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Ghelspad is recovering from the Divine War almost a century and a half ago, when the Gods went to war with their parents, the Titans. It has not gone smoothly. The Convention of Vera-Tre forty-odd years ago was shattered by the Druid War, breaking the alliance of the developing countries and city-states at the time. Titanspawn still trouble the land, lands often twisted by the binding or pieces of the defeated Titans, and the expanding Calastian Hegemony is on the brink of conquering Durrover, and gaining access to Eastern Ghelspad.

But it is also a time of exploration and adventure. New lands to see, old ones changed into new. There is much ancient lore to find and recover, and treasure and glory to be had. Into this steps a band of women looking to find their place in the Scarred Lands.

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  2. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Her immediate foe dead, she spared a moment to nod appreciatively, then, despite the injury, Kora leaped back into battle, crossing the distance to the remaining creature and tearing into its unsuspecting back. 3 attacks attack 1 Roll(1d20)+10: 16,+10 Total:26 Damage Roll(2d8)+7: 5,6,+7 Total:18 attack 2 Roll(1d20)+10: 11,+10 Total:21 Damage Roll(1d8)+7: 6,+7 Total:13 bonus attack Roll(1d20)+10: 6,+10 Total:16 Damage Roll(1d8)+7: 5,+7 Total:12 total damage 53
  3. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Siwan will hold the lightning bolt with concentration and cast firebolt since she id within 5' of the monster she id disadvantaged Rolling 1d20 + 7 ( 7 ) + 7 = 14 Rolling 1d20 + 7 ( 12 ) + 7 = 19 Damage Rolling 1d10 ( 2 ) = 2 wasted effort regardless Siwan holds the staff up and with her empty hand make a few quick gestures and mouths words of magic. The words are different from those spoken by Sigurn as are the gestures yet the result is the same as two bolts of fire leap from her hand to flash in the monsters face
  4. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Action - Using the Dreadful feat to Frighten the Vengaurak. The Vengaurak must make a Wisdom Save vs DC 17 or be Frightened until the end of Sigurn's next turn. (A Frightened creature has disadvantage on Ability Checks and Attack rolls while the source of its fear is within line of sight, and the creature can’t willingly move closer to the source of its fear.) Move - If the Vengaurak fails it's save: Back away from the Vengaurak, out of melee, trying to guide Siwan to back away as well, behind her. If the Vengaurak makes it's save: Sigurn will stay in melee, but try to move around it and away from Kora and Zai, hopefully giving them it's flank it if turn to follow her. Bonus - If the Vengaurak fails it's save: None If the Vengaurak makes it's save: Giving Siwan an Inspiration Dice (+1d8 to a single ability check, saving throw, attack roll, damage roll or as a reaction to AC vs one attack and can be used/added AFTER the roll) Fluff The Vengaurak's mandibles snapped at Sigurns face, but was blocked by an invisible shield of force, causing Sigurn to grin darkly. She reached down deep and drew on that inner darkness, unleashing it for just a moment as she snarled at the creature. "You think you can hurt me?! Or that we're afraid of you?! You are NOTHING!" she snarled at the creature, her voice laced with hate and anger, ending with a bellowing roar. If it fails the save: Sigurn gave another, smaller snarl, feinting a lurch toward the Vengaurak, watching it cower away from her and then, with a pleased grin on her lips she began to back away several steps, holding an arm out to try and help guide Siwan back away from the monstrosity as well, giving them room for spells. If it makes the save: Sigurn, still breathing heavy, her face twisted into a mask of anger and hate, slowly moved around the creature, trying to keep it's attention so as to coax it to give it's back to Kora and Zai. "Stay alert, my friend. This monstrosity is not done with us yet." she said to Siwan
  5. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Vengaurak #1 Total Damage Taken: 46 Dex Saving Throw vs. DC 17 Call Lightning: 1D20-1 => (1 - 1) = 0 Failure! Action: Bite Sigurn, Constrict Siwan Bite: 1D20+7 => (14 + 7) = 21 Miss (Sigurn uses a charge of Shield from her Tattoo) Constrict: 1D20+7 => (11 + 7) = 18 Miss (Siwan uses her Inspiration die, adding 1D8 => (7) = 7 to her AC against that attack) Vengaurak #2 Total Damage Taken: 147 - DEAD! Action: Attack Kora Bite: 1D20+7 => (18 + 7) = 25 Hit! Damage: 1D8+4+ 1D8 => 7 + 4 = 11 Piercing Damage + 5 Acid Damage Total Damage: 16 Constrict: 1D20+7 => (6 + 7) = 13 Miss! Zai Bonus Action: Dash towards the Vengaurak Kora is slicing to bits, moving into a flanking position. Action: Attack Vengaurak with her Longknife - Flank provides Advantage on the Attack Longknife: 1D20+8 => (10 + 8) = 18, 1D20+8 => (16 + 8) = 24 Hit! Damage (+2d6 Sneak Attack): 1D6+5+ 2D6 => (6 + 5 + 2 +5) = 18 Vengaurak #2 is dead, though Kora had already brought it down to like 7hp.
  6. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Kora will switch out for her cat claw weapons, changing over and then attacking the creature attacking her. Attack 1 Roll(1d20)+10: 15,+10 Total:25 damage Roll(1d8)+0: 7,+0 Total:7 Roll(1d6)+7: 1,+7 Total:8 total 15 damage Attack 2 Roll(1d20)+10: 17,+10 Total:27 Damage roll 2 Roll(1d6)+7: 2,+7 Total:9 Bonus attack Roll(1d20)+10: 20,+10 Total:30 Roll(2d6)+7: 4,5,+7 Total:16 With nary a thought as the creature closed in to attack, missing thankfully, Kora dropped her bow and donned her catclaws, letting out a feral growl as she seemed to lean back before lunging forward to tear at the carapace of the creature with the feral feline fury that only a female Manticora could muster.
  7. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Move - Sigurn moves to Siwan's side Action - Firebolt at the Vengaurak attacking Siwan. Bonus - Giving Siwan an Inspiration Dice (+1d8 to a single ability check, saving throw, attack roll, damage roll or as a reaction to AC vs one attack and can be used/added AFTER the roll) Firebolt attack roll 1D20+6 => (16 + 6) = 22 HITS! Firebolt damage roll 2D10 => (7 + 6) = 13 Damage Fluff Seeing the wounds inflicted on the Vengaurak face to face with Kora, and knowing her friend's particular effectiveness against such titanspawn, Sigurn feels secure that she and Zai can finish the creature and so she slips past her friend, running to Siwan's side to lend her support. "Hold steady, my friend, these foes look more fearsome than they are." she calls to Siwan, reassuring her. Once at Siwan's side, Sigurn once again calls on the witching ways taught by her mother and summons forth another bolt of fire, placing her irritation and anger within it. With a brief incantation and gesture at the creature with her ax, a bolt of flame hurls forth at the Vengaurak, scorching it's chitinous hide and sending forth the foul smell of seared flesh beneath. "Forget about her! Come at me you piece of filth!" she yells at the creature, trying to draw it's focus, and once again she raises her shield, bracing for retaliation from the beast.
  8. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Siwan twists away and casts call lightning using 1 4th level slot placing the cloud over the place they are fighting the bolt this round will be at the creature striking at her spell does 4 d10 save for 1/2 Rolling 4d10 ( 4 + 5 + 3 + 10 ) = 22
  9. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    siwan take an attack of opprotunity at the one passing by her to attack kora TO HIT Rolling 1d20 + 4 ( 11 ) + 4 = 15 DAMAGE Rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 5 ) + 2 = 7
  10. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Vengaurak #1 Saving Throw: 1D20+5 => 19 Success! Total Damage Taken: 11 Bonus Action: Moves its speed towards Siwan Move Action: Not Necessary Action: Makes a Bite Attack and a Constrict Attack against Siwan Bite: 1D20+7 => 19 Hit! Damage: 1D8+4+ 1D8 => 2 + 4 = 6 Piercing Damage + 4 Acid Damage Total Damage: 10 - Siwan takes a total of 10 Damage (As I believe she had no Resistances that apply) Constrict: 1D20+7 => 12 Miss! Vengaurak #2 Saving Throw: 1D20+5 => 8 Failure! Total Damage Taken: 89 Bonus Action: Moves its speed towards Kora Move Action: Moves towards Kora and reaches her. Siwan may use her Reaction to make a melee attack with a melee weapon in hand, if desired. Action: Makes a Bite Attack and a Constrict Attack against Kora. Bite: 1D20+7 => 15 Miss! Constrict: 1D20+7 => 12 Miss! Damn you, you stupid Vengaurak! Siwan Reaction: Attack of Opportunity with her staff. Staff Rolling 1d20 + 4 ( 11 ) + 4 = 15 Damage Rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 5 ) + 2 = 7 Zai Action: Eldritch Blast, sending both bolts at the injured Vengaurak engaging Kora Eldritch Blast - Bolt #1: 1D20+6 => 8 Miss! Eldritch Blast - Bolt #2: 1D20+6 => 17 Hit! Damage: 1D10+4+ 2D6 => (8 + 4 + 5 +5) = 22 Lightning Damage
  11. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Kora will unleash two arrows at the same target as Sigurn attack 1 Roll(1d20)+6: 19,+6 Total:25 Damage 1 2d8+6 Roll(2d8)+6: 7,5,+6 Total:18 Attack 2 Roll(1d20)+6: 11,+6 Total:17 damage Roll(1d8)+6: 8,+6 Total:14 Remaining calm in the face of titanspawn enemies, she loosed a pair of arrows with the grace and precision that few Manticora could match, A small smile curling her lips, She loved fighting titanspawn, It left her feeling fulfilled as a huntress to slay them.
  12. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Siwan will rush forward some 15-20 feet closer to the placing her self in front of zai so that her spell will not hit zai. she will cast thunderwave at 3rd level doing 4 d8 thunder damage 1/2 on a save. DC17. the spell also pushes those in it's effect 10' away . Rolling 4d8 for damage ( 3 + 5 + 8 + 5 ) = 21 Fluff Siwan dashes forward angling to put herself between the monsters and Zai. As she skids to a halt some 10 to 15 feet from the Vengaurak's she swings her satf in an intricate arc about her body and intones the wizardish incantation as she finishes the magic word she brings the staff down the point touching the ground facing the creatures and a wave of thunderous force erupts roiling toward the monsters!
  13. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Move - Sigurn moves towards the other side of the street, opposite of Zai, forcing them to spread their attention or possibly forget about Zai. Action - Firebolt at the one closest to Zai. Bonus - None this round Firebolt attack roll 1D20+6 => (9 + 6) = 15 HIT! Firebolt damage roll 2D10 => (2 + 5) = 7 7 Damage. Bleh Fluff Without even thinking, Sigurn move in the direction opposite of Zai, at worst forcing the creatures to split their attention, and at best causing them to forgot or lose track of Zai. With a few uttered words and gesture at the creature with her ax, Sigurn send out a bolt of fire at the creature nearest Zai, hitting it with a splash of flame before she raises her shield once again, preparing for the creatures' retaliation.
  14. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Move - Zai moves towards one side of the street, giving her chance to dash around another building next turn, if necessary. Action - Eldritch Blast, targeting each Vengaurak with one blast. Bonus - None this round 1D20+6 => (5 + 6) = 11 1D20+6 => (2 + 6) = 8 Missed with both!
  15. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Combat Outside The Door Neither side is Surprised. Initiative Order Zai - 24 Sigurn - 19 Kora - 16 Siwan - 15 Vengaurak - 7 Siwan - Arcana 26: You know these creatures are called Vengaurak. Vengaurak are vermin terribly transformed by the influence of the titan Gaurak. Once simple burrowing insects mutated and grown huge by the titan’s fell essence, they tunnel up from the depths in search of anything edible — and they can consume almost anything. Totally fearless, they chase down anything that moves, but they have a special, unnatural hunger for those who worship the gods. Their bite is acidic, but more dangerous is how they constrict, crush and cut with their long, articulated, sharp edge bodies. Vengaurak - AC 14, no particular Resistances that you guys have to worry about, I believe.
  16. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Initiative Rolling 1D20 + 3 16 + 3 = 19 Arcana (Proficent + Expertise) Rolling 1D20 + 9 1 + 9 = 10 Natural 1 anybody?
  17. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    initiative Roll(1d20)+6: 10,+6 Total:16 Arcana Roll(1d20)+1: 18,+1 Total:19 Kora will draw her bow and take a couple shots before they close in.
  18. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    initiative Rolling 1d20 + 1 ( 14 ) + 1 = 15 Arcana Rolling 1d20 + 7 ( 19 ) + 7 = 26
  19. The Scarred Lands - OOC Thread

    Arcana - The Wheel symbol is a somewhat arcane symbol, though old. The eight spokes correlate to the eight major schools of Magic. It was taken by the Empire of the Wheel for use as an Imperial symbol. The pendant itself seems oddly devoid of any weathering or marring of any sort, as if just crafted, even when old or used for some time. That is a common hallmark of items that have been prepared for or have been enchanted. Its inherent warmth could betoken any number of things - an enchantment, a flaw in the enchantment, a reaction to the presence of the eldritch mosaics in the room, some quality of the metal, etc. History - The Wheel was the main heraldic symbol of the Empire of the Wheel, which was established by renegade male sorcerers from Albadia, fleeing prosecution from the Helliann. Pendants of this sort were worn by many of their soldiers and the sorcerers who backed, who were a key component of their success in battle, having large scale, coordinated use of Magic in battle.
  20. The Scarred Lands - OOC Thread

    Sigurn would like to am an Arcana and History check on these wheel thingy. Arcana Roll: 1D20+9 => 23 History Roll: 1D20+6 => 18
  21. The Scarred Lands - OOC Thread

    Sigurn, in one of the privy alcoves, under the bench seat in a dusty corner, you found an amulet or pendant made of what looks to be polished steel. It's slightly warm to the touch. It looks like the image, without the writing around the rim.
  22. The Scarred Lands - OOC Thread

    Sigurn's wisdom (perception) roll. Rolling 1d20 + 9 1D20+9 => 26
  23. The Scarred Lands - OOC Thread

    Siwan's wisdom (perception) roll Rolling 1d20 + 9 ( 5 ) + 9 = 14
  24. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Move Sigurn will draw her Witchaxe and close the last 10'-15' to melee with the downed Flind. Action 1 2-handed attack with Witchaxe with Advantage due to prone target. 1D20+6 => (2+6) = 8 1D20+6 => (20+6) = 26 Critical Hit! Damage so 2d4+3 damage becomes 4d4+3 damage 4D4+3 => (2+3+4+4+3) = 16 Damage Action 2 2-handed attack with Witchaxe with Advantage due to prone target. 1D20+6 => (16+6) = 22 1D20+6 => (13+6) = 19 Damage 2D4+3 =>(3+2+3) = 8 damage Fluff Sigurn had expected Siwan's arrival sooner, before the massive gnoll could ready an attack. So when she saw the howling skulls of of his dead flail screaming through the air at her, she only one recourse and called on the spell she had stored within on of her tattoos to save her. The ink glowed and flashed for a moment as the ethereal shield was struck each time. For it's part, the spell had mostly protected her from such a vicious onslaught, but the skull that did hit wracked her body with pain. Sigurn, instead of cowering from the pain, turned into it, accepting and seemingly reveling in it, gritting her teeth and letting out a snarling moan. Kora has savaged the gnoll with her claws and Siwan, in her form of a great elk, had finally tackled and trampled the huge, gnoll, moving past it, leaving him coughing, contorting and holing in pain on the ground. "This 'meat' has teeth." Sigurn snarled, actually bearing her teeth at the gnoll as she drew her Witchaxe and stalked over to the writing creature, with her eyes dark and crooked grin. Gripping the witchaxe with both hands, Sigurn raised the wicked looking axe over her head and brought it down on the gnoll, the blade biting incredibly deep into his clavicle and past, hitting his upper ribs and sending forth a crimson spray. Sigurn placed her boot on the gnoll's shoulder and pushed, extricating her witchaxe from his flesh to raise it up once more. "I will show you a mercy that would not have shown us, wretch." she told the beastman before bringing her axe down again, on his neck this time, severing his spine and putting him out of the misery of suffocating on his own blood. For as much as Sigurn enjoyed instilling fear in others, she rarely had the taste for suffering, even of such a foul, heartless foe.
  25. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Siwan will rear back and make a hoof attack on the prone flind who is prone this is an advantaged attack 1d20+6 1D20+6 => 22 1D20+6 => 25 Damage is 4d8+4 4D8+4 => 28 i swear my luck when i really need it is gonna suck will add fluff later
  26. Scarred Lands - Combat Thread

    Flind is currently still Prone. It has taken a total of 173, minus however much it healed before. It looks to be in very rough shape. Zai destroyed one Zombie. There is one left that you can see. Initiative order Sigurn Flind Siwan (Delayed action last round) Kora Zai Zombie Gnoll
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