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Heroes for Hire is a science fiction/fantasy game using the new Starfinder RPG rules from Paizo Publishing. Set in a slightly modified version of the core games published setting it is a sci-fi/fantasy romp across the galaxy full of action, adventure, romance, humor and maybe some dancing.

Inspired by space movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ice Pirates, Battle beyond the Stars and a plethora of grade b space movies from the 1980's (most available on you tube) it follows a band of down on their luck crew of a crazy starship trying to make a living without selling out to the Galactic Man or falling victim to the numerous intergalactic crime lords and their nefarious schemes all while desperately trying not to become the next meal of the hordes of the insect like Swarm bent on devouring the galaxy.

This game will have lot's of action, lasers, nukes, magic, more lasers, rock and roll, zombies, androids, huge space battles, even more lasers this time with different colors, pissed off space gods, pizza, sexy space witches, horrible alien bugs to kill by the score...did I mention the lasers...

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  2. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Sweetie, 'finding a terminal' is not a plan," Evie replied dryly. She didn't like being cussed at, she'd hate to have to shoot Echo over something so petty, but if the bitch had it coming... "You telling us what you plan on doing with that terminal so that we're all prepared for what comes later or if it all goes tits-up, is a plan. You know what..." she waved the whole thing off. "Never mind... fine. Find Echo a terminal."
  3. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Echo rounds back to glare furiously at Evana. "I literally just said what the 'play' is. We find a fucking terminal. Close your mouth, open your eyes, and help."
  4. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Jexa coughed at Eve's comment. "Uh huh. Nobody." she said with a smile. "Anyways, we ate not getting out of here until it let's us go. Our ship is totally and utterly out classed." she added.
  5. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Evana rolled her eyes, "Oh, dear." She feigned distress, "Because your approval was all I ever really wanted Gorunta..." The back of her hand slapped against her forehead as she leaned back, mocking a feint. "Whatever shall I do? Machines don't have feelings, they don't understand things the way living people with souls do. I can't trust something that would ghost an entire colony of people simple because it was 'logical' from its point of view." "Fact of the matter is, Echo doesn't report everything she does, and as the ships engineer I trust her to do her job, up to and including making an appointment for repairs. So, if that's not the case, we need to notify whomever, or whatever is in charge and let them know we're leaving. The nice way, or the not so nice way. Echo, you speak 'techno-babble', as our engineer, I differ to you. No one here knows more about robotics than you. What's our play?"
  6. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "I think Echo would have told us she'd arranged something like this." Gorunta disagreed. "And just because this is an AI-run facility doesn't mean Echo knows what's going on. I'm disappointed in your prejudice against mechanical lifeforms, Evana." It was definitely hard to read from his face whether he was poking fun at her or genuinely meant what he said to the blue-haired singer. Probably by the vesk's design.
  7. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Wait," Evana rested on hand on her hip and gestured to Echo with her opposite. "What do you mean it's 'not in need of repairs'? I thought you arranged all of this? No body knows what you're taking apart or breaking, or putting back together back there. You're telling me you have nothing to do with this? And there's nothing wrong with the Solenya?"
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  9. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Can we focus here?" Echo demanded petulantly. "Who cares about the vending machines?! This thing is going to 'repair' our ship, which...by the way...is not in need of repairs! We could easily find ourselves stuck here, so lets get it together. We have to figure out how to stop this thing. The place looks abandoned, it's probably running on some kind of automatic program. We need to find a terminal so I can get access." That said, the android picked one of the open ends of the room, the one on her left, and started to venture further down, scanning the walls for any sign of a computer terminal.
  10. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Careful," Evana mentioned softly in her smooth accent. "I'd not trust a single 'snack' in that machine. Gods only know how long it's been there." She paced about, her heels echoing faintly with every step, impatiently and afraid to sit down on anything for fear it may stain her pure white outfit. "And for the love of all that is holy, what is that smell? I'm already hating this..."
  11. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Like Jordayn, Sunshine couldn't read the names or anything on the packaging but due to her expert snack knowledge she could recognize several of the foods as being the same or at least closely related to snacks she was familiar with. She frowned when she looked at the mechanisms for payment. Jordayn had just looked at them and hadn't seen any slots that would fit a standard credit stick, but Sunshine found herself staring right at a slot which was a perfect fit. And not on one machine but a quick check showed that all of the machines had a central slot. "Hey Jordayn come look. Didn't you say our sticks wouldnt fit?"
  12. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Upon seeing the vending machines, Sunshine disappeared, leaving a Sunshine-shaped cloud of dust where she had been standing as she dashed in the blink of an eye to the vending machines. She peered at the display, seeing if she recognized any of the snacks, or if any of them had gone bad, or if - assuming she couldn't get a currency converter to work and they didn't accept universal polymer base - they were easily cracked.
  13. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Insistent, aren't they?" Jordayn commented with mild amusement as he stepped lightly into the room. It seemed rather... banal now, considering how they had arrived to the station. He arched a brow at the circle made of hundreds of jagged red slashes, noting them going black one at a time. Some sort of chronometer the priest guessed. Jordayn wondered over the vending machines , curious to see if they were operational or even stocked. They seemed to hold various prepackaged beverages and foods in a not quite completely clear film. He arched his other brow. He had travelled a fair deal, but he didn't recognize anything. Even more surprising, there was a panel clearly meant to accept a wide range of physical or digital currency, but it didn't seem it would accept his credstick. The design for credsticks in the Pact Worlds were generally standardized. "This is interesting, guys," Jordayn said, giving a vending machine a rap with his knuckles. "It doesn't seem to accept credsticks, not any I'm familiar with at any rate. Suggests whatever this place is, it isn't of Pact Worlds manufacture, not contemporary at least." He gestured down one of the halls that curved out of sight. "Anyone else want to take a look around while the Solenya gets serviced? Who knows how long since this place last had visitors."
  14. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    The Heroes for Hire all gathered at the airlock ramp and waited for the mechanism to cycle before heading down into the huge bay. The flashing arrows in the floor led off to the left of the ship. Looking all around the bay appeared empty with only the Solenya and themselves being present. "Attention. all biologicals must vacate the repair bay while repairs are underway. This includes artificial lifeforms with biological components. Please follow the indicated path to the main promenade and enjoy your stay while repairs are underway. Thank You." Blared the bays speakers at a volume that made the crew wince. The crew advanced in the direction the arrows indicated and soon came to a featureless wall. As they approached the voice boomed out again. "Attention. all biologicals must vacate the repair bay while repairs are underway. This includes artificial lifeforms with biological components. Please follow the indicated path to the main promenade and enjoy your stay while repairs are underway. Thank You." At that moment a section of the wall slid aside and revealed an opening and at the same time the floor upon which the stood slid forward carrying them through the opening and sliding shut as they past. Our Heroes found themselves in a darkened room, lights flickered on suddenly then went dark and then tried to flicker on a gain. The flickering cast eerie shadows across the room. Behind them on the wall/door a large circle made up of hundreds of crooked red slashes started blinking with each blink one of the slashes turned black. The air was dry and stale. There were seats lined up in rows of various sizes and shapes as if to accommodate a multitude of species along the walls there were a half dozen large vending machines their internal lights flickering, adding to the chaos of shadows. Both ends of the room were open and curving hallways could be seen beyond.
  15. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Jexa hopped from her seat and ran back to her cabin, grabbing her pack. "Let's see what passes for hospitality in this place." she said as she checked her arc pistol and then stowed it again.
  16. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Right now," Gorunta pointed out, "we don't have a track record. We've only done the one job for Atuz so far. It'll take two times before it starts becoming a track record." The vesk was fully armored, armed and loaded for bear though. "That said, I won't be surprised if it ends in wrecking the place. We don't have any heavy explosives on hand, do we?"
  17. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "I can take care of us, if life support goes down," Jordayn said, watching the approaching station with curiosity now that they look like they were going to slam into at Drift speed. Despite a love of travel, he wasn't a pilot, but he could keep his crewmates going so they could keep the ship going. "They're polite machines at least," Jordayn replied, offering Evana a wry grin. "Perhaps they'll warn us before trying to eviscerate us for raw material. I wonder when the last time the... station had visitors?" Jordayn was already geared up, pistol at his hip, wearing his shiny red refractor suit and open priest vestments over that, everything else he might need in the null space chamber strapped to his arm. He did check one more to make sure the force field generator was properly connected to his lightly armored suit however. "Oh, I think our odds are much better than that," Jordayn countered with a laugh as he strode into the airlock, adding after the look on several faces, "that we won't have to do that. "Last time worked out rather well, over all, really."
  18. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Viri s√°nguinum infernum," Evie cursed in a language no one understood. "Machines... bloody machines. This is just lovely. Well, at least I won't feel bad about wrecking the place, which given our track record, is in t-minus ten hours and counting..." "All right everyone, you heard them, let's gear up and get off," she smirked. "Take that how you like. I'll meet everyone at the airlock."
  19. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Biological components," Echo mutters irritably as she collects some things. "I'm working on it! Shut up!" She went to the spider-like drone that was watching her with its mismatched camera eyes and grabbed a metal box off the shelf nearby it. "Okay Tacky. This is for you. I'm uploading some visual recognition patterns. If you detect someone who does NOT conform to one of these patterns...they are Target Practice Dummies. Got it?" There was a clacking sound as Echo fitted the box magazine into the drone's reload compartment and slammed the access panel shut. The rotary cannon mounted just under its head started to spin up. "Target practice!" "Tch tch," the engineer reprooved, and put her hand near the weapon. "IF you see someone who's not on that list. IF. Remember we talked about 'if then?'" Tacky the spider-drone did its best to nod its head. "IF something comes onto the ship, AND it does NOT conform to these patterns, THEN Target Practice. Confirm." The cannon spun down, and Tacky replied, "Confirmed," with a rapid burst of code to Echo showing the new directive. She nodded. "Good Tacky. Lets just get you backed up first. Just in case." Echo took a small cylindrical object, just big enough to fit in the palm of her hand, and pressed it to a port on the top of the drone's body. After a few seconds the yellow light on it turned blue, then green, and she disconnected it again. "Go get 'em." Then she went to get her gear on and meet the others in the forward half of the Solenya. --------- "So," the android said as she sauntered into the airlock, "Taking odds we'll get out of this without overloading Solenya's drive to explode while we bail in escape pods? I'm thinking one in two. Also, if-slash-when we get back on board, um, show your face as you get on."
  20. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Outside a second beam joins the first and begins to draw the ship toward the structure and an opening maw preparing to swallow the tiny vessel and her crew. With in moments the Solenya is inside a cavernous dark bay of some sort. More beams play over the ship, bathing it in weird multicolored light. Some even penetrates the hull making shadows dance and the crews skin tingle. Jexa punches buttons on the console in front of her. "It's some kind of scan. I'm still not picking up any sign of life but he walls of this bay are reflecting our scans. Suddenly there are flashing lights outside and a series of white arrows light up on the deck pulsing one after the other leading away from the ship. The ships microphones pick up sound as several different languages speak all at once. Then the voice settles on the Common Packworlds tongue. "Attention. all biologicals must vacate the repair bay while repairs are underway. This includes artificial lifeforms with biological components. Please follow the indicated path to the main promenade and enjoy your stay while repairs are underway. Thank You."
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  22. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "I got it covered." Je,a answed the ysoki.
  23. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "A tractor beam assumes a tractor beam operator - someone either is operating that beam, or built the machinery that is operating that beam." Sunshine tested out a few maneuvers on the manual steering column, just in case breaking free from the tractor beam was possible. "So if no one recognizes that thing then this couuuuuuuuuuuld be first contact. Any of you have a translation spell beefy enough to comprehend unknown languages?"
  24. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Can confirm," Echo confirmed. "The board is green. All systems are fine. Let me know if you want to go to ramming speed."
  25. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "What the shit?!" Jexa exclaimed as the huge station? came into view. She swung her considerable boots, that were resting on the top of her console, down to the deckplate as her displays lit up, spewing all sorts of data and alerts at her. Her hands gracefully drifted over the interface console, tapping in commands and aligning the sensors, though it looked more like she was playing a symphony on a piano. Data quickly began coming back to Jexa's screens. Other than arresting the Solenya's motion the beam didn't seem to be doing anything to the ship, it was just a standard, albeit incredibly powerful, tractor beam. Her own scans were giving less information. The computer had no record of anything like this and it had no obvious visual ques as to it's origin. The scans detected no life, but Jexa wasn't sure it that was because there was no life or just that her sensors couldn't penetrate the structure. "Fuck if I know what the hell that thing is. The computer is doing no better either. From a design perspective, I cannot tell it's origin either." she said with a shrug as her fingers continued to lay over the console, drawing it more data. "I am not detecting any life signs, buuut that might just because because we can't scan through their thick-ass hull. So life scan are inconclusive, I guess." she added as she pulled out her arc pistol, checked it, and concealed it again. "The tractor beam is not hurting the ship or anything, it's just strong as hell, so this could just be some sort of automated docking procedure, but no way to tell right now."
  26. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    Gorunta calmly began grabbing and checking over his rifle, the plasma pistol and the sword, more nonchalantly than anything. Most likely, if the past business with Atuz was any indication, ridiculousness and a bloody fight were to be expected. He liked this group already - no fear of boredom or petty jobs like bouncing!
  27. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "Working on it," Echo replied. "Doesn't look like it's messing with our power at least...so you guys won't, you know, die horribly when the oxygen stops recycling. Running a diagnostic now to see what it IS doing, and a scan of the other ship. Iiiii'll letcha know. Bye." She acted with considerably more urgency than her vocal tone conveyed, of course. The usual engineering console interface she used had blossomed like a flower in spring, bristling with readouts and displays and diagrams comparing power levels, speed, gravitational radiation, electromagnetic characteristics, and a host of other details. Even more important than finding out about the weird beam that had caught them was making sure it wasn't hurting the ship though! Multiple system diagnostics ran in parallel, with Echo's eyes constantly flicking between them to try to catch problems quickly.
  28. Starfinder Episode 02 - INTERMEZZO

    "We'll talk about that later," Evie shot Sunshine a look of 'you know what you did/didn't do' and began working her console. "Engineering, I need a status report. We're locked in a tractor and I need to know what works, what doesn't and what our options are. Jexa, scour databases. I need to what that is, what it can do, why it's in our way and... what can we get for it? Everyone else, consider us on alert. Unlock em' and cock em'." She dashed a few switches with her fingers and a holo screen projected the object in front of her with a small static square in the lower left hand side of it. "Unidentified... station thingie... this is the Solenya, Freelancer freighter. We seem to have been caught in one of your tractor beams. While it may have assisted in avoiding a collision, I would remind you that you are smack dab in the middle of a drift lane. Now, kindly disengage your beam, and politely bugger off. You damn near killed us all."
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