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In Mutants and Masterminds: Hero Academy, the player characters take on the roles of teen aged super heroes trying to balance their lives between homework, social obligations, secret identities and, of course, who to ask to the next school dance all while trying to stay off the radar of the faculty at Claremont Academy.

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  2. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "Wow, is he always like that?" Sebastian thumbed towards The Rook who was now looking over 'his city' from the massive floor to ceiling windows. "You have no idea," Vortex smirked. "How you holdin' up big guy? You looked like you took a nasty hit back there. Or several." "I'm fine," the teenage tank replied. "Feels like I just ran a million mile marathon is all, and my head is aching a bit. I think I over did it, is all. Thanks though."
  3. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "I don't imagine the Dean will be too worried, but sure call so he can order us to come home right away." Rick said almost teasingly. Rick was impressed, having never been somewhere like this. At most his mother kept a dojo to do his training and hers. He smiled and busied himself with looking around, still somewhat inwardly shaken at his inability to do anything of relevance in the previous battle.
  4. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "Kid's got the right of it," Rocky said in response to Qi. "Villains escape all the time kid, but eventually, we get em'. At this stage we're gonna do an investigation. Learn what we can about those that jumped us, The Rook's cowl records almost every battle we're in, so we get to replay the data to learn faces, names, all that jazz. It's a process, a long one, but it's still shorter than tryin' to turn over every rock in the city looking for them." "As for the Dean and checkin' in?" They found his urban, Jersey accent so cliche'. "Not a problem, darlin'. C'mon over here, I'll get you an outside line." "They'll make a mistake," The Rook said matter-of-factly. The eyes on his cowl narrowed. They had to wonder how they did that. How did the eyes on their masks always seem to work like actual eyes?!? Super Heroes were so cool. "They always do."
  5. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    At the back of the group Tats stood arms crossed a slight smile of satisfaction on her lips, when Connie spoke she shook her head and rolled her eyes.
  6. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Qi looked on as fascinated as the rest but also confused. They had just battled and group of villains, who managed to escape, and now they were getting a tour of the Sentinels headquarters. No one seemed to be worried about the evil villains, at all. "Excuse me," She said in a mild voice, "but shouldn't we be looking for those who escaped? And the Dean will be worried about us as well shouldn't we call to let him know we are alright?"
  7. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "It's all very complicated," The Rook replied in a monotone. "What he means is we throw all the parties on the lower floors," Vortex offered. "This our secret lair, totally not on the blueprints." "Vortex..." The Rook glared at him. "They're kids, and it's not like half the city doesn't know we sport a secret hide out in this place. Relax, dude." Vortex walks over to one of the consoles by where Kitsune was wandering. "Here, this one here monitors all the police bands. This one tracks local traffic and weather patterns, and all of them can be transferred to holographic displays," he touched one of the screens and swiped his finger upward, off the screen. On his finger tip was a hovering holographic sphere, of all the information on the monitor, only condensed. With a whip of wrist the orb flung from the tip of his finger to just beyond the consoles and expanded in an explosion of holographic imagery, allowing them to see all the traffic information in the city on a massive ten foot by ten foot 'screen' that hovered in the air. He smiled while The Rook looked like he was goign to throttle him in frustration. "Pretty badass, amiright?"
  8. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "Ahh!" Kitsune immediately geeked out. "This is all so...so..." She gave Princess an annoyed look as the pink-haired hero copped 'amazing' first, but didn't let that stop her for long. "COOL!" She went to the nearest bank of monitors and controls and leaned alarmingly close without actually quite touching anything...then darted to another array of instruments. The view barely ticked her meter in the face of all this high-tech crimefighting gear! "Lay off, Princess!" she protested. "They're SUPERHEROES, not glamour boys! They are a PUBLIC SERVICE!" She split off an image of herself and had it go stand in front of Rook, as she continued to flit from awesome thing to awesome thing. The image gave Rook the puppy-dog eyes through its mask and asked, "How does it all work?"
  9. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Princess glossed over the computers and monitors and 'cool' stuff, uninterested, as she undulated around the room. There wasn't a dance floor, a wet-bar, a stripper pole, or even a big shiny button for 'club mode'. Maybe something there could be used to take an epic selfie and blast it all over the internet. But the view, the view was to die for. Okay, maybe only to kill for. "The view is ahhhh-mazing!" Princess squealed, a hand planted on a cocked hip as she looked out the windows. "Keeping the city safe must start with keeping an eye on it, and you can see it all from here. Sonnenspiegel castle has a tremendous view of the bay, but nothing like this!" There was the faintest flicker of gold and pink light as she stepped in front of the north facing window and smiled as she pointed towards the east side of Council Island. "Look, you can see the castle from here." She glanced over her slim shoulder with a teasing grin and waggled a finger. "I hope none of you have supersight, because you might have seen things you shouldn't have. I don't suppose you guys ever have social events or charity functions up here, hmm? The view alone would open pockets - for any number of worthy causes - let alone schmoozing with the Sentinels in their command center. Get a good caterer - I know the best people, one, two calls, tops..."
  10. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "We'll be fine," replied The Rook. "A few scrapes and bruises, but we've all had worse." Vortex laughed at Kitsune's questions. "Nah, well, I mean yeah... but I know how to dodge all that stuff. Speaking of, we are probably going to need get statements from you guys back at the tower." Suddenly streaks of blue-green flame announced the approach of Aquamarine. A mechanically modulated feminine voice came from the helmet of the flying battle armor. "Sorry I'm late. Apparently there was a party?" It looked like Vortex had a witty response prepared, but she cut him. "Brief me later. I'm gonna go deal with the authorities, you guys go get cleaned up." A shimmering iris of light coalesced in front of them and spiraled lazily in the air, open by Vortex. "Shall we?" He said ushering the heroes through the... vortex. They stepped through into a large command room of some sort. Like a penthouse suite overlooking all the city but instead of furniture or living space it was all computers and monitors and... well, cool stuff. Almost immediately the security system went ballistic. "Intruder detected. Command and Control, dispatching intrusion counter measures. Lethal force not authorized." "Override, Rook. Zero, zero, one." The Rook said calmly stepping through behind them. Welcome to Emerald Tower," he said, waving his hand slowly over all there was to see. "We keep the city safe, or, at least as safe as we can, and it all starts here."
  11. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "Yeah!" agreed Kitsune. Her fox-faced illusory self dissolved into smoke which flowed into her hand and vanished. "Also...should we go back with you to the Sentinel...cave or something? Is there a lot of paperwork? I mean, I figure there must be references and background checks and some kind of waiver, but...hey, do you guys get paid for this?"
  12. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Na'Atem placed her fist into her opened palm and returned to the bow to Dragoneye and then to The Rook and the others. "You flatter me." she said with a small smile and another bow to Dragoneye and then The Rook. "I only hope that I lived up to your expectations." "We regret being unable to detain our foes. It seems some of my enchantments are in need of further refinement. The battle is won for now, though, and you are all safe. It was our honor to be able to aid the Sentinels this day, and we stand ready to assist at any time." she offered. "Are you all healthy? Do you need a healer?" she asked as she looked from one Sentinel to another.
  13. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Princess nodded in agreement, as if villainous doctors - or doctorous villains - wanting to experiment on you for purely academic reasons was completely... reasonable. To be fair, after being involved in an experimental gem-cutting accident, the Company - rather, a subsidiary - had studied her for a time - with no big revelation she had ever heard beyond Viridian and laser. So, yeah, there was that. "Well, for my part, I am most pleased that we could foil his dastardly plans," Princess replied in exaggerated aristocratic tones, though it was starting to become a trial to continue them. "I am Princess, this adorable lummox is Bastion." She patted Sebastian on the shoulder then nodded at the others. "And these are Qi, Kitsune, Spellstone, Tats, and, er... hmm," Princess hemmed and hawed for a moment before adding lamely, "Rick and Curtis." Then she brightened. "It's not everyday you meet the Sentinels, let alone save some of them from certain doom and colonoscopy. Would it be alright if I got a selfie with each of you?" Princess barely gave them an instant to answer (or reconsider) before she stepped next to each of them in a blink, holding out her phone with a psychokinetic selfie-stick for the perfect angle and shot. The Rook glowered behind her as she pointed at him where he couldn't see with a playful, teasing grin on her face. She perched herself on Rocky's massive, stone shoulder in a pin-up pose. She stood back-to-back with Dragoneye in a tableaux of heroic gravitas, her with an aura of pinks and purples, him with gold. Vortex got into it the most, making funny faces and poses into her phone's camera, the two of them playing off each other, enough that Cosima almost broke down into giggles. Princess stepped back to Bastion's side, smiling wide, her lavender eyes literally glowing as she tapped away on her phone. "Thanks guys, these will look great on my feeds. #SavingSentinels, #FullOfVimAndVortex."
  14. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "No," Said The Rook flatly, shifting into 'all business mode'. "They were here, for us. He lured us here and we were ambushed by his hired help. It was an amateur mistake, we should have seen it coming. We'd just been tracking his movements for so long, we got sloppy, thought we had him." "Taking you head on, why?" Curtis asked. "Doc Shock is known for his desire to know how things, and people work." The Rook, addressed the kids. "My best guess is that he wanted to experiment on us, but I'll need to analyze the data first."
  15. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "Yeah, they seemed pretty tough!" Kitsune agreed cheerfully. "On the other hand, it gave us a chance to meet each other and join forces so in that way it's a big LOSE for evil today!" She gave a thumbs up and hurriedly straightened her mask under the illusion where the fight had made it start to slowly slip off. She'd need to get better straps or something. Then something occurred to her. "So, uh...what where they doing here, anyway? Stealing stuff?"
  16. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "I think we'll manage," replied The Rook to Princess. Behind him the Sentinels were regaining their composure and one by one. Rocky thundered forward slowly, each of his steps was an earthquake. Dragoneye and Vortex followed closely behind him. "It is once again my honor, young sorceress," he smiled at Spellstone. He placed his fist in his open palm and bowed. "I see you have made friends. That is good." "Eh, not bad. You had the advantage of surprise and numbers, but I'll give it to ya, not bad at all." Rocky folded his arms and the sound of grinding stone on stone could be heard. There was a laugh as Vortex approached and leaned against the column of a man they called 'Rocky'. "Guy's that's Rock's way of saying 'thanks'. And seriously, we owe ya, that turned into a mess real fast." "We'll discuss all your tactical errors back at the tower, Vortex," the Rook's eyes narrowed in his cowl. "First, let's take a moment to greet our saviors. I am The Rook, this is Rocky, Vortex, and it appears at least one of you has already met Dragoneye." He smiled, extending his hand to whomever would accept it first. "She is the one I was telling you about," Dragoneye added in his soft, calm voice. "Ah," The Rook smiled and bowed his head. "Then you already come with a glowing recommendation," he looked at Dragoneye who maintained a soft yellowish aura about himself. "Uh, so to speak." It was a bit humbling, to say the least. Among the ten members of the Sentinels, here were four of them treating them as equals. These guys were legends in Emerald City, real, true to life super legends... and they were talking and treating the teens like they were super equals, partners in the business of cleaning up the city's streets. "Sorry they got away," Richard apologized. "We tried." "Ha!" Laughed Vortex again before wincing and rocking his jaw side to side, nursing what was going to be on hell of a bruise in the morning. "Get used to it. These guys are all slippery, you take the wins with the ties. Besides, ol' Doc Shock will be back eventually, we'll try again when he does. No sweat."
  17. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Sebastian stirred as Princess moved him. His eyes slowly opened and he groaned in pain. It was obvious he was going to feel a lot of the bruises that were starting to from in the morning. Which was saying something considering the kid was nearly indestructible. Curtis noted that apparently the only strong enough to hurt Sebastian, was Sebastian... or something that hit like Sebastian. "...and here I thought the whole angels in heaven thing was a fairy tale," he said with a grin when he focused on Princess. He winced and gripped his side as a painful reminder of where he was and what was going on slowly returned to his clouded mind. "Flatterer." She smiled at him, thankful that he was okay. "'Bastian, you have to stop pulling your punches. That guy could have killed you. You okay? Can you stand?" "Yeah," he grimaced and groaned and he slowly stood. "Yeah, I think so. You guys got him though right? Worked him over for me?" Once on his feet he looked around assessing the battlefield. "Ugh, don't tell me they got away... darn it."
  18. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Princess gave Sumnyr a mocking wave as he faded away with Anodyne under a patina of balefire, then straightened her shoulders and took a deep breathe of satisfaction. Other than a tightness in her back from when the Shadowman had assaulted her and a faint ringing in her ears due to Larrup's sonic boom, she was none the worse for wear. Most of her schoolmates appeared to still be in a fine fettle. Except for one. The stunning Heroine made a faintly worried moue as she stepped over to the fallen Sebastian and helped him to his feet, supporting him by getting under his shoulder. It was uncanny that the slim, curvaceous young woman could manage the tall, burly farmboy so easily, but smears of soft pastel light revealed that Princess was not using the strength of her arms to do so. "No thanks are necessary, Sir Rook," Princess replied with a regal nod, slightly spoiled by the evident relish she took with her hands on Sebastian. "This is our demesne as well and it was only meet that we dispatch these villains for assaulting it and such august defenders as your self." The sour Rook stared at Princess. Princess smiled back. The Rook continued stared. Princess sighed and shrugged under the pretense of moving her hand to better support Sebastian. "We're glad we could help knock the blocks off of Dr. Shock's minions," Princess said, dropping the exaggerated aristocratic tones for a gruff voice as she paraphrased Rocky Jones' catchphrase from 'Freakin' Out.' "Once I've seen to my friends, do you and the rest of the Sentinels need help to get to Emerald Toward?" she asked, gesturing towards the Riverfront. "I can get you all there in a few moments." She pouted and nodded towards the hulking, boulder-like form of Rocky, amending, "Well... all of you except for him. He's too big of a man for me."
  19. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Rick had been ready to go after them, but Taking care of the unconscious heroes was a more pressing matter. "Well, that went better than expected." He was annoyed at his own perceived inadequacies, and knew he still needed alot more training to really be ready for this sort of thing. His mood was souring, as he thought of how relatively useless he'd been.
  20. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    "Is she serious?" Anodyne asked, with a hint of sarcasm in her tone. "She is aware Revenant already clued us into her bag of tricks, right? I mean... fox lady, leaping and attacking mini animals, now a werewolf-thing? It's like she's stopped trying there's no consistency. You poor dear, I wish I could help you, but my powers only work on the physical body, not a damaged mind." She stepped backwards and Sumnyr rose to his feet, a bit wobbly. "The heroes of Emerald City are yours, I applaud your victory. This time." Her glare was fixed on Qi until Sumnyr placed his hand on her shoulder and they both shimmered and blinked out in a burst of balfefire fanfare. Kieko slid to a halt to inspect the Sentinels. They were banged up pretty bad, but none the worse for wear. If she had to guess it was that Revenant guy who did most of the heavy lifting, with his ability to become them and use their abilities against them. The search lights from the choppers overhead cast her shadow long and dark over the surface of the roof. When gravel crunched not far from her she tensed and took a defensive posture. The Rook staggered over from the far end of the battlefield towards his teammates. "Doc Shock got away, but he can wait until another day." He managed through clenched teeth as he gripped his side. "I suppose we owe all of you a thank you..."
  21. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    A monstrous werewolf-like humanoid figure lopes up next to Qi and snarls, "Don't listen to her!" in a crazed half-growl. "Make me hurt you further! Rrraaagh!" Its claws, already long and curved and black, suddenly grow even farther from its fingers and little psycho spirals appear in its eyes. "Gimme an excuse!" Meanwhile, away from where Anodyne was being braced by foes both real and otherwise, Kitsune went over to where the original superheroes had fallen. She didn't really know first aid or anything, but figured she could at least see who was breathing and who was bleeding and get help where it was needed most? Maybe?
  22. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Qi quickly moves to block Anodyn, taking a defensive stance as she does "It is over. There is no need to fight anymore. All of your friends are beaten, you, alone cannot hope to beat all of us. Surrender, please do not make me hurt you further." She pleads.
  23. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Shouldn't Anodyne be 'Hindered' and 'Vulnerable' too, according to the description?
  24. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Na'Atem took in the rooftop battlefield and swiftly focused her attention on Anodyne. If permitted, she could rejuvenate her fallen companions... at least those that remained, so she quickly became Na'Atem's focus. She gestured with her hands, weaving threads into another spell matrix, causing the spellstone to glow and shimmer as the spell took form, emitting rays of light as bands of æther swirled around it. "Ƹƪȡяiדּƈħ ճяɐչᵱ"she said in an unknown tongue as she closed her fist as if yanking on a horse's reins as rings of light formed in the air, attempting to encircle Anodyne's wrists and ankles. Anodyne quickly attempted to dodge the attack but the spell was cast too swiftly. The bonds of æther wrapped tightly around her and she evaded most of the effect, save that the bonds were wrapped around one of her legs and Na'Atem was pulling the strings. She tried to continue to move away, towards where Sumnyr had fallen, but now Na'Atam was hindering her progress.
  25. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    Things were not going well fro his team. Shade looked around and saw Larrup fall, Sumnyr fall, and now it was looking like a witch hunt on Anodyne. He knew when he was in over head. "Anodyne, no might be a good time to cut our losses..." He slapped Larrup a few times in her cheek and she snapped awake. "Boottotheface!" She flailed about and was back on her feet. Shade didn't have the heart to point out that she did, in fact, have a boot print across the whole front of her face. "Shade?" "We are leaving. Lest you want more time in juvenile detention?" He inquired. "Yeahno," Larrup began to vibrate at super-high speed and was already on her way out. "Annie,it'sbeenfun! Textmesometime,we'lhangout!" She was gone in a flash. "Well, played," He bowed to the Heroes. "Guess we'll pick this up another time." He fell backwards and into his own shadow like it was water and was gone.
  26. S1:E2 - "...And Heroes Will Rise."

    The laser blast slammed into Anodyne's back and she staggered forward several steps, wincing in pain. Through gritting teeth she propped herself up with her staff and stood tall. Her costume was marred where the beam had struck, and her burns were already knitting and fading away. It appeared to do nothing for her pain however. Her super healing seemed to force her to feel every bit of the injury both while was inflicted and as it healed. Wincing she walked backwards towards Sumnyr, hoping to put her back against the roof access to deal with the Fox Spirit's games. "Coward," she said flatly with no hint of malice in her voice. "We could have battled with honor, but it is obvious you are beyond these concepts, Spirit. Very well, you have made your choice." Revenant and Bastion were wrecking the roof. Between the ground stomps, digging in their feet to brace themselves and the body slams to the gravel, it wasn't going to be long before some part of the rooftop caved in. Despite wearing Sebastian's form, he had one advantage over him: Revenant was dead, he didn't feel muscle fatigue, he didn't grow tired, and he never required rest. Sebastian on the other hand was starting to show signs of weariness and shortness of breath. "That all you got, kid?" The Revenant asked, arms out wide as 'Bastian slumped over attempting to rest. "You're holding back, I'm hitting you with everything and you'e love tapping me? It's insulting! Fight me!" "I-," he collapsed to one knee. "I, don't want to hurt you... c'mon man... just give up or walk away... my body or not, I don't wanna hurt you." "I'm already dead, what're you gonna do to me?" The Revenant took three swift steps and cold cocked Sebastian so hard he arced backwards and slammed into the rooftop, sliding in the gravel for several feet and slowing down only when the burm of gravel was high enough that it braced him. With a single leap The Revenant was on him and with his zombie-like features Sebastian stared into his own rotting eyes. The glow was hellish and for a moment the icy grip of fear twisted it's way into Sebastian's heart. "All this power at your command and you squander it on what!?" His fist slammed into Sebastian's face, his head hit the gravel spraying it everywhere. "This world, these people!" He delivered a left, then a right. Sebastian's head jerked from side to side. "They care nothing for you! They are a virus, they will consume and destroy until there is nothing left and in the end you will be here... Hero of a dead world!" A hammer blow slammed down onto Sebastian's nose, the force of the impact sprayed more gravel all over the place. "You're nothing but a pussy, kid. Weak and worthless." He gripped the young hero by his collar and lifted him to meet his gaze. "This world is dead. It will be mine, one day." He heard the words and something in his mind switched on. The world could not belong to The Revenant one day because the world was to Sebastian's. He was the the ruler of Earth... Earth was his... The Revenant had no place in his kingdom. Within him he felt a slight change and everything faded away. The Revenant brought his fist down for one final blow to finish his battle with Sebastian and it connected... with Sebastian's palm. He'd caught the punch in mid swing, with his eyes closed, and he squeezed. Bones cracked and tendons snapped and all the while The Revenant howled out in pain. It was an otherworldly shriek that threatened to make the ears bleed. "I gave you a chance." He opened his eyes. They were no longer an innocent shade of country boy brown. They were more like a shimmering amber, like someone had flipped a light switch behind his eyes lighting up the brown and making it brighter. "Just remember that." He got to his feet, still gripping the undead man's hand. Whatever power Sebastian had called on, The Revenant didn't have the strength to break his grip. "People like you think you have all the answers..." He pulled Revenant towards him and punched downwards, the dead man collapsed into a heap on the floor. "So here's a question..." He was on The Revenant now, and began pummeling him at a velocity that Rick's super fast eyes had trouble keeping up with. "What's worse than death?" The Reveant was done and couldn't answer, he'd been defeated at the first hit to the ground, but Sebastian didn't quit, he pummeled and pummeled until he finally stood up over his victim (it was the only fitting word at this point). With one final blow and a shout of rage, Sebastian slammed his fist into The Revenant's chest and he went through the floor. Windows shattered from force of the blow as The Revenant's body hit every floor all the way to the first in an explosion of debris and shattered glass. "The answer, Dead Man, is me." "Pussy." He spat into the hole in the roof. With a twisted smirk on his face, Sebastian turned his attention to Shade. He took only a few steps before his eyes rolled back in his head, he fainted and he fell to the gravel. In the back of his mind as everything faded to black he heard the Revenant's words echoing in his mind... 'All this power at your command and you squander in on what? This world? These people?'
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