? I mean... Savant... that's easy: Brazilian all the way. I'm sticking with my earlier choices though. Avenger has the whole angry lesbian thing going for her, so I'm guessing she's totally got Don King locked between her thighs in the classic 'It's so angry!' scene from Waiting. Vanguard, I'm guessing landing strip, she seems the type, yknow, a little teasy without being too prudish. I'm still fuzzy, get it? See what I did there? On Chimera... but then again you're dating the illegitimate freak-beast of Swamp Thing and the Tarrasque, so... yeah, I'm not quite sure I want that in my spank bank bro... but if I had to venture a guess, I'd say stencils. She trims that shit into all kinds of shapes, don't she? Chia-Kia... with her happy face, or a dropping bomb, or a lightning bolt. Maybe a nativity scene so you can think about how disappointed Baby Jesus is in you when you're down there flipping her switch...> <You know they can hear this, right?> <Dude, like they don't know I think about this stuff. You've been in my head... it's filthy.> He smirked, dodging a few blows and energy blasts, still grasping the drone by the ankle. It'd long since gone limp. “Huh, mom was right... I don't know how to take care of my toys.” He let go of the drone and was about to jaunt away when a blast at his feet tore into the earth and threw him back several yards. He was launched into the air but still managed to compose himself. He flipped backward and disappeared, jaunting back to the earth diffusing the momentum of the impact and standing there to face whatever it was that blasted him. He had a good game face, but that hurt. Gravel, stone and shards of earth had tore into him and he felt the blood trickle down his face. He wiped it away and narrowed his eyes as across the battle field a massive drone with some sort of alien (yet awesome) weapon was poppin' off shots like Kamu Valley was his block. He was a biggun' too, almost twice as tall as some of the others. “So one of you actually has some bass in his voice! That's what I'm talking about. Let's see what you got Bitch-tits.” It fired a blast at him, but he took off. He could have teleported, sure, but Jaunt wasn't built like the rest of them, he couldn't obliterate armies with the swing of his engorged quantum member... yet. He had a brain, and he had to use it, and his opposition wasn't much in the upstairs department. When all you have is a hammer... he thought as he closed the distance. He was a natural gymnast, sure they were all athletes now that they were superhuman, but none of them were gymnasts. Free running, parkour, gymnastics... before his super powers Jaunt was on his way to becoming an Olympic-class gymnast. As the blasts tore into the earth he swayed to dodge them, flipping, sliding, and vaulting over or under any obstacle in his way, the whole time the plasma blasts tore into drones or the earth, thinning the herd the closer he got. He slid under the legs of of a drone as a blast ripped through its chest, the force of the impact actually kicked him back up to his feet and he smirked, not breaking stride until the mega-drone tossed the giant cannon aside and jumped from itss perch, landing with a thunderous impact onto the soil. It roared at him. It was a loud mash-up between a roars and high pitched shriek. “I'm curious... what's it feel like to be an afterthought?” The monster roared again and charged at him. The poor beast had no clue that he had close to eleven escape routes planned and was working on twelve and thirteen. With his heightened perception constantly analyzing and assessing things on levels a normal mind couldn't fathom, Jaunt was ready. He had time. He'd been wanting to push himself for a long while now, really open up his node and take it for a spin on a level the training rooms really weren't designed for in case something went wrong. Kamu Valley, he was sure was a pretty place once, but face it, there were not going to be an picnics around this place any time soon. This shit show was the very definition of 'gone wrong'. Might as well test the waters. He felt the power in his node flare to life as Mega-Drone approached him, the smaller less powerful ones were swarming too, and he knew that soon he'd be overwhelmed. Good. The Goliath approached and stormed past him, slowing down as it swung its massive arm out to swipe at the mouthy teen as it passed but it found only air. Jaunt was gone. He reappeared in time to slam Mega-Drone in the jaw with a enough force to crack cement, and was gone. His fist slammed into the mighty drone's knee, and he was gone. His knee powered under its chin, arching its head backward as his foot slammed into the back of its neck at an impossible angle. He rocketed several blows into its abdomen, its sides, its legs, its face... he was a blur, so much so that most blows were landing before Jaunt even found himself in a position to land them. “Son of a bitch...” Savant said softly as she looked through her scope, she watched as he pushed the limits of his node, teleporting at a speed so fast that he was literally co-locating himself. Two Jaunt's spiraled around the massive drone working in succinct concentrated patterns to keep the giant off balance. When it was finally staggered enough they moved in for the finale. The faster they ported and with blows aimed at the right angles, the monstrous alien began to rise off the ground, elevated by well placed impacts that didn't allow gravity to claim its prize, not yet anyway. Higher and higher they rose, kicking and punching as the massive horde of drones swarmed about beneath them, leaping and clawing as they continued to gain altitude. Several feet above them Vanguard's clones appeared. Not just the one assigned to him, but the two assigned to Laurie as well. He couldn't lock on to individual clones, he'd mentioned that, so instead he decided to take them all. They were straight, aimed at the ground and falling fast. Jaunt disappeared and appeared above them, and braced his feet upon their feet and like a cannon he launched each of the three to the ground with a heavy push of his legs, teleporting from one to the other. Two were launched into the hordes while the third was launched at the Mega-Drone. Like missiles they soared to the earth, and as the third slammed into the falling drone power rose in her fist and she rode it all the way to the firmament. The impact was nothing short of nuclear. Hordes of drones were devastated as the two clones hit the earth and unleashed a massive shockwave, thundering the earth and throwing scores of drones off balance. With over two hundred yards of drones off balance and some even up in the air, they had no defense against the third Vanguard slamming down to the earth riding her soon to be liquefied target. Kinetic energy released over the entire area obliterating drones by turning their organs to paste and their bones to a fine ground powder. Scorched Earth was the best title Jaunt could have come up with as he reappeared by the three Vanguards among two hundred square yards of death and mayhem. “Like I said, bitch. Nothing but an afterthought, and my guns don't miss.” His head throbbed, he was gonna feel that later. His duplicate had long since faded, only being a product of the speed of his teleportations the moment he slowed to launch the Vanguards to the earth it had ceased to be. “Whew. Thanks ladies. Shame you gotta go away eventually,” He was breathing heavily and almost out of breath. Normally he wasn't tired, but pushing his node like that made him feel like he just ran a marathon without any of his enhancements. “Cuz, like... triplets... totally on my bucket list.” He looked around and managed a chuckle in between breaths. “Holy shit... we wrecked the place... hehe.” "Hell yeah!" Jaunt shouted, his fist to the heavens as the T'Tauri descended and bathed the valley in light. He had no idea what it was doing, but they weren't alone, and that was all that mattered. Sure, they were good, but the were kids, and only six kids at that. They should be at a dance right now, not... not caked in their own dried blood in pain and swiftly losing hope. They couldn't do this all night, and they all knew it. Sure it looked cool and they were mopping the floor with them so far... but the Asheen were infinite, the Irregulars weren't. "Shut these ugly bastards down..."
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    "Oh, no...," Kaori attempted to defend herself as she turned beet red. "We're not-" The van jerked an everyone tumbled about, Brennan included although it did little to wake him up. As everyone regained their composure Kaori found Brennan's head nestled comfortably in her lap, nuzzling the comforting denim of her skirt with a pleased grin on his face as he settled in for a more comfortable sleep. She wasn't sure what do to. A bit of panic set in as she considered what Luci would do to her if she saw them like this... she sure didn't seem pleased a moment ago, but then again... when did she ever seem pleased? "Um, she looked around for help. Anyone? Some help please?" She's gonna kill me... she's gonna kill me... this is terrible... my serious mission for the guild, the Master has entrusted important business to me... and Luci is going to kill my magical career before it's even begun! Uhhh! You sleeping idiot... get OFF! Don't turn around... don't turn around... please don't turn around... As Brennan got more comfy, she got more embarrassed.