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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM)


  1. What's new in this game
  2. Long, I know I missed my window to post. My apologies for that. For what it was worth, thanks for trying this game again. I did have fun.
  3. I am closing this game. I can no longer continue with it. I'm sorry to those few who were still enjoying it, Thank you for staying with it for so long.
  4. Tezara continued cutting down the flying demons, though she was burning through her mana stores rapidly to do so. Several made diving attacks against amara which her shield weathered easily,, and the giant demons lumbered forward another thirty meters coming at a steady charge. ,, (Galiana, Amara, Kaori, Shinji, this is the last window to post in this round, it will be 48 hours.)
  5. Kohaku's attack managed to hit one of the batlike demons, but it failed to kill it, though it was hurt and shrieking madly. Ayami's Dash forward left her more exposed. The big demons were on the move too, closing in another 30 meters. ,, (Shinji is up, Tezarra is engaging the flying demons, you may of course tell her to do as you like, and she will)
  6. Sorry Kaori, I had sent some PM's in chat, while you were in there. I didn't learn until afterwards that you were at work when it was mentioned, after I posted, and had Ayami and Kohaku post. My bad. I was planning for a window at the end of the turn for anyone skipped to be able to post.
  7. I work and am not available for posting on Thursdays thru Sundays. I've stated this several times and it's not like anyone even bothered to post a 'Kaori's up' in the Shout Box or anything. Placing my turn on a Thursday and giving me 48 hours to post will always result in Kaori being skipped. It's better off if you guys just finish the combat without her and let me know how it goes. ,, I'm not all knowing, and wasn't even aware the game had moved forward since it's usually days before anyone does anything. I'll get back to this when the battle is over.
  8. Ayami continued forward in her headlong rush, her mind empty of anything except a desperate burning anger to take back the brightest light in the night from the demons ravaging her city and people. ,, Mechanics She's still just running forward, looking to get in range of the non-flying demons. She'll aim for injured ones first, but until she gets in melee range she's not doing much more than running and hatin'.
  9. Kohaku goes to focus on the flyers and kill them so to let the melee characters take care of the melee ones. He sees ones and goes to fire at his foe with his phantom attack. He hopes to at least take it out in one shot. If not at least clip it's wings off. ,, attack AceWildcard *rolls* 2d6: 1+5+4: 10
  10. Each of Sachiko's attacks hit home but mostly just hitting across the body of the first one she hit. It was hurt but hadn't stopped moving at all having easily covered thirty meters since she last fired at it, as the second one moved in as well. There was a growing ringing in her ears, and looking up, many of the bats were preparing to dive. ,, (Kaori is up, you have 48 hours)
  11. "No!" Sachiko barked as she let the weapon on her wrist cool down. "Focus your fire! Everyone focus on the one missing an arm! We won't bring them both down before they get to us, but we sure as HELL better bring one down!" ,, She braced her weapon arm with her other hand and started squeezing off more blasts, still at a prodigiously accelerated rate! ,,
  12. (Posting order will be Max, Kaori, Ace and Ayami, and then Shinji (and Tezara), and Galiana and Amara.) ,, Sachiko's attacks found weakpoints in the armor on one of the large demons, and with a terrify roar of pain one of it's blade arms fell away. Kaori's attacks tore into the second one garnering a roar, it was hurt but now the two of them were stampeding towards the assembled group. ,, Ayam's move took her beyond Amara's protection, but she was roughly equal to where Kaori was. Tezara hung back lashing out, dropping two of the flying demons with her Starlight Cutter attacks. ,, (Sachiko is up, You have 48 hours to post.)
  13. "She's just letting us know." Shinji snapped, "and if you prefer to walk into ambushes or be unaware of anything else beyond slice and dice, be my guest!" The demons were out of range, so he waited for them to come right in. ,, OOC Initiative: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+1+3: 10 ,, Total defense for Shinji, they're out of range.
  14. "Flee to where ever it is you've come from, if you like." Kaori said calmly to Tezara as she 'cowered' by her... 'man'. She used that word loosely. She walked past the sword wielding cohort with little concern. "And when you arrive there, please stay. We've no use for cowards here and your whining isn't killing any demons. Be useful, or do us all a courtesy and die. Quietly, if you can manage it." ,, She took a defensive stance, Onimaru at the ready held up behind her like she was at bat on a diamond, her blade perfectly perpendicular to her body. Slowly she swept her foot out wide as if giving the demons a line in the sand they were not permitted to cross. A moment later Onimaru swept out wide in a horizontal arc then back the other way. "Hundred Razored Wind!" She shouted and the enchanted blade sliced through the air with nothing more than a harmonic whistle. Streaking towards the demons were two crescent arcs of pure Ki. Sliced from the air itself they streaked from the sword maiden and howled towards the demons in shimmering blueish arcs. ,,
  15. Ayami had drifted through the previous fight next to Kaori; her mirror was formed into a sword, but the haunting images of her failures during training kept her from joining in the fray like the others. She told herself that she was holding her power back to heal, since that seemed to be her 'special' power, and it was probably the best use for her, but it was also cowardice and she knew it. Tezra's revelation that Sayoko had lured the demons here with all of them as a bait sent a renewed bolt of fear through her. ,, Then she saw the moon hanging bloody in the sky as if the demons had killed Him first before come after them. That wasn't right. She hated the night and the dark; the moon had always been her comforting companion, shining down her in the night to light a path through the darkness. It wasn't fair, to take Him away from her. Not when there really were demons hiding in the dark. ,, She couldn't reach the flying demons, not with a sword or any other power she'd learned during the training; the demons on the ground were another matter. A new flush of adrenaline, this one back by seething anger, rushed through her as she set her sword at a defensive angle in front of her and sprinted forward. ,, Mechanics Initiative: Malachite *rolls* 2d6: 3+3+5: 11 ,, She'll move 12 meters this round. Hopefully the demons are moving a bit quicker so she can stabbity them quickly.
  16. Sachiko dropped her aim, mouth agape at the behemoths now facing them. She didn't seem to take note of Tezra's revelation, and barely registered the flying ones. ,, "Banzai," the schoolgirl said softly, and reached into her blazer pocket to get a little individually-wrapped chocolate ball out. She wasn't really supposed to have that. Allergies. Probably a bit late to worry about that now though. Death by anaphylactic shock, or by getting cut in half by a monomolecular chitin blade bigger than she was...maybe it was the right choice. ,, The candy practically popped out of its wrapper and into her mouth, and for a second Sachiko just stood there, eyes closed in an expression of pure and absolute bliss. Invisible to anyone lacking an electron microscope implanted in her brain, chemicals reeled in a complicated jig; endorphins and proteins and neurotransmitters finding new configurations like the tumblers in a lock as the key turned. ,, Bum-bump. ,, A mark appeared on Sachiko's forehead; one Galiana had seen before. A circle of strange emblems, not kanji or even Chinese, but similar to both, around a single rune. The mark changed then, the circle breaking as its characters moved around. The mark flared with sudden red light, and a pressure like wind pulsed out of her, bowing the grass outward in a ring. ,, Sachiko opened her eyes, and they flicked from demon to demon to classmate with an intensity and focus that was alien to her. ,, "Oh em gee," she said in a mocking tone. "Demon rush!" ,, With a glance at her watch she nodded with some satisfaction. "At least that much is right. Okay, guys, lets get to work! Accelerate!" ,, She clapped her hands together, and a white oval haloed around her. Within that oblong wall of light, she seemed to move at a vastly increased speed, jittering and twitching unnaturally like the visual representation of a skipping record or CD. ,, She raised the plasma cannon, and sighted carefully...doing so took less than a second outside her isolated reference frame, of course. After that first aimed shot, she simply fired as fast as the mechanism would let her, walking the blasts over the demon's massive armored shell! ,, (Init 16. Activating special power, then firing four times for 31 damage each (crit on first shot), 3 ranks of Penetrating on each.) ,,
  17. "If I get out of this alive I am definitely going to make those human elements that mess with my life pay dearly for ruining it." Kohaku said plainly and bluntly. "When will these things end?" He said annoyed. He did not want to do this all night. That would be too dangerous and dull to him. He did not even speak of their employers distasteful actions. He figured that it would do something like this. So far the old thing was ruthless in it's task. Also it seems their foes were just as determine in their goals. ,, initiative AceWildcard *rolls* 2d6: 4+4+3: 11
  18. With Everyone fighting, plus the addition of Tezara and Kaori to active combat, the serpent demons died quickly, falling before the group of students and servant without much further effort. ,, Tezara scowled. Her eyes were glowing bright red. "This is VERY bad." ,, She looked around, almost frantic, and Drew near to where Shini stood with the others. ,, "Sayoko baited them. Most of you probably can't feel it, but there's an abnormal amount of spiritual power being radiated in this area, which is essentially like she chummed the waters for sharks, for Demons. We're the actual bait." ,, She had both her swords out, and scowled. "A good tactic, but not one I like." ,, The ground began to shake, and they could all hear the beating of wings. Only the streetlights gave much light and so far, nothing could be seen. "It's too late to leave..." ,, The ground at the other end of the park erupted, and two forty feet tall quadrupedal demons showed up. They had four legs, and two arms, each of which ended in an eight meter blade. (Yup Ultralisks) ,, The moon came out from behind the buildings, a blood red moon, Illuminating two dozen batlike creatures in the skies, circling like vultures. ,, (Roll init, and your first actions please The big demons are about 100m away. The fliers are roughly that high in the air.)
  19. "Trying to not die here, so less chatter, more killing please," Amara ground out as she recalled old extensions of her shield and one-two slammed another demon into death with a new one. The bursts of light and noise punctuated her sentence, wafts of ozone rising from the ground around her target. The Yakuza heiress was feeling on edge. There had to be something bigger out here, something actually dangerous like the things they had been thrown into combat against in training. And they couldn't afford to get sloppy.
  20. Sachiko shrugged. "The usual. School. I was thinking about checking out a couple of clubs, even though it's kind of late in the year. Killing demons. Maybe see a movie." ,, She capped the list off with another salvo of plasma blasts, and flinched back a bit as one of the demons plastered itself against Amara's shield, trying to get at her. it's persistence was rewarded with a plasma decapitation. ,, "You?"
  21. "Oh, great more things to worry about. A horde of demons under our feet. That's going to be annoying to root out. Even more so their lord if that's the case." Kohaku said as he kills more demons. "Say what are you guys doing tomorrow?"
  22. "Kaori!" Sachiko shouted joyously, "That was awesome! You should do that ALL THE TIME!" ,, She paused in her blasting, mainly because the safety cutoff triggered as the weapon's barrel started glowing yellowish instead of just dull cherry red. ,, "You know, I wonder where these things were hiding. It seems like there's a LOT of them, but you don't see them moving around during the day. There must be a cave or something somewhere, where they all wait. If we find them there, we can just take them all out at once...and maybe they have a queen demon, or like some kind of...thought...controller...thing. Like a mind that's over them. A high brain, or...overlooking mind...or something like that." ,, The plasma cannon expelled steam in a plume, and the indicator lights on it turned green. ,, Sachiko grinned and returned to her blasting!
  23. She could have helped a long time ago, but honestly, they'd never get any better if she did. The weaker demons were dispatched by her colleagues easily enough and these newer, stronger ones weren't much of a challenge but they were lasting longer. Bully for them. Silently she watched from the shadows. These enemies were hardly worth her time and barely would prove a testament to her prowess. She walked among the battlefield as calm as could be. No fear, no hesitation. She monitored the battle with a critical eye, her arrogance (as usual) actually made a few of her companions fight harder (only so they live through it to bitch at her later). "A well placed strike, Amara. Don't lose focus." She said calmly and simply walked past while to 'poor' demon was being mutilated by prismatic light. "Feel free to jump in anytime..." Shinji grimaced in her direction. One of the demons, as if on cue, slithered forward with lightning speed. One of it's scythe-like claws lashed forward and Kaori simply side stepped wit ha sway of her body. It tilled the earth and lunged with it's other claw, again, she side stepped. She was expressionless, and silently cursing Shinji for drawing attention to her; she had better things to do that waste her energy on these... these... energy waster demons. She drew Onimaru with the same grace and calmness that she walked he battlefield. "I will give you a single chance to reconsider this course of action, demon. Go accost one of the others, I'm in no mood." The monster thrust down with both claws and she leapt back to avoid being sliced in half. She sighed, still calm. "Very well. You made your choice and your fate is sealed. Farewell, beast. Die, and be silent." Onimaru shimmered with an unearthly blueish radiance. "Summon Four Gods!" She plunged the blade into the ground and immediately four spikes launched from the earth around the demon at a forty five degree angle and caged it by impaling the monster in place. What followed was a crystal pillar of ice in the shape a sword blade erupting from the middle of the cage and impaling the beast through its center. A bolt of lightning descended from the heavens and struck the ice blade like a spire and coursed electricity through the area sending smaller bolts slither through the grass like electric snakes. The whole scene melted, literally as fiery magma erupted from the center and oozed up like molted death before everything simply melted back into the earth from whence it erupted. She sheathed Onimaru. "Pathetic." Was all she offered before she continued her ever-irritating appraisal of her comrades.
  24. "At least we got there attention. Hopefully the innocent got out of this before all this shit went down." Kohaku mutter to himself. He looked around for a second to see the biggest threat to the group or if nothing like that existed he focus on helping out his team mates using his powers to make sure they did not gang up on them.

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