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  2. Ravenna raised a single brow at the arrival of the disheveled woman gaining entrance into the private portion of the club. She had to be someone, that much was sure, if she was in here and since she carried the obvious look of 'broke and unimportant' the next best guess was 'kindred'. "Well, well," she mused, the corners of her lips curled up into a grin. "And what has the proverbial cat drug in this evening?" Unconcerned for the most part, she turned her attention back to the conversation at hand. "I merely said 'ambition'. I did not say grand, or lofty. What your implying are 'schemes', and I assure you, I've none here in Berlin to concern myself with. I just meant ambition in it's simplest form: to apply oneself to achieve something worthy of the work one placed into it. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm sure the Prince is worthy of the title, but this is hardly the first, how do the American's put it? 'Good ol' boy' city I've been to. If he's surrounded himself by loyalists and those those he can count on, then he's one step ahead of most others in this world."
  3. The sun goes down. Her eyes open. She is still as only the dead can be still. She listens. She can hear the rats in the walls, the roaches scurrying from place to place, shadow to shadow. If she tries real hard she imagines she can hear the worms crawling among the remains of the elderly woman who had owned the small house and now lies buried in the small garden outside. She listens and hears only the things one would expect in a home rotting from within. Slowly she unfolds from her resting place in the back closet, rising to stand with movements unnatural yet precise. If anyone could have seen her , there in the pitch black closet, they would have ran screaming or they would have stood frozen piss running down their leg. Either way they would have died. She was hungry and needed to feed it had been, what now two days, three? Her tongue ran over her teeth feeling the fangs which marked her. Irony. As a child and adolescent she had always had over large canines a rich source of embarrassment and teasing. On more than one occasion cruel children, her friends, had called her fang face, or blood sucking vampire. Her father had relented when she was fourteen and had them fixed by her orthodontist, had paid a small fortune. And here she was now, a real vampire and the fangs were back but unlike her fellow vampires, the Kindred, who could hide theirs only bringing them out when the needed them to feed, hers were always there, longer than before, sharper. Drawing the eye of anyone who saw her open her mouth. She was fang face once again, only now no one laughed. Hungry. She leaves the closet and the house she needs to hunt, to feed. It takes her well over an hour to finally find a likely target. She doesn't know where she is in the city she just isn't that familiar but she tries to stay where there isn't much activity. Better to avoid being seen by anyone living or dead, especially dead. She marks her target two teenagers a boy and a girl, attractive and obviously into each other they can barely keep their hands off of each other as the are walking along the street with purpose. She thinks they are going to someplace they know so they can fuck. She decides to let them. She can wait. But she was wrong that's not where they were going. They knocked on the door the skinhead who answered was pale and she knew instantly that he was like her a vampire on of the Kindred. This pissed her off her food was going to become some other blood suckers dinner. She felt rage there was no pain as the claws ripped through skin and talons grew from her finger tips she heard a low growl like some savage beast. It never registered that it was her. Sh moved through the shadows. My food She was a few yards from the door when it opened. In an instant she was again in the shadows. The kine heard nothing but the vampire sensed ...something. He looked around but failed to see her and shrugging he and his two friends started walking somewhere with purpose. Jade calmed down the claws retracted and she stated following a a safe distance. Was it possible that the kids didn't know they were with a vampire? They led her to a club. Jade watched as people came and went there were other clubs nearby but this one she knew was special. The Vampire and the kids had gone right in and the door man had seemed to know the Kindred. As she watched two More Kindred, both women she recognized from her brief time at the Princes court, entered. Jade checked her reflection in a nearby window she looked pretty shabby but then so did a lot of the kids going into the club and she still had most of the 100 euro's they gave her when they cast her out. She could blend in and there was a lot of food here and apparently vampires too. The doorman looked up at the severe looking blond crossed the street, former special forces he had observed her watching the club but hadn't alerted anyone now though as she crossed the street something about her gave him a eerie feeling. “What do you want?” he asked as she came up to the door. Before she could say anything he put the red velvet rope up to signal that the club was full. “We are full right now maybe you should go to one of the other clubs down the street.” He indicated with a jerk of his head. Jade could smell the life coming off the big man could hear the blood surging through his veins as his heart pumped.. She wanted to rip his throat out and drown her hunger. Insted she closed her eyes tight for a second and steeled herself, then in barley passable German “I can pay the cover I just want to go in and listen to the music. I'm no trouble. I promise.” She looked at him and held out the 5 euro note. Clause started to shake his head but then her eyes seemed to bore into his to fill his mind. “Please I just want to have a little fun and maybe get something to eat I can smell the food even from out here and it smells so good.” Clause could think of nothing but those eyes he took the bill and opened the rope and the strange woman went inside. The place was incredible she had avoided places where the kine gathered ever since she had been set free but there was energy and life here that drew her. Jade felt the hunger but it seemed somehow lessened here, as if the very humanity on display kept it at bay. There were others of her kind here as well. She tried to mingle to find someone she could take someplace quiet and out of the way to feed on. But most of the kids seemed to notice something off about her and few remained close to her for long. It began to annoy her then she saw one of the women she had recognized leading a tall handsome boy up some curving stairs the boy had a glassy look to his face one Jade recognized he was being compelled. Jade followed as discreetly as she could. She found herself on the second floor but couldn't find the woman she did find the restaurant and the stairs leading up to a third floor private club. The pretty girl wanted her to pay a hundred euros for a one time membership. Jade smiled showing her teeth and looked deep into the girls eyes... Marlene and Olaf both saw Jade enter the third floor private club. Of course them being who they were they knew about Jade, at least as much as the Prince had let be known, but neither rof them had expected to see the caitiff here. “Oh my, this should be interesting.” they both said at the same time form different parts of the room and to different people.
  4. It was a relief to get away from the tension at the table for a little while. Here, in the music, with the people, she could forget who she was...what she was. Craving for blood might have overtaken her hunger and thirst...but it did nothing to limit the power that music had. The beast cared only for flesh and blood. Desires and pleasures of the mind were unscathed. Her sire had scoffed at music...at least at music as humans practiced it. He preferred the sound of insects and animals, the howl of wind, and of course...silence. He was big on that too. Lily could remember all the times he'd muttered that she was little better than 'one of those Toreador idiots.' But in the end even he had to admit that everyone met undeath on their own terms. Everyone made their own peace...or failed to. She found herself watching the werewolf. She couldn't help herself. The creature looked so normal. The irony of this, one monster in human guise marveling that there was another monster in human guise, was not lost on Lily. Do they have it better than us, I wonder? The old man said they were practically slaves to their rage, but he may have been full of it. Besides, how is that different from what WE are? At least they're still alive. Lily found herself with many, many questions. Things she'd never articulated to herself because they were as impossible as musing about if one could walk on the surface of the sun. You'd never get there, so why bother? Werewolves hated vampires, said her sire, and there was no fooling them. Was he wrong about that too? Abruptly she became aware of someone else approaching. Lily jerked around on instinct, eyes widening as she prepared to fight or flee...then relaxed a bit on seeing who it was. One of the vampires from the table. The one with the hard to pronounce name. Erza...something. Shit. Probably better not to try to wing it with a nickname. Vampires could be really touchy about that sort of thing. She gave Erzsébet a nod and even a little smile. "Hey."
  5. "Oh, there are those with ambition, but the wrong kind of ambition gets you ground under the Dietrich's heel. Granted, he has very expensive tastes, so it's a designer, or custom made heel, but a heel none the less." Olaf said with a small shrug. "The last person to try to fulfill grand ambitions was back when the wall was up. He thought to declare himself Prince of the other half of Berlin. When the wall came down, Dietrich corrected him. To this day that other kindred is just remembered as 'that poor bastard' by the kindred here." he chuckled as he thought back about it. Olaf then leans forward, resting his elbows on the table and crosses his arms on it as he spoke in a somewhat more hushed tone. "I have been to several cities in my time. Prague, Vienna, Kraków, and Paris, to name a few, and rarely have I seen a city and Prince so ingrained with one another. Many here owe him a lot and he is good friends with the right people. Like the Toreador. There's one of their clan Elders." he said as he motioned with his eyes toward the booth with Annalisa and Marlene sitting at it. "So if you have lofty ambitions, then good for you. But I would think twice and tread very, very carefully." he cautioned.
  6. "Find all the pleasure you like dear," Ravenna said with a false smile of interest. If these people were content to be lurching over a toilet bowl vomiting up the contents of the fruit salad they'd eaten earlier all for the sake of tasting a few strawberries, that was their prerogative. She did so love the 'last word' types though, the people who said what they thought passed for relevant, then swiftly fled the scene to escape a possible rebuttal that could unravel their fragile and flawed philosophies. The Italian Elder watched her scurry off like a lamb fleeing a verbal slaughter. Kids these days, how adorable. She had known many a Kindred in her day who could eat mortal food, she'd even trained herself to do it once upon a time. It took time, but it was possible and required far more effort than most Kindred would care to put in, despite having forever. Those she knew who had it however considered it a great gift for thwarting those knowledgeable in vampire lore, but it was never some frivolity to play at being human instead of a vampire. It was a tool in the vampire's arsenal, not a means of escaping what they truly were. Not to mention that anyone with an ounce of class would ever willingly engage in an act that could produce them the results of damp, withered food that had been resting in a dank, vestigial, unused stomach that no longer produced the necessary enzymes to break down for easier regurgitation. The thought made her shudder. "So," her lips were curled in a wicked smirk, trying to shake off the thoughts of regurgitated food. She had the air of every feminine Disney villain ever about her. "Are trivialities all Berlin has to offer, or are there individuals with ambition in this city?"
  7. Erzsébet's dark blue eyes narrowed on the woman singing on the small stage. She was not any image of a werewolf she was familiar with. The beasts of haunting the Carpathians were ravening savages barely glimpsed between the trees and under the shadows, their howls shivering the air. Very rarely seen, their threat was a nebulous presence hanging over the uncivilized regions of the area. The dusky skinned woman singing on stage conveyed none of that. Erzsébet would have thought this nothing more than one of Olaf's teasingly irritating follies, except the Burgomeister seemed too amused by the revelation. The small woman sniffed condescendingly. The 'lone wolf' was a product of modern storytelling. Wolves were a danger due to acting as a pact - in truth, a single wolf was far less dangerous. If the songstress turned out to be a rabid dog, she would be put down like a rabid dog. Erzsébet could not countenance that more than one lupine could have infiltrated as bastion of the Kine. Her gaze narrowed in interest as the predatory Italian noblewoman made her entrance, stylishly attired if disconcertingly tall compared to one of her modest height. Erzsébet politely nodded and waved when Artus excused himself to speak with the newcomer. Her eyes went to her ghoul sister Lillian, crimson lips curving with fondness as she danced with a tall man, well muscled with large hands able to completely encircle her waist who seemed to be likely entertainment for an evening. She rolled her eyes with exasperation when Artus returned with the woman and Olaf began his crass flirtations, but her lips tightened at Ravenna's condescension for their appetizers, her clear spite in enjoying any discomfort it may cause later. In response to Ravenna's disgust, Erzsébet helped her to a strawberry liberally dipped in rich cream, savoring it before standing up and slipping out of the booth. "Bella Ravenna, for some of us, death lays lightly upon us," Erzsébet murmured in a husky contralto at odds with her diminutive stature, "And we can still find pleasure in the trivialities of the Kine. Be it in gastronomic delight or the heated sensation of coupling with Kine or Kindred, what matter where we find it? There must be more to our damnation than merely cursed existence and blood and blood and blood." She gave the Italian a once-over, lips quirking. "There is nothing sad in not descending into a base beast, nor blasphemously believing one to be a god - for there is but One God. It is in fact, too often lamentably commendable for our kind. I do hope you can find your ease in Berlin, Ravenna. As for myself, I believe I am in the mood for some dancing." So saying, Erzsébet sashayed onto the dance floor to join Lillian. Petite and baroquely glamorous, the supposed Countess conveyed a sense of danger despite her delicate, curvaceous appearance. She moved like an enticing predator, graceful in her stiletto heeled boots, with a subtle strength out of proportion with her slim, short figure, her presence dominating the dance floor.
  8. Jade Carrow Clan: Catiff Sire: Unknown Nature: Survivor Demeanor: Competitor Generation: 7th Embrace: 2017 Apparent Age: 20's Story: Jade grew up in a middle class suburb in America. She was athletic and a Tomboy and took to sports and competitive activities early on. She was equally good in both team and Individual sports although never of star quality. She began Competitive Martial Arts training at the age of ten. By the time she was in High school her parents had divorced and both remarried, She lived with her Mother and step father and visited her dad on the designated weekends and for two or three weeks each summer. She had been an only child now she had step siblings. Through out high school she was at best a mediocre student but she kept her grade good enough to allow her to play sports and competed in Martial Arts Tournaments. After high school instead of collage she joined the Army and served as a Military Policeman. It was in the army that she honed her fighting skills and began body building. After a tour in the Army she left to go to collage. In collage she began fighting semi professionally which led eventually to her leaving collage to pursue a professional career as a MMA Fighter. Her carreer never seemed to take off and she was always on the low bill. She was about to give it up go back to school when a Promoter who she had worked with in Europe invited her to a series of paying matches In Germany. She decided to give the fighting career one last chance. And it was the last. While in Germany she received a mysterious invitation to a widely popular Gala. At the Gala while waiting for the mysterious admirer that had invited her she was attacked, murdered and embraced. She never saw her maker could not tell you if it was male or female. She was left at the Gala to be discovered. Now she lives her unlife each night prowling Berlin at the sufferance of the Prince. Forbidden by the one who allows her to live to leave the city, she is alone, a castoff, seeking to survive and carve a place in this world of darkness. Physical: Strength ●●●● (Powerful Arms), Dexterity ●●●● (Lightning Reflexes), Stamina ●●● Mental: Perception ●●●● (Tactical), Intelligence ●●, Wits ●●●● (Changes in Strategy) Social: Charisma ●●, Manipulation ●●●● (Persuasive), Appearance ●● Talents: Alertness ●●●, Athletics ●●● Awareness ●●, Brawl ●●●, Intimidation ●●, Streetwise ●● Skills: Drive ●, Firearms ●●, Leadership ●●, Melee ●●●, Stealth ●●●, Subterfuge ● Knowledges: Academics ●●, Computer ●●, Investigation ●● Languages: English(native), German Disciplines: Dominate ●●●, Celerity ●, Fortitude ●, Potence ●, Protean ●● Backgrounds: Generation ●●●●●, Contacts ● (Fight Promoter), ? ● Virtues: Conscience ●●●, Self-Control ●●●, Courage ●●●● Morality: Humanity ●●●●● ● Willpower: ●●●●●●●● MERITS: - -11 Efficient Digestion (-3) - You are able to draw more than the usual amount of nourishment from blood. When feeding, you gain an additional point to your blood pool for every two points of blood you consume. This does not allow you to exceed your blood pool maximum. Language (-1) - German Light Sleeper (-2) - You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger, and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. You may ignore rules regarding how Humanity or your morality Path restricts the number of dice available during the day. Nine Lives (-6) Fate has granted you the opportunity to come as close to Final Death as anyone can get and still survive. When a roll occurs that would result in your death, the roll is made again. If the next roll succeeds, then you live — and one of your nine lives is used up. If that subsequent roll fails, then another reroll is made, until either a successful roll occurs or your nine lives are used up. The Storyteller should keep careful count of how many lives the character has remaining. FLAWS: +19 Dark Fate (+5) - You are doomed to experience Final Death or, worse, suffer eternal agony. No matter what you do, you cannot avoid this terrible fate. At some point during the chronicle, your Dark Fate will come upon you. Even more ghastly is the fact that you occasionally have visions of this fate, and the malaise these images inspire requires an expenditure of a temporary Willpower point to avoid, or else you lose a die from all of your actions for the remainder of the night. It is up to the Storyteller to determine the exact nature of this fate, and when it will occur. This is a difficult Flaw to roleplay; ironically, though it may seem as though it removes all free will, the knowledge of one’s death can be quite liberating. Permanent Fangs (+3) – Your fangs do not retract, making it impossible for you to hide your true nature. While some mortals may think you’ve had your teeth filed or are wearing prosthetic s, sooner or later you’re going to run into someone who knows what you truly are. You are also limited to a maximum Appearance rating of 3. Impatient (+1) – You have no patience for standing around and waiting. You want to do things now — fuck those slowpokes trying to hold you back. Every time you are forced to wait around instead of acting, a Self-Control roll is required to see if you go tearing off on your own instead. Lunacy (+2) – You are affected by the phases of the moon, increasing your chances to frenzy. Under the crescent moon, difficulties to avoid frenzy increase by one. Under the half or gibbous moon, difficulties rise by two. When the moon is full, difficulties increase by three. Eerie Presence (+2) – Mortals have an unconscious awareness of your undead nature, which makes then anxious and ill at ease in your presence. Because of this, difficulties of all rolls relating to social interaction with mortals are increased by two. Beacon of the Unholy(+2) – You radiate palpable evil. Clergy and devout mortals know instinctively that there is something horribly wrong with you, and react accordingly Grip of the Damned (+4) – There is no ecstasy in your Embrace — only terror and pain. Mortals upon whom you feed struggle and shriek while you attempt to feed, requiring you to grapple with them for as long as you wish to take their blood. For vampires with high Humanity, this experience may require a Humanity roll, at the discretion of the Storyteller. Giovanni cannot take this Flaw.. Freebie Points 26 (18 –11 Merits +19 Flaws) 4 dots Willpower -4 FP 1 dot Dominate -7 FP 1 Language – German -1FP 2 dots Attributes (+1 Manipulation, +1 Wits) -10FP 2 dots Abilities (+1 Leadership, +1 Subterfuge) -4FP MORE STORY
  9. Annalisa sat back a bit of a pout on her lips. "I'm not worried about her causing trouble I'm worried about ours if they find out." She is talking about the singer but not looking at her. Marlene follows her gaze which leads back to the table with Olaf. "Who is that woman speaking with Artus?" Annalisa asks
  10. "Well met Olaf," Ravenna said. Her smile snaked into a wicked curve. "Yes, I'm sure you wouldn't mind at all. I'm afraid I'm through my rebellious bad-boy phase, Signore Olaf. Perhaps had you caught me three centuries ago we'd had painted the town red... literally. It's always one thing I've appreciated about the Nos. They have a nerd-like quality about them. While all the other clans are thinking of power and prestige, they're thinking about sex. It makes them either very proficient at it, or incredibly eager to please, and I've always uses for either. Those who can look like others... certainly helps too." Her expression was simple and plain, the dead pan expression of a wolf wearing a sheep's mask. Everything bout her was predatory and shameless. A killing machine with nothing more than her restraint holding her back, and that seemed to be a very dim light in her soul. People didn't exist. Everything was a tool for her to exploit, use, finish with and cast aside. "I understand the age old adage of 'keeping up appearances', but in modern society it seems more an excuse for foolishness rather than a practice for survival. Frankly it's a disgusting practice. Taking in food so that it may rest in your vestigial stomach, where you then have to later lurch over a toilet or street corner and regurgitate it back up like some bulimic teen or model. Ugh... no thank you. It's positively repugnante. Please though, enjoy, the fuller you are the more painful the heaving will be later, and that I will enjoy thinking of." "As for why I'm here," She continued, lifting up a strawberry and sniffing it like she'd never seen one before. She gave a repulsed face and cast it back upon the platter. "You no doubt know what I do, Olaf. It's not easy work, and in time it takes it's toll. I do what I do protect both the Kine and ourselves from each other, and I accomplish this by hurting the Kine and ourselves. It's a noble path, albeit a dark one and it takes it's toll unless I take some time away from it once in awhile. Normally I'd sleep, but things are not very stable in this world right now so instead if sleeping, I'm trying to keep myself 'available', while on vacanza, one could say. After all, whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god. Sadly, I've yet to become either."
  11. Olaf grinned at Lily and let out a small laugh before catching himself. "You are in the presence of kindred..." he said as he nodded his head to around to the various club goers, "..and dozens more kine." he added. Olaf leaned forward, giving Ravenna an very overtly gave her the once over with an appreciative smile as his eyes explored her every curve, mound and valley. "I would expect you to know the value of 'keeping up appearances', Fraulein." he said as he rested an elbow on the table and his chin on his palm. "Because I must say, you do it so well." he grinned. "Bah. Where are my manners. I'm Olaf. And despite this ruggedly good looking exterior, underneath is the Primogen of the Nos and Burgomeister of Pankow." he said with an overly exaggerated flourish of his hand. "If you don't believe me, we can meet in the bathroom and I can show you my real face," he said as he then leaned a little closer and added, "and I wouldn't might showing you my O-face too." with a grin as he raised his eyebrows a few times with a smile. Dropping the joking he sat back in his chair and folded his hands behind his head, stretching his legs out beneath the table. "Sooo... What brings you to Berlin?" Olaf asked. The server nodded and quickly slipped away to deliver the message to Sid. Marlene sighed softly and flicked the sizable length of ash off the end of her cigarette into the awaiting ashtray. "Nothing is going to happen between her and you unless you make it happen, my child. She is calm, at peace or 'chill' I think the current jargon is for it. In fact, I am not sure I have ever seen one of her kind so... relaxed. I have been staring at her aura all night it is quite entrancing." she said as she placed her hand atop Annalia's, interlacing her fingers with those of her childe as a brief rush of warmth rushed from her sire's palm. To Annalisa, the colors in the room; skintones, hair, clothing upholstery and so on, seemed to desaturate, not quite to black and white, but nearly so. Then new colors came in, radiating from and around each person there. Among the kine the colors varied wildly, shifting slowly from one color to another. As Analisa's gaze reached the table of kindred, she could see colors radiating from them, but they were dull compared to the kine. Lily chuckled and pointed at an unknown kindred woman with her thumb, which caused Olaf to laugh, making both of their aura flash with vermilion. Then her eyes could not help but be drawn to the lupine girl sitting on stool, playing her acoustic guitar as she sang. Her aura was incredibly bright and vibrant, even when compared to the kine. Tiny starbursts of gray, deep red and dark green exploded against a background of bright, light blue at different parts of the song with waves of vermilion and violet rippling through the light blue from time to time in some sort of psychedelic display. "Normally, lupine auras are purple, red or brown. Or some combination thereof. The color of the small bursts all hint at other feelings she is having, likely drudged up by the song. Gray is depression. The deep red is desire. And the dark green? That is envy. 'Write what you know', they say. And the light blue dominating her aura? That means calm." she explained to Annalisa, soft whispering into her ear as she leaned close, brushing it with the tip of her nose.
  12. Lily blinked, then actually chuckled and nodded at Olaf. Indicating Ravenna with a jerk of her thumb, she said to the Nosferatu, "That's what I was expecting."
  13. "Saluti, Lilly." The raven haired woman said in practiced Italian, it was easy to discern what the word meant, so Ravenna didn't bother offering an English translation. She possessed an air of the proficient predator, a monster that had fully come to accept what she was and she possessed all the arrogant snobbery one would come to expect from a rich well-to-do celebrity or politician... or Lasombra. "Newcomer to Germany, yes. Newcomer to the Night, however, no. Pardon my forwardness, dear, but you are swaddled in discomfiture. Lilly, love, you're an apex predator and you have only to choices: own the room or dawdle in the threshold. Do away with your 'first day of school' nervousness, I don't bite." Her wink and smirk were not very comforting. "So, I see we're having fruit salad... how... gauche," Her revulsion was visible as well as her mingled confusion. "I'm sorry, I must admit I'm confused. I thought I was in the presence of Kindred."
  14. Lily looked up at 'Revanna of the Lasombra' and blinked, taken aback. Damn, she looked like she'd just stepped out of some kind of fashion TV show. Was that how she woke up every night? Goddamnit. That was really unfair. She gave Revanna a nod and smile, and threw a little gesture that was half a wave, and half a salute...sort of tipping her hand at eye level towards her. "Hey, Revanna. Nice to know I'm not the only newcomer in these parts."
  15. [Dialogue in Italian] "Hmmm. There is a certain hardiness to the Germans that could lead one to feel that way. For all that, though, they are worthy of some measure of respect. But then, I have lived here for a very long time. Perhaps I have just acclimatised to their ideosyncrasies in that time and no longer see it for what it is." he shrugs easily. "But that is neither here nor there. I would love to discuss the matter further at a later stage, but for now, you are correct. I should not monopolise your time so selfishly." At this, he slides out of the booth, offering the Beauty an arm as they return to the others at the table. [Dialogue in English from now on] "Thank you for your patience, please do forgive my absence." He slides a chair out, offering it to Ravenna and waiting till she is seated before taking his own. "I believe introductions are in order. Ravenna, may I introduce Lily, of the City Gangrel, Lady Erzsébet of Clan Brujah, as well as Olaf, Burgomeister of Pankow and Primogen to Clan Nosferatu. Annalisa, of Clan Toreador, is our host, but is tending to her duties as such at the moment. Everyone, may I introduce Revanna of the Lasombra. She will be visiting our fine city in the coming nights."
  16. Vampire: The Long Night - OOC

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  17. Vampire: The Long Night - OOC

    Ravenna paused, curiously narrowed her eyes and examined Artus. He was simply standing there, eyes glossed over. She waved her hand in front of his face. Nothing. "Artus?" She asked softly, attempting to lure his attention away from whatever had enraptured him. "Trouble there, sweetness?" Olaf asked, as he approached the couple. "Well, I'm not sure..." Ravenna replied, cradling her chin in her hand. "We were talking and then... nothing. He just, stopped." "Huh." Olaf looked at Artus, opening his mouth and looking inside. He flicked the statuesque Keeper's forehead a few times, but nope, nothing. "Eh, that's the problem with these late-model Lasombra's. Sure they're pretty and all kinds nice to look at, but lemme tell you something doll, all kinds of hang-ups and performance issues." "Was it something I said, or did?" The Italian beauty inquired. "Nah, probably not." Olaf walked around to stand behind Artus and inspected him up and down. "Ah! I think I see your problem here, Your Bleakness," He pointed to Artus's butt. "Pilots out. You find a way to light the fire under his ass, babe, and I'm sure he'll kick right back on for ya." "Thank you Olaf," Ravenna smiled, pleased with the level of customer care she was receiving. "You've been a great help." "Don't thank me yet, beautiful, you ain't seen the bill." He winked and walked back over to the table.
  18. Vampire: The Long Night - PC Profiles

    Appearance: Tall and willowy, with olive skin and dark black hair, Ravenna exemplified the classic appearance of old Italian nobility. Garbed always in black or deep purples Ravenna may appear dressed in regal finery one evening and 'club wear' the next, whatever is needed to close in on her prey, but rarely will she wear the guise of a warrior. Better to look the part of the sheep so one can surprise the wolf. She seems to prefer fabric or material that posses a 'sheen' to it, like satin, 'wet-look' spandex or vinyl fabrics, or leather. Regardless of her chosen attire her clothes are often somber affairs that favor ease of movement rather than stuffy presentability. Ravenna de Sombra Clan: Lasombra Sire: Salazar de Ruiz Nature: Rebel Demeanor: Conniver Generation: 7th Embrace: 1190 Apparent Age: 20s
  19. Vampire: The Long Night - PC Profiles

    Name: Lily Archer Gender: Female Age: 77 (23) Concept: Entertainer Clan: Gangrel (city) Nature: Survivor Demeanor: Bon Vivant Stats
  20. The Summary for Artus: I'll post the more in depth background at a later stage. Born in Italy in 1180 to a Italian Noble family, as the second born, he was squired out to another noble family as a foster. He grew up learning the ways of a Knight, along with several other young boys, one of whom was named Bartrand that he had a particular bond with. Their childhood was fairly standard of the times. The first unusual occurrence came in the boys 15th year, where they were called to a meeting held by the Pope at the time, Urban II. The Pope, desiring to see Jerusalem under a Christian Banner. He granted a year for all the present Knights to gather themselves and make preparations for a long absence. They made their way east to constantinople, their training leaving them exhausted wrecks almost daily from its intensity in an effort to prepare them, the heat and mountainous terrain doing wonders for their stamina and resistance to the environment. Finally arriving in constantinople through Greece, they then headed South, taking part in several battles and sieges along the way where both boys acquitted themselves with distinction in the field. They finally arrived in Jerusalem and were some of the first crusaders on the ramparts as the city was breached. For their performance on the field and their steadfast dedication to the cause, both boys were granted their spurs, though they were younger than was usual for such a thing, being only 19. Having acquired full Knighthood, they chose the Knightly orders they wished to serve with, Bartrand with the Knights Templar, while Artus took his vows with the Knights of St. Lazarus. He spent the next three years in the city, providing succour to the Lepers of Jerusalem and collecting what he could of eastern arms and armaments. At this stage, he was approached by a Woman who convinced him to follow her. She led him to the outskirts of Jerusalem and imprisoned him there, explaining what she was and what she wanted. He resisted her to the best of his abilities, but after three days of capture, he was broken and asked her for the change, just as she had wished. Over the next years, she taught him the ways of Cainites, to hunt and hide, as well as clan history, before taking him to introduce him the court as a whole. Here he met the man who had originally intended to sire him, but who the Lasombra poached from. After some time, she elected to leave the city, her games with her rival having palled, and they packed up their valuables, and moved west to get a boat to Europe, being waylaid briefly with an encounter with Bartrand. He recognised Artus and fearing some form of Sorcery attacked. He and his party were defeated his party killed but Bartrand spared and sent on his way. Arriving in Europe, they wandered for a while, before finally settling in a small town at a junction between two trade routes that his sire had seen potential in, the city that would become Berlin. The next several centuries saw him rising in and out of Torpor as the fancy took him, generally while there were conflicts raging nearby. He would observe, fight as the interest took him, and collect souvenirs. He remembers with particular fondness those years the Golden Horde advanced to Europe. Things continued apace with little to keep his interest and as such he was surprised when he first came across Bartrands descendants. Apparently he had written about Artus and his family had taken it upon themselves to see him put to rest so that his soul might find peace. They came at him during the day. While he was sleeping driving a stake through his heart and proceeding to decapitate him. His ghouls of the time rushed to his defence and in the ensuing fight, some black powder was set off which collapsed the Tunnels leading to his haven, leaving him torpid with the corpses of his friends family and his ghouls. The next time he would be disturbed from his sleep would be in 1945, as the allies were invading Berlin, some of the bombing had reopened the warren of tunnels that were his haven and a small german platoon found his resting place. They accidentally awoke him, and in a fit of Starving rage he killed them all before he began to set about finding out what had happened during the long centuries of his sleep. He has since found the world much changed. He found the local court, introduced himself and has since not returned to Torpor, finding the world to be so different from what he had been used to as to be intriguing. He has since set himself up as a part of Kine nightlife scene, with the various clubs that he has owned under various aliases for the last 60 or so years. He regularly takes part in Kindred society, though he is a comparatively silent figure in the gatherings enjoying comparatively peaceful relations with many of the rest of the court. He has been interested in the last while in potentially setting up some new mortal interests but for now he contents himself in continuing to grow his current Nightclub, Berghain/Panorama.
  21. CLUB verwöhnen Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Berlin It was a fairly typical Friday night in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. The variety of clubs were all open with lines of people outside waiting while barely muffled music thumped out of the various clubs. There was a slight drizzle that night, and though not enough to keep the crowds of club-goers home, it did manage to get everything just a bit wet, letting the lights and neon reflect off the streets and sidewalks. CLUB verwöhnen was busy, the bottom floors where occupied by DJs, dancers and diners. The sound of EBM and Techno music filled the air, turning the people on the dance floor into a single, sweaty, writing mass of flesh and color. Despite the number of kine, these two floors were generally avoided by the kindred. The noise, and general chaos, not to mention the music, made it an environment that was unpleasant to most kindred. What kindred there actually were in club congregated on the private club on the third floor, taking advantage of the more intimate setting, lower volume and private lounges. Only member could gain entry to the third floor, or those who wished to pay the 100 Euro free for a one night membership. As a courtesy, Annalisa extended membership to all of the kindred of the city, providing they could conduct themselves properly, thus it tended to be the gathering place for kindred withing the club. Tonight there was a live performance, an artist all the way from America. She was a young black woman, her hair short and in loose, grey curls. She had a laptop and a couple of other pieces of electronics set up, as well as an acoustic guitar on a stand. Her music was mellow and gave the floor a very relaxed atmosphere. The live artist and the song she is currently performing (click here). It was a much more intimate setting on this floor, only several dozen kine and maybe a half dozen or so kindred. The smell of food and drinks mingle with perfumes and colognes, and to the kindred, the smell of vitae as well. Some sat at tables and listened, a few danced slowly to the music, with others relaxed in the private lounges that went around the perimeter of the floor. Lily, Erzsébet, Artus were no strangers to the club. Lilly had performed a time or two at CLUB verwöhnen after arriving in Berlin, while Erzsébet had discovered the place after being brought there by one of her ghouls. With his own place, The Club Berghain, just down the street in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, it was not uncommon for Artus to be seen at CLUB verwöhnen. In a private lounge at the back of the room, opposite the stage, sat a woman dressed in a suit with flared cuffs and collar. She was impeccably dressed and groomed, almost statuesque as she watched the young woman perform. She was smoking, but the cigarette seemed more of an affectation, generally just slowly burning down between her fingers sending a thin strand smoke wafting up to the ceiling. The woman had a unmistakable allure to any who looked upon her, like some unseen gravity that simply drew people to her. As such, there tended to be a disproportionate number of kine congregating near her private lounge, seemingly just wanting to be near her, even if they lacked the courage to actually approach and speak with her. Though the other kindred in the club that night did not particularly know her, the could recognize Rose, one of the Daughters of Cacophony, sitting at a table near the stage, but off to the side, her eyes closed as she slowly swayed in her seat, lost in the music. Artus and Erzsébet both sat together while Erzsébet's retainer, Lilian, enjoyed the dancing and music. The pair had found a certain familiarity, both feeling out of their time as it were, and Artus' manners were much more in like with what Erzsébet was used to. And the club, though not an outright Rack, did make for an excellent hunting ground for those where more sociable and discrete. Annalisa fluttered about the room from time to time, making sure all of her guests are taken care of, talking with patrons here and there. She was certainly in her element, the social skills common to so many of Clan Toreador on display and serving her well. She had just stepped away from a table when she noticed Lily step into the private club.
  22. Vampire: The Long Night - OOC

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  23. Vampire: The Long Night - PC Profiles

    Erzsébet Personal Information Real Name: Erzsébet (Unknown) Identities: Countess Erzsébet Corvin Nature: Celebrant Demeanor: Soldier Concept: Ghoul Noblewoman and Companion/Servant (What she was before is Unknown) Clan: Brujah Generation: 7th Sire: Pyotr Date of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: August 20th, 2011 (St. Stephen's Day) Nationality: Hungarian (Unknown) Region Active: Berlin, Germany Occupation: Dilettante Noblewoman/Socialite and occasional Student Allegiance(s): Dmitri, (Maybe others in Berlin) Physical Traits Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Hungarian and Slovakian (Unknown) Age: Unknown (23 according to current paperwork) Apparent Age: Teens-to-Thirties Height: 5'1'' Weight: 102 lbs Eyes: Dark Blue Hair: Raven Black; waist length, always well styled Handedness: Left Appearance: Erzsébet is a petite woman of delicate and surpassing, and to those who know what to look for, not quite natural, beauty. She possesses a flawless, aged ivory complexion that glows with health and vigor and which contrasts gorgeously with her silky, glistening waist-length sable hair - always elegantly and stylishly coiffed - and her naturally crimson lips. Her figure is svelte and supple and almost exaggerated with her waspishness of waist yet fullness and youthful firmness of breast and hip. Her physical age is very difficult to judge. Her very fine and delicate features and huge, incredibly dark blue eyes should convey youth and innocence, but her aristocratic bearing, insouciant sensuality, and developed figure belongs to an older, more mature and experienced woman. She has been thought to be anywhere in her teens to her thirties. Her voice is sweet yet surprisingly low for a woman of her size and despite being fluent in nearly a dozen languages, she has a pronounced Hungarian accent. She carries herself with a fluid and noble grace and always dresses in sophisticated Gothic-Victorian fashions of the finest make, with growing steampunk or modern flourishes. Though she always wears corsets and high heels (the way her feet and calves and tendons have been shaped make wearing anything less than 4 inches uncomfortable), with her growing independence, Erzsébet is as likely to wear pants as skirts or dresses now. She only wears shades of white, red, and black. Still looking for more and/or better pics for Erzsébet Abilities/Special Skills: Erzsébet is a very adept linguist along with having an academic interest in the development of language. She is also deceptively skilled in the use of firearms and various blades, is an exquisite ballroom dancer, and has manners belonging to those of high society. Quirks -Always wears corsets (either as under or outer wear) and high heels. Only wears shades of White, Red, and Black. -Can't respond to any name other than Erzsébet -Won't willingly allow anyone to use Domination or Vicissitude on her, or even allow a Tzimisce to touch her, not without growing violent -Avoids the Spandau district as much as possible -Quite religious and regularly goes to church to pray, but has only contempt and disgust for clergy and priests. She doesn't need them to intercede when she speaks with God, they are but men and as false as any other, and more hypocritical than most. -Never directly harms children and doesn't like seeing others doing so, possibly to the point of getting violent -Usually has at least one pistol and knife on her person, always handcrafted and elegantly decorated -Genuinely loves her twin Retainers and sees any assault on them as an assault on herself. -Due to her time as a Ghoul and the circumstances around how she first feed as a Vampire, Erzsébet finds the blood of Cainites far more delicious than the blood of Canaille, though she is by no means adverse to feeding on the Kine, as long as they are not ugly or dirty -Though it has been explained to most, some still believe Erzsébet capable of going out in sunlight due to the identical appearances of her and her ghouls Background Once, I had face, a life, of my own. But that was before I met my Lord and Husband, Prince János Corvin Hunyadi. He gave me a mask to wear I cannot take off, and a life shadowed by blood and eternal night. It began, I think with the onset of the Great War. The detente with the Ottoman Turks had ended and they were invading - No! I am sorry, that was from another time, long ago, when my first husband Count Ferenc Nádasdy outmaneuvered János for my hand, which was only to be expected. The Nádasdy were wealthy and influential, almost as much so as the Báthory, while the Hunyadi had fallen on hard times since King Matthias Corvinus, and János was an illegitimate son, besides. This time, the Ottomans were our allies and Austria-Hungary went to war with the Serbians and their allies, the Russian Czars, for the assassination of the Archduke. My family and I, we were just trying to find a place of safety in the mountains. We came across a small village under a castle in Slovakia. An uncommonly beautiful pair of sisters, twins, offered us to guest in the Csejte Castle, and being tired and hungry with nothing but what we could carry on our backs, we could hardly refuse. And that is where I met the man, the vampire, that was the Lord and Husband I was always meant to have. He looked at me and I forgot those I had come with under the love swelling beneath my breasts. He told me I had come home, and it was so. He kissed me and it was ecstasy. I drank the wine that was his blood and it was transcendent. His hands molded my flesh like clay as his voice and eyes molded my soul, and he revealed to me who I now would be, who I was meant to be. I was the countess Erzsébet Bathory, infamous for bathing in the blood of virgin girls and performing countless sacrilegious acts of torture and murder. All rubbish and calumny of course. When my husband died, I was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in the land. I was well educated and of exquisite birth, I saw no need to hand my wealth and influence to another man. The Crown and the Church of course couldn't abide my independence, wishing the wealth and influence for their own. They fouled my and my family's name and reputation with lies and gossip, and charged me with these most unholy of acts. It was preposterous, yet they produced dozens of witnesses to my supposed atrocities, even to having all but one of my servants testify against me. I would wager they were bought off with promises, gold, or indulgences. Inevitably, I was judged guilty, but it would not have been politically expedient to have me burned at the stake. So I was sentenced to confinement in Csejte Castle, bricked up in a tower suite. I did not die, but lingered, my flesh growing old and the false accusations wearing down on my. I prayed to God and did not blame him, but for his clergy, I have nothing but hate for, for they are as vice-ridden and greedy as any man, despite their protestations to a higher calling. And then my Lord and Husband found me and released my from my torment. He returned to me my youth and beauty, my innocence, and transformed my prison back into my home. It had been many centuries, but János Corvin Hunyadi had gone so far as to damn himself in his pursuit to save me and destroy the ones who had profaned me. How could not one love and serve such as he, even with his dark curse? So I served him, faithfully and gladly, as a wife and retainer and guard, his eyes, ears, and hands under the sun were he could no longer go. Myself and all the other Erzsébets he had saved, my sisters, my mirrors, my other selves. There was no jealousy among us, for all our love and devotion were for János, and he loved us in return, for we were exactly as he wished us to be. Sometimes we were young and nubile, at others, more mature and lush, as his fancy took him, but mostly a mix of the two. Over the decades however, I saw found our faces differing more from the original portrait he had of us, as he desired a new aesthetic. For you see, our Lord and Husband was quite mad, perhaps senile, though of course, we could not love him any less. I learned my place in the court of the Cainites as once I had known my place among the upper echelons of the Canaille. I brought back suitable vessels to my Domitor János, for sustenance or to join his harem of Erzsébets, as he decided. I acted as hostess for his rare guests among the Damned, and as his companion and bodyservant on the even more rare times he traveled to his other estates and properties or other Kindred. Twice, I attended János when he visited brethren at Hunedoara Castle in Romania, and never have I been to a place so profanely sanctified, debauchery and transcendence so entwined. It terrified me, made me feel unclean, and yet, still, I yearn for it. It was a fine life I thought. I had a powerful man who loved me, and being the scion of a King and Prince was wealthy and showered us with gifts. He bestowed upon us the ambrosia that was his blood - the ecstatic nectar of Cainite blood - and we were beautiful as few others and ever young. I grew strong and unlike my cursed Love, Lord, and Husband, I could still bask under God's bright sun. But always, the shadow of what he was was there. The bodies that had to be disposed of, having to submit as sustenance for his guests. Each decade of so, he would choose an Erzsébet and try to make of her a true wife and equal, but he would always fail, for he could produce no Childer of his own. His mood would be foul and dark for weeks afterwards, until he forgot he had ever did such a thing. Until the next time. I regret he never choose me for the Gift, for I loved him most and knew I could survive Damnation to remain by his side forever. The years, they began to run together. Things changed, and the Erzsébets, we were aware of it, but in Csejte Castle, progress seemed far away, we lived in a near perpetual stasis. There would have been ennui in that, were it not for the all consuming love and desire we could not help feel for our Lord and Husband, and for each other. Some years after the newest millennium, I was in Bratislava on errands for János when I was most rudely accosted. When I regained my senses, I found myself bound before two rather disheveled men. It took me a moment to recognized them as Cainites that had paid a stop at Csejte Castle. But as they were mere Rabble and peasants, with not even a letter of introduction by someone of standing, I had to turn them away rather brusquely without even informing my Husband. These two Cainites, Russian Bolsheviks or the like, I believed, seemed to have issue with my dismissal and with my Husband, and grew most wroth when I told I saw no need to apologize. When they sought to use their Cainite Disciplines to instill in me a hatred and rage towards my Lord and Husband, I openly scoffed at them for trying to turn my love into something other. They did not seem to like my response - I must admit, I may have used language a proper lady should not. They drained me dry, and I felt the familiar ecstasy, though their Kiss was still lesser to that of my Lord. Melancholy flowed through me as my blood flowed out at the thought I would never see my love János Corvin Hunyadi ever again, even as an unworthy kernel of hate and rage wormed its way into the stillness of my no longer beating heart. Then one of them, named Pyotr I heard the other say, gave of himself his own blood. My heart no longer beat, I no longer breathed, but I lived. Existing among the Society of the Kindred was all I have ever known, yet I had never seen a personage successfully given the cursed blessing. But I had heard much of it. These poor Rabble expected me to be weak, planned on returning me to János in near Frenzy, to cause trouble and pain. But I had fed on Elder blood for longer than either had been alive or dead, I hungered, I was quite distressed at being restrained in returning to my Love and Husband, and the hate and rage they had tried to instill in me burned brighter. I consumed the blood of the woman they had given to me, though it was sour with narcotics and disease, but I was not satiated. I fear I quite lost control of myself and let my anger get the best of me, alas. These poor Brujah had not expected me to be so strong nor fast, but I had always looked to the safety of János. To be honest, they seemed to be even more surprised by the elegant, large bore revolver I pulled from my purse and used with great skill, but I admit, I derived far more satisfaction by using the matching dagger on them. I Hungered so and there was a great deal of Cainite Nectar about, it seemed a crime to let go to waste. As I had the poor woman, I drank the feebly protesting Brujah of all the sweet, sweet blood in their undead veins. The taste, the ecstasy of it was even more potent, now that I had passed the threshold to the other side of life. But it was as nothing next to the sensation of what I felt when they were dry of the sanguine ambrosia and I couldn't help but keep drawing more sustenance from them, until I took the remnants of their soul into me, if Cainites still possessed such. You cannot know the utter, euphoria rapture of it without experiencing it yourself. Diablerie was one of the greatest crimes about the Cainites, and surely God will never forgive me such a sin, but in that moment, I would have willingly accepted damnation to taste it once more. When I was done, I was quite a mess and very late in returning home. I cleaned myself and made myself presentable once more, which required a stop at a reputable atelier. My Love for my Husband was no less, but it seemed to have grown.. fragile, and a seething hate and rage lurked beneath the surface that I could not seem to dispel. I returned to Csejte Castle in the dark, and begged forgiveness of my husband for my unfortunate tardiness. I had though he would see the change in me immediately, but I yet retained the blush of health, youth, and innocence as all the other Erzsébets and he seemed unaware. And as I lay with him while the sun began to rise, I grew aware of the mask he had put on me, that I had worn for near a century. I could not take it off, but I knew it for what it was. The sun sent János Corvin Hunyadi to sleep, but I resisted yet. Still, I loved him, but the hate for what he had done to me, rage that I could no resist or retaliate, doubled and redoubled again. My teeth grazed his neck, then pierced his cold flesh, and I began to drink, slow, tender, and thorough, until Final Death. Crimson tears crept down my cheeks and János my love never once resisted or protested. The Brujah peasants had been but aperitifs. János Corvin Hunyadi had been an Elder Cainite, even older than I had imagined or he had claimed, a son to a King and a Prince in his own right. The power in his blood, in the essence that I took into myself, overwhelmed me and I quite lost myself. When I collected myself once more, I found myself among a throng of Erzsébets, all with their throats torn open. I believe I tried pass on my new state with my sisters, my mirrors, so I would not be alone, but alas, they same defect that János had been inflicted had been passed on to me in my vile sin. Only two of my sisters had escaped my ecstatic madness. But I could not bear to lose them them as well. Our Lord and Husband had passed most unfortunately, but I would take them into my service if they were so willing, and they agreed. Alas, while János may have been reclusive, he was still an Elder of the Tzimisce, and the Clan was insular and... Clannish. They would not abide my presence in my ancestral - I mean to say, the place I had been forced to believe was my ancestral home, if and when they learned of my crime. The entire Carpathians would be denied me. Erzsébet Corvin was the sole inheritor of János Corvin, and in the following weeks, we disposed or hid ownership of most of my assets and property in the Eastern Bloc countries, to my distress. It was not truth, but Hungary and Slovakia were the nations I had known as home. And then we made preparations to move my household. I had been fond of Vienna, but the Tremere were very traditional and ruled that city with an iron fist. It would suit, if I did not believe they would turn my over to the Tzimisce at the most expedient moment. I settled on Berlin. It had exquisite museums and well respected centers of learning and I had always been - or at least considered myself, a well educated and sophisticated woman for my time, and was fluent in German, among many other languages. János' property there was mine now and I took possession of it, accompanied by my two remaining twins. I presented myself to Prince Dietrich and made my obeisance. He and Dmitri were perfect gentlemen and quite accepting of my presence, when I explained the unfortunate circumstances leading to my relocation, though of course, I saw no need to reveal all that transpired. Now, it has been scant a decade that I have found myself from being a subservient scion outside the Court of Cainites to one of its members, and still, I wonder at my place in it, without my Lord and Husband János at my side. Damn him to the deepest reaches of Hell! And damn me too. Though I despise all his servants, I can't help but wonder if God could ever forgive such a one as I? Especially as I do not even know who I truly am, beyond the fantasy a senile man put upon me like an iron mask. Character Sheet Ghoul #1 Ghoul #2
  24. Vampire: The Long Night - PC Profiles

    ANNALISA ROSE Annalisa Rose Mueller was born on April 15th 1912, the same day the Titanic sunk. She was raised on a farm in Gettysburg Pa. As a girl growing up she was normal the only place where she excelled was singing in church. Her pastor once remarked that her voice sounded like “angels announcing the coming of the lord”. When Annalisa was 13 in 1925 she snuck into the local theater with some friends when a traveling burlesque show passed thru town. She was enthralled by the dancers and the singers especially with a very beautiful girl with short blond hair cut in the bob so popular in the cities. Annalisa, unlike her friends was not boy crazy, never joining in with them when they talked about the boys they wanted to marry or the like. But when she saw that girl on stage, when she heard her sing, the feeling she got were not normal. For days after all she wanted to talk about was the show and the girl, much to her friends annoyance. One of them finally fed up told Annalisa that the girl wasn't all that good of a singer and that Annalisa could sing better any way. Her other friends agreed. This brought Annalisa up short. She could sing better? Suddenly the pretty girl was all but forgotten and Annalisa started dreaming of it being her up on that stage. A dream that would chart the course of her life an d her death. When Annalisa was 17 she left home to pursue her dream in New York. It wasn't easy there were thousands of girls just like her all wanting to become a star. And Annalisa, who by this time was calling herself Rose Miller, struggled to find that break. Show business in that day and age was a very sordid business especially for a young girl, and for Rose it was no diffenet. But she did what she had to do and evnetually found herself on a marquee in an off Broadway revue Singing. Her heavenly voice drew people in and attracted a number of fans One of which was a woman. The lady was married to a prominent and very wealthy business man and when the attentions of the wife to this rising star (attentions Rose returned) were threatening to be discovered, the husband moved to curtail the scandal. The rich man made it clear to Rose that she should leave New York and the United states until any whisper of the scandal could be forgotten. He paid her off promised her a job in a the follies in Paris and had his “associates” put her on a steamship. Paris was horrible. Rose had to learn the language the job with the follies never materialized and the money she had been paid which had seemed like a lot had proven to be very inadequate. In short time she found herself all but destitute on the streets of a foreign country. But Rose didn't forget her dream. She wanted, no needed that spotlight need to sing to the audience needed their love and adoration. So Rose did what she had to to get back on stage but stardom eluded her. Instead she found herself drawn into the life style of the cabaret and follies, Sex, Drugs, alcohol, pursuit of pleasure with wild abandon. Deep in her soul it tormented her, inside she was still the little girl who sang in church, but outside she wallowed in sin. She hated herself for the things she did but the pleasures were just to much to give up and so she never rose above it instead she became a queen of the scene, one who gave and received the many pleasures with out a care for the consequences. The scene moved from Paris to Berlin in the 1930s, the world tumbled into depression, the first whispers of the growing Nazi party slithered in the shadows and in Berlin the Cabaret ruled. Anything you wanted could be had for a price and all of it was accompanied by song and dance. And one of the most sought after singers of the cabaret was Anna Mueller, as Rose was now calling herself, switching back to her German surname. For a time at least in this place Anna was a star, no she was the Star. And she was loved and desired. Men wanted her, women wanted her, Nazi's and Communist wanted her. And things that ruled the night wanted her. And those things didn't want to share. In 1936, Anna drew the attention of a woman, a powerful vampire of the Toreador clan, this vampire became enamored and began her observation and cultivation. It was the Vampire's intention to claim Anna and make her one of them. A rival Vampire from the Ventrue, discovered this and sought out Anna as well. Over the next two years Anna became a silent pawn in a game the two Vampires played. Anna for her part was attracted to both but her feelings of love were for the woman. This angered the Ventrue and, giving in to his beast. he abducted Anna one night and drained her with the intention of making her his and his alone. The Toreador had learned of the Ventrue's treachery and had set out to rescue Anna. The two fought and the Ventrue was defeated and fled into the night. Anna was near death her blood having already been mostly drained, her beautiful lover went to her and opened her own vein and fed Anna the blood sealing her damnation. Anna had not known until that night the nature of her suitors and now that she knew what they were she realized that she was damned her sins had caught up with her. At first she rebelled but later she came to realize that she had been shackled. The more she experienced the more she came to realize that the pleasures she had chased before were pale compared to what she could have now. She embraced her new unlife and she and her lover ruled the night. Then war came. It was horrible but even in the horror the two found beauty and pleasure but when the bombs began to fall in Berlin they fled to a remote haven Anna's mistress had prepared and they went into torpor to wait out the war. When Anna awoke it was a new world almost two decades had past. Her lover/sire was gone and it would be several years before the two would reunite. Anna stayed at the villa for a time as it was well situated with a good source of prey nearby. But this grew dangerous shorty. A girl Anna fed from grew sick and died after. This had never happened before. Over the course of a few weeks two more victims grew ill and one of those died. Both had been healthy before she had fed. A second thing occurred she found that she was repulsed by silver that its touch burned. This was new none of it had happened before and in some section of her mind the little girl who sang in church knew that her sins were being punished by god. Anna fled the villa, fled Germany. It was difficult but she made her way back to America. She settled for a time in New York. Became a sensation in the nightclubs as Lisa Miller. Both the woman who she had fallen in love with in the twenties and her husband still lived thou both old aged now. She wanted vengeance. She discovered the couples granddaughter was student and Lisa set out to seduce her.. her plan was ruined when she fell in love with the girl and attempted to embrace her. Annalisa knew how to do it but she had never attempted it herself because of al the rules but really who cared about rules. She drained the girl and opened the vein in her wrist and held it to her mouth she drank greedily and should have blossomed into her new unlife. Instead she writhed and screamed in absolute pain as the blood poisoned her leaving not immortal but dead. Anna was cursed her blood a foul murderous poison bringing death not unlife. Annalisa flew into a rage. She murdered the girls family , her parents, and grand parents killing the old man last making sure he knew who and what she was. It was the lowest she had ever been a sinful cursed creature. It would take her along time to put these new sins behind her. She fled back to Europe. And spent the sixties and seventies in England and France. Never staying in any one location for too long. Her feeding was erratic not everyone got sick bu if she wasn't careful feeding could become a problem. Eventually as the eighties dawned she found herself back In Berlin. It was comfortable. It was Home. It was a place she would always come back to. As the second decade of the 21st century passed its midway point. Annalisa Rose was back in Berlin. She was now the owner of a out of the way hot night spot catering to those seeking the finer pleasures the world has to offer. It is a place that celebrates music and the bohemian life style.Occasionally she will take the stage but mostly she is content to simply promote those mortals who have what it takes but can't seem to get a break. Annalisa in the 1930's Annalisa in the 1930's Annalisa today https://www.dropbox.com/s/gj23t2vjumqw7oe/Rose.pdf?dl=0
  25. This thread is for you you to post your PC profiles and character sheets. You all know each other, so some background and images of each other will help.
  26. CLUB verwöhnen (spoil) When Annalisa felt it was time to leave London at the turn of the century she knew that Berlin, the place of her Vampiric birth, was where she wanted to go. But this time she didn't want to just come for a few years this time she wanted to settle. She left London in early 2000 for Paris the plan was to lose herself there and emerge in a couple of years with a new identity in Berlin. She sent Beth and Sidney ahead of her and they began building the foundation for the future. They located a decent entertainment district with several clubs already active. They chose two of them and began investing in them, not to take over , but rather to strengthen them and make sure that they had the cash to survive any downturn in business. They also acquired an 4 story apartment building in the same location. The apartments over the next five years were bought out and the tenants relocated. Then the renovations began. By this time Annalisa had herself moved back into Berlin. This was around 2005 – 2006 They turned the first floor of the building into a club/restaurant. This club was not designed to be the final product in fact Annalisa supported the neighboring clubs more than she did her own. The club struggled for a few years underwent several name and style changes until it closed at the beginning of 2010. But by then people were used to there being a club at the location. Later that year Annalisa opened what would become her unlifes work, Club verwöhnen, or 'spoil' in English. The first floor was opened as a full nightclub featuring the best house music and Djs from across the continent it is divided into two separate dance rooms each which would feature different styles of music every night they were open. The dance/music rooms are separated by sound proofed lounge rooms where people could congregate and take a break from the nonstop music. The first floor also houses the kitchens which serve all of the clubs. Club food from the kitchen can be ordered and served in the lounges. The second floor was more intimate with one club and several private lounges as well as a full service dining room. The club here was smaller and was designed to showcase both high end Djs and Live acts, local and international. The club could be accessed from within the first floor clubs via stairs but entry was subject to an additional cover charge. It could also be entered by a dedicated entrance from outside and from the restaurant. The restaurant dining room could be accessed by a dedicated entrance outside as well, and did not require a cover charge unless the patrons wished to enter the club proper. The restaurant servers gourmet cuisine by an award winning chef. The third floor was even more intimate and was a private club and open to members only. Single time memberships could be purchased for 100Euro for attendance at special concerts featuring international stars. These shows were always intimate and usually acoustic or solo performances. The third floor also featured a variety of private rooms for the use of members and their guests. Kindred were welcome and catered to on this floor. Security and discretion were paramount on the third floor.the third floor was accessed via stairs and an elevator located on the second floor and via a private elevator from the first floor. The fourth floor held offices for the club, storage, and apartments for staff. Annalisa has an apartment on the fourth floor but it is not her real haven. There is a secret elevator which connects to a sub basement built during the war. This basement has a tunnel which goes under the street to the apartments across the way where she has an apartment under another name. This is her actual haven. She owns this building as well under a shell corporation that Beth has set up for secret holding. The Acts that Annalisa bring in are meant to compliment the other two working clubs in relation to hers. She maintains her investment in both clubs but it is as a silent partner only any business suggestions she does is done through mild suggestion. The other two clubs are Madame Claude and Kvartira 62. The three establishments are all located within easy walking distance and provide the full verity of musical entertainment which the public seeks. Aside from the restaurant at spoil the area features many other fine dinning opportunities. The first floor clubs are built to be decorated for the individual shows or Djs but in general are of the Techno Underground Style. Below are some pictures from the two dance clubs and a representative of the between lounges. The Second floor is more a traditional club setting with a modifiable stage. The restaurant shares the look and vibe of the club. The overall decor is changed twice a year around the end of spring and the beginning of winter to reflect the seasons. The third floor club is done up as a modern day cabaret with the tables being movable for custom arrangement and to provide more or less seating as desired. The private rooms are luxurious and all feature full self service bars. Food can be ordered from the kitchens at all hours.
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