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  1. What's new in this game
  2. I'm still here... but neither of my ST's seem to be, currently. Can anybody get ahold of Lead via some method other than the forum?
  3. The individual has the option to make their email address public in their profile. Some people might not like having any number of random strangers emailing them or sending them things.
  4. Man, I wish this forum had an option to send an email to someone and not just a PM that they will only see if and when they log in...
  5. Thanks everyone! We are very lucky in that he seems to be a 'happy baby', far different from our first.
  6. Originally Posted By: DarklighterAdvance congrats on the new little one Forge Thanks, just ran home to check messages and such today, Wife and Son are doing well, was born Wednesday at 8:36am 8lbs 11oz; 19 1/2" long; Isaak Gilbert Rath. Back to the hospital!
  7. Should Lead come back, I will be away for awhile, as my wife will popping (baby) on Wednesday, and I don't see myself having time for much else for at least a couple weeks.
  8. I believe the game is closed, as I edged out another person for the last slot, *shrug* but who knows, PM Lead and ask... Also, I hope the game is still active...otherwise I'm gonna kick myself for not joining the Alternity game when I had the chance.
  9. Hello all, Recent purchaser of Trinity. Spotted this in the Arthaus section of the WW forums and thought Id find out if this is still active and if any open slots were available. I have a character in mind and Ill be purchasing the Aberrent book from Drive Thru rpg later today. If the game is still open and there are slots available shall I post my character concept?
  10. The course is fine it's just fitting everything else in around it and getting enough time to do the reading I want. About what I expected in other words.
  11. It may well be a seasonal thing. I know that the seasonal variation of the business cycle for the hotel complex I work for is largely responsible for my lack of time. I haven't been on this board in past years though, so thats just a guess based on the fact that many gamers tend to be students. Rorx: How is your uni. going? And I now have a few days off, so I will finally finish that PC
  12. Yeah, I've been expecting the tumbleweeds anytime. I've been trying to post what I can, even joining new games to do so, but it's not easy when the ST's and/or other players get caught by RL stuff. Anyway, we'll be here when Lead, Titan et al. can get things going again.
  13. It has been quiet on here for the last couple of weeks. Here being the board, not this game in particular.
  14. So what's the hold-up? NPrime's games have been a little dead lately. I hope this game doesn't end before it even starts! Seems like Titan left and the whole community of games practicallt fell apart. His was the one game that seemed to get the biggest cross sections of players...
  15. Scott flexed and moved all his extremities, one by one, methodically taking note of any new (or missing) aches, stiffness, bruses, or anything else out of the ordinary. His self examination complete, he checked his pockets, looked for his bookbag, and checked to see what stuff he did have (or didn't have) that he had or was missing now. That list finished, Scott took note of everything that was in his little 'box'. He looked for sinks, toliets or beds, anything that would indicate that he was supposed to be in this box for an extended period of time. He also looked for anything that was or could be made detachable, that he could possibly use for something other than it's intended purpose.

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