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  2. Thanks Cottus! It would be extra helpful even if one used the Adventure! gadgeteering rules, since those make you do all your research up front.
  3. Alright, here's the enhancement, written out for everyone to see while they're considering this problem: So here's my attempt at answering your question, Sky: "how does Hypercognition interact with the rules for creating Quantum Gadgets"?First off, you need to look at the Hypercognition enhancement itself (helpfully provided above), and notice what it actually claims to do. It does not say (and I'm not claiming that anyone has said different here) that Hypercognition turns all Extended Actions into Simple ones; only an action that "primarily involves thought and information that is potentially available to the character" gains the benefits of this enhancement. Second, you need to look at what exactly is involved with making a gadget. Prof's examples at the beginning of this thread are quite helpful in this regard, as is the actual Novus Ex Machina article in the APG (p. 143-148). And a quick survey of the process shows that there is one area in which Hypercognition seems to be a perfect match for: Research. When you don't actually possess the Ability and/or Power of the gadget you're trying to make, you have to do research - either in the lab, or out in the field - and in either case, it normally takes hours of careful study and observation. This is not only an extended action, it is a primarily thought- and information-based extended action, and it is exactly what Hypercognition is designed to help with. Since Hypercognition is essentially the mental equivalent of Fast Tasks, we would treat it the same for determining its benefits in this instance. As an off the cuff ruling, I'd say cut the times listed in half, rounding in favor of the nova. Now on to the bad news. Actually making the gadget does not qualify as a primarily thought- and/or information-oriented extended action. It is a primarily physical action, for which both mega-stamina and fast tasks would come in very handy. Because it is primarily physical, and because it is not primarily thought-, or information-based, Hypercognition would not (nor does it claim to) make the process go any faster. Just because you were able to use Hypercognition to figure out how to create a Warp Gate capable of taking you to the other side of the Galaxy in only a few hours doesn't mean that it'll only take you a few minutes (or even just a few hours) to put the thing together. H-Cog makes your brain move faster, not your hands. ::wink So, in (my attempted) answer to your question, Sky, Hypercognition would indeed help with Gadgeteering, and its benefits are quite substantial, under the right circumstances. By spending a quantum point, and carefully observing your subject to determine how to go about mimicking an ability/power you yourself do not possess, you can, within a few hours, gain an understanding of an ability/power that would take others up to a few (or possibly even several) days to properly understand. Based off the [two hours in a lab], [three hours in the field] time-frames given, it can be assumed that this Research is considered to be an extremely complex Extended Action, hence the long period of time needed for each die or dot gained in the Gadget's relavent ability, but if the ST were to rule that the Research would more likely be no more than just "moderately hard", or even "simple", then the time needed to achieve the desired results would be even less - possibly as little as a few seconds in some cases. And that's my $ .02. Take it or leave it.
  4. I suspect what Hypercognition does in this case is let the Gadgeteer instantly use his dice for small gadgets. I.e. ones he can make with one die throw. That might not be as limiting as it sounds if the ST lets you change an existing gadget for just a few succ.
  5. Because if you fail one of the discreet rols you have to start over IIRC.
  6. What Alex Green said. There's a small chance of failure and botch, granted. . . but for all intents and purposes, the limiting factor for gadgeteering is time, not likelihood of failure. Especially since only a botch, or a *lot* of failures, would actually be an obstacle in this case.
  7. Yet another example of PU wanting PR instead of efficient use of nova resources. I.e. this sounds like a waste of time for the typical nova... but this is getting off topic and more into my "novas are underpaid" tangent. How is rolling your dice over and over and over again different from having lots more dice? True.Question: Would a nova in this situation, with or without fast tasks, be making one roll?
  8. You misunderstood me sir. I didnt imply it would take less successes or rolls...merely that you could make all of your rolls at once rather than extend the rolls over days. Re: What BN said: In the fast task enhancment it says you could rebuild something complex, like an engine in half an hour. Thats pretty crzy fast if you ask me.
  9. No ... Hypercognition doesn't make an extended action simpler, it just makes it shorter. How much shorter is, similar to Fast Tasks, open to interpretation by the GM. As a GM, I would allow some bonus for having it to Gadgeteering (which I realize, I didn't include in my write-up/conversion) but there is still a limit on just how much you could reduce the time frame before it reaches me "Um, no" point.A Gadget that would normally take a few weeks? With Fast Tasks and Hyper-cog you could drop it to a few days, yeah. Not to one day, probably. Fast Tasks is there to let you do an hour long task in a minute, or a day long task in an hour. In the books, the biggest example of it I can remember is when a group of Utopians build a housing project (several square blocks) in a handful of days, and that was a dozen or so novas, working with baseline support. Hypercognition should be the equivalent for mental-only tasks, like doing the Sunday NY Times crossword in a minute or so, or something like a projected rocket launch in a couple of seconds. Gadgeteering is a slightly different line of work, so to speak.
  10. Let me put it slightly differently: if the enhancement *just* makes the extended, simple, then an action that requires 20 sux, or 50 sux, or 100 sux, should still require exactly that many sux. If it suddenly requires fewer sux, than its not only simple and immediate, its also easier, maybe massively easier. This is, mechanically, the equivalent of adding extra dots of Intelligence or Mega-Intelligence. . . possibly *large* amounts of it. So, your choice really do boil down to: 1. "Some actions are so tough that they still take time" 2. "Some actions are so tough they cannot benefit from it at all" Because #3, "You get what amounts to a few dozen extra dots of Intelligence", is not an option any sane GM will embrace.
  11. And yet that is what the enhancement says it does Hyper- Cognition. You comprehend it all immediately. However you still are not addressing the fundamental description of the enhancement, which is to make the extended, simple. In the example above, if you still have more work to do then you are still in an extended roll. From what I can tell to follow the letter and spirit of the enhancment maybe you still have to keep rolling to accumulate successes but all of those rols are considered to happen at the time it would take for a simple single roll.
  12. Hmm. . . rereading the description of Hypercognition, I'm increasingly skeptical of its utility. Or rather, its utility for gadgeteering. Basically, as near as I can tell, Hypercog lets you make a skill check immediately, for something that would otherwise require more than a single turn of actions before you could do so. It *doesn't* actually alter the difficulty of the skill check in any way. So, to use the example, you enter a crime scene that requires 5 sux of Investigate success to figure out what happened. With Hypercog, you don't need to spend hours examining the scene, you just give it a once over, and bam. However, you still need to roll 5 sux on the skill check. Going off this, my best guess of how Hypercog interacts with gadgeteering: you get an intuitive 'step up' on the process of design, equivalent to one free Int + Science ( or whatever ) skill check on the first day. If that check is enough to make the gadget, then bang, you finish the thing in a single scene, limited only by how long it takes to assemble. If it doesn't? You get those sux, and then you get to roll for that days work. Your hypercognitive intuition helps, but it wasn't enough to do all the work for you. This, btw, is how I'd apply Hypercog to other skill checks where you can potentially fail the initial simple skill check. If you need 10 sux to figure out the crime scene, and you only get 5, well, you still have more investigating to do, but your basically half done from the moment you lay eyes on the scene.
  13. Maybe that latter. I can't remember, but is there actually any firm distinction between "Intelligence skill checks that are simple" versus "Intelligence skill checks that are complex", aside from the fact that some such skill checks require more sux than are likely to be acquirable in a single action?
  14. Not useless... Hypercog is still a legit enhancement even if it doesn't interact well with Gadgets. But you'd think it do *something* without simply handing the ST's keys to the player, there needs to be a happy medium in there......or it could be an enhancement in search of a problem.
  15. *shrug* Way my GM handled Fast Tasks plus Gadgeteering was to just give three rolls per day, rather than one. Worked fine. Though, honestly, an effect that lets you entirely skip the experimental phase of gadget design, going straight from conception to final assembly? Probably too powerful for below Q6.
  16. Actually thats exactly what it was meant to do. Hypercognition has one effect, making extended rolls into simple fast ones. And Fast tasks gives you the phyisical ability to act on it. Basically what I am saying is that if it *doesn't* do this then the enhancement (Hypercog) is utterly useless. The question isnt whether or not it makes the extended roll simple...it says that already. The question is how does that work with gadgeteering, where there is simply no way to accumulate those successes on a single simple roll. Furthermore the extended action rules that these enhancements keep refering to on Page 109 all say that the only reason extended rolls exist is when you need to accumulate alot of successes over time. IN that case one shoud be able to Gadgeteer with a simple action: IE: ONe roll only. So maybe a better way to handle it is that Hypercog reduces the overall successes needed...maybe something like it halves the number needed per q point spent. Or maybe the enhancment needs to be rewritten...there has GOT to be a way to make this bloody thing effective... ::brick
  17. I think this is yet another example of the rules being broken. If you could use them both in such a fashion to build a gadget from initial concept to testable product in one day, that's ridiculously overpowering. IMO, Hypercognition was there to reduce things like, say cracking a password, a job of a couple of hours, down to a couple of minutes. It's not meant to reduce a (potentially) several month job down to a day or two. Have you read the file I uploaded to modify the Adventure! gadget rules for nova-quantum-Gadgets?
  18. Right. Thats my point. According to Fast Tasks even a complex device would take only a half hour to construct, also noted in Prof's deciphering. Prof didnt rewrite the rules, he just stated them more clearly. So given that fast tasks means you can do the construction in a half hour, and hypercognition makes the extended task simple, wouldn't it make sense to be able to make ALL your rolls in the same day? I mean, normally you dont roll multiple times for a simple action, only for extended ones, as in this case with the roll per day rule. So if it isnt extended anymore then you only need 1 period of time to complete the task. Otherwise it sounds like the rules for fast tasks hypercog and simple and extended actions were quite daft, and not at all well thought out or explained. ICly, Hypercog means you dont have to go through all the steps...you simplt comprehend the final design in an instant, and then with fast tasks you could assemble it in a half hour. Am I wrong in this? Are the rules just wack?
  19. Downside to that interp is that it doesn't give you any benefit to focused effort on invention. You can do inventions more casually, but if your still limited to one roll a day, your still limited.
  20. This is how my last group did it, and I know because I was the gadgeteer. ::biggrin Normally, you make one roll per day. However many successes you accumulate is however many successes you accumulate; a "day" with 15 successes was just an outstanding day where everything went according to plan, while a "day" with 5 successes was a disappointment. (And let's face it, when you toss Inventive Genius and the neccessary Prodigy into the mix, 15 successes is easy.) Fast Tasks let me reduce a regular 8 hour "day" into a 4 hour "day" essentially letting you make two rolls. Adaptability let me add another extra roll into the day, while still participating in group operations, or letting me turn any 4-hour down-time into lab time. Given these guidelines, I would just have Hypercognition add bonus dice; alternately if you want to stick with the Prof's rules here, have Hypercognition and Fast Tasks reduce the amount of time each 'success' takes, by half (so that a character with both would only use up 15 minutes per success instead of an hour). Personally, I prefer adapting the Adventure! gadgeting rules to Aberrant powers, but that's mostly because I think it's slightly less confusing.
  21. I have a relevant question here. If you think you know the answer please don't hesitate to respond. Gadgeteering is an extended action. An extended action is only so because you need a higher than normal ammount of successes to succeed and are allowed to add up your rolls to that effect in such appropriate circumstances. However certain powers, namely fast tasks and hypercognition say that they can turn an extended action into a simple one. How is this possible for gadgeteering? If I need 80 successes for my gadget and I use fast tasks and hypercog to make this a simple non-extended action, how does that work? Does this change the limit of being able to make only one roll per 24 hours? Would you make as many rolls as needed to complete the project still but consider them to take place in the same ammount of time one would normally spend on the single roll required of a normal standard action??? A little help here...
  22. The trip from New York to Deli, India was 14 hours. With the stress of his presentation in front of him, Alex hadn't gotten any sleep. Now with it behind him, Alex started to meditate, then sleep. "Ahem". The voice boomed directly into Alex's head and he instantly flipped to his feet, ripping through the airline seat belt, and assumed a combat stance. He found himself staring at a very distinguished old man with a heavy white beard and a robe of the same color. Alex said, "Oh. You're God, right?" "God" responded, "That's right. You've been somewhat less than ethical recently, and I don't mean just not coming to church. Come with me." God walked with Alex through the airplane wall. Standing on the wing and looking down, Alex saw a huge black lifeless circle extending over most of the horizon. Alex gulped and said rather defensively, "Hey, I tried to stop it. This wasn't my fault. I didn't build it." God said, "You're feeling guilty enough on this one so there's no point in me reminding you. But that's not the problem." The circle and the wing faded away and the two of them were standing in a conference room looking at medical information folders. There were a stack of 10 with names Alex knew by heart. God continued, "The problem is your relationship with these women. You're on your way to India for the express purpose of cheating on your girlfriend." Alex retorted, "She isn't my... well.... ok. I guess she is my girlfriend." God asks, "Aren't there better ways to deal with this? What makes you think you even need to meet the women in question? Science provides several solutions for this that don't involve sexual contact." Alex says, "No matter what the promises are, and no matter what is says on paper, if we don't do it this way then I'll be supplying biological samples for some program run by a mega-intelligent nova." God asks, "What makes you think that? Why is that a bad thing?" Alex responds, "Because DeVries is such an ethical company? Because that German Scientist supposedly running the bio-genetics show reminds me of the 'Boys from Brazil'"? God asked, "What about Utopia? If DeVries is such a problem why not just cut them out of the loop?" Alex responded, "No mater who is running this, it's going to attract interest. The problem is science, not DeVries. This project will attract the best minds, and that means novas with enhanced intelligence. And every one of the mega-intelligent types I've personally talked to have been aberrated, insane, or both. That babe at Master's party seriously me asked for a brain tissue sample, and the guy had metal skin. Our local DeVries girl genius doesn't seem too in touch with reality, and then we have Malf." "I wouldn't trust any of them with a side arm, much less a child, much less my child. I grew up with the white picket fence. Falling short of the ideal doesn't have to be a bad thing, but creating children so they can grow up in some hell of laboratory is evil. Children aren't white mice, err, rats. Whatever Rattus norvegicus laboratorius is. They need a guardian, traditionally that's the parents, and if it's not me then it has to be their mom." God said, "You're missing several aren't you? Those were just the lab types." Alex replied, "Fine, let's talk about the others. Anna DeVries may or may not be mega-smart, but I've no clue how stable she is. We haven't spoken beyond 'hello'. Verse or Null or whatever personality he's manifesting has physical and mental issues. The Wizard of Oz may or may not be hyper-smart but I'm sure he doesn't count as stable. The Major had serious issues, and the weather nova who planned his murder thought he was you. The most grounded nova I know with enhanced intelligence is Totentanz, and that really says something right there." Alex concludes, "I can't stand by and let the race go under without doing something. This is an awful solution, and it's only saving grace is that all the others on the table are worse." God says, "...Alex, that doesn't make what you are doing right. Let's look at your eruption shall we? That should clue us into your true motivations." Alex manages to get both a puzzled and guilty expression on his face and waits for the hammer to fall. God continues, "What did you erupt with? Enhanced Endurance with Health, that's a sex thing as DeVries' project has shown. Perfect Coordination and control over your body, because the jocks get the girls. Enhanced willpower, so you can ask them out. Every aspect of that pertains to sex, and now we find out that your Dark Matter isn't really part of you and never was." Alex gulps and says, "So what..." God continues, "So, you screwed it up. Once again you failed by over thinking things. Didn't it ever occur to you that you could have just gotten some quantum enhanced social skills? Or that given that you were going to paint yourself into this corner, maybe you'd *need* some?" Alex says weakly, "Now wait. I must have been cutting pretty close to the edge as it was. One more enhancement and I have been dipping into the taint pool, maybe getting aberrations. Walking away from humanity to stay in touch with humanity isn't..." God said, "SILENCE!!!" Alex shut up. God continued, "That's a false choice boy. Did you really need to invest in a higher willpower? Did you really need to invest your nova transformation points into dark matter? And it's not helping you now is it?" Alex shook his head. God continued, "Despite what some of you more Analytical types would like to believe, I made man to be a social animal. That specifically includes YOU! Besides, all novas can do anything. You desperately need some quantum enhanced socials to function in your new lifestyle." Alex responded slowly, "Now wait a moment. That's water under the bridge. Whatever I should have done, what I did do was wish for what I did wish for. I'm stuck with that now. And fundamental theme considerations should prevent me from..." God interrupted, "Ahem. Theme? You mean your manipulation of Dark Matter theme? What exactly is your theme right at this moment?" Alex hesitated a long moment and replied, "I'm not sure. Sex probably figures into there though." God replied, "Exactly. You've had a life changing event, and your theme is somewhat fluid at the moment. What you need to do is to accept that." Alex said, "...what?" There was a massive moment of discontinuity and the stewardess replied, "I said would you like anything else sir? It will be another three hours before we get to India." Alex blinked and said, "I think I must have drifted off there. I'm good. I'll just lie back here and think."
  23. Thanks guys. I made a post the day of my previous post here where Will rejects Sakura Masters coming on to him and explains that he's aware of how bathing with the daughter of his host might not be too good for his health. I guess I'll have to retype it sometime soon.
  24. Yep! Welcome back, and what post do you mean? Of course a lotta good being back will do you in this forum considering Pott's is gone again (I blame myself...) ,, Oh and congrats on your engagement...and shame on your family! Asian women are hot! ::what

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