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  1. What's new in this game
  2. These things you say are so hurtful...yet so true. Well I know nothing about these games and there fore wouldn't run a very good one. Though my D&D game is back up at the other site. I'm bummed...this game I actually enjoyed, along with "ISOI" from adventure...Schnarf!
  3. Im actually my butt off right now to get out of debt from my 2 week vacation, traffic ticket, insurance etc. and then yes I will be back in classes in October. If you're so stoked, why don't you do it? Maybe then you'ld actually buy the Teragen book... ::tongue ::wink
  4. This is so wierd that BT has vanished. So, is there a chance someone wants to pick this up where it has halted? Was a fun game... Sklion, it was your idea...maybe you should carry on the torch.
  5. He logged on June 16th so he probably has seen these messages (and recieved my PMs). Something isn't right...either he had a crisis or we offended him in some unforseen way. Or he needed to quit and felt too guilty to tell us like Heritage, ,, If you read this BT, I hope you are okay.
  6. Maybe he was part of a hidden cell of Al Qaeda and has to abort his plan of take over the USA trought subliminal messages in eononline.net... ? ::confused Who knows... anyone has a better theory?
  7. Sooo.... ::blink Um.... ::blink Anyone locate BT ? Seems that all the games fell off the face of the earth.
  8. Well, he's been gone for about two weeks. ::shrug Everyone's entitled to a long break from EON every once in a while.
  9. As I understand it Envy is dormed and KC is keeping Envy and KC out of combat this round, DD4 or Invis or flatform or something.
  10. So Phoenix... Envy is still along for the ride yes? At least until I declare him letting go (which will be after Envy sees the result of this initial round of actions...he is saving his for when they have spent theirs...)
  11. King Cobra, armored in shadows, emerges from the wall behind Paolo. He solidifies his right hand, which appears black-gloved and with a black stilletto claw extended, and slices at Paolo's neck. [solidify his hand only as per the DD5 option, and one targeted strike at Paolo's neck. I apologize for the delay in my post.] Edit: and behind King Cobra, holding his other hand, is a shadowy humanoid form that the other Prometheans know to be the dormant Envy.
  12. The trap sprung Roach pauses briefly to stick his book ( coated with residual goo) to the wall before leaping into motion. His moves are jerky and awkward, though somehow perfection. With a single move he leaps from his wall perch, in a long sideways arc through the air, easily clearing the distance to fall in a crouched stance on Envy's desk. With Icewolf baring down quickly on his position, He bares his teeth and expels a horrid substance from his gnarled mouth, at the Icewolf's face. Within an instant of releasing the corrosive spit, he leaps again right at the oncoming Terat, claws out and ready for a brawl. "ye not fer touching Mr. Envy!" Actions: Leap to desk Corrosive spit at Icewolf's head Two (2) Claw attacks at Icewolf
  13. Hey I like the sound of that!! Sorry for being so distant as of late. Just havn't been motivated to do much of anything...my real life actually has been extremely rewarding!! Which is good. I'll do my best to get back into the game soon...Can't have ENvy get killed on my watch!

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