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  2. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Grace nearly missed the little life drama unfolding for Nadya and Niles; she'd come to school after picking up Natalie from her new foster home and the extra commute had almost made her late today. The commute, not the stop by Starbucks for must-deal-with-people fuel. She was sipping at her grande latte whatever when Niles made his move and it did actually make her smile. No matter what Nadya said, Niles had had the guts to ask. Grace didn't even have a date for the dance and wasn't sure she was going to go. An anti-dance party with some adult drinks and good gossip sounded just as appealing and a lot less work. Then again, there was still time to be asked out or for someone to pique her interest enough for her to do the asking. Not much time, but some. Either way. Really. No big deal.
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  4. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    He reached out to take her hand, his smile and the look in his eyes revealing the truth of what he said. "That's great.We can meet up later on today to talk about the details if you like, Though it might be best to at least swap phone numbers in case something comes up." With her nod, the two of them did so, and he smiled. "I'll talk to you later Yokiko." He had thought about asking if they could meet for lunch, but he imagined that she ate with her band, much as he did, and didn't want to intrude. He bid her goodbye and headed off to class. Being on hand when Niles mustered the courage to ask Nadya to the dance, in front of the entire class no less. Even if she shot him down, he had to respect the courage it took to ask her in front everyone, gossip be damned.
  5. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    [Austin] She managed a half smile out of politeness. She didn't believe him, of course, their Bands had rivalry going on at the moment so suspicion was the word of the day. However, she was planning on going to Homecoming, and would have hated to go alone. She pondered for a moment then extended her hand. "Mā, watashi wa ukeiremasu." She realized she spoke in Japanese and blushed slightly, and politely half bowed. "Apologies, old habits. I accept your invitation." [Nadya, and everyone else, sorta, but mostly Nadya] Niles Horne, one of Salem's elite in the nerd community, approached Nadya as she was setting down her 'Book Bag of Holding' that seemed to carry all the World's stuff (some of it was even hers). He'd been mackin' on her for awhile now and it wasn't any really big secret. In fact, he seemed to be the only person in Salem High that didn't believe the slanderous rumors about her. The only problem with that was she was looking for a guy more like Dane or Austin or Fisher... who was slightly goofy, handsome, fun, and understanding. Niles was none of those things. He was a smart guy with a flair for all things chess club. He was a walking Steven Urkel stereotype, complete with the unfashionable suits and bow tie in horrendous colors. He wasn't a bad guy, he just really wasn't her type and everyone knew it. She'd already sat down and was sharing gossipy tid-bits with everyone else (Rachel, Grace, Fisher, Austin) when cleared his throat to get her attention. She knew he was there, she was just trying to politely ignore him. With closed eyes and a sigh she turned about in her seat to face him as her 'friends' looked on attempting to conceal their smirks and grins (terribly, she had to file away for revenge plans later). "Niles... hi." She stared with a strong first name... but the greeting fell short of enthused. "Nadya," He started, taking in a deep breath and puffing his chest out with confidence. "Would you like to be my date for Homecoming?" The class laughed, it was low and mostly throaty chuckles and failed attempts to keep in their outburst of laughter. Niles ignored them, he'd been forged in the fires of teenage elitism. He waited patiently for her answer.
  6. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Fisher examined the text, and immediately beamed like a high-powered searchlight. Objective completed, mission successful, victory! Quickly he typed a response back. --Wonderful! And yes, I guess I did, but yay!-- Then the latter part of her message caught up to his conscious thoughts. --And what do you mean by keeping an eye on me? I can totally take care of my self.--
  7. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Nadya was running late to school, not that there was anything new in that. Most people at school thought she was incapable of being on time for anything, or just got caught up in one scam or another. It wasn't true - pulling off a proper heist or con usually took relatively good timing. It was about expectations. But late often enough, and then if you're late for an actual reason, people won't question it. In this case, her car had just need a bit of extra pleading and threats to get started this morning, but mainly, it had been her stop by the Carlton Stables to see the pup that had her running late. Nadya never had a pet, had never wanted one, but she couldn't help but be charmed by the oversized nemean wolf pup, even if she tried to convey a lackadaisical aloofness in regards to him around the others. Nadya had brought Chopper - Stand By Me was a classic and being able to say 'Chopper! Sick Balls' tickled her fancy, even if she'd only used the name so far where the others couldn't hear - a butchered lamb and a new chew toy. Stuffed animals and hemp rope from the hardware store with knots in it, the pup had chewed through with puppy enthusiasm, so she'd gone bigger. She had managed to 'find' some thick hawser line from a mid-size cruise ship moored at Salem Harbor. Chopper had fun playing tug-o-war,, fetch, and chasing her or her chasing him for a while. Thank gawds! working out with Coach Rae-Rae and her own ichor seemed to have endowed with some hidden muscle, even if she insisted on her wearing flats. Rae-Rae didn't buy that she needed the extra height to put them on a somewhat more level footing. But the pup already weighed at least as much as she did it and seemed to be getting bigger every day. "Seeya later, buddy," Nadya cooed, giving him a hard scratch in the thick fur around his neck and letting him lick her face. "I wonder what people would say if I brought you to Homecoming? In a doggy tuxedo with a top hat. Would you like that? I think you would." Nadya tromped into school in a good mood, wearing proper, chunky heeled boots, liberally speckled with steel studs andlaced up to her knees with electric blue laces matching the streaks in her hair. Almost everyone was spazzing out about Homecoming, but she wasn't. It totally had nothing to do with Mercedes' campaign of bitchy slander that had people looking at her as if she was a walking STD or the whispers about how many guys she planned on bringing to Homecoming and how old they were. Gods damn! She's holding a grudge. I didn't even know she liked him! She wouldn't give Aphrodite's what-should-have-been-an-abortion the satisfaction of chasing after a date. She might have failed at playing Marius, but she and all their loved ones had survived her failure and she would learn from it. She felt good and she looked good. Even Coach Fingers couldn't claim she carrying around any extraneous fat around any more, just enough to give her some sweet, tight curves, shown off to effect in equally tight jeans and a corset-top. This was the twenty-teens, bitches - she was a proud, independent woman and didn't need a date to go to Homecoming. She had her eye on a dress already with a pair of shoes she just had to have. It was those with dates who half to watch out for her! Besides, going to Homecoming stag just give her so much more opportunity for some fun. Which was not to say Nadya was opposed to going to Homecoming with someone, if they asked her and she found them interesting. Dane was a good looking, mellow guy, but Nadya wasn't sure if he going to ask Grace or vice versa, and besides, she liked him better as a fun than anything more than a friend. But thinking of dates, Rae-Rae better have done something about Billy. Otherwise, she was going to have to take a direct hand and she was sure Rachel would hate that. But even it Stretch was taller than her, she was quicker and wilier - she'd be able to stay out of reach until Homecoming. Then Rae-Rae would offer her all her gratitude.
  8. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "That's certainly a fair question. I asked you because there's no one else I'd rather ask." That was actually true too. The rest of the swim team was mostly guys, and none of the girls were single, and While he was friendly enough, Austin really didn't have many true friends. He smiled that kilowatt smile and nodded. "I'm kinda surprised really that nobody's asked you already. "
  9. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Yokiko stopped her writing. Still she didn't look at him. Her gaze was locked on the papers in front of her. Her hair was covering the side of her face that Austin was standing at, she refused to look at him until it subsided. No one had asked her. Everyone was afraid of the creepy, quiet Japanese girl who had strange customs and no interest in their social hierarchy. She felt control returning to her and she calmed her childish desires for acceptance and friendships. She stood and faced him. Ceremony such as this needed to be met with eye contact, not sitting down hiding from the individual expressing interest in attending a formal gathering with her. She tried to compose herself, but she was a teenager before becoming a Scion... one was still newer than the other. "N-no. No one has asked me. Not many people speak to me. I am left mostly alone except by my Band mates, of course." Her poise was that of a warrior nonetheless, she stood straight stared dead into Austin's eyes. "Before I accept or decline, I am curious: why me, Austin?"
  10. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Actually Yokiko, that's not why I'm here. This has nothing to do with the investigation, or even our bands. This is strictly us." He smiled easily enough. She was all business, so perhaps this was a wasted effort, but he was resolved to see it through, no matter which way it went. "I came here because I wanted to ask if you'd go to the Homecoming Dance with me, that is if you're not already going with someone else." There it was, no big grandiose fanfare, they were scions, it wasn't really necessary, at least to him. He was absolutely sincere, and totally at ease, He didn't exude overblown Confidence like Eric, his was quiet and mostly understated.
  11. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Yokiko Kuromizu, Scion of Susan-O was not difficult to locate. She had a ritual, like all things in her life, school was a discipline to be mastered and so she could be found every morning in the school's cafeteria preparing for day wit a double check of all her assignments as she ate a healthy breakfast. She was rarely with her Band at this time, as she prepared for day in silent contemplation. As Austin entered he saw her. There weren't many people in here this time morning, most had already cleared out for breakfast and wanted to waste some time before class or complete unfinished projects. He approached her calmly and for the most part, quietly. Preparing his request to accompany her to the dance wasn't easy, after all, just because he was emotionally stunted and unphased rejection, didn't mean that's what the ladies wanted to hear or see. "I assure you, Austin," Yokiko spoke up when he was but a few paces away. Her English was calm and heavily accented. She never looked up from her work and continued on with her the personal assessment of her assignments. "The investigation in Savoy is being handled by us, and I have been asked to not discuss it with you or anyone else but Sheriff Farrow. You're wasting your time coming to me."
  12. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Austin was having a good day, inasmuch nothing terrifying or terrible had happened. The day was still relatively young. Homecoming was coming up and he had yet to find a date. Hell, he'd not given it much thought, if he was being honest with himself. Still there was one person he could think of that he'd not mind going with. It wouldn't be a date or anything like that, not in the serious sense, but it could be fun. With that thought, he set out to find the other Scion of a Sea God, Yokiko Kuromizu. She seemed to be the most sensible of the group, and the worst that could happen was her saying no, which wouldn't really faze him much.
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  14. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Humph," she straightened Billy's shirt where she had grabbed him. "Okay I'll go with you, I think your telling the truth about changing and I was unfair and didn't give you a chance when you showed back up. I apologize for the way I treated you. And well... um... I kinda like you too." She chews her lip and looks a bit embarrassed admitting that. Then her very expressive eyebrows furrow and she gets that angry gleam in her eye, "Now about the lesbian thing, there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian or gay or anything like that people are people, but I'm not. So, who exactly has been saying that I am?" "Oh, no, I didn't mean to imply there was... they just tend not to go to Homecoming's with guys, that's all I meant." He defended himself rather tactfully, she had to admit. Most guys would have attempted some stumbling back peddle attempt to prove they weren't some sorta homophobe. "And, well, to be honest sort of everyone... but I heard it from Darcy." At the sound of her name Darcy lifted her head from her phone where she'd been buried all this time. "Huh? What? What'd I do?" With Billy's words most of her anger faded, she gave Darcy an appraising look. "Nothing I guess, It's just.... Never mind." She hefted her book bag. "I better go get ready for class. I"ll see you later Billy." With a last smile at the first boy she had ever kissed, she headed off after Fisher.
  15. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Y-yeah," Billy replied. Man she was intense. Her stare seemed like it could cut lead. She was being nice enough so he tried to relax, the fact she threatened his life on two separate occasions still had him on edge. He managed to compose himself nonetheless. "Well, to be honest, childhood mistrust aside, and I'm not saying the mistrust isn't warranted, it's just... I've kinda had a thing for you ever since before you kicked my ass all those years ago. Since I got back and knew you were you I've been dying to ask you out, the problem was you were you and you wanted me dead... and everyone says you're sort of... y'know... into women." One of Rachel's eyebrows rose high enough to high five her hairline while Darcy turned away to conveniently finish a text message. "But... y'know, lesbian or not. Yes, I'm serious. If you would like to go with me, I'd still consider myself one hell of a lucky guy." Darcy tapped away on her phone while Rae-Rae, of the Vidar Rae-Rae's, got her smooch on. --Okay... did you just ask me to Homecoming and bolt? I didn't quite catch all of it because you were, of course, mumbling, but yeah, we can totally go. Someone's gotta keep an eye on you.--
  16. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Rachel couldn't believe what she had just done but dang if it hadn't felt good, she really wanted to do it again and was about to when Billy opened his moth and ruined the fantasy. She stood dumbfounded as the two infront of her had their weird exchange about her in front of her and she was about to tell them that she could her them when billy turned back to her Homecoming?!? She hadn't considered that and was surprised at how cool she suddenly felt that he had asked her out even if it had been in a chaotic and stumbling manner. The Fisher interrupted them and did his weird thing. And fled. The three of the stood watching Fisher dart around the hallway corner Rachel looked at Billy, William...god those eyes, that chin, those lips... "Did you mean what you said?" She had tuned everything else out but Billy and herself. "Oh yeah the little guy is way brave even if he did run away after..." "Not that you idiot," She stepped closer to him again, "about taking me to Homecoming? Did you really mean that?" She was looking deep into his eyes now, she didn't need magic to know if he was telling the truth now, she would know with her heart.
  17. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Billy was in absolute shock. Was it sexual harassment if you liked it... and wanted another? Darcy was completely dumbfounded, considering the two of them were just arguing about Billy going over to her and asking her to Homecoming. As agents on the inside of their alien inner-circle they stood a better chance of toppling the interstellar regime before it had a chance to take root. Billy wasn't wasn't having it though, he was dead set on the notion that she wanted him dead. Very dead. So dead that there actually wasn't a word for the level of deceased she wanted him to be. "Uh... huh... wuh...," William stammered, trying to figure out of Ashton Kutcher might have a camera crew somewhere waiting to punk his ass. It completely baffled his mind how she managed to just threaten his life and her warm breath on his lips made it sound... not so bad. "Hi." He managed with bumbling poise of an epileptic at a rave. "Uh, wow," Darcy interjected, hoping to bring her beleaguered colleague back to that little moment called 'now'. "That's uh... quite the coincidence because we were just talking about him asking you to Homecoming!" "No we weren't," he said with the nervous chuckle of a man about to die. "Yes we were." Darcy corrected him swiftly and Rachel was pretty sure she was enjoying this. "No. We weren't." He tried to be stern but constant fear welling up in the 'we want to live' portion of his brain made it fall short. "Sure we were, I had just mentioned she was there and that you should sac up... but you were like 'lesbians don't date guys, Darcy'," she mocked a manly tone for his voice. William's eyes grew to the size of tennis balls and he managed fearful, awkward smile at Rachel. "Could, you... excuse us?" Rae-Rae wasn't sure what was going on as William huddled close to Darcy and the proceeded to have a whisper argument that was hardly whispering. "Are you trying to get me killed?!"..."Dude, she just kissed you, ask her out."..."She bent metal near my head with her fist!"..."She was flirting!"..."Darcy, you said she was a-!"..."I will tell her about the wet dream you had." "Do," William shot back towards Rachel like bamboo reed. "You wanna go to homecoming? A guy. I mean. Me. A guy, me...go with?" It was right around then Fisher arrived and asked Darcy out. Apparently weirdness was the order of the day. Darcy stood there, now looking like William did just moments ago, but with her heart beats low enough that she wouldn't be mistaken for a rabbit. She composed. "Um, did I just get asked out by Fisher? To Homecoming?" William chuckled and casually pointed as mousy Fisher scurried off to avoid embarrassment. "Heh, that guy's adorable, Dev." Realizing Rachel was still in front of him he swiftly dropped his finger and took a more deadpan expression. "I, uh, mean... that in a totally non-offensive way, of course. That took courage... I applaud him."
  18. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Seriously?!" Fisher's incredulous voice piped in, cutting off the moment sharply. He shook his head as he walked forward to the knot of three, having seen Rachel's dive-bombing smooch. "That's why you were so riled up about Billy - UST?" Rachel found a vein pulsing, reminded of their talk at the diner and opened her mouth to correct Fisher, but the nerd went on without a beat. "Glad that's over with." Heedless of the Aesir Scion's potential anger, Fisher meandered over to Darcy with tunnel-vision focus. Well, he didn't have to worry about being jealous over her with Billy any more. The great debate he had waged mentally in the night had come to a climatic decision. "So Darcy, I was hoping you would go with me to Homecoming... platonic or romantic as you prefer." His voice sped over the second part of that, with fear of embarrassment hastening it. "You don't have to answers now, uh, see you later." Flushing, Fisher practically darted off. The die was cast. In more ways than one. Eric by now would be discovering the homework flow had been cut off.
  19. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Rachel stared in the mirror she wanted to head butt her reflecton but that would just get her expelled. It didn't matter what she did how hard she worked out, even spending time with Wolf couldn't distract her for long. The thoughts kept coming back, kept running through her mind. It was driving her crazy. The door to the girls bathroom opened and two freshman came in. Rachel glared and they both flattened themselves against the wall as she brushed past them out intot he hall. She stood for a moment the flow of kids making thier way to where ever they were heading before the first bell but not her she was looking for something...some one and there he was her nemesis, Billy Troup. Her pulse picked up and a little fire came to her cheeks when she saw that he was talking to Darcy...again/ Her lip curled intot a smirk and her fingers popped as she made and released fists as she marched toward the two by the Trophy case. Billy saw her before she got there and moved intot a somewhat defensisve stance a protest on his lips that never got out. Rachel closed the distance and grabbed the boy by his shirt lapels and kissed him. Kissed him hard. On the mouth. "You better not be lying about changing or so help me I will kill you deader than dead." Came her breathy voice when she pulled her lips from his.
  20. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Homecoming" It had been a few weeks since Marius and his antics had left the Scions of Salem High on edge. They put up a good front, but he'd already demonstrated that he was willing to cross lines they weren't and go to any measures to succeed at whatever it was he was planning. They were kids, whether they wanted to admit it or not, none of them had ever experienced real evil and malice until that day Marius send his goons to murder a noble guardian in the mountains of Savoy State Park or plan the assassination of the Scion's mortal families. For whatever reason though, he'd disappeared into the mists of Salem's many mysteries and left the young students of Salem High to their devices. The Faculty had been on edge about the whole affair and decided to investigate the matter, being the new Scions on the block though mean that the task was given to the more experienced Band of Eric and his group of misfits and assorted sociopaths. Mr. Syracuse and Coach Fingers visited the giant wolf pup, the surviving offspring Honiahaka, the Guardian of Savoy. They even tried to take it away to a better home in one of the 'Realms' separate from the World. That was an exercise in futility, not only did they a get a severe mutiny from the Scions who rescued the nemean pup, but the pup itself refused to allow anyone but the Scions anywhere near it. It had bonded with them, and refused to leave their side. They had 'moved in' to the old Carlton Stables, an abandoned old estate that had been up for sale for years. It made for a cool 'club house', although Fisher was asked never to call it that ever again... for any reason. Training was going well under the gestapo-like regiment drawn up by Rachel. Nadya felt like her time with Coach Fingers had somehow made her just as evil... Rae-Rae was actually forcing her to work out, and not even in her heels! Austin and Fisher, with their two 'lance' style weapons made for an exciting to watch spar, amazing the ladies from time to time with maneuvers right out of some of the coolest martial arts movies. Still, both of them combined had a hard time matching Rachel blow for blow, she powerful, but relentless in her attacks and if she got a hold of one of them... it was over. All the while Wolf would sit on old wooden crates while the kids sparred in the open yard often times while Laurie played a lovely tune on her violin as Wolf howled and yipped at them when they took a hit or did something that looked cool. On a lighter note, after almost a month after he incident at the Salem Witch Museum, Natalie Myers was released from the hospital and was staying with some friends. She seemed well enough, but was severely depressed over the loss of her father and the strange events that happened that day. She was going through a lot therapy and was medicated out the wazoo, Grace and Darcy were being excellent friends to her, as well as they could anyway in her perpetually despondent state. She avoided Rachel at all costs, sometimes shooting glares at her or mumbling strangely to herself as they passed in the hallway. Still though, she was attending school and was trying to get her life back on track... What the Scions faced now was something far more dark and sinister than any plot cooked up by the Titans or Marius. What they faced in the coming days was a trial of emotional and mental fortitude. A challenge of one's ability to make good decisions and stand out as a model and example among their peers... yes... it was a dreadful time looming over Salem High, for around corner loomed the jaws of: The Homecoming Dance...
  21. Democracy In Modern Mythology

    Then I vote for the story option.
  22. Democracy In Modern Mythology

    You will not be reaching the Demigod Level until at least 260XP. That way all of you will have had the same pool of EXP and all the same opportunities to prepare for the challenges ahead. Those already at Legend 4 will be there until the others catch up. The Hero Level is narrow for having PCs with a legend curve, at Demigod you have more room to wiggle away from others with like abilities or powers.
  23. Democracy In Modern Mythology

    Agreed on Legend increasing based on story rather than XP.
  24. Democracy In Modern Mythology

    I voted for story upgrades. It makes more sense and makes it more interesting to me.
  25. Democracy In Modern Mythology

    While I do generally support the in-story awards, my one concern is about those whom have started at a different Legend (IE, most of us at 3, Grace at 2). In other words, some of us may yet hit the demigod upgrades well before others do. Just a thought. So right now I will abstain for the moment.
  26. It's come up, so I've decided to get your thoughts on it. Sure I run the game, but it's as much your game as it is mine so people want things a particular way, I'm willing to bend.
  27. Modern Mythology Supporting Cast

    William 'Billy' Troup William Troup is a legend (small L) in Salem. Several years ago he was the town most notorious bully. Everyday some kid was crying home to their parents after Billy handed down one of his epic beatings upon them. That all changed one day when he ended up in a brawl with Rachel Cooper who came to the defense of Todd Swain, a poor boy ho was half Billy size. What happened that day is spoken about in hushed whispers but rumors say she beat Billy within an inch of his life. Shortly after the brawl Billy moved away to live with Aunt down in Georgia and was not seen again... until recently. Billy has returned to Salem to finish out his high school years and he's returned in big way. No longer is the guy all baby fat with a stupid look on his face and a snaggle tooth. Braces, stern discipline and working on a Georgia farm have made Billy Troup into one hell of an attractive young man. Although no longer the bully, Billy still carries the stigma of his past actions with him. He's made attempts to redeem himself for the past, but thus far Rachel Cooper believes he is nothing more than a liar and charlatan. Once a bully, always a bully. He recently witnessed Rachel and Fisher go full Scion on some bad guys and doesn't know what to think... he's helping Darcy investigate the Scions hoping to expose them. Oh, and he thinks Rachel is a lesbian.
  28. Modern Mythology Supporting Cast

    Devenne Darcy Darcy, as everyone calls her, hates her first name. Her mother was one of those parents who had to name their child something uniquely spelled never considering that it was the kid who had to live with it their whole life. Darcy met Fisher when he first moved to Salem three years ago and they became fast friends. Just like him she enjoys all things nerdy from video games (she incredibly competitive) to anime to manga (and big into rivals), she's also currently running a 13th level Warpriest of Shelyn in Fisher's Saturday Pathfinder games. Most people believe that Darcy has a 'thing' for Fisher, and it's not too far of a stretch considering how much they have in common and how well they get along. The truth is Darcy doesn't know how she feels, she's never been good at expressing herself so talking to Fisher about it has never crossed her mind. All she really knows is that when Fisher is around other girls a part of her feels jealous and she finds herself mad at him for reasons he couldn't possibly be accountable for. She works at The Drip, a common hangout for the kids of Salem. Recently she and Billy Troup witnessed Fisher and Rachel go to town on some bad guys in their full Scion splendor. Darcy believes they might be aliens and is launching a full investigation and believes they might have had something to do with the events that landed her childhood friend, Natalie Myers, in Salem Hospital's psychiatric ward.
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