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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...nuum-aeon-rpg/ Our modern world is fraught with danger, from the products of mad science and corporate greed to the perils of lost civilizations. Fortunately, as many of the Talented will tell you, danger is their middle name, and the Æon Society is here to help them put things to right. The only constant in the world is change, and that's where you come in. The Trinity Continuum Core rules are the foundation for interacting with the Trinity Continuum setting. Using the Storypath System, the Trinity Continuum Core rules provide a contemporary baseline, allowing you to explore modern scenarios in various genres. Present day scenarios involving dedicated investigators, audacious con artists, underground do-gooders, and intrepid explorers can all work within the structure provided. Trinity Continuum: Æon will be the first non-contemporary setting explored on the Trinity Continuum timeline. Set in the year 2123, Trinity Continuum: Æon depicts a future Earth, still in the process of recovery from a devastating war and starting to expand into space. Nations that avoided the brunt of the destruction have transformed into leading political forces, while other regions are either home to struggling survivors in the ruins of their former countries, or living under a fascist regime intent on restoring order at any cost. Bio-engineering technology mixes with psionic orders creating new power structures, while alien contact has been made with mixed results. The Trinity Continuum: Æon setting allows for a variety of play styles, from cyberpunk-like corporate espionage and intrigue to post-apocalyptic survival stories, to space exploration.
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    Thanks for letting us know Ian. I just backed.
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    Hang out around the stock exchange floor, read the trader's minds, learn all the inside secrets, and start buying and selling. With any kind of decent seed capital, you're a billionaire in weeks.
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    Simply find rich people and slowly have them begin signing everything they own over to me. Implant the suggestion for something atrocious (suicide, shooting up a club, driving their car through a kid's birthday, whatevs...). One evening while I am surrounded by witnesses doing something completely legal the implanted suggestion kicks in, they go nuts, die in a blaze of gunfire an screaming children and everything they have goes to me. Rinse, repeat. Let the law try and figure out why people keep doing dumb shit and leaving all their shit to me. You can't prove mind control with an autopsy and even then, I'm sitting in court mind controlling the jury that I'm innocent anyway. And yes. If I had mind control I would be a terrible person. My moral compass would nose dive to far lower than it is now and I would use my ability for nothing but evil and destructive ends. The world would serve me and not even realize they were doing it.
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    YES! the game that got me into gaming is coming back woot!
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    Gorunta simply grinned and laughed at the oncoming horde. All this time, silly, stupid, absurd princelings, and their genetically altered poolphins, and this nonsense. Now this was shaping up to being something actually truly worthwhile, worthy of glory. Unlike some of the others, he drew his longsword and brought it up in a two-handed grip. Unlike the others, he held no qualms about battling the slaves. They chose to attack him and his fellows, after all, rather than fight for their freedom. The vesk strode forward, and now, the others truly saw his brutal talents in the art of war. The first was a blue-skinned humanoid male, with a wild look in his eyes and little remaining sign of free will. Gorunta's blade relieved him of that issue, practically bisecting him. The two corpse-halves only began to fall, while Gorunta was already spinning in motion, and the microserrated edges of his sword tore through the necks of two cat mummies, beheading them in one stroke. He shifted his grip to one hand only, so his free hand could promptly cave in the face of a lashunta in one swift, brutal punch. A mummy and a third slave converged on him at the same time. The vesk mercenary threw his weight in one direction, body-slamming the slave to the ground, before hacking down the mummy. Finally, he delivered the coup de grace to the slave with a single, finishing stab through the belly. He suddenly felt the weight of a number of slaves, as they tried dogpiling him at once, but his armor and scales were so tough they might as well have been using pillows. Gorunta shook his head in sardonic amusement before grabbing one and using her to bludgeon all the others.
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    Sunshine wasn't a big fan of shooting slave labor if she could avoid it, so she concentrated on the mummies. Ancient instincts initially set her on the back foot when confronted with an army of cats, but she overcame, sighted with her pistol, and fired. ... and kept firing. Laser fire, silent except for the sound it made when it lit up on impact, lit up the underground catacomb, burning away the flesh of the undead. One closed with Sunshine, too close to shoot, so she skittered up its body, wrapping her tail around its neck, and swung herself around in a wide arc, firing laser blasts in an arc, and using her momentum to flip the mummy on its back, as she flipped an energy clip into the air and slapped it into her pistol, shooting the downed mummy without looking back, because her attention was drawn to the mob bearing down on her. They overwhelmed her, and for a moment, Sunshine disappeared underneath the onslaught of bodies, but rather that punching or bursting free dramatically, Sunshine squeezed out the bottom, almost compressing her body in half. She rolled to safety, getting up into a surprisingly frantic run, and a moment later everyone found out why. The grenade scattered bits of cat mummy all over, and even the ones still in one piece looked like they'd been knocked for a loop. Sunshine spat the grenade pin out of her mouth, tossing it over her shoulder. "'Your cheeks are so big and cute, Sunshine. I just want to pinch them, Sunshine. I bet you could hold a whole bajifruit in there, Sunshine.' Or you know, something useful."