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  2. "Then Let us finish up here and Go to the ship. Once my little Android Peach is satisfied that she is in good order and well worth the price, We can make preparations to depart." Atuz spoke gleefully as he stood and went in search of the Owner to make good his promise to buy out the contracts. ***************************** A short time later after taking the Tube from Upper Asteroid to the Core Asteroid and navigating the labyrinthine tunnels to the appropriate stardock the find themselves at the Blast doors. Pulling a coded card out and letting the locking mechanism scan it Atuz faces the intrepid adventurers as the doors split one half rising into the ceiling the other dropping into the floor revealing the dock and a ship and oh what a ship it is. "My friends the starship Solenya!"
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  4. "I do too," Jordayn agreed, his slow smile for Evana and Atuz both. "As all are consenting, let there be no barriers to desire," the priest added, a common maxim among adherents to Arshea. "I hope your princess feels the same for you as you do for her, Atuz Gelt, and I'll willing to give you the chance to find out. I'll sign onto the crew for this fantastic endeavor." The half-elf glanced around the table with merry interest, lingering perhaps a little longer on Evana, but who would blame him? "Looks to be fine - or at the minimum, colourful - company to me." <Besides, it not like have any prior commitments or prospects at the moment, Jexa,> Jordayn replied. Though not telepathic himself, Jexa had noticed Jordayn had a facility and experience with it that few non-telepathic races possessed. <Interesting is an understatement. But it will get is off this grey spaceport.> While Atuz's attire was far more... fabulous than Jordayn's preference, he had to admit the prince owned it, which had an attraction in its own right, even if it wasn't all that outlandish for Aquittal with its abundance of wealth in minerals and heavy metals. While Jordayn had no objections to the prospect of an excellent payday, it wasn't the main reason he was signing on. His reasons were two fold. First, as a dedicant of Arshea, he was a proponent of finding desire, love, joy, whichever one was seeking at the moment wherever one could, and helping others do the same. Second, the deprecations of the Dark Cults were in diametric opposition to all he and his Goddess held dear. Disrupting their foul plans when he came across them was only natural. Right. And doing it in such lovely company, how could he saw no? Besides, he hadn't been to the Vast much. "Looking down on us, Arshea will be pleased," Jordayn proclaimed, lips twisting wryly. "And likely amused, I'm sure."
  5. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Rick had been simply waiting to see what the others did when one of the Riley's slipped her arm in his and invited him along. "Pretty standard super fight fare if that's all that's tossed about." he commented when she rattled off the list of attacks and weapons. When Bastion made his retort, rick laughed. "Okay, man, I'll give ya points for that one. That's pure gold." "If we're on the roof of the dorms, technically we did go to the dorms, so it's not like we're really disobeying." He said agreeing with what had already been said. If he was gonna get in trouble again, well at least he'd do it with his classmates. One for all and All for one, as it were, with the exception of Curtis.
  6. "I like him." The singer pointed to Atuz, her smile ear to ear.
  7. "Yes of course, Its how I got here. Once we settle up here we can go to the dock and you can see her." He says to Echo that stupid grin still plastered on his face. Then nodding vigorously at Evana "Yes of course my dear I would never do anything to harm your reputation or prospects. Not that I could of course your voice is like the most splendid of the Deva. So,"he switches gears abruptly, "Are the rest of you ready to be heroes?"
  8. "Sugar, you're stuck on this rock with no viable prospects at the moment," Evana offered the android stranger. It was wasn't hard to guess who was here by choice and who was stuck here by circumstance. "Whether the ship runs or not, it would still be more in value than what you had prior to his offer." "Besides," she perked up, smiling wide and letting that accent of hers award the table with a measure of class and credibility it certainly didn't warrant. "He's in love. Willing to sacrifice all he has for his beloved. It's positively romantic, not to mention it'll be a blast, I'm sure. So, come on... I say we do it. Five strangers, pulled together into a quest for true love and adventure among the stars... plus, stomping cultists on their cash n' prizes is always fun too. Some might even pay us to do it. Get with me before you do though, I'll help you configure an appropriate hourly rate. It's absolutely... story book." "Oh, what the hells, I'm in," She grinned. "Although my contract here is still good for another few days, so you may have to deal with the owner about that. Just, be sensible, please? It is my reputation as a professional, after all."
  9. Echo stared at him for a long moment. So he was crazy. The question was...dangerous crazy, or exploitable crazy? The promise of 'all his money' felt like it was probably as vacant as his stare, but the ship...that was a tangible asset. "Before we go any farther, is the ship here?" she asked. "I'll need to see it before I agree to anything."
  10. "Because she is my Princess and I love her with all of my heart. you will too all of you will." his smile is so genuine all of you can almost see the hearts in his eyes. Hearing Jexa's question he nods sagely "Yes, yes, a wise question and I will tell you why. I met a man on Starhome who gave the beacon coordinates to this place and the name of this establishment. He told me that I would find what I was looking for here. When I asked who i should look for here he said you will know and then I asked how would I know and her said you will. So I came here and when I came in the club and saw all of you so very different from all the other miscreants here, well I knew."
  11. Jexa had been sitting back, listening as she nursed her drink and finally spoke. "I have a question." she said as she set her drink on the table, leaving her hand empty. "What made you single us out? I mean, this place is fully of unsavory types of questionable morals. Soooo... why five of us?" she asked. She had certainly seen clever ways of gather several people with bounties on their heads before, and just because she didn't know of one being placed on her, didn't mean there wasn't one.
  12. Atuz stares at the android a vacuous look on his face, then he seems to shake a bit. "Why everything I have left will be yours. All of the credits remaining in my accounts and my undying gratitude which will be worth quite a lot once I am crowned Premier of Aquitaal." He smiles broadly then opens his mouth in surprise as if suddenly remembering something. "Oh! And the ship. You get to keep that too."
  13. "Well, he makes a point," Evana shrugged, agreeing with the man's father. "Out here in The Black there are millions, if not billions of princesses. So tell me, Atuz, what makes this princess so special?"
  14. "Fuckers!" Echo slams a fist on the table, somewhat unimpressively. "Fucking evil cults. That was like, my sixth guess too. Damnit!" She shakes her head. "It doesn't explain why you'd come here looking for heroes, but...I guess money doesn't buy brains." The android shrugged. "Might buy us though. How much. Where. What are we up against"?
  15. He stares wide eyed at the android and the perfect woman sitting next to him and says, "No..." Shaking his head in the negative, "The House of our Lord Abadar was most generous but as there is no profit in rescuing my princess their help could only encompass so much." Facing Gortuna, "No my mountainous Vesk warrior, it is because my family are a bunch of cruel, hartless...,” he pauses as emotion overwhelms him, takes a deep breath, “While I am the heir and will one day rule the planet that day is far away. An evil cult has taken my princess along with many others and intends to sacrifice them in a magical ritual in an effort to bring greater power to their malicious god. My parents will do nothing have forbiddionme from using any of the crowns resources or personell in whatthe think is a waste. My fathers very words to me were “Atuz, there are many princesses in this world, just go out and get another one.” He stiffles a sob, “You see heartless. But that is why I am here with my own resources and my own wealth which is not inconsiderable. To find Heroes as told of in tales of old. And here you are!” He spreads his arms wide to take all of you in with his expression.
  16. "Gorty, sweetie, one doesn't send incompetent law enforcement to do the things that seedy unscrupulous types like ourselves are willing to do for a lot of money and very few questions." When not singing she had a definite accent, rich with a posh tone that hinted she wasn't from any of the pact worlds. "Ugh, it would figure... all the rich, eccentric ones are taken." "See?" She motioned to Echo. "She gets it."
  17. Echo glanced down at her plate and rather deliberately finished off the last of her free dinner before going to see what it was going to cost her. It also bought a little time for a datasearch. Aquitaal, she told her exocortex. Everything we have. In the time it took her to put down her fork information was returning. Abadar. Resources. Backwater. Missing 'princess.' You didn't have to have the full picture to see how these pieces might fit together. "Hey," the android said as she showed up at Gelt's table. "So...I love throwing darts with my eyes closed so lemme take the first shot. Abadar abducted this princess to get leverage to impose disadvantageous trade agreements on your world and you want her back not only because you want her back, but to maintain some shred of self-sufficiency in the face of economic and cultural domination?" "Annnnd since busting her out will involve an attack on the assets of a powerful transplanetary corporation, you need outlaws to take care of it." "Thanks for dinner, by the way."
  18. "Aquitaal, huh? That explains why you were so stupid as to walk in like that in front of a whole bunch of pirates." Gorunta figured Gelt was lucky that he had done so on neutral ground and with enough credits to keep the pirates mollified. But the mercenary Vesk wasn't going to turn down the offer right away. It did however, set some caution as to the wisdom of accepting a job from this client. "And why is it that you need to go to Pirate Grand Central to seek rescuers?" He asked in that derisive but considering tone.
  19. Before the human could address himself further to those he had singled out the Flustered club owner had approached the two stepped away for a minute and the cridit chip was exchanged then the manager went back to the kitchens. The man took a seat next to Evana and eyed her up and down before speaking. “Allow me to begin by introducing myself, my name is Atuz Gelt and I am the Heir to the Royal House of Aquitaal. I have a proposition for you all, one that will leave you much richer than you are today. I need you to rescue my princess.”
  20. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "You realize he runs at like, a billion miles per hour, right?" Sebastian said with a playful smile while pointed to Rick. With his arm hooked in Riley's he led her through the halls of students all chilling about with their doors open, yelling up and down the halls with updates of what was going on. "I don't see what the big deal is, we're not really in all that much danger, the battle is miles from here." "It's supers fighting, 'Bastian, a straw laser blast, a missed tossed, missiles... who knows what's going," Riley didn't know much about super powered people, aside from what she'd learned in her week or so of being at the school... plus being one herself. "They're just being cautious." "Missiles?" Sebastian looked at her, with a skeptical brow raised. "Seriously?" "Hey, just covering all the bases." The southern lovely smiled. "Who's with me!?" Keiko asked right as Sebastian and Riley were rounding into the room. "I'm game," he quickly threw in his hat. "I mean, really, all they can do is ask us to get down, right? I'll text Captain Anti-Social and see if he's up for joining us." "Do you have to?" Tatiana asked with a roll of the eyes. "He kinda did you dirty just a few minutes ago, screw him." "Eh, he's not so bad. Guy just needs some friends." He clicked away on his phone, sending Curtis the text. "Go easy on him, would ya?" "You' have to be joking, Stone," Tats shook her head trying to understand the big guy. "What did your parents feed you, growing up? Rainbows and sunshine?" He slid his phone in his back pocket. "Only every other Thursday, we had to save some for the Leprechauns living under the porch and the unicorns in the stables."
  21. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Riley frowned at all the abrupt departures, remembering again how quick people were to split up at the pizza place and leave people behind. "Well. I guess us just sorta ordinary folk have to walk it." One of her each offered arms to Rick and 'Bastion. "Lead on?"

    3J was in the zone the magic was coursing through her. She didn't hear the knock or Siobhan calling to her, didn't hear the door open and ddin't even hear Siobhan gasp or what she said then. But she did feel the magic wind which snuffed her summoning candles and then the hug as the other girl knelt knocking her candles askew. "What the .....!" 3J's eeys were wide as her trance was broken and it took her several seconds of being hugged to orientate her head. "What have you done?" She took in the scattered candles the slight lacing of frost. She pushed Siobhan away "get off of me" "I stopped you from making a terrible mistake. Cursing Warren won't make you feel any better." Siobhan explained "I wasn't cursing Warren I was summoning a spirit to question. Jesus Christ!" She picks up one of the candles which is broken. "You don't need all this to hex someone, this is necromancy. And now I'll have to get a new candle to do it all over." She huffs and puffs but leverages her self to her feet. and glares at Siobhan then her look softens a bit. "What shampoo do you use? Your hair smells really nice."
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  24. Jex was ready to vanish if things went bad, or to at least change her apperance. People looking for her was rarely a good thing. Bt when the singer calmed things down she relaxes just slightly, and took in what was happening before her. She looked over to the android the man had singled out, looking her over before returning her attention to the man. < This should be... interesting. > Jexa thought to Jordayn as the man in gold, his robot and the others approached them.

    Even with her limited knowledge of magic, it was pretty clear that the ritual 3J was casting was malicious. Black candles and pentagrams were rare good things. She closed the door behind her and leaned against it for a moment as she tried to think about what to do. "Stop it!" she said as firmly as she could, while still trying to keep her voice down so as to not alert the others. She tried to remember what she had reflexively done in Mr. Spencer's off to extinguish the small fire, and then waved her hand like she had done before. A blast of chilled air rushed from her hand to 3J and her ritual, snuffing the candles with a hiss and coating them, and 3J's knees, with frost. "Don't sink down to his level. You do that and he wins." she said as she timidly kicked over some of the extinguished candles and then crouched down to hug 3J. "You are better than that. Better than him. He think's he's tough, but people who have to act tough generally aren't. You have a strength he will never have. Come on. Don't do this." she said, wrapping her arms around 3J.

    Siobhan's eyes go wide and she knocks on the door more loudly as she opens the door and steps in. "Come on. Don't do something you might regret." she pleads.

    Siobhan gets no response to her knock but as she leans in closer to the door she can hear mumbling, almost like chanting...
  28. "Besides," the Golden Man held up a hand which had a black translucent credit chip held between two fingers. "I'm taking care of the bills for tonight and the rest of the week for all of you that leave your names with the doorman on the way out." The guns and knives slide back into holsters as the crowd tries to get to the doorman. He holds out his hand to Evana then notices his robot and Gorunta having a standoff. "X-X, The Vesk is with us I hope stand down." Then to Evana, "Madam?" He takes her hand and leads her, followed by Gorunta and the robot, X-X, to the tables of The other three he singled out. "Do you mind if we join you?"
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