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  2. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - OOC

    I was actually writing pretty much exactly that last night. I just got distracted as I was writing and forgot to finish it before I went to bed last night. Woops.
  3. So nobody is asking for any additional equipment, stolen imperial uniforms or anything?
  4. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - OOC

    Arcata has spent a lot of moola. She's done.
  5. Anybody still spending money or whatever during downtime? Need any help? Questions?
  6. Sorry guys. Still sick and other stuff hitting at the same too, so will be slow on posting to any of my games. I will try to keep an eye on AWS and SL so at least I am not holding up everybody else.
  7. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - OOC

    I think Arcata completely blew her checkbook up, so she's done.
  8. Kayda is all caught up the only other thing she might do is try to improve her ligthsaber but it isn't a priority
  9. Any other Downtime training, purchases or whatever people want/need to make?
  10. Character Name: Arcata Kadir Type: Former Imperial Intelligence Officer Species: Human Gender: Female Age: 26 Height: 5'6'' Weight: 128 lbs Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Black Appearance Description Arcata is a little on the tall side, slim of build, with smooth, regal features and striking dark eyes set on fair skin with dark hair cut to regulation shortness. Everything about her seems neat and pressed, each movement precise and considered. Background, Personality and Stats
  11. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - PC Profiles

    Character Name: Zaylee Zanne Type: Starship Trader and Mechanic Species: Human (Spacer) Gender: Female Age: 26 Height: 5'0'' (153cm) Weight: 105 lbs (48kg) Eyes: Teal Hair: Copper Red and Gold Physical Description Zaylee is a tiny woman, slender yet curvy, her short coppery and gold hair typically mussed and a smudge of grease often on her cheek or clothes. With her small stature and cutely attractive face and large teal eyes, she appears younger than her true age. Usually wears a mechanic's overall with a harness for tools, under brown longcoat. Background Zaylee was born on the Endless Odyssey to a family of Space Traders and raised traveling the Hyperlane Trade Routes of the Galaxy. Showing a knack for engineering and piloting from an early age, it was a life Zaylee loved and she found the Endless Odyssey more her home than any planet. On a run through the Outer Rim when Zaylee was 22, they were attacked by Pirates. They managed to fight them off, though not without a lot of damage, and Zaylee's parents died in the attack, even if the Endless Odyssey managed to survive. She managed to repair the ship enough to make it to a safe port, though the cost in parts and the lost of most of their cargo in the pirate attack nearly bankrupted her. But Zaylee survived and continued to fly, the inheritor of the Endless Odyssey and her captain. With the Empire poking in everyone's business, trading got more difficult, but she was mostly scrupulous in her dealings and cargo, so they didn't bother her too much. On a stop at Corellia, she picked up Kel as a passenger while commissioned for a cargo run. What she didn't know was that the cargo wasn't exactly legal in Empire space. Luckily, Kel was a handy slicer and managed to make the manifest look like something innocuous that the Empire inspectors didn't look too closely at. Kaylee took him on as crew after that. But her luck in avoiding the intrusive eye of the Empire wouldn't last, nor would her ownership of the Endless Odyssey. But she would get it back. Personality Zaylee is a perpetually cheerful and optimistic woman hiding a surprisingly resilient core, very protective of her crew and her ship. More at ease on a ship or a space station than on a planet, she finds wide open places uncomfortable. Objectives Recover the Endless Odyssey and keep flying, and make enough credits to keep flying. Get some payback on the Empire for taking her ship, the only connection she has to her family. Equipment: Heavy Blaster Pistol, Commlink, Utility Multitool, Mon Calamari Freighter, 3000 Credits
  12. Okay, since it's been, you know, a year since I awarded CP and since this first story is about to be over with my coming post (and to thank everybody to sticking it out)... Everybody is at a total of 50 Character Points each. BUYING NEW SKILLS Picking up the first pip in a new skills costs a number of CP equal to the base Attribute. If you are 3D Dex and want to pick up the Blasters skill, it will cost 3 cp and you will then have Blasters 3D+1. From then it, the skill is increased like normal. INCREASING CURRENT SKILLS Remember, raising a skill (including Force skills) costs a number of character points equal to the number of dice in the skill. You must buy each pip (+1, +2, Next D) when advancing a skill. So if you are raising a skill that is currently 4D costs 4 cp and it become 4D+1. Another 4 cp and it go to 4D+2. And another 4 cp and it will become 5D. When raising your Knack skill, you get to skip the +1 pip entirely. So raising a Knack skill that is currently 4D costs 4 cp and skips 4D+1 entirely to become 4D+2. Another 4 cp and it will become 5D. 5 more cp and it will become 5D+2. And so on. Additional notes about raising Force skills: Force skills Cost double to increase without a teacher to guide and instruct you (Thankfully you have Sola Be). Raising Force skills requires a certain amount of Instruction time at a rate of 1 day/cp spent. (This time is doubled without an instructor). So with a teacher, raising Control of 3D to 3D+1 costs 3cp and takes 3 days of instruction. Generally that instruction time is considered to be part of your daily routine, so this instruction time only really comes into play if you want to raise more than 1 pip at a time and even then may not be an issue really. A very rough guideline to relative skill levels 1D - Below Human Standard for an attribute 2D - Human average for attributes and many skills 3D - Average level of training 4D - Professional level of training 5D - Above average expertise 6D - Considered the best in the city 7D - Amongst the best on the continent 8D - Amongst the best on a planet 9D - One of the best in that immediate region, about 1 in a billion people have this level of skill 10D - One of the best in a sector 12D - One of the best in a region 14D - Amongst the best in the galaxy
  13. I am actually working on a post right now to move things along. it stagnated with there it had gotten in the story and then AWS starting. So thing will be moving again shortly.
  14. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - OOC

    Hullo! Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know I'm still keen to play. I am not sure where to go next with our conversation with the Jedi, but it seems like the flirting is still going strong over at the other table. Maybe a jump to the next scene?
  15. Any info about Darth Abhora would be a Jedi Lore, Sith Lore or some other suitable skill. Barring that, being that Kayda was recieving training at the jedi temple, you could default to a straight Knowledge roll on the extremely off chance Kayda heard or saw the name somewhere in her time there. Since Kayda was being trained at the jedi temple she would have learned (no roll needed for this) that the Jedi wiped out the Sith (or so they thought) roughly 1,000 years ago, though the Sith existed for several thousand years before that. So the fact that "Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith" is walking around and responsible for the fall of the Jedi and rise of the Empire was a bit of a shocker to the Jedi.
  16. Noir - Does Kayda have any idea of how long ago Darth Abhora was alive? or know anything about her at all for that matter? if not does she know when the last Darths walked the galaxy prior to Darth Vader?
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