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  2. Abel beheld the Spectacle of Jeane's surprise growth spurt and two things went through his mind. The first was that he was glad she was wearing a PAM suit, as the alternative would have been quite awkward later for all of them. The second was a truly Nerdy idea, and his habit for using his telekinesis to make up for his human level physical strength. He reached out to Jeane's mind, speaking instantly and directly to her. <Hey Jeane, I've got an idea, so you don't have to worry about closing that distance. Tell me, do you know what The "Fastball Special" is?> "Uh, a guy throws a guy?" her gaze fixed on the bear which had most her attention. <Yeah, that one. I can get you there faster than running. if you're up for it.> A huge smile crosses her face, laughter rumbling, "Bring me down to hit it as I come down, and I'm in." <"Deal."> Abel quickly began computing the proper angle for everything, and mustering his telekinetic might. One he let go she'd be on her own, and this was gonna be a bigger impact he was sure than the bear's stomping. ""You all might want to brace yourselves, this will be a hell of an impact." he said to everyone else, as his telekinesis enveloped Jeane, before he mentally rared back, even as she took a ready stance, and with All the effort he could muster, he launched Jeane at the Bear, a smile on his face. This could be the greatest combat move he'd been a part of, or the dumbest, but his personal leanings were more to the former.
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  4. Savant flowed over the ground like the wind, silent and unseen, her swift, long-legged strides leaving the matted pine needles and sparse underbrush undisturbed. She pinpointed the location of the earlier radio emissions and with a quick glance, analyzed the potential routes one would take from there to the Great Bear. Several were likely and Savant circled around to come at them from the flank or behind, if Ronin's minion had been moving at a steady to accelerated pace. Nothing incongruous showed up on the infrared spectrum, but that was not too surprising - her own suit concealed her heat signature. It was surprising that Ronin had come up with such a stealth system, if it hadn't been pilfered from the Irregular Solutions Labs in the first place. She caught the scent of something synthetic, which narrowed down her search without ending it. The rank and acrid smell of the quantum-infused Bear permeated the valley. The PAM suit must have had really good sound baffles as well, because echolocation only revealed an inconsistent impression over an area. He's somewhere... there... Continuing the game of cat and mouse, Savant stopped humming her sonar pulses so as not to reveal her own location and started closing in flitting from tree to tree for cover. Considering the surprises she had already experienced, she wasn't going to assume Ronin's lackey didn't have a means to penetrate her own camouflage. Savant turned her head slightly, a hidden smirk gracing her lips as Jeane returned. Dangerous, but it seemed she had regained her nerve. The sun was casting longer shadows and Sean caught sight of disturbed pine needles, broken twigs, and the faint indentation of foot steps, the minute scuff on stone breaking through the forest floor, narrowing down her search still further. The ground shook again as the Great Bear shifted and backhanded Vanguard across the valley when something caught Savant's eye. Some dirt and pebbles shaken free from the Bear's movement and subsequent roar bounced off something unseen next to the thick trunk of an ancient Douglas Fir. Now that she knew where to look, Savant could just make the faint distortion of a man shape hiding in the lee of the big tree. The Douglas fir wouldn't off the slightest protection from something the size of the bear, but out of sight, out of mind. There you are... ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ 5 peered at Bearzilla and the Irregulars from around the trunk of the tree. Ronin was right, this was going to be easy. They barely functioned as a team, let alone a cohesive one. He'd skip in, slice off a sample, and be out of there without them even-- -- His mouth dropped open as one of the girls suddenly swelled up to ninety feet tall. 5 was going to reassess their competence when he decided this was just dandy. Bearzilla would be distracted by the girl who could meet it eye-to-eye. He'd just be a mosquito, unremarked and gone before being squashed as an annoyance. He wasn't quite up to see if his sun-forged suit would stand up to that kind of punishment. "Surrender and don't resist," said a voice, rich, sensual, and commanding that seemed to have a direct line to his crotch as an arm went under his shoulder and around his throat and a hand grabbed his wrist. "What the fuck?!" 5 exclaimed. The sensor systems on his suit hadn't seen anything, though they were compensating now, showing him a figure - a very female figure that matched that voice - though no further details. Seems she had her own stealth systems. "Ronin isn't getting what he wants this time," that gorgeous voice claimed firmly and with clear satisfaction, the arm tightening around his throat and the hand on his wrist. "Sorry, Toots. What Ronin wants, Ronin gets," 5 countered, free arm swinging back in a devastatingly strong and fast elbow and catching only air. ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ Savant had calculated over ten thousand responses to her restraining action, she had seen the elbow coming even before the blurry figure had moved. And while the elbow had come faster and harder than she expected, it wasn't faster than she had allowed for. The elbow passed harmless over her head and nearly felled the tree with the 189.77cm thick trunk as she ducked and lashed out with a sweep kick faster than lightning. Her leg slammed into his shins and... stopped, nearly all the kinetic energy dissipated and spread throughout the suit. She was far from the strongest, but she was still a hundred times stronger than the average athletic, she had expected at least some response. His knee came up and she backflipped away before it could connected with her face, her own foot catching him under the chin, but failing to take him off his feet, again most of the force harmlessly dispersed. "Not this time," Savant reiterated. Instant calculations of the damage done to the tree from a non-direct blow let her estimate the force her opponent could exert. He's stronger than I am. And fast, if not as fast as me. I want a look at this guy. Savant darted forward once more, cognitive processes accelerating, making the world slow down, as though she was operating on bullet time, and launched into a series of targeted kicks and punches. She threw ten strikes to his one, but where she had to parry and dodge, the bodysuited figure largely relied on his suit to protect him... and it did. If her blows largely did little damage, they at least disrupted the stealth function of her opponent's suit and she finally got her first real good look at him. "Snake Eyes?" she commented in vague disbelief, taking a pair of steps back out of immediate range. "5," he corrected. "That, is not a PAM suit," Savant said accusingly. Now that she could get a good look at her opponent, she could see what he was wearing wasn't truly a PAM, not as she knew them, though it was acting like one, dispersing her blows over the entire thing. A highly advanced version of distinctly different construction, dispersing force far more efficiently than her own did. Her eyes narrowed. There was no quantum reinforcement in the suit, in fact, she didn't detect a dynamic quantum signature at all. "Huh." She knew Ronin was super-intelligent, but he wasn't an engineer or a scientist, no had ever showed any inclination towards or expertise in those areas. She couldn't reasonably believe he could have made a combat suit with such robust capabilities, and would be baffled on how he could have, if he had made it. "Ronin said it was, just better than the shit you guys use," 5 taunted. "Look, you seem nice and all for an inviso-stripper, so I don't want to hurt you. Just step aside, let me get the thing I need to get, and we can each go our own way, no harm, no foul." Savant snorted, feeling vaguely affronted that what appeared to be an unenhanced human was holding his own with her. The only thing she had encountered before that could compensate for the disparity was a T'tauri battlesuit. "Sorry, that's not happening today." They engaged once more in a balletic dance of beautiful brutality, a martial figure all in black confronting a barely discernible blur only the enhanced sensor systems of his suit let him see the shape and movements off. To any who could have watched, it looked like a scene from a modern wuxia martial film or a fighting game played at high speed. 5 had been pulling his punches - he wasn't here to fight with the Irregulars, just to get a viable sample from the Quantum Care Bear - but it took only seconds for him to realize that the woman was taking any and every advantage of his restraint. She seemed to see every attack coming before he even committed, yet he swore he could hear her teeth grinding as he would not go down. With all her many, many blows, 5 was starting to feel rattled inside his armor, while he had only managed to land one solid blow, a punch to a tit that crackled with the electrical discharge of integrated taser that made her grunt and sent her flipping back twenty yards, though she landed in a graceful cart wheel. He thought that would be his opportunity to evade her and make it to the Bear before she could stop him, but he was wrong. He'd taken only two steps for her voice rang out. "Stop." A single word, but said with such conviction and surety and penetrating command that it completely bypassed his brain and went straight to his nervous system. 5 stopped and Savant raced up behind him and her foot came up between his legs hard. This time, 5 felt it, and if his suit stopped it from being crippling, it still hurt. "That's it! I'm done being nice," 5 growled. "I don't like fighting a lady, but that was a low blow, and now you have the pay the price." His sword came out of the sheath on his back, its blade so black it seemed to suck in the light, except for a glint on the mono-molecular edge. He swung around in a tight spin, the blade arcing like a swath of night and missed Savant by a bare millimeter as she sidestep. He couldn't see her face, but her pose seemed unsurprised and relaxed, unconcerned that he had a weapon that gave him the advantage of reach. He could imagine her smirking and wanted nothing more than to wipe that imagined smirk off her face. 5 went on the attack, trying to force her back, but she continued to duck and weave, slipping between thrusts and slashes. She tried disarming him, but couldn't manage to break his grip. Giving the blade due consideration, Savant gave more focus to defense than offense, especially after seeing the blade cleave through trees in a single slice without slowing. She began using it to her advantage, but the falling trees were posing more of an impediment to her movement than it was to the Snake Eyes-looking fucker. One tree that landed a glancing blow off his shoulder barely slowed him, and they wouldn't be heavy enough to pin him without the perfect negation of leverage. But it did convey just how sharp his sword was. From a hard style of martial arts, Savant flowed instantly into a soft style at 5's next strike, evading the strike in a graceful pirouette and using two fingers on the flat of the blade, redirected the black sword's trajectory. The tip of the blade penetrated 5's armored suit and sliced into the top of 5's foot. 5 howled and suddenly lashed out with a speed and ferocity that Savant couldn't quite account for. Savant glided back a step, preventing herself from being beheaded at the cost of a shallow, straight slice across her collar bones. Her PAM suit parted with a sigh, revealing the tops the most remarkable breasts and a length of enticing cleavage. The integrity of her PAM suit sundered, the thermoptic camouflage system ended and now 5 got his first good look of who was fighting. Gorgeous didn't begin to describe the tall woman, she was so beautiful it was distracting, a goddess made flesh. 5 was concerned he'd hesitate to even strike at her for fear of marring such alluring, statuesque perfection. And she wasn't smirking now. Her expression was cool and alarmingly lethal as blood began to seep from the slash finer than any razor could equal, and trace down the curves off her breasts into the cleft between them. "And now I'm done being nice," Savant replied, her melodious voice so cold and sharp 5 flinched at the sound, as she took a metallic rod hanging from her hip. It looked suspiciously like... "I wanted you intact to answer questions, but I'll settle for mostly intact with extraneous bits removed." She pressed a button and a blade of coruscating energy extended from the top of the rod with an ominous hiss, a mix of yellows, oranges, and reds, fuchsia and magenta. Unlike the item that had clearly inspired the weapon, the blade wasn't a long tube of plasma, but a flat plane that was almost invisible edge on despite the light it gave off. Ronin might have said his armor had been tempered in the sun, but this woman who had stepped out of a goddamn comic book had a shard of the fucking dawning sun in her hand and seemed entirely too willing to use it on him. And his foot was a mass of agony. Had she cut off one or more of his toes with his own sword? "Jessica Rabbit as Black Widow has a fucking lightsaber?!" 5 groaned in defeated exasperation as he shook a hand at her in disgusted disbelief. "That's it. I'm done. I'm not paid enough for this." "Good," Savant replied, a faint curve to her lips, despite the sting and sticky wetness on her chest. Her turquoise eyes focused on the gamma-ray band of the electromagnetic spectrum, to get a look at the face behind the mask. "Come in peacefully, we just want to ask some-" "Oh, I'm done with that too," 5 interrupted, a hand going to his wrist. "As much fun as it would be to share a room with you, with handcuffs and chains and all, I'm outta here." "No!" Savant shouted, her free hand slapping a disk on her hip a moment too late as 5 discorporated into motes of light of indeterminate colour and disappeared with a pop of in rushing air. "..." She sighed, shoulders slumping for just a moment before she straightened them. "Dammit. Only half a win." Hopefully the tracking device she had planted on him with her first touch would yield some dividends. A new design, instead of electrical or mechanical components that emitted a signal, it was a single molecule with its own precisely attuned signature that she could lock onto with remote viewing, the signature drawing her awareness. Hopefully, there was the possibility this tracking device would go unnoticed, at least long enough to be useful.
  5. So, as the GM, thought I might poke my head in and mention that, the game has continued, and a lot of stuff has happened. Some highlights: -A "sidequest" involving Rose's friends in MSF leads to Rose and John rescuing some elite warfare watchdogs from a kill team in Africa -The meeting with Sophia Rousseau went. . . well, it went. Leading to a meet up with Dr Worm, that did not go so well. It involved Dr Worm being wrapped in several tons of structural steel and being dragged into the sky above NYC -The party got to meet several of Rose's relatives at the charity banquet. It was not love at first sight ( well, okay, for Senator Charlotte McGowan, it probably was once she got a look at Justinian, ahem ). Her grandfather in particular drew Justinian's carefully calibrated megasocial ire, for being a more or less complete monster. -The biggy: At the party, an agent of their unknown enemy was caught spying on them, and captured. This lead to an exchange of secret messages that started with threats of doom, and ended with pleas of forgiveness. Things got more depressing once they interrogated the prisoner, who seemed a nice enough woman underneath the fanatic dedication and/or absolute indoctrination. She really seems to want to help and reach out to them, there just are some things she can't say or even hint at because those secrets matter more than her life. But hey! They just received what looks to be a secure communications device from their unknown enemy! It seems like he(?) wants to talk more substantially!
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  7. Jeane was about to respond to the sudden light show when a green spark danced on her lips for a moment, on the spot where Pete had touched her to shush her. The crackle only lasted a heartbeat but the deep well of soothing heat that seeped out from the spot had the blonde daredevil moaning deep in her throat almost involuntarily, eyes closed shut. As the feeling spread from her core into her limbs, her knees nearly buckled from the feeling washing over her, hunching over as she forced her teeth closed. There was a sudden convulsive burst of green sparks in all directions from her body as she abruptly doubled in size. And another burst of sparks twice as large as she doubled again. And again. And again. Jeane managed her teeth-clenched moaning only so far as the third burst of growth, yelling in a combination of pleasure and pain as she took one staggering step backwards, shaking the earth as she finished her final surge of growth and a harmless tempest of green sparks exploded for 40 feet in all directions. 88 feet worth of blonde, teenage Key straightened as the episode of growth ended, 239 tons worth of weight digging into the earth. "What the hell was..?" came the deep, rumbling contralo of her voice in a question she never quite finished as she looked eye to eye with the demonic ice bear, freezing as she took in the Canadian vista her red-and-white clad body now towered over. That moment of paralysis ended as she realized that at this size she probably counted as a rival and a worthy meal rather than a vermin to ignore to a feral brain. Prefight adrenaline surged through her veins, hands coming up to frame the hilt of an invisible weapon. One final crackle of lightning, crimson this time, heralded the emergence of a sword to fit her new scale, a deep electrical hum filling the air. Jeane took a deep breath, not daring to glance away from the bear even for a heartbeat, much as she wanted to double check where her friends were so she didn't step on them if she moved or got knocked over...
  8. The roar rolled on and on it's challenge coming through even to those who held no inkling of what the beast spoke. But one did. *Queen of Nothing your days end Queen of lies your world will whither and die here as it did in the last realm you walked* Suddenly as the roar cuts off the bear thrusts it's forelegs into the ground which shakes and the road way shatters hurling chunks of concrete about like pebbles. the Bear rears up right on it's hind legs and the quantum shoots out sparks of green death.
  9. The bear seemed in a drunken state of euphoria and oblivious to Lilly's presence. Her touch brought her in contact with energies she had never imagined. The bear was alive but the quantum was like a cancer eating and destroying as it grew and growing it subsumed what was once the bear. She didn't understand what she saw or felt even with the self trained medical knowledge she had picked up with her enhanced intelligence, but much of what she felt was...Alien. The reaction caught her as the great paw slapped out faster than should have been possible the blow was powerful but didn't hurt however the force threw her head over heels. Lilly flipped in the air and came down on her feet braced and slid about twenty meters before the inertia dissipated. She looked up at the bear now some 600 meters away. It shook itself and rolled to its feet and raised it's head roaring to the sky. the energy sparking off it in a dazzling display of green fireworks.
  10. The first sign of Jeane's return the more perceptive of the Irregulars picked up was the sound of bare footfalls hitting the ground far too rapidly for anything but a Key to manage without breaking their face tripping over themselves on flat ground. And these weren't nice, even footfalls. No, there were push-offs and thudding landings and the hiss of gloved hands vaulting a body over fallen trunks. The sounds faintly emerging from the left side of the bear's trail soon were accompanied by flashes of red and white fabric, of messy blonde hair in ponytail bouncing behind an unusually grim set of blue eyes. A quick crack-crack-crack-thud as the blonde daredevil abruptly cut speed running up a tree and backfliping to the ground amid the treeline 50 meters out from the nearest Irregular. She emerged into the view of those constrained by the mere visible E-M frequency from behind one last big tree, pulling a white scarf down from her face. She was in nothing but her PAM suit, the clinging fabric shifted to white on her legs and front, red on her arms, back, and neck. A large black 'I' ran down her back, and a small 'T' adorned the left side of her chest. The scarf in question was loosely knotted about her throat, it's free ends trailing past her shoulders. Her gaze wandered to the resting bear and Lilly as the latter touched the mountainous monster mammal. "Okay. One, sorry, guys," she recounted, counting off on one hand, "Two, please tell me you've got this because I *really* don't want to have to count on what the Key I found a half-mile or so that way told me. Oh. Three, there's a Key named Pete a half-mile or so that way. Or was thirty seconds ago."
  11. As The vanguard duplicate made her way up to the Bear, Abel activated major parts of his sensory abilities he'd left dormant until now. Instantly his perceptions of the Quantum flow around the area became extremely acute, Even as his vision began cycling through various spectrum, watching the Bear and Lily with great intent, his other defenses still up, In place to protect those around him.
  12. Lilly rolled her eyes and shook her head at Tease with a small chuckle. "Yeah sure, Yoda." she said with a smirk. Lilly then turned to face the gigantic, glacial bear. It seemed calm now. Well, totally pacified or content might be a better word. It seemed that Tease giving the giant-sized Pooh some hunny had done the trick. Now she just hoped that that the heads up she gave it would work. "Be right back." she said as she started jogging toward the bear. Or at least it looked like t was a jog, though she was moving at a pace many times beyond that of the fastest Olympic sprinters. She was trying to cover the distance in a reasonable amount of time, while also trying not to spook or provoke the bear, so the closer she got, the more she slowed, trying to demonstrate that she was not a threat. She was confident that after her training and the growth and control of her body, node and even energy reserves, that the 'death aura' would pose little to no threat to her, finally she closed the hundred yards or so at a walk. "Hey big guy." she said with a calm, soothing tone and a relaxed smile, though careful not to show teeth. "I'm just gonna have a look at you and see what's happened to you. Maybe we can ease that pain and hunger, and help you get back to normal." she added as she approached it's gigantic paw. Lilly could not help but marvel at the sheer size of it's claws. They looked like if anything on this planet could hurt her, they were it. Carefully, she placed a opened hand on the top of the paw lightly and reached out with her 'body sense' for lack of a better term, trying to get an idea of its physiology and any wounds or sources of pain...
  13. Jeane rolled her eyes at Pete. Totally not helping his case with vague end-of-the-world statements like that. Still, he had stopped, and she really, really hadn't wanted to fight someone with completely unknown skills and stuff, let alone unknown powers. That kind of shit got you dead or in an ambulance. Owed him a little honesty. "Sorry," Jeane conceded, plunking up against a fallen tree and watching the bear settle down in the distance, "I've had a really bad day, and you're good-looking guy with super powers number three who showed up out of the blue. Waiting for you to shatter my world, too." "...Shit," the blonde continued after a pause, blushing at the realization she was going for a little too much honesty, "Anyway, my name's Jeane Hebert. What's up with your power that you can make me a giant killer and not yourself? Wouldn't it work better on someone whose already ridiculous nd turn them into one-punch combat combat monsters?" "I'll keep calling you Little Fire," he answered, "I'm where I need to be. All things have a truth, and your truth is that you are the only one who can put the corrupted bear out of it's misery and stop the cycle of pain." Jeane's eyes snapped up to lock with Pete's, anger blaring again in them less than a foot from his. Her ego-stroking bullshit limit had been exceeded. "Okay. My weapons have trouble taking down a tree in less than two or three swings. The bear is bigger and meaner than a 100 trees times ten. HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD AM I THE..!?" Her yell was cut cut short by Pete pressing a single finger to lips with a smile, "You must try and have faith." She stepped back from his finger, eyes glancing towards the bear and her friends, voice a threatening grumble, "If you don't come to us after the bear is dead or cured, you better hope I don't find you, Pete. So many answers I know I'm not going to get out of you right now." Pete remained smiling and waved at the bear. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm going. Give me a second. She'll be *so smug* about this, but if I'm going to pick a fight with a 100 foot tall bear, I want to look the part before I die," she muttered, pulling her hoodie up and over her head, PAM suit already shifting colors.
  14. dave this last tease post is imo one of the best posts we have had in aws
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  16. For what it's worth, I deeply appreciate your Storytelling and Game Mastering, and I apologize for not taking time to acknowledge that more often. It's a hard job you're doing, but it doesn't have to be thankless, and that's on me. In a very real way, you helped save the site from fading out by stepping up when you did. So I'm with you. If I can help in any way, just ask. I'll do whatever I can.
  17. I appreciate the kind words, the understanding, and the encouragement, I do. But the last few weeks have shown me that I have a fundamental difference in how we all look at what we do here most of you on one side and me on the other. The further along we have come the more it stands out. and I am not sure that it is reconcilable in the current way we interact within the games. It is no ones fault but my own. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say and I would do things a lot different if i were starting today. I don't know what I am going to do. More importantly I don't know How to do it in a way that makes it good and fun for all of you as well as myself. Expectations There are two terms that in my mind define what we do here. StoryTeller and Game Master. Everyone thinks these are just two different names for the same thing. I don't. I like to think that I am a storyteller and that all of you are helping me tell the story i'm directing. I am not however a game master. And that i think is the problem. I need some time to figure out what to do with my stuff because what i'm doing now isn't working
  18. "I do not try," she said in that otherworldly imperious tone as her eyes flashed with that greenish glow again. Her voice overlapped like she was possessed by something from somewhere else. She whipped her head about to face Lilly and she almost seemed like she wasn't Tease anymore while this strange energy coursed through her. She motioned to Lilly, the others, then herself. "You try. They try. I do." If they thought Tease was a handful before, whatever aspect of her powers that a hold of her at the moment... apparently this bitch was ten times worse, and, under her hood... were her ears tapered? She faced the great bear. "Great Beast, hear me. I have told you we mean not to harm you. This one," she motioned to Lilly. "Would approach you. Allow her to do so under the word I have given. If she is foolish to violate my decree, grant her a death swift and deserving of the warrior she claims to be." It was so weird listening to her talk that way... but she didn't seem to be doing it purposefully, it was like the words were just 'flowing'. She turned to Lilly, pointing back to the bear. "Go. I offer no promises given its tortured state, but you are but a place holder. Your loss effects nothing in the larger scheme."
  19. "Is your name Murphy?" Fi countered sourly, making no allowances for the mangled wall-o-mancer being unconscious or dead. She gave Tamika and Adam mildly accusing looks, lumping the magic users present together in this insanity. "Cuz anything that can go wrong with weaponizing xiticix will go wrong." Once the Federation of Magic started using this damn... damn spell on the Coalition, they wouldn't stop there, and soon enough the entire continent would have an even bigger problem. She prodded the figure embedded in the wall with the barrel of her laser rifle, then started to riffle through any pockets she could reach while ignoring any dark looks turned her way. "Hey!" she whispered sharply. "If this asshole is the one who did this - invented er, line-hiving, or whatever - I'm just looking to see if he has anything on him on how he did this, or where, or with who, so maybe we can stop Dunscon and company from doing it again. I like traveling and I don't want to have to dodge through budding bug hives everywhere."
  20. Well said Dave. We all know there have been issues, hell we've all been part of them. We're all still here, still playing together though, and that says something too. AWS is the largest game on the site and I'd hate to see it go. I think that you've done a great job with it so far Nina, and I admit, this isn't how I'd want to see it end. That said if you truly believe you cannot continue, or just plain don't want to do so, I can respect that too. The game's been a hell of a ride, and for that much at the very least I'll say thanks.
  21. Incorrect. You may have lost control of the original idea you had, sure, but not the game as a whole. As far as not knowing what your doing? Also incorrect. You've been doing fine, but for some reason you fail to realize that you have a pool of experienced STs from which you can pull from if you find yourself stuck, or in a rut. That's why we're here. Am I an asshole? Yes. But I will never tell anyone here not to tell a story or take part in one. In fact, I have one rule in my games I've always held to, and that was 'no one get's turned away', which means that I've allowed players into my games that I absolutely loathe, because the magic of storytelling is far important than my personal feelings from someone, it's a gift we should all have the opportunity to enjoy. That's what you do. You tell a story and by doing so you enrapture a small group of people's imaginations and hearts and weave for them a brand of magic that has never left this world. To transport a person to a place where they are away from the banal existence of our reality is a gift to someone unlike anything that can be imagined. It's more precious than money, more valuable than gold. Along the way we're gonna fight, argue, bicker, bitch, complain, and the synonyms for being shitty go on... that's why the people here make me so mad, because that's what family does, they know how to push all the right buttons. After 15 years, I know the people here better than I know my own family (and if you met my family, you'd understand why I spend so much time here). What you do requires a certain talent and dedication that not a lot of people possess. You may not believe that, but when you take a child in a wheelchair and ask him/her to close their eyes and imagine a world where they are a superhero or a warrior without peer, and see them, for just a moment, forget about the hand life has dealt them, then you get it. Story Telling is a gift, it may sound cheesy, but it's true. The game is not in the secrets or the stats. Here, it's in the posts. The story that is told with or without the combat, that's the game. You can't mess that up. Sure, you might slip up, or we as players will completely wreck a proposed plan, but that's not the end of the game. You have us here to tap into if you're unsure or stuck. You will have terrible ideas (we all have, trust me) that we will laugh at, acknowledge, and move on like they never happened (or hold against you forever, ask Jeremy about 'Stomp Em' In The Nuts'). You have to communicate with us though, Neeners. If the story isn't going how you planned, then tell us that, or we just run the risk of doing it all over again... which will just frustrate you and us more. We're grown, we're allowed to talk to each other. Tell us what you want, and we can make it happen. Sometimes a story needs to be railroaded to get it back on track, we get it, we'll work with you. If you need to PM one of the more experienced STs and throw out a few things for us to help you with, please, do so. Don't worry about blabbing a secret to one of us, we'll never tell. There is a code among the STs and that is we do not metagame learned secrets or tattle those secrets once learned. We're professional nerds here. You're not the first, or the last, ST to step aside in the heat of being pissed off or frustrated (I've done it once or twice). You have every right to be. I'm not easy to get along with sometimes, I know, but I'll never lie to ya. If a game gets to the point where we need to look under the hood, I'll say so. Granted, I'll say it the most round about, completely dickish way imaginable, but it'll get said (feel free to tell me to 'fuck off' once in awhile). I do not think for a moment that you are a bad ST, quite the contrary, you're really good at it. If you feel you just can't do it anymore, then so be it. If you do calm down and reconsider, then I implore you to make use of your player base more (that's why we're here). It's not you against us, nobody wins that way. We all have to work together to tell the story. With any luck, this won't be the end of the Weirder Stuff.
  22. What are you talking about? You are doing a great job and AWS is hand down the most fun I have ever had gaming here, by and large.
  23. "For the moment, the bear is all lovey dovey. Feeding it energy seems to have placated it. I am going to try and approach it and touch it to check it out." Lilly said. "Can you try to let it know that I mean it no harm?" she asked Tease
  24. it is obvious that i have lost control and really don't know what i am doing anymore. I am going to step away as stroyteller. i will leave the games unlocked if anyone wishes to continue. If not I am sorry for wasting everyone's time.
  25. Abel had been going over every possible method of attack on the bear even as Tease worked her own way to resolve things. With her warnings, and then the demonstration of its "Death Aura" he knew they needed to keep away from it and engage at range. It was easy to surmise that the use of any ranged powers, like his blasts or even grabbing it with Telekinesis would actually allow it to feed on quantum within them, making the problem worse. Fire was out, it would only serve to panic the bear, which he didn't want, and burn the forest down. Aside that, given the way the pavement was buckling, as well as the ground in general, it was at least three times as heavy as Sean had estimated, now that he focused on it. What they needed was some natural way to harm it, a non quantum fueled Energy source of unequaled power. "Look, we can't get next to it, we can't risk its aura having a quantum draining effect that would work on us as well. All that would do is make it a bigger threat. We need to hit it from a distance, using something other than our powers if possible. While some of you might survive the disintegrating effect, I have no idea if you can resist the quantum draining effects. The last time I dealt with that sort of thing, I did technically die, so l can advise against it from experience. I might be able to make something that can duplicate the effect and drain it but I'll need some time." Even as he spoke he continued to try and find a more certain method for putting the bear down safely without endangering his friends.
  26. "Not the best option." Proteus added after hearing Vanguard's suggestion. "I get your reasons, but still, it's a mountain-sized bear, death aura immunity or not. And sure, giving it energy calmed it down, but for how long? I vote trying to drain." "I took down Orca-zilla." Vanguard pointed out. "Yes, but part of my brain is still screaming 'it's a giant freaking bear'. DRAIN IT."
  27. "We can try to drain it. It might revert back to normal... if it doesn't die." she suggested. "Otherwise, I can get close to it just fine. It's aura shouldn't hurt or affect me at all. I can hold onto my energy. And if it somehow does, then, and I cannot believe I am actually saying this, but if I die, then I am not really dead. Do not get me wrong. I do not want to die, but I know, at least on a rational level, that I will still go on. But if I die protect you or ending the threat, then that's a trade off I can make, I think. And if I can get close enough to touch it, I can get a sense of it's physiology and stuff. That's how I learned a lot about Kyle's condition." Lilly explained. "And if I have to, I can try to know it out, or worst comes to worst, I can engage it much more safely than the rest of you, for a myriad of reasons." she added.
  28. The energy coursed from Tease to the monster, distance was no factor. Immediately the sacrifice had an effect. The bear shivered as if in the throes of an orgasm, and before their very eyes it sat down on it's rear and shook itself. Obviously it's pain seemed to have deminisioned. It moved its head from side to side making loud cooing sounds.
  29. "Marissa," she replied to the undisputed Lord of the Forrest. Her tone was still imperious, but also compassionate. As the quantum energy flared and surged, she raised her hands and held them out at he sides, as to not threaten the beast, and began walking towards it. "I know you're scared, I can feel it. The hunger, is it the energy you need? Does us using our abilities make you hungry? Will it ease some or all of your suffering? We can help you. I was scared too, all these new things going on around me, I was so, so scared..." She softly 'shhed' as she continued to walk forward, sure it was a long ways away, but the thing was massive, hearing it 'speak' was hardly problematic. "Trust us. Calm down, and tell me. Tell me what is wrong? What hurts?" From around her, as the petals wafted away on a stray breeze a soft green mist formed around her it swirled at her feed and crawled up her thighs and spiraled around arm. She held it out to the massive beast and blew into her palm, sending the misty vapor towards it. She had no idea of she was making the right call, but like the bear in the bathroom said... come to think of it, she never actually let the poor guy talk... oh well, she was pretty sure it would have said to try this and see how it went. "Breathe deep, friend Bear. This will hopefully sate your hunger, calm yourself and relax." If not, we're all screwed... she thought to herself.
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