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  2. Summer and Autumn Astovik Name: Summer and Autumn Astovik (identical twins) Moniker: 'Solstice' (individually) or 'Equinox' (when combined) Origin: Transformation Gender: Female (hence 'sisters') Ethnicity: Caucasian, with typical pumpkin spice latte white girl problems. Age: 20/20 Hair: Black/Reddish-Orange Eyes: Purple/Vibrant Green - Height: 5'8" - Build: Athletic - Weight: 130lbs./126lbs. Manner: (Summer) Friendly and outgoing. (Autumn) Fun-loving but logical. Value Who: Family [Her sister (both), Father - Mortimer Astovik] Value What: Friendship / Love Attitude: People are endless sources of wonder. Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Status: Filthy Stinking Rich (Well, dad is.) Appearance: The Astovik twins are very rare identical twins. In fact, only their nuclear DNA can tell them apart. Unlike a lot of twins, however, the sisters have spent their entire lives changing their appearance and taking steps to not look the same. Their natural hair color is a deep auburn (don't tell them I told you that). Today, Summer's hair is deep, jet black (the color of soot) while Autumn wears hers as a vibrant shade of reddish orange (the color of Autumn leaves). Background: The Astovik sisters are the daughters of a very affluent senator from California. Before he was a senator he was a very successful philanthropist and made a massive fortune in Silicone Valley trading and deals. As a result the sisters were raised without a single need or want in a lavish life of entitlement. One would think that this would bring to very spoiled, very mean girls into the world but instead they are the exact opposite. Their father is likely one of the only honest politicians on the planet and he raised his daughters to be honest and hard working as well. When it was time for them to head off to college they refused their father's assistance and insisted that he allow them to make their own way. As a result he generously helps them out with college on their birthday and a few holidays as long as they remain employed and keep their grades up. Summer is a passionate extrovert who is out going, flirty and fun if a bit cocky and head strong. Autumn is a quiet introvert who enjoys education, reading and intellectual pursuits. Both are friendly and fun-loving individuals although Summer is more the 'party girl' who is generally dragging sister along for the ride. Their constant clash in personalities generally lead the two to being in constant arguments and fights as Autumn is generally trying to keep the two afloat while Summer is partying and enjoying her college years. Powers: Summer controls fire while Autumn controls water. They use their powers in a variety of ways from blasting enemies outright to even shaping various weapons and protections from the elements. Each of the sisters is also able to fly and possesses an increased resistance to harm (damage seems to 'flow' around their bodies like things may pass through flames or water without disrupting the fire or the river).
  3. Columbian Gender: Male Ethnicity: Latino Age: 29 Background: Since the end of the Second World War, the secrets to reliably unlock super-powers have been a Holy Grail for governments, corporations and other powerful groups. In America, a government program known as Project Columbia sought to hit upon a method for enhancing men in sheer human ability, efficiently producing super-soldiers. The person picked for the inaugural run was Lieutenant Daniel Ramirez, a son of Mexican immigrants who had pushed past many challenges, including a racist commanding officer to achieve some distinction. Project Columbia's backers offered him many rewards, but in truth all that was required was the phrase 'for your country.' The Columbia Formula succeeded brilliantly, the combined genetic and chemical therapies changing an average but determined man into a mental and physical paragon, indeed also possessed of a healing factor. Sent out against terrorists and other high-risk missions, the newly dubbed Columbian was a great success story. Until it all went wrong. Daniel Ramirez discovered that Project Columbia had been corrupted nearly from the beginning by the Hecatoncheires organization, intent on using their creation to produce an army! Unfortunately, the Hundred-Handed Conspiracy misjudged him, and Columbian exposed and brought Project Columbia down - however the fate of the Columbia Formula remains unknown. Afterward, AEGIS recruited Columbian, as a more above-board opportunity to aid America. They provided him with the 'solid energy' devices that became part of his trademark image. Stats
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    Memorial day weekend we are going out of town for a wild and crazy romantic weekend in new orleans. do not expect anything from me until i return tuesday then we will see where things lie. I may show up on chat or discord occasionally but don't count on it. if anyone has anything they need from me before I leave friday let me know asap thanks
  6. ...And that is how they started shipping us in the fanfics.
  7. Jessica Rhodes Starsign Origin: Transformation Stats Background Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Age: 20 Hair: Brown - Eyes: Blue - Height: 5'3" - Build: Muscular - Weight: 130 Lbs Manner: Serious/Sober Value Who: Family [Father-Johnathon Rhodes Jr. - Former Naval Corpsmen now a Fireman, Mother- Alicia Rhodes – Emergency Trauma Nurse, Grandfather (P)- Johnathon Rhodes Sr. - Captain US Navy Ret., Grandmother (P)-Jessica Tatum-Rhodes – History Professor, Grandfather (M) Alan Turner – Judge, Grandmother (M) Olivia Turner, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins on both sides Value What: Friendship Attitude: Every person is a unique and valuable individual Birthplace: Kingston, New York Status: Well Off Background (What you can get with google)– Jessica Olivia Rhodes was born in Kingston, New York and has lived there all of her young life surrounded by a loving nurishing family. Both side of the family can trace their roots in the area back to the revolutionary war in which they served and fought for Independence from British rule and members of the family went on to serve in every branch of the military in every war the United States has fought in. But the Rhodes and the Turners were not only soldiers, they were also Doctors, teachers, traders, industrialist and everything in between. Both sides of the family take great pride in their long history and in their country. So it is no surprise that Jessica grew up with a clear sense of pride, patriotism and duty, a love for her country, and a willingness to serve and sacrifice for others. Short at 5'3” but very fit due to a love of sports and all things outdoors, she was a tom boy until her early teens when she blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Since high school she had attended KCSU* under the nursing program with the intention of following in her mothers footsteps. During the summers she has worked as a EMT and is certified. Being among the first responders as further strengthened her need to help others. Since becoming Starsign, she has ceased attending school and has put her plans for following her mother into nursing on hold, not to anyones surprise. As Starsign Jessica has never considered calling herself a vigilante, she has never hidden her identity and has openly answered questions as frank and truthfully as she is able. However once she revealed herself as Starsign she has made it a point of doing whatever she could to help people everywhere she could and has done some things that squarely fall under the label of vigilantism. * Origin:
  8. Heya Nina. I'm still interested in my cold-blooded criminal as a character, and you did mention having some ideas for him. I completely understand if you don't want to start new stories, but if you are taking requests then I'd be happy to write as Casimir. Alternatively I can shelve him for use later on.
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  10. NPCs who merit full sheets and bios will be posted here.
  11. This is where you post your character profiles. Please post what is public knowledge openly, anything that is hidden, post in a spoilerbox. I do not require sheets to be posted here, but I do ask that you post a character picture in your profile.
  12. His archfoes are a group of fragile heavy-hitters collectively called The Glass Houses. He actually used to be a member, but they threw him out.
  13. I will look at things after this weekend and my vacation trip. Hopefully that will reinvigorate my enthusiasm. I will make no promises but I don't like leaving things unfinished it makes me feel like I failed. max most of us are in discord sitting quietly just like we do in chat so...join us if you can
  14. I would like to confer with you, Nina, on a couple of things. Was hoping to do it in chat, but that seems not to be an option. I'll PM you when I get a chance.
  15. You won't receive requests, Nina. The sad truth is most gamers are lazy and complacent, they won't actually reach out to find out what's going on. They'll sit and monitor the thread, waiting for someone to bait them or the ST into giving up something so they can chime in with something that appears to be interest. Like I just did. Anyway, I'm down for finishing out the threads. I'd pick it up afterwards, but we all know I'm not in a position at the mo' to take on more games.
  16. I've had bad experiences with open world games, but, sure, if Nina's up for one last rodeo to wrap up the current thread, I'll ride.
  17. I would like to at least finish out the current thread and see where things stand from there.
  18. i have received no requests to continue with the things I said i would if anyone wanted me to. I am still open to that.
  19. So, on a serious note... Anyone planning on doing something with this? I'd hate to see it die because people stopped posting.
  20. Version 1.0.1


    A simple HTML and Javascript character generator for ICONS. Just press the button, and it'll spit out stats for a new character, ready for you to attach actual character and flavor to them.
  21. Looking at a private investigator who is also a wizard (and apparently a superhero), with apologies to the Dresden Files.
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