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  2. Glint looked around the table, raising one eyebrow. "Any issues, speak now or forever hold your peace?" He paused a moment to let anyone that felt the need to interject to let themselves be known. At the continuing silence, he snorts. "Think we're good. We'll have some time in transit to figure out some more stuff, anyway, if needs be."
  3. "I don't have one just laying around, but I fave a few slicing sticks. You just stick them in and they a program automatically, but they are one use each and really only good against minimal security. I can do the same for explosives and just set some pre-timed charges, or a remote if you prefer. Just stick them in place and boom!" Brant replied. "Anything else?" he asked, looking from one crew member to another.
  4. "Slicing is best left to the very skilled," Arcata suggests. "Much like explosives. That said, we should have a backup plan for if and when things spiral out of control. I tend to agree with Brant that trying to impersonate Imperial personnel is unwise. Even if they don't recognize us specifically, if the disguise fails the mission is immediately aborted and we'll be forced to retreat." "Hmm. Brant, you wouldn't happen to have an astromech droid we could borrow?"
  5. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - OOC

    I was actually writing pretty much exactly that last night. I just got distracted as I was writing and forgot to finish it before I went to bed last night. Woops.
  6. So nobody is asking for any additional equipment, stolen imperial uniforms or anything?
  7. Brant reached up, toward the ceiling of the captain's cabin, and stretched his arms with a yawn. He shifted to his side, under the covers, and rested a hand on Zaylee's hip as she lay there, looking over some engine diagrams. "Already up, I see." Brant commented and shrugged, "It's not often I get to sleep in, so I enjoy it when I can." Brant nuzzled her ear, inhaling deeply and then sighed as the time, and schedule, came back to his thoughts. "Hey, I wanted to talk to you about something. Well.. ask you for a favor, really." "Oh? And what's that?" Zaylee asked semi-skeptically. "Well, there is this big Imperial mining operation. We haven;t been able to get too close to it, but for them to come all the way out here to dig something out of the ground means it must be pretty important. The Alliance has been harassing their shipping, at least making it even more costly for them to transport whatever it is they are mining. We cannot commit the resources to a full naval engagement though, unless we are sure it is worth it." "And what is it you want from me?" Zaylee asked. "Well, we've been effective enough that they have started using smaller transports, a mixture of their own transports and hired ones. We've acquired a transponder code for a transport that was hired and Seeing as you have a small transport with a code masker and a uniquely skilled and diverse crew, it would be a big help if you guys could infiltrate in there, see what the hell they are digging up and, if possible, deliver the shipment to the Alliance." "I mean, Gra and I would totally do it, but you know, there's just two of us and our faces are better known to the Empire than you guys." he finishes, flashing his usual roguish smile.
  8. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - OOC

    Arcata has spent a lot of moola. She's done.
  9. Anybody still spending money or whatever during downtime? Need any help? Questions?
  10. Sorry guys. Still sick and other stuff hitting at the same too, so will be slow on posting to any of my games. I will try to keep an eye on AWS and SL so at least I am not holding up everybody else.
  11. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - OOC

    I think Arcata completely blew her checkbook up, so she's done.
  12. Kayda is all caught up the only other thing she might do is try to improve her ligthsaber but it isn't a priority
  13. Any other Downtime training, purchases or whatever people want/need to make?
  14. Character Name: Arcata Kadir Type: Former Imperial Intelligence Officer Species: Human Gender: Female Age: 26 Height: 5'6'' Weight: 128 lbs Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Black Appearance Description Arcata is a little on the tall side, slim of build, with smooth, regal features and striking dark eyes set on fair skin with dark hair cut to regulation shortness. Everything about her seems neat and pressed, each movement precise and considered. Background, Personality and Stats
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