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Ravenhurst is a game of teenagers coming into their powers as Sorcerers and navigating the often perilous halls of High School.

Ravenhurst is a magical academy in the United States ( 1 of 2) where all kids (age 13 – 18) who display the ability to “Make Magic” go to learn the art of spellcraft. To the outside normal world it is a prestigious and elite boarding school located in central Vermont.

Players take on the roles of young students between the ages of 13 and 17 who have recently discovered that they are Sorcerers and have been whisked away to Ravenhurst to receive training in the sorcerous arts.

Sorcerers is an original setting which borrows inspiration and in some cases tone heavily from books and tv and movies such as the Harry Potter Series, The Magicians, The Craft, The Circle, The Covenant, everything on the CW network and other Urban Fantasy and Modern Witchcraft stories. As well the Game system is a kludge (most notably White Wolf's Dice Pool system) of several different systems with some original content. The emphasis will be on story telling and the game mechanics have been designed with RP in mind.


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  1. Yesterday

    Cheshire watched Grey boss the squirrels around and Blue take up a flanked sentry position. It was weird, but then so was wandering around with a rat and an ocelot, so go figure. Eventually, restlessness and curiosity got the better of her and she quickly dressed and made her way outside. She leaned against the railing near where Blue was, content to continue watching at least for now.
  3. Last week

    "Yeah," Warren replied, his deep tone took on that alert street though timbre the ladies had only heard a couple times in the last several weeks. "Why is it a surprise? People shop in markets, this is a market, small town nowhere Vermont. Seems pretty legit to me... unless you and your family don't go shopping in a market for food, in which case yeah, I'd have to consider that surprising." Sure he could have made a big deal out of it all, but if the kid was seeing through the magic he didn't believe in anyway, that just helped to prove him right. For now though, he decided already he didn't like Jace because the kid would rather stand there stuttering and muttering like an idiot instead of getting to the point. While everyone was distracted though he slipped his chocolate milk into the basket in an attempt to trick Safyre to pay for it.

    "Remember you? Well we do have three classes together and face it, your kinda hard not to notice" The boy blushes when he says that last bit. As fate moves at that precise instant Kaitlin comes out of the aisle next to the one Jace is on and less than a second later Warren come upon the scene as well. Jace has a very surprised and embarrassed look now, "Wow, this is a surprise. Hi...Kat? And Warren, right?" At the lake house... Blue and Gray were missing. Cheshire had woken after a deep sleep full of disturbing dreams she couldn't remember to find the windowsill where Blue had taken to sleeping empty and the pillow by her head vacant of the familiar weight of Gray. A slight panic filled her heart then she heard laughter from out side of the window. Peering out onto the deck below Cheshire saw Siobhan but more importantly she saw Gray and two squirrels playing on the deck and Blue was crouched several yards away on the railing. Cheshires eyes widened there were two blue birds, sitting, one on each side of Blue, watching the playing of the rodents. Siobhan had gotten up early as was her wont, to tend her rapidly growing garden as the ritual of the past six mornings she has found curious seeds deposited by her friendly squirrels. Today Gray followed her down from the bedroom she shared with Cheshire. Siobhan had noticed that Cheshire had tossed and turned a lot during the night so she let her sleep. A strange thing occurred when Gray at come out onto the deck after Siobhan, the squirrels had run off only to return a few minutes later carrying acorns which they brought to Gray. Siobhan watched as Gray inspected them and returned two to the squirrels and kept the rest for himself. This scene played itself out several times and so engrossed Siobhan that she did not notice Blues appearance nor the arrival of the flanking birds.

    Safyre was putting some nice looking pork cutlets in the basket, the three had decided to shop separately to keep the arguing to a minimum. Suddenly the Sorceress stiffened as someone called her name. “Hey Safyre!” a fair haired boy of sixteen, good looking and well dressed for a commoner was standing at the end of an aisle, his hand casually shoved in his pockets. “How are things going?” He asked. Safyre let her eyes slide from the meat in her hand to the boy in the aisle. Her face betrayed little of her moment of shock, though a good observer could have noticed the slight widening of her eyes, or the tightening of her fingers on the cutlet. They're not supposed to remember me, I thought. "Jayce," she replied. "Just...shopping." She took in his posture, especially his hand in his pocket. Was he nervous? Or holding something? A ward, or fetish maybe, protecting him from the spell. But where would someone like him get something like that? "I'm a little surprised you remember me, actually."

    'Whatever' was Warren word of the century. No matter where they went together or how they bonded, it was always 'whatever' eventually. Shopping for food was no different. Warren was a thief and they all knew it, not a clepto (he didn't steal from them), but when one of the ladies saw something they liked... it mysteriously ended up in the house eventually. Ugh, and the hacking! He never stopped cracking people's networks. When they were out he'd control the auto sprayer for the produce section... why?! Who does that?! He always had money and they all knew it was stolen, so when they shopped they steered clear from him in case he was getting arrested soon. That and he ate like a guy who'd given up on life. "Captain Crunch... Steakhouse Funyuns... Spaghetti O's... Red Vines... well, that was easy." He sighed looking completely underwhelmed. He maneuvered through the market and found Kaitlin looking at what appeared to be food one had to cook... how quaint. "What the hell is that?" He asked. "It's a roast," She replied dryly. She knew he knew, but his ability to act ignorant in all things civilized was quickly becoming his second most used talent, aside from being a jerk. "Warren, it boggles my mind that you are a genius par excellence, and yet you have no clue how to shop for groceries." He shrugged. "Never really had to. We always sorta eat on the move, chips and a sandwich from a store, y'know. I can cook, I just... I dunno, don't." "You can cook?" She raised her brow, smirking skeptically. "It's just following directions and understanding the maillard reaction." He spoke with a nerdy cool, like that rocker dude science teacher that you knew would make class fun. She set the roast into the buggy. "Dare I ask... what's the maillard reaction?" "The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between an amino acid and a reducing sugar in a form of non-enzymatic browning," He was sending a text, or hacking something, (who knew?) while he was reciting the definiion. His ability to multitask she figured came from his work as a program coder. "The reactive carbonyl group of the sugar interacts with the nucleophilic amino group of the-" "It's makes things taste good." She cut him off. "Yeah," He looked up swaying his arms out wide. "That's what I just said," He snapped his fingers and pointed at her. "I just realized I forgt something... chocolate milk." "I swear, your heart is gonna give out before you're thirty," She shook her head. "If I'm lucky!" He shouted down the isle way as he walked off to grab yet more food that would inevitably leave him trapped in a basement playing female characters on World of Warcraft in his late forties. Still though, as the days went on he was talking more.

    The weekend back home was bittersweet. It was glorious running and climbing through the mountains she had grown up in, reinvigorating her after a week in a new school in a new state... that was also magical. But while Ravenhurst may have made sure Kaitlin's father could support himself while she was attending the magical academy, he wasn't doing much better. Kaitlin picked him up in his drunken stupor and got him into the tub to clean himself up. While he was doing that then shuffled into his woodworking shop to get some work done under his daughter's glower, Kaitlin picked up all the empty bottles and glasses, did the dishes and several loads of laundry. Afterwards, she did a grocery run and cooked him dinner. She told him some about what it was like at Ravenhurst, but he didn't seem to believe her or was even really listening and she just didn't want to push it. But she was going to find a way to make him better, make him the man he used to be, the man that she knew was still inside him. One foot on the bottom of the cart, Kaitlin used the other to carefully propel herself and the cart down the aisles, adding things to the cart with deliberation to what they needed and cost and trying to not let the muzak drive her insane. The stipend for food felt very generous to her, but due to her experiences, she couldn't but be conservative and look for whatever deal she could. She didn't give a damn if Warren laughed at her for clipping coupons. Going to school here under the enchantment was... weird, not bad, just different. Back home, she had been one of the most athletic girls in school, if far from the biggest, until relatively recently anyway. Over the last year and half, she'd grown half a foot taller. She was taller than average now, and undeniably the buffest girl in Dubois and people had noticed the change. Billy had been one of her best friends. A year older than she was and her closest neighbor near her age, they had spent a fair bit of time together, climbing and running and horsing around. She'd been starting to crush on him a little, but things had changed as she had, especially after learning about her magic. She'd always been the quicker of the two, and while Billy had been athletic and wiry, he wasn't tall. Now, she was an inch taller than he was, and considerably stronger, and he seemed to resent her for it. It hurt. But at Middlebury High, everyone seemed to have always known her to be the most athletic and muscular girl in school, and just took it for granted. As if they had never known her as any other way, despite having never known she had existed before a week ago. Very odd and it was taking a bit to get used to, especially the way some of her part-time classmates seemed familiar with her and with prior events she wasn't aware of, but it did make blending in easier, to be sure. Humming to herself, Kaitlin came to the end of an aisle and turned her cart to go down the next.

    The weekend passed. Kaitlin took the opportunity to go home to visit her father, while the rest of the kids stayed closer although some of them did go on a day trip to New York, Monday morning rolled around and all but two of them, 3J and Cheshire who had opted out, were meeting with Spenser for their first trip to the local high school. “The Portal is enchanted it will give each of you an aura which will glamour those you meet into believing pretty much anything you tell them. They will recognize each of you as people they have known and basically not question who you are or why you are there. The Aura works at the school and the immediate area around the school.” Siobhan raised her hand “What if we run into someone from school when we are going to the store or on the weekend?” “Nothing they won't even recognize or have any memory of ever having met you. Now if you do meet someone outside of school not under the influence of the aura and befriend them or otherwise tell them who you really are, and you later meet that person at school again the aura won't effect them.” Eventually the little briefing was done and the brown group along with kids of each of the other groups went to school. Cheshire and 3J along with four other kids from other groups were given various tasks during the day, such as working as messengers, or Teachers aids, arranging books in the libraries. Over all it work menat to keep them busy and out of mischief but they did manage to learn a thing or two while at it. The regular days all the kids went about their normal Ravenhurst classes and living their live. For the Brown group things were still tense in the lake house and out side of a few tentative friendships trying to bud th kids stayed mostly to them selves. That week went by fast and then it was the second weekend at Ravenhurst when things started to get interesting again. Twos weeks since the kids had arrived and the cupboard was growing a bit thin so Saturday morning Safyre, Warren, and Kaitlin made a grocery trip. Safyre was putting some nice looking pork cutlets in the basket, the three had decided to shop separately to keep the arguing to a minimum. Suddenly the Sorceress stiffened as someone called her name. “Hey Safyre!” a fair haired boy of sixteen, good looking and well dressed for a commoner was standing at the end of an aisle, his hand casually shoved in his pockets. “How are things going?” He asked. It was a boy from school.
  10. Earlier

    "Holy shit," Warren looked around but there wasn't many people. "And you people are calling me messed up? No, 'Kat', they aren't 'assholes' they're animals. At least by definition, and bears aren't dangerous unless you fuck with them. Christ, I'd expect the nature girl to have a little more respect for... I dunno... nature." "I'll pass on the invite," Warren raised his hands up, palms out. "There is no reason to hunt, because we have plenty of food here. Why go and kill something when are already have more than we need, seems a little careless for the ecosystem and a bit savage and uncivilized. But you do you, Kat, you do you."

    Kaitlin's face reddened faintly as Safyre left, but she gave Warren a sour glare for his laughter even as her lips twitched in keeping back a grin. "Yeah, well, you are such a city boy, I thought I'd start you off with something easy like fishing before moving up to hunting. Minnows and trout are easy." Kaitlin finished her plate and started stacking dishes and collecting the grilling tools. "Deer and boar are assholes and bears are dangerous." She nodded at Warren's plate and when he nodded back, added it to the stack in her hand. "I prefer Kaitlin or Kat to 'Hippie'. So I won't call you asshole unless you are being one, and will try to stick to Warren or whatever nickname you like, if you do the same and use my name. Fair?"

    S'all good. We all have lives to live. Do what you gotta do, we'll be here.

    No worries. A lot on your plate.
  15. I have fallen behind here again my apologies. will be catching up this weekend please bear with

    "Sometimes," Cheshire started, then stopped, then started again, "sometimes it's because people that should have been friends, that you thought would look out for you, were really just figuring out how to hurt you. Othertimes, it's even worse because the people are nice or good, but they....they don't know how to be nice or good to you without messing everything up and getting you shoved back in the system or something. This place, it's weird. I mean, everyone knows it's weird, but it's super weird for...for people like Warren. And me. So, he'll be super prickly for a while and see if he can push everyone's buttons because that makes him feel in control." She shrugged self-conciously and gestured over to the extra bed that had been wedged into the room, "And I won't take up much space because somewhere along the line here someone's going to decide they know what's best for me in a way I won't accept and I'll have to go." She shrugged again, "It's just how it is, until it isn't, and you don't know which is which until it's too late." She bit her lip. "Your father's right when what you fear losing is stuff , but when all you have left to lose is yourself, you're a hell of a lot more cautious."

    "Well, they made us Brown Group, not us. We could have been, like, Vermilion Group or Aubergine Group or Chartreuse Group something. So if there is some big deal about Brown Group, then that is on them, not us." Siobhan said as she lightly petted Grey with a lone finger. "But Warren. .. He just.. Ugh. As much as I hate to say it, something my father applies here. 'You cannot let fear of losses keep you from gains.' He was talking about business or investing in the stock market or something, but it;s true here too, because that is exactly what Warren does. He's so afraid of being hurt or taken advantage of or something, that he does all he can to make sure that never happens, but in the process he misses out on actual friendships." she sighed.

    Cheshire won't go to the regular unless she's drug there. That'll be something for IC, though, I think.
  19. As is Siobhan. She is totally willibg to tutor Cheshire to help her catch up, if that is an issue.

    Warren is going to real school too.

    Kaitlin is going to real school.

    Safyre's going to 'real' school too. Challenge: Accepted!
  23. who is going to the normal school and who is opting out. post here please
  24. Ravenhurst Character Thread

    Cheshire Description/Background Cheshire was born...at some point, she's rather certain. She also probably had a normal name and parents, but that all went out the window sometime shortly after that mysterious birth time. She was bounced from foster home to foster home, not lucky enough for permanent adoption even though she'd been given up as an infant. After one too many calls with becoming a statistic or a chick flick inspiration, she split. Her last monster-by-law (as she came to refer to most of her foster parents), used to call her creepy and say she had a 'cheshire grin'. She wasn't really sure what it meant but it sounded cool and she couldn't go by her legal name anymore, so Cheshire she became. After a few years, she didn't really even remember her old name. The weird stuff started a few years before she came to Ravenhurst; so did the strange people poking around looking for her. Assuming they were just more DFS, Cheshire would simply clear out once they showed up, taking Grey and Blue with her. She didn't want to be thrown into juvee or a group home and she's pretty sure Blue escaped from a zoo, so it took nearly two years for her to get 'the Talk' and shipped off to Ravenhurst. Grey Blue ATTRIBUTES KNOWLEDGE ● CONVICTION ●●● TALENT ●●●● TECHNIQUE ● FITNESS ●●●●● ●●● ADVANTAGES Adept (Talent), Beast Buddy, Bump for Languages, Down to Earth, Familiar, Freak Occurrence Magnet, Elemental Mastery, Luck, Not Completely of this World, Linguist, Steady Hands, Strong Willed DRAWBACKS Scrawny, Curious, Poverty, Uneducated
  25. ok i have been reminded that i had said that i would post if no one else did, my bad I forgot I will rectify asap.

    Oh shoot, I'm really sorry. That time gap is not intentional on my part. I'll finish my post today.
  27. Last post in this game by anyone other than Sean was June 28., almost a month ago. if there is any interest left please post. I know that there are other games with a similar bent going now (HA and Justin's forthcoming FT) so the field is a bit crowded, but i 'nt want to leave one player hanging waitng for others I would rather just close the game and allow that one player to move on. Let me know what y'all want to do
  28. As the morning sun peeked through the curtains of the open window and fell on the face of Jane Jennifer James, known to her friends as 3J. Her eyes blinked at the offending light as she struggled out of the darkness of sleep. “Who ordered bright and sunny it's the weekend for Pete's sake.” she complained as she rubbed her eyes and wipe her pillow drool from her cheek. 3J rolled out of bed in her boy boxers and a long t-shirt her usual sleeping attire. She reached for her glasses and her hand brushed something that shouldn't have been there. She snatched her glasses up and put them on and saw a small off-white envelope leaning against the night lamp, her name neatly written in blue ink in a hand she did not recognize. She grabbed the envelop and tore it open an took out the single crisp sheet of paper folded inside. A letter from Ravenhurst! All across America young men and women or boys and girls woke to letters just like the one 3J received. The letter bore simple instructions on where to go and what time to be there, where they would be transported away to their new school. Really anyone familiar with the Harry Potter stories would find the instructions a bit of a let down. There was no train station with odd invisible platforms, no secret places to go to buy a long list of exotic magical things they would need for the coming school year. . The instructions told them to just dress casual bring only the things they would normally carry with the on a trip to the mall or the park. And then the instructions told them where to be In 3J's case she was told to be in the woman's fourth dressing room at the local Target store between 12:45 and 1:10 pm this very afternoon. Everyone received something similar, go to a bathroom at a MacDonald's, or the balcony at a theater, one student was told to be at the foot of a great old pine tree she was familiar with on her running path. And at the appointed time they did, most of them any way and when the arrived each one stepped into, up to, or through, the designated destination and found themselves elsewhere. The arrivals were staggered with the upper classes arriving first and the first years last. As each new student arrived via teleportation spell they were greeted by a 5th year and shown to the orientation hall. As they entered the long hall with a podium at the far end in front of a huge window over looking the grounds they were handed a color coded tag with their first name printed in magic marker on it. It didn't take long for each small group to find others with the same color tags and even less time to realize that the tags were also done up by gender. And that is how at 1:30PM on September 3rd, while everyone else in the hall was grouped according to gender and wearing name tags of vibrant attractive colors, four girls named, Jane, Kaitlin, Safyre and Siobhan found themselves grouped with a boy with the unusual name of Jillian, and wearing name tags of the ugliest deep brown and green any of them had ever seen.
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