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    Sean stared, dumbfounded at what he found between his legs, his field of view no longer obscured by a pair of very prominent, very feminine attributes that had grown to feel more natural to him than the cock he had mysteriously regained. He had missed it, but not much considering everything else he had gained in the exchange. Was there a word for something right feeling wrong? That regaining something felt like you have lost more? The Germans probably had one, but he didn't know it. An moment of idle reflection revealed he couldn't even speak German fluently anymore, nor any other language besides English. Everything before wasn't a dream, he was sure of that, but if so, than what the hell had happened? Devin's Jaunt interact with the quantrinos spilling from the Asheen Origin Portal, shunting them to a parallel universe? Hooli or its rival interceding in some way, trapping them in a mindscape. Guildchat was gone, so was his personal channels to Sara and Laurie. "What the fuck is going on?" he exclaimed and winced at hearing his girlish voice, instead of the much richer, slightly deeper, womanly tones he had grown used to. Sean shuddered as he got up from the pile of pillows and blankets that served him as a bed in the loft of the barn and climbed down the ladder. His balance was off and he couldn't believe how tiny he felt. It wasn't that he had forgotten what being short was, he just never expected that he would experience it again, going from 6'1'' back to 4'11'', the difference seemed even more exaggerated. He felt slower, so much weaker, simply... less than he had been. He hated it. His room had reverted back to what it was before he had changed, before his relationship with Sara. The fridge was only a mini-fridge instead of the full-sized model he had replaced it with. The bed he had shared with Sara felt conspicuous in its absence. Absently, still bewildered, he got got dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with the Triforce on the chest, both loose on his slight, undersized frame. It felt weird not putting on a bra. With rising trepidation, Sean picked up his cellphone charging by his computer while his eyes skittered away from the dark navy suit discarded haphazardly on the futon in front of the TV. His anxiety rose even higher when he looked at his contacts list and the call log on his phone. Sara wasn't on it. Clare was - her number blocked. Laurie's sarcastic comment about his 'girlfriend' calling four times held new meaning for him. He didn't think she meant Sara. I need to talk with the Irregulars, need to see if we are all here, all experiencing this... this Flash Sideways where the Asheen hadn't come and we didn't get superpowers. Hell, we need to contact Fort Bulwark and find out if Stepping Stone or Guardian Shield is a thing. See if we can recreate the event that changed us if we can't make it back to our reality where things are...right? Where things are what they are, what they should be! Sean slipped on his boots, stamped his feet to settle them, then slipped on an oversized coat. He was about to dash to the house when his smartphone rang. "Hello? Abel? Did it happen to you too?" Abel heard the old voice of one of his oldest friends, sounding very young and very girlish.
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    Abel didn't quite scowl. This was far from the first time Blitz woke him up like this, but at the same time, he'd not done it for a long time. "Easy boy, there's nothing..." he trailed off when he realized exactly how correct this was. He was quite accustomed now to hearing the inner voices and thoughts of so many others, even his dog who was sapient now, and for the first time in years, he was alone. Blitz wasn't sapient, or if he was he was laying the "regular dog" act on very thick this morning. He got up, moving over to the Mirror, and now he scowled. "What the hell happened?" He looked, well normal. like he did before only as if he'd aged the same. He was simply tall, thin, and fairly lanky, he didn't have any of the tone he'd gotten used to having. He quickly got dressed and moved to the door. Guild chat was gone, he couldn't hear thoughts, and his dog was just a dog. Something wasn't right, and the sooner they could all get together the better. He scooped up his phone and dialed his oldest friend, one of the other members of the braintrust, and likely the one who if he was in the same boat, would have changed the most. "Come on Sean, answer the phone.' There was a tinge of guilt that he called Sean, and not Kia, first, but at the same time, he had to confirm his own suspicions, and Sean was definitely the most certain to corroborate them.
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    "GOOD!" Devin yelled back, sending one of her shoes back at her. "Bitches be cray... especially that one! Gingers are all flat chested, freckle faced, soulless... GINGERS! " He sat there breathing heavily, mad but not sure why. Something was off, something was... Mari easily evaded the shoe and saw her opponent was stunned, taking advantage she moved in for the kill. "You are such an asshole," She kicked him, but he pillow absorbed most of it. "Dee Jay, I can't believe I actually trusted you, UGH, I am so stupid. Laurie is only a Freshman, dude, you embarrassed her, ruined her dress... probably her whole High School career!" Grogginess was giving way to memories... memories that were his, but not... he stood up swiftly. "Wait... wait..." Mari kicked and pummeled him the whole time he was getting to his feet, they were siblings and this whole routine was old hat, so he wasn't in any real danger. "Knock it off!" The assault continued and he blocked as best he could, she him tackled back on to his bed and continued to punch and slap at any exposed parts that weren't covered by Devin's arms or his feeble attempts to curl into the fetal position. "Seriously..." Mari's assault was relentless and they were more amused by the moment now than enraged. Finally he glared at her menacingly. "Seriously, if you don't quit I'm telling mom where your vibrator is, I'm not even playing..." She relented, granting him the quarter he'd been begging for. "For the record, if we weren't twins, I would have buried you under he porch by now and begged mom and dad for a puppy." She stood there looking at him as he dashed up and out of bed, tearing through piles of clothing looking for his... pants! The ones from last night were in his hands and he rummaged through their pockets. He thumbed through his retrieved phone and looked at his sent messages. "What are you doing? You don't have friends, who would you call?" Empty. He remembered sending Mari texts, told her he loved her, Mom and Dad too... where were they? "Yeah, yeah... you're pissed, I get it. But something just occurred to me, Em Jay... and you're not going to believe me, but..." He thought about it for a second, telling her everything that had happened... everything he could remember, anyway. Nah, something was rotten in Denmark. He decided to take the hit. "You know what, never mind. Look, you're my sister, I love you. Whatever I did I'm sorry, and that's the best I got. I don't even remember last night." His thumbs went to work. Guild chat wasn't working, but he still had his... what... the... hell...? Where were their number? The Irregulars, the Air Force people, Laurie's... Laurie's number was gone too. He wasn't sure why but something about that made him, sad, confused? Like he's lost something important. "You love me?" Mari looked at him, puzzled. Devin hadn't shown a member of his family anything but contempt for the last three years. He got along with Mari, they were twins, but he'd not opened up and been honest with her for... well, awhile. She was honestly stunned. "And you don't remember last night? Dee Jay, are you on something, take something at the dance maybe?" "I can't explain, look, uh, get dressed... we gotta find the others." He began tearing into his clothes piles. Mari still stood there, confused. "Go! Come on! Seriously if you wanna know what's going on, move!" She dashed out with an evil smirk on her face. "Oh, this I gotta see..."
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    As Lilly looked out the window, things seemed normal, but as she looked at Kia's house across the street, things were clearly different. "I know, right?! I am looking at your house, or what is supposed to be your house, but there's a different car in the driveway, a sweet looking camaro, not the two that your parents drive. My dress from last night is here, but things are different and my... uhh... abilities... are gone. What's going on?" she asked as she tried to think about the situation. "Did Devin bungle it and do some cross-dimensional transport thing or something? Like some Star Trek Transporter accident during a lightning storm so we're in some Twilight Zone alternate dimension? And have you talked to anybody else yet?" she asked.
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    Kia just nodded mutely at her mother and stayed under the covers until the bedroom door closed again. THE bedroom door, not HER bedroom! She sat up then and looked around. It was her STUFF in there, but it wasn't her room! The closet door should be over there, and that wasn't her dresser and there wasn't the big mirror or... She yelped and jumped when her phone's ringtone came on. Seeing who it was, Kia picked up immediately! "Lilly! I'm at home but it's not MY house and it's like nothing happened but I'm pretty sure it did! Something went WRONG!" Abruptly she paused and added, "...uh, is everything okay where you are? Please tell me you know what I'm talking about and I'm not the only one stuck in a weird JJ Abrams show."
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    "Wha..? How'd I.." <Guys? Kia? Hell. I will even settle for Devin at this point. Anybody?> she sent into Guild Chant reflexively, or so she thought. Instead, she was just thinking to herself. She collected her phone from the nightstand and called Kia as she got out of bed. As she listened to the ringing she walked over to her dress, touching it with a brush of her hand as if to see it is real, and then strolled over to the window, peeking out at what should be a residential street of base housing, with her beat up Chevy pickup parked on the street and the simple structures of the base beyond. <Pick up Kia.> she thought to herself anxiously.
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    Phones be damned. Jaunt had seen them in the portal, the monsters, the nightmares. He had two passions his whole life, his art and his gymnastics but he'd never been motivated to pursue something like he was now. Those things were coming, but they weren't getting his world. "Alright," Jaunt shouted over the fading music. He pointed to Abel, Courtney and the others. "Sage, get them up to speed and to rendezvous. Chimera, you're with Abel, Alec in the shit and he needs you guys." "They have code names..." Dan said softly, his tone laced with a bit a awe. "I'm taking Laurie and Savant back to HQ, we'll meet up with you as soon as we can. Lilly, give them a hand, please. And pick a code name already." He smiled and winked at her. "And an HQ... oh, man..." Dan mumbled again, this time sounding completely impressed. Courtney sighed, completely annoyed. "Dan. Shut. Up." She approached Jaunt and Laurie and Savant on her way out to work with Abel. She had to stop to get in her two cents. "You think you're the shit, don't you," He goose necked Devin... she actually goose necked him! "But you're not. This isn't the end of this, trust." "I feel ya, Nummy Tits, be me an mine are gonna go out there be 'gods', small 'g'. You wanna stay in here and settle for 'queen', well, that's on you girl." He smiled at her raised up his hand, thumb to his ear and pinky to his mouth he whispered 'call me', and then they were gone. They appeared close to Colonel Pryor, Jaunt slouched again, leaning on a close by. He prolly could have handled just himself, but this whole new experience of moving multiple people with him was still undisciplined. "Hey Sir, Colonel, Sir..."
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    Lilly's eyes went wide, unable to hide her shock, and even fear, at what Sean relayed through the Guild Chat. <They what?!?! DC'ed from Guild Chat and then artificially teleported away?> she recounted in Guild Chat, more for her own benefit than anybody else's. <Oh no... That means they're here. They aliens are already here... > she continued, sending out a wave of palpable dread. <Some sort of advanced scout or vanguard force or something at least, and it looks like they are coming after us.> Lilly suspected through the Guild Chat. The dance, along with so many other concerns fell away as she thought about the ramifications. She, and likely the military planners in the program, had thought something like this would happen, but this was well ahead of timeline estimates. Some sort of advanced scout could reach Earth and, at the very least, gather intel, and at worst, they would begin to 'soften up' the target. If the aliens knew about the Irregulars, then they would likely been seen as the major roadblock to their conquest, and therefore need to be eliminated to pave the way for their victory. <They probably detected the big spike from Claire's enhancement. If the wrist watch detected it, then I am sure advanced alien scanners could. Just being here and around these students, we could be putting them in danger...> she added as she looked around at the other students enjoying the dance, making the best of the evening. <We need to find Devin, Laurie and Claire and get them back ASAFP.>