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Inspired by space movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ice Pirates, Battle beyond the Stars and a plethora of grade b space movies from the 1980's (most available on you tube) it follows a band of down on their luck crew of a crazy starship trying to make a living without selling out to the Galactic Man or falling victim to the numerous intergalactic crime lords and their nefarious schemes all while desperately trying not to become the next meal of the hordes of the insect like Swarm bent on devouring the galaxy.

This game will have lot's of action, lasers, nukes, magic, more lasers, rock and roll, zombies, androids, huge space battles, even more lasers this time with different colors, pissed off space gods, pizza, sexy space witches, horrible alien bugs to kill by the score...did I mention the lasers...


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  2. An eyebrow twitched, but Jordayn sighed ruefully. There were all sorts of desire and love in the galaxy. The love one held for a special bit was no less valid than other sorts of love, and like them, came of all sorts of intensities. It was just different, and there was nothing intrinsically bad - and often, there was a great deal of good - about different. Jordayn paused and turned to look up the ramp at the others. He waved a hand in Sunshine's direction. "Fingers, legs, I take it you mean this cult is a cult of collection agents, of the more violent variety?" He smirked wryly. Arshea preserve us as we jump into the folly of love. "Which casino would this be and how much much is the debt, Atuz? I don't mean to embarrass you, but it may give us a hint about how... hmm, serious and ... excessive they will be in holding onto Queensie, here."
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  4. "I understand completely," said Sunshine, with all sincerity, upon learning that Atuz would cross half a system to secure an adorable pet. "We'll find them!" She then paused, thinking about the other thing Atuz had mentioned. "Wait, what's this about house debts? Are these to the people who like to take people's fingers off?"
  5. "A cult.. uh... yeah...," Atuz shirked away a bit one the massive vesk had his outburst. It was obvious Evana had the big under some semblance of alm but seriously pondering either getting hers, or supply Gorty with a gun. "I may not have been completely clear about the definition..." "Also, I may have accrued no small amount of debt at one of the private casinos," He raised his eyebrows and looked around sheepishly.
  6. There was a long palpable silence, with no member of the Solenya's crew yet able to muster a response to through their disbelief. "Good fucking son of a demon fever addled Aspis whore!" Gorunta's voice boomed in loud, unrestrained, crass shock and vulgarity. "You... you're paying us to do all this, giving away everything you have, to get back a mere pet! No wonder your family said no. They're probably wondering right now what generations of siblings held threesomes with each others and Eoxians to produce your lunatic carcass!" "Gorty-" Evana broke into, trying as ever to smooth over and restrain the Vesk from going any further. "I am fortunate that there is money and that Damoritosh respects the conquest, and not solely the caliber of the foe." The vesk grunted in resignation. "A cult that decides to capture a fluffy pet for sacrifice? How fearsome could they be?"
  7. Echo stared at the image, then shrugged and took a quick photo of it with her rig. "Right. Well that'll narrow things down some. Whoever's got her will need a big tank, a supply of fish or whatever those...whatever she eats. We'd probably better get a line on a portable tank we can put in the cargo hold too. Actually, I'll take care of that. I have some other shopping to do anyway." Atuz was not right in the head, but his credits were good...as far as she knew. Best thing for it was to spend it quickly, do the job and hope he was actually insane enough to make good on the offer of the ship. Rescue a princess...ship a fish a few parsecs...what did it matter, really, if the reward was worth it?
  8. "Ah... uh... yes... well," Atuz scratched his head. His cheeks flushed a bit as he searched for the words that would form the answers those he hired were looking for. "I suppose it was an inevitability... her name is... Queensie." From his pocket he produced a disc shaped holo-projector and the image it produced spun about slowly. Queensie was not what they were expecting. She had six legs... a small fluffy carefully groomed into a variety white poofy balls about her six adorable feet and a cute pom-pom on her head. Her long bottle nose and and blow hole just accented her all around cuteness. "She's a... uh... she's uh... a poolphin. A genetic hybrid between a dolphin and a poodle, I spared no expense. She's my everything..." The image spun about slowly as Atuz stared at his lost love. He beamed a smile and tried to touch the nose but it only distorted the image. "She's... she's so precious... yes she is."
  9. "Even a name," Echo said in agreement with Jexa. She was walking down the gangway just behind the technomancer, a jacket pulled on over the Lashunta bodysuit she had on. The tempweave had environmental processing machinery stored in the forearms of the suit, making them thicker and sturdier...and concealing a nice little compartment to hide her arc pistol in. "I can find an image if you give me something to work with. Who even is she?"
  10. "What's her name and what does she look like? Seriously. We at least need an image of her to we know who hells we're actually looking for." Jexa said as she adjusted the clothing she was wearing over her skintight, black metallic refractor suit to conceal it. Though she was armed, Jexa did not look overly so, with her laser pistol on her hip, as one would expect people to carry some protection, while her auto-pistol was concealed and her arc pistol stored in the concealed, quickdraw mechanism of her refractor suit. Her battlegloves she left as well. They were handy, but a little too overt for now. "We'll need more to go on if you want this done with any speed, because it would suck ass to just walk right past her and not even know it because we didn't know what she looked like."
  11. "Yes, yes!" Atuz seemed excited at the thought. "We were taking in all Tarantis had to offer. The resorts on the coast, fine dining... even some time in the casino. We were having all sorts of fun. Then, those men barged into our room and took her from me." "I-I can show you where." He nodded. "I don't know anything about the... cult, but I know you can find them, I know it."
  12. "Not a bad idea," Evana nodded to Jordayn. "Everyone, please, a moment... before we all head off for clues, please keep to the starport district if you're going to be digging in your armor and sporting weapons. After all, no target has ever gone to ground once they've seen or heard that well armed mercenaries are looking for them... right? Pack lightly, but be prepared for trouble just in case and do try to remember: this is a civilized world, not a lawless space station." "Sunshine, Atuz and myself are going to see if we can reenact the kidnapping and see if there are clues near where she was taken," she turned to Sunshine, a sympathetic look in her eyes. "Sorry, hun, do you have anything a little more... casual?" Once again Sunshine's opportunity for rough and tumble adventure were stolen away by the claws casual socializing.
  13. "It's finding the someones who know that's the thing," Jordayn said, nodding down at the diminutive Ysoki. Over his reflective red-gold Refractor Suit, he was wearing his open-fit, deep red priestly vestements, his static arc pistol holstered far back on his hip. His pale blonde hair tied back in a casual bun, the handsome half-elf stood on the docking ramp, looking out pass the space docks towards the greater part of Tarantis with bright interest. He had never been to the Raviss System before and while they did a paid commitment to pursue, he did enjoy visiting new places. "I'll go see what I can learn in the Temple District, or what passes for one, if there is such a place in Tarantis," Jordayn revealed. "The priests here might keep tabs on the various cults, if for no other reason than that might draw away some followers and their offerings and tithes. Even among those who seek a 'higher' calling, credits, or the lack of it, speak loudly." He waggled mobile brows at his female companions. "Any of you care to accompany me?"
  14. After performing post-dock lockdown, Sunshine got her gear on, which included a hunting rifle, a laser pistol and her armored, carefully scuffed freebooter's outfit. She nodded at the others on the exit ramp. "Okay. Let's start asking around. Someone always knows something in these ports."
  15. A few days later... Raviss System. The ship dropped from drift space. Sunshine soared the Solenya easily through and between massive asteroids that formed a wide belt that separated the solar system's inner worlds from its outer worlds. Unlike the pact worlds only two of Raviss's six worlds were habitable. Achio (Ah-key-oo) was on a circular orbit around the Raviss star. It's second planet Bosha (Boo-sha) was on an elliptical orbit that carried it close to the sun and far away over the course of it's two year cycle. Sunshine stayed the course on the crystal and soon the Solenya entered Achio's atmosphere and they docked in Tarantis, a mid-sized metroplex that was easily a paradise wrapped in its own problems. Sunshine completed the docking procedures and the ship's systems powered down. They had arrived... now, to rescue Atuz's kidnapped love.

    Just as a suggestion to leave Nina's plot intact - mostly - the Solanya could be side-tracked by another plot of your own device, Dave, while on route to Atuz's true love, something serious - or interesting - enough that the rest of the crew simply doesn't give him the option to demand we ignore it.

    Hey guys, no one's a stranger to what's going on so I'll not rehash it here. Nina didn't leave me a plan (can't really fault her) so I'm going to wing it, meaning this might be epic or colossally blow up in our faces. Given what it is, let's work with each other to power through this. Give me a few days to formulate a decent cult-like scenario from which to rescue said true love. In case she's poppin' in reading, let's give her her something to she can smile and proud of people. (Also, I'm not opposed to accepting or modifying ideas thrown my way. I've already looked into modifying a Pathfinder adventure that's similar to this scenario.)
  18. "Okay then. If you're all settled in, we should be clear to take off shortly. Good to meet you all." With that, Sunshine trotted over to the pilot's helm, plugging in the coordinates crystal and flicking her tiny plastic lashunta dancer for luck.
  19. Jexa sat back, with her heavy boots crossed and propped up on a chair beside her. She listened as she glanced around, still taking it all in. Once there was a break, she spoke up. "Yeah. Jordayn's cool. I can vouch." she said as she looked over each of the others she would be doing this job with. "Been a spacer most of my life. I can build, fix, modify, hack or analyze most things, mundane and magic. As a Technomancer, it's all the same to me." Jexa said with a shrug. "Okay in a scrap and good at disguises too. Depending on what we are walking into, that might come in handy." she added before looking to Atuz. "So, you know anything about the magic field on this ship?" she asked.
  20. Echo did another spin in her chair, staring up at the ceiling. But for the thin blue circuitry lines etched here and there on the skin of her face and arms where the rolled-up sleeves of her snugly-fitted jumpsuit showed them, she could have been human. Her hair was the messy kind of long that implied not so much that she'd wanted long hair as much as she just hadn't gotten it cut. Her slim, petite build was probably pretty handy for squeezing into engine manifolds and tight access-ports. "I'm good at mechanical work...better at infowarfare, but it's all good. I know, right? Android who's good with machines. Never saw one of those before." She looked back down at everyone, her pale-blue eyes finally settling on Atuz for a long moment before sweeping around the room to linger on each of the others' faces. Echo didn't blink, it seemed. Ever. "I don't really care who's in charge, as long as they're not an asshole about it. A crew this size, we can pretty much change shit up whenever and however we need to, until we find a good fit. So lets not overthink."
  21. Though not a pilot or engineer, Jordayn had been on plenty of ships, traveling here and there, including on luxury yatchs. The Solanya had the oddest layout of any he had ever been on, though it had its own eccentric charm. Each bunk had its own unique design rather than being differentiated purely by furnishings. Jordayn chose one of the bigger rooms he'd seen, an open plan rather than a small suit, with bland, spartan furnishings. He'd spruce it up later and alter to taste as his whim changed. Evana wasn't the only luxuriating in the amenities offered on the Solanya. The shower was the first he'd been able to get since washing up on 8-Pieces port. On board a ship once more, he put on his enviro-suit as a matter of habit. He strode into the lounge wearing a golden-red Ysoki Refractor Suit cling to his lean, trim frame, a dark maroon vest with numerous pockets giving him a more casual, comfortable look. Jordayn chuckled in amusement at the banter between Evana and the big Vesk Gorunta. It had taken a while to adjust being a Vesk, but he learned there was more behind their stereotypical belligerent, taciturn demeanor... usually. He gave Evana a nod, openly falling for the tease with an appreciative though not crass glance. She would do very well at the Cathedral, very well indeed. "Believe it or not, luv, the dirges sound better the more singing them there are. By the way, love the outfit and I'll have no issue working under you." He gave Atuz a short, smooth bow. "I hope to prove worthy of your trust, Atuz. I definitely accept your offer - not going to lie, the generous off has something to do with it - and will seek to reunite you with your princess." Jordayn spun a chair at the table around and straddled it, folding his arms on the back, extending his attention to include everyone. "I'm a doctor, both conventional and mystic, so I'll do my best to keep you all in mint condition come what may. I've traveled a fair bit so I'm pretty good with languages and been exposed to an eclectic variety of cultures. Oh, and I'm a priest-companion of Arshea." He gave them a wry, friendly grin. "No worries, I'm not the proselytizing kind of priest - I'm not going to try and convert. Everyone should seek out their own faith, but my services are available to you all, if you're looking to relax or unwind. Even if all you need is an ear to vent in."
  22. Evana looked him up and down, smirking. "Well, that's good, the physics alone in that whole idea is... probably best left a mystery." "I can confirm his penchant for wrecking face," she powered on. "Last week he beat a mook within an inch of his life for groping by," she made a cupping gesture with her hands. "Well, you know. It was one of the romantic things any one has ever done for me, until he mentioned that I if covered them up once in awhile deviants wouldn't be so attracted to me..." "Yep," she nodded. "Definitely killed the mood. He's a big sweetie though, don't let his abrasive attitude fool you. Get a couple drinks in him and he'll be singing old Veskarium war dirges... it sounds like two bandersnatches fornicating but it's fabulously entertaining."
  23. Gorunta as it happens was wearing straightforward black and gray, albeit with a definite stain of some kind on the shirt. It fairly looked like true to Evana's words, the Vesk didn't care much for his appearance beyond the requisite aura of menace and hurt. All the same she got a big Vesk middle finger thrust at her briefly. "Me," Gorunta's harsh rumble said, "The entirety of my career has been fighting, beating and killing people in the service of whoever paid me." "Not much change here, I can handle most any weapons, and I can use the ship's guns just fine. Personalities, well, I didn't come here to date any of you."
  24. Evana felt a million times better. After her shower and freshening up she took a few moments to wander a bit, but didn't get far before the ship asked them all to the meeting. She certainly was consistent in her theme, however. She was in deep purple yoga pants and a matching zip up hoodie with an ice blue accent to them, even her sneakers matched, a simple pair of purple and blue running shoes. Her hair was bound up in a tight ponytail. She wore a matching sports bra under her hoodie and made sure to keep unzipped enough for a tease. She seemed to put very little effort into her appearance and yet her ordinary lounge look was equal to if not more so alluring than her stage look. "I've a variety of skills," she started. "I've learned to be adaptable, but I'm not really a specialist in any one field except people and management. The entirety of my career thus far has been either modeling, singing, dancing, or being a sex symbol in one fashion or another, to give the people of the 'Verse what they want or need from their idols. Running a ship is not much different from running a career, the day to days are very similar, the real difference, honestly, is the venue. So, I'm putting my hat in for playing the annoying 'boss'. Handling duty schedules, administration, expenses, logistics and inventory," it was almost cute the way she said 'inventree' instead of 'inventory'. "Secondary, I'm sure I can do just about anything needed of me, except give Gorty fashion sense and a personality. I'm fabulous, but I'm not a miracle worker."
  25. Ninura had come into the lounge last and plopped onto the floor (at least she was dressed) near Gorunta. During Atuz's speech she had paid no mind to him or anything else except The Vesk's large feet which she hunched over several times reaching out a finger but not ever quite touching... "Why?" She asks when Sunshine makes her statement, "we have never had to have anyone in those places before, even when it was just you and me. Before gold man and metal bits came and disrupted our harmony. If it is tradition, why did you not mention this before?" the veil flutters as she speaks.
  26. Sunshine took the data crystal in hand, sniffing it, her eyes unfocusing a little. "They always smell funny. Whuh. Okay, then. Before we go wheels up, in case we run into trouble, who is stationed where? We'll need folks in engineering, gunners at the turrets, and people managing the informational warfare suites and internal coordination."
  27. "Welp," Echo said, hands laced behind her head through her long black hair as she lounged back in one of the lounge seats, "I've been up and down the ship, everything seemed shipshape. No bombs or other negative 'incentives' that I found. If there's a poison pill here, I don't think it's in the ship." She shrugged. "So sure, I'm in. Lets go rescue a princess." The android snickered at that and twirled in the chair.
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