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Aberrant: Weirder Stuff this is an Aberrant game using an original setting.

In Aberrant: Weirder Stuff (henceforth AWS) you will play a Quantum Enhanced Human who must decide how to live with your new found powers and what role you will play in the coming world upheaval. It is a modern setting/Supers/Scifi/Weird Adventure which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality. Focus will be Character Drama, Us against them, facing the Unknown, and Action. Oh and there may be sex.

The game will begin, but not be restricted to, a small town in Montana. The town is a Fictionalized version of Shelly Montana ( based on the town of Shelby  http://www.city-data.com/city/Shelby-Montana.html ). The general public are not aware of Quantum Enhanced Humans (Novas in base aberrant), although if your a nerd and google every weird thing in the world (I'm not saying it's aliens … but it's aliens) there are stories of... well weird shit happening, some of which are true.

Enhanced Humans first began manifesting about 10-15 years ago, although these early manifestations were primarily low level mega stat recipients and went undetected by even those who manifested. Over the intervening years more low level manifestations have occurred and were first discovered by the government agency responsible for creating them (unknowingly, more on that later). This discovery took place about 5 years ago . The exact cause of the manifestation of super normal abilities is not yet known but there are theories. There are few QEHs (Quantum Enhanced Humans) in existence all of which are from the united states and all who manifested in one of 3 locations and all of which are government employees. These couple of dozen or so QEHs possess powers that range from low level mega stats (1 -2 dot) to low level provable psychic abilities such as telepathy, esp, etc. The government is unaware of any massive super powered people and in fact there have been no such manifestations. Until now.

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  2. "Eh, y'know," Devin was an ace at deflection. He could talk about other people and their business all day long, but when it came to his own, he wasn't much for sharing. Sean expected as much, but didn't allow it to deter her. She knew he was going to try to evade. "Same ol', same ol', I guess. I mean hanging out with you guys now is a thing... so I have a social life. That's cool. Marissa and I are still talking... I still haven't told her about my powers. I'm debating whether or not I should. Y'know, because she could pop too..." He paused as he went to the character select screen and selected one. Hanzo was his choice, he liked the guy, the bow was pretty cool and the dragon attack was pretty potent, if you used it at the right opportunity. As they waited for the game to start, he continued. "I gotta be honest dude, I dunno what it's like lately. I've been an dick for so long that I really on't know what to do now that I'm, well, less of a dick. I don't have anything in common with people at school anymore... I've been meaning to talk to my parents, but they'll get suspicious and think I'm on drugs or something... I don't know... it's just, like... I don't know..." "Hell," he continued on as the game stared. "I've not even seen Laurie hardly since Pandubious and her lackey sowed up the other night... having a normal life is tough, bro..."
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    "Of course we are," Sean admitted breezily. Around a mouthful of pizza, she flashed Devin a smirk so self-satisfied that the most indolent of house cats would take notes, then waggled a warning finger at him. "And the minute after I find out you have footage, you'll be corpse. Laurie will be sad, but alas..." Sean scarfed down the rest of her slice of pizza as quickly as any teenaged boy could have, though managing to look a good deal sexier doing it. She gave Devin a coy, sidelong glance as she flipped from Lucio to Zarya while she waited for the rest the Overwatch PUG make their Hero selections. "What do you need footage for anyway?" She gave a little shimmy, her undersized shirt creaking at the strain. "I know you've peeked at the goods." They both had ESP, though it functioned by different mechanisms even if the effect was superficially similar. She could catch Devin when he was peeking or notice when a jaunt was incoming, but it was damnably hard, even for her. She had to be focusing her sight on the right spectrum and be looking in the right direction. But she had caught the sense of eyes on her in the shower that didn't belong to Sara more than once. "Posterity," Devin claimed with mock gravity, admitting nothing. "Not all of us have - what I presume is boob-enhanced - perfect memory. No way all your brains fit in your head." "Please! As if you'd forget a posterior like mine," she teased in not entirely feigned conceit. She was more than merely attractive, was fully aware of it, and entirely unembarrassed about that fact. She stretched out a long leg and grabbed a controller belonging to the other XBone by an analog stick using her toes and flicked it at Devin, who caught it with unthinking deftness. With their enhanced agility, they made it look like a choreographed dance. "Here, join in. Someone already dropped the PUG." Sean pushed a few buttons on the remote and she switched the TV from one ridiculously large screen into two discreet, reasonably large monitors. She leaned back into the couch as Devin logged in. "But seriously, things are pretty good, all considered. Not withstanding the alien invasion and our billion year-old minder, of course. Been seeing more of the world flying with Sara - not as much as you, probably," she said, dipping her head in acknowledgment towards to Devin, "but found a picturesque island in a remote part of Fiji with a cabin we spruced up. I'm even starting to appreciate some of the noise Sara calls music - I think it helps when you go see and hear it live. We've caught a few concerts here and there. Starting work on a new video game." She flicked a finger at the pile of Devin's drawings. "Might have to confab with you on concept art." Sean picked her Hero - Lucio - then tossed her head to flick sunset-coloured hair from her face and gave Devin a wry look. "And... I get beat up and bullied a lot less now." She pursed her lips, then shrugged. "Catcalled and propositioned a lot more. I judge it a better than even trade, overall." She tapped her controller on her thigh as she waited for initial selections to be made. "How are things with you, Devin? Not with Laurie, particularly, just, y'know, in general."
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  6. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    it's our story not just mine
  7. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    No worries. It's been rough for you lately and we all know it. Take all the time you need. Thanks for leaving the door open for us.
  8. "Sean, Abel, and Alec can probably explain things better than I can, I don't know the math." Pandora smiled that million dollar smile. "Hooli and the other one were echos of a future which could have been. But that door is closed I'm pretty sure. Raven was Apollo trying to be cryptic and getting into the whole Talena was and Native American bit. He has a bit of a dramatic flair you know. As for the other things No. Your visions, the Time hopping dimension quests, experiences, whatever you wish to call them That was quantum entanglement something we don't have and what gives you the edge. In essence It was the Universe sharing itself with you.
  9. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    Ok not making excuses or anything but I am just not feeling creative. I do not want to kill the game but I'm just going through some shit right now. so there. I have closed the current chapter and I am going on Hiatus from story telling for a while. i do not know for how long. If you want to stick around please do Sean and Dave have started a personal side thread and it's a good way to keep things alive while i'm trying to find my mojo. so that being said if you want to do a side thread go right ahead. if you need my input about anything just message me other wise feel free to do what ever you want if you need to have a new qeh go ahead just keep them with in the following limits quantum 1-3 if you have to have some one stronger check with me please. can be good guys or bad guys. don't be worried about keeping everything secret. it will be coming out sooner. Use what ever you need try not to start any wars. don't worry about my approval I'll make things work when I'm ready to pick back up. I will award Xp to anyone who does this for everything they do.
  10. "So then who is Raven? And what exactly is Hooli and his.. I dunno.. enemy or opposite or whatever. The other being who appeared as a girl who was manipulating the Deviants and told us to stay clear?" Lilly asked, her eyes slightly narrowed. "And was that you sending me those visions when I kissed Sandy, and messing with Sandy's head, and making Taleena say stuff? Did you send us on our alternate dimensional detours?" Lilly continued, rattling off questions. Things had been bugging her, and now she was going to get some answers.
  11. "No not individually, I tweaked your spices genetics hoping to get a Quantum response. It turned out much better than I had hoped." She walks back to the table of food picks up a piece of celery and studies it. " The Universe is a fickle thing It knows what it wants. Your world isn't the first where this has occurred. I am hoping it will be the last. You can call it evolution if you want, but yes your abilities are not something i directly contributed to that's all you. And soon you won't be alone. The T'tauri did their part and siphoned off a great deal of the particles which cause the organ you call the MR Node to grow. But they couldn't get it all. There will be manifestations of QEH beings, not as powerful as the seven of you, but in time some of them will probably be able to challenge you. For now your Identities are still safe, the world as a whole will remain ignorant of the truth of what happened. It will be explained as a large Meteor strike which hit in the remote Valley. it's isn't a perfect story but it will be believed. Your 'friend' deathotter has been convinced to help with that. The others are still gathering their fleet they are unaware of the Asheen Failure but they won't be for long. It will take them time to gather and then come here You will need to be ready.
  12. Devin had only a few skills, barring his super powers. He was intelligent and capable, but really wasn't the kinda guy who applied himself towards many things since he and his family moved to Shelly. For three years he sat about hating life and being mad at his parents for stripping him of his aspirations for Olympic gymnast stardom. The only constants in his life in the past three years were his continued gymnastics training, his bond with his twin sister Marissa, being a colossal jerk to everyone around him, and most recently being a full time superhero (according to him). Aside from that, he was a very talented artist, an artist that hadn't done much work until recently. Since signing up with the irregulars he'd been participating in their weekly table top games and in between saving the world and dealing with billion-year-old GILFs. He'd found friends in the most unlikely of people. Other kids at his high school that he used to bully, argue or would generally pick fights with just to get a rise from them. Now he'd gone from jerk of Shelly High to someone that resembled a human being with a social life. With his back to the head board of his bed he sat with his sketchpad resting on his knees as his pencil finished the last few stroked he needed to complete his latest project. He'd been working on these latest sketches for a few days, drawing he'd make for the table top games that would enhance the adventure experience for them. All the weapons, spell effects, landscapes and, of course, monsters for their games were illustrated by the young artist. His eraser gently stroked the fur lining of the orc chief's horned helmet adding just the proper amount of shading he was looking for. He smiled, content with his work and gently tore the page from his sketch book, adding it to the small pile next to him. This week's game was going to rock. He scooped up his illustrations and was gone, literally. "Dude!" Devin appeared in the barn, his gift for teleportation allowing him instantaneous travel was both awesome and sometimes a burden, never knowing when and where Devin was going to appear was less than thrilling for those who knew of his abilities. "This weeks game is fully illustrated and ready to go." Thankfully, Sean was fully dressed (this time) and had just crashed on to the couch, pizza in teeth and controller in hand. She silently cursed as the pizza fell into her lap, biting right through it as Devin startled her. Sean was generally pretty collected, and getting the drop on her was difficult, but she had few defenses against Devin's way of instantly appearing (usually from behind) and loudly announcing his presence. He vaulted the back of the couch, landing with a bouncy flop right next to her as she was plucking a pepperoni off her leg. He tossed his feet up on the coffee table and presented her with the drawings. "Hi Dev," She said dryly, a mixture of partial annoyance and sincerity. "Lemme see." She looked at the first image and to Devin's feet, then smiled. She noticed something he didn't but continued with the illustrations. "Seriously, have you ever considered graphic design? If you an do this with a pencil, imagine if you had a tablet." In her head she counted down... four... three... two... "Nah, I'm good. Call me old fashioned. I like drawing with a pencil..." He curled his toes then pursed his lips. "Ah, damnit... forgot my shoes... gimme a sec." He disappeared in a quantum shimmer. Sean laughed to herself as she continued to flip through the pictures he'd drawn. Devin's ability allowed him to travel at the speed of thought, and often times he did. Some days it was a wallet, his shoes, there was even one instance of him showing up to an Irregulars meeting in his boxers. Despite being able to be anywhere in a single thought... he was rarely on time for anything. He reappeared and she looked at him, smirking now that he had his footwear. He raised a finger. "Not a word," she was silent but her jokes at his expense were implied. "So, where is my favorite soulless ginger?" He was referring to Sean's sister, Laurie, who was sort of dating Devin (they were still iffy on the specifics). "Out with mom today. Shopping in the city, probably in line for the dating talk..." Sean smiled, they were siblings after all, so knowing her sister had to suffer through the agonizing torture of mom embarrassing her all day sort of brought a sadistic smirk to her perfect lips. "Oh, should be fun. Marissa said she was gonna hang with Laurie today, that explain her leaving early. If there is one thing my sister loves it's shopping. You know they're gonna gossip all day about Colin and then I gotta hear about how I have to be more like him... all romantic n' shit. For the record, I'm romantic as fuck." "Clearly." Sean laughed. "So, Mari and Colin, huh?" "Nah," Devin disappeared and reappeared at the fridge, grabbing himself a cherry coke and popping the top. "I'm not gonna say my sister is a slut, but she goes through guys like I go through a bag of Steakhouse Funyuns... which is to say like I've never em' before and I'm done with the bag in ten minutes... wanting more." His stunning friend quirked a brow. "Uh, that sounds like a slut..." "Hey, I didn't say it..." He raised his hands, disavowing all involvement. "He's buying her stuff, so he's the pick of the week... I don't think she's slept with him, because we're pretty tight and she tells me stuff like that... but if he keeps up with the cash flow, I'm sure it's a matter of time." He teleported back to the couch, appearing already in the sitting position. "So, what's up with you? You and Sara still scissoring on daily and when will I be getting footage?"
  13. It was a lazy Saturday morning. There was a cold snap this weekend and frost painted the windows, but the sun was bright and the sky was clear. Sean had a heat-exchange device that Dyson and Lennox would give up more nuts than she had to have, but she was warming the Barn with the wood stove today. The smell was comforting and the open room was toasty. For a rare change, there was nothing pressing and Sean had no big plans. No imminent alien invasions. No lessons from billion-old mentors on how to be a God. Goddess, I suppose. No invention or new tech she felt the need to work on at the moment, since getting a viable lightsaber to work with Abel's help. Well... it wasn't an actual lightsaber, but it used a magnetic field to contain... The practical differences were negligible and they had even solved the radiation issue. There wasn't any gaming to consider. Though Sara spent more time at the Barn than she did at home, she had gone out today. Laurie had gone with their mother for some shopping out of town - and a talk, Sean was sure. So all Sean had planned for the day was playing some video games that she had neglected to one degree or another. On a ludicrously large TV based on a 8K LG model. But it didn't loom or overwhelm, being as transparent and slim as a pane of glass. And it offered 16K resolution, which she could adjust into displaying multiple discreet screens so she could watch TV and play a game, or was super sweet for multiplayer games. She'd finished the hardware and software tinkering yesterday, so it would handle consoles as well as PCs, and upscale graphics to the level that it could, considering the limits of the games themselves. It wouldn't let her cheat on any online games, just give her awesome graphics. Sean took a lingering shower in the bathroom she and her father had finished adding to the Barn last week. Sara's elemental mastery let them do it despite the weather. It had felt great working with her dad on a job again, something she hadn't done since Laurie had grown taller than she had been as a boy. Things had been different of course, but she had still recaptured that moment, that sense, of a more innocent time with her dad. Her dad had enjoyed the time too. There wasn't the space for a tub, but the shower stall was big enough to share. They planned on adding a full kitchen in the spring, turning the Barn into sweet little bungalow. Despite her impossible life, mundane and banal chores still accrued. Sean did some laundry, handwashing the underwear and letting them air dry. Sean snorted in amusement - there was no mistaking hers from Sara's, and it wasn't just the far more capacious cups. Only planning on bumming around the Barn today, she simply wore a pair of yoga pants and one of her old shirts, sans bra. The faded black shirt looked like an overburdened crop top, the green 1-UP mushroom distorted by her curves Though she liked cooking, especially baking, Sean even skipped out on that for today. Laundry was all the effort she felt like putting in today. She flopped down on the couch with the box of cold, leftover pizza and a big mug of coffee, more of a stein really. They had run out of the really good stuff, so she was getting by on the merely good stuff. It would do. Holding her piece of pizza by her teeth and smiling around it, Sean picked up the controller and turned on the console, the transparent going opaque with the opening logo of the game, the musical tone filling the Barn.
  14. "You say we were made this way," Sean said with a self-deprecating gesture are herself that alluding not only to the ludicrous change in the way she looked now compared to how she used to look as a boy, but also how they had all changed, "and that you had some hand in that. What about our..." Her lips quirked wryly, "... our rivals Courtney, Chet, and them? Or the earlier QEHs that occured during Project Stepping stone? Did you have a hand in their development at well? Is our ability with Quantum Manipulation a natural evolution of our specie's genetics or did it only arise through your interference?" Sean liked how she had changed, even despite the trouble it has caused her. And regardless if Pandora's inference has caused her kin to target them for termination or not, the fact was it was done, they had changed, and the First Born now saw them as a threat. She was just curious.
  15. "It's alright Kia it is a lot to take in I know." Pandora say in a comforting tone. "You are wrong Abel. You are a god, all of you are. You were made that way." She stands and walks to the window and peers out. "No you can't beat them now. But you can beat them, or I would never have revealed myself to you." "And that, Devin, is something none of us can do. We can't even use portal technology. It does very bad things to us. And there are other advantages you have. You just need to grow and be guided. And that is what I am here to do. No riddles, no cryptic messages, no head games. I'f I can answer a question or show you how to do something I will."
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  17. "Dude, it's Devin. With an 'I'. Stop saying it Dev-ON. There is no 'o' in my name," Dev shot Abel a look. "Christ, you're supposed to be some super mega-brain and you can't even get my name right." He tossed his hands in the air and let them fall at his sides. "See? See Pandora? This is what we have... tell me we're not screwed." "Devin," Laurie hugged him, resting her chin on his shoulder. "You're frustrated, we get it, but you're lashing out. Chill." He closed his eyes and sighed, trying to calm down. He spun about and embraced Laurie, resting his chin on the top of her head. "I know. I know, I'm sorry."
  18. Abel reached out a hand to gently squeeze Kia's shoulder reassuringly. "I don't get all of it either Kia, but I'm sure that our guests have chosen to come forth now to give us information we need in order to choose how we proceed." He looked to Pandora, and smiled. "Devon is right, we're not gods. Right now Unless I'm grossly misreading things, there's absolutely no way we'd defeat one entity with billions of years of personal experience, let alone twelve. You don't strike me as the sort to come and simply inform a people that of impending doom, and with so much experience, I doubt you would waste time so. " His gaze never left her, "Why go against your own Kind?"
  19. Kia rubbed her forehead and sat down at the table. "I don't even know where to start with this," she confesses. "Like...how do they even know about us if they're a galaxy away or more? And why did you make us like this, if you knew they'd just come and kill us? Was it just because of the Asheen? I don't get any of this."
  20. "Well, you're an 'Original', right? Queen bad ass? Why not jut stop it yourself? You're some almighty being, simply say 'no' and make them go away," Devin wasn't phased with news of the world ending or gods from on high coming to wipe them out. Hell, the room was filled with high schoolers who just dropped a nuclear football into the portal room of an alien ship not but a few hours ago. Weird was pretty much their career now. "I mean, you're living here too, right? They wipe us out, they'll take you along with it. Why do you need to Miyagi us into battling them?" "They've been around for billions of of years, and you look great for seventeen billion, by the way. I totally went though this cougar phase about a year ago and I gotta tell ya I woulda totally cleaned out your cobwebs, but I got a girlfriend now, I think, but I got some vintage stuff on a flash drive around here somewhere, it's amazing..." Lilly slapped him in the back of the head. "The point is: we're not gods. I mean... I teleport... that's it. The only one of us that can take a hit is Lilly, trust us... she never stops reminding us how invulnerable she is. If gods are coming here, we're already screwed. Except Lilly, because she's invulnerable." He turned to Lilly and smiled. "There, I reminded us for you."
  21. "Sure if you want to keep up the television analogies." Pandora answers Sean, "as for the desire to destroy you are correct. My brothers have spent all of their existence garnering power until they are the pinnacle. we were the first being born who could touch the raw essence of creation who could manipulate the universe at it's most base level. Quantum Manipulation. We conquered our world became gods. And then we grew jealous of what the other had and threatened by new gods being born. We started to fight among our selves we destroyed those who were weaker. We spread out among the stars in our home Galaxy first, then into distant galaxies. When we were together we inevitable fought amongst ourselves so we divided the universe found the seven galaxies where we could each rule apart. But the one rules was to never let a rival come into being. My brothers enslaved any sentient race they encountered, enslaved if they were useful eradicated if they were not. And any race which developed life capable of manipulating Quantum was immediately given a death sentence. Only when such a race was found, were all of my brothers gathered to lay waste to that world and erase the dna which produced the threat. That is what you are facing, twelve beings of unimaginable age and power who are coming to kill you and destroy your world."
  22. "So, you're more like Lorien and the First Ones from Babylon 5," Sean mused, full lips pursed as she rested her on a hand, her elbow on the table. She was much more familiar with the Sci-fi show and with the span of time Pandora was claiming to have existed, she found the comparison more apt. "And your kin are the Shadows. Or the Vorlons? Maybe both. And they are seeking to destroy us... why? Nascent competition?"
  23. "Really Lilly," the woman claiming to be Pandora said with a little laugh as soon as everyone finished barking at her, "Do I look like someone who needs to pretend. And what I want is for all of you to succeed. Now eat, don't eat, I don't care, but sit down and listen and don't interrupt. When I said we were the originals, I meant it. I was born nearly 14 billion years ago and until recently my kin and myself were the pinnacle of evolution in the universe. And before you ask, no this is not the form I was born with but it is the form I choose to wear here. And yes it was I who took over your friends and nudged you hear and there. And third and more important to us going forward, My kin are the ones who are on their way here to destroy you.."
  24. "Yeah, the name Pandora does not inspire much confidence, and showing up in our place, uninvited, even less so." Lilly said after being hip bumped playfully out of the way by Devin and listening to the others. "So, not to be rude to a trespasser, but just cut to the chase. Who are you really, and what do you want from us? It's been a rather long day, and our patience is worn rather thin."
  25. "He's your windmill to tilt at, Sis," Sean replied sotto voce. "I wouldn't hold out hope fixing him - he's not buggy, just made that way - but he just miiiight be worth it." She glanced over at Devin with a small grin and ruefully shook her head, sunset coloured hair falling to partially obscure an eye. "Maybe." Though she kept her face smooth and neutral at the appearance of the unexpected guests in her barn-come-apartment, inside Sean was slowly simmering with annoyance and growing anger. The trespassing was one thing, but all she had wanted to do was come home, strip down, and spend some intimate time with Sara after all they had done and endured. While she was sure Devin wouldn't have had an issue with her continuing her plans, at the moment, she, and likely most of the others would. While the others spoke with the ones calling themselves Pandora and Apollo, Sean studied them with surreptitious scrutiny with all the enhanced senses at her disposal. And despite the vast array of senses she brought to bare, Pandora, Apollo, and the feast set on the gaming table registered as completely mundane, if in peak health and fine quality, respectively. Pandora and Apollo were clearly anything but normal humans, grandiose claims aside. There was virtually no way a regular human could have surprised her with a sudden appearance, and even little chance to get the drop on Abel or Devin (if had arrived with the rest of them). They had access to information very, very few had access to, especially to soon after the situation. And of course, there was Apollo disappearing between split photons of light. Though her empowered metabolism almost growled at the feast laid before them despite having been satiated at Bunnee's a few hours ago, Sean contented herself with a selection of fruit - melon, citrus slices and various berries - for the moment... and a cup of coffee from a sterling silver carafe. Sumatran, sweet, earthy, and smooth. Very excellent, she'd give Pandora a little extra of their time for the coffee alone. The steak and potatoes could come afterward. "There are a number of... people claiming some part in our... provenance and seeking to be our mentors or guides," Sean added, her melodious voice cool with a biting edge of irritation she didn't bother to hide. She mirrored Pandora, crossing her own legs - still miffed that the older woman had claimed her GMing chair - and savoured another sip of the coffee. She hadn't watched The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, but knew the gist of it from catching bits of the shows when Lauri watched them. "Accepting your claims as true, for the moment, as an addendum to Devin's question: How many other of your proteges or children... " Sean's crimson lips briefly frowned at Pandora's claim, however nebulous, "... have you seen or sent into such a crucible as ours, and where are they now? Project Stepping Stone hadn't been without success before we arrived." It was classified information, but if they knew about the T'tauri, and what they were doing right now, there was little point in dissembling. "Yet there was no mention of you or someone like you in their files, even when reading between the lines."
  26. "Yeah, and if I remember correctly Klaus is a murdering psychopath drunk on his own power and sense of entitlement. Don't get me wrong, I'd totally go gay for the guy," the rest of the Irregulars shot him a look and he shrugged. "What? It's the accent." "Pandora, what you're suggesting is mentorship, guidance, understanding and all that requires one thing between us we don't have yet: trust. We have no reason to trust you, especially since you have the name of a woman who is solely responsible for releasing upon the world all its woes, misery, and misfortune... not really the sort of thing that makes me go from six to midnight, y'feel me?" "So, what exactly do you want from us? Barring having a host of kids to talk cryptically to."
  27. "Yes the CW, entertaining, let's use that as an analogy then, you" she indicates the irregulars with a sweeping gesture, " are the Vampire diaries, we are the Originals. And it's all my house." "They are still children Pandora..." starts Apollo before being cut off again by the woman. "Enough Apollo! Why don't you go and see how the T'Tauri are doing with the energy they siphoned off, hmm?" Apollo glares then his form shifts into streaks of light and flashes out of the barn through the spaces between. "Please forgive him, his existence has been trying to say the least." She sits back down and crosses her legs and folds her hands onto her lap. "Alright Jaunt, where would you like me to begin?"
  28. "Well, y'can't do any worse than the teddy bear," Devin said with a mouthful. "I mean, for reals, Enish-ka-gooli-booli, I'm not even gonna try and pronounce that, we love meeting new people, we do. You sure do certainly seem like you guys would be a cool crowd, named for mythological figures... a sun god with one hell of a tan, and I would love to hear about your box, at length." He cracked a can of cherry coke (how did she know?!? squee!) and took a sip to wash down a mouthful of food. "All joking aside, you seem a very well established, well-spoken, and well mannered group of individuals. So, you understand that you're in our house, uninvited and unannounced, and currently, I'm sorry to say, unwelcome." "We're all being raised on CW right now, trust us we know all about drama, self-loathing, how to blame ourselves for everything that isn't our fault... we know the drill. I get it, you don't want to tell us too much at once, you wanna build up the suspense... but you gotta give us something. Something more than food," he nodded appreciatively. "Although this is a hell of a start." "Work with us."
  29. The black man gets a cross look on his face and glances at Pandora who is still smiling. "Show a little respect..." "Not now Apollo, Kia has a point they don't know us and they have let themselves be controlled by others of... less ability and by fear. As I said my name is Pandora, or you could call me Liliu, Lilith, Eneshkailli, or any of a hundred other names. All would be appropriate, but I like Pandora. I like the myth that goes along with it. And in a way I am your parent. The benevolent one, that is. Really you all should eat it will help replenish the energy you expended, making the exhaustion go away and some of you less cranky." She stands and picks up a peach and bites into it. "Mmm very fresh. Tonight was a crucible you had to pass and you did. Your not children anymore, now, from this point forward you will define yourselves and the world you will create, you will direct the path your future takes. I will guide you"
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