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  2. "I think they removed that clause due to a lack of virgins, honey." She smirked as her heels clacked and her hips swayed with a determined stride of a woman scorned. "And for the record, I'm as pure as the driven snow."
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  4. Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey looked up from the desktop, she had a blank look on her face, her mind was in turmoil at odds with the orderly appearance of the room which should have been dressed in chaos. She didn't remember sitting down but obviously she had. She looked at Mr Mourne, then back at the desk and the office in general. She had only been outside for a minute not enough time for one of the other girls to straighten the mess that had been the office. Assuming any of them would have tried. The ledger was still open in front of her the entry for forty three dollars and seventy one cents laughing at her. That was a strange thought, how could a number laugh at her? Mr Mourne gave a soft cough which snapped Casey's attention back to the really good looking guy sitting across the desk, at his broad shoulders and the long hair. "Um...yeah." She grabbed the proposal with one hand and flipped the ledger closed. "Um...yeah," she repeated glancing at the paper but not really seeing it, "Let me look this over, um. I'm sorry I'm just a little distracted. Gimme a couple of hours to look this over and see what we can do to help you out. I agree it would be a boon for us, but at the same time I don't want to over extend. If you will give me a number where I can reach you?" She took a pen ready to jot the number down.
  5. Jordayn snorted in dark humour. "No, there is no need to be... pristine to be sacrificed, Jexa." The handsome half-elf smiled wryly as he eyed the empty pens then the arcane lights emanating from the pyramid. "Likely many or most of the canines have sire or bore offspring, after all. It's the blood, the lives taken - or given - that give the ritual power. In some cases, depending on the ritual, and in who - or what - it is dedicated to, the unsullied can be a greater source of power. In others, those who have lived, loved, and lost, provide even greater sustenance." He shot Jexa a quick grin. "If virginity was a prerequisite to be sacrificed, I'm sure Arshea would be unmatched in the number of ardent adherents."
  6. "And I'm trusting the both of you with my girlfriend," Savant added, her turquoise eyes still flashing with ire thanks to Jaunt. She didn't make any threat or warning about what would happen if Sara was endangered, but she didn't need to. Charles couldn't help but take a step back and Tease swallowed. Sean gave Sara's hand one last squeeze then she stalked past Jaunt, following Chimera and Sage to the teleporter room, though she kept her hand to herself, despite Abel's sympathetic intentions. She gave Abel a one shoulder shrug, thanking him for his concern but preferring to keep to herself for the moment. I hope Pandora has an answer for me, and more importantly, for Sara... "I'm heading down to the plane to recover the flight recorder and see if I can pick up anything else one site. Oracle," Savant's lips twitched at the callsign, "would you have the Qeeg sent everything they recorded on the Quantum Event to my tablet? Between that and what got recorded on the black box of the Air France Flight, I may be able to triangulate an origin point for the pulse." Her eyes narrowed slightly and she gave Jaunt a sharp sniff in passing. Devin might keep telling himself he didn't see her as a real woman, but he had to admit Sean had all the curves and features any woman would envy and any man desire and he couldn't help but admire the way she moved. But the look in her eyes was pure feminine fury. She was going to remember this and use it against him at some point, probably when he had long forgotten it. Savant's lips were tight as she perused the data on her tablet at a speed that would almost hurt an unenhanced human's eyes. While adapting the Telecom tower, she had also cloned the feed and recorded data on her tablet, in case something in range had reacted to the Quantum Event, giving her another point of reference. The tablet looked somewhat like an iPad, though in fact it was an early iteration of a quantum computer that far outstripped anything on the market and had unique programs and interface options. Her smooth footsteps were silent, but emphatic with angry irritation. She hadn't been doing nothing, sitting by Sara's side. "If possible, Chimera, try to recover the brain and possibly the adrenal glands or analogues. Access to the node and altered cerebral structure and the unique hormones present in a Quantum Enhanced Entity will help us find out exactly what's happened." She pursed her lips, projecting mental images of what the organs would look like and where to find to Kia, then nodded. "A piece of its spinal column would be of use as well. With the prevailing currents and the displacement caused by its own tremendous mass, and considering where it went down, the carcass will likely be found in this region." In Kia's mind, Sean sent her an image of where she believed the mutant orca would be found, along with dotted paths indicating descending and horizontal movement. Then another region was marked, in a different colour. "The secondary region is in case postmortem, with a no longer active node or access to quantum energy, the creature returned to something similar to its original size and mass." In the teleporter room, Sean gave the T'tauri technician - Au'Breen - the coordinates for where Abel had taken the ship and where Orcazilla had fallen. "Take care, Chimera. We still don't know what caused the Quantum Wave and whether it might occur again." She nodded at Au'Breen, a faint, amused curve to her lips. "Energize." Nothing happened. Sean sighed. "Ready to teleport." Savant, Sage, and Chimera dematerialized. Savant and Sage rematerialized on the downed airliner cradled in the sand and surf of the beach. Sean immediately shifted her vision, peering through the bulkheads and paneling to study the electrical systems and sensors permeating the aircraft - they would be most sensitive to quantum fluxes and she could try and decipher when and how precisely they were damaged. She looked back towards - and through - the tail, scanning for the box, likely orange, that would contain the flight data recorder. "Hopefully we didn't lose the flight recorder out at sea. We'll be able to find it, it would just take us more time I don't want to lose." In the distance the thrum of approaching helicopters could be heard. They didn't have much time at all it seemed.
  7. Jexa listened t the others, but kept an eye out, only to stop in her tracks, her antenna perked up slightly, hinting a quizzical expression that only those familiar with Lashunta might pick up. She turned her head to look at Evana. "Sacrificed? Don't you need to be, you know, a virgin, to be sacrificed though?" she asked with a confused look on her face.
  8. BB eagerly headed for Grep's. Booze! Ok, their kind of entertainment sucked, like theater?! Hell of a way to make yourselves seem posh and sophisticated, if you ask, him, unless it was properly lively and exciting. And in this sort of small town, lively and exciting it would not be. But booze, wonderful booze! That would make up for a dull day of mining. Pleased, he sauntered along the street, pausing only to notice an odd pair. A vivacious young girl, and someone in armor that screamed 'classic mystic' and 'most likely to be pointed at by lynch mobs.' Well, if the person in question wanted to paint a constant target on their back, that was their choice. Their funeral too if they couldn't back it up. They were going into the trading post, and BB gave no further thought to them. Ah, finally, glorious Grep's! BB nudged open the door and let out an exuberant "Grep! Three cold ones, buddy and..." It trailed off as the cyborg noticed the pair of men getting hard looks from an already present Firanis and Grep, and themselves looking like they'd done something terribly stupid. Which more than likely was the case. Cybernetic eyes zoomed in on them in good detail. "Need me to do something about those bozos, Fi?"
  9. Mel - 'Deb By Dawn'

    Mel turned around, scanning the perimeter. Open space and greenery, one or two trees, but no sign of anyone spying on him. Just the occasional other jogger or people over at the bridge. The prickling at the back of his neck insisted there HAD to be someone watching, or following him. After all, the first 'Deb' mention he'd passed off as mishearing. This was far too specific, explicit about him, his actions... Stalker-worthy, yet in Mel's experience the stalkers only waited long enough for the right opportunity to shoot or knife their targets. Either way, there was something distinctly wrong, and Mel knew it. For now, he kept walking, until he found a large rock where he could rest, in the form of leaning his back against it and thus allowing all possible approaches to be part of his field of view.
  10. Ok if you want to post some rp you may just do not move the action along. The elevator opens intot he same ruined city as before but the pens that held the dogs are now empty and there are no zombie workers around... off in the distance you can see flashes of light around the pyramid made me laugh in what has otherwise been a crap weekend
  11. They stepped down the hall way, slo-mo style, fanned out to make sure nothing got the jump on them. She slid her pistol out from it's thigh holster and the accompanying blade on the opposite side. She was in her purple, pleather body suit with the front zipped down just enough to remind everyone 'yup, that's Evana' and a heeled boots were just simply not practical for any woman except those that might find themselves in major roles in a space adventure. "Bitch tried to sacrifice me," she said coldly, her eyes narrowed with vengeance gleaming in them. Sunshine cleared her throat. "Right, I was getting to that. Her too." "This isn't about respect. I'm about to get street up in this bitch." She sighed, pissed off. "It's always some cult trying to rim their way into their gods favor with some easy win play. I tried to be nice, I tried to be civil, but nooooo... they just had to get all uppity. Diplomacy is done. Now it's war." She turned her pistol to it's side and clicked off the safety with her thumb. It spoke to her 'safty's off baby, oh yeah' it said in what sounded like a seductive Isaac Hays voice. "And after this... we are getting fucked up. Like, you don't even know."
  12. "At the very least," Gorunta felt, "it will make an accomplishment worth some respect out of this ridiculous period of working for that prince, free with his money as he may be."
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  14. "It's going to be pretty hard to take a Dark God who wants to ritually sacrifice dogs seriously," Echo remarks placidly as she checks her arc pistol over. "What's the endgame there? Secure a cat homeworld? Dominate the cat-galaxy? Rise to become a cat god? Are insane psycho evil folks even trying anymore?" She cobbled together a few pieces of music from the Allnet and started playing the result from her rig. Anything to cover up the ungodly elevator music. "Cat cat cat cat," she chanted, rocking her head up and down. CAT GOD
  15. "Well, we've been here for a little while," Squidge said to Phere as they followed Firanis in. "Seems like a nice place to stay a while longer. The more people we're on the better side of, the better off we'll be, you know?" She broke off at the hullaballoo at the bar, watching the two men and Grep and the purple-haired girl talk with an abrupt focus that Phere recognized well. That subtle tension of someone ready to act, but holding back to make sure it was necessary. When things didn't immediately flare into violence, Squidge heaved a little relieved huff and went over to the bar. She wasn't really dressed for a scrap at the moment with her fancy stolen armor in its locker back in the flat she and Phere were renting. "Hi, Grep! I'd like to buy a gift for someone, a local, and I thought you might be able to help me out." The Trimador looked over at her queryingly. "I, uh, heard about what happened to Ianoko," Squidge went on in a lower voice. "I thought maybe if she had a favorite food or drink, or something...well, it might help her to know that she's got folks in her corner, you know? You know most folks in town, I figure. What kind of thing does she like?"
  16. Kia's attention was on Sean at first, dismayed by the friction there. She didn't mind following orders that made sense, even from Devin, but she did like it when everyone got along. Then she nodded at Abel. "If there's anything in particular you need, let me know so I can be sure to save it. There's so much...uh...stuff that otherwise I won't really have time to be picky about what I get rid of." She didn't go into details about how she was going to dispose of whatever didn't get kept as samples. She honestly wasn't sure. The thing was HUGE, and the thought of just...eating it...made her feel really uncomfortable. Getting that big herself felt like she was getting close to a limit of some kind...she didn't have that much more 'size' stored up. If she took all that in, would it make her 'self' that much bigger? Kia didn't wait around to chat much, assuming that Abel and Sean would communicate with her via the link. She just headed for the teleportation room so she could head straight down and get started.
  17. "Put it this way," said Sunshine, as the doors opened. "'We've beaten up gods and made them cry' will look great on the business cards."
  18. Despite the jarring manner with which Devin spoke to them all, Abel found himself going along. Someone did have to take the lead or they would never move forward. He moved to take Sean's free hand. "Come on Savant, we've work to do. IF you and I cannot unravel these mysteries no one can. The sooner we know what happened, the Sooner we can Help Avenger. Nothing will come from us worrying over her." He looked to Kia and gave her a knowing smile. "We need to get you back down there quickly, before all the authorities show up. We should work with the Captain to set that up and your retrieval with whatever remains you can find. Like Jaunt, I'd rather have all of them, so that we don't leave anything for other entities to get as research materials."
  19. Casey - "Hear I Am"

    Casey was dreading the discussion in the office. She felt like she was in trouble back in high school or something, and this was her office! Speaking of high school, she wondered how her cousin was doing. Gods only knew what kind of trouble she was getting into down in the Salem public school system. She stepped into the office and paused, completely at a loss for words. When she had left just a moment ago she had left behind a room filled with the very essence of chaos. Papers were strewn all over, bills were haphazardly set about all over, payroll was scattered in between loose notes and reminders on Post-Its. It was a shambles. Not any more. The desk was bare of any mess. It was a simple metal affair, old (probably as old as the shop) stained and chipped in a few places, yet now here it was... the surface cleaned and polished, all the typical assortments of items (pencils, pens, name plate, calendar) all perfectly placed and in their proper holders or placements. Files were all sorted and closed tightly within the few filing cabinets they had, bills were organized and sorted by date and the pay roll book, which was out on the desk (she'd been arguing with them to get a computer for the longest time, but they wouldn't budge) open and balanced showing they had forty three dollars and seventy one cents more than they thought they did! And... was that Lycol and air freshener she smelled? "Wow," Mr. Mourne snapped her from her confusion. "Impressive. You should see my office, it's a mess. I've things everywhere, some days I can barely keep up." He entered and didn't seem to notice that Casey looked like she had just walked into a waking dream. He took a seat and crossed his legs, setting his briefcase on his knee to balance. Apparently he felt like he'd need it here very soon. "So, brass tacks of it Miss Mason, as Ive said, I'm with the MMA, and I've come on behalf of them to field you an offer. In a few weeks I've a large exhibit that were hosting. Forty one of New York's finest and most talented undiscovered artists, the catch is I'll have seventy one of the cities richest and most affluent citizens there as well, and I'd like to make an impression. We're expecting a turn out of about three hundred people. I figured since I was headlining New York artists, why not headline New York businesses as well. Have the catering done by local businesses, like yours." He reached into his briefcase and after a few moments produced an outline of what he was proposing. "That's the written meat and potatoes of it, it is a paying gig and since we're funded by the city and donations, it's usually a pretty above average rate," he smirked a bit devilishly. "I think it would be an amazing way for your shop to and business to get out there to more people, and with it being a news worthy event, some great publicity for the coffee shop business. I am on a bit of a time table, since all of this just got thrown on my desk about a day ago, so I do apologize if things are short notice. I've had a ton of rejections this morning, so I understand if it'll prove difficult to arrange something in less than a week and coordinate with the MMA in only a couple more after that, but I do hope you'll give it some consideration. Now, have you any questions for me?"
  20. "Disrupting a dark ritual? Hmm.. let me check." Jexa said as she held out her hand an a glowing wireframe was drawn in then filled in with what appeared to be pixels, leaving a small device in her palm. It emitted a very slow beeping and had a needle resting all the way to the left that was barely moving. "Hmm.. let me check my Giva-A-Shit-Ometer." she said as she slapped the side of the device a few times and gave is a shake. Jexa cringed slightly and shook her head. "Yeeeah. No. Nothing's registering." she said with a shrug as the device reverted back to a wire frame and disappeared. "We are here for a dog...-thing. or whatever the hell it is. That's it. Get the dog. Get paid. That simple." she said as she caught a look from Jordayn. He was standing there, his usual smile gone and his head tilted just so slightly to a side with a 'Really?' expression, "What? No. Don't give me that look. Were for a dog. A fucking DOG, and NOT to pick a fight with some 'Dark God' and it's minions. I mean, I sure as hell don't remember the 'Divine Combat' clause in the contract." she said, almost pleadingly to Jordyn who stood there, looking at her with the same expression as before. "Oh come on! This isn't our fight and we sure as hell are not cut out for this shit. We are NOT some sort of heroes! We are self-serving mercs! At best! We can hardly work together or do anything right as a team. The series of fuckups known as 'today' proves that." Evana considered saying something, but she could see that Jordayn was getting much farther with Jexa without a single word as he stood there, un-moving and his expression unwavering. Jexa's antenna went limp and she turned, resting her head against a vertical beam of the elevator with a sigh. The lashunta closed her eyes and kicked at beam hard several times with an angry growl and then suddenly stopped. She lifted her head, her antenna rising back up. "Fine. Fuck it." she said as he held out her hand and her Arc Pistol slide into her palm from it's secret compartment. Ninura who no one had noticed was even with them, leaned over Jexa from behind and wrapped her in a four armed hug. Jexa noticed almost immediately that the Kasathas was naked again. "Why do you gotta make shit weird?" she sighed at the hug from the naked Kasathas. A few moments later the elevator emitted a *Ding!* and the doors opened. "Let's go ruin a Dark God's day." she said as they exited the elevator, weapons ready a resolve on their faces.
  21. Krusk is paralyzed for a few moments and then looks around in surprise. He is bewildered and unsure what to do in this situation. Nothing like this has every happened to him before and his training was lacking in anything similar. As the woman whips her head back and hisses, Krusk pushes his hand and the woman's away and takes a few steps back, slightly on his back heels. He draws his weapon. Constitution Save = 16 + 3 = 19
  22. Adam's foot falls were like thousand pound weights on the floor with each step. His armor made little noise, but the seams all throbbed with a soft reddish glow beneath his black mantle that draped over his body. He produced a list from beneath the cascading cloth. "We require these items," he said in his cold, modulated tone. "As well as the location of Winston Cambridge's home." "Winston?" Simon asked, a bit confused. Sure, Adam scared the hell out of Simon, but he'd seen all kinds come though his place at some point or another. Some people ere intimidating in appearance only while others were trouble from the onset. Whatever these two were up to, he'd decided that as long as Adam's sword remained in it's scabbard, there was no reason to press issues of social propriety. However, bein in a small town he possessed the same flaw everyone else did: he was always asking about everyone else's business. "What do you want with him?" "I believe that is between us and Mr. Cambridge." Adam replied flatly, looking down on the old man. "Look, son, I don't mean to mean to pry-" "If your intent was not to pry, then you would not have pried." The Black Knight shot back with all the Imperial badassery of Darth Vader in his A New Hope prime. "Fair point," Simon replied, his tone betting a bit belligerent. If he was going to die today it sure as hell wasn't going to be cowering to this metal headed degenerate getting smarmy with him in his store. "But fact and fairness of my point is, sir, that we're a small community and we look our for each other. Ol' Winston's a good man, keeps to himself, and don't bother no one. If you came here looking for trouble, sure as hell you'll find it," his tone shifted to what a southern woman sounds like what she says 'have a blessed day' when she really means 'go fuck yourself'. "That's all I'm sayin'." The thin visor in his helm that displayed all his tactical readouts thinned with a slight whir and the band of red deepened as Adam's eyes narrowed. This man had fie to him, and Adam could respect that. "Mr. Cambridge will not come to any harm by our hand. If trouble is what we came her for I'd be picking out that list myself from a smouldering ruin, but no, he is a sage, a man of knowledge. I require that knowledge, we shall parley, that is all." With a dubious nod Simon told Adam where to find Winston Cambridge and told him his list would be ready in a half hour or so. Kensie barely heard his footsteps as she was lost in the pages of one Simon's books. His heavy gauntleted hand rested gently on her shoulder and she turned back to look up at him with an innocent smile that no one could believe would belong to a dragon. "Pick any four, child. Hastily, however, every moment is precious for you." "Really?" her smile grew wider and she wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug that creaked his armor as the cerametal plated ground together. "You're the best, thank you! I'll hurry, promise." The Black Knight loomed over her as she sifted through the titles like a twisted gargoyle poised to lash out at anyone who came close to her. "Heya, Adam?" She didn't wait for a response. "How come we need to find this Cambridge guy?" "Mister Cambridge, not 'Cambridge guy'," he corrected her, trying to instill some semblance of manners. It was a loosing battle, but he tried anyway. "He is a sage of things far older than you and I. Although not magically inclined himself, he is an expert on magic, most notably, curses," his modulator was down to a hushed whisper. "I believe he may have some answers as to my, condition. Perhaps a way to free me from the dark sword's control. Breaking a pact such as the one I made shant be easy, I'm sure." "But that's awesome!" she said happily. "Once you're okay we can... we can... well, do all kinds of stuff without you being all 'eat babies, kick puppies, Devil, Devil, evil, evil song! Arrrggghh.', so, that'll be cool. Hey, what do you look like under that armor anyway?" "I'm horribly scarred from head to foot, in dangerous need of a tan and wrapped in nothing but a 'Sloth love Chunk' tee shirt." He replied with uncaring sarcasm. It was Kensie's turn to narrow her eyes and she glared up at him and his wanton use of snarky replies today. "So you know... there are times when I really don't like you. This is one of those times." "Uh, Black Knight. Devil, Devil, evil, evil...," his helmet turned and looked down at her, expressionless. "Fine. I'm getting six books, and Twizlers. Keep being Captain Smarty Pants...," Adam's armor convulsed like he laughed but she heard nothing. Simon had seen some strange things in his day, but these two? These two were a piece of work.
  23. "I was asking him, Citizen," Fi countered with a biting drawl, using the term most often used for the folk of the Coalition States. She took a sip of beer, then twisted around on her stool to face the now unwelcome patrons. "Some of us, like me and them," she jerked a thumb over at Grep, "care enough to try and keep this place running without selling it out to the CS. And if you're not, and can't even shut your gob in their place of business, where they are kind of enough to poor you a beer, you can just go run back to Whykin and bend over for the Deadboys." She wasn't a big woman, but she'd grown up on the streets of Ishpeming, and had learned backing down to bullies and loudmouths just told them they could walk all over you. She shrugged her body armor back up to her shoulders and surreptitiously powered up the cutting torch on standby. She didn't think they'd actually start anything, but if they did, Fi found a focused lance of plasma fire did wonders in suggesting they rethink their position. "But you heard the bartender, Sy," Fi added, shoving her beers down the bar. "Seems like your having some hard luck. How 'bout you and your friend take the beers of a Northern Gun Girl who knows better to piss where she drinks and find somewhere else to down 'em?" Firanis turned back to Grep, affecting to ignore the two potential trouble-makers, though hidden cybernetic sensors tracked their position and movements and displayed the info at the side of her vision. She tapped the bar for a new beer and kept her voice low for Grep's aural receptors alone. "I was thinking Kingsdale myself." She tapped the side of her nose. "And I'll keep an eye out for 'bandits'. Maybe see if anyone needs a ride there for a little extra muscle along the way."
  24. Shaking off the adrenaline of the wild chase to the Casino, Jordayn retied his longish hair in a knot to keep it from his face, then drew his compact shock pistol, as inane elevator music played in counterpoint to the danger and darkness they were about to subject themselves to for the sake of a pet so they could get paid. Well, that and to stop a foul ritual to empower a dark god or corrupt a forgotten one. Getting a quick update and details from Evana and Sunshine, the priest frowned. The small pistol in his hand hardly seemed dangerous, but it wasn't the main way he would contribute. "Now, I know we were hired just to retrieve Queensie, but since we're already going to be down there, I hope no one is adverse to disrupting a dark ritual laid out before us?" Jordayn asked. "Seems like the least we could do for all the trouble they've caused us already." "Sounds like the Pyramid would be where they would enact the ritual, for sympathetic and arcane reasons, but did either of you see anything that might be anchor-points for the ritual outside of it? It sure would be convenient if we could break their ritual and take off with Queensie without having to go into the middle of that thing."
  25. Flying through the city the heroes almost immediately picked up pursuers. Two black aircars with the logo of the casino with goblins hanging out firing lasers and guns at them. Sunshine flew as if she were a madwoman dancing to a beat in her head the pursuing cars matching her move for move. In and out of the tall skyscrapers, over and under bridges and walkways, the flying cars zipped and zoomed making incredible death defying turns dives and climbs all the while the riders of both exchanged fire back and forth beams and rounds pinging the bodies of the vehicles. Gorunta good a good shot in and hit the main propulser of the lead car causing it to drop from the race trailing smoke. Then Sunshine in a series of impossible zig zagging flips and turns made a cut between two building that didn't have space to pass a sheet of paper between and the other aircar slammed into the alley way shearing it's control surfaces off and cartwheeling into the ground below in a ball of flame, it's passenger compartment separating at the last moment as it's safety systems took over. Arriving at the casino our heroes made their way to the elevator and down into the darkness below.
  26. Kenise looked around the store when they entered. It fascinated her the various ways these humans built things and furnished them. She looked at all the goods and items not knowing what half of them were for when her eyes fell upon the stacks of books and she smiled widely. "Can I help you miss?" Simon was talking at the little girl who looked, maybe seventeen, maybe fifteen, but his eye was on the armored figure who had followed her in. "We need provisions. I don't know what but he does," She pointed back at Adam without looking as she went straight to the books and began going through the stacks wide eyed with wonder.
  27. Sunshine also boarded the ship, grabbing a shirren-eye rifle out of her locker that was almost as long as she was tall. "Just in case it turns into a sniper duel," explained the ysoki. Once prepared, she warmed up the skiff, waved everyone on, and hit the accelerator once everyone was on board.
  28. Savage Rifts: Here Comes Tomorrow OOC Thread

    For the sake of visual aids, here's what a typical female d'norr looks like: And a trimadore of neutral or indeterminate gender: Trimadores have a reputation for being good with machines, but their unusual physiology means that most armors and vehicles aren't built for them, deterring many from a more adventuresome lifestyle. D'norr are often called "devil people," but those who know more about them know that they're very empathic and in many cases all but pacifist.
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