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Generations have waited within warded shelters for a great evil to pass, and now take their steps back into a strange, new world. The land has been reclaimed by nature, the landscape changed drastically and monster populate the world again. The people are in need of hope, heroes who dare to explore and reclaim this world and help rebuild civilization.

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  2. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    "Arturs, you mentioned that there's been the idea that something moved into the shelter...I see there are animal pens and a fishery in the shelter. Are those areas still being utilized?" As Rhosh asks, he takes a large bite of sausage and grabs some fruit to add to his meal. "Isss juss that *smacks* I wonner wha happens *swallows* when it runs out of food. On that note I say we get in there after everyone has eaten and D gets the dried seed off his leg." Rhosh continues eating with a subtle smile as he chews.
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  4. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    "I'm not here to help these people relocate, move from their homes, or any of that shit. We signed up to handle a creature that was making these people disappear. You wanna solve every mystery along the way, fine, but you do it after the contract. On your own." He pulled his swords around his waist and secured his baldric. He looked to Artus. "No offense kid, I know this is your home and you want it safe, but you don't hire people on charity and then expect them to solve all your problems. We do the job we agreed to: kill the creature, caster, ghoul, whatever." "The rest, kid, is on you and your people, unless one of these guys wants to stay behind and be your savior." He looked at the map that Artus had scrawled. "Alright kid, you know the place better than us. Where do we start?" He took in one deep breath and didn't look at anyone in particular. "And I wash."
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  6. Krusk puts his hand on the back of his head and shows a little bit of red in his face. "Yeah, I guess I was getting a little too enraptured by it. I think it's safe to say they ARE evil at the very least but I do agree we shouldn't worry about that too much until we find the source." He bends over a bit and looks at the map that Artus has provided. "Hmm... well it looks like the tomb is right near the entrance so we're going to have to go by it anyways. I still stand by what we say. I don't think there's much more we want to do here since it sounds like we all want to find the source of this evil. Shall we get going to the tomb here?" He points with his large finger to the tomb, very carefully not to obscure it with his large, armored gauntlet.
  7. Arturs reached into his satchel and pulled out a rolled up piece of paper. He unrolled it and set it on the table, using utensils to hold down the edges. "This is a map I drew this morning of the shelter. It's not perfect, by any means, as I am no map maker, but it should give an idea of the layout." Arturs said as he showed the map to the others. OOC: His map does not have numbered areas. The numbers are for our use to explain what room is being talked about. Click map for larger view.
  8. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    "Artus is right," Shayuri said as she walked up to the others. "We have some idea of what to expect now, at least in part. That said, Delgath the Unwashed also has a point. The best place to learn more now is the one or ones who did this. Our next step is to find them and deal with them appropriately." "Killing the one who did this won't necessarily remove them, but it will stop any more from being made. The worst case scenario would be that the affected villagers would just need new places to live until the magic ends. More realistically, with some time and study we can work out how to disrupt the magic. First things first though...we stop the source."
  9. "Any enchantment can be broken." Arturs said simply. "These sigils have told us more though. We thought some beast or creature had moved into the shelter. But these marks mean that it is something, or someone, capable of casting magic. That is valuable information." Arturs continued as he cut a slice of sausage and then caught Dread's look and added, "Um.. or.. uh.. so I would think."
  10. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    Rhosh quickly shook his head. "I'm not saying we don't get to work, but we need to consider the nature of the sigils. If we know these sigils will dissipate once their creator is destroyed, then sure. Let's go bash some skulls in and get this over with. But if these sigils need to be willingly removed by their creator, well...let's just say I don't want to be responsible for removing any way to remove the sigils on the village." Looking over at Delgath he adds, "It would be hard to get one woman, let alone three, if we made that mistake." Rhosh quickly moves on and looks around for Shayuri and Eon. "Anyone seen the other two? Krusk, did they see the sigils too?"
  11. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    "The bard's tomb has merit," Dread agreed with Krusk. He was not a likable guy, but wasn't about to argue a good point. "I think, however, we should stop screwing around and get things done. We seem to be wasting time on door carvings and talking about door carvings, and detecting for evil door carvings. Auril's ass cheeks, are you seriously going to detect the carvings for evil? What then? Smite the carving? They're curses, genius, it's implied. Can't say I've ever heard of a benevolent curse. Guys, they are door carvings. Sure, they are here, but they are a symptom, not a cause. We need to find the source, remove it, and then concern ourselves with the clean up." He raised a finger to enforce his next point. "And don't say that understanding the door carvings is important to understanding our enemy because we know sod all more today than we did yesterday. If it's that big of a deal, then leave the arcane wastes of space here to play with the doodles while the rest of us go and actually do something." Dread didn't fear magic, quite the opposite honestly. Magic was a powerful weapon that certainly had its place on the battlefield, he respected magic. He did not, however, respect those who wielded it. As a true warrior of House Delgath his swords were not weapons, they were tools. He was the weapon, spending years honing his skills to be ready for any eventuality on a battlefield. Spellcasters were not weapons, their magic was the weapon and with it they were arrogant and believed themselves without equals. Without it, they were nothing but feeble men and women cowering behind warriors until they could rest again to regain their arcane courage. Delgath's were arrogant, sure, but they could afford to be, even without a blade they were always ready for battle. They had no fear. None had ever heard of a Wizard or Sorcerer ever proving their mettle without their magic. "So, let's eat, quit playing grab ass and dispense with the 'good mornings' and get to work."
  12. Krusk hears Rhosh and looks to see him seating himself near Krusk and Arturs. "Yes Rhosh, I hope you slept well. It was brought to our attention that the scratches on the buildings weren't done in the brutal fashion of an animal, but they are actually magical sigils. Did you see these while you were on watch?" He looks at the marks again, still puzzled at their origin. After a bit of time, he becomes frustrated and looks around the hall to see if anything new has happened. Krusk sees Delgath now entering from his slumber and he extends his right arm outwards towards Delgath. "Delgath" he yells. "How are you doing this fine morning? Looks like you are in good spirits." He motions for him to come toward the door. He turns back to Rhosh and Arturs. "I mentioned this to our friend Arturs at the beginning of our watch. I think we should check out the tomb of the bard before we go too far. With his connection to the Horrors, I think it would be a good idea to do a sweep of his area. Make sure nothing has lingered. I can see if I detect any evil from the area, and from the sigils. If everything is safe there, we at least have narrowed that possibility down." Krusk is standing up straight with his hands on his hips and jaw in the air, trying to look like he knows what he is doing. "Anyone have any other thoughts?"
  13. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    Dread walked out into the morning air shirtless, behind him a young woman flushed as she clutched a wrapped blanket to her bosom and scurried back off to her home. The villagers gave him a look as the giant human walked among them. It was a disapproving glare that silently chastised the fighter for deflowering the young maidens of the village they had come here to help. "What?" He asked in his deep, gravely voice as his companions raised an eyebrow. "They're a grateful people. Far be it from me to refuse hospitality." When the second young maiden shyly tried to sneak through the early morning streets before someone noticed her, Dread tried not to smirk. When the third young woman swiftly chased after her friend, clutching unbound garments to her chest the citizens disapproving look only grew deeper and along with it Dread's grin. He wasn't concerned with them or their opinions, he was here to complete a task. He offered a shrug to his assembled companions. "Fine. Very grateful." After a long pause he moved past the moment. "One day you kids will know the touch of a woman, or three... let's move past my greatness and focus on getting everyone up and getting in there and kicking ass so we give this shit hole the laugh."
  14. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    Rhosh opens his eyes and blinks a few times to loosen the sleep from them. He sits up in his cot and looks around the empty room save for Dread, Eon, and Shayuri. He holsters his daggers, stands up, and shoulders his quiver and bow. Among the remaining smells of ale and spoiling food from the previous night, Rhosh finds a hint of fresh food in the air and follows the smell outside to find the villagers preparing and serving food to break their fast. After a moment taking in the sights and smells, some familiar voices at a far table reach the dragonborn's ears. Rhosh looks to see Arturs and Krusk discussing something that seems to have the brunt of their attention. Rhosh grabs some food for himself and pulls up a seat alongside the two companions. "Morning. Neither of you seem to have had much trouble last night from the looks of things, but something is clearly on your minds. Anything of interest?" directing this to the both of them.
  15. Krusk examined the mark, but for all of his religious studies and training at the temple, the mark did not belong to any god, pantheon or religion that he knew of. Granted, over the generations in the shelters some god fell out of favor, and some nearly lost to the sand of time, while others were discovered or grew in popularity. If the symbol belonged to some lost god, he would likely never know. As Krsuk examined the marks, so did Arturs, who performed a ritual to conserve his limited arcane power. When completed he examined the marks too, and the homes. "I do not believe there is a trigger. The homes are enchanted... cursed, from what the others said. At this point, I do not believe altering or even removing the marks would do anything. The enchantment is set. I looks like that is what was already done, like the curse was set and then the scratches added to disguise it, I would think. I certainly did not notice the symbol among the scratches until it was pointed out. That would imply a level of.. I don't know.. planning? Insidiousness?" the young apprentice explained as he held the torch close to the door, further examining the markings. "I do not like this. We though some beast or such had moved into the shelter, but this... this is all together different." he said, shaking his head and resting his hand on his belt, near his dagger. The half-elves turned in, leaving Krusk and Arturs to stand their watch. The rest of the night was quiet and calm, even peaceful were it not for the lingering feeling of anticipation and the unknown. In time the sky begins to lighten and one by one homes begin to open. Some of the villagers set about their chores, though with a bit of caution in these pre-dawn time, while others end up sleeping in, having drank or feasted too much the night prior. Eventually dawn arrives and the sounds of a few roosters and other livestock begins to intermingle with the metallic strikes from the blacksmithy and the sounds of sawing and woodcutting. The villagers do not disturb those still sleeping within the village hall, and instead set up a table outside of it, and bring food for Krusk and Arturs and the rest when they awaken.
  16. Krusk quickly turns around and stares at Eon. "A curse? Are you sure? This has to be more serious than what I thought!" He quickly walks to the door and sees if he can notice the symbol. He comes back and quickly reaches Eon before he has left for his bed. "Eon, you mentioned a charge to these marks... err sigils. Do you know if there is a trigger that might set them off or if it might be something else? In the morning when we are all together again, I would like to check on them even more." He then turns to Arturs but is clearly shaken up a bit. "Yes, thank you for that Arturs." He puts his hand out toward Artus and says "I am glad to hear that nothing has happened with the tomb before. I am just... wondering because he had a connection to the horrors. I... just want to make sure that nothing has changed. It would just be a VERY short stop." He turns back towards the door and then quickly back to Arturs, not trying to be rude. "I just want to check this out so we can eliminate any possible connection and focus on the full problem." He goes back to the door with the symbol and places his hand on the door near the symbol but carefully to the side. He tries to see if anything from his studies has allowed him to glean anything from this symbol and then looks back out to the darkness, looking for something that may not come.
  17. Arturs listened to Eon and then nodded to the half-elves, considering what he had just said. Krusk's question was a slight surprise to the young wizard, rousing him from his train of thought about the scratches, but he nodded and answered at the half-orc looked about, scanning the village for threats or anything unusual. "The tomb is two chambers. The outer chamber has Ardis Softnote's story inscribed on the walls, in stone. It is where we all learned his story growing up. The inner chamber is where his body was laid to rest, inside a stone coffin. One of my duties as Toral's apprentice was to open the tomb on holidays, so that people could go in, recount his story, and even pay their respects at his coffin." he explained and thought a little. "I cannot say I have ever heard of strange goings on there or any sorting of haunting or presence. For us, the tomb was a place to celebrate his life and recall his story. According to the stories, he was a rather jolly fellow around the shelter, his songs and stories are many which we still tell today. I think they helped the first generation in the shelter a great deal, to be honest."
  18. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    Eon cocked his head to the side in surprise. Seeing the Paladins arrival with Wizard in tow. Still, he supposed. Saved him the effort of turfing them out of bed for their watch. The Paladin was probably used to it. Most religious types were, from his experience. Temples kept the strangest hours. Shrugging, he greets the two with a quiet "Morning" and a nod. As everyone else exchanged brief pleasantries, he drew his cloak tighter about himself to ward off any more of the nights chill. He was going to be glad to be back inside. His lifestyle was oft nocturnal as it was, but he still preferred being inside and in the.... not quite as cold, at least. "Been all quiet so far. Nothing of any particular note. Although, we did take a look around earlier. The scratches on the door seem to actually form sigils and carry at least a slight charge of magic. A curse of some description. We decided to leave 'em be for tonight and talk it over with everyone in the morning." he says, gesturing towards the front of the house, indicating the sigils. "just figured you'd like a heads up for your watch, so you can go ahead with everything in mind." He offers the two a small smile. "Now, if you don't have any questions, my bed is calling me." he nonetheless doesn't move, allowing them time to gather their thoughts and ask any questions they might have.
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  20. Krusk slaps his hand onto Arturs' shoulder. "Don't worry. If nothing happened so far tonight, I doubt anything will happen to us." He walks a little farther out past the doors and slightly into the darkness. He smiles and nods, thinking to himself that he is finally out doing something... ANYTHING with a real purpose. He begins to walk towards the door on the opposite side as Artus is standing and once he gets there, he places his hand on the door and slides it down slowly. "These are large and sturdy doors. It is fortunate you have these to protect you from whatever it is that scratches and frightens your town. If things get worse, this may be the best place to gather the people." He turns to look into the darkness, moving his feet to a position in which he can stand for a long time. "Say Artus, could you tell me more about the tomb for the famous bard? Have you heard of anything strange happening there? Maybe an evil presence or something that disturbs it?" As he waits for Artus' response, he looks out to see if he can notice anything.
  21. The rest of the watch for the half-elves was quiet outside. The night was cool though, and rather pleasant were it not for the uncertainty and anticipation. In time, Arturs awoke to find Krusk already done with his daily meditations and prayers, and donning his armor once more. Arturs looked around and gestured at his boots, hitting them with a prestidigitation cantrip to warm them before he slipped them on with a relaxed sigh. He slipped on his tunic and belt, tucking his dagger into it and lipped past the curtain to the tables, where he found an apple and took a bite. Krusk and Arturs stepped outside and found the pair of half-elves talking a little. "Looks like it is our turn." he said to the pair as he glanced around, resting a hand on his belt, near his dagger, trying to push down his fear.
  22. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    Eon hummed in acceptance, but otherwise remained silent as they returned to the hall for the remainder of their watch.
  23. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    "Breaking the ward? Maybe. There's risks to it though. Once it's not bound up in the diagram, the energy can fly just about anywhere. That's how you make magic traps, except you design it to happen on purpose." Shayuri tapped her bottom lip with a finger then nodded. "Best to wait until tomorrow. We can pick a house, make sure no one's in it, and prepare for the consequences. See if it works or not. For now lets head back. Whatever these things are doing, it seems to work slowly over time. One more night hopefully won't matter too much."
  24. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    He offers a shrug and a slight self-deprecating smile. "Being able to recognise and repeat Coats of Arms and Heraldry is part of a Bards stock and trade. One develops an eye for details like personal sigils and the like if only to avoid offending your patrons." he demurred. Left unsaid was that it also helped when it came to forging documents, but that was besides the point. "My mentor showed it to me more as warning than anything else. She deemed that being able to recognise a cursed location *before* one walked inside to be of some use." he shrugs, tone sardonic. "I can't say I disagree with her." He pipes down to let her work her magic, keeping a wary eye on the surrounding streets. Particularly those points where his vision began to dwindle and the shadows drew uncanny shapes that couldn't help but catch the eye. "As you say. But best not to underestimate. Still. At least we know that it's a general malignancy, rather than a pointed vandetta." He pauses a second, a thoughtful look on his face. "I'm not actually sure which I would have preferred, to be honest." And they circled the hall, quiet Elvish floating through the air as they continued the patrol. "It's strange. To go through so much effort for such a comparatively petty end. And.... to be honest, I would not expect anyone who knew how to use these Runes to be so.... I don't know. Slapdash? In their application. Maybe it's my own perfectionist nature, but it strikes me as odd that these sigils are as crude as they are. " He shakes his head. "Regardless, do you think that we'd be able to disrupt the magic safely by breaking the Sigil? Stories abound of disrupting magic by breaking a symbol of some sort, but I will be the first to acknowledge that in many cases the story comes before a lot of trifling details."
  25. The pair of half-elves, splitting the difference between their duty as the watch and their curiosity, decided to circle the village hall, inspecting the homes with Shayuri's magically enhanced perception. Each home was not enchanted, but many were, easily over half by Shayuri's estimation, all bearing the same crude symbol. Why somebody or something would wish to curse the homes of this small village with nightmares, or worse, was still unknown.
  26. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    "Oh yes...yes indeed...there's power here. Not a great deal of power, but..." She looked around. "Not just this house. His neighbors too. Lets take a little bit of a tour before the spell fades. I know, we won't go far...just a little. Amazing that such a crude design holds magic at all...even so, no kind of magic should be taken lightly."
  27. Ten minutes pass as Shayuri performs her ritual, drawing on her wizardly training in youth to aid her. When she finally finished the incantation, she looks upon the door with her yellow-gold eyes and she could see the faint aura of magic radiating from the markings, not just in the middle of the door, but on the shutters as well, enchanting the entire home. Still curious, she glanced at the homes on either side of the Alrid's, and she could see a faint aura around those dwellings as well...
  28. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    "Give me a moment, I'll see if it's magically active," Shayuri said. She dug a book out of her pouch and opened it to one of the early pages. "I'm impressed you recognized that thing," the sorceress murmured as she turned forward a few times. "It's very hard to make out some of the lines there...ah, here we are." She began to incant mystic words in an ancient tongue. As she did, strange glowing smoke wafted from her mouth and twisted in midair to form sigils and runes that changed from moment to moment. It took several minutes of this before she completed the spell, and her eyes began to shine with a strange yellow-gold light. (Casting Detect Magic as a ritual to see if the rune has any power)
  29. D&D 5e: A New Age - A New Legend Is Born

    Eon let out a low whistle, going on to explain the symbol to his companion. "Whatever it is, it's got a serious Axe to grind with the village, seemingly. And either thinks it can use magic, but can't..... or is just really bad at it. You getting anything from the Sigil? I can't tell just by looking and I'd rather not poke at it too much if I can avoid it." He pauses in thought for a second, arms crossed and a finger idly tapping at his chin. "We may also want to check the other houses, see if they're all like this, or if it's just Alrid's house. That can wait till morning, however. Best we not wander too far when we're on watch."
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