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A Supernatural Horror game inspired by The Vampire Diaries and The Originals using a modified version of Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition

Game System

World of Darkness



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The Shadows

A Game of Supernatural Horror

Using the System Rules Of





This is not the World of Darkness. This is my World. It is a world full of the Supernatural, of Good and Evil, Sacred and Profane. At it's heart is the City of New Orleans, which will be our setting.

The City and it's environs are controlled and fought over by three factions of supernatural beings Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches, as well as by the Mortal Humans, some who know of the supernatural, and some who don't.

The Players, you, will be Vampires, Werewolves and Witches Just not the same kind your used to playing. Even though we will be using the systems (modified) found in Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition we will not be using the setting. None of it. Our Vampires have no clans, our werewolves do not have bonds with spirit and are not warriors of some spirit god called Gaia, our Witches are not mages who shape reality with spheres and are on a quest to awaken humanity. Our protagonist are different, their origins are not those of the ones found in the WoD games but are instead based on, or more properly, inspired by the Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves found in the television shows The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. But this is not a recreation of those shows or books either, while they have inspired me and I am copying some of the situations and some of the supernatural background, I will not be using the characters from that property. This is MY version of those worlds and y'all are invited to play in it.


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  2. Inside the Bar, Dan finished his drink, and set the money for it on the bar for Darrik, even though he knew they'd be back in momentarily. He'd always paid his debts, and wasn't going to take anything for granted now. He moved to head outside after Karen, only for her to open the door and let the two missing girls in. Mellody and Meave smiled at Dan but he was watching as the vampire named Trini stopped just inside the door and held out her, "You got the phone?" dane shook his head, "No the Regent has it." "What!?!" "The Regent, your boss had me give it to her. The Regent asked Darrik to make sure everything's fine, then she left that was about twenty minutes ago, so why don't you all come inside for a moment." He noted the look on Melody's face, and just smiled. "This won't take too long, then we can get you home where you belong, Melody." "Fuck!" Trini glared around the run "Fuck!" then spun and stalked passed Karen out onto the sidewalk and away from the bar.
  3. The vampire shrugs at Karen and holding the door open looks over at Dan "You got the phone," she asked holding out her hand?
  4. Karren followed the vampire in, having left the bar to a) get some air and b) give the ghost/illusion/whatever it was of her Father a chance to deliver his/its message in solitude ala Shakespeare. The thing had gazed at her sadly as she walked through the doors, silent as ever as she glared at it, mouthing 'Well?' at it over her shoulder. The cold of the outside was settling fully around her when Jack's image faded and broke up and faded away. No clue. No revelations. Just dull blade to her heart when she had needed her wits about her the most and ruining her one first impression. God, the second she could secure what she needed to protect her daughter, she was leaving this city behind her faster than anytime she'd had to skip out of anywhere in her entire career, if this was her *second day*, the place was pure bad juju and could go rot. The arrival of the two younger girls outside the bar jolted her from her melancholy, and the first words she uttered, after seeing that they were more bubbly than visibly hurt or upset, were to the vampire, dry as the Sahara, "Thanks for returning them in one piece. We'll take it from here."
  5. Starbucks--- The police came and went, Marko had kept his cool and performed admirably, his sister would have been proud at his performance, in the old day he would have slaughtered all of them. Deftly showing skill few who knew him thought he possessed Marko extricated himself from the scene by acting the proper citizen and making his statement and with subtle use of coercion mde it very clear that he didn't know the girl and that he had been having a coffee with his sister whom had departed before the crazy woman had sat at his table ranting before her suicide. In the process he mad a few contacts among the police that he knew he would be able to exploit in the future. Satisfied, Marko, once cleared and allowed to leave, went to his old home to rejoin his sister. The Bar--- The witches regent studied Karen for a few brief seconds then stood abruptly and faced the bar. “Darrik dear since your neutral in all of this, do you mind taking care of the werewolf girl when she arrive I have things to check out.” she held up the phone with the pictures and without waiting for an answer motioned he men and headed to the door. “Y'all be careful I don't know what is going on but I do intend to find some answers.” Then with a nod she and her bodyguards left the bar leaving Darrick alone with the two werewolves. “Hope you two don't mind but I have to get ready to open this place'” he said as he set about readying the bar for business. A short time later The door opened again and the two girls arrived escorted by the tattooed black female vampire.
  6. Cara caught the nod and returned it, then faded back into the alley. She'd been more willing to risk someone not quite believing their eyes at someone seeming to vanish in a blur than she'd been willing to have her current mortal name and face connected with the scene of a violent suicide like this. That kind of attention was the last thing she, or her organization, needed. A fact, she reflected, that was almost certainly not lost on whoever had sent the poor messenger. It was time, perhaps, to put down a root or two in town. Marko liked to get his hands dirty, and that was fine...but Cara preferred to act through proxies when possible. It would take time to build up a good network here, but it was starting to seem that the time would be well spent. For the moment she went back to the old house though. Her next steps would need to be careful ones.
  7. I will no longer be running this game. I will leave it active, if anyone wishes to take it up let me know and i will ask Matt to change moderators
  8. Killing a mortal in front of Marko and Cara was not a very effective tactic, at least not front Marko's point of view. He saw humans as nothing more than food he could play and sleep with. Her being young didn't really strike a chord with him either... hell, over the centuries he'd killed so many of all ages that eating a younger meal was like eating buffalo wings... you just lost count at twenty or so and finished the basket anyway. He sighed, shaking his head. It was hard for him to remember that with his humanity restored, he couldn't help but feel some pang of sorrow for the girl. Hell, she looked about eighteen, that was a waste of a snogging. "Guess she doesn't want that latte..." He looked and saw Cara was gone. He'd just flagged over a waitress and the girl he was talking too blew her friggin' head off. The gunshot startled the crowd of people and there was Marko... all eyes on his him and his now dead hottie-he-couldn't-snog-later. Vampiric speed was not a good idea, especially with a crowd of witnesses. He saw Cara across the way, his vampiric eyesight narrowing at distances humans couldn't hope to manage. He gave her a subtle nod, telling her to go and that he'd catch up. There were enough CCTV cameras in New Orleans and enough witnesses to know that he'd done nothing wrong. He'd committed no crime and with the practiced ease of a professional sociopath, he switched from psycho to citizen in the span of a heartbeat. "Call 911!" he shouted at the waitress he was flagging down. Already people were beginning to crowd around the scene. "Everyone get back! God damnit! Someone call 911!" People asked questions, there was a flood of panic. He knelt beside her and checked for a pulse (in case the bullet didn't do its job). She was barely there, her heart was fading and her brain, what was left of it, was slowly winding down as her nervous system shut down. Such a waste... he'd been here three days already and could have really used that snogging.
  9. Cara cursed and was up out of her seat. "Oh for pity's sake," she muttered. "Come on." Without further comment she hurried from the scene, moving fast enough to be a blur until she was outside and well away from the coffee shop in a secluded alleyway away from prying eyes. There she waited for Marko to catch up. Callous and cowardly. It was the kind of thing Marko might have done once upon a time, if he'd gotten good enough at compulsion. Pushing a command to suicide wasn't impossible, but it wasn't something an amateur could do. At least not reliably. This didn't rule out witchcraft though, Cara reflected. That muddied the water quite a bit. Most troublingly though...who thought they were so in control they could simply hand out New Orleans to be 'ruled'? The vampire faction at least was kept marginally in check by the knowledge that Lilith, in addition to being strong, had been put in power by Originals. Any coup would certainly have to deal with them eventually. That really left no good options on the table, did it?
  10. Karen permitted herself to break eye contact with the ghost or whatever the hell it was, plastering her 5th best smile in place. Being thrown off her game was exactly what she needed. Figures she wouldn't even get a useful haunting that explained exactly what it was after. Sure, Othello or whatever ended poorly, but at least he had a clue. "Thank you for your concern, but so far it's nothing that some fresh air or an exorcism couldn't cure," she breezily replied, freezing as she realized exactly what she just said, "Damn it. Just a new brand of crazy that can wait until we get Melody back home curse free. Thank you for checking that, by the way. Greatly appreciated." She tried to preemptively wave away any potential concern, "It's fine. Really. If it does anything other than pissing me off standing there, I now know the place to go to track down a witch who might lend a hand."
  11. Dan shook his head. "It went better than it could have. We still have a Truce, and none of us are permanently injured from it." He answered her, then nodded as she made arrangements with Darrik. "Thank you." He was being so polite it almost hurt. As her attention shifted to Karen he was intrigued and thought back to what Karen had asked. There could be several "him" off the top of his head, and he doubted that Colby could hide his presence in so small a place. That left her Father at the top of the list, probably the only one who could cause her mask to break so much, but he was dead... Then again, this was New Orleans, and the Dead were long rumored for not staying that way. Dan moved back over to Karen, smiling. "Karen, are you alright?"
  12. The blond sits still smiling. "I'll let you know in a day or two after you have had time to mull over the decision. A latte please." Marko takes an annoyed breath and then turns partway in his chair to raises his arm to call the waitress over. The blond moves unhurriedly as he turns and draws a small pistol from her waist band where is was tucked under her t-shirt. Cara gasps as the girl puts the gun under her chin and pulls the trigger sending the .38 caliber bullet into her head and out the back of her skull.
  13. "Rule for eternity?" Marko asked as his face scrunched in distain. "My sister has far to busy of a life to play Queen of the Damned in the armpit of the south and me? Do you smell this place? New Orleans is a garbage fire after it's been hosed to embers. Damp, muggy, soggy and it smells like an unwashed vagina fisted full of haggis." "But, I won't lie, I'm intrigued. So, go on... what's the pitch? My sister asked you a question, and since you threatened her, your life is already forfeit. The only thing ensuring that you survive the next few days is how amused and or happy she is with your answers." Marko smiled warmly and motioned to the empty chair next to them. "Please, have a seat. Would you like a latte or something?"
  14. Cara burst into a radiant smile. "Finally we're getting somewhere," she exclaimed. "All this time back in the city and not even one decent ultimatum. I was starting to think I'd be spinning my wheels forever." "So, don't stop there. Whom do you represent, and what exactly would they 'instruct' that we do? You know, aside from fleeing or dying."
  15. Margarete watched the two vampires leave the establishment and in so doing caught, at least visually, the exchange between Karen and Dan. She kept watching Karen even as Dan walked close to her, her eyes following the female werewolf's gaze to the spot of empty air beside her. Hmmm. "Well that didn't go very well, now did it? Of course we will check out the girl among other things," Margarete looks at the bar and Darrik. "Darrik, since y'all are neutral you mind handling that?" without waiting for an answer she looks back at Karen. "Honey? Is there something bothering you," she asks? ************************************** Mark and Cara both noticed the young teen aged girl walking purposefully toward them. She was very blond, dressed casual and looked like a tourist. She smiled broadly as she noticed that she had been noticed. She stopped a few feet from the table and grinned at the two vampires. "Marko Angelo, Cara," she said as she pulled out a chair and sat down. "You have three choices, and I sincerely hope you make the right one. One, you can flee New Orleans and never return. Two, you can do exactly as I instruct, and not only will you live but you will thrive, have all of your wishes granted, and may rule here in this city for eternity. Or three, you can die."
  16. The 'ghost' remained where it had first appeared, following Karen with it's eyes, otherwise unresponsive to her defensive gestures. She let herself be lead to the seat while she thought, eyes only darkening from their temporary golden hue as Dan left and addressed the Regent with hopes of a solution to see if Melody had been magically boobytrapped. Seriously? That was a thing? Great. Wonderful. Perfect. She couldn't wait to get back to the swamp and wash the metaphorical stink of 'vampire' from her skin, put this successful rescue behind them until the full moon passed and she had time to learn the local hearts and minds. Karen continued to sit, gaze not deviating from Jack's just in case he *did* decide to do something, threatening or otherwise, fingers drumming on the table top. Soon as a few more minutes passed, she'd head outside to make sure the two women saw a friendly face first. But that would be in a few minutes. Just in case the ghost no one else could apparently see was waiting to do more than screw with her emotionally. If this was a trick, she'd personally kick the ass of the person responsible. If it wasn't..? She didn't know.
  17. "About five-seven, curly dark hair, shoulder length. She black, or mixed, caramel colored skin smelled like the ocean, so she might have a beach house. She was about fifty-one to fifty three. Said her name was 'Momma Walters', spoke with a think accent. Haitian if I to guess." He took another drink. "And why do you get to play 'good cop', I'm the good one." "Oh, please," she mused with soft, fun grin. I'm an Angel." He snorted and smiled. "Not a bad call though, I'll lay low, head back to the estate and get the sheets off stuff. See how old man Thatch is doing." "Is he still the caretaker?" Cara asked, a but amazed. "Yup, nearly eighty years old now, if I had to guess," Marko smiled and nodded. Old man Thatch was one of few men Marko had ever truly respected, even with his humanity off. "I'll meet you there later."
  18. Cara rolled her eyes. "Wonderful, now I'm the angel. Carnivorous angel feasting on blood, what an image. All right. I will talk with the...witches..." Her face pinched at the word; she was no fonder of witches than Marko was, if for different reasons. "...you keep your head down for the moment. We'll try the good cop first, then you can be the bad cop if we need to apply pressure. What do you remember about the witch that cursed you?"
  19. "Nope," he spun his cup around in his fingers on the table. "Like I said, usually I'd just dunk someone's preschooler into a water barrel until they spilled what I wanted to know. That's sort of how I get things done. I don't ask for help, I don't apologize, I don't need people, Cara." He could feel her judgemental eyes on him. "Don't give me that look. I know you love these these little blood sacks of yours, why I have no idea. They're food and fun to me, that's it. Who cares if one or a hundred die, Christ, they'll make more." "That's why I called you," he gestured towards her. "If there is an angel in the family, it's you. I fell long ago. I'm not good with this sort of thing, I have no patience for... stuff."
  20. When Marko finally shut up, Cara sat back a little on her stool and tallied the information up. She needn't have bothered though. Nothing fit. She was no expert on witch magic or curses, but you couldn't live as long as she had without picking up some basics. The power of a curse that could incapacitate a vampire of Marko's age, twist his own powers against him, and carry such horrific punishments defied reason. Magic always had a cost as well. What had this witch paid to get that kind of power? And what eldritch source of energy had supplied it? Other elements of the curse seemed easier to understand. She suspected it wasn't so much a case of the witch enforcing her morality on Marko...it was instead forcing Marko to do what he himself believed was right. Down deep, under all the perversity, Marko HAD a moral compass. He just delighted in offending it. This curse seemed to strike at that weak point in his mind...turning his own nature against himself. A revenge, perhaps, the witch had thought to be worse than death? Or was there a deeper game afoot here? She downed the rest of her coffee. "I'll help you get to the bottom of the curse, and even end it," Cara decided. "I will not, however, become your personal assassin. The implications of this curse are...troubling to say the least, above and beyond what your own personal issues are." Marko's sister sighed. "And of course, reform means nothing without volition. You're not acting of your own will, so in a real sense it isn't you acting. I'm not satisfied with that, even a little." "So, aside from throwing your weight around against the head witch of New Orleans, do you have any leads?"
  21. Yeah, he knew. He knew it wasn't her style, but hey, people change right? Maybe she had spiraled to his level depreavity since the last time he'd seen her after seening some twisted video on the dark web or something... but nope. "Buzzkill." He said flatly. "C'mon, Cara. Are you seriously gonna make us do this the looooong way?" The curve of her lips from behind her cup was almost flirtatious were they not siblings. No, her lovely smile was a taunt. Some would think that immortal siblings would get over their games and rivalries, but oh no. She knew he got into this mess and it was only her love for him that was keeping her from laughing out loud. "Curse. Talk." She tapped her painted nail into the table top, indicating for him to spill. He sighed and took a drink from his coffee. He still had the regent on his mind to is was hot and black. "I was in L.A.-" "An Angelo in the City of Angels," she shook her head and laughed. "That is so cheesy, even for you." "You wanna hear this or not?" He retorted, barely holding in the smirk of his own and trying not to laugh. "And fuck you by the way," Cara only raised a hand to indicate she was done and he could continue, but she didn't stop chuckling. "I was in L.A. and my humanity was off. It had been off for a very long time and I saw no reason to turn it back on, then... she crossed paths me." "This Walters lady?" "Yeah." Marko nodded and stared into his coffee. "Outside a club she approached me and just like that... I couldn't do anything. Before I knew it we were in a sublevel of a parking garage, I was kneeling and she uttered a few words and she flipped my switch. She turned on my humanity by force." Cara seemed very interested now. She leaned in. "I didn't even know that was possible." "Me either," Marko swallowed. She'd never seen her brother frightened of something, ever, but she could see that this woman troubled his nerves deeply. "Over a century. That's how long it was off... and in a few moments, without warning or time to prepare for it... I was put through over a century of guilt, remorse, anguish... Cara it... it was like a waking nightmare." Even other supernaturals didn't really understand how Vampires worked. They experienced everything, everything, with a heightened intensity. Anger became rage, pity became guilt, fear became terror. Everything about them was always cranked to an eleven on the emotional and sensual scale. They were, by their very nature, intense creatures, which was why so many got lost in excess. "Anyway, I'm not a hundred percent sure, but basically... I have my humanity now, so anything I do I get to live with the emotional backlash of it. Not to big of a deal because my moral compass was about as screwed as it could be even before my humanity was off, so I think I got her there. However, comma, anytime I try and do bad things it hurts. Like a migraine. The worse the deed, the greater the pain. I can still feed and even kill when I do so-" "Because denying you that would upset the balance of the creature that you are, force you to defy your nature," Cara nodded. She was a smart cookie. "Exactly." He motioned towards hers in agreement. "I can defend myself and it's no holds barred there too. I can't turn my humanity back off to escape this, when I try my eyeballs explode and blood pours from my nose and ears. Very painful." His sister looked at him with a sense of 'why would you even consider that'. "Well of course I tried it. Shit, you know me, I'm all about the easy road. Oh, and it, uh... forces me to do and say things." "I noticed," she smirked again. "Do what sort of things?" "Well, good things. Like get involved in peoples lives... try and help them..." he shuddered with revulsion. "Like some couple got in a fight at a bar the other night, right? Not. My. Business. Still before I know it I'm walking over and right as dude goes to slap his girl I grab his wrist. Then I start spouting this bullshit about not hitting a lady, he needs to be a better man, all kinds of dumb shit. Things I would never say." He trailed off and took a drink his coffee. "So..." Cara shrugged waiting for the rest. "What happened?" "Oh," he swallowed and moved on. "Jack-off took a swing, I beat his ass took his girlfriend home and we had amazing sex." Cara sighed and shook her head. "Seriously, Marko?" "Well, yeah, I mean, this girls reverse cowgirl game was on-" "Yeah, thanks, I got it," she sipped her drink looking disgusted in her brother." "Like, on point..." He smiled wide and nodded while reminiscing. "Please stop talking."
  22. "...and you know perfectly well that screaming, and fire, aren't my hobby so that has me wondering why you really wanted me to be here?" Cara pointed out, swirling her mocha around in a little circle to make sure all the chocolate syrup that was collecting at the bottom got re-dissolved again. "Ah, because of this curse. Tell me what happened, Marko. How were you cursed, and how exactly does it work?"
  23. Marko inhaled and looked around the place. "Yup." He said suddenly. "I think I'm done. Keep the hundo, Dennis, and burn that towel, it'll start to smell something awful. Thanks for opening the place up and uh, if you have any tables that're on their way out, lemme know. Joe and I didn't finish our talk." "It's Derrik." The obviously annoyed proprietor replied. Marko laughed. "Whatever, dude, your name's not important, you're not important," he thumbed toward the Regent. "In the end, you're just her bitch. Well. You guys have been great, but we really must be leaving. Lives to ruin, misery to spread, sins to indulge in, all that." With a slap on the bar, a sarcastic grin to Derrik, a roll of the eyes at Dan and a salacious wink at Karen the ancient vampire met his sister at the foyer of the establishment where the two left with out further incident. The streets of New Orleans were as busy as ever and the siblings blended with it easily enough. Everything from street performers to window shoppers congested the walkways but instead of being inconvenienced, it only added to the city's charm. While food and drink did nothing to nourish him anymore, Marko was an avid eater. While blood was and forever would be his ultimate high, he could never seem get enough of all the other flavors the world had to offer. They hit the nearby Starbucks (because there was one every ten feet in every city) where he ordered him and his sister some sobering coffee. She could tell he was still half drunk from something or other from the previous evening. "So," they waded trough a mess of people as they moved towards a table out on the open patio. "Welcome back to New Orleans. Smell hasn't changed, despite this era of affordable deodorants. Thanks for coming, I was really hoping we could do this together. Cara offered him a look as she took a sip and raised an eyebrow. "You know, this... killing all the witches, burning their quarter to the ground. Last time it was plague, and lemme tll you, I was being generous, but this time, oh no. Curse me. Yeah, try it and we'll strip away everything they hold dear and watch their precious ancestors go up in flames. Ugh, this is gonna be so much fun. Like family night... but with lots of screaming and fire."
  24. "So no one put the idea in your head," Cara mused, "You just showed up because you didn't know where else to go. That would seem to rule out manipulation, at least for the moment." She shook her head. "Marko, are you finished here? We should talk somewhere private."
  25. "I wouldn't mind giving her a once over," Marko raised his eyebrows with salacious intent. "Twice over and thrice over too... you know five times an evening is not uncommon for me. Years of practice." "Mmm... Melody. Now she sounds delightfully delish," his grin was nothing but instigating. "Had a gaggle of Britneys not long ago, but it's been an age since I've had a proper Melody on my lips. Promise to take good care of her," he held three fingers up. "Scout's honor."
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