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Inspired by space movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ice Pirates, Battle beyond the Stars and a plethora of grade b space movies from the 1980's (most available on you tube) it follows a band of down on their luck crew of a crazy starship trying to make a living without selling out to the Galactic Man or falling victim to the numerous intergalactic crime lords and their nefarious schemes all while desperately trying not to become the next meal of the hordes of the insect like Swarm bent on devouring the galaxy.

This game will have lot's of action, lasers, nukes, magic, more lasers, rock and roll, zombies, androids, huge space battles, even more lasers this time with different colors, pissed off space gods, pizza, sexy space witches, horrible alien bugs to kill by the score...did I mention the lasers...


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  2. The priest reeled from the continued onslaught leaning back he avoided the slash of Gorunta's sword only to get stabbed in the face by the female. With a yowl of frustration he lashed out with the scepter striking both Gorunta and Evana! Bastet echos the priest except her howl is one of rage. With a mighty surge she lifts Jordayn like a rag doll and swings him like a club at Jexa. The collision of Jordayn and Jexa is jarring and he two become entangled as the raging howl becomes one of fear and horror. One of Bastet's arms grasping Jordayn had broken clean off at the elbow sending the Half Elf and Lashunta staggering backwards while the goddess holds up her stump and cries in anguish!
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  4. Echo flinched a little at the burst of light coming from Jexa, and had to adjust her aim to account for Jordayn being hauled up in front of the cat cat cat goddess. Even so, she figured she'd try to keep the pressure on. What good was a godless priest, right? Or, what evil was an...evil goddessless... Bleh, words. She lacked the magic touch this time, but even her own overcharging gave the gun a bit more kick than it would normally get. Not enough though, ugh. The powerpack was already starting to get really hot. Maybe one more blast. Then she'd be down to ineffectual flailing and strong language to take this thing down. Arc attack (unjazzed): 1d20+8 15 2d6+6 12
  5. Jexa seemed to have the desicated remains of the goddess well in hand, so with a smooth motion Evie broke aside and ran for the priest. He flailed at her but she hooked her arm upward under his own, her blade jabbing into his back as she did so. He felt no pain, but the impact put him off balance enough for her to lurch him forward, right as her knee upward. Her pistol fell from her hand and she balled her fist as it lurched backwards now, punching it directly in the face. "People like you are the reason I'm not a cat person!" She back up and stood beside Gorunta, shaking the numbing pain from her fist. "Ow... now I remember why I kick things..." She flexed her hand a few times and her pistol digitally reformed in her grip.
  6. Sunshine's innate distaste for cats tempted her to action, but she realized the chance of hitting Jordayn was high, so she turned around and concentrated on the priest, going low where Gorunta went high and trying to throw them off balance with a carefully placed laser pistol shot.
  7. Jordayn gave Jexa a thumbs up at the tremendous clout across the face she delivered with a spell and the butt of her pistol, but could only managed garbled choking sounds with the infuriated goddess's hand around his throat. He used both hands and twisted his body like a caught fish, his chest heaving, but could break free of her implacable strength.
  8. Gorunta drew his blade back, only to have his attention split by the surprise of the goddess intervening and seeking to choke the poor frail half-elf. The priest took the opportunity to spring back from the slash.
  9. "Shit! Jordayn!" Jexa exclaimed, her antenna standing straight up as the feline... goddess?... avatar?... clutched the half-elf's throat. He was the closest thing to a friend Jexa had in a long time, and not somebody she looked forward to losing. He had saved her life. He was a friend, and to Jexa, that was priceless. The lashunta's face twitched and twisted into a mask of, seemingly divinely inspired, anger as her antenna arched back over her head. She clutched her pistol so tightly in her fist that Echo could swear she heard the grip cracking. "Leave. Him. Alone. You dried out piece of discarded, wannabe, divine pus!" she snarled through gritted teeth as her jumpjets flared, launching Jexa at reborn goddess. She reared back her fist clutching her laser pistol, as she called out an enchantment, causing crackling electricity to arc and dance all over the pistol. In one swift motion, Jexa landed before the feline and brought her pistol down and across the feline's face in a such severe pistol-whipping, goddess-stunning, bitchslap, the likes of which had rarely, if ever, been seen. The force of the blow spun the feline's head to the side and a nearly immeasurable fraction of a second later, the electricity coating her pistol eager leapt onto the furry form of Bastet, coursing through her and dancing all around her head body, causing her fur to stand up anywhere it touched as the feline tenses and twitched from the electricity washing over her.
  10. Mertwee was shocked at the speed with which the motley crew recovered from his repostioning, bolts and beams lashed at him and then the Vesk showing amazing speed was before him and his huge sword slashing across his chest but it was the Electric bolt from the synthetic which really got him. The bolt hit square in the mummy priests chest sending a web of electric fire across his body. Fur singed and muscles contacted locking him onto a stiff shaking form which was open to further attack. But the crushing of the priest was not all that was happening. When Jordayn yanked the goddesses body from the alter the magical sphere began to deform and rotate rapidly then it exploded in a scintillating rainbow of colors as the encased energies fled back to it's sources. The spell holding the canines aloft fade and the dogs sank to the pyramid where they fled the battle in a cacophony of howls and barks. One canine in particular did not feel the pyramid instead it ran past Jordayn in to the shadows an the waiting arms of the drow witch. Jordayn smiled at the happy reunion of dog an master and was about to call to the drow when a steel like hand griped his throat sinking black razor sharp claws into his bare neck choking the words off. The goddess lived!
  11. "Wow," Evie said as she spun back around to face the mummy. Her commlink's floating cam had managed to capture the most impressive selfie of saluting her social media fan base as the creature was being laced with electric death. The look on its face was priceless. "Awesome shot guys! Thanks!" She aimed her pistol and blasted the mummy in the chest her pistol. The impact staggered it a bit more. "You, however, can piss off."
  12. "Just not inclined to give up, is she? Hup - " Sunshine scampered up Gorunta's massive frame, doing a flip off his shoulder and firing again with her pistol, trying to keep the mummy off-balance.
  13. "Sometimes tough love is needed," Jordayn amended to Jexa's and Gorunta's comments, as blade and blaster once more fell upon the mummy. The trim half-elf followed in the hulking Vesk's wake, then ducked left around him and the reconstituted undead felinoid and angled toward the altar. The sphere of eldritch force was the physical manifestation of the ritual that was stealing the life of the canines and transferring it the supposed Goddess. It would take magic stronger than his to directly disrupt the ritual. But perhaps he could disrupt the ritual indirectly. Jordayn was no engineer, but if a component was pulled from a completed circuit, hopefully it would short out and collapse. And look, there was a component of the ritual sitting right there in reach, on the altar. "Sorry, Lady. You're cute and all, but the dogs are adorable." Jordayn wasn't particularly strong, but he had helped more than a few onto gurneys and medical beds. And this time, he didn't need to consider a patient's comfort or health. He reached out swiftly to grab an arm and leg, then yanked the preserved, female body off the altar, trying to minimize exposure to the field of life force being siphoned from the canines.
  14. "Well," the android replied with a grin. "What's a little blazing electric death between friends?" She looked over at the ascendant cat-god and called out, "Hey, Fluffy. Nice stick." Then Echo aimed the pistol, her exocortex feeding her minute corrections, and unleashed hell. Jexa's magic, combined with her own hacking of the weapon's safety protocols, resulted in a positively Amazonian river of skyfire. It twined and crackled through the air, given a strange sort of serpentine life by the technomage's spells. When it found its target, the thunderclap was physical thing...a slap across the whole body that ruffled hair and clothing. Had there been windows close by, they'd have broken. Echo slowly peeked between the fingers of her left hand, which she'd had to hold up to shield her eyes from the glare. Arc attack (jazzed by Jexa): 1d20+8 27 to hit 6d6+6 30 damage
  15. "Then I shall care with my blade." Gorunta proclaimed, before charging the reforming mummy and delivering another solid slash. That should keep him busy while the others figured out the sphere and ending the resurrections.
  16. Jexa glances at the sphere above the dormant, soon-to-be-cat-god, and scanned it, checking it against her knowledge of the mystic arts as she drew her laser pistol. "Magic is many things." she said to Echo as she reached out and tapped the arc pistol in the android's hand, causing glowing, blue mystic runes that looked more like electrical circuits to encircle the barrel like a halo. "In this case, it is also blazing, electric death. And remember, sharing is caring, so let'em have it." she added with a grin.
  17. With it's force-field down between cycles the barrage of laser and arc bolts lashed into the undead priests body send him into a spasmodic dancing jerks as he was driven backward up the pyramid side with each shot, small blossoms of fire lighting up his desiccated form. With a scream of feline pain and fury the Priests spun away and his body seemed to swirl into particulate matter, like sand, and flowed, rapidly back toward the top of the Pyramid where the spell to rais bastet was still processing. The Heroes managed a few more shots but having no effect on the sand form of the mummy they were force to follow. At the top of the pyramid the came upon an alter lying prone on the alter was the perfectl preserved body of a female felinoid dressed in intricate robes of gold, it's arms crossed across her chest hands grasping two ornate scepters. Above the body a shimmering globe of magical force from which rays sprinkled down upon the reclining form bathing it in soft light. Above all of this the ring of floating canines wailing in terror as thier lif foce is slowly sucked from them and fed intot he dead cat god. As the heroes crested the top they took all of this in as well as seeing the newly reformed Mummy priest in front of the dead god now wielding a weapon, a long thin staff topped with a crystalline spiral around which four glowing stones orbited. The staff is of obvious technical manufacture but to those with the means of detection, it also gives off a powerful magical aura.
  18. Echo snatched the offered pistol and grinned. "Whaddya know. Magic IS friendship." With another dose of hack-unleashed power, she took aim at the rampaging cat-god and unleashed another blaze of electric hell! (25 to hit for 10 damage...a lousy roll on damage :)) Arc attack: 1d20+8 25 2d6+6 10
  19. "Gorunta, have you been going through my closet again? You little perv..." Evana shouted back to Gorunta with a whorish smirk. The BDH's kept the bantering going on, shouting back and forth like the Big Bad wasn't even really here and this was all some elaborate air soft game they were playing on the weekend. She scowled at the Mummy when it's magic beam slammed into Sunshine but was relieved when she saw the fur ball was okay. Needless to say the Envoy's banter had a way of annoying anyone, especially ancient mummy's hell bent on taking over the world. "This has gone on long enough," she said softly under her breath as she rose from her cover and squeezed off two round from her Tactical Pistol. The shots echoed in the cavers, far louder than lasers or arc pistols (and she was wondering slightly what everyone's fetish with electricity was). (Not sure if they get past it's Force Field, so I'm stopping my description there.)
  20. "Hfft - " Sunshine staggered under the weight of the spell, feeling the crush of capital-E evil bearing down on her - in her mind it felt like the Suck, the space between stars and planets defined by radiation, freezing cold, no air, no pressure, and where almost nothing could survive. The opposite of life. But in that realm, bloomed hope, and she took solace in her faith to the Black Butterfly, patron goddess of those souls whose living were made in the Suck, who sailed on a sea with vessels and bodies and equipment forged on the technicality of "almost." And she rallied, swung her legs around and flipped up into the air, firing her pistol once more.
  21. "I can't say I wouldn't mind the view, though," Jordayn countered in amusement, still feeling the fading sting of Evana's slap. He followed after Evana, scanning his companions with a healer's practiced, but none seem in any particular danger at the moment. Jexa had already accosted the desecration that was the felinoid mummy with a sward of techno-arcane mini-bots, so instead he marshaled the spark of the goddess residing inside him for later endeavors and settled for snapping off a shot from his shock pistol. Scaling up the pyramid behind Evana and Sunshine, Jordayn drifted to their left to give himself a line on the Mummy. A bolt of tightly bound lightning flashed by Evana, striking the foul priest squarely in chest. He was no expert marksman, but knew enough to strike for center mass.
  22. "Oh please!" Gorunta scoffed, rolling up to a kneeling position. "Like it's my fault you're more interested in making it easier for others to get you naked than comprehensive armor!" He sighted on Mertwee, the silly crazed priest of Bastet - really, better seek a more impressive deity like Damoritosh! This time his shot hit, with the zing of laser fire in the air. "And don't claim that Second Skin counts!" He added, dropping the laser rifle and drawing his blade again. Honestly, he was beginning to think it might be good to have a high-powered pistol for this situations. "It's so obviously molded to your body, I'm surprised there's not a matching opening in the crotch!" Any reply of hers was drowned out by the vesk cheerfully and loudly humming the tune for Damorik's Last Stand.
  23. Jexa's antenna perked up at the sight of the shot from Echo's supercharged arc pistol being mostly absorbed by the priest's force field, though it did end up overloading it, even if onl for the time being. "A force field? Nice." she commented to herself with a shrug and then winced at Sunshine's laser scorched the ancient, feline priest, catching him off guard to add insult to injury. What she had not expected was for the priest to close the distance toward them, though the ray he fired at Sunshine certain explained it. This was their chance though, he was much closer now, his force field was down, and he was off-balance a bit, so the technomancer decided to capitalize on the situation. Jexa make a quick few gestures with a brief incantation, causing the faint patterns of circuitry in her tattoos to glow blue as small bits of various machines shot toward the priest while she drew technological energy from the very area itself. The bits of tech rapidly coalesced into small, first-sized robots, with the additional bits seeming to form from the magic itself. They took on the rough shape of canine heads, their various lights, motors and powercells given life by the spells until the priest was surrounded by a ten foot cloud of the small robots. "Sick'em!" Jexa commanded and instantly the robotic canine began to bark at the priest, shooting at him with energy blasts from their mouths with each bark to harass and annoy the felanoid, adding to his confusion and disorientation, making him an easy target as he was partially occupied trying to avoid the blasts as he swiped at the microbots in futility, for when shattered, bits would gather gather again to form new robots as fast as he could shatter them. "His force field is down and the microbots have him distracted, so light his ass up!" she called to the others and turned to Echo, tossing the android her arc pistol. <<Catch! My pistol is almost full charged >> she thought to Echo as the pistol arced through the air toward the android.
  24. Sunshine's laser beam flashes and burns into the undead High-priest's shoulder the energy impact startles him as his robe catches fire as he lays eyes on the rat that shot him! At the moment Echo's over charged shot slams into the priest square in the chest! Light flares as that bolt is stopped by a now coruscating force field which runs through the spectrum before collapsing letting some of the energy through Patting out the flames on it's robe the feline Priest Snarls and Leaps at Sunshine landing about twenty five feet away from her it's free hand weaving as it emits strange and evil meows, a sinister pencil thin beam shoots from its hand and strikes the Ysoki!

    Ok I know that many of you do not like the alignment system in d&d/PF/SF, i really don't either, but it is a thing and since many spells and abilities require alignment, so do I. Those of you who have an alignment make sure it is on your sheet. Those of you who do not have an alignment, pick one and put it on your sheet. If you do not have an alignment on your sheet I will pick one for you that is most convenient for my purpose at that moment. Thank you
  26. "Blast it all," Evana cursed as the shockwave impacted her, sweeping her off her feet as her leather jacket caught fire from the plasma, searing and scorching it. She took to the fall well enough, hitting the ground only to use the force of the blast to ride the backward momentum to roll onto her feet and press forward without missing a beat. She dropped her gun and blade, to peel off the jacket, which was ruined at this point, to reveal what was really protecting her: a second skin body suit that appeared like nothing more than wet-look leather that was vacuum sealed to her frame. She moved forward at a swift pace, looking to the drow slave girl and Jordayn, "Thanks, sweetie." she smacked him on the rump like a football player would do during the game after a good play. "Stay put honey, let us handle this. It's quite a show when we're all pissed off." "Are you?" the slave girl asked. "Pissed off, I mean." She looked at her crew and they were all guns ans spells and...well, Gorunta doing what he did with the big guns and Vesk battle songs. She smirked wryly as her weapons digitized and reformed in her hands. "Sugar, I'd say we're pretty far past pissed. Strap in." She bolted as fast as she could, moving up the side of the pyramid before she came to a stop, sliding on the stone to take cover behind some fallen rubble. "Gorunta! Get your ass in gear, that was a new jacket and if I have to take my pants off because you're screwing around, then needless to say, I will not be very happy!"
  27. "You frickin' fool - " Sunshine twisted this way and that, maneuvering through the falling rubble... ... and she emerged with little more than kicked-up dust to show for it. "You bring this whole place down and you'll be stuck here with us!" Sunshine decided to end it before it got that far, advancing on the mummy. She flipped her pistol from one hand to the other and fired from behind her back, attempting to catch it off-guard - trying to catch it in the midsection so that it'd be vulnerable to followup attacks.
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