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A Supernatural Horror game inspired by The Vampire Diaries and The Originals using a modified version of Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition

Game System

World of Darkness



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The Shadows

A Game of Supernatural Horror

Using the System Rules Of





This is not the World of Darkness. This is my World. It is a world full of the Supernatural, of Good and Evil, Sacred and Profane. At it's heart is the City of New Orleans, which will be our setting.

The City and it's environs are controlled and fought over by three factions of supernatural beings Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches, as well as by the Mortal Humans, some who know of the supernatural, and some who don't.

The Players, you, will be Vampires, Werewolves and Witches Just not the same kind your used to playing. Even though we will be using the systems (modified) found in Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition we will not be using the setting. None of it. Our Vampires have no clans, our werewolves do not have bonds with spirit and are not warriors of some spirit god called Gaia, our Witches are not mages who shape reality with spheres and are on a quest to awaken humanity. Our protagonist are different, their origins are not those of the ones found in the WoD games but are instead based on, or more properly, inspired by the Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves found in the television shows The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. But this is not a recreation of those shows or books either, while they have inspired me and I am copying some of the situations and some of the supernatural background, I will not be using the characters from that property. This is MY version of those worlds and y'all are invited to play in it.


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  2. Cara listened, her lips pursed, as Dominique broke it all down. There was a particularly vital, in her opinion, piece of the puzzle that hadn't been discussed yet. She wasn't entirely sure she wanted to bring it up here and now, surrounded by people she wasn't entirely sure could be trusted...but who knew when another opportunity would come? In any event, she didn't want to bombard Colby, or give the impression she was trying to step on Dom's question, so she bided her time for now. Once the old werewolf had appeased Dominique, then Cara would see what Colby knew of the plan to 'separate' her and Marko from the Twins. Regardless of the fate of the Originals, she wanted that to happen, if it was a real thing. But the actions of this 'vampire-wolf' were deeply unsettling. They were...erratic. Veering wildly from threats to offers, from a wish to collaborate with both of them to a sudden effort to drive a wedge between them. Impulsive...perhaps not very confident? Maybe a bit of madness? Cara couldn't tell yet, and the idea that a creature of this strength was psychologically unstable was really scary. Even Marko, at his worst, typically had drives that could be understood even if he was hard to predict moment to moment. I wonder what bloodline you're from, Cara mused. Have you already managed to cut your ties, or do you need help with that?
  3. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Dominique held out a hand toward the box, but never came close to touching it, but wanting to verify what it was. She could feel the dark magic, the same she had felt just minutes before, emanating from the contents of the box and nodded. "That's more of them." she said flatly. "I knew either you or Mr. Walker hand them since you both arrived at the same time." she added. Dominique twirled the shot glass on the table as she let out a small sigh, looking at the box and considering things. "Here's the thing. The rest of you look at 'em bones an' see an item of power, or a weapon, or whatever. And that is what they seem to be, so no judgement from me 'bout that. But they are items of dark magic... very bad juju that one does consider usin' lightly." she said reassuringly, holding up a hand in a 'calm down' gesture to cut off anybody who might have seemed slighted. The young, beautiful black woman continued after giving a moment to make sure nobody was getting upset, twisting her head to the right and then left, to whip her dreads over her shoulder and behind, careful not to hit anybody. "But that's not all they are. As a witch, I look at 'em an' see the bones of a fellow witch, one that was never laid to rest, never allowed to return to the earth. She met a horrible end, one that nobody should face, an' now for over four centuries this woman's spirit has endured, her curse an' hatred and the time of her death fuelin' 'em bones with a dark magic. She deserves her peace. So, if we agree to work together to stop her, an' survive, then when it's all said an' done, I'd like to do just that... put her at peace and be rid of this dark magic. I hope the rest of you can agree." she explained, leaving it at that. She took in a deep sigh and let it out, shifting her thought a bit to the more direct matters hand. "Now, I am not sure how these came to be in your possession..." she said, looking to Dan and Colby, "..but I can tell a few things. However... novel... it may be to keep the bones of the dead in a small tin box, it's not particularly safe. So I can only imagine that they were kept stored away. If you have a few minutes, I can make somethin' that is not only a bit more respectful of the dead, but can also help protect the bearer from the bad juju radiatin' from 'em bones." she offered to Dan. "Oh. And I know where most, if not all, of the rest of the bones are too." she tossed in almost as an afterthought. "So a few things." Dominue said as she pulled out her phone and typed out a text to Darrik one handed as she spoke. Text to Darrik: "I'm not sure of the exact nature of Marko's curse, but judgin' by what he said earlier, I think it is workin' in our favor for the time bein'. Unfortunately, I'd bet that she had 'em cursed in the first place, knowing he would come back here and that, for whatever reason, would bring out the twins, maybe to help him? Anyways, if she had 'em cursed, she might be able to have it broken too. And that would be bad." Dominique turned to face Colby more fully, letting him take her in, in all her beauty and resemblance to her grandmother at the same age, and asked, "So Mr. Walker... Colby... Do you know anythin' about the ritual that was foiled last night or of a witch called 'Mother Walters'?"
  4. It was all Karen could do to keep from rolling her eyes at the fact this whole mess was because one vampire wanted to use two other vampires as bait to lure in a pair of really old vampires and kill them using a set of really old bones as a power up. Charming. She did kick back a second drink now, feeling bile at the back of her throat at the whole situation, "Now? I'm betting the witches use the bones to come up with some mojo to blow up Erica while the rest of us buy them time to do so. Question being, can they do it by tonight should our not-so-little hybrid get bored with Marko, I think, and come looking for the packs while we're... effectively out of the picture. Also, are your four friends on your side or Erica's side, Mr. Walker? Just how many people, for want of a better word, are we talking about going against?"
  5. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR After the story, and because his other choice was to just leave and face the white wolf alone, he sighed. "If you'll all excuse me, I'll be right back, I think I've got something relevant to this after all." Leaving the lounge and with a clear path outside thanks to the goon squad hitting the bar, Dan head out to his truck, retrieving the box, which was still sealed, and brought it back in with him. He reentered the Lounge and set the box on the table. "Something tells me, these are more of those bones. I was entrusted with these by the Crescents, After I went to broker an alliance between the packs to keep us safe with Erica on the loose." His voice was quiet, to keep his words from spreading beyond the room, and he looked to the others. "So where do we go from here?" It was clear he wasn't really willing to surrender the case, or the responsibility, but hearing the story, he'd not be surprised by them being some of the bones. Finding out for sure was a step in the right direction.
  6. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Colby shook his head at Cara's question. "No I can't turn into a wolf anymore but the old blood still holds, she could probably compel me but she never has, those others, including that cunt who turned me, not a chance. i know how this ends for me. She could have made me like her but she didn't, that tells me all I need. As for the bones It all started a long time ago..." Colby relates the story of the Bones that he had told to Marko and Cara the night before. When he finishes he takes another shot of tequila. "She hates them, the originals, I don't know why, she claims to one of them or at least like them and frome what I have seen I believe her. But she is worse than them, I knew the twins they were crazy and fucked up but they would never hurt this city. She'll turn the streets red with blood if she thinks it will get her what she wants. That's why I'm here."
  7. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Lurking in the vicinity, Darrik had to cut off the urge to laugh hysterically when he heard the name. Erica. It was a hybrid (and wasn't that a surprise guess to be true) who'd created all this uncertainty and danger worrying Dominique and him, while waltzing around the bar, covering the wool over his eyes with the job-seeking act. Phenomenal acting, he conceded, but that just left more concerns running down his spine as to why she'd come here in the first place. Marko? To scope out their bar as the known neutral ground? And that left the four vampires in the front whom if Colby was to be believed, answered to Erica and wasn't on their side. Not that Darrik and Dominique couldn't deal with them if need be, but a conflict here would damage Simon Magus' reputation and credibility that it needed to serve as the safe zone for the supernatural community. It might be overlooked if New Orleans collectively joined together against the Originals and Erica Lindstrom, but the prospect of that happening was unclear.
  8. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Cara stood still, face in a disapproving mask. She wasn't okay at all with Dan and Karen being dragged into this, but done was done. The idea that the wolf was a werewolf/vampire hybrid was deeply unsettling to her though. A wolf/witch was bad enough, but at least still mortal. "Well then," she said, "I think we need to get our cards on the table. Before we start going into the meat of things, Colby, you said you'd been turned. Can we trust you? You don't want to be expendable, but are you able to work against your sire and this...Erica...if you have to?"
  9. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "What bones?" He got that feeling it could be related to what was in his Truck, because it was all just too much to be a coincidence. "i'd appreciate being brought up to speed on everything."
  10. The old former werewolf now vampire leaned forward planting his elbows on the table and he stroked his mustache, "I think you got that reversed, but i don't know for sure I was trying to get her, " He points a Cara, "and her brother on track, as they were being difficult. As for what she is doing now with Marko who the hell knows. But what i do know is if we all do what it is she wants I have a good feeling we are all expendable. And frankly I don't like being expendable. We need them bones, as many of em as we can get." He reaches over and places his hand over Dominiques, "And we need you. With them bones and you we can get rid of the originals when they get here and we can get rid of Erica Lindstrom."
  11. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Dan's eyes narrowed at Dominique's words, as he felt their full impact. Colby wasn't a wolf, and yet he'd completely fooled even his nose, passing himself as one the entire time. He felt foolish, and the frown on his face became a more severe scowl. He hadn't spoken at the toast though he did raise a glass. He wasn't planning on having more he couldn't afford to lose the tight grip he had on his mind, especially now. He'd been abit mad at Karen for her outburst, but now he was in a similar mood. "We're wound up with good reason. Now, i'm not getting up to leave, because I want to know the truth about what's going on, I'm tired of being in the dark about things." He didn't give a rat's ass about the vampires, or the witches honestly, but he didn't want it said the Werewolves were the ones who were changing the status quo. He looked at Colby, and sighed, even as he put a reassuring hand on Karen's shoulder, keeping her in her seat. "I'd say it's unbelievable, but clearly this is what's happening. So if she's cut you out of things, why exactly are you here, talking to us, Colby? Why the hell did she make her appearance, and then tear up Latouille's like she did?"
  12. Colby poured another drink and raised it to Dominique, "'bout 98%. She didn't turn me she made one of her thugs do it that big aryan woman out there. But she gave me the choice. Either that or die." He shoots the shot. "I wasn't ready to die quite yet."
  13. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Dominique tossed back the second drink and raised a finger of the hand holding the shot glass as she swallowed and sat the glass down on the table. "Ooo.. Ooo... Lemme try this one. Hmmm... Maybe some sort of several hundred year old, werewolf/vampire hybrid that using this one..." she said nodding to Cara, "..and/or her brother to lure out the last two Originals so she can finish her matching set of Original heads? And probably the same one that turned you too." she suggested and then sat back in the booth and looked over to Karen, gesturing to the shot glass in front of the werewolf. "And you really should have that second drink, 'cause you're wound up tighter than a two dollar watch." Dominique chuckled to Karen, shaking her head with a grin as her dreadlocks danced around her shoulders. "So how did I do, Mr. Walker? Pretty close to the mark?" she asked.
  14. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "Funny. You don't seem the type to bend the knee to anyone short of god himself. Or herself in this case, apparently." She kept her tone dry, severe, "Anyway. Enlighten me. Just who the hell *is* your boss? Because the way my day is going you could say anything from the tooth fairy to bigfoot and it could still, possibly, make sense. And we're burning daylight." Karen was done with this shit.
  15. Colby once again stares at the young female werewolf then bursts into a gut straining throw your head back laugh. After a moment he gains control and wiping a tear from his eye he shakes his head still chuckling, "Because my dear Miss Gaunt, who the hell do you think my boss is?"
  16. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "Right. And this has exactly what to do with the giant not-a-werewolf who almost wiped out the Bayou Pack last night, not to mention any number of people last night?" Karen interjected bluntly, "I'm told you're the expert on that little problem, Mr. Walker. And that is slightly more urgent in my eyes." She didn't trust Colby. She didn't believe his sob story or the bullshit mysteries he was invoking for a heartbeat. And speaking of hearts, if he would stay still, she'd happily carve out his with a spoon. The brunette declined to drink again, sitting as close to Dan and far away from the twin hazards of Cara and Colby as possible. "Oh. That was my bad news, Dan, much as I'm tempted to think Darrik held out a few significant details," she wrapped up darkly, very much unhappy at being three steps behind when Colby swept in to hold court over the bar.
  17. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "Sounds wonderful, "said Colby, "after you ma'am." He followed up with a polite nod at Cara, then as he followed after her motioned for his entourage to remain outside. Once everyone had arrived in the lounge and taken seats and the drinks were poured, Colby raised a glass in toast. "To what I hope is a long and lasting partnership and to new friends." As he downed his drink everyone else just looked at him then realizing the social aspect drank. Glasses hit the table and Colby picked up the bottle and poured a new round. "I understand why some of you may be a bit unsure of me and my actions but It's time I come clean and try to take advantage of this situation and salvage what I can." He looks at Cara. "I hope you have learned what you needed to learn abou them bones cause we may need them sooner than you or I imagined. Seems our boss has decided to forego me as the middle man and is dealing directly with your brother and that my dear does not bode well for any of us."
  18. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Dominique sighed again as Cara's questions to Colby, though she caught herself doing so and tried to hide it. For some reason people seemed to want to antagonize Colby, like they were pushing for a fight. Why, Dominique had no idea. So far he had been nothing but polite, at least on the surface, and had only now just made a thinly veiled threat to Dan, which was just as likely simple dominance bullshit between werewolves. But one thing that seemed pretty certain was that the Bayou pack was not happy about Colby's return either. "Of course. We can use one of the private lounges in the back, through those curtains there." Dominique said, gesturing to the curtained doorway with a small "PRIVATE" sign on a post in front of it. "Make yourselves comfortable while I grab us a bottle and glasses." Dominque walked over to the bar, leaving the others to head in back. She fetched a fresh bottle of Jose Cuervo from the shelf and set it down on the bar as she let out a frustrated sigh, rolling her eyes and reaching in her her back pocket to pull out her phone. She unlocked it with one hand and looked at text Darrik had sent as she stuck a finger into 5 shot glasses and pulled them together. She paused, staring at the text, reading the same six words again and again several times before typing back. You haven't got their attn yet. Maybe play casual and keep it that way for now? She slipped the phone back into her pocket, grabbed the bottle with her newly freed hand and headed back to the lounge.
  19. Colby gave Dan a heartwarming grin then Turned back to Dominique. "A tequila sounds wonderful, perhaps You and Miss Angelo and those two," he points his thumb back over his shoulder at the werewolves, "would car eto join me for a drink? Perhaps some place a little more private?"
  20. While Dan was abit irked by Colby barely paying him any attention, the new Alpha shunt it aside. Right now he didn't want to cause a scene. Something told him things were off, but there were alot of patrons still here, far too many for this to devolve into violence, but it certainly seemed that it was going to. Dan frowned, shook his head nothing good was going to come from them staying here, and besides he had his own issues to deal with. "We'll be leaving then." Certain inevitabilities have to be faced, and he moved to let Karen exit before him. Whatever this was, he wasn't looking to get stuck here before moonrise, that would cause its own host of issues. Finally Colby turned to look at Dan, the younger werewolf scowling, and obviously on guard. "I wasn't asking you to stay." The fact that Colby knew why Dan was keen to leave made that comment even more sinister in Dan's mind, and had him reach out placing a hand on Karen's shoulder, halting her exit. "Then let's be about whatever this is then." Clearly he only wanted to be there as long as was necessary, and both younger werewolves were decidedly on edge now. A small part of him didn't like obeying Colby out of principle, but he found himself staying, concerned with what he might do while he was gone, and what that might cost the Packs of the area in the long-run. Goddammit, this old fart's been nothing but a headache since he showed up.
  21. Cara narrowed her eyes slightly as she regarded Colby. There was no reason for him to bring his 'friends' unless he expected trouble. From the sound of it, he wasn't meaning to start trouble. So why was he expecting it? "Do we need to clear the bar, Colby?" she asked quietly, her eyes flicking back to the doors. "Are we to expect more guests soon?"
  22. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Dominique sighed and shook her head at Karne's outburst and watched Colby's response with keen interest. She did not know this 'Ms. Gaunt', but considering she seemed to have met privately with Darrik and clearly know who Colby was, certain base assumptions could safely be made, and she clearly held some animosity for Colby. "This club is neutral ground, but a certain level of politeness and civility is still expected." she said in Karne's general direction, ensuring that Colby would hear too before addressing him specifically. "And thank you Mr. Walker, for your condolences. This is not the first time I have heard mention of your name, so it is a pleasure to be makin' your acquaintance." Dominique replied with a polite nod as the smartphone in her back pocket chimed, which she recognized as the chime she had assigned to Darrik's number, though she let it go for the moment. "I understand that you're recently returned to the city?" she asked, changing the subject to lighter fare. "If so, then welcome to the Simon Magnus Burlesque and Absinthe Bar. And what, if anything, can I do for you?" she asked and then chuckled. Shaking her head. "Where are my manners?" she chuckled "Can I offer you and your... friends... a drink? I doubt you are one for mixed drinks. though..." she said, looking him over with an evaluating gaze. "Hmm. No. I bet you like to drink with four old friends... Jim, Jack, Johnny and Jose?" she thought aloud, politely gesturing to the bar.
  23. Karen's interruption brought a side glance from Dan as Colby turned halfway back to lock eyes with Karen his grin disappearing from his face. A shiver went down Dan's spine, why didn't he look at me I'm the alpha, he should have ignored Karen, something is wrong here. Suddenly Colby grinned again and shook his head emmiting a slight chuckle. "I keep forgetting your not from the south Miss Gaunt, this isn't California, we don't interrupt other peoples conversations and we respect our elders and do what we are told." The warning was implicit.
  24. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR "Do you have a point that can be discussed in mixed company, Mr. Walker? Or are you just talking to hear yourself talk while showing off your collection of UFC rejects? Some of us have places to be tonight." The Californian didn't sound impressed, tone droll. She didn't look impressed, arms crossed, one eyebrow quirked upward, repositioned by Dan's side. If not for the air of concerned interest her alpha was giving off, her field of fucks regarding Colby's little display of sophistry would be truly and completely barren, and she'd have been out the door. Someone else's problem and all that. Especially tonight.
  25. NEW ORLEANS (Around the city) New Orleans has always been the kind of place that offers everything and more. True to his word Marko led Erica on a tour, personalized by his half of a millennia of unlife, the likes of which she could not have purchased anywhere. He took her by all the usual places but sneaked her around the corners, into the nooks and crannies where tales and secrets only someone who really knew, could tell. Then he took her to places that were not on any tour routes, the places only the old folks knew about, the mysteries and folk lore that were kept close to the chest and guarded by the locals. In these places Marko drew looks from old white haired men and women whose heyday had been long, long since past. If Erica noticed the looks, some of dread and fear, others still of hatred, or the subtle crossing or the warding from the evil eye of the superstitious, she gave no notice, but was appropriately flabbergasted and amazed at Marko and the display he gave her. They lunched at a small out of the way creole restaurant where they were the only two white people in the place and were treated like they were royalty and regaled with stories and culture like they were and would be part of the family. Time was forgotten as they combed the city and Marko was all but lost in his memories telling tales that had been dim afterthoughts in his mind of bygone eras and fallen empires, but today he seemed revisit them with renewed intensity like they were just yesterday. The sun began to set and they dined at what he considered the finest restaurant in New Orleans then they walked back to Erica’s hotel. It was in an old building had been standing since before the civil war. It had been a brothel back in the 1800's and Marko killed three men out back and wondered if there was still one buried in the bricked up space deep in the cellar. He decided to leave that off the tour. Today, it was a small hotel with less than twenty rooms. A square building surrounding an inner court yard with a well-maintained garden. It was peaceful and quiet and Marko found himself a bit surprised when Erica took his hand and silently led him up the stairs to her rooms. Neither said a word as she opened her door, he barely noticed that it hadn’t been locked, and she gently pulled him inside. The room was decorated in tasteful ways and while modern, did have a sort of old world feel about it. It was comfortable, consisting of a living room/bedroom with a large walk in closet/dressing room, and a large bathroom. There was no kitchenette which would be found in most modern hotels but there was a small, well stocked bar. Erica turned and shut the door once they were inside and in the same move stepped into Marko’s arms pressing her body against his, her lips finding his in a deep passionate kiss. She encircled his neck with her arms as she kissed him, the two gently swaying to their internal rhythms. After a long moment of bliss she pushed away from him and strode to the bar. “Do you want a drink?” “Please,” he answered watching her she seemed much sexier than she had before, Marko’s arousal was in full heat by the time she returned with the drinks. “To fate.” She raised her glass as Marko did the same. “To fate,” he replied. “We may not be where we thought we were heading, but somehow, we always end up where we're meant to be.” He didn't believe in fate, but hot blones ate up romanticized quotes like that. She took a big drink and Marko gave chase. She took the glasses and set them on a coffee table then stepped up and kissed him again teasingly then stepped back and pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let the dress fall to the ground giving Marko full view of her naked beauty. In an instant she was back in his arms her mouth against his, her hands undressing him. Her kiss was intoxicating the whiskey from their drinks mingled and flavored her tongue like a shot of erotica served up just how he liked it. She pulled his shirt off and the kiss upon the side of his neck was delivered while mantled in a hot, passionate breath and punctuated by a love bite which made him smile. Feverishly she began undoing his belt, the buckle clinking as she opened it and pulled it aside. He opened his eyes and caught their reflection in the full body mirror on the dressing room door. His eyes widened when he saw that she had a large tattoo on her back, a tattoo of a Blue Phoenix. SAN FRANCISCO 1887 Marko watched Kristen make a fool of himself. Strange that it took seeing his maker without the influence of his sister to realize how crazy and unstable the Original could be. Crazier still that he didn’t see the same thing in himself. The girls, Kristen’s sister Kirsten and Marko’s sister Cara were still in New Orleans. The boys had come to California on business which had been all but forgotten in round after round of debauchery that they were in the midst of perpetrating. Guilty pleassures had been on the menu every evening thus far and tonight they were in the premier brothel of the city and being attended by the best working girls the city had available. Marko was growing bored when his attention was caught by a flash midst all the red and gold. A woman of remarkable beauty with pale blond hair dressed elegantly in a cream-colored flowing dress had come into the establishment, the dress was cut to scandalously display her whole back to reveal a large Tattoo of an exquisitely and vividly inked blue Phoenix. NEW ORLEANS Present Day (Crispin House Hotel) “Now he remembers,” said ‘Erica’ her Scandinavian accent much more prominent in words. “I was beginning to wonder how long it would take for it all to return.” Marko drew away from her as a strange malaise washed over his mind, clouding his vision in a vertigo of memories and events that seemed long locked away. One by one with aching accuracy each one staked a claim in the valley of his present announcing their arrival with aching pains, like several needle pokes behind his eyes. Fear mingled with loathing as his primal mind began to allow the emotional weight of his new memories to wash over him. He may not remember completely who she was... but he was fearful of her. Marko barely remembered fear, let alone what this woman could have done to provoke such a response from him. He needed time. He needed to collect himself and he didn't come five centuries along this path to throw it all away on confusion and fear. Damn this humanity of his. Blood engorged the veins on the corner of her eyes, spider webbing them in a demonic mask that gave her true being away even as her eyes blackened. Erica was a vampire. He closed his eyes tight to shake away the pain and as the dizziness subsided he gazed at her in a mixture of weariness and confusion. “Any time you feel like making sense with any of this, feel free to jump in.” Erica smirked and approached him. “I could, but let's both face the facts, Marko. Your head is a roiling ocean of neurosis, psychological problems and paranoias.” Her mask faded away. Her eyes returned to their brilliant blue and the veins faded away along with the tell-tale whisper of the fangs retracting back into their sheathes in the gum line. “You're a mess, we both know it. In time what's gone will, or should, rather, return to you. Bedsides, it's probably best your memory is a wreck, with your humanity restored I'd hate to have to deal with you weeping and moping about.” Marko reeled only to settle with his hand on the writing desk to catch his bearings and try to process everything happening to him. Erica, smile still spread wide on her lips, put her hand on his shoulder, leaning in while her golden hair fell about her breasts teasingly inviting him to sneak a peek. “For now, my Angelo, just consider that while your memory may not return for some time,” she tilted his lips to face her own and gently brushed hers to his. “I'm sure we can find ways to make it pass until then.” Marko was never a man to waste energy on things he couldn't understand. His memory, the hazy images, all of were painfully confusing things that when his humanity was off he never had to consider or deal with. Now, as a creature of baser instincts, one that felt fear and pain and misery only to have them amplified by his vampiric nature, he sought escape like he always did. If by any means he could shirk that pain or confusion or any real emotion that his vampirism amplified, Marko could, and always had, gone for it. Far better to drown in ignorance and forgetfulness than dealing with an eternity of life's little problems, right? Swept away by the desire to be rid of the burdens humanity brought with it his lips pressed firmly to her and she welcomed her kiss. Tightly he embraced her, the whispers of their heavy breath seeking solace in the forgetfulness of lust. In their fervent bliss she quickly undid his jeans, pushing them down with the anticipatory zeal only the lust starved could know. He lifted her to him effortlessly and she laughed, amused by a man, one of only a few in lifetime, who had never been fearful or intimidated by her. Her back slammed against the wall, alerting the occupants in the room next door, a sweet old couple sight seeing for their fiftieth anniversary. They stared at the wall in horrid fascination as the picture frames on the wall rattled and Erica's passionate obscenities echoed throughout the floor while her body rhythmically spasmed and thundered against the foundations of the hotel's walls.
  26. THE SIMON MAGUS BURLESQUE AND ABSINTHE BAR Colby paused past the two men in front of him and smiled at Karen like a hungry predator. "Miss Gaunt, nice to see you again." He paused and glanced back as Dan entered, "And here is the other one. Fancy that you to always being where i end up. y'all might want to stick around." He stepped past Karen and moved to stand before the witch and the vampire, he gave Cara a look with a tilt of his head. "Howdy Miss Angelo, I hope you are here doing what we discussed and have verified what I told you as truth. But, to answer your question, no that is not why I am here. But you ought to stick around too." He looked at the black beauty standing there in front of him, "My, my you are the spitting image of your grandmother." He puts his hand over his heart, "God as my witness she was the most beautiful girl i had ever had the pleasure of seeing. Even though she was only fifteen I would have gone against every convention of polite society and married her. Circumstances, as they say, suck. You have my condolences on your loss, belated as they are, Ms. de la Croix. My name is Colby Walker, mayhaps she mentioned me at some point."
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