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Aberrant: Weirder Stuff this is an Aberrant game using an original setting.

In Aberrant: Weirder Stuff (henceforth AWS) you will play a Quantum Enhanced Human who must decide how to live with your new found powers and what role you will play in the coming world upheaval. It is a modern setting/Supers/Scifi/Weird Adventure which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality. Focus will be Character Drama, Us against them, facing the Unknown, and Action. Oh and there may be sex.

The game will begin, but not be restricted to, a small town in Montana. The town is a Fictionalized version of Shelly Montana ( based on the town of Shelby  http://www.city-data.com/city/Shelby-Montana.html ). The general public are not aware of Quantum Enhanced Humans (Novas in base aberrant), although if your a nerd and google every weird thing in the world (I'm not saying it's aliens … but it's aliens) there are stories of... well weird shit happening, some of which are true.

Enhanced Humans first began manifesting about 10-15 years ago, although these early manifestations were primarily low level mega stat recipients and went undetected by even those who manifested. Over the intervening years more low level manifestations have occurred and were first discovered by the government agency responsible for creating them (unknowingly, more on that later). This discovery took place about 5 years ago . The exact cause of the manifestation of super normal abilities is not yet known but there are theories. There are few QEHs (Quantum Enhanced Humans) in existence all of which are from the united states and all who manifested in one of 3 locations and all of which are government employees. These couple of dozen or so QEHs possess powers that range from low level mega stats (1 -2 dot) to low level provable psychic abilities such as telepathy, esp, etc. The government is unaware of any massive super powered people and in fact there have been no such manifestations. Until now.

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  4. Features pale after the mental playback of the murder, Jeane felt the itch in her palm amplify to a burn, a fear dancing in her eyes and demanding she have something on hand to defend herself *right now*. The second-most junior Key in the room stashed her useless phone and waved to get the attention of the group, clearing her throat, "Everyone's familes includes mine, right? Sage mentioned applications and parental permission and other things, so I'm not official by any means, just right place at the wrong time or wrong place at the right time or whatever. Ronin pretty clearly lumps me in with you guys, so send me back now please if the answer's no. I don't like my family very much honestly, but they're mine. Definitely not good enough to stop him, but maybe he'd be satisfied making his point on me." "I want to stay though and learn how to stop Keys and monsters like him though. At least point me in the direction of another teacher if you can't or won't," she finished, bereft of all bravado.
  5. Abel's face showed no emotion, which would normally be odd, but it was so he didn't give in to all the dark thoughts he was having. Like Sean, he would never forget that scene, as one of them crossed a line Irrevocably. He shoved away the guilt he felt over this, that he'd somehow allowed this to happen, knowing what Ronin could logically do, and then not putting a stop to it, because they were friends. He'd dutifully showed it to everyone, except for Kyle, even as he held Kia. <Alright so where do we go Sean? Unless you've got a secret underground lab, There's not many places we can go we cannot be found. We could go to Hawaii, I have a condo there We could all be comfortable there for however long it takes to sort this out. Also, where are Alchemy and GateKeeper?>
  6. "No everyone stay right here. Captain Mckeller is moving our families to someplace safe," Interjected Sean and held up her hand to forestall any more talking. "Don't ask I don't know where. I'm sorry Lilly this all happened about twenty minutes ago while all of you were involved with Jeane and Kyle. I...I wasn't there for the attack but i was afterward within minutes. Abel I know none of you want to believe this I'm going to show you exactly what I saw. and I want you to relay directly to each of them." Sean took Able's hand and looked into his eyes and opened her mind to his and thru his link each person present saw what Sean had seen. FORT BULWARK, MONTANA (moments ago) Sean rematerialized inside the Portal Room at Fort Bulwark, standard for any translocation abilities to prevent people from bumping into suddenly appearing travelers. She could tell immediately that something had gone wrong, seriously wrong. The background murmur of voices she could hear through the walls had a different quality and she could hear an alarm. There was the smell of concrete dust in the air and the tang of blood. The base was on lock down. "Sean, you're here, good," McKellar said, noting that the tall woman was wearing subtle cosmetics and her hair fell in a smooth tail to the small of her back. "This way please, I need you to do your thing." "My thing?" Sean asked curiously as she fell into step with McKellar as they walked through the halls. She pursed her lips, noting the all the medical personnel, various cracks on the walls and ceilings here and there, and downed soldiers, some silent, others groaning or on stretchers. "General Pryor is missing. I want to see if you can tell what happened." McKellar led her to the General's Office, opened the door and gestured inside. Sean took in the disrupted display with a glance, then gave McKellar a level, slighty narrow-eyed look. There were of a height. "My thing," Sean murmured blandly. He knew, and he knew she knew that he knew. "I'll explain later, I promise, but time is of the essence," McKellar said, forcing himself not to take a step back. There had been a dangerous tone in Sean's melodious voice. "I would like that," Sean replied coolly, then she stepped into the office. She opened her awareness to its fullest as she analyzed every single thing in the office, it's position, how it lay, and where it likely had been before, down to the microscopic level. She frowned at the cracks in the wall, and the spatters of blood. There was a holistic interconnectedness to the Universe, each part abutting every other part, that Sean could perceive with effort. In many ways, distance was an illusion. The holographic nature of the universe allowed Keys to teleport from here to there and sense distant events. Sean could send her perceptions anywhere on earth and further besides. Distance could be an illusion and so could time. Events in the moment sent ripples forward and backward in time. Attuning herself to them and collating them with what she knew and could witness in the presence allowed Sean to determine the probabilities of what had happened or what would happen. As Sean investigated, faint simulations of the recent past began to flow in her mind, overlapping and growing more defined as the most likely probability became more distinct. Sean picked up a box, a picture of Lilly at Homecoming on top, the glass of the frame cracked, and saw: General Pryor packing a box with his personal belongs. He handles a picture of Lilly with care before placing it in the box. He is moving, being reassigned. The handling of Keys is being shifted from the Military to a Civilian program. Sean stepped around the desk and forward several paces, then looked at the floor. Someone appears in the room. Not stepping into the room, but suddenly is there. Dozens of images flicked in Sean's mind, different people, different versions of the same people, until the image solidified into Devin wearing black cargo pants. The writing on his shirt keeps changing. A susurration of voices filled her head as General Pryor and Devin spoke, all the variations of what they could have said, until the gist of what they saying came through. General Pryor mentions that Devin had a lot to answer for, that they can't hide what Devin had been doing from the Irregulars and other for much longer, that they can help him. Devin is righteous and condescending, condemning humanity for what they were, what they are. General Pryor pushes the alert under the edge of his desk and the image in Sean's mind crystallized, the action a focal point that made the following sequence of events far more clear. Armed guards bust open the door. Devin punches one into the other, the force of the blow knocking them both into the wall opposite the office. A gun fires, a bullet rips through the meat of Devin's shoulder. General Pryor has shot him, his aiming purposeful. Devin is surprised, but only for an instant. The second shot misses, Devin blinking in and out. General Pryor tries to reason with Devin, invokes Lilly's name, and her hope that Devin's actions are due to a sickness, a condition of intense channeling of quantum energy. But he has a dual purpose for suggesting bringing Devin to Lilly and Devin knows it. Lilly might be able to subdue him and it isn't a risk he will take. Sean moved back around the desk, crouching low, running slim, graceful fingers along the floor and up the wall. She noticed several speckles of blood then focused her eyes on another spectrum and spotted residual radiation indicative of a Portal. Before General Pryor can shoot again, Devin blinks again, and now he has him by the throat and gun arm. Devin says he can tolerate different points of view, but an attempt on his life is a line too far. A purple irised portal opens to the side, revealing the empty darkness of space broken only by distant points of light from the stars. Sean's lips tightened grimly as she saw that field of stars as the probable path of the past marched inexorably forward. An airman rushes Devin, tries to save the General, and is slapped contemptuous aside by Devin. His gun hand free, Pryor fires again, hits Devin in the side and the leg, but the rogue Key barely flinches, only grunts at the pain. Devin punches General Pryor in the stomach, his eyes bulging with pain and the force of the impact, then Devin throws him through the portal into the cold vacuum of space. Fear paints the General's face as he drifts out of sight and the iris snaps shut with a flare of purple light. The fear on General Pryor's face was marked indelibly in Sean's mind, as is the field of stars he was thrown into. A part of her mind calculated the force he was thrown with, the position and rotation of the planet, and how long ago this has happened. Eight minutes, forty-nine seconds. Her jaw was so tight, she almost expected to her teeth crack. Like everything else, it was a scene she wouldn't, couldn't, ever forget, in the smallest detail. Ronin only shrugs at the terrible death he has inflicted on Lilly's father, then grins as more airmen enter the room. He beats the majority of them down, amusement on his face, before he vanishes in a flash of purple light. It could have been someone else. There were shapeshifters and Keys who could copy the powers of others - Kia herself was both. But the person she had seen had looked like Devin, moved like Devin, displayed the powers and capabilities of Devin. And it had sounded like Devin, not just in voice, but in the cadence and inflections of his words - the expressions and mannerisms had been his. It had been Devin. It had been Ronin. "It was Ronin, McKellar," Sean growled tightly, turning turquoise eyes harder than diamonds on McKellar. "He was here and he threw General Pryor through a portal into outer space. Get me astronomical charts from any agency that has them. It might be too late, but at least we'll bring him home." WATCHTOWER (the present) "I promise you Lilly I will find your dad and bring him home. But right now we have to evacuate the Watchtower. Ronin knows this is our base. It isn't safe here, not for anyone."
  7. Abel quickly brought down his portion of guild chat, and set about bringing up a new version using is telepathic abilities, which comprised only those currently there. Even as he did this, he did do a quick scan for General Pryor, and got back nothing, not a defense, not interference, absolutely nothing, which in his mind, confirmed that the General was truly gone. "Everyone, maybe we should move to one of the briefing rooms here, that way we can all take a seat, and let Sean explain what happened, and why we had to come here with such urgency." <Sean, please tell me the samples from the psyops are safe in storage, and that you have a handle on just what is going on..> he sent privately to Sean.
  8. Seeing Vanguard, no, Lilly, fold in on herself, Jeane failed to process the wonders of the chamber around her. Ronin, no, Devin, no... Whatever... He had been just there! Talking about all for one and one for all and seeming to know so much about how she thought. "...When did this happen? He *WAS* just there looking so cool and being so..," she croaked out, voice seizing up as it her brain helped by providing a few more damning facts to help unsettle her further. The car with her backpack inside. Even if he hadn't known before, if he wanted to, he could know now, and if he wanted to... Some of his remembered words chilled Jeane to the bone, a shadow of a doubt enough to scramble her phone out of her pocket. Zero bars. She glared at it, the ONE DAMN TIME she wanted it to..!
  9. Lilly's face contorted in confusion as she tried to make sure she hears Sean correctly. She held Kyle close, comforting him, as she shook her head at Sean. "No. You are mistaken or this is some kind of trick or something. It must not be my dad. Devin would do something like that, and not to one of us... to me. You got bad intel or something." she countered Sean in disbelief. "He wouldn't... not my dad." she babbled, shaking her head still. "It's some fake body or something. He's just messing with us, or trying to get us to do something, or some sort of set up or something. There's no way Devin would do that. Not to me."
  10. The bottom fell out from under Kia, and she wobbled, almost falling over. "That can't be right," she blurts. "He was just WITH us. He HELPED us!"
  11. THE WATCHTOWER IN ORBIT (the present) The Irregulars, along with their guests materialized in the T'Tauri Transporter chamber, that tingling sensation fading away as they solidified. Almost immediately the members of the team knew something was wrong. None of the normal T'Tauri technicians were in sight instead Sean stood at the control panel a deadpan look on her face betraying no emotion. She wasted no time with pleasantries. “Irregulars cut Guild Chat off immediately it's compromised. Abel, can you link with telepathy to all of us without using GC?” She spoke quickly again her voice giving no sign or emotion. Lilly however notices that Sean is watching her and her alone. “I think so, as long as we are all together. What's going on Sean?” Abel responded. Sean waited until she was sure everyone had cut guild chat before shutting hers down as well. “Does Ronin know about those two?” She indicated Jeane and Kyle. It was Lilly's turn to answer, “Yes he does. Now what is this all about?” Sean looked at Lilly Again at her face softened and Lilly saw grief in her eyes. “I'm so sorry Lilly.” Kyle tightened his grip on Lilly's neck as he hugged her tighter and buried his face into her shoulder. “I'm so so sorry. Lilly your father, General Pryor is dead. He was murdered...by Ronin.”
  12. Kyle hugged Lilly tighter and shook his head at what Jeane said. "No, it's not." Jeane felt a strange tingling and her senses seemed to go wonky as the Transporter beam took hold of the Irregulars and the world faded.
  13. The third thing that Jeane really liked about her powers was that she couldn't really fall while running anymore long as she didn't try something obviously impossible for her abilities. That was the only thing that kept her from faceplanting when Sean issued her decree and Sage his agreement, thunder struck by the many, many implications. What? The Watchtower? Her tumble of thoughts couldn't *quite* connect the name to a thing, but if it had anything to with the teleporter and the good aliens... The grin didn't leave her face, gratefully masking her inner turmoil with practiced ease. She kept an eye out for the guy who, now that she thought about it, might have been Ronin in the entirely-way-too-cool flesh. But combined with what the others had said about him versus what he was doing... Arrrgh. Spotting someone coming out of the pipe out of the corner of one eye, the blonde daredevil turned to see several someones emerge into the light of day. First Lilly. Then the street kid. Then Kia. And then... *another* Lilly. Okay. So that mental echo hadn't been an echo. Not the weirdest thing by far today. Move on. "Hey," she greeted with a nod and returning the first handshake with her own, "Nice shoes. Do you mind if I just do you the one shake? Got someone very important to greet." "Hey, Kyle. We good? Today's been a h... a heck of a day, huh? About to get even better, too, if I'm any judge," Jeane directed at the boy, extending one fist for him to bump knuckles with, eyes dancing with mirth and anticipation.
  14. Lilly stood and picked up Kyle, rested him on her left hip and held him effortlessly with one arm. "Okay. Pick a few of your favorites to bring with us, and I promise we will get more soon." she told him, letting him pick out a few of his toys, which the other Lilly collected for him. "Now, some of our friends are waiting for us outside, but where we are going after that there are some kind of strange looking people." she said as she began walking down the pipe again. "They are very nice and friends too, so you will need to be nice to them. Where we are going you will be safe and everybody there will be nice and we are going to work to make you better." she continued explaining as they rounded the bend in the drain pipe and could see light up ahead, as well as some familiar silhouettes. "See? There they are." she said as they began to come into the light that was spilling in from outside. "That is Abel, and over there is Charlie." she said, point them out to Kyle as they exited the pipe, along with Kia and another Lilly who was cradling an armful of toys. "And this must be Jeane." she said as she turned to the young blonde. "See? She's okay." she said to Kyle. Lilly then held her hand out to Jeane. "I'm Lilly and this is Kia." she said, introducing herself and her BFF as she stepped aside to give Jeane a better view of Kia. "Or I guess you would know us better as Vanguard and Chimera. Nice to meet you face to face finally." she said with a warm smile. Lilly was wearing a pair of running shoes, black yoga pants, and a gray hoodie. Her hair was long and dark, held back by a broad headband. She was in her late teens and rather attractive. Though the hoodie concealed much, it was clear by what could be seen of her shape and legs that she was very fit, and yet still retained somewhat more feminine curves than would be normal. Beside her the other, totally identical Lilly stepped up and smiled, waving with her free hand. "I'm her too." she chuckled, offering her free hand for a shake as well..
  15. Kia comes in to give Kyle and Lilly both a one-armed hug. "Kyle, we're going to show you our place now, okay? We think it's pretty cool. Especially how we get there." She grinned. <Okay. I'm ready.>
  16. <Well there you go. We should all head to the Watchtower, at least for the time being. I'd like to handle some other things, but you all know Sean's not one to give that sort of warning idly.> he was already preparing the message to the T'tauri to teleport them up, waiting to send it simply to see if anyone would say no to this course of action. He looked over to Jeane and sighed inwardly. <We have many things others don't, if you want to see them come along.>
  17. Kyle's Lair Kyle steps forward and puts his little arms around Lilly and hugs her tight. "Don't be angry or sad. Everything will be alright." On the Shore and Kyle's Lair <Your plans will have to wait> Sean's thoughts cut through Guild Chat <Everyone needs to get to the Watchtower now. Bring the boy and the girl they aren't safe there.>
  18. "Yeah. Okay. Sure." Jeane sounded distracted as she stared at Ronin. She looked distracted, eyes wide and cheeks flushed. The inside of her head was a combination of 'Buuuuuuh' and 'No one can be that effortless cool' and 'Who was this? She had to know!'. But mostly a background noise of 'Buuuuh' as her pulse raced, and she eventually processed that the Irregulars had a god damn Star Wars teleporter and that she had been staring distinctly uncoolly while thinking about all this and... "I mean, yeah! Going! Right now. Thanks for the save," the blonde daredevil rallied with as much confidence and poise as she could manage on short notice. She waved good bye to Ronin and took off at a sprint for the car. <yOu HAvE a TelEPoRtEr NO oNe Told Me ABOuT! usE ThAT to GeT HIm oUT oF NorFOlK?> she added over the link as she ran, emotional distortion reminiscent of pink bubbles and misty lens flare.
  19. Things were happening so fast! Kia was just wrapping her head around Lilly and Abel fighting, when suddenly Devin appeared and now Abel was leaving again but they was forgetting... <Kyle! Abel, we have to take Kyle away from here too!>
  20. Whatever reply Abel was about to make to Lily was silenced by Ronin's appearance with the equipment from the lab and the "sample" as it was. A look of resignation passed over his face, and he nodded. "Proteus, Jeane, let's go. I have an idea for the samples." He looked to Ronin and gave him a respectful nod. "Thanks." He didn't think anything more was needed, and was somewhat certain Ronin hadn't even expected that much. He pulled out a not quite normal smartphone, and sent a text message to the T'tauri on duty, to teleport the sample and hard drives to the station in a secure sterile environment. At least there no one else could get it, and he and Sean could head up to see what they could recover when it was possible. Within moments, the samples vanished, as the T'tauri complied with his request, and he nodded, and looked back to Proteus and Jeane. "We're going to head back to the rental the same way we came, and from there, I'll have you call your Father Jeane, I want to talk to him, and try to explain what i did, and why I did it, and hopefully, You get to stick to the choice you've made."
  21. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    I know there was a bit of a crop in communication this week on AWS. Maybe i was trying to do too much and was stuck in what i was trying to do and a couple of the characters got pushed to the side a bit. Sometimes stuff happens. It's over time to move on and put it behind us and get on with the story. If anyone still has any problems please PM me and we will see if we can find a solution.
  22. Abel, Jeane and Charlie stood outside the drain pipe that led to Kyle's lair, consolidating their plan mentally and purplish flicker caught their attention. It swirled and spun and then suddenly expanded into a three meter glowing gate of pure quantum energy. Through it stepped Ronin, carrying the glass contained over his shoulder like some kinda action hero. They hadn't seen Ronin in months. He'd let his hair grow out and worn it down in a sort of emover now. From his combat boots, black cargo pants, and t-shirt that read 'Millions of my potential children died on your Honor Student's face last night' his IDGAF non-conformist streak seemed well deserved. The purple leather duster had to go, but it matched the portal nicely, so he may have been going with a theme there. On his back was a sword, a katana, just like those Samurai would carry, or Ronins. It thrummed with power, and Abel instantly knew Ronin had retrofitted some sort of quantum engine and installed it into the handle of the sword, pulsing energy up the length of the blade. The tank hit the sand with a thud. He wasn't being careful. A few hard drives dropped onto the glass, sliding off its convex surface onto the sand as well. "That should help, it's all I could get. Sage's brain freeze let me see the room like I'd lived there my whole life, thanks for that," he pointed to the tank. "Still think these people are worth saving? Brain in a jar, or one of you instead, they don't care. You're nothing but a science project to them. They're beyond redemption." "Look, you guys don't have much time, and the government is already looking for me. I'll take the heat for this, get the hell out of here and I'll distract them. Better I take the fall than all of you." He stepped away, tensing like he was about to teleport away. "Why?" Charlies asked, suddenly. "Why help us? We're not on the same side anymore. We're obligated to bring you in." "Kidnapping," Ronin paused and smirked. "Not to mention the miriad of other things you guys are currently guilty of today... please. We're in this together, guys. Ride or die. We may not see eye to eye, but we always got each others back. S'way things are, 'Chuck'. Now TK this shit out of here. Fly. Fly to space if you have to, I can only do so much to stall em. Go!"
  23. <Sounds good.> Proteus agreed, feeling more than a bit ping-ponged by the arguments raging, though he felt Lilly had the best point there. This whole mess continued to not sit well with him though, particularly about what it said about the government. You'd wish the people making major policy decisions would not create mad scientist projects that could only backfire on them. Was this why people hated politicians and bureaucrats so much? Probably.
  24. Vanguard wasn't wrong, by a long shot in Jeane's opinion, but there was something that she and the rest of the Irregulars... might have overlooked... while discussing assaulting a Navy facility. Glad to be on the ground again and sneaking off a little from Sage and Proteus to poke her head around a rock, the blonde daredevil saw the guard shack at the PsyOps fence, saw one booted leg in marine camo sticking out of a two-man post. One down, maybe two. She frowned. Jeane didn't like that the Corps took so much of her Dad's time from her, but they tended to be good people. They didn't deserve this. Nor did a certain, possibly not entirely human child Key. <I know I'm the stupid fledgling here compared to all of you, but maybe if you could get Kyle up by the pipe entrance, so that we can get him clear before you start the fireworks or the helos show up..? Right thing to do, and if you want to bundle me off with him, I've got no complaints. I know a few bolt holes in this park we can use while you hero without us holding you back.>
  25. Lilly mentally growled in aggravation. For her friends being so smart, they sure did not seem to think of the long lasting repercussions of their actions a lot. Neiither Able or Sean seemed to be considering just what they were suggesting. < NO goddamnit! > Lilly uncharacteristically snapped back, her irritation, frustration and even a hint of anger evident through the link for a moment before she composed herself. < No offense Sean, but you are not here and a bit out of the loop and do not seem to be thinking things through. > < The base is already on alert. When they see KEYS flying onto the base, unauthorized, and break into a restricted area, they are going to shoot first and ask questions later. > < Three people flying in WILL garner attention and a response. And what you are talking about, when Able and the others are spotted and/or caught, is quite a list of crimes, not the least of which is espionage and probably treason and countless others. Able will be trespassing onto a military base with the others in tow, to steal what is certainly classified military research will NOT go well. And I think you forget, my dad, before being head of Guardian Shield, did base security. I know how this will go and it is NOT good.> < Kia and I are here already. We did not garner special attention, since we still look basically normal and not mega-babes, and just walked on with our IDs like we were out for a hike in the park. At absolute worse, Able can talk us though what to grab/do. KIa and I can handle it and do so MUCH more quietly and without causing a fucking international incident and making immediate enemies of the US Military and Government. > < So no Sean, it is NOT worth the risk. > < You guys get away from the beach where you fought the Crusher and lay low. Kia and I got this. >
  26. UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK CITY (the present) There was a note in Devin's pause and apology that piqued Sean's concern, but then there came the urgent text message from McKellar. After what the Irregulars in Norfolk were dealing with, she didn't trust in the coincidence. <OMW by WT in a min> Sean texted back without looking at her phone, then tucked back into the covert pocket of her purse with inhuman deftness the human couldn't catch. "Excuse me, Ladies and Gentlemen Ambassadors, it seems there is still much you need to discuss among yourselves," Sean slipped in between the squabbling French and Italian ambassadors with sultry, demure grace. "I hope I have conveyed our intent to help all the peoples of the world rather than a select few, and I will be available to speak with you again, but for the moment, I will leave you to it." Sean nodded her leave then turned on a smart heel before any of the ambassadors thought to object. She had already left the audience chamber, her flawless behind and eye-catching hair disappearing behind the door just as voices were being raised. She nodded at Laurie, who had been waiting outside. Though Sean's face was smooth, Laurie still caught the vibe of concern coming off her sister. "Laurie, can you cover here, at least with the US ambassador and any Washington observers here?" Sean asked, pulling out her glassy black smartphone (or what looked like a smartphone), and tapped something out swiftly. "Something's up at Bulwark. It might be bad." "How bad?" Laurie asked, stiffening with her own rising worry. "That's what I'm going to find out." Sean disappeared with a blooming blur of muted light. THE WATCHTOWER, EARTH ORBIT (the present) Sean recorporated aboard the Watchtower, and gave the T'tauri technician manning the teleporter a grateful nod. "Thanks, Oe'Brinn," Sean said in fluent T'tauri, which looked vaguely disconcerting coming from a human mouth. "Just give me a moment." Sean took off her heels and formed her PAM suit from a pale skirt-suit into a dark, tactical bodysuit with integrated boots, as she let herself swell back to her full height and more athletic and buxom figure. A faint frown crossed her lips as she recalled the last time she'd seen herself wearing this was on the front of the magazine, where she'd been photoshopped into near cartoonishness. <Lilly, Kia, I understand your concern, but considering the resources they seem to have access to, if this a black or rogue operation, or worse, a more wide ranging one, we need to acquire as much information from that lab as quickly as possible before it gets completely scrubbed,> Sean sent to the Irregulars in Norfolk over guildchat. <And for that, Sage will be a great help, risk though it may be. Also, it will be easier for the Watchtower to get you all out of there if your guys are all together.> There was a weighty pause before Sean added. <This might not be an isolated event, guys. I've been recalled immediately to Bulwark. Don't delay.> Sean nodded at the T'tauri. "Energize, Oe'Brinn." The T'tauri rolled all four of its eyes in sequence, fingers sliding down the console, and Sean discorporated once more into motes of light.
  27. Lilly's mental sigh could be felt through the link with Jeane at the question, but it was not one of annoyance. < Bad blood? There's no bad blood really. If there was bad blood what he said would have had waaay more venom. Right now he is just upset, angry and hurting. We still consider him one of us, and he needs us no more than ever, even he does not realize it. Right now he needs time and our patience. He's not a bad guy. He can be a little douchy at times, but he has a good heart and kind of grows on you over time... like a fungus. In time he will come back around, I just hope it's before he does anything brash. > Lilly replied to Jane over the private link.
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