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It was called the Last War as a warning.

For a hundred years, ever since the rite of succession in the Five Kingdoms was ignored and a thousand years of relative peace came to an end, the continent of Khorvaire has been seized by war. Desperation pushed the limits of magic to destructive heights undreamed of, birthing a new race of animate constructs, delivering new modes of flying transport, and culminating in an unclaimed act of magical terrorism, wiping the nation of Cyre off the face of the continent.

Sick and weary of war, two years ago the Treaty of Thronehold was signed, putting an end to the Last War, with the best of intentions of ensuring it was the Last War - because another, on the scale witnessed, could end all life on the world of Eberron. The magical constructs called the warforged have been granted personhood, and struggle to adapt to a world without war - as does everyone else. With a hundred years of grudges across national lines, with everyone knowing someone who died or suffered in the war, there are a lot of people in Khorvaire not willing to let bygones be bygones.

Those are just the threats within the Five Nations. The emissaries from Sarlona are eagerly stepping in to help with refugees and shortages, but nothing comes without a price. The lost continent of Xen'drix is opening to exploration, and could contain anything - including nothing more than a sad repeat of the history of colonialism against its drow natives. There are stirrings of activity within the Cult of the Dragon Below, their long-term insane goal being the revival of the dread wyrm Tiamat - and the dragons of Argonessen are thought to be taking an unusual interest in the affairs in Khorvaire. There are tales of a warforged god building a nation in the ruins of Cyre, and the Dragonmarked houses - centers of magical trade, and relatively unscathed by war - are up to something.

To hold the world together may be an impossible task.

But to some of the exceptional people emerging worldwide, only nothing is impossible.

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  2. I'm sorry to see it go, but I understand how hard it's gotten. No hard feelings on my part. I'd love to play with you again if you decide to run something else. Thanks for running, and thanks to everyone else for playing!
  3. Sorry to hear that, but I can understand. Thank you for having me, and putting up with some of my slowness, too. It was a great idea. KN
  4. Black Scorpion #1

    Black Scorpion Sharn/Grey Dragon Tavern 6 Olarune 998 YK/Night Isstia stiffened as the voice spoke behind her. Damn unfamiliarity of this infernal place! This never would have happened if she was back in the jungles of Xen’drick! “I am a long way from home,” Isstia agreed, her accent readily apparent. “And who are you?” She hadn’t been given any instructions, so Isstia slowly, carefully, started to turn around to face the voice. (tags Isstia)
  5. Blast! Thanks for running this much anyway. Apologies for my bouts of slow-posting. Good ideas and playing/running all around I thought.
  6. I've been putting off this post for a while now, but I can't really any more. For a while now, the fun of running JLE has gone out of the game for me, and I kept going in the hopes that it would return. But it hasn't, and after some consideration, I've decided to shutter the game. I considered putting it on hold, but honestly: the chance of a game that's gone on hold coming back is so small it seems wrong to hold out false promise. I'm glad for the times we've had, and I'm sorry that we won't be having more of them for the foreseeable future. I especially have to apologize to KahlessNestor, who came over to this site from another one and who sadly hasn't seen the other side of their intro thread. I may run something else and I may not, but I'm glad for everyone who took a chance on my weird idea for a game and stuck around. Thanks again.
  7. The gleaming winged warforged shook her head. "Not me. I travel pretty light. Lead the way!"
  8. Isstia was distracted by the unfamiliar scents and smells of the restaurant/tavern, so she was taken completely by surprise when a voice spoke to her from a few feet behind her. "You're drow. How interesting. You're a long way from where you belong, aren't you?" The voice was a woman's, and it had the particular inflections of an elf... and Isstia knew, deep down, that she'd found her half-drow, and that the woman had the drop on her.
  9. "I've no idea if that's a safe house, or a place with a safe. But I do know the location." Ebeneezer tapped the map with a fingernail. "We can be there within the hour. Unless any of you have other business to wrap up?"
  10. Faz's first instinct was to sneak away to revert to his normal self, but it seemed that only the warforged hadn't noticed his shape-shifting act and as much as he loved messing with people, this particular person didn't seem like one to be tricky with. At least not tonight. So once the group reached a relatively isolated area he surreptitiously changed back and looked over various shoulders at the contents of the mysterious box. "This 'ruby ray', knowing these guys is probably something really awful. Like a portable 'ruby ray of all your bits fall off'. If it's in any way related to their collaboration with the children of winter awful won't even begin to cover it."
  11. Steel Falcon leaned in on seeing the papers and scanned them more carefully. "Ruby ray...I've never heard of something like that. I wonder what it does. May I take these and study them? I think with some time to go over these formulas I should be able to work out what this is." She looked at the map and added, "Safe. A safe place, or a place that has a safe? Do you know where that is?"
  12. Black Scorpion #1

    Black Scorpion Sharn/Grey Dragon Tavern 6 Olarune 998 YK/Night Isstia slipped around the edges of the room as Prenda went to the bar. Hidden in cowl, cloak, and shadow, she found a place with a good view of the tavern room yet hopefully inconspicuous, her green eyes passing over the patrons, trying to see if she could find this half-drow.
  13. "Well, complainin' with me on your back might have ended in me gettin' dropped. THere's laws against cab drivers doin' that." Penda went inside to grab drinks at the bar, while Isstia followed. The restaurant-slash-tavern was at partial capacity, so Isstia didn't have much trouble blending in as long as she stuck to the shadows. She scanned the room, looking for signs of her target.
  14. "Let's take to the rooftops," says Ebeneezer. "They never check up there. There's a particularly nice gargoyle up that-a-way - not an actual gargoyle, mind, this isn't that part of the city." The group regrouped, atop the building, far enough up that the drop in teperature was felt more acutely by those who still felt the touch of winter. Up there, Ebeneezer opened the lockbox. Inside was a collection of notes that seemed to do with artifice, something to do with a "Ruby Ray," some kind of pocket-sized magical device - though deciphering further would take some effort - and equally important, there was a map with a location inside the city circled. Scrawled on it was one note: "safe."
  15. Lysa shook her head. "It didn't have to be a weapon though. Or...I suppose depending on who did the work, maybe it did." She looked at Tobias and Ebeneezer and nodded. "Yes, no reason to stay here. Though would they really come back? I realize the Emerald Claw is a powerful organization, but surely this city has guards that will be looking into all this that they'd rather steer clear of?" If and when people start to move away from there, Lysa follows.
  16. Tobias came down and joined them. "Yes. And now we have the contents of the paper to look into."
  17. Black Scorpion #1

    Black Scorpion Sharn 6 Olarune 998 YK/Night Isstia glanced at Prenda as they rode in the sky car. “You are afraid of heights?” she asked. “You did not say anything when we were climbing,” the drow observed. She settled back in the car, looking out over the city. It was rather dizzying, she had to admit. Trees in Xendrik could get tall, and she had climbed many, but never this high. When they had reached the Grey Dragon, Isstia studied the place. It was decidedly more upscale than the other tavern. Isstia had noted that the higher one went in the city, the better the neighborhoods became. Isstia paused, considering Prenda’s question. She wondered if she would be too noticeable. But she needed eyes inside, if this Beryl Syn was already there. She pulled her cowl up further to hide deeper in the darkness. “We go inside. Perhaps get drinks, a meal, a room? We watch and check the rooms. If she is not there, we wait, watch.”
  18. Penda nodded, and in a few minutes' time, a sky card was hailed. As it ascended, Penda gripped nervously, white-knuckled, onto the seat. "Nervous?" asked the cabbie. "Yeah." "First time?" "Naw, I been nervous lots'a times." Twenty minutes later, the two of them disembarked, Penda paying the cabbie. They walked down the streets towards the Grey Dragon. "So what's the plan, you going to stake the place out?" asked Penda.
  19. There was a thickening of the air, a cloud of mist that reformed into the vampiric form of Ebeneezer. He coughed, self-consciously. "Possibly may not have had a choice. A lot of people returned from the Last War missing parts of themselves, irreplacable by magic for whatever reason. He may have felt it beat not having an arm at all. "Now - " Ebeneezer waved towards the fleeing Eagle Claw. "They're going to come back with reinforcements. Perhaps we should vacate the premises?"
  20. Steel Falcon regarded the ogre warily, not having seen the transformations from before, so engrossed was she in her battle. "I...no, of course. Thanks for the assistance. Nice to see citizens willing to lend a hand." She looked at the fallen Barricade and leaned over to take a better look at that weapon arm of his. "I've never seen anyone try to integrate magically animated construct with living flesh before. He was powerful, but...that's a huge sacrifice for a person to make."
  21. "Hee hee. 'Bonk'." Faz grinned at the noise his fist made against the metal infused cranium of his enemy, and at the noise of that same enemy hitting the floorboards of the tavern. His grin was a snaggle of dagger-length teeth of which he was rather proud. Then he looked up at the Steel Falcon and straightened up, bonking his own head on the rafters. "I hope you don't mind me cutting in there. You definitely had him on the ropes."
  22. "Worthyworthyworthyyyyyy..." The half-man, half-warforged slurred down and fell into unconsciousness at the impact of Faz' fist. The remaining pilot in the telekinetic bubble took one look at this, and started to flee the scene of the battle.
  23. Black Scorpion #1

    Black Scorpion Sharn 6 Olarune 998 YK/Night Isstia really couldn’t fault Prenda’s logic. While she didn’t doubt the Blessing of Vulkoor could allow her to make the climb, prudence might dictate she utilize all the conveniences of this strange land to give her maximum advantage. “Get your sky cart,” Isstia nodded, pulling up the hood of her cloak, hiding her drow visage again.
  24. Faz stepped gingerly over the fallen Terror Claws and approached the battle between the unusual warforged and the Barricade. There was a thoughtful look on his face, exaggerated by his face's monstrous proportions. He didn't want to get in his ally's way or interrupt if this was some kind of a grudge match. He kept his distance as he circled around to block the doorway and otherwise opted not to get involved. Well, not involved except for reaching out and swinging his ham-sized fist down on the Emerald Claw agent's skull with all of his might. But that was barely getting involved at all.
  25. "That I do," said Penda. "It's up near the top. You wanna climb with me on your back the whole way or should I order up a skycart, heretical magic that it is? Bearin' in mind it's a long way down, an' you might wanna not be tired by the time you get up there."
  26. Barricade fought off the assault, and shook his head at Lysa's rhetoric. "W-w-we s-serve something gr-reater-r than ourse-e-elves. The Emerald Claw is l-li-ife fo-for the wor-orthy - "
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