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  2. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    Rin stood as the silence grew then took a deep exasperated breath. "Gather your things if you wish to come, we will be going to where the wine is made. The swordmaker has a varied clientele, and is not likely to leave his forge if we find nothing at the breweries when go go find him. These dogs, drank this wine religiously, one does not develop that sort of attachment to wine if it is not something you have been familiar with for a very long time. I believe that the chances of finding something that will lead us to the end of this mystery will be found there. So let's go we have a ship to catch I want to be on the next tide."
  3. "A makers mark?" Kageko said in surprise as she looked at the mark, hoping beyond hope to place it somehow with her rather extensive knowledge of heraldry "That is brazen indeed." After looking at the mark for a moment she passed the mask along for any of the others to examine. "So what is our destination going to be? North by river to Ikoma's Eyes or City of the Rich Frog, or south by road to the lands of the Bear to speak with this smith?" the Little Lion asked.
  4. Yeah. Was one of the first questions I posed to Noir. "I wonder how many flavours of special dice they're gonna force you to buy in order to play it". It certainly tanked any interest I might have had in the system. Shame. 4th Edition was a magnificent system.
  5. We are going to sick with that we are doing. The FFG version is very different and, of course, they want you to buy their special, re-faced dice.
  6. Interesting. Are we going to transition to the new rules or stick with the old ones?
  7. I heard that they were doing a big reboot.
  8. Ohhhhh! The new edition of L5R? I wonder if they're following the CCG and doing a full reset. Can't wait to read. Thanks Nina! =D
  9. got this in the mail thought i'd share https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkj1pgn3951vpzn/L5R00_Beta_Rulebook_for_DTRPG_(12563104).pdf?dl=0
  10. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    With quick movements Kamiko produced a brush and inkjar and with quick precise motions she traced a copy of the mark she'd found onto a blank spot on one of the scrolls; apparently a collection of notes or a journal of sorts. "I have seen a device like this before, but I didn't have an opportunity to examine it for long. They are potent, but expendable. The kansen within possesses one corpse only, and departs if the mask is broken. For them to have so many...very troubling." She holds up the scroll page with the mark on it. "This was very carefully worked into the porcelain though. A maker's mark, perhaps. If the one creating these vile things is as skilled as they seem, that skill seems to come with commensurate arrogance. We must be on the lookout for other things bearing this mark as we investigate."
  11. The mask was something that Kamiko had heard of and seen once before, essentially a foul version of a tsangusuri, and a malevolent kansen trapped inside that would animate the dead body as a zombie when place on the face of a corpse. They were certainly nothing new, but always seemed rather rare, and hearing of a crate full of them, supposedly freshly manufactured for the moon cultist plot in Ryoko Owari was certainly a bit alarming. As Kamiko examined the mask she noticed something... an impression shallowly stamped into the smooth porcelain... as if somebody were so brazen as to add some sort of maker's mark to such a foul item as one of the zombie masks... The mark...
  12. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    Kamiko inclines her head gratefully, and very carefully reaches out to turn the mask around so its chin faces her and her brother. For a moment she simply scrutinizes its substance...the fineness of the porcelain and polish. She then turns it over to see the inside surface. "A moment, please." With a few movements she takes a small vial of crystal filled with clear fluid, and taps just a droplet onto the mask. It flashes immediately to steam, and the steam forms into a peculiar and ominous-feeling sigil in the air before dissipating. Kamiko then dips one of her fingers into a tiny sack, and pulls it out with a blue powder stuck to the end of the digit. She touches it to the mask, but none of the blue stuff sticks to it. The shugenja is quiet for a moment, then says, "Interesting." Then she fishes a tightly wound sheaf of scrolls from her pouch and fishes through them.
  13. Kageko excused herself from the table and disappeared upstairs, returning s couple of minutes later with a small bag. She sat at the table and opened the bag, pulling out the simple porcelain mask. "This is one of the masks that the moon cultists were after. We were told that they were of exceptional quality." she explains as she sets the mask down toward the two Scorpions. "Please, examine if you wish. Anything, no matter how small, might be helpful."
  14. "We do have an intact mask that you could examine. We have it stored with some jade, just to be sure." Kageko mentioned. "It might be best, Rin-san, to see if their examination of mask the might yield additional clues before we decide which direction we will be going." the Little Lion suggested.
  15. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    "Perhaps, if you have any intact left for me to examine, I can try to learn more about the magic that went into them," Kamiko offers. "I can do that as we investigate other avenues though."
  16. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    Zoyu tilted her head slightly to the side, considering the question, then shook her head. "If there was something added to the sake afterwards, I am not aware of it, but this one is neither alchemist nor brewer, or even a... prolific imbiber of sake. The merchant I spoke to did say both brands of sake were particularly dry varieties, if that holds any meaning for you." The oddly coloured Crane nodded at Shosuro Kamiko. "Perhaps the disposition of the masks would be a greater lead, but we learned little of them in our first encounter. They seem to similar to the ones we encountered at the Temple of Amaterasu, but we learned nothing of their manufacture or providence. The craftmanship of the masks are quite exquisite however. It may be possible to track down their artisan, if not the one or ones who infused the foul sorcery into them, if the artisan and maho-tsukai are not one and the same."
  17. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    It was a good question, and one that had slipped past Kamiko. She'd been so focused on the magic that she'd missed the human element. There was one simple possibility of course. They imported not just any sake, but their favorite sake. And since it wasn't local... She nodded at Miren. His insight had not failed them.
  18. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    "Possible, mais pourquoi boire le meme sake? Pourquoi ne pas boire de le sake local?" Possibly, but why drink the same sake? Why not drink the local sake? The thought had been tickling at the back of Miren's mind through most of the conversation. Why create a trail of commonality over alcohol? It was easy enough to acquire, especially in smaller amounts locally, than to make such a single sizeable purchase in one place. In the common tongue, he continued, "Is there anything already known about the sake? Any special property to it or something added after it was purchased?"
  19. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    "If there is a new alliance between the Shadowlands and the Cult, the masks are the most likely path to lead us to that. If you insist that we ignore that, then..." She looks at Miren questioningly, seeking his input. "Le forgeron?"
  20. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    "We would still be most appreciative of your aid," Zoyu amended smoothly, giving Rin a surreptitious glance. "But most esteemed personages... suggested it would behoove us to speak little of that night. Suffice to say, we have seen such masks or some most similar to their like, before. With your greater study, Shosuro Kamiko and the insight of such a one as yourself, Shosuro Miren, do you believe we would be better served seeking this bladesmith or the source of the sake they seem to have partaken of?"
  21. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    "Ah, please accept my apologies," Kamiko said humbly. "Have you decided then not to accept the aid of my brother and myself?"
  22. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    "No, you do not wish to know what happened in Tsuma." Rin stands and goes to her swords, "Great evil was done there and the soul of the Empire was attacked." She places her swords in her obi and takes the magic sword and puts it over her shoulder. She adjusts the ties to hold it in place to make sure it is secure and comfortable. "We overcame the maho used and because of that we were made magistrates, that is all you need to know. Now we either have a boat to catch, or, if we are going the other way, I need to go and Tell the captain of the Steady we will not be needing his services." She turns back and faces the table and asks her fellow magistrates, "Which is it to be?"
  23. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    Kamiko sat forward a little, her eyes intent on Zoyu. "In Tsuma. I would be very interested to hear more of that encounter, if you wouldn't mind. I think it's very unlikely the Cult of the Moon made these masks themselves, you see. Not in such quantity."
  24. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    "The masks themselves, they are of very fine quality. Not the work of a common artisan. There were crafted with cultivated skill, great innate talent, or both," Zoyu mentioned, "though for my part, I could no tell where or by whom they were made. As for the magic infesting them, we do not know if it is by the same hands. The magic is some manner of foul Maho, though it appears any hand may use the mask once it has been infused with its deviltry. We have seen their like used during an... incident in Tsuma."
  25. L5R: Blood and Jade - With A Single Step

    "It is a rare town that does not have any cultists in it," Kamiko said with a little frown as she mulled the names over. "They work in small groups, spread far and wide. I have not investigated Tokuro or the City of the Rich Frog directly. However, it isn't implausible to consider they might train and prepare for something like this far from prying eyes." She tapped a finger on the tabletop for a moment. Once. Twice. "The masks. What do you know of them?"
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