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  2. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Don't call me that!" Nadya snapped at the Cajun Bitch - well, she supposed Brigitte really was an actual daughter of the Loa. Still, she might have to put up with the nick name from Fingers, but she'd be damned taking it from her. Distracted by her dark mirror, Nadya's last shot sunk the 6 ball with a sure economy of motion and precision she had been trying to hide behind luck and happenstance a moment before. "Yeah, we had a hard night of rucking, Bri-git." Nadya but a stank on the godblood's name that suggested a blond, vapid valley girl rather than a distillation of Nawlins. "Surprised you missed out." Moving around the table to line up her next shot, Nadya gave Brigitte a casual appraisal, silver-grey eyes flicking over the fifty sitting on the edge of the table with instinctive greed. Want deepened, mixing with embarrassment as her eyes slipped over the fancy pool cue, then down to the battered, public cue in her hand. Too many skulls there, and in her fashion sense, but that pool cue sure was sexy. "Her?" Nadya gave Beth a light slap on the ass with the end of the pool cue, leaving a smudge of blue chalk. "This is Beth. She joined in the fun tonight, so I decided to help out and show her how to play an actually fun math game." There might have been a lot of math in pool, force, english, angles of incidents, but there was a realm of difference in recognizing it, and putting it in action. Nadya nodded at the fifty as she sunk another ball, how own challenging smirk gracing her lips. "Next game is yours, if you want it, Bri. You can even your own cue, if you think it'll help you win."
  3. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Put that way, yeah I can see it not being so bad." He smiled, idly wondering if she was like this in battle too. "We worked together to win, and no one got seriously hurt in the process, while saving the kids. That's always going to be a win in anyone's book." He spared a glance towards her band, and then turned his gaze back to her. "What about you guys? Seems like everyone else is in high spirits too." It was a statement and a question at the same time, He'd noticed she seemed to keep her distance form everyone, making their little conversation an oddity.
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  5. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    [Autsin] "Saving innocent lives from the spawn of pure evil? I should hope so." She replied in her typical monotone voice. She was hard to get a read on, out of all her companions she was just always neutral in everything. "I heard you and the others did battle with a great evil, well done."
  6. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    He took the offered seat and smiled. The attendant looked at him and asked if he wanted anything. "A Coke would be fine, thanks." He fixed the drink and set it on the counter, Austin paid him and he went to help someone else. Austin took a sip and sighed. He looked to Yokiko. "Tonight was pretty crazy, wasn't it? Is it always going to be like this?"
  7. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    [Rachel] "I can live with that," Billy said with a smile as he looked at her and smiled. They swayed with the song and once onlookers saw that they had the courage to dance in a room full of people girlfriends from throughout the Drip suddenly asked they're men 'why they didn't dance with them like that' and lo n' behold more and more followed them out to the dance floor and they suddenly surrounded by several of their slow dancing classmates. [Austin] Yokiko noticed his approach, but didn't acknowledge it. She was sitting there with her tea in a pair of tight black workout pants and a touristy sea foam blue tee advertising Pensacola, Florida. Her long black hair cascaded down her back in wet strands, darkening her tee shirt with it's lingering dampness. Like the rest of the Scions present it looked like she'd been home, cleaned up, and came back here in whatever she could throw on. She lifted her mug of tea and sipped. When she was done she motioned to the seat beside her. [Nadya] "I got winnah." Said a familiar voice with a thick Louisiana accent as a fifty dollar bill hit the table's edge. A lump rose in Nadya's throat as sighed at the newcomer. The only woman in Salem High that could match Nadya scam for scam, con for con, hustle for hustle: Bridgette De La Croix. The chocolate skinned beauty smirked as her pool cue tapped the floor. A cursed gift from her father with fancy engravings all up and down it's length of various Loa's dancing and reveling. The top of the staff was circled with four skulls of pure silver that represented the four directions of the crossroads each set with perfectly cut rubies for eyes. If one looked closely they could see the skulls watching them, and hear the cries of the dead being voiced through their silver jaws. Bridgette was everything Nadya could be... if Nadya had no moral compass whatsoever. Sex, drugs, violence... violent sex while on drugs... there was nothing Bridgette wouldn't or hadn't done and she was shameless about it. The only reason no rumors sprouted up about her was 1) she owned everything like a mantle of pride and 2) people were afraid she'd find them and severely hurt them for even mentioning her name. She was Eric's enforcer and angry sex partner, that was no secret or rumor, at least among Scions. She was in ripped, but way to tight, jeans and her black hiking boots. She wore only a tight leather vest that hugged her frame just right and it was adorned with several pins of skulls. Her hair was in a long braid of cornrows and was falling loose tonight. The cigarette tucked behind her ear really brought the whole outfit together. "Who's t'fresh meat, Moon Baby?" she looked at Beth like she was food, sizing her up for which cuts would be the most delectable. "Heard y'guys made quite d'ruckus."
  8. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Beth followed Nadya up and out of the booth. There wasn't really much more for her to do here unless she seriously wanted to poison this well, and she wasn't there yet. Truth be told, just getting away for a private moment was sounding good but...maybe a little longer. "Gee, pool?" she said to Nadya, oozing dewy-eyed innocence. "I played once before with my uncle, but I didn't really understand the rules. You'll go easy on me, right?"
  9. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Seeing how things were going back to normal, at least for now, Austin smiled. The Drip was pretty busy and it seemed like everyone was here, save the adults. Though he hadn't seen here yet, he assumed Yokiko was there as well, and a part of him did actually want to see her. Part of fighting a monster that could have killed them all easily and surviving, he mused, "It makes you see what's important." He thought about the Ticket, and made up his mind to see if They could share in the benefit, it wouldn't do for him to outshine her at the Dance, not when he wanted to attend as equals, as he'd first told her. He made the rounds, wondering if any were foolhardy enough to take on Nadya at the pool table, and looking For Yokiko. He finally spot her, at the counter, alone, but not overly far from her own band. He could see she was drinking tea, and smiled as he came into her view. "Mind If I sit with you?"
  10. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    With feline scorn for any danger in the face of curiosity, Nadya unabashedly watched Rae-Rae and Billy from the booth, a wide smirk on her face as she munched on muffins. She was totally getting ahead of herself, but if Rae-Rae was finally gonna be getting a little 'sumthin'-sumthin'' maybe she'd finally relax and stop being such a hardass. Her hollers were among the loudest and most exuberant in the Drip. Behind her good cheer, there might have been the slightest tinge of envy, not that she'd ever admit it to anybody. She'd dated plenty, and had never had problems hooking up with a guy - if not to the extent the rumours Mercedes had spread around suggested. But she had never felt the heart-in-your-throat, swarming-butterflies-in-the stomach yearning, young love that Rae-Rae and Billy seemed to be feeling. For her, it had been fun and pleasure, nothing more. Don't get her wrong, while it made for great entertainment, watching it in real-life or what passed for it on reality TV, it wasn't something Nadya had ever wanted. She wasn't exactly the introspective sort, but she couldn't help wonder if it was something wrong with her. Or had she just never met the right guy? Had she just inherited the infamous feline self-regard from her mother, a Goddess of Cats, or the fact she'd been raised by her father alone after believing herself abandoned by her mother? As quickly as she considered it, Nadya shook the introspection away, shoving it into a closet in her mind, refusing to let it bother her while everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, having survived a terrible night or testing out the bounds of budding desire. But suddenly, she found The Drip to be constraining. Her eyes fell on the frenemy Band, Mercedes giving her an instinctive scowl, the guys varying expressions of interest. Nadya hopped out the booth and shrugged on her short coat. "Hey, how 'bout we give the lovebirds some time to find out what fits where and do something besides watching them? I need to move some, or I'm gonna be all tight and stiff in the morning." She grin with false innocence, silver-grey eyes wide and guileless (if one was blind). "Anyone up for a few rounds of pool or something? Maybe put a bit down to make the matches more interesting?" Nadya's grin showed a hint of teeth, and there might have been a groan from someone in the Drip who heard her. The Romani girl might not have been called pool shark, but she had always liked pool, and maaay have been accused of hustling a guy or three (or ten) around town. A good and simple scam to pull off, if you had the hands and eyes for it, and usually pretty easy to get away with without serious consequence even if you got called on it.
  11. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Rachel's eyes were closed, wha... when did i close my eyes, when they kissed and it was nothing like what she thought it would be like. She felt the soft tingle of their lips touching and the heat spread from there. Hew scalp tingle and her stoncah the felling spread all the way to her toes. The Drip faded away all there was, was Billy, herself and the music. The kiss lasted longer than it probably should have and when it stopped and Billy pulled away Rachel wanted it to go on, her arms tightened around his neck. She took a breath through barley parted lips and opened her eyes and stared into his and drowned. "Me too...Billy. Right now there isn't any place I would rather be than with you." She wanted to kiss him again but instead rested her head on his shoulder as they danced. "I'll explain everything soon. Just not tonight. Tonight let's just be those kids who are gonna screw up."
  12. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Life was simple, for those who knew how to dance along with the rhythm. When it came to expressing herself, Rachel was less than what one may call 'smooth'. However, when she took the time to just slow down and let the right words flow into something heartfelt and warm, she became a true Aesir: warm, kind, honest and forthright. Unlike Dane, who they didn't notice over at the jukebox (an old 50s style model that played CDs), who could compose ballad after ballad and write songs and poetry to woo even the coldest of hearts, Rachel was flying by the seat of her pants and wasn't sure how she was doing... ...even though she was doing damn good all on her own. With a quarter and a tap of a few keys he walked away, catching Rae-Rae's field of vision just long enough to shoot her a wink and a 'I got yer back' grin. Soon the music began to play and there they were holding one another rather close, so nature did the rest. Billy began to sway with her, and she reluctantly followed suit. "I wasn't trying to put you on the spot, Rae," he said softly. "It's just, you and your friends seem to part of some other world, a club no one else is invited to. I like you, always have. And while I may seem like I've changed, I'm still just a guy. I'm gonna screw up, goes with the teenager territory, but if you're okay with that then I'm certainly okay with right here... with you." The Drip may as well had been empty when he tilted his head ever so slightly and every teenage warning bell went off in Rachel's mind. His kiss was nothing like the one she doled out at the lockers earlier that morning. It was tender and affectionate, born from teenage desire. Classmates woo'd and made other noises, even cheered them on, but neither of them heard it as they swayed to the music and shared in what she realized was a true power in a kiss: the power to completely lose yourself in it.
  13. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Rachel cocked her head and gave Nadya the narrowed eyeball of death. She started to say some thing then noticed that everyone at the table, with the exception of Darcy, was watching her. Clamping her mouth shut she pushed Billy out of the booth and stood up after him. With one last glare at Nadya and a look of warning the rest of the band, she grabbed Billy's hand and all but dragged him across the coffee shop to where the old fashioned jukebox (deco only it actually played mp3s, five for a dollar) stood. “You got a dollar?” she asked Billy who was flexing his hand, man did she have a grip. Billy fished out the bill and fed it into the machine then made a little bow and offered her the song choices. Rachel leaning on the machine made her choices slowly and picked the first two songs before she said anything. “It's a date Billy, nothing more nothing less. We go to homecoming and we'll see what goes from there.” she finished choosing the songs. She hadn't really been paying attention but all the songs she had chosen had been sappy love songs. A flash of anger colored her cheeks again. He tried to hide his disappointment but it showed nonetheless, and damn if that didn't make her feel bad. “No Billy, don't... Look about the kiss. It was .. not thought out and I don't know why I did it, but I'm not sorry that I did. When you showed up back at school this year I was having to deal with...changes. And seeing you just I guess brought up all that old crap. I latched onto you as something that couldn't change I didn't see you I saw that kid who was a jerk and who was mean. But at the same time part of me did see you. And those two parts were at odds.” She reached up and brushed some stray hairs from his face letting her fingers linger looking into his eyes. “I know you are not the same kid, I know you have changed. And I like the changes. But I've changed too. And to be honest it's got me confused. But I do know that, after all I have seen the last couple of months, we have to grab life while we can, live it to it's fullest.” With out realizing it they had moved closer together, bodies not quite touching, eyes locked onto each others lips so close..., “And right now that means you.”
  14. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Darcy laughed and shook her head. "Wow, you know... you guys are so full of it, and it doesn't bother me that I'm not in on it, no, I can handle that. What bothers me is that my best friend will sit here and lie to my face." She spoke with no particular malice in her tone, no more than the usual snark they all might trade with one another on a daily basis, but it was obvious that Fisher's way of trying to keep her safe came out more like a series of barked orders than anything else. "Excuse me," she pushed herself up from the table. "I need espresso, like, now." Darcy left the table and made her way through the rather busy coffee shop. She'd already slipped out the back under the lie that she was 'checking her schedule'. She snaked her down the alleyway, weaving betwixt the dumpsters and the loose debris cast off by the uncaring people of her neighborhood. Darcy's mug hit the table with a thump a lot louder that she intended. She looked like she'd seen a ghost, or just escaped one, her eye wide in a revelation known only to her. Billy laughed. "Darce, you just missed a budding rendition of Dane's new hit single... 'Please Rae Don't Kill Me At The Lockers, I'll Swear To Be Your Bitch'." She forced a smile and managed to look at him as some of the color returned to her cheeks. "Title needs work," she managed to force out something to keep up appearances. "Sorry, had to, uh, make it myself. Pretty packed tonight." "Right?!" Nadya laughed and picked off a muffin bit to shove in her mouth. "So, for clarification," Billy chimed up after a long sip of his hot chocolate. "One, I'm not her bitch." Everyone laughed and chimed up their own two cents to the contrary but Billy seemed a good guy and bore the brunt of all his peer's slings and arrows. He looked to Rachel, "And, two... how are we doing this homecoming thing? I mean, is it just one dance, or are we... y'know... an us. Because that kiss this morning, man. I just want to make sure I wasn't on the end of one of this groups practical jokes or if the signal you sent was intentional, again... because, damn." Rachel could have probably stared down a band of giants and issued them threats until sheer fear kept them from raiding Salem. When it came to discussing her relationship status in front of all of her friends... well, emotional expression wasn't really high on her list of proficiencies. Her cheeks began to flush as he'd caught her completely off guard. "Mmm." Nadya nodded like a nosy Nelly that fed off all the drama. "That's an excellent question. Rae-Rae? Your rebuttal?"
  15. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Oh, I'm always wary of gifts," Nadya claimed airily, tucking away the golden ticket. "Doesn't mean I turn them down cold. Who doesn't like the idea of a fancy new dress? Just be smart about it and we won't get Wonka'ed with our golden tickets." Or three? I'll just have to check for razor-blades stitched in or see if it had been powered or drenched with something nasty... And besides, this Evelynn might know or let slip something more about Marius. When Rachel shifted her attention for a moment, Nadya filched the ripped tickets and tucked them in with hers. A little tape and they'd be nearly as good as new. If Evelynn still honoured them, sweet. If not, well, it's not like it cost her anything. And if she couldn't get Rae-Rae to reconsider taking them back for the dance, well, Nadya had no qualms about ending up with two more swanky outfits. She was a little exasperated with Laurie. She didn't have anything against wealthy folks, not really. They had the best stuff to... redistribute after all and could afford it to have it redistributed. But she had only said that stuff about Marius to stop Billy and Darcy from being even more curious about him. Oh well. She stretched and rolled her shoulders, working out lingering traces of soreness. "Are you kidding me, girlfriend?" Nadya countered Laurie. "The world is awesome. There's just awful people in it. A thousand thousand places to visit, a thousand thousand people to meet-" "A thousand thousand pockets to pick," Fisher muttered. Nadya grinned with a shrug, not the least ashamed. "- and a thousand thousand pairs of shoes to try. Hey, there's a story to the contents of every pocket, Fisher. There's infinite possibilities out there. And yeah, many will suck balls. But that just makes the good ones all the sweeter. We're in Salem for now, but not forever and there's a whole world out there, more fantastic than imagined. What place do you all wish you could visit?"
  16. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Austin like the others took the Ticket, and pocketed it. He knew the sayings, and he didn't trust Marius as far as he could throw him, but there was something in his tone, something that said this time he was on the level. He hated that, but couldn't bring himself to dismiss the ring of truth in his words. He sighed. "We now return you to your regular night of rest and relaxation, The rest of the world is a question for tomorrow."
  17. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." Rachel said as she picked up the two tickets for her and Billy, "Or Roman's, or ancient Babylonians, or whatever." She tore the two tickets in half. "I suggest you guys do the same." She looks over at Billy. "We can talk about what we are going to wear later, but right now Laurie is right. It was a day that wasn't pleasant but ended well and right now we just want to celebrate and relax.
  18. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Relaxing only slightly as Marius neither mocked nor antagonized them, but instead offered gifts and a measure of humility, she returned his greeting politely, if coolly. For all his civility and intellect, he had already proven himself to be both dangerous and utterly without scruples when it came to getting his way. That he departed so amiably gave her pause, but she didn't detect any hidden subtext when he explained his gratitude as a father. That she couldn't imagine what sort of children he might have, or what kind of woman would have considered him a worthy partner, was a matter for another time... perhaps late at night, sitting 'round a campfire, telling ghoulish stories over warm cider. Although Laurie was rapidly getting the sense that Beth either didn't care for human interaction or had simply been forced to adapt to the barbaric hellscape that was public school, she had, ultimately, been of assistance in rescuing the children from Spear-Finger. Not for the first time, she reminded herself that she ought to set the example, not be one. Besides, it's not as if she'd really discussed her family before, so there was no way Beth could have known... "No," she replied, "not mine. My father..." Laurie inhaled and exhaled slowly, working up a smile as she did so. "He's not here, anymore. He-" Anything else she might have said was abruptly cut off by Fisher's inexplicable outburst, leaving the normally eloquent teen at an utter loss for words. The look on Darcy's face... Oh, Fisher, she thought despairingly. Do you have any idea what you just did? ...And then Nadya chimed in. Oh, for- "He's not a... a 'creeper,' Nadya, he just thanked us for crying out loud, and if you have a problem with people who have more money than you do, I fully expect you to disgorge all of the muffins one of them just bought for you. Please do use the wastebasket, though, or at least do us the courtesy of going to the restroom first." She exhaled again, letting some of the sting of the other girl's barb- intentional or not- bleed away. "Darcy, I'm sorry. It's been kind of a rough day. We-" She glanced at the others, obviously flustered and uncomfortable with what she was about to say. "Fisher, and the rest of us, we helped Sheriff Farrow track down some missing children. It wasn't at all what we expected, and, although I can't speak for everyone, I'm still pretty overwhelmed, and it sounds like he is, too." Laurie allowed herself the luxury of remembering, now that it was over, how terrified she'd been, how utterly out of her element, and some of it crept into her voice. "I honestly don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight." She paused, and her earlier smile returned, if more self-deprecating than wistful. "It was supposed to be a secret," she added, darkening blue eyes directed pointedly at Fisher, "but I'm a terrible liar, and if he'd wanted to keep you from worrying about what he was doing, he should have been more honest with you in the first place. That goes for you, too, Billy," she added, nodding at the confused young man with Rachel. "You guys are friends, and if at all possible, it would be nice to try to forget about today for a little while, have a sandwich, talk about the dance and Nadya's shoes, and pretend we didn't just find out how awful the world can be. Just for tonight. ...Please?"
  19. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Cheeks bulging out, stuffed with muffin tops, Nadya snatched at the golden tickets, offered by an evil fucker or not. She gave Rachel a hurt look when she glowered and banged the table, pulling back her hand with a golden ticket in her fingers. She choked down the muffins in her mouth with a forceful swallow and the help of a large sip of coffee. "I was only gonna take one," Nadya protested plaintively. "Even if I go to the dance stag, and he's the one giving us the tickets..." Nadya's eye cut towards the door Marius had just left through, "a girl can always use a new dress." She peered at the ticket, looking for any notes or caveats. "I hope the shoes are included." Beth got a nonplussed glance. Nadya hadn't missed the flask disappearing, if only because she had had the exact same inclination, but being on the other side of the table gave Beth the first opportunity. She hoped the new girl wasn't against sharing, because if what Marius had said was true, that offered a tonne of possibilities for fun and profit. Nadya rolled her bright grey eyes in exasperation at Fisher. What an idiot. If he didn't want Darcy wondering about who Marius was, he had said just about the most opposite thing he could have. I love your curiosity, so now I not gonna tell you a thing about this totally mysterious stranger who obviously knows us from some prior encounter. Dumbass. "Dude's a total creeper, but rich. You know how they hate being told no," Nadya... amended blithely with a wave of her hand, the fluorescent lights glinting off the metallic ticket flipping back and forth. "The tickets are just a bride to overlook the fact he's a complete douchebag. Rich people, amiright?"
  20. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "No." Fisher snapped, and he turned on Billy and Darcy with alacrity. "And all you two need to know is to stay away from him. If you see him, you run, you run the other way." "But-" Darcy began, totally confused, but cut off by a pale but set Fisher. "That's all you need to know. Your curiosity is one of the things I love about you," and in his concern Fisher didn't care what he was uttering, "but this is too dangerous for you to poke your neck into."
  21. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Beth eyed the coupons, then shrugged and took one. "That sounds like backstory from where I'm sitting," she said, "But given the whole airy-fairy 'oooo I'm so much cooler than you' thing he had going, I'm gonna guess he was one of those guys. Oh, and I guess he pretty much said he was someone's dad." She looked at Laurie. "Yours?" Of the flask he'd set down in front of her there was no trace. Had that even happened? For her part, Beth had no intention of using that thing on JD. Or, for that matter, on anything that you could just go and buy from a store. A flask that'd pour out any amount of whatever you put in it, used to make your own personal liquor store? Ugh, talk about thinking small. There were way more interesting things that could be done with something like that. Delinquency...contributed to. Thanks, dad!
  22. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    As if on cue to Beth's request for a few shots of J.D. there was a sudden gloom that hovered over the air of the table. The Scions who recognized him saw him first and they grew tense almost immediately. Rachel's fists clenched, Austin's eyes narrowed, Nadya quickly began planning escape routes. Despite what they felt, fear in his presence was almost a given. His shadow carried a certain weight to it and the whole of the table felt heavier. A small flask was set beside Beth. It was simple and silver and unassuming in anyway save for the polished golden apple engraving on either side of it. "Here you are child," Marius said calmly. "Anything you pour in there will never run out. You'll have to fill it yourself, however, I'm not one to contribute to the delinquency and all that." Rachel placed her hands flat on the table and Marius raised on hand. "Peace, Rachel. Peace." He lowered his hand in a motion that encouraged her to be seated and she did so, begrudgingly. She knew she couldn't start a brawl in here... well, she could start a brawl anywhere, but time and a place n' all that. "I know we all have quite the sketchy past and didn't really get off on the right foot. I'm not here tonight to cause trouble, no, I assure you of that." He reached into his leather coat and everyone tensed once more, ready for anything or everything. He produced an envelope, simple and white. Opening it he showed them several golden tickets, or coupon or something, made of thick golden foil. With grace, he dropped them into the center of the table. It landed flat with the tickets fanning outward like playing cards. "I know you think the worst of me, and you've every right to, all things considered. As a father myself, there are... certain institutions I hold sacred. I heard what you did this evening, and, simply put, whatever issues we have, for this evening they are squashed. Take those to Evelynn, here on the waterfront. She has a small boutique. With your dance coming up, I... well, take those coupons to her, she'll make sure your night is one to remember." He placed his fedora on his head and smiled politely. "No tricks, no gimmicks. Just one father's appreciation that there are still Heroes like you left in this World. Until next time." He tipped his hat. "Laurie, pleasure to see you again, hope all is well." He looked to the others. "Good evening, and best of luck come the end game." With his departure the odd gloom and darkness seemed to lift and more colors entered their lives. Billy and Darcy looked at each other, mildly creeped out and now even more intrigued as to what was going on in these teen's personal lives. "Uh, who was that?" Billy asked. "What was he talking about?"
  23. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    Austin smiled and let out a chuckle at the replies to Billy's inquiry, and nodded. "They've finally found the person that can put up with all their antics, I couldn't be happier for them." He took one of the offered muffins and ate it slowly, savoring the taste, and the warmth of fresh muffins. He was finally starting to relax, surrounded by his band and their friends.
  24. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "You too, Billy boy?" Nadya drawled in victimhood, bits of muffin stuffed in her cheek like a chipmunk so she could talk. "I do pass more tests than I fail, y'know! You all should know that!" Nadya continued decapitating berry-flavoured muffins, claiming the tops and discarding the bottoms like squat, fallen soldiers. She beamed at Billy as she got up and squeezed herself in next to Beth so Billy could sit next to Rachel. She offered him the seat with a flourish as she gobbled down a blueberry & raspberry muffin top. She flushed it down her throat with a long pull of mocha-latte. "I won rock, paper, scissors, so I'm officiating. Austin is giving away the brides, and Laurie is taking care of catering." Nadya held up another muffin top and nodded her thanks to Laurie for the bounty she was consuming with gusto, before returning her grin to Billy, a grin that was now conspiratorial. "Do you think you can do double-duty as the ring-bearer and flower-girl?"
  25. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Wow, uh, what's with the celebration? Nadya pass a test or something?" Beth chuckled and shook her head. "That's good, but nah. It's for Rae and me. We're getting married." She gave Rachel a sigh and a flutter of lashes. "Crazy how fast these things happen, huh?"
  26. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    "Things." Fisher said, aware how lame it sounded. How to give her some answer without lying - which she could probably sniff out, or something that would endanger her. "Look, during the summer, my mom came back." Which Darcy knew well was after a twelve year gap. "It's given me a lot to think about." Looking to switch the topic, he got the door open. "Ladies first." She narrowed her eyes and glared at him, pushing her glasses up on the bridge of her nose. "To be continued, Fisher. Don't think I didn't see what you did there..." She nodded at his politeness and the two joined the others within the Drip.
  27. S1:E3 "Homecoming"

    [Fisher & Darcy(Awwww)] "Oh, cool," the brunette smiled and suddenly she cocked her head and had to ask. "So, uh, what kind of group is it exactly? I don't recall getting my invite. Last year we did everything together and this year you're distant, weird, evasive... and hanging out with people you didn't even talk to last year. What's going on with you Fisher?" [Inside The Drip] Rachel felt a large hand on her shoulder. Her first instinct was to grasp it, break the wrist and slam it's owner's face into the table. Then the voice on the rational side of her mind reminded her that the battle was over. The monster was dead and she could relax. She ere'd on the side of rational side and looked behind her. Billy looked down at her and smiled. "Hey, Rae." He was cautious... honestly a bit scared too. He still wasn't sure if they were officially a 'thing' after that kiss she dropped on him this morning, and she had an aggressive personality. A part of him said risk that greeting kiss... that part of him that enjoyed living won out with giving her a warm smile and an awkward lean in like he was gonna kiss her and decided it might not be the best idea in front of all of the Drip, in case she wasn't into PDA and all that. He also he decided he should stop thinking so much and say something else. "Thanks for the invite." He looked around at the assembled Scions, he knew Darcy was outside talking with Fisher (he gave her a ride) and raised his eye brows. They didn't look like aliens, that was for sure, then again Rachel beat a man with a tailgate she tore off a pick up truck not long ago, so... there was that. "Wow, uh, what's with the celebration? Nadya pass a test or something?"
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