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1945 changed The world in so many ways.   There'd always been rumors of superhumans before then.  Legends and myths people would say, they weren't real.  Those who said this, are wrong.
They just weren't as common as they are now.

That's not to say the world is overflowing with people with special abilities, but they aren't hiding so much anymore, indeed, more than a few cannot hide who they are, or what they have become.   Technology advances ever onward, and along the way produces new and strange creations along the way, and some that are uniquely powerful and dangerous.

The world at large still thinks of Magic as fake, the sort of show that people use to draw attention to themselves.   True magic exists, and it is powerful.

The harnessing of the Atom, the exploration of space, these drew the attention of Other spacefaring races, and while humanity at large still remains unconvinced they exist, There are certainly those who know otherwise.  Not all who have come are friendly, mostly they simply react to the antics of humanity with amusement, and some disdain.

What most separates this world from what we know is a sort of Tolerance for Vigilantiism.   The public sees their heroes taking down badguys, fighting the Good fight, and they cheer.  Few know real details of the Agency behind the scenes that's actually regulating things.  

Assessment and Emergency Global Initiative and Security, or known simply as the AEGIS agency is one that carries the primary backing of the United States, as well as many First world Nations, and it is solely responsible for regulating the activities of the Metahuman population.  For every scene of a Hero taking down the badguy that gets play in the news, there are five instances of AEGIS agents doing the same that never see the light.   

Everyone knows AEGIS exists, and only the unwise garner their attention.   AEGIS has access to nigh unlimited funding, and the bleeding edge of technology.  All of this serves to let AEGIS see the big picture, and react at the Strategic and Tactical levels, Often working with the various heroes.   

Now this is where you all come in.   You may be any sort of hero, save Alien.  You must have a form that is looks completely human.  You may have any sort of powerbase, though I reserve the right to say no to anything I think will not fit this game.  

This game is meant to resemble Marvel, let's be honest, AEGIS is SHIELD.  Don't expect me to follow it precisely, or to not put an homage to the comics or movies we've all come to enjoy over the years.   I intend for us to have fun with this, and will probably be going fairly rules light on it.

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  2. "Their right," Starsign said as she too started up the steps to the entrance, "we arn't going to get any answers out here. Come on, lets get this started."
  3. it's good I unhid the post the flow of events is fine. Let's continue.
  4. Yeah, I should have mentioned that. The caveat is you have to do that before other people reply... Again though, no biggie, we all do it from time to time.
  5. Thank you, Nina and Dave ST, for the advice. However, if it doesn't bother anybody, I'll let the post stand so that the sequence of events doesn't unravel.
  6. "Yeah, you guys work out who should send who in first and everything," Hex said. "Sounds super important. Imma go in next." With her left hand facing north she made the mudra for exclusion and spoke 'Defendarius.' The shielding spell flickered around her as it stabilized then became invisible. Hex strolled on up to the entrance then, watching carefully for signs of foul play...and ready to intervene in a hurry if Mega-Girl ran afoul of anything.
  7. The twins were rather grateful that the monitor came on when it did. The whole scene was starting lay out just a bit to weird for them. As everyone turned their attention towards the sliding door and Mega-Girl's over confident flight to certain doom, the twins hung back, separating themselves from the main group. Good guys or no, they held the strongest bond as sisters and were more concerned with their own well being than with these complete strangers. "I don't like this," Autumn whispered to her sister. "Columbian shows up he knows tried and true that he's the last of us, right as the door opens? He wants our power profiles on top of that? Summer, this is all kinds of wicked shiesty. Something doesn't feel right." "Dude, this whole group is off kilter," Summer observed. "I don't know, I can't quite place it. From the Doc who didn't say anything aside from padding his intellectual ego, to the way everyone is just so... I don't know, like: 'Hey we're all the heroes and fast friends. We have a city to save, and we're all chummy now'!" She shook her head. "I don't know, I just know I like this about as much as you do, but the city still needs us, let's just keep our guard up." The twins joined the others just as the Doctor was conveying his feelings for Mega-Girls careless impulse to be the first to be squashed. Summer was floating along side her sister who decided to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground. "Doc, calm down," Autumn interjected. "Columbian doesn't lead this group. We were all summoned here and we'll have to find someway to all work together, but getting your hackles raised at him," she gestured to Columbian. "Doesn't resolve issues, it only creates tension." "Besides," Summer shrugged. "If she gets dusted by lasers or the building falls on her, that's kinda her fault. Sometimes it takes pain to make the brain a little smarter. I doubt she would have just flow in there if she didn't feel she could handle something more than we could. Have a little faith."
  8. Don't worry, we all do it at some point, some of us multiple times a day. It's fixable. 1. Copy your post. 2. As the Artsmythe account in the lower left hand side of your post will will see three options: 'Quote', 'Edit', and 'Options'. Click options and hide your post. Make sure you've copied it, because once you hide it, only Justin can see it. 3. Paste your post in a new box. (Do not hit 'Submit Reply') 4. In the lower left hand corner of the text box you will see three options again. One will be a drop down box that says 'Artsmythe' the a slider that reads 'Notify me of replies' and a second slider that reads 'Hide'. Go to the drop down and you will see that your name and your alternante account are both listed. Select the name you wish to post under and then verify it's selected, then hit 'Submit Reply'. The post, even though you posted with you Artsmythe account, should be posted as your Doctor Psypher account. Easy-peasy. Most of us usually write our posts as our main accounts, then switch the name to the alternate account right before we actually post it.
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  10. Sorry. I goofed up. I answered in the IC thread as Artsmythe, not Doc Psypher. I wish there was an easy way to edit these mistakes and typos.
  11. “No! Don’t! Come back, Mega Girl! We should stay together!” Appalled, the erstwhile college professor tried to run after the rapidly departing heroine but couldn’t catch up. He stopped after a few paces, then turned angrily at the patriotically garbed avenger. “You should have stopped her, Columbian! We don’t know what’s in there, but it seems to straddle both the scientific and sorcerous realms of power. We should enter in pairs, at least. Send in Starsign after her. She’s fast enough and strong enough to watch her back. More importantly, she’s not as impetuous.”
  12. Columbian's statement, verified by the opening of the barrier, made her narrow her eyes in suspicion. Yeah, Colombian was big time, Triumvirate level famous, but how did he know the exact number of..? Whatever. She'd worry about it if she survived today. "Mega Girl. I'm strong, can fly in space, and take others with me in a pinch. If something's safe to hit into submission, I've got it covered," she offered with a confident jerk of her thumb at herself, "Looks like you were right about that time thing, Columbian." With a snap and a flutter of her cape, the domino-masked young woman burst for the breach in the field, flipping over to pop a light-hearted salute the group's way even as she crossed over into the trap. If he was going to drop the ceiling on the group first thing, better her than the others. Alison's subdermal sensors might give her a heartbeat or two to react to anything wrong. That was the hope anyway...
  13. With everyone finally gathered, they noticed a change before the introductions could proceed. In sync with that the large screen on the building across from Alphatech came to life and the broadcast started up again. "Ahh I see all our brave heroes have assembled. Very well. Now that the cast is assembled, I shall draw up the curtain and let the show begin." With that a section of the Light went out, revealing a door that rose up like a garage door. It looked more like an armored shutter. Inside they couldn't see much from the outside but it didn't look like any office reception area. The clock was ticking now as he'd stated the door would only be open so long. With the details Starsign and Hex had been able to glean, it was clear that this was anything but normal, and that the Arclight was a real threat, at least to Humanity. Their only hope was to walk inside, and Dance to their malefactor's tune.
  14. "Jesus," Hex murmured to herself as the magical probes she sent into the shimmering 'arclight' field returned information to her. Her hands went to her temples. "Jesus shitting on the cross." Abruptly she turned to look at the others, eyes wide. "You guys, this arclight is serious shit. It's got magic IN it, but it's all woven into other things too, and the total amount of power in it is off the charts. I've never seen anything like this. And it's not like the field of magic is a thriving and modern field of study, but there are rules and this breaks almost all of them. Whoever's doing this has access to power that...is basically godlike." Then, belatedly, she noted the newest member of the team. "Oh. Hey. Fashionably late, eh? Nice."
  15. Well, you have to admit that the man certainly knew how to make an entrance. Derek stood with his arms folded, sardonically appraising the red-white-and-blue newcomer. Naturally he had heard about the Columbian. Everybody has heard about the Columbian… even he! Why this agent of AEGIS felt the need to introduce himself seemed a little overly dramatic to the college professor, but – Hey! – Derek had only recently become a costumed vigilante within the last few months. So, who was he to criticize? “Er, um, yes. Well, Doc Psypher here. Psionics, medicine, science and technology.”
  16. "Which is now." Columbian appeared from around the bend, fully suited and equipped now. "I am Columbian, and I wish we could have met under better circumstances. And I should mention Elastica is young and impressionable." Translation: anyone trying to explain that innuendo and trying to corrupt her would sincerely come to regret that. "We're under a time crunch, ladies and gentleman, so names, powers, any likely useful skill. Columbian, enhanced physical attributes and healing factor, strategy and tactics."
  17. Laughter bubbled past Mega Girl's lips, the floating blonde doubling over at the absurdity of it all. She'd grown up around violent, nonhuman monsters, and to see... something... so like and yet unlike them in a sense of cheerfulness and well-meaning benevolence... Just... Woooow. So much cognitivie dissonance it actually helped with her nerves. She drifted upward at an angle in her mirth, breathing in through her nose, heels literally almost over head before she halted her drift and corrected her orientation. "Sorry! Sorry sorry sorry… It's just..," she broke down in laughter again, snickering as the line played over again in her mind's eye and wiping away tears of mirth despite the holy shit ton of radiation literally staining the air they, the entire island in fact, was breathing blue, "Hi. Welcome. Glad to see another helping hand. Our bad guy isn't lacking for confidence." She floated closer to the pink-clad refugee from the uncanny valley, still smiling from residual mirth, "Nice to meet you, Elastica. I'm Mega Girl, but... Probably want to save another round of introductions for when we have everyone, right?"
  18. "I..." Hex pointed at Elastica and wagged her finger for a moment, then shook her head. "Nope. I'm noping on this. You." She shifted the point to Starsign. "You're saying it looks like what I do? I'd assumed it was tech, but I can follow up on that. You guys entertain Malibu Dream Car here, and I'll see what I can find out." Hex lifted her hands and fashioned her fingers into a complex series of shifting, interlocking patterns as she murmured in Latin under her breath. Violet light twisted up away from her hands, curling into circles with geometric shapes rotating within them.
  19. From around the block came the high, cheerful meep-meep of a car horn, followed shortly by a bright pink VW Beetle with a white roof coming into view. It was a classic '72 model, but it was in pristine condition and as shiny as though it had ten coats of car wax. It also didn't seem impeded by the lack of driver as it pulled up to the curb by the gaggle of Marvels. Maybe it was a trick of the eye, sunlight reflecting off the vehicle, but the headlights of the VW Beetle seemed to... blink. Then the car slumped and began to flow and shift, its pink deepening to magenta, then purple, then a dark blue. As the blob took on a humanoid shape, bits of it began to lighten again. In a moment, where the pink VW Beetle had been, there now stood a young woman curvaceous enough to give Jessica Rabbit or a life-sized Barbie Doll a run for their money and more plastic than all the Kardashians and Jenners put together. She hardly seemed more real than any of them as well, her pale white complexion, vivid pink, waist-long hair, and dark blue bodysuit with asymmetric red striping too smooth and almost as glossy as the VW Beetle had been. A slim arm stretched out too far and deposited several coins into the parking meter with a distinctive ching. Elastica smiled at the group as her arm snapped back to more normal dimensions. The Astoviks' faces twisted up in mirrored universal expressions of ick when Elastica's wide grin revealed multiple rows of inhumanly pointed teeth. Her other hand pulled out a folded letter from her thigh. "Hello," Elastica said, flourishing her letter proudly, her fainter, upper-class accent sounding more genuine than Doc Psypher's. "I'm Elastica, and I'm here for the entertainment and the stopping of the dying of New York City too. It is the only place I have ever known. The officers, they tried to stop me and wouldn't let me pass until I showed them my letter." Summer expression changed to one of enlightenment, nodding as she waved a finger in Elastica's direction. The woman's bodysuit appeared as thin and figure hugging as body paint - she didn't seem to have a belly button. "Ah, British. That explains the teeth." "No, I'm Elastica, not British," Elastica explained, sounding puzzled. "Teeth?" She ran a tongue around her mouth, then brightened, her light lavender eyes widening in understanding. "Ah! It's the week of the shark on the channel of Discovery. The villain, he interrupted the show I was watching. Sharks are fascinating." She closed her mouth and exaggeratedly masticated on... nothing? When she smiled again with the concerted effort of someone still new at smiling, she revealed teeth as white and perfect as anything seen in a Colgate commercial. "Better?" "Um, yes?" Summer agreed doubtfully. Elastica stepped onto the sidewalk with a fluidity that questioned her having any bones, and eyed the tower. She had a vague notion that she'd been to several villain lairs before, but had no first hand recollections. She supposed Shadowmind had visited - or infiltrated at least - several in the time she'd been worn by her. She turned around, glancing around the group. "There should be at least one more coming - Columbian. We met yesterday because we - it's a secret, I'm not supposed to say. I offered to give him a ride, but he said it wouldn't be appropriate. I don't understand why." Somebody snickered.
  20. "That's what we are looking at alright, but the background cause seems to be residual radiation from an anti-matter reaction and a field a lot like what she," Starsign points at Hex, "is emanating. The Starsign doesn't have a name for that."
  21. Bemused by the twins' scientific perceptivity as well as their puerile antics, Doc Psypher observes, "Well, I would agree with your general assessment of this Arclight radiation, but we really should wait until we have more concrete data before we start jumping to too many conclusions." He then adds wryly, "And I believe that, while the term you used is more popularly known in scientific circles, it should really be acknowledged as Vavilov–Cherenkov radiation because Pavel Cherenkov did detect the phenomenon in 1958 while under the supervision of Sergey Vavilov. And I also think the faint bluish light signature was dependent on the radiation being conducted through water. Still, you just might have something there. We shall see."
  22. "Heya Doc!" Summer said with a sweet smile as floated about like a bored child ready to do something to get herself in trouble. "I would imagine if the individual, despite their measure of proficiency at invention or martial combat, is still completely human," Autumn posited. "Then they would die like anyone else. In fact, we metahumans do emit a low spectrum diffusion frequencies that does counter minor forms of ionized or electromagnetic radiation. It's how Summer Solstice and I channel and create the energy needed to make our powers function and the same diffusion property that negates certain forms radiation, thermal in our case. As for your magic Hex, I couldn't say. I'm a woman of science, you're a bit out of my purview." "What she's trying to say," Summer chimed up, floating about like a five-foot eight fairy. "Depending on the science involved, it's possible to saturate the air with ionized or electromagnetic radiation, forcing electrons out of atoms which would cause a lot people without hearty staminas, namely metahumans, to get sick and die. The blue glow we're seeing is most likely the Cherenkov effect." Autumn looked at her sister in shock and awe, then smiled proudly. Summer smiled back and offered her a fist. "Bump it." Autumn did and the sisters pulled their fists away in the universal explosive gesture and wiggled their fingers to signify raining down victory.
  23. Jess had been suing the others conversation to visually scout the local when the mention the arclight she looked up. "Maybey I can get some answers. " Clenching her fist she brought it up to chest level and everyone could see the symbol in her hand like a tattoo pulsing Suddenly energy blossomed around Jessica and her clothing was transformed into the suit with the emblem now floating at her forehead. She stepped away from the party and looked upwards scanning the energy field above.
  24. "Yeah, but what about someone who just invents cool gadgets?" Hex asked. "Or me...if I'd never picked up a book of magic, I'd have lived my whole life just like anyone else. We're not all mutants." She shrugs. "But you're right, we don't know enough to make assumptions. Just feels off to me."
  25. Now on safer ground, the research scientist ponders the rather interesting question. "Well, unfortunately, I've not had time to do properly research the matter, so this is purely conjecture on my part. And it is always a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. However, since you ask, I have long supposed that all have us, eh, metahumans, if you will, have some sort of a genetic anomaly within us which allows us to manifest these rather extraordinary powers and abilities. If I am correct, normal humans -- baselines, for lack of a better term -- lack this mutation. It is possible that this same anomaly is what protects us and makes the rest of humanity susceptible to this madman's radiation."
  26. "Ooo. Sobriquet. Fancy." She shook her head and made a little gesture with her right hand. "It means magic. I'm a wizard, Harry." "The reason I was asking about your doctorness, was because I was curious about how this 'field' might work? Is it even...remotely plausible? Because it feels kind of like a bluff to me. Obviously we can't take the risk, which is why we're here, but still. Just for my own back-patting, what's your take on this?"
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