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    Like before post your stories in this thread once I give you to go ahead
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    Kia blinked in surprise and looked up at Courtney, then broke into her bright, infectious smile. "Totally ready! Excuse me a second." She stepped around Courtney and gave a big wave across the field to where her folks were sitting. "I like knowing where my family's sitting. Helps get me all psyched knowing they're watching. Don't you think?" With that, Kia headed back towards where the rest of the squad was doing their warmups, already going over the routine in her head. She'd noticed in the course of the weeks since getting powers that even without taking some other shape she was still a lot stronger than she had been. It was unclear to her just how much stronger, or if it was 'superhumanly' strong or just strong 'for a girl her size.' Kia was pretty sure she wasn't as strong as, say, Lilly...but that left a lot of room for uncertainty. She hadn't really tried to test herself yet. It did, however, give her thoughts for cool cheer moves that would have been beyond her before though. She wasn't sure if there'd be time to work something out that was impressive but not too obvious before the school year was over, was the thing. Well, there was always college. Assuming, of course, they could stop this whole alien thing over the summer. Damn, that'd really SUCK if they had to skip a year because of it!
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    As Siwan stepped off, Sigurn focused on another tattoo for several minutes, activating the magic within it. She finally opened her eyes and looked around for Hilsi. She picked up the cat and cradled him in her arms, on his back (something he allowed only her to do). She scratched his chin, chest and belly as she spoke to him. "You need to stay behind here and help Llygaid watch the horses. No heroics. Just keep a sharp eye out, if you can keep from sleeping too much." she spoke to the cat with a genuinely playful smile. "It is so boring here." the cat complained back to her, though it was nothing more that a series of meows to the others' ears. "I know. Just don't try pouncing Llygaid, even if you are 'just playing'. Understood?" she told him. "Fine." the cat relented. Sigurn put down Hilsi and walked over to the horses, petting her horse as she looked them over. "If danger comes, follow the raven. It will keep you safe. We will return, but we know not when. We will return though." she said to the horses, giving her own a final pat and kiss on the nose. With the instructions left for the animals, Sigurn gathered her gear and walked to the rope. <Seen anything?> she asked Skirra in her thoughts, though she was sure the spider would have told her if anything of note had bee spotted. "There is a iron staircase in the tower, leading down. It is old, but seems stable enough. It may be wise to traverse it one at a time though. I can send Skirra down the walls to scout ahead of us." she explained before crossing over, guarding the room while the others crossed.
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    SATURDAY IN ABEL'S JEEP, ON THE WAY TO THE GAME Sean spent part of the trip designing a personal vehicle in her head. She couldn't keep borrowing her mother's car, and if she was going to get her own, it should be a super car - she was a super woman, after all. She had already tuned-up her mom's car, so it was running better than new. With the right parts and some time, she could make a car - or maybe a motorcycle, that would be badass - that would make a Bugatti weep in inadequacy and have James Bond talking with Q. Sitting in the back seat with an arm around Sara, her head on her shoulder, Sean, smiled in remembrance, knowing what Sara was thinking about it. It must be stifling to Sara, compared to the freedom of flying so fast and so far. I need to make a spacesuit... But there were things she could do to ease Sara's discomfort. She unbuckled their seatbelts and with effortless ease, she pulled Sara onto her lap and angled herself to the side somewhat, giving her long legs some extra space. "Here, I've got some extra padding to share, hon," Sean murmured with a grin, looping her arms around Sara's waist and holding her close. Sara could feel Sean's full breasts against her back with each breath she took. "Lean back and relax, it's not that much longer. Abel, put the music back on." Her drastic transformation had eased or eliminated some of her anxieties. She wasn't self-conscious about her looks anymore, far from it, and was more demonstrative and okay with public displays of affection now. But one of things she enjoyed the most was no longer being concerned about sounding like a girl. She had actually liked singing before, but had stopped when her voice started sounding more feminine than masculine. Now, she sang along with the radio far more frequently and wasn't as concerned if there were people around to hear. She had always had a great voice, though few had known it. Now, as she sang along with the music, the others realized it was beyond compare, and Sean exulted in her voice rather than being ashamed of it. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON THE CASSIDY RESIDENCE Sean hummed along with the radio as she sashayed about the kitchen cooking dinner for her family and Sara. Sara couldn't help but smile at the dichotomy of a woman that looked like Sean wearing an apron and doing something so domestic as cooking dinner, but Sean also looked very natural doing so as well. Cooking and baking was one of the few things that Sean had always enjoyed doing that many would consider a feminine activity. In this, Sara could clearly see the Sean she had first met. Her vision had increased the most, but all of Sean's senses had increased beyond human levels and seemed to be incrementally expanding even more at a constant rate. She found herself spending extra effort when she cooked now, far more aware of the interactions of tastes and flavours. It gave her a greater appreciation for the creations of top chefs and she was finding enjoyment in making her own, even if it just was homemade pasta and spaghetti sauce. True, learning that Sara didn't need to eat anymore had something to do with it too. If she didn't need food, Sean at least wanted to make her something she could enjoy. She had a surprise for her after dinner to celebrate the revelation Sara had made last night. Sean had spoken with her parents yesterday about the meeting with the General and the situation the Irregulars found themselves in and they respected what Sean and Sara could talk about. Laurelei was not so circumspect, eagerly pestering both of the enhanced girls about what they could do. If she seemed a bit jealous about their superhuman abilities and her former brother's superhuman looks, she was also genuinely happy they had found each other and their relationship had endured their transformations. She still wasn't ever going to go bra shopping with Sean again though, or allow any boyfriend she had come anywhere near her new sister. After dinner, they cleaned up, Sara helping with the dishes, then Sean led her to her room/workshop in the barn. This was one of the few others that seemed little different from the old Sean, except for even more monitors hooked up to her PC set-up. One corner of the barn now held a bed, Sean having moved down from the pile of pillows in the loft after hitting her head on the low, sloping roof more than once. "I got a small surprise for you, Sara," Sean said in a playful, lusty tone. "It's not everyday a girl makes it as an astronaut. I'll be right back." Sean dashed back out of the barn. Sara spent a few moments looking around. One computer seemed to be a video game, either one Sean was playing or programming, she wasn't sure. Most of the others were too technical for her make out, and set on a font she found uncomfortably small. The last one drew her interest - it looked like a blueprint for an ambitious expansion to the barn, turning it into a full-fledged bungalow with a loft. Sean returned carrying a dome-covered tray and a pair of plates in her hands. She slid the door close with a deft motion of her foot then swayed over to the cleared gaming table and set down her surprise and beckoned Sara over with a finger. She had always been proud of her baking and was especially pleased with how this creation turned out. She hoped Sara would like it. She sat Sara down then stood behind her, her hands kneading her shoulders as she leaned over. "You have no idea how good it felt to feel the sheer wonder you felt last night, flying beyond the bounds of Earth," Sean admitted in heartfelt empathy, giving Sara a kiss on top of the head. "Here's just a little something to celebrate the achievement. An achievement more impressive and worthy of acknowledgment than a mere birthday." Sara lifted the dome and revealed a gorgeous cake, decorated like a galaxy that was now within reach of her will.