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In Mutants and Masterminds: Hero Academy, the player characters take on the roles of teen aged super heroes trying to balance their lives between homework, social obligations, secret identities and, of course, who to ask to the next school dance all while trying to stay off the radar of the faculty at Claremont Academy.

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  2. The Good Guys

    Dan Malroy, Shifter - 15 years old. Dan was raised in an environment of abuse and neglect his entire life. His parents were off the rails religious and when his power to change his shape manifested he thought it was a gift. His parents believed him to be unholy and possessed. At first Dan couldn't control his ability and would randomly shift appearances to match those he saw in magazines or on television. He was given the switch nightly to 'purge the evil' from his body but when it was obvious he had no control over his power he was away in their cellar and home schooled with beatings and abusive prayers to the Lord to free their son's soul from the Devil's grip. As a result, Dan developed multiple personalities to help him cope and keep his company. Since arriving at Claremont Dan has since been cured of his multiple personalities but now faces the issue of trying to find an identity that is his. Generally his personalities come in typical stereotypes, like 'Frat Boy', or 'Surfer Dude' or 'Emo Kid'... regardless of the personality he will always take the stereotype of that personality to '11'
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  4. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    Na'Atem's eyes went wide as Keiko jumped off the building, catching her totally off guard. The stone around her neck, already glowing, flashed brilliantly as her feet barely lifted off of the roof before she shot over the edge, soaring through the air and then diving down to catch Keiko. "What are you doing? Your magic could have failed you." she said with a worried tone as she faded from view. "And stealth may be out best option once more." she added, holding Keiko tightly.
  5. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    Tat olded up her bandana mask and looked at where the self proclaimed Princess had stood. "Really, did that сука just say 'toodles'?"
  6. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    "Damn RIGHT this wouldn't have happened at that overrated, overpriced pretend-pizza place!" Keiko declared. "THAT is what makes Pizza Hut the best! Good pizza, good friends, and VILLAINY TO STOP. Pizzas for JUSTICE!" "Autumn! Fly meeeeeeeeeee..." ...and she jumped off the building. Though an alert eye would notice she was falling much more slowly than she probably ought to be.
  7. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    "She is Princess," Princess proclaimed, lovely lavender eyes sparkling with amusement as she stood up straight and turned slightly to give Bastion a good look at her buxom figure, straightening clothes that didn't need it. "A local of spectacular talent, much like yourselves. I noticed you all going after those louts and decided to lend a hand... Or rather a pointed psionic thought or two, since they were much too dirty to actual handle." She giggled with (mostly) mock arrogance, wiggling her fingers with their long, painted nails, then rolled her eyes with feigned exasperation at the mention of 'Cosima.' "Oh, that one! Yes, I would never expect that lazy, spoiled girl to get off her expensively covered behind to help someone else. I just had to help, but now I must be going." She smiled with teasingly mystery. "I'm sure I'll see you all soon. Toodles." The young woman blew them all a kiss and then she was gone. The others blinked. It wasn't so much that Princess disappeared in front of them but rather seemed more like they just hadn't noticed her leave, or simply missed when she had. Rick felt an arm snake through his and looked over to find Cosima at his side, her other hand slipping something into her purse he didn't quite see. "My, they all took off in a rush," Cosima commented, arching a brow. "But I'm sure they are all okay. And while I won't say I told you so, this would never had happened at Pizzeria Mozza. Alas..." Cosima sighed dramatically. "Would you be a dear and escort me back to campus?"
  8. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    Qi ran to the woman and knelt looking over her she rapidly centered herself and pressed several key points on the woman's body and neck slowing the flow of blood and putting the woman into a restive state allowing her body to begin to heal. Less than a minute had passed and Qi could still see the fleeing robber. She may not be as fast as her fellow classmates but this miscreant she could easily catch. She took off running as fast as she could the man unaware he was being pursued. She covered the distance the man had covered while she had seen to the woman in just a few seconds he foot falls light and unheard by the criminal. Still some sixth sense caused him to look over his shoulder and see the young girl rapidly closing the distance. Already spooked the man fired his gun twice over his shoulder. Both shots missed as thy had been wild and un-aimed but the actions slowed the man down. Wrong move on his part. Qi sped up and leaped to the side flipping up and over a large trash dumpster. She did not land on the ground however instead her feet connected with the wall of the building the dumpster was resting against and she ran along the wall for several yard before launching herself once more through the air. Spinning and flipping she landed in front of her quarry who stumbled to a stop wide eyed. Qi stood in a guarded Dragon stance her concentration centered. She was close enough to strike yet held her ground. “You have nowhere to go and must answer to the authorities for your actions. Come peacefully and you will not be harmed.” she said calmly not even out of breath The same could not be said for the purse snatcher, gasping for breath he raised his pistol and fired twice more at point blank range. He couldn't miss his mind told him. His mind was wrong. Qi saw the intent and the movement before they happened as the finger tensed to pull the trigger she had already spun one way and then the other causing the bullets to pass harmlessly by her head. Before the report of the gun had echoed once her own arms and hands moved too fast for the man to follow she had slapped his hand away with one of hers and the other had taken the gun and with a twist disarmed him the the hand that had slapped his gun away slammed into his chest open palmed pushing him back several feet and send waves of shock and pain through his chest. His breath coming even more raggedly he turned and stumbling tried to flee again. Qi watched him take several steps and looked at the gun in her hand. Strangely enough she knew how firearms worked. With deft quickness she ejected the magazine, and emptied the chamber, then she spun and threw the gun at he fleeing man. It struck him squarely in the back of the head. He dropped like a sack of potatoes. She smiled. After several minutes of effort, Qi walked back to the injured woman carrying the purse, leaving behind her a very full dumpster it's lid shut and locked with parts from the disassembled gun. She smiled as she tended to the hurt woman and waited for the police.
  9. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    "Or a hole," Bastion said with smirk. "We should probably meet up with the others, we kind of ditched a few people..." He looked to his left, and right noticing and taking a head count of those around him. Finally he settled on Princess... "Uh, who's she?"
  10. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    "Indeed. And had we taken our more affluent compatriot's dining suggestion, we would not have been here to stop these thieves. Fate seems to have a plan for us." Na'Atem said with a nod. "I think we may have found our watering hole, even if it is not actually a hut." she added.
  11. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    Left at the Pizza hut, Rick decided it was best to simply act normal. The others had rushed off and with any luck the people here wouldn't really wonder or even remember it. Of course he didn't expect them to get away with taking the thugs down, which is definitely what he expected of his new classmates' intentions, but if he could help mitigate things, well so much the better.
  12. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    All three Rileys breathed sighs of relief. It was fun to get caught up in the moment and the fact that you could actually help instead of just being an innocent bystander (re: target practice for bad guys), but Riley knew first hand just how badly things could go, too. To Curtis she said, "The others have wrapped things up. No one seems hurt, except maybe some of the Wildcards, and the police are taking over now." Among the others, the two Rileys were circulating to make sure everyone was okay and no one had gotten lost. She tapped Bastion on the shoulder after a quick headcount and said with a frown, "Um, any idea where Rick, Cosima, and Qi are? They're not here and they're not with me and Curtis back at the campus."
  13. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    Keiko punched the air and offered Bastion, and then everyone else up there with her, a high five. "Yeah! That was amazing! That thing you did with the...punchy...and then the BSHOW...and Sailor Princess grabbed that one guy..." Reduced to sputtering incoherence with excitement, she made a little image recreating some highlights of the fight in the air in front of her. "That was seriously the best," she finally managed. "We have to go out for pizza more often."
  14. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    [Everyone Doing the Punchy, Punchy, Kicky, Spelly, Porty...] In seconds the Wild Cards were done. With their rides demolished they were little threat on foot. A few tried to run, one was even hit by a patrol car as it sped onto the scene. The police scattered off after the ones trying to escape and a few scurried to collect the diamond bags that had skidded to the pavement. The public began rushing the police who weren't occupied, retelling the events they witnessed. From on high a building a block away the heroes looked on at their handy work. They watched as the diamond sacks were collected, the Wild Cards rounded up and even made sure there were indeed, eight of them. One almost got away but Keiko and Princess tag teamed him with a few blinding lights and a well placed teleportation and sent him staggering back into where the police were searching, in fact, he blindingly bumped into the very police car they put him in after they cuffed him. Bastion was pulling his shirt back over his head as Cosima looked on with a small sigh of regret. "We did good. Thanks for backing me up." [Qi] The scream echoed through the city alleyways. Qi was honestly more appalled that no one came to assist than she was with the act being conducted. It was almost cliche', but still it didn't justify the act being perpetrated. A woman in her 30s, dressed like she was out enjoying lunch before heading back to the office, struggled to keep her purse as a man tried furiously fought to wrench it away from her. Qi swiftly and silently approached until she saw the man had a gun, she sped up but was still too far away to intercede yet. It escalated things a bit, but she could dodge bullets, the woman however, could not (she didn't think, anyway). He raised the gun and smashed the woman on the skull once, then twice. Blood flowed as she collapsed, letting go of her bag in the process. He looked around, a scared look in his eyes. He noticed Qi now, and once he did he took off out into the streets... the chase was on. [Rick] The Pizza Hutt was eerily quiet... "Guys?" Rick looked around as the police took statements. "Guys?"
  15. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    "Try a force-projection gauntlet." Curtis told her, with a bit of pride at how easily that construction had gone. "But it's in my luggage. It was a hobby project, and I wasn't planning on super-heroics. Or just needing it and the electromagnetic field belt. ...Perhaps if I add hyperspace containment units and set up a linked device to allow me to store and summon them remotely..."
  16. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    Na'Atem smiled and could not help but actually laugh a little and Keiko's excitement. She was, well, not used to flying, but it was not an entirely new experience either, but she found Keiko's joy infectious. After dropping her she marveled at the illusionary display. She understood the power of misdirection and using one's own mind and assumptions against them. Na'Atem looked at the motorcycle in the lead. He had the nerve to ride through the wall of flame and was leading the rest, So odds were that he was the leader or at least had what was stolen. She landed in the middle of the street and dropped her invisibility, her body fading into view except for her face from the nose up, which she made fade to invisibility, making it seem as if her hood projected some sorts of preternatural shadow on her face. She gestured with her hands, weaving threads into another spell matrix. The spellstone glowed and shimmered as the spell took form, emitting rays of light as bands of æther swirled around it. "Ƹƪȡяiדּƈħ ճяɐչᵱ"she said in an unknown tongue as she closed her fist as if yanking on a horse's reins. As she yanked back, rings of light formed around the wrists and ankles of the lead rider, they did not touch him as they were many times wider, but seemed to restrain him just the same, yanking him from his bike, letting the motorcycle ride forward a distance before falling to its side and sliding along the street. The rider hung there, helpless and held in place and by the floating bands or arcane energy as Na'Atem walked toward him. "You and your band of thieves have stolen your last. Call them off. There need not be any further harm." she told him, assuming him to be the leader or at least influential.
  17. The Character Folder

    Name: Tatiana “Tat” Antonovna Balankova Hero Name: Not named yet Marital Status: Single Date of Birth: September 1st, 2000 Relatives: Anton Belankov (Father), Lenore Westland-Balankov (Mother) Current Occupation: Student, Recording Artist Physical Traits Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian (Father's side (Russian : Siberian Tatar and Khakas descent), Mothers side ( British, French, German, and Spanish) Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16 Height: 5'6" Weight: 128lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown (she dyes a middle streak gold) Handedness: Right Background/Introduction Tatiana is a mutant with the ability to emit powerful sonic waves. With intense focus she can accomplish a lot of different things with her sonic power, from destructive blasts to digging through walls or the ground, she can even fly. Before her powers awakened tat wanted to be a singer. She still does and hopes that her powers don't get in the way of her dream of becoming a Metal Goddess. Her father is a retired Russian gangster who came to the US to escape that type of life. Here he is a successful businessman but he knows that he left enemies behind in Russia so he made sure his little girl could defend herself. At a very early stage Tat was given lessons in martial arts and while she did this because it was what her father wanted what she really wanted was to sing. Tatiana is a spoiled brat used to getting her own way. And while she can often get what she wants because of her father she has pushed him to far and seen the old Anton a couple of time. In some ways she is afraid of her father. SHEET BACKSTORY (NOT KNOWN BUT NOT REALLY SECRET EITHER)
  18. The Good Guys

    Teres "Syèl" DeClouet, Aeromancer - 16 years old. Teres is very polite with people, almost too polite. She is a very direct person and speaks matter-of-factually about the things he knows and rarely, if ever, about the things she doesn't. As a result she sometimes may seem ill-mannered and brusque. She has a very difficult time opening up to people. She is very sarcastic when it comes to her brother, Tomas and will often take time to toss witty insults his way. She speaks in a very thick Creole accent. Coming from New Orleans, Teres is a devout believer in Voodoo. Although nobody but her brother knows, she studies rituals and spells in hope of possibly finding an alternative way to focus her powers...
  19. The Good Guys

    The Heroes of Emerald City (Disclaimer: The artwork presented here is not mine, if you know the artists, please tell them thanks. They did a great job.)
  20. The Offical OOC Thread

    I've added Marcus Steele to the Faculty list.
  21. The Character Folder

    Son of two powerful heroes, Great things were always expected from Richard Reynes. His Father was famed paragon of justice Miles "Flying Fortress" Reynes, and his mother the dynamic speedster and martial artist Jeanne "Stryker" Coudeaux. With his Father dying within a month of his birth, Richard never knew him, and he's been raised by his mother. As with many children of heroes, Richard gained powers from both parents, His father's incredible natural durability, and flight, his mother's speed, unfortunately, to achieve the limits of his power, he has to make a choice to be strong, or fast, he can't manage to balance the two sides of his power. [Rick's parentage and the nature of his powers aren't public, In public, his mother has him call her his aunt] attributes strength 4 Agility 4 Fighting 5 Dexterity 4 Awareness 1 Stamina 8 Intellect 0 Presence 1 Powers Immunity 10 life support "All For One" Speed 12 wallcrawling 2 waterwalking 1 Damage 1 multiattack area ( 8000 mph) alternate power 1 Flight 9 (1000 mph) alternate power 2 enhanced strength 4 powerlifting 6 leaping 4 Supersenses 1 Infrared vision Skills Atheletics 4 Expertise 4 Academics Perception 3 Insight 3 Ranged combat (throwing) 4 persuasion 3 Close Combat 3(unarmed) advantages Move by action eidetic memory Fearless Benefit- Ambidexterity Judo improved grab, fast grab, Improved hold, improved trip Saves Fortitude 8 Toughness 8 Parry 8 Dodge 8 Will 8 Initiative 24 (4) Richard Reynes is a young man burdened with the great expectations of others. Entering his first year at the school, he comes in not as a normal student, but one with two famous parents. His Father was Flying Fortress, one of the better known East Coast Paragon class heroes. His mother is the Blindingly fast Female Martial Artist Stryker. After his father was killed while Richard was an infant, his mother largely retired from the public eye to see to it that her son was better prepared for being a hero, though he did still go to school as a regular student, his powers not manifesting until He was thirteen. Even up to that point, his Mother constantly trained him. He did possess his father's natural endurance and resiliency, which is largely what let him endure the life he lead, as his mother wasn't particularly gentle. Still, she definitely meant well. Appearance- Richard is A tall, if somewhat thin young man with bright blue eyes and a great body, thanks in part to good genes and rigorous training. Personality- Despite growing up with his mother's training, her constant pushing to be better, to be more, Richard isn't so Hardcore into it that he doesn't enjoy other things. He's quick to smile and generally a nice guy. He doesn't back down when a situation gets tough, but he's not some stupid lunk who'll rush headlong into a situation he can't win. He enjoys being part of a team, and while most would expect a Paragon to practically demand to be the center of attention, He does his best work alongside others. Powers- In his natural state, Richard, or Rick as he likes to be called, possesses superhuman toughness and superhuman speed, a fair blend of his parent's superhuman abilities. However, He did manifest another powerful ability, which allows him access to powers most paragons have naturally. Sacrificing his phenomenal speed, He can exponentially increase his physical strength, Or conversely convert his enhanced motor skills into effortless supersonic flight. The fact that he cannot balance the powers has lead to him calling the power "All for One." The changes were rather jarring at first, but with time, he's learned to make the switch in "modes" effortlessly. Secretly, he rather likes the power like that. It might seem weaker than others, but it makes him unique, and has taught him to be more judicious with his abilities. His other large ability seems to be his invulnerability to environmental changes, and his heat vision. While not some crazy laser death gaze, it is nice to be able to see in a spectrum aside visible light. After an encounter with another teenager with powers, it was discovered that he is also immune to any sort of fear inspiring effects, as the other teenager who now goes by the name Nightmare learned with great surprise. Due to years of training by his martial artist mother, Richard himself is very accomplished at hand to hand combat, whether using his strength, or his incredible natural speed to overwhelm foes not prepared to face someone who can change their mode of attack as needed. He's also a fair marksman with throwing weapons, thanks in part to his mother's training, and when talking about improvised projectiles, his general love of baseball.
  22. The Offical OOC Thread

    I have added the campus write up as well as the faculty. I've included the character sheets for the faculty in case you would like to use them for your own games at home. Of course this comes with the GM caveat disclaimer that says just because a character sheet is posted, I don't have to do what it says. I have tons of NPCs on my hard drive and honestly they aren't doing me any good just sitting there so I thought for once I'd include some material for everyone to use.
  23. S1:E1 - Welcome to Hero High!

    Mutants and Masterminds: Hero Academy! Season 1, Episode 1 "Welcome to Hero High" Freedom City! *mumble, mumble* Huh? Th-that was second edition? *mumble, mumble* Oh, they are on the other coast now? They just moved the setting to the other coast? Fine, whatever, why is it called Emerald City? *mumble, mumble* Because I'm a method narrator, I need to immerse myself into the narration! You know what... fine, I'll just... I'll just wing it! Ehem... Emerald City! Shining jewel of the West Coast! It is here that we find another school year beginning for the young women and men of Central California! As lunches are packed, outfits are changed numerous times, and buses are missed the latest class of Claremont Academy's exclusive student roster have arrived for what guarantees to be an interesting year... The campus was closed to the media. Every year around this time, it was a circus of reporters and tabloid magazines trying to snap a few clicks of Claremont Academy's newer student roster. Dr. Lucian Hunt, who over saw the day-to-day of Claremont ensured the public that, unlike it's Freedom City counterpart, did not train young teens to be super heroes. The goal of Claremont Emerald City was to focus exclusively on higher education. Was he lying? No, of course not. There was not plane hidden under the basket ball courts or secret base under the school, they school was dedicated to educating teens to face the trials ahead of them in life. As far as a class went, it was pretty small. Only few handfuls of students were attending the Academy this year, although it was common for that number to flux upward or downward as the year went on. Unlike Freedom Claremont, Emerald Claremont was super exclusive and not even the faculty seemed to know why... The new-year students arrived in the visitor parking lot, being dropped off by parents, guardians, or driving themselves and already the atmosphere of Claremont overwhelmed them. The main double gates seem to engulf them underneath the portico-style gate tower. On the wall next to the entrance is a plaque that reads: “The Claremont Academy for the Gifted, Scientia Potentia Est”. ["Knowledge is power.", all students, even new ones, know the schools motto.] From the parking lots they moved under the massive gate tower and walked into the huge Main Quad, an open air courtyard surrounded on all sides by school buildings. A circle of grass is stamped in the middle of the yard; at its center, like a spoke in a wheel, is a statue of a proud-looking Dr. Charles Claremont. All around the Quad are benches for sittinf and a few trees that seem to be perfect reading spots. Currently, there was a podium set up in front of the statue where all the faculty seemed to be gathering as well as students who appeared to have done this once or twice or before and knew how it worked. 'When in doubt, blend in' seemed the motto of the day. The sky was blue and the weather warm, perfect for an outdoor orientation. The atmosphere was the typical 'high school dread' feeling, of being surrounded by strangers, on all sides except in this place everyone seemed fit, attractive, rich, smart, or on a few occasions... all of the above. There were exceptions and no one was by any means 'perfect', in fact everyone just seemed rather on the higher end scale of normal aside from the alarmingly few of them there were. Students talked amongst themselves and the volume rose, as was common among teenagers. They all swapped summer stories and tales of their trips abroad, group selfies were taken to extremes, hugs were lavished on missed besties and the loners looked upon all of it with disgust, because, after all, life is sooooo hollow. There in the quad, among strangers and friends the new class of Claremont Academy waited for orientation to begin...
  24. The Character Folder

    Cosima Vandersteen - PL 8 Name: Her Highness Princess Cosima Helena Vandersteen of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat Hero Name: Princess Marital Status: Single Date of Birth: March 1st, 2000 Relatives: 2 Older Brothers (Lucas, Valdemar), 3 Older Sisters (Alexis, Freja, Vida) Current Occupation: Student, Princess, Reality TV Star and Social Media Diva Physical Traits Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian (Dutch, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek descent) Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17 Height: 5'5" Weight: 118 lbs Eyes: Violet Hair: Rose-Gold Handedness: Left Background/Introduction Abilities Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 5 Advantages Attractive 2, Benefit - Status (Royalty - Princess of Denmark), Benefit - Wealth 3 (Millionaire), Connected, Cool: Persuasion, Defensive Roll 6, Well-informed -Psychokinetic Assault Only: Accurate Attack, Improved Critical 4, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment) -Psychokinetic Deflection Only: Weapon Bind, Weapon Break -Psychokinesis Only: Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Hold Skills Deception 5 (+10), Expertise (AWE): Popular Culture 1 (+3), Expertise (AWE): Social Media 6 (+8), Expertise (PRE): Dance 1 (+6), Expertise (PRE): Singing 1 (+6), Expertise (PRE): Style and Fashion 3 (+8), Persuasion 5 (+10), Ranged Combat: Viridian Psionics 8 (+8) Powers Cunning Linguist: Comprehend 3 (psionic, talent, Languages - Read All, Languages - Speak All, Languages - Understand All; Quirk: Takes at least a scene to pick up a new language) [5pp] Total Insta-Babe Hawt and Glam!: Enhanced Trait 1 (bestowed, magical, Advantages: Attractive; Permanent) [1pp] Nah! I Woke Up Like This! Honest!: Feature 1 (bestowed, magical, Notes: Always has perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect make-up, the light hits her just right. Every pic she takes looks professional done. Special Effect: +2 favorable circumstance bonus in appropriate situations.) [1pp] Please! I'm Much Prettier Than She Is!: Feature 1 (bestowed, magical, Notes: No one can tell that Cosima and Princess are the same person, nor which is more attractive) [1pp] Viridian Defenses: Enhanced Trait 20 (accidental, psionic, Dodge +6 (+8), Parry +8 (+8), Advantages: Defensive Roll 6; Permanent, Notes: Instinctive, minor uses of Psychokinesis and Psychoportation to deflect or avoid various attacks that she is aware of.) [20pp] Viridian Glamour: Feature 1 (accidental, psionic, Notes: Though her Viridian Powers are Subtle in nature, she can have them produce a visible effect at will, which makes her eyes and the subject of her powers emit an aura in shades of purple and pink. She usually does so when acting in her Princess Identity or when she wants people do know what she is doing and in so doing receive their accolades.) [1pp] Viridian Metabolism: Feature 1 (accidental, biological, Notes: Despite any inactivity or diet, maintains ideal body proportions and muscle tone. Can eat anything and how much she likes without gaining a pound, or at least with the fat going to the right places.) [1pp] Viridian Psionics Array (Notes: Psychokinesis and Psychoportation Powers only; Detectable by Psionic Awareness/Detection) -Psychapportation: Teleport Attack 7 (accidental, psionic, 0.5 miles in a move action, carrying 400 lbs., DC 17; Accurate, Attack: Will, Increased Mass 3, Increased Range 2: perception, Insidious, Precise, Subtle 1, Notes: Resisted by those with Viridian Crystals or gained their powers from them) [41pp] -Psychokinesis: Move Object 8 (accidental, psionic, 25 tons, DC 23, Advantages: Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Hold; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Damaging, Increased Mass 2, Increased Range: perception, Precise, Subtle 1) [1pp - AE] -Psychokinetic Assault: Damage 8 (accidental, psionic, DC 23, Advantages: Accurate Attack, Improved Critical 4, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment); Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Extended Range, Increased Range: ranged, Indirect 4: any point, any direction, Multiattack, Precise, Subtle 1, Variable Descriptor: close group - Ballistic/Bludgeoning/Cutting/Piercing/Slashing) [1pp - AE] -Psychokinetic Deflection: Deflect 8 (accidental, psionic, Advantages: Weapon Bind, Weapon Break; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Increased Range: perception, Precise, Redirection, Reflect, Subtle 1) [1pp - AE] -Psychoportative Leap: Teleport 11 (accidental, psionic, Carry 400 lbs.; Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Extended: 2000 miles in 2 move actions, Increased Mass 3, Insidious, Precise, Subtle 1; Limited to Extended) [1pp - AE] -Psychoportative Step: Teleport 11 (accidental, psionic, 8 miles in a move action, carrying 400 lbs.; Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Increased Mass 3, Insidious, Precise, Subtle 1) [1pp - AE] Notes: Using Insidious to portray that Psychoportative Leap/Step and Psychapportation itself is not unnoticed, but rather that those around the teleportee don't notice her disappearance or arrival, or at least that they suddenly came out of and disappeared into thin air. Equipment Princess Phone (Camera, Cell Phone (Smartphone), Flashlight, Video Camera, World Wide Service) Offense Initiative +2 Grab, +0 (DC Spec 10) Psychapportation: Teleport Attack 7, +8 (DC Will 17) [Perception Range] Psychokinesis: Move Object 8, +8 (DC 23) [Perception Range] Psychokinetic Assault: Damage 8, +8 (DC 23) [Perception Range] Throw, +0 (DC 15) Unarmed, +0 (DC 15) Complications Fame: Appearing in several reality shows and splashed all over social media, Cosima is easily recognized and well known almost everywhere she goes. And while she takes time for the media, her fans and admirers, sometimes it can cause problems Identity: Despite her own desire to let everyone know of her psionic powers, Cosima abides by the dictates of her wealthy and influential family and Claremont Academy by keeping her antics as Princess separated from her public and salacious identity as Cosima Vandersteen. Most of the time. Motivation - Recognition: Princess is an unrepentant attention whore and engages in heroics mainly to raise her visibility and Q-rating. Especially for when she makes the big reveal that Cosima Vandersteen and Princess are one and the same. Let's see the Kardashians top that! Not As Bad As She Seems: Though self-involved and vain, Cosima believes just because she has an awesome life doesn't mean others can't have one too. She just doesn't want others to find out she helps others out on an individual basis - too many celebrities already tout their charity work. Spoiled Princess: Cosima grew up in excessive privilege, wanting for little, and sometimes she doesn't understand how 'common people' live. Viridian Nature: Due to the circumstances of gaining her powers, Princess can occasionally have adverse or unpredictable effects on those affected by Viridian exposure. Languages English, Danish, Dutch, Many Others Defense Dodge 8/2, Parry 8/0, Fortitude 2, Toughness 8/2, Will 2 Power Points (Power Level 8) Abilities 22 + Powers 76 + Advantages 8 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Defenses 0 = 121
  25. The Character Folder

    Atumn "Mulan" Evermore / Spellstone Name: Atumn "Mulan" Evermore / Spellstone Real Name: Na'Atem Marital Status: Single Date of Birth: Unknown Current Occupation: Student, Sorceress ~ Physical Traits ~ Gender: Female Ethnicity: Asian (Mu) Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 12,000+ (her best estimate) Height: 1.65 m / 5'5" Weight: 60 kg / 132 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown/Black Handedness: Right 'Known' Background Atumn "Mulan" Evermore was adopted adopted by the Evermores in Emerald City after some sort of accident left her without family. She picked up English quickly and with the aid of her adoptive sister, she began learning the ways of western civilization, though she is occasionally something of a fish out of water. Being an intelligent girl, she learned and adapted quickly. At some point in her teens she discovered that a family heirloom, the Spellstone, one of the few things she still had from her birth family, called to her, and through it she could call on powerful magics. Her dabbling caught the attention of Dragoneye, who after finding Autumn and meeting with her and her parents, explained that she may be a descendant of the people from the lost continent of Mu, and suggested she attend the Academy where she might learn to master the Spellstone. It was not long after hearing of her possible heritage that her adoptive sister became teasing her from time to time, calling her "Mulan" because of it and her clearly Asian appearance. In time, she more or less accepted the nickname, There were certainly worse things to be called. Whereas when it came to being a hero, she adopted the name of Spellstone for herself, using the power of the ancient artifact for good. Secret Background (Only known IC by a handful of individuals, such as Dragoneye.) Sheet
  26. The Character Folder

    Keiko "Kitsune" Ichimura PL 8 (120) Abilities: 32pp STR 0 (0pp) STA 2 (4pp) DEX 3 (6pp) AGI 4 (8pp) FGT 0 (0pp) INT 2 (4pp) AWE 3 (6pp) PRE 2 (4pp) Offense: Initiative: +4 (4 agi) Melee Attack: +0 (0 fgt) Ranged Attack: +3 (3 dex) Specific Attacks: - Photokinetic Laser: +8, DC22 (multifire), 250' rng (indirect 4) Defense: (12 pp) Dodge: +8 (4 base + 4 agi) Parry: +0 Toughness: +2 (2 sta) (+8 when using TK shield) Fort +6 (4 base + 2 sta) Will +7 (4 base + 3 awe) Skills: (24 ranks) 12pp Acrobatics +5 (1 ranks + 4 agi) Deception +8 (6 ranks + 2 Pre) Insight +5 (2 rank + 3 Awe) Perception +7 (4 ranks + 3 awe) Sleight of Hand +7 (4 ranks + 3 dex) Stealth +8 (4 ranks + 4 agi) Technology +5 (3 rank + 2 int) Advantages: 2 pp Languages (Japanese) 1 Ranged combat 1 POWERS 62 Appearance Array 12pp (11pp pool + 1pp alternate power) Morph 2 (humanoids of roughly the same size and gender, can become Attractive as part of morph, Illusion), 11pp - PF: Invisibility (Concealment +4: All Vision, PF Precise) Super Senses (Radius (Sight) 1, Low Light Vision 1, Infrared vision 1) +3 3pp Photokinesis Array 33pp (28pp pool + 5pp alternate power costs) Illusion 6 (Normal Vision + Hearing, Independent, Dynamic; 4pp/rnk + 1 alt power) 25pp - Environment 1 (Light: Bright, Selective; 3pp/rank); 3pp PF: Damage +7 (Ranged, Multiattack, PF Accurate 2, PF Precise 1, Indirect 4, Dynamic) 3pp/rnk + 7 power feats PF: Affliction (Dazzle) +7 (Ranged, Burst Area, Selective Attack) 4pp/rnk * Affliction inflicts Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Vision Unaware PF: Affliction +7 (Perception range, targets Will, Concentration duration, Extra Condition, Limited Degree) 4pp/rnk Affliction inflicts Vulnerable/Perception Impaired with first degree success or Defenseless/Perception Disabled with two degrees Telekinetic Array 14pp (11pp pool + 3 alternate powers) Leap +3, Speed +2, Super Movement: Wallcrawling +2, Safe Fall +1, 11pp PF: Telekinesis (Perception, PF Subtle, PF Precise; 3pp/rnk + 2 power feats) +3, 1pp PF: Enhanced Str (sustained, subtle 1; 2pp/rnk + 1 power feat) +5, 1pp PF: Protection (Sustained, Subtle 1) +6; Linked to Enhanced Trait: Parry +5 (1pp/rnk each), 1pp Complications: Power Loss: Psionic inhibition effects - Keiko's control over light and telekinesis are psionic abilities, and can be interfered with in several ways. Physically Blind - Has congenital condition rendering eyes useless; is completely blind if powers aren't working. Center of Attention - Likes to feel important, to be noticed; tends to showboat. Motivation: Fame and Fortune - Wants to be a celebrity, known to all, and to have whatever she wants without having to answer to anyone. COST: 32 Abilities + 12 Skills + 2 Advantages + 62 Powers + 12 Defenses = 120/120
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    Could you perhaps reprint the character generation rules in here? I was planning to submit a character for this, but got sidetracked and now I remember nothing. Better idea. Just...pretend I didn't say anything. I found the recruiting thread.
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