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A Supernatural Horror game inspired by The Vampire Diaries and The Originals using a modified version of Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition

Game System

World of Darkness



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The Shadows

A Game of Supernatural Horror

Using the System Rules Of





This is not the World of Darkness. This is my World. It is a world full of the Supernatural, of Good and Evil, Sacred and Profane. At it's heart is the City of New Orleans, which will be our setting.

The City and it's environs are controlled and fought over by three factions of supernatural beings Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches, as well as by the Mortal Humans, some who know of the supernatural, and some who don't.

The Players, you, will be Vampires, Werewolves and Witches Just not the same kind your used to playing. Even though we will be using the systems (modified) found in Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition we will not be using the setting. None of it. Our Vampires have no clans, our werewolves do not have bonds with spirit and are not warriors of some spirit god called Gaia, our Witches are not mages who shape reality with spheres and are on a quest to awaken humanity. Our protagonist are different, their origins are not those of the ones found in the WoD games but are instead based on, or more properly, inspired by the Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves found in the television shows The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. But this is not a recreation of those shows or books either, while they have inspired me and I am copying some of the situations and some of the supernatural background, I will not be using the characters from that property. This is MY version of those worlds and y'all are invited to play in it.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. Feeding could be...a chore, at times. Cara approached it with the same meticulousness that she approached her studies, or her foundation's business. The lines she drew for herself were not for the protection of mortalkind. They were for her. She was not her brother, and she was not what Erick had despaired of her becoming. Monsters did not set limits on themselves. They did not act with principles in mind. But it could be tedious. Her first attempt was a nervous-looking man at the riverside. Middle-aged, his hairline just starting to recede, wearing a brightly colored Hawaiian-style shirt like a man far more used to drab grey suits. Looking at the passing women, but staying by himself. He looked like a man who should have had a somewhat dumpy wife sipping a more brightly colored drink beside him...but there wasn't one. Cara took the seat next to his and ordered a drink of her own, eying him sidelong. He seemed to vacillate between wanting to get up and go, and wanting to speak. Exactly as he started to heft himself off the barstool, Cara reached out a hand and put it on his. "Stay," she said softly and looked at him with her heart-melting smile. "What's your story?" She didn't even have to use compulsion on the man. He confessed with the eagerness of the truly guilt-ridden. How he was in town for a conference, and how things at home had been getting bad and he'd thought maybe... Cara brushed past his pathetic fantasies of re-invigoration in the arms of another woman and got to what she needed to know. His business. What did he do? His response knotted her stomach in frustration. A professor, an educator...a shaper of young minds. Was he good? She asked of his students, and saw a transformation come over him. The hesitance and guilt washed away, and he spoke in glowing terms of the kids, his admiration for them, and yes maybe his jealousy too, when Cara read between the lines. Nevertheless, it was clear he took THAT seriously in his life, even if everything else seemed to be shredded under the weight of his own insecurities. Disgusted, she paid for her drink and left. She trawled a bit younger after that, but the 'airheaded' blonde girl on vacation that she struck a conversation up with turned out to be studying to be a civil engineer. Ugh! It couldn't be a hairstylist, or...or sports medicine or even a dental fucking hygienist? Cara stormed away, leaving her confused and hurt in mid-sentence. Then...salvation. A delightful, somewhat rotund young man who was in town to celebrate an accolade he'd won. He was spending prize money from being extremely good at some computer game, which was also, apparently, his career choice. Though he seemed intelligent, or at least relatively knowledgeable about various trivial pursuits, he had left college after first achieving a measure of notoriety and financial success in this 'e-sports' thing. He had squandered himself. He existed only to satisfy his whims of the moment. The world would lose nothing if it lost him. He was perfect. Despite all the care she put into the hunt, Cara had no intention of murdering the boy. However, long experience had taught her that feeding was a gamble...and like ANY gamble, you never risked more than you were willing to lose. The boy...she quite intentionally refused to address him by name, even in her thoughts...led her back to his room, clearly beside himself that this rather exotic, beautiful girl was so impressed with him. Once inside he started awkwardly trying to 'put the moves' on, but Cara was simply too annoyed and hungry to play the game any further, now that they had privacy. After ducking into the bathroom to get a towel, she simply took hold of him, with one hand immobilizing the joint where his skull met his neck. His eyes widened, but there was no time to scream. She was on him. The boy did live, in the end, though she probably took more than she ought have. He was weak and shaky when she laid him back on the bed, the towel folded under his neck to catch the blood that was still running from the holes there. With a quick, efficient bite Cara opened a hole in her own arm and pressed it to his lips, locking eyes with him. "Drink," she said, and the boy did, unable to look away. It took only seconds for the wounds she'd given him to close. She took her wrist away from him. He sucked in a breath and gasped, "No...fucking way. Am I going to..." Cara smacked him, gently, across the nose. He yelped and grabbed it feebly. She reached out to grab his hair, forcing him to look at her again. "Forget what happened here, and that you ever saw me." His eyes rolled up a little, and Cara immediately stepped away from him and left the hotel room. He looked confusedly at the door. Had it just closed? Was someone in here? No...no one had been in the room with him. He'd have remembered that. Taking stock, he rubbed his aching nose and his hand came away bloody. There was a spatter of blood on the carpet of his room too, and on the towel he had under his head. Shit, was he getting a nosebleed or something? Maybe in the back of his head, it seemed like that towel had more blood on it than a nosebleed would explain, but...what else could it have been? Cara stepped out into the sunlight in front of the hotel and looked around. Just one wouldn't cut it, unfortunately. That was the problem with waiting so long between feedings. Another one...maybe two?...and she'd be in a decent position to last a little while. It would be much easier to avoid mishaps now at least. And New Orleans was a big city...there'd be plenty of people who fit the bill. It was simple math. Most people were, to one extent or another, rather expendable. She just needed someone sufficiently expendable. It was a numbers game...and she was, happily, quite good with numbers.
  3. Dan scowled, and for anyone who saw it, it was a terrifying look. It wasn't the best of secrets, what he could do, but it was true, nobody else could shift without the moon. Well almost nobody. Colby's words heavily implied it was something the much older Wolf could do, too. "I see. How exactly do you think I'm going to get the girl out without causing a shadow War? You might be on reasonable terms with the vampires, but I generally am not. It's mostly live and let live, provided they steer clear of me and mine. I don't expect them to just turn her over, Especially to a Third party, they don't get any advantage out of that." He sighed. "Cade said you wanted to meet. Is that still what you'd like to do, maybe talk abit more about all this face to face?" he looked to his two companions, and nodded. "I have some company with me, A younger member of the pack and the woman you met with me at Emily's. Will them coming along be alright, or should I come alone?"
  4. Joe grimace as he followed Darrik into the empty dark club. "Really man, water? Whatever." Darrick walks behind the bar and pulls some glasses off the hook above as Joe takes a seat on a barstool. "Some shit went down last night near the port. I don't know the details but I got sent to you to tell... ask... you if you could arrange for meeting with your regent today with Lilith." *************** Dan got into the truck with the girls as Cade pulled out onto the road. "I gotta make a call." He said as he pulled out his phone and used the number his cousin gave him. "You two might need to hear this too." he said as he put it on speaker. It range several times before it was answered and then Dan heard a womans voice sultry and languid in his ear. "Hello?" "Hello I'm ... calling for Colby Walker?" Dan had almost given his name like he usually did but something kept him from following habit. "Who gave you this number?" the voice said there was a slight undertone of an accent he couldn't place. Maybe European, he thought? "Colby, sort of." "Faen!" the voice cursed "just a minute." Dan could hear the woman walking, a door opening "It's for you asshole." he heard distantly then some noises as if the phone had been dropped or maybe thrown. "Howdy Dan, glad you got my message." Colby walkers voice replaced that of the unknown woman. "What do you want Colby?" Dan asked not wanting to chit chat. "Straight to it eh? I like that." Colby replied "I need a favor. I assume your... Alpha... filled you in. Well that poor girl is in that nest of vipers and she needs some looking after. I'd have Levi, send some Crescents but none of them have your particular talents so I thought I'd ask you. Didn't want to cause a ruckus so I went through your ...alpha." Dan can almost hear the derision in Walker's voice."What talents," asked Dan caustiously "Come on Dan we both know what you and no one else can do down there in the Bayou. Well almost no one."
  5. Darrik sighed and turned the key, opening up the door and holding it open with an exaggerated air of courtesy. "After you." Inwardly he did not associated these kinds of visits with good news. Joe passed in, and so did Darrik. Dominique was the bartender, but Darrik knew enough to passably fill in in an emergency. "So, what do you want?" Jones paused in thought, but before he could answer, Darrik cut him off. "You're getting water." Serves him right for pulling the menacing stealth move. Besides, it wasn't business hours.
  6. While the two men were talking, Karen discretely fished her phone out of her jacket pocket and checked her moonrise tracker ap, lips quirking as she saw how long they all had till they needed to be out in the swamp again. Plenty of time for her to at least try to earn her keep. Last night had been... different. All her previous changes had been feverish rushes of blind anger, a fire burning at the back of her head driving her towards anything living she smelled and heard and saw for hungry jaws and slashing paws to tear to pieces. And all it felt right, gorging herself on blood and bone and guts without a thought for tomorrow, all the word games she played for fun and profit like fog in the wind before the raging bonfire of the change. A private universe where she was the only living thing that mattered and deserved the gift of life. Being around another wolf when the change was on her though... The fire was still there, it still burned fierce and blue and unrelenting, but Dan and the other wolves... weren't challengers, weren't threats to be destroyed, just the opposite in fact. She was still processing that feeling, trying to put words to it even hours after 'waking up' naked and dirty with swamp muck all over her body and muscles aching. "Call the man, Dan. We need to get the girl away from those leeches and the clock is ticking till they have another whole night to... whatever vampires do to fledgling wolves," the brunette offered seriously, eyes narrow as she pocketed the phone again, "You said we're supposed to stay out of the city right now while our allerg... while the moon's full, but this needs solving now. I assume there's some formal way to meet with this... Queen... If we have to?" Her pretty features twisted with distaste at the title. God, she hated having to kiss the ring to do her business, preferred operating freelance and moving on like a fish in deep water. And the egos on those ones..! Still, needs must, and Dan was capable at least, reminded her of the better of her partners.
  7. "I got no beef with walker, and him being back don't mean h's alpha for the Crescents all the sudden least ways not that i have heard." replied Cade. "But all the same the fuckers and old werewolf and still walking. So I ain't gonna get involved with that pissing contest. The Porters they're blood but some of em go Crescent some of em go Bayou. Far as I know Melody ain't never made a preference. But she is still one of us. So give him a call see whats up do what you gotta do just keep me in the loop." He looks at the two girls in the truck. "Ain't that Richter girl a little young for you?" he laughed as he ask gives Dan a brotherly punch to the shoulder and returns to his truck and drives off.
  8. He'd been about to say "Worse than that? How?" Then Cabe kept on. He brought up Colby Walker, and Dan scowled "Aww Hell." He looked at his cousin, the Alpha of the Bayou Pack, the group that was comprised of those who didn't follow Colby so long ago. "This is gonna get damn political, ain't it Cuz?" He took the piece of paper, and put it into his pocket. "Unless you got an issue with it as Alpha, I'll call him. It can't hurt to see what he wants, or who." He sighed. "So Gaspard's out, I bet that boy's in for some serious hell from his pack for that stunt. But the Vampires kept Melody. What that tells me is that Colby Walker's definitely still got som real pull with at least the current queen. Is there anything you'd like me to say to him, or just plan to keep this a purely personal call?" The Crescents were their own pack, but they were all of the Blood, and a screw up like this could well affect them all. He had a feeling Colby'd ask for Karren to come along, and he still had matters to attend in the city, so if this ended up being a trip into town, then so be it.
  9. Darrik Reynolds

    The Shadows Players Characters

    Name: Darrik Reynolds Age: 28 Place of Origin: Unknown Gender: Male Height: 6'0” Weight: 160 lbs Hair: Black and red striped Eyes: Red Occupation: Burlesque bar co-owner Background Darrik Reynolds' past is generally unknown to the supernaturals of New Orleans, before he came into town approximately 5 years ago. At first he ingratiated himself into the witch community with charm and sex appeal - not many witches have worked as strippers, after all. His closest friend is Dominque de la Croix. Together they (with a cache of money Darrik seemed to have been keeping away) opened up the Simon Magus Burlesque and Absinthe Bar, explicit neutral ground territory for the supernatural factions, a factor that has helped it's success for 3 years running. Dominque is lead bartender, Darrik is the manager and oversees the entertainment.
  10. For the thousandth time, Cara asked herself if coming to New Orleans was a mistake. She'd been well enough rid of it after all, even if she'd never quite shaken off the vague sense of homesickness after leaving. Dearest Cara She'd been dear to him once upon a time, Cara thought...but now? After walking out on him? Marco was many things, but quick to forgive wasn't one of them. I am returning to New Orleans Cara hadn't been sure Marco had left the city. Certainly she'd heard through various grapevines of other places where Marco could have been, given the...activities noted. Nothing certain though. It was something of a relief to learn that her decision had, perhaps, played into his leaving the poor city alone. For a time. It has been long enough. And wasn't that ominous? Long enough for what? For the city to forget the massacre he'd orchestrated? Oh, Cara doubted that. The mortals would have no idea, but there were creatures in New Orleans with far longer memories than they. What did Marco think he'd be accomplishing by coming back now? Come join me. After the fight they'd had over the fever, it was frankly astonishing that Marco would ever think to ask her to join him in anything again...and that made it all the more intriguing. What was his game? Cara knew Marco well enough to know there was always a game, even if he didn't say there was. A game that had rules, and consequences if the rules weren't followed. Learning the rules was part of the game. In this case, she'd felt it was better to see what she was dealing with before she ignored him or defied him. He'd been quiet for so long, at least towards her. It was more than a little strange to realize that she actually wanted to know how he was doing. In some dark corner of her mind, he'd always be the little boy hanging onto her skirts, afraid of falling into the water as she led him along the streets past the canals. No matter what he'd grown into. Abruptly Cara looked at the door, her eyes narrowing. Movement. One person. No...they were moving past. A tang of cleaning fluid in the air, creak of cart wheel. Maid on her way past. The perfume and soap couldn't conceal the scent of blood. This was foolish. If she pushed herself harder, she'd wind up killing someone in a fury and wouldn't that be a fine introduction to the reigning Queen? It was her hope to keep her presence in New Orleans quiet for at least a little longer, at least until she'd found Marco...driving herself to starvation wouldn't really help with that in the long term though. Yes. It was time. Cara went to the closet of her room and started laying out clothes. Something...touristy, she thought. Perfect for sampling the local flavor.
  11. Welcome to the Party Melody struggled to open her eyes they felt gummy and heavy like someone had plastered them over with mud. Her stomach turned and she fought back the urge to heave as a smell of rotten garbage filled her nostrils. She tried to sit up but couldn't. Then she tried to roll over to vomit but she couldn't do that either. She raised her hands to her face or rather tried too, that didn't work either. With even more effort she managed to open her eyes and the room spun the dark ceiling rafters acting like some weird airplane propeller as they spun around one of those old type skylights you find in building built in the last century. She twisted her head and the vomit came suddenly and violently. Again she tried her hands and her mind clearing now registered that they were strapped or tied. The same with her feet. Panic gripped her heart as she realized she was bound, naked on a table of some sort in a large room in the middle of the night the only light from flickering candles and the occasional moonbeam from the skylight. Melody screamed and coughed then screamed again as she tried in vain to free herself gasping and coughing trying not to choke on the vomit in her mouth she whip sawed her head back and forth until she couldn't anymore the strength seemed to just leak away she stopped, the only movement was her chest rising and falling with ragged breathes. She stared at the flickering candles noticing that they were black. “You can scream some more, dahlin, if ya want. I kinda like the sound.” the voice came from behind and above she twisted to try and see who spoke, “An you an me tha only souls gonna hear it leas wise tha only souls on this side.” He stepped around into his victims view, his eyes roaming over her body, but he was unconcerned and unaffected by her nakedness he only cared about the symbols and signs he had painted on her flesh, flesh he was about to offer up as a gift. A gift which... His musing halted in mid thought, the girl hadn't screamed again and wasn't looking at him in fact her head had turned away and she was looking.... His eyes followed her line of sight and a cold hand gripped his heart for there beyond the circle of candle light were two eyes glowing yellow and full of menace. The wolf stepped between the two candles and into the light it's black lips pulled back from wicked fangs slick with saliva, saliva which dripped from jaws which could crush a mans throat. It was the largest wolf the witch had ever seen and at once he knew that this was no natural animal, this was a werewolf! The witch his spell of summoning all but forgotten fumbled in the pocket of the ceremonial robe he wore trying to extract the only talisman he had that could aid him against this demonic creature, a Dark object gifted to him by his grand mother, if by gifted you mean taken from her still warm corpse after he had strangle the old witch. But he wasn't fast enough the wolf with a growl leapt the full distance from the edge of the circle past a stunned Melody and onto the fledgling witch bearing him to the ground as it's teeth ripped at the mans throat his own screams dying in a gurggle of blood the wolf straddling the thrashing dyeing man raised it's head and gazed at the moon shinning through he window in the roof it's howl shattering the near silence of the night. As his howl echoed he opened his jaws unnaturally wide and was about to finish what had been started when a blur struck the wolf with such force that it was thrown back some ten feet dazed, before it could regain it's feet the blur was again there this time a fist materialized and hit the wolf bones cracked and fangs splintered and flew. Arms now gripped the writhing were wolf and hands supernaturally strong hand gripped its head andnad something was forced into his mouth. The two vampires held the struggling wolf clamping it's mouth shut forcing the beast to swallow the wolves bane they had forced into its mouth. In seconds the magical herb took effect and the wolf's body began to transform into that of a young man of about twenty or so. He coughed the mystical herb burning in his system causing pain in his abdomen blurring his vision. He struggle meekly, but the bane had him he was at the blood suckers mercy. As the two vampires hauled the transformed werewolf to his feet holding him in iron grips between the two, more undead rulers of the night entered the circle one a tall bearded gaunt man the other a ravishing raven haired beauty who gave off an aura of power seldom seen by mortals except before they died. The female vampire was dressed in a provocative outfit that was very Gothic very sexual , very vintage and modern at the same time it was also very very expensive. She would have been at home on any burlesque stage or a Mardi Gra float or in a seedy brothels bedroom. She gazed unabashedly at the naked wolfman held between her men's arms her pink tongue flicking across her black painted lips. “Well?” she asked half turning her head toward the tall man at her side her gaze never leaving the werewolf. As if jolted the man moved to the dying witch and crouched down to examine him. “He'd dying my queen, the wolf bit him the poisons taken hold already nothing we can do.” Finally taking her eyes from the wolf man she stares at the man who is her chief adviser the look on her face is not pleasant. “And?” the word is long and drawn out and conveys the annoyance the Queen of New Orleans is feeling at this moment. Jasper Todd knows that look and quickly stands and moves to the girl who is quietly whimpering he put his finger light against her trembling lips and whispers a low “shh” as he locks her eyes with his. Almost immediately she girl calms. Jasper studies her noticing how young and beautiful she is and how healthy his heart starts to race with desire which has nothing to do with sex. “It looks real some form of summoning and binding spell I recognize a lot of the symbols. But I'm not familiar with the actual spell. My guess is that he was either summoning a demon or a spirit to take the girls body.” The queen approaches the bound girl with a flick of her hand she parts the cords tying her down then she gently strokes the girls face. “Can you talk yet wolf man?” She asks her New Orleans accent apparent but not over bearing. Mark Gaspard Swallowed the pain and raised his head to look at the most feared creature in all of New Orleans hell in all of the South “Yes ma'am, I can talk” he spit out through broken and gritted teeth the wolfs bane burning through his blood keeping him from healing the damage done by the blows of the vampire thugs holding him. “Clean her up and find her some clothes.” She ordered Jasper dismissively as she walked around the makeshift alter to stand in front of the werewolf. “You know who I am?” “Yes ma'am, I do,” he forced out. “Tsk Tsk tsk, Honey It's a full moon outside tonight, if you know me then you know you aint supposed to be in my city when the moon is full.” Her hand flashes out faster than the eye can follow finger tangling in his long hair pulling his head up as she lowers her face to within inches of his. “So why the fuck are you in my city?” Her voice is barely human and her face changes dark veins protrude around her eyes which turn red and her mouth seems to grow and gape a maw full of fangs every bit as menacing as the ones he has when he is a wolf. But the change is only for an instant as she lets go of his hair and takes a step back her hands smoothing her dress. She takes a deep breath regaining control. “Well?” She ask as if nothing had happened. “Mark swallows his fear and looks the Vampire lord and opens his mouth when another voice cuts him off. “Cause she's one of ours, Miss Lilith, and he's an idiot. Well meaning but an idiot nonetheless.” All of the vampire stiffened at being caught off guard as Lilith slowly turned to face the newcomer. He was old, looked to be in his seventies, still fit though, tall and rangy. He had a classic air about him as if he could have been in a cigarette commercial from back when things such as that had existed. Not nearly good enough looking to have been an old time movie star but he still had that manner. Yes a classic movie star or maybe a cowboy. “Why lordy me, is that Colby Walker standing before me in the flesh?” Lilith placed a hand upon her breast and gave a little fake gasp. “Yes ma'am it would be me, in the flesh.” The rangy old timer drawled. “Oh my lord, Colby Walker! My you have gotten old. I thought you had died.” she said with a coy smile as she walked closer to the man she obviously knew. “Not yet.” he said with humor not taking his eyes off her or the other two vampires. “So she is one of yours? I take it she has not awoken her curse then.?” “Nope and hopefully won't Melody here was abducted early tonight we been searching for her when she didnt come home from work.” Lilith tilts her head and toward the girl and rest a hand on her leg. Colby continues. “Mark there caught her scent on his way out of the city and the scent of the drug she'd been given. He tracked her to here instead of leaving the city.” “And you know all this how?” “Well surprising as it might be we do get cell service out on the bayou. He called us before the moon came out. And instead of waiting decided to try and rescue her before something happened. She's his cousin.” “Haha,” Lilith laughed” “That does explain a lot except one thing. She hasn't awoken her curse and he is full of bane, That explains why they ain't on all fours,” She raises a hand forefinger pointing up at the skylight. “But why ain't you.” Colby shifts a little uneasy, behind him Jasper enters the room carrying some folded clothes he stops when he sees Walker. “We all have our secrets Miss Lilith.” “mmm.” she nudges the witches body at her feet. “Still seems your cub done gone and killed a witch on neutral ground. There gonna be hell to pay for that Colby I don't need that kind of headache.” “You let me worry about that. I'll talk to Margaret and settle up with her. You let me and mine go on and we'll get out of the city.” “Jasper take some picture of the paint on miss Melody here before you clean her up. Colby That sounds wonderful but I need to know what this piece of meat was upto and I'm gonna have to chat with 'reet myself. So you can take your boy and I expect you to teach him about obligations and such. I think Melody will be staying with me for a few days after all I want to make sure their ain't no lingering affects of those drugs or the witchcraft Hows that sound to you Colby?” Colby Walker was and old werewolf and he knew better than to try anything, not with the queen herself so he nodded agreement. “That sounds fair as long as you promise not to hurt Melody.” “Of course Colby, I won't let a single hair on this poor girls head come to any harm you have my word. And I'll make sure she has a pleasant stay after all it's festival season here in the city and you know that festivals in New Orleans means we gonna be having a hell of a party!” ********** Saturday morning, 10:00am, Darrick had crawled out of bed and made his way to the club to open it up for the cleaning crew and to take deliveries. The Simon Magus Burlesque and Absinthe Bar would be open for business at 6:00pm come hell or high water. Last night had been a full moon and as always the crowd were wild. He had lost track of things at about midnight and wasn't even sure how he had made it home, but it was his own bed he had awoke in alone and so after a shower he headed to his and Dominique's club. He had considered calling her but held off. He parked his car around back in his usual spot and walked up to the service door, as he was setting the key in the lock he became aware he wasn't alone. Leaning on a stack of palettes was a tall rangy black man with short dreads, Joe Jones, one of the Queen's crew. Derrick's eye was drawn to the ring with the deep blue stone. Derrick turned slightly to face the man he let his empty hand drop to his side as he drew on his inner strength just in case. “Morning Joe, I didn't see you there.” he said to the vampire. “Good, you weren't supposed to. Why don't you unlock the door and we can go in and have a drink and a little talk.” *********** Cara stood on the balcony of her hotel room and watched the morning crowd fill the french quarter where she had taken rooms for her and her still absent brother. Being here after so long was both enchanting and frighting. She had spotted a couple of vampires the night before one was newly turned the other showing him the ropes so to speak and what was what. She hadn't been seen by them and since she had refrained from feeding since arriving in the city she wasn't on anybody's radar and she figured she was safe. But over hearing the two did confirm that Lilith was still alive and in control of the city or at least the vampires who lived here, and that there was a sort of truce between the vampire, witches and werewolves upheld by her and her vampire crew. Neither of the two made any mention of the twins She fingered the ring upon her finger her thumb rubbing the deep blue stone then went back inside and found herself picking up the telegram she had received a few days ago. Dearest Cara, I am returning to New Orleans it has been long enough Come Join me Marco Cara tossed the telegram on the bed and growled, she was starving and Marco wasn't here and why on earth did I come back to this city what is he playing at and where is he? *********** Dan finish tying up the boat and was about to take Meave and Karen back to his place so they could clean up when he saw Cabe Lowery coming down the pier. He was already all cleaned up and dressed he gave a look at the two girls who just got into the car and waved Dan over. “What ya doing building a harem there?” Cabe asked with a little laugh but Dan caught an undercurrent of...something. Before Dan could say anything Cabe continued. “We got a little problem cous, Some shit went down in the city last night, I just heard about it. You know the Porters down in Estelle?” Dan thought a minute, “Yeah damn they haven't had a trigger in what three generations? Who triggered? On a full moon, Jesus.” “Nobody triggered it's worse. Melody Porter was abducted last night when she got off work. She was taken by a witch, now I don't know if the witch knew she was blood or not, don't matter no how as he's dead. A crescent named Mark Gaspard killed him but apparently The vampires were alerted by him changing in the city and walked in on all of it. The witch was doing something with Melody and And I will be honest I don't know much about it. You know who Colby Walker is?” Dan scowled “Yeah.” “Well he got in the middle of it Got his boy out but the Queen kept Melody. Colby called he's the one told me all this and he asked for you to come into the city and meet him.” Cabe holds out a slip of paper, “That's his number, he said for you to call him.”
  12. Name- Daniel Alphonse Hawkins Age- 30 Height- 6'2 Weight- 190lbs Eyes- Grey Hair- Brown/Black Dan is a born and raised local. A swamper by trade, though abit more modern than most, if only because it helps him move his wares. A skilled hunter and trapper, He makes a living of the abundant marshlands of Southern Louisiana. He's known for being very direct, and yet, for having hidden depths. He cleans up well enough, and is a steadfast and loyal friend and ally to those who can call him such. Something of a storyteller and amateur historian, he takes it upon himself to preserve the culture of stories of both Cajun heritage as well as Wewolf Lore, and will recite them from memory at gatherings by request. He comes from a known bloodline of werewolves, yet he's one of only two with the Awakened genes left in his generation. Dan is a hard man most of the time, made so by his life in the swamp and actions taken with his Pack. The status quo is important to him, he still has some family he wants to keep safe, so he generally tries to avoid stirring trouble. That said, once he's called upon, he's quick to answer with everything he's got.
  13. Birth Name: Cara Angelo Aliases: Eden Azura Birth Date: Unknown Place of Origin: Unknown Gender: Female Height: 5'5” Weight: 132lbs Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Occupation: Philanthropist and influence peddler Background: Cara has spent a very long time trailing along in her brother's wake, cleaning up the messes he makes. Where he has embraced the parasitism of vampiric existence, she has always sought a more symbiotic approach. With a long view of history, Cara saw firsthand how humankind's capacity for innovation has improved their standard of living...and by extension, her own. This gave her the idea that she continues to follow to this day; that so long as she contributes to humankind's advancement, the lives she must take are but small sacrifices compared to those contributions. The causes of civilization and science and progress had to be championed against social decay and disasters like...well...like her brother. The fever epidemic he provoked was something of a last straw for her. She helped as much as she could, but finally simply wished to be free to build her vision of the future without having to constantly cope with his roadblocks. She left New Orleans ahead of him and moved to the East coast, where she was in a position to involve herself with a flowering culture of innovation. She brushed shoulders with the likes of Aleck Bell, Thomas Edison, and many others, and was struck at the sheer fortune by which such thinkers and inventors had come by their skills...rarely formally educated outside the most basic of schooling. In the decades to follow, she moved far West, in hopes of getting in on the ground floor of new trade, new schools, new ideas. There she made fortunes and created the Mio Faro foundation, a charitable non-profit that contributed to universities and centers of education, as well as funded a merit-based scholarship program in the fields of science and medicine. Yet, all that time she'd wondered where Marco had gone, and what he'd been doing. When he re-appeared after so long, right back where they'd parted, she decided to see for herself. Enemies: Vampires of New Orleans - While Cara hasn't done anything immediately to set Lilith against her, she is inextricably linked to Marco's legacy of hate and distrust...and it doesn't help that she is far more involved in mortal politics and institutions, as much or even more of a threat than her brother to anyone concerned about holding power in the city. The Wrays - An unfortunate series of events in San Diego resulted in a young man named Toby Wray being killed. Several members of his family weren't satisfied with the official police report on the matter, did some digging, and think that the rather enigmatic woman chairing the board of Mio Faro is somehow involved. They are resourceful, persistent, and above all motivated to discover the truth of the matter and mete out whatever justice is required.
  14. Lilith Rambaux, The Vampire Queen of New Orleans. Supposedly, sired by one of the twins around the time of the American civil war. Left in control of the Twins estate and affairs after their departure in the early twentieth century, she proclaimed herself to be the queen of the city and managed to broker a fragile peace between vampires, werewolves, and witches. Upon gaining leadership of the community, Lilith created many rules that she strongly enforces within the borders of New Orleans, which includes the following: vampires can only feed on tourists (though feeding on consenting locals seems to be allowed as long as they're willing to keep the secret or can be compelled to do so); and all vampires are responsible for keeping the number of vampire-related killings of humans to a minimum so as to not negatively affect tourism rates, which thereby affects their food supply and the city's general prosperity. Lilith changes with the times and knows how to play a part. During the majority of her dominance over the city she has been a fair and good administrator and has been the author of the longest running peace between the three major supernatural factions in world history, however in recent times she has become somewhat paranoid and capricious. The majority of the Vampires in the city are loyal to her because she is the strongest.
  15. Kirstan (twin sister of Kristen) and Kristen (twin brother of Kirstan) – The Twins the youngest of the Magnusons, The were barely out of their adolescence when they were turned and were full of life looking forward to experiencing all that life had to give them. Their transition made them hedonists of the most decadent sort. Of the surviving Originals the twins are perhaps the most dangerous caring only for themselves (in a most unhealthy way at that) and their family they are as uncaring, cruel, and as horrifying as any tale of vampires written in fiction. But they are also the most giving and free. They have no cares and are equally as apt to give a club goer they become enamored with a fortune in diamonds as they are to eat him as the whim takes them. Capricious is a good word to describe them . They are the founders of New Orleans and the were decadent cities longest vampire residents. Their names, if not their true origins, are known to most of the long time NO supernaturals even though they have been absent from the city for eighty years. It was they who set up Lilith as they're heir to the cities rule.
  16. Jack Gaunt, deceased father of Karen Gaunt, a werewolf with a mysterious past only a few know and none of them are talking. His death was suspicious as was his life. Has appeared in Karen's dream visions.
  17. Colby Walker, a very old and powerful Werewolf Patriarch. Was the Pack Alpha of the Crescent Wolves in the early 20th century but departed the region in the late nineteen thirties, abandoning the pack. it was about this time that the full split of the Bayou Pack from the Crescent occurred. Supposedly Colby founded a new pack in West Texas but those rumors are unsubstantiated. His surprising return to the New Orleans area and his status within the Crescent Pack is unknown as are the motives for his return.
  18. Name: Karen Gaunt Age: 29 Place of Birth: San Jose, California Alias(es): Names are fickle things, aren't they? Profession: 'Sales'. Officially. Ht: 5'6 Wt: 120 Description: Dark-haired and brown-eyed with a smattering of freckles from days spent hiking, Karen has the stunning looks and good health of one who was blessed with good genetics and the good habits to maintain those gifts over time. She has an easy smile and an easier laugh to go with a flexible sense of style for when she's on the hunt either figuratively or literally. Background: Only five full moons into this whole werewolf thing, Karen's spent her entire adult life moving around the country working a series of odd jobs and getting in and out of trouble using her silver tongue and good looks. Doesn't really care for authority in most forms or for that matter, her step-father and the three younger half-siblings her mother had with the man since her dad died when Karen was the tender age of two. What few clues she could gather seemed to lead her dad's apparent hometown of New Orleans and the Bayou Pack she literally stumbled over less than a month ago. She's working this lead hard as she can, carving a niche for the one person she's both scared of and scared for: one Coraline Gaunt, age 5 and potential inheritor of the curse flowing through Karen's own veins.
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  20. Marko Cain (Main Character) Birth Name: Marco Angelo Aliases: Marko Cain Birth Date: Unknown Place of Origin: Unknown Gender: Male Height: 5'11” Weight: 167lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Occupation: None. He's rich and pretty much does whatever suits his whims. Background: Only a handful of non-vampires know how old Marko and his sister really are, but their extensive knowledge on most subjects betray them as either very old or very well educated. Within the supernatural community, his reputation precedes him as a murderer, tyrant, and over all bastard with a short fuse and penchant for merciless butchery. He's at least 150 or around there, since it's common knowledge and history (among supernaturals) that the Yellow Fever outbreak of 1905 that infected over 3,000+ and killed 460+ citizens of New Orleans was intentionally perpetrated by him in order to infect and kill a single individual. The French Quarter is still particularly mad at him, but most seem powerless to do much about it, since rousing his ire seems a death sentence. That said, however, Marko's return to New Orleans, thus far, has been a quiet one. Aside from his feeding he's not harmed, threatened, nor made any obvious claims to Lilith's rule as 'Queen of New Orleans'. Considering his body count, it's understandable that everyone is keeping an eye on him, but aside from drinking and feeding, he's kept to himself. He's taken a sudden interest in Witches and magic, although no one is sure why. Unfortunately the Witches aren't to willing to work with him and are currently prepping for the war that will follow now that they've denied him any assistance in whatever problem he's brought to them. They aren't sharing what that problem is, even with other witches. Enemies: French Quarter Witches – Nearly all of them hate him for obvious reasons. The Elders of the coven however have forbade any witches from acting against him directly (for now). While they fear outright war (even with magic on their side, their losses would be high) Marko's Influence and Status within New Orleans ensure him some modicum of respect and while his audiences with the Coven are generally accepted, he's not usually given any assistance or useful information. At the moment they have a peaceful ceasefire, but tensions are high. New Orleans Vampires – Bit of a touchy subject here... apparently within the first week of his arrival in New Orleans Lilith sent a few of her minions to find out what he was doing back. She's now holding open interviews for new minions. What she doesn't know is that her minions were less than diplomatic and had it coming, but that hardly matters to her. At the moment she and Marko are in a silent war for the control for New Orleans (at least, that's what the word on the street is). At the moment every supernatural is on Lilith's side, as a reign under Marko Cain would be inviting blood to flow in the streets and New Orleans becoming a prison for supernaturals and a butchery for mortals. The real problem is that Lilith can't seem to find out any information on his plans or piece together his strategy for control based on movements. He's obfuscating his plans and tactics so well it's infuriating her.
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  23. Witchcraft/Spell Casting One of the main components of witchcraft is the ability of witches to cast spells. Spell Casting is a power of Witches and witch-related species such as Siphoners, Witch-Vampire Hybrids and, possibly, Werewolf-Witch Hybrids to work magic through the recitation of incantations. This allows users to magically alter reality to a wide number of effects or to evoke forces to change their surroundings. Though this is an ability possessed by all witches, it can also be achieved through thoughts, gestures and rituals, although generally spoken. Description "Concentrate. Forget about the vampires. Focus on tapping into your power, listen to the sound of your heart beating, the sound of your lungs filling with air." Spells are capable of producing a wide variety of effects, both harmful and helpful. They can produce physical or chemical changes in a person or object. They can also have profound mental effects such as altering memory, manipulating emotions, or causing magical compulsion (such as forcing someone to speak truthfully). Spells can manipulate other kinds of magic, such as binding (preventing the use of) a witch's powers, transferring powers between individuals or objects, breaking magical barriers, lifting or casting curses, protection from harm and range from healing to resurrecting the dead. Some spells require more than one witch to make them work in order to increase the amount of magic and therefore potential power available for the spell. The capabilities of spell casting are nearly limitless, though it depends on the type of magic being invoked, the proficiency of the witch and the spell being cast. A great majority of spells contain a spoken component, notably known as an incantation. An incantation is written and recited as a verse that can vary widely in length from a single word, to a short phrase, to a long verse repeated to completion. Some spells consist of only an incantation where others have additional and/or specific components as well. A spell may require the use of certain tools, ingredients (herbs, stones and minerals) or the use of additional power such as from talismans, celestial events or a specific kind of magic. A spell could consist of a ritual action, a set of words, a verse, or any combination of these, many of which are archived in books known as Grimoires. Spells are bound by Nature and can range from simple to complex, depending on the need of the casting witch. Nature demands balance and as such every spell has a loophole, no matter what magic is used to cast the spell. For reasons unknown, the majority of spells used by practitioners of Traditional Magic and Spirit Magic are spoken in an ancient language very similar to Latin, while the ancient witch Qetsiyah performed her spells in Aramaic (a language that originated from the Middle East). However, witches who practice other forms of magic have been known to use spells in different languages; for example, the French Quarter Coven, which practices Ancestral Magic, performs their spells in French or French Creole, while the Travelers typically perform their spells in Czech. Others have performed spells using a yet to be identified ancient magic in Old Norse, similar to the modern-day Norwegian, Icelandic, Germanic, Danish, Scandinavian and Swedish languages. TYPES OF SPELLS The following spells are not an exhaustive list of spells they are more a sampling. You will notice that a lot of these spells do pretty much the same thing that is because spells are often unique to the individual witch. Not that these spells list a lot of givinn names in the spell titles and in the descriptions these are names from the tv shows and are not representitive of anyone in our game, they are just names. TYPES OF SPELLS Biological Spells Biological spells allow witches to affect the organic tissue of a living being by changing the state of a body and its natural processes. Although, it is most commonly used for healing, other spells can be used to paralyze the body or preserve the recently deceased. Under extremely rare circumstances, it can be utilized to rapidly advance the age or completely alter the state of life. Pain Reduction Spell: A spell that can be used to reduce the physical pain of another person. While the pain diminishes, the spell however does not have any real healing properties. Incantation: Asinta Mulaf Hinto, Sho Bala. Healing Spell: A spell that is able to instantaneously heal the injuries of a person through the use of magic much like vampire blood. It is capable of healing someone from a severe car crash. Such spells can be performed at a different levels of speed and effectiveness. Given the tedious nature of this type of spell, most occurrences have been performed non-verbally or off screen. Incantation: Unknown Paralysis Spell: A spell used to paralyze a target's body, including even those of vampires, which has the effect of preventing them from moving at all. Incantation: Unknown Preservation Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to preserve their own or the body of another being. Such a spell protects the deceased's body from any form of decay indefinitely. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Unknown Sleeping Beauty Spell: A spell that allows a witch to induce a mystical coma onto a target whose waking time is tied to another's death. The target's body is kept at perfect health and preserved until they wake up. The spell ensured that with the caster's death, became irreversible and that should the spell be tampered with, as to exploit a loophole, both linked targets shall die. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target, Blood of linked individual Blood Gathering Spell: A simple spell that enables a witch to telekinetically gather and collect blood of a specific target to one point, whether it is the witch's own blood or that of another. Incantation 1: Venez sanguis. Venez sanguis, Venez sanguis la force de la bête à moi. Incantation 2: Venez sanguinem au moi Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Target's blood Fertility Spell: An unknown ritual related to fertility. Incantation: In Unum Edito, Dominus Sae Domina. Cuplas Sino Liberos. Requirements: A witch's talisman Metamorphosis Spell: An extremely rare and unique spell that can only be accomplished with comparable magical strength. At the most complex form of this spell, complete transmogrification can be performed. This is considered the most advance form of all biologically-related spells. Incantation: Non-verbal Requirements: Extremely powerful and advanced magic Corruption Detection Spell: A spell that allows a witch to test for magic infused in a target's body. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Blood of the Target Substance Concentration Spell: A spell that allows the casting witch to concentrate a substance, in this case the Beast Serum, to a localized point within a biological system, specifically, Aurora's heart. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target Sleeping Beauty Reversal Spell: A direct reversal spell to break the mystically induced coma and life-link between two individuals without triggering the curse's secondary effect; to immediately cause death to the linked individuals. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Linked Target(s), Various Herbs, Candles, Grimoires Confirmation Spell: A spell that utilizes blood of a target to confirm whether or not if other individuals are linked to them. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Blood of the Target Liquid Gathering Spell: A spell that allows the casting witch to gather and concentrate a liquid, such as tears, into a small vial. Incantation: Les lames colligo. Ad me gluttuli. Requirements: Target liquid Boundary and Sealing Spells Boundary spells allow witches to erect invisible barriers surrounding a set space for a set amount of time, preventing beings from entering or leaving said location. However, they do not affect inanimate objects. Several Boundary Spells are tied to astrological events such as lunar or solar phases. Sealing spells are a more potent form of boundary spells, especially when coupled with the casting witch's blood. When this is done, the spells are nearly impossible to break unless they are from the same bloodline. Tomb Sealing Spell: A powerful spell used to entrap vampires within a certain area. Furthermore, the spell would seal the door to prevent anyone from opening the door to the tomb. Requirements: Emily's Talisman, a Comet (original); two descendant witches, Pentagram, 5 Torches Tomb Sealing Counter Spell: A spell that is able to reverse the effects of the Tomb Spell. When performing the spell, the boundary can be lowered. In doing so, it can allow vampires to enter, but not leave. With enough magic, the seal can be lifted, breaking the boundary completely allowing vampires to enter and leave freely. Incantation: Phasmatos Salves Nas Ex Malon, Terra Mora Vantis Quo Incandis, Et Vasa Quo Ero Signos. Requirements: Pentagram drawn on the ground, Four torches representing Earth, Air, Fire, Water, A bottle of water; A full moon, Bennett Sealing Spell: A unique spell of the Bennett witch bloodline that utilizes their magic (or blood) to make a potent sealing spell near impossible to break without the specific ingredients. Incantation: Phasmatos veras nos ex malom. Terra mora vantis quo incandis per vasa quo errum signos Requirements: A Bennett Witch Bennett Unsealing Spell: A direct counter spell to undo the Bennett Sealing spell, of which only a Bennett witch is capable of performing. Incantation: Terra Mora Vantis Quo Incandis, per Vasa Quo Errum Signos. Phasmatos selvus Terra Mora Vantis Quo Incandis, per Vasa Errum Quo Signos. Phasmatos selvus nos ex malom terra mora Vantis Quo Incandis per Vasa Quo Errum Signos. Terra Mora Vantis Quo Incandis. Requirements: Bennett Witch All, Bonnie performed this spell on the Armory's Vault, opening it for Alex. Unsealing Spell: A spell that enables an enchanted door, or something that has been magically sealed, to open. Bonnie's First Incantation: Phasmatos Siprum, Emnis Abortum, Fasila Quisa Exilum San. Bonnie's Second Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras, Et Vasa Quisa, Exu Quisa. Doorway Sealing Spell: A spell used to lock and seal a opening of a passage. Incantation: Vis porta. Room Isolation Spell: A minor boundary spell in order to seal a room. The spell erects an invisible barrier to prevent specified targets from leaving or to enable certain ones to enter. Incantation: Unknown Freya's Incantation: Apné sà mene Fire Boundary Spell: The spell allows the witch to trap individuals within a circle of fire. They would be unable to escape, and any attempt to do so would cause a surge in the fire's intensity. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Subjects, Fire Fire Boundary Counter Spell: The spell allows the witch to undo a fire boundary spell, extinguishing the trap. Incantation: Namia Exum Solvos Requirements: Subjects, Fire Sealed Boundary Spell: The spell prevents entry of vampires into a specific location, though other supernatural species (i.e. ghosts, werewolves and witches) or humans can pass through. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Unknown Threshold Spell: An ancient spell that dates back to the creation of vampires. The spell bars entry to vampires into the boundaries of a property or home that is owned by a living person (including witches, werewolves, Doppelgängers, etc.) Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Unknown Blood-Knot Sealing Spell: A spell unique to the Bennett bloodline that utilizes the power from two generations of witches to seal an object. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Blood from a specific bloodline Blood-Knot Unsealing Spell: An unsealing spell that requires the power of two generations of witches to open a certain object. The two generations of witches have to be directly related descendants, such as a mother and daughter, of the original caster. Incantation: Sigalis Intransium, Exalis Exalis, Omnas Quisa Operum, Sigalis Intransium, Exalis Exalis. Omnaben Libras, Sigalis Intransium, Exalis Exalis. Omnas Quisa Operum, Exalis Exalis. Requirements: 2 generations of witches from the same bloodline (Mother and daughter of the Bennett Bloodline) Salt Boundary Spell: This spell creates a barrier that is able to selectively trap certain species, typically Vampires, within a boundary drawn with salt. The spells used range in power and in size, some small enough to trap singular targets whereas others are powerful enough to surround locations as large as an entire school or sections of a large cemetery. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: A line or circle of salt, which acts as the binding agent, is drawn surrounding the area or target Boundary Counter Spell: A counter spell used to reverse a boundary spell, specifically bound in salt. Incantation: Merabas Hic Libatal, Confremun Signas. Omus Quisa Tentum Exalis, Merabas Hic Libatal. Confremun Signas. Omus Quisa Tentum Exalis. Requirements: 6 candles Traveler Sealing Spell: The spell allows the Travelers to seal off a certain location, entrapping anyone within with an invisible barrier. Incantation: Otum adnarvet esnavit atim. Requirements: Traveler Magic Sacred Ground Sealing Spell: The spell functions by closing off a certain to location to all vampires. The only way they could enter was through an invitation by the witch who cast the spell. The spell remained in effect even after Jane-Anne's death, however, after Sophie's death, the spell was lifted, implying that it was bound to Sophie's life. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Ancestral Magic Confinement Spell: The spell is generally used by witches, specializing in Sacrificial Magic, to protect their sources of power (i.e. sacrifices). A binding circle is drawn using a concoction of various ingredients that form a white powder. When is it drawn on the ground, the spell confines a person or object within the marked space, preventing anyone else from entering. It is a convoluted spell that can be broken by powerful binding agents such as rock salt, volcanic ash, eye of newt or the blood of a more potent witch. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Sacrificial Magic Mary-Alice's Boundary Spell: The spell will be bound to an object that is supposed to be pinned down on a gate surrounding the location. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Object as a binding agent Ancestral Sealing Spell: This spell sealed a set location, baring entry to all, other than that of a witch from the ancestral line of the original witch who cast the spell. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Blood of a Claire (Specific Bloodline) Witch Boundary Manipulation Spell: The spell allows a witch to manipulate the effects of a boundary spell placed by another witch. It can allow the witch to turn around the boundary's effects, for example, a spell that is supposed to keep people out will keep people trapped inside of a certain location. Incantation: Aven safa sa belise, de la mer... Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Binding agent of the original spell Reinforced Boundary Destruction Spell: A spell that utilized raw magical power to break through (reverse) a complex imprisoning spell placed on a building. First Incantation: Destruccive glas stav enfala. Destruccive glas stav enfala. Second Incantation: Apné en vrata! Third Incantation: Repo oma dal most Requirements: Physical contact with the binding agent Sacrificial Boundary Spell: A powerful spell that can trap dozens of people inside of a building. If touched, the boundary will severely burn the person trying to pass through. The spell has to be bound to an incredibly powerful sacrifice, something long-lived and indestructible, such as an original vampire. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Powerful sacrifice, used in Sacrificial Magic, as a binding agent Ancestral Boundary Reversal Spell: The spell allows a witch to undo a boundary spell, however if the boundary spell is bound to a powerful object, reversing it would be impossible without the binding agent. It was later confirmed as the same spell used to disrupt any form of magic. Incantation: Singuinata Venet a Superem Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Two or more witches Finn's Boundary Spell: Through a hand gesture towards the target, the witch can trap a certain person inside of an undetermined space. Incantation: Kembe Po transi Requirements: Sacrificial Magic Lunar Boundary Spell: The spell will be bound to the moon and will last until the next moonrise. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Moon as a binding agent. Lunar Boundary Counter Spell: The direct counter spell to Céleste's lunar boundary spell. Requirements: Ancestral Magic while Channeling Céleste's magic Expression Lunar Boundary Spell: A witch is able to close off an open space by erecting an invisible barrier simply through focusing, trapping the target inside of the enclosed location. The spell is bound to both the new moon and the casting witch, therefore, it will wear off in three to four days or sooner should something happen to the witch. Requirements: Expression, New Moon Solar Boundary Spell: The spell is bound to the sun, therefore, the targets will be trapped inside of a certain location until sundown the same day. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Sun as a binding agent Qetsiyah's Imprisonment Spell: The enchanted vines will keep the target in place. The vines can't be broken by anyone until the witch who cast the spell reverses it. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Vines Expression Tomb Raising Spell: The spell unsealing a powerful tomb spell surrounding an Island simply through focusing. Requirements: Bennett Witch, Expression, Complete Hunter's Mark, Perfectly symmetrical circle Qetsiyah's Tomb Sealing Spell: The powerful sealing spell that was cast around The Island to prevent Silas from escaping his eternity of desiccation. Requirements: Bennett Witch, Expression (presumably), Perfectly symmetrical circle Sire-Line Boundary Spell: An augmented "invitation" spell that prevents entry of vampires into a certain location, other than vampires of the sire-line whom the spell was cast upon. This particular spell gave sanctuary to a vampire from other vampires like that of Humans owning property. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Unknown Rebekah's Boundary Spell: A spell that creates a boundary bound by a circle of salt around a target that the witch wishes to protect, keeping anyone outside from entering the circle. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Circle of Salt, Ring of Candles Semipermeable Boundary Spell: A spell that creates a boundary that allows a witch to trap a specific target while allowing anyone else to cross between it. While the bound person cannot leave of his or her own free will, they can be pulled from the boundary by another. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Circle of Salt, Runes Barrier Spell: The spell allows a witch to erect a boundary spell quickly on a small vicinity around them. As it lacks preparation or binding agents, the spell is maintained by the will of the caster and a hand gesture. Incantation: Non-verbal Requirements: Focus Reinforced Boundary Spell: A powerful and complex spell to imprison a target within a set location, either with salt of within a building. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Salt and candles; House Blood Seal Unsealing Spell: A spell that utilizes a witch's blood to directly unseal a sealed object or location. Incantation: Déblotché par mon sang. Requirements: The caster's blood Life-Force Linked Boundary Spell: A boundary spell that utilizes a witch's heart beat to sustain the spell. Should the witch's heart stop, the spell will be broken. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Casting Witch, Sage, Map, Iron/Sand Dominic's Boundary Counter Spell: A counter spell to reverse the affects of a boundary spell. However, this spell also was able to release the affects of a glamour spell. Incantation: Libérer à vérité à. Requirements: Trapped Target Bone Boundary Spell: An old spell that utilizes bones to enact a powerful barrier keeping all unwanted targets away from the intended sacrifice. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Sacrificial Magic, Bones; Two candles and an animal skull in the middle, set in each cardinal direction outside a salt circle. Bone-Bound Boundary Counter Spell: A counter spell to reverse the effects of the Bone-Bound Boundary spell. Incantation: Aubsbeaute an pjons pìns Requirements: Trapped Target Rock Boundary Spell: A spell that is bound to a specific structure of four rocks placed atop of one another. Should the placement be disrupted, the spell will be undone. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Four Rocks in a vertical structure Doorway Unsealing Spell: A spell used to unlock an opening of a passage, whether bound with locks or chains. Incantation: Dissera portus. Requirements: None Shield Spell: A spell used to shield the casting witch from an oncoming attack, such as from fire. Incantation: Scutum. Requirements: None Containment Spell : A spell used to contain a person or entity within a limited boundary. Incantation: Imperium monstrum. Requirements: None Containment Reversal Spell : A spell used to reverse the Containment Spell. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: None Cloaking and Illusion Spells Cloaking spells allow witches to either render a being, location, or object physically undetectable to the senses or magically undetectable by locator spells, making it so that magic cannot track them. Illusion spells are an advanced form of Cloaking spells that allow witches to project into the mind of a target and affect the senses to perceive a false reality of a being, location or object which they can then manipulate. Illusionary Cloaking Spell: More commonly known as an invisibility spell, this spell allows a witch to cloak themselves and their targets be it a person, object or certain locations completely based on perception. However, the magic can be disrupted by magical objects. The distance in which a witch is able to cloak their target is directly proportionate to their level of skill. Gemini Incantation: Invisique Liv's Incantation: Phasmatos radium calaraa, Phasmato... (Alternative) Emma's Incantation: Nullum visa laris Illusion Spell: The spell allows a witch to alter the perception of the immediate vicinity creating illusions of objects and other people. Such spells range from creating manifestations appear real to altering the physical form of another or themselves. At more advanced levels they can become physical manifestations. Incantation: Unknown Disillusionment Spell: The spell allows a witch to counter an illusionary cloaking spells, revealing magically hidden objects or people. Incantation: Phasmatos Oculacs Gemini Cloaking Spell: A spell used to shield oneself from a locator spell and disrupts visions trying to pinpoint their location. It can also be used on a group of people so long as they stay in a reasonably close approximation to the witch casting it. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: A ring of candles, Salt and Iron powder Direction: An intricate pattern is drawn within the ring using the salt and iron powder. After which, the witch steps into the center of the circle and enters a trance state. Silencing Spell: The spell works by throwing a handful of salt into a lighted candle. As long as the candle is lit, no one, including vampires and hybrids will be able to hear anything. Instead, all they will hear is sizzling sound. Incantation: None Requirements: A lit candle, Salt Privacy Spell: As long as the sage burns, no one will be able to overhear anything from the room in which it burns. Requirements: Burning sage Cloaking Spell: A spell developed and used to hide specifically from locator spells. Various witches employ different means and magics that range in power to stay effectively hidden from other witches. Requirements: Sandalwood Traveler Cloaking Spell: A powerful cloaking spell developed to hide a target even from the all seeing Spirits of the Other Side. Requirements: Traveler Magic Essence Reveal Spell: The spell allows a witch to unveil and detect concealed mystical essences within talismans or relics. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target Object Ancestral Illusory Spell: The spell allows ancestral witches to project an illusion over an entire location, transforming it such that unwanted intruders perceive it to be an infinite maze and will walk in circles. However, it is seemingly not powerful enough to deceive the sire-bond as such, sired hybrids are still able to sense the location of their sires. Requirements: Place of power (e.g. Lafayette Cemetery), The Ancestors Ancestral Cloaking Spell: The spell will cloak several people so that the location seems empty to anyone outside as long as the witches continue chanting. Incantations: Davina's Incantation: ...keschede sede ni canun keschede senu ni... Kaleb's Incantation: ...excede canun infenun da ba nunc ca nun,senon canu ni... Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Two or more witches are required, lit candles. Decoy Spell: A spell that uses the practice of representational magic to allow a witch to craft the illusion of the target's presence onto a clay doll, replicating it's power source. However, the illusion only lasts for as long as the witch focuses on the spell. Incantation: Sin eh-tey ex avan-ha vin tan-took koh. Requirements: Golem, Beating heart, Blood of target, Crushed herbs, A lit candle Moroccan Cloaking Spell: A powerful spell that completely cloaks a target and prevents locator spells from finding them. The spell is strong enough to obscure locations from cities to even that of continents. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target Glamour Spell: A powerful spell that can grant a person the appearance of another. The spell is performed by obtaining the hair of the target and using it as a conduit on a poppet which serves as the anchor of the spell. The spell is activated once the poppet is dipped into blood (presumably of the person whose appearance the target is taking). Should the witch wish to remove the glamour, the poppet needs to be burned. Incantation: Kache l'nan san. Jen chèch je yo. Requirements: Dozens of Candles, Bowl of Blood, Target's Hair, Poppet, Animal Bones Regent Cloaking Spell: A powerful spell that Regent witches of New Orleans can use to completely hide the whereabouts of individual people. Incantation: Cœur là vous votre tai ma say tou... Requirements: Dozens of Candles, Animal Bones, Stones, Power of Regent Diversion Spell: A spell to prevent witches from finding the true location of a target by deviating their presence to a set location. Therefore any witch performing a locator spell will be drawn to said false location. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target's Blood, Burning sage, Oleander, Spotted Owl Feather, Candles Bennett Illusionary Manifestation Spell: A powerful spell to conjure an illusionary wall that prevents its target(s) from discerning what is real and what is fake. Incantation: Averte oculos tuos a quo exitus. Hunc exitus ab auribos. Requirements: Bennett Witch Freya's Glamour Spell: A spell that can grant a person (i.e. vampire) the appearance of another. Incantation: Mutare seu rosto Requirements: Target Translucence Spell: A spell that causes objects or walls to become see-through, as if looking through glass. Incantation: Preitori Speculo Requirements: Ceiling Curses and Hexes Curses and Hexes are powerful spells that allow witches to cause either harm or damage and even death to fall upon a victim that commonly comes with long-lasting, slowed, or delayed effects. Several are ritualistic in nature and may require physical contact with the target, an object owned by the target or is a part of their body such as nails, hairs, or blood. Hexes, in particular, are much more potent and have a short time before removal is impossible. Hexes start with magic, but as time progresses and they take root, they alter the very chemistry of the brain. The Travelers' Curse: An extremely powerful curse that turns nature against a tribe of people, such as the Travelers. The curse worked by ensuring that should the Travelers ever settle down somewhere, natural disasters would ensue. Incantation: Unknown The Werewolf Curse: A powerful curse that bound members of a Germanic tribe of Witches to the full moon which turned them into the world's first true werewolves. This enslaved them to the moon and, as such, the curse caused them to transform into the beasts that hunted the witch that cast the spell. With the curse, created the seven original packs of wolves. Incantation: Hashi nvgidgia nvasdi The Hybrid Curse: A powerful spell, initially performed 1000 years ago, that suppresses a hybrid's werewolf nature. It works by channeling the power of the full moon into a moonstone while using the blood of a doppelgänger as a binding agent. Incantation: Anima marcam. Iskoristi vuka. Requirements: Full moon, Moonstone, Doppelgänger's blood as a binding agent, Salt, Fire (Esther); Moonstone soaked in Hope's blood, burning wood log pentagram; Chalk pentagram and a bowl of fire (Witch) Instructions: In order to perform this spell, the drenched stone is heated and used to brand the 'afflicted' on the palms of both hands, the soles of both feet, and the site of the third-eye chakra, the forehead. Freya also indicates that during the spell, Hope cannot pass out or ever stop breathing. The Hybrid Release Ritual: The spell undoes the Hybrid Curse placed on the Original Hybrid Niklaus, thereby allowing him to embrace the powers of a vampire and a werewolf after the requisite sacrifices have been completed. At the start of the ritual, the suppressed hybrid must first extract the heart of a werewolf, kill a vampire and drain the blood of a human Petrova Doppelgänger. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Salve Sorce Das. Phasmatos Eliximo Nominum, Etrinox Sorce Sotero Callux Oxtara. Requirements: Petrova Doppelgänger (human), Vampire, Werewolf, Moonstone, Full Moon Death Induction Spell: This spell is performed by drawing power from the candles and using it to turn the internal organs belonging to the spell's target into liquid. The spell takes effect immediately, causing the victim to throw up blood, have painful aneurisms. One of the signs that the victim is under this curse are their blood-shot eyes. Incantation: Phasmatos incendere ad pulvox. Requirements: Target's personal belonging, Several candles Insanity Hex: A curse invoked by tracing a symbol on the victim's hand while using the power of a cursed rosary, used to induce madness. The spell will drive the victim insane to a point where they become violent and kill. If a Hex like this is allowed to set in for too long, it can no longer be reversed. It is explained that hexes like this begin with magic, but after a while they alter the very chemistry of the brain, making them irreversible. Agnes' Incantation: Deja fou. Bastiana's Incantation: Torsion fou mort de l'espirit. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Physical contact, Dark Object (The Rosary of Madness) Poppet Death Curse: The spell is performed by stabbing a poppet with a needle while chanting. The victim will experience shortness of breathe, cold chills, weakness, vomiting blood and then unconsciousness. The victim will eventually die in a span of two days. Incantation: Purger l'interieur, éteindre la lumiere dans cette font. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, A poppet, Needle Death Curse: This curse allows a witch to punish someone by condemning them to a slow, supposedly irreversible death. In the case of possession, it also allows the witch to trap the possessing spirit inside the body of their vessel, so that they can't escape the curse. Incantation: O se kwe pe se. Requirements: Physical contact with the victim, presumably Dark or Sacrificial Magic Ancestral Death Curse: This curse allows ancestral witches, either living or dead, to condemn a target to die by magic, causing them to bleed from the eyes and mouth. This spell can be set on a countdown such as at the stroke of midnight the target. This spell is most similar as to how ancestral spirits punish living witches. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target, Place of power (e.g. Lafayette Cemetery), presumably Dark or Sacrificial Magic The Crescent Curse: A powerful curse that could force werewolves to stay in their wolf form except on full moons. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Ancestral Magic (Céleste), Full Moon Maiming Curse: The spell allows a witch to cripple the hands of their target in addition to producing a ring of fire around them. Incantation: Per se qui e fracta toi, per se qui e total toi. Stake Curse: A powerful curse bound to the dark object, 'The Cursed Stake', that causes its target to go insane, and become a relentless, unstoppable ripper. It activates upon the removal of its target with a physical representation of a skull mark on the victim and seemly hard to remove. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Wooden Stakes, Skull Markings Corruption Hex: A hex that may be used by the Ancestors on resurrected bodies of spirits who exit the Ancestral Plane. When enacted, it actively enhances the target's rage and blood lust to the point where they will lose control. It is powerful enough to affect an original vampire. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Unknown Death Spell: A spell that is uses black magic to induce death upon a target of the witch's choosing. Incantation: Tenebris anima vestra contundito mortem et conteret spiritum. Frange vitam nolite corde ut sub terra esse, ad tenebras usque in sempiternum. Requirements: Black Magic Disenchantment and Destruction Spells Disenchantment and Destruction spells typically unravel or completely destroy enchantments bound to inanimate objects. A bound object can be dispelled by either destroying the spell upon the object, thereby leaving said object intact, or the object itself. Variations of such spells include temporarily blocking or neutralizing the spell bound to the object without compromising the integrity of the original spell or object, leaving it intact and the spell to resume once the intent is accomplished. Talisman Destruction Spell: A variety of spells used to break the link between a Talisman and a spell, which which may result in the destruction of the object in question. Emily's Spell: A spell used to destroy a witch's own Talisman. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Talisman, Pentagram, Ring of fire, Comet Bonnie and Luka's Spell: A spell was used to destroy the bind between a talisman, the moonstone, and the spell bound to said talisman. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Maquis Dumisa Rotenem. Requirements: Moonstone, 2 witches, Full Moon, Circle of candles Bonnie and Sheila's Spell: A spell was used to destroy a witch's talisman. Incantation: Universa Ruina In Tenebras Ra Damis Infinitum. De Lon Dem Ex Nahal da Six. Requirements: Talisman, Candles, 2 witches Bonnie's Spell: A spell is used to destroy an Ascendant thus, rendering people unable to enter its corresponding prison world. Incantation: Phasmatos De Strutos Avox Addellum. Requirements: Ring of 12 Candles, Circle of Salt, the Ascendant Dispelling a Daylight Amulet: A spell used to neutralize the protective magic of the Daylight Amulets worn by vampires, effectively allowing them to burn in the sun. Emily's Incantation: Unknown Traveler's Incantation: Sul opraem chele kouzlo. Requirements: Spirit or Traveler Magic Traveler Knife Destruction Spell: A spell used to destroy a Traveler Knife by melting it, rendering it useless. Incantation: Evit ni et tempozo Requirements: Traveler Magic, Fire Phoenix Stone Destruction Spell: This spell is used to destroy the Phoenix Stone that can be used in conjunction with siphoning. It is unique such that the spell uses the object's own power against it to simultaneously unravel it. Incantation: Calibus vis anulix peros corpeo meum Requirements: Phoenix Stone Dispelling the Bracelet of Obedience: The bracelet cursed by the witches to force obedience will have it's mystical abilities "bleed" out, which will also deactivates all its magical properties. Incantation: Dinti tu e sedo per un dayen un trahen ble doce mozore un frantue e sedo per un trahen, un trahen ble do sedo per. Requirements: Physical contact with the Bracelet of Obedience, Kemiya (possibly) Dark Object Release Spell: A spell that is able to overpower dark objects, neutralizing its effects. Incantation: De tu me ne s'en fin Requirements: None Neutralizing the White Oak Stake: The Original-killing power of the stake will be neutralized for a small amount of time. Incantation: Mwen La bois. Donne mu la bois la bois... Requirements: Two or more witches channeling each other's power for support Destroying the Indestructible White Oak Stake: A spell that utilizes devastating, raw magical power to completely destroy the white oak stake, bound with a powerful protective enchantment. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Massive magical power Blocking The Crescent Curse: A powerful spell that allows a witch to temporarily block the Crescent curse, a spell used to condemn werewolves to their wolf form for the entire month except the full moon. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Ancestral Magic of the Curse's Creator, Blood and Hair of the cursed target, Candle. Insanity Curse Removal Spell: A spell that allows a witch to reverse the specific curse bound to the curse stake that induces insanity. This is done by enchanting a silver blade with which to cut off the mark representing the curse on the target's body. Incantation: Niax en at tem alach ti. Niax en at tem alach ti. Requirements: Candles, Silver Knife, White Muskroot Totem Destruction Spell: A spell that allows a witch within a Chambre de chasse to destroy the totems representing the targets. Incantation: Un look au net fer mal au temium Requirements: Totem Maiming Counter Curse: A spell that allows a more powerful witch to counter the effects of a curse before it takes root within the target. Incantation: Detere se deforum, detere se deforum Requirements: Ancestral Magic, More power than the casting Witch (i.e. that of a Regent Divination Spells Divination spells allow witches to seek knowledge past, present, and future events or information about the unknown through supernatural means. Spells that are related to Prophecies, and the creation thereof, also deal with events of the future. They typically predict future catastrophic events, of which can further shape the outcome whether through direct or indirect means. Witches can employ a variety of tools to aid them in divination that range from bones and blood to even spiritual communication. Doppelgänger Prophecy Spell: An ancient Traveler spell that created the "doppelgänger prophecy", which caused a mystical attraction between the Petrova and the Salvatore doppelgängers in the proceeding centuries. The spell's true purpose was to help the Travelers easily locate doppelgängers, by making each of the doppelgängers in history drawn to each other. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Traveler Magic Prophecy Reliving Spell: The spell allows a witch to receive and review already seen prophetic visions in addition to determining its authenticity. Incantation: No mentre la prophecie que la veo le otra ve... Requirements: Candles, Blood of prophet, Names of People Involved Agenda Divination Spell: A powerful ritual that allows a witch, with the help of her coven to discover a person's truest intentions through a manner of divination. A sacrifice, such as a beating heart is required for the spell. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: A Heart, Candles, Tarot Cards Early Warning Spell: A powerful ritual that will warn the caster if any of the intended targets she prepares within the spell are being affected by magic. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Candles, Hair of the target's for protection Spell of Revelations: A powerful spell used for Divination; it is commonly used by The Sisters, to search through and reveal the unknown. It can also reveal secret desires of individuals. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Water, One candle per witch, Pool of water. Bowl of Bones (Dahlia) Elemental Spells Elemental spells allow witches to affect their surroundings by manipulation of the natural elements. The four elements fire, water, earth and air are the most basic and can be call forth for their specific properties. Higher controls of the environment such as the weather or plant-life may require channeling Nature's energy or massive amounts of power. Fire Spell: A spell that is able to create fires or ignite flammable objects such as alcohol. It is similar to the passive, non-verbal pyrokinetic power used by most witches. Incantation: Incendia / Phasmatos Incendia (Alternative) Vincent's First Incantation: Irascitur detruire Vincent's Second Incantation: Crée le feu Josie's Incantation: Ignis absumet Warlock's Incantation: Ignarious. Ignarious! Fire Manipulation Spell: A spell that is able to decrease and/or increase the intensity of localized small to medium-sized fires. At a more advanced scale for powerful witches, it can be used to control explosions and that of large spanning fires. First Incantation: Ex Spiritum In Tacullum, En Terrum Incendium, Phasmatos Salves A Distum. Second Incantation: Phasmatos motus incendiamos! Fire Extinguishing Spell: A minor spell used to extinguish small fires in a localized area. Bonnie's Incantation: Suctus Incendia Hope's Incantation: Adiuuatur Ember Spell: A minor spell used to teach new witches to ignite objects on fire, like a line of salt. Incantation: Phasmatus Ignitium Dos Ex Salvo, Phasmatis Ignitium Dos On Salvo, Phasmatis Ignitium Dos On Salvo Requirements: Line of Salt Nature Spell: A spell that channels Nature to enhance and accelerate the growth of flowers, plants or entire gardens. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras. Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras Plant Revival Spell: A spell used to channel Nature to revive dead vegetation. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Plantus Vivifey, Plantus Herbus. Flower Revival Spell: A spell that channels Nature and the Ancestors to revive dead flowers. Incantation: Belle la vie a cette fleur, maintentant. Requirements: Ancestral Magic Plant Decomposition Spell: A spell used to contaminate plant life along with any mystical properties it may possess thus, rendering it useless as a magical ingredient. Incantation: Unknown Tempest Spell: A powerful spell performed using potent sage to summon a storm from afar. The witch then proceeds to blow into the bowl, intensifying the storm. The spell can also quell the storm, should the witch so desire. Requirements: Bowl of serpent's blood, Sage, Stones, Candles Water Flow Spell: A minor spell used to find and control nearby sources of water. Incantation: Confuso fatina, ignos et ignos mortifina. Requirements: None Hellfire Manipulation Spell: A powerful spell that utilized a large coven of Bennett witches to contain, control and prevent the unleashing of hellfire. First Incantation: Phasmatos motus incendiarios! Second Incantation: Phasmatos incendia movet, phasmatos incendia moventur, ego ex vos, vos ex unos, phasmatos incendia entrare! Phasmatos incendia movet, phasmatos incendia moveo! Requirements: Bennett Coven of 100 witches Combustion Spell: A violent fire spell that ignites an object and rapidly spread in it's immediate, localized vicinity, causing it to explode. Incantation: Bruciare supe terram, faciendo ignis ga praemium. Requirements: None Flower Petal Shower Spell: A simple, yet showy, spell that causes flower petals to erupt from a flower and to fly into the air. Incantation: Tomar lento. Na paz, amor. Requirements: Flowers Water Freeze Spell: A minor spell used to rapidly freeze flowing water on a solid surface. Incantation: Glace, solidatur. Glace, solidatur... Requirements: Flowing water Enchantments Enchantments allow witches to bind spells to inanimate objects. Thereby endowing said object with supernatural properties or changing it's state. Various materials or minerals may be chosen for their existing supernatural properties to accompany different enchantments. They have proven to last until said spell or object is destroyed with Disenchantment or Destruction spells. Talismans are one such example as they are typically ordinary objects, normally jewelry, which are created to focus a witches' magic. Talisman Creation Spell: The witch crafts together stones and herbs into a pendant while imbuing their magic into the talisman to focus and enhance their spells. Requirements: Stone or Jewel Incapacitation Enchantment: An enchantment placed upon an object that will render the said target unable to breath eventually leaving them unconscious upon contact. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Moonstone (Object) Incapacitation Ash Spell: An enchantment that charges the personal item of the target with magic so that when burnt until it's an ash, it will render said target unstable and unconscious upon contact. Incantation: Terra Mora Vantis, Quo Incandis. Requirements: Personal item of the target, Water Gilbert Enchantments: A spell, or multiple spells, used to enchant certain objects with mystical properties. Whether the spell used to create such enchantments are different from one another or similar remains to be seen. However, the spell can have a wide range of effects. When enchanted, the Gilbert Device, can cause a high-screeching sound capable of incapacitating vampires and werewolves when activated, though it only works once, for approximately five minutes.The Gilbert Compass allows one to detect vampires within an set location so that the needle will constant move towards a vampire. Finally, the Gilbert Ring, are the most powerful protective enchantment that prevents the permanent death of a non-supernatural human killed by a supernatural creature. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Gilbert device, compass, ring Daylight Amulet Creation Spell: An enchantment placed on a piece of jewelry with a Lapis Lazuli gemstone that allows a vampire to be unharmed by the sun. The witch who casts this spell has the power to reverse the spell if he/she chooses. Directions: The spell must be cast in the daytime where sunlight can bathe upon the Lapis Lazuli. Requirements: Lapis Lazuli, Sunlight White Oak Ash Dagger Creation Spell: An enchantment placed upon silver daggers that allows them to subdue an Original vampire when mixed with the ash of the White Oak Tree. The enchantment was cast with a side effect that will kill a vampire who tries to use the dagger. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Silver Daggers, White Oak Ash Restoration Spell: A powerful, protective enchantment that completely restores an object which previously destroyed. Alternatively, the spell can be cast directly upon the destroyed object, while the witch is holding it, and it will return to its original state. Esther's Incantation: Unknown Kol's Incantation: Sanguinatum planicium. Sanguinatum planicium. Freya's Incantation: Leigheas brotin, leigheas brotin... Requirements: Physical contact with the object Weapon-Binding Spell: An indestructible object can be created through this spell by binding it to a source of strong and protective magic that is long-lasting. Incantation: Vescaram Anta Intacurum, Vescalis Dissendis Divinitum. Ex Tutum Tatum, Dimentum Talos. Dox Toxem, Dox Malum. Dox Divinitum. Requirements: Target object, Source of powerful protective magic Electromagnetic Disruption Spell: The spell prevents the use of modern day electronics, such as phones, by interrupting its electrical current or cellular signal. Incantation: Vidau. Moonlight Amulet Creation Spell: An enchantment placed on a piece of jewelry with a Black Kyanite gemstone that allows a werewolf to control their transformation during a full moon as well as access their full strength. Incantation: Matere et lunare tua virtus. Directions: The spell must be cast when the full moon is at it's apex upon the Black Kyanite. Requirements: Black Kyanite, Full Moon, Blood of a werewolf that controls his transformation (Genevieve's altered spells) Dreamcatcher Sight: Twin mystical dreamcatcher charms adorned with animal bones and chicken feet can be enchanted to spy on a subject. Requirements: Pair of willow hoops Fixation Enchantment: A minor spell that magically binds two object, such as a bracelet (jewelry) to the person wearing it whether they are the caster of the spell or not to prevent the object's removal. Requirements: Enchanted object Object-Mending Spell: The object in question will slowly mend itself as the witch chants the spell. If a witch's concetration is broken, the spell will be undone. Incantation: Venez très connu cendre. Requirements: The broken object Chain Reinforcement Spell: The spell uses a poppet to enchant the properties of a chain, binding their target. The chains are strengthen such that it remains unbreakable even to an Original Vampire. Requirements: Poppet, Chains Dark Object Creation Spell: Several spells fall under this category, enacted through a type of Arabian magic known as Kemiya. Such spells allow witches to imbue objects with magical abilities using a precise chemistry of science and spirit. Incantation: Lim Ala dar ala dilj. Requirements: Kemiya, Two witches, a perfect Paragon diamond, and the object in question Transmutation Spell: The object that the witches are holding will slowly be set on fire. As the flame consumes the object, it will then be made into pure gold. Practice of magic such as this is called Kemiya, an Arabian form of witchcraft that intersects science. Incantation: E Loke Gae La lidi. Requirements: Physical contact with the object, Two or more witches, a close bond between the witches Melting Spell: A spell used to rapidly heat and melt and object. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Representational Magic Solidifying Spell: A spell used to reverse the process of melting or at the very least, slow it down. Incantation: Convultaras distiere. Convultaras distiere. Requirements: Salt Truth Spell: A simple spell that utilizes a human like doll known as a Figure Veritas. It is used such that when it is stabbed through the "heart" , the target will be compelled to tell their darkest truths. Incantation: Chế cao su đã. Chế cao su đã. Chế cao su đã Requirements: Figure Veritas, Knife Serratura Activation Spell: The witch is required to paint several symbols on their body as they cast the spell surrounded by dozens of lit candles. The object is then activated by allowing blood to fall on it. Incantation: Reveye ak. Reveye moman ak trape dife. Moman ou sè prè. Tann prizonye ou. Requirements: Dozens of Candles, Bowl of Blood, the Serratura, Painted Symbols Protection Charm: A spell that enchants an object with a powerful spell of protection against dark magic and/or evil. Requirements: Charm Fixation Enchantment Removal Spell: A direct counter-spell to remove a Fixation Enchantment on a piece of jewelry. Incantation: Denne legatura Requirements: Spelled Jewelry Beast Weapon-Binding Enchantment: A spell that utilizes the magic and derivatives of the Beast to create a weapon that can be used to kill the Beast. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Freya's blood (Esther's Magic), Marcel's Venom, Lucien Castle's ashes Mystical Binding Enchantment: An enchantment that reinforces rope, leather, or chain bindings with magic, preventing the target from escaping them. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Binding Magic-Bound Enchantment: A spell that imbues the magic of multiple witches into an object, rendering it capable of killing other powerful beings. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Four of the strongest Witch Elders, Weapon (Axe) Invocations and Cleansing Invocations allow witches to call on spiritual beings, namely witch spirits, to be granted vast amounts of power, should they be willing, protection or worship. They may come in the form of spells or rituals used to commune with the dead or, occasionally, to summon the living. For New Orleans specifically, acts of consecration "bless" deceased witches into a separate purgatorial domain, the Ancestral Plane, so that the witch's magic continues to fuel the community and their living descendants. Spells related to Cleansing and Purification typically occur after an occurrence with said spiritual beings, especially of they are associated with darkness or dark magic that can infect or possess another being. They can also be used to purge spiritual 'infections' that corrupt individuals. Spirit Harnessing Spell: A spell that can charge a witch with a large amount of power and focus it into said witch by invoking the Spirits. The spell is cast at a site where many witches have met violent deaths. Provided their willingness to grant such power, said witch has to focus on her intention and agree to their terms. Incantation: Sa vas est cure est vos facultas... Requirements: Site where a number of witches have met with violent deaths, Spirit Magic Séance Spell: A spell used to contact the spirits from the Other Side. Powerful witches are able to seek out specific spirits and may in turn, be possessed by them. In that respect, a witch acts much like a medium and allows said spirit to interact with the physical plane. Incantation: Phasmatos Manex, Un Domo Hax, Fero Adiuvex. Requirements: Candles Expression-Cleansing Spell: A spell used by a coven of witches, minimum of 12, that invokes the spirits of nature in order to cleanse a witch of Expression. Said witch needs to be a willing party as part of the ritual involves her calling out to the spirits (with the incantation) as well. However, doing so causes a lot of pain as the practice of Expression rejects the spirits. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum Nas Ex Viras, Purgal Animum Sous Obscarus. Phasmatos Repallus Tantian, Maltuscanum Anium Par Vas. Requirements: Coven (min. 12) of witches linked as one / Spirit Magic Channeling the Ancestors: Different rituals and invocations used to invoke the Ancestral spirits, commune with them and channel their collective power and will. Davina, Monique, and Abigail's Spell: This spell is commonly used by the Harvest Girls in order to commune with the Ancestors. Each Harvest Witch will take a different position: one will do a handstand, one will be sprawled/contorted against the wall and the other would be laying on the ground. Incantation: Vie dans des ancêtres, renforcer noblesse. Comme des ancêtres, de coeur noblesse. Décider on de ancêtres, garder noblesse. Requirements: Ancestral Magic Genevieve's Spell: This spell allows a witch to commune with the Ancestors and give them a foothold in the physical world, allowing them to successfully interact with it in various ways. It also gives them control over the witch in question. Incantation: C'est cette nouveau vie, nouveau âme mélange avec nous. Requirements: Ancestral Magic. The spell is performed by crunching a handful of herbs, laying out a witch's personal object and sprinkling salt on the altar. However, more witches can use this spell without any of the formerly mentioned necessities. Sophie and Katie's Spell: This spell is used to charge a witch with a large amount of ancestral power and focus it into one or more ancestral witch by invoking the Ancestors.The spell is cast in the cemetery where the ancestors are buried, by sprinkling salt on an altar and focusing on her intention. Requirement: Ancestral Magic. The witches place several trinkets on a small altar and sprinkle the salt upon it. They then proceed to focus on the ancestral power and absorb it as their Ancestors can be heard. Contacting a Witch Ancestor: This spell allows a witch to communicate with a specific dead witch among the Ancestors and with their permission, channel their power. Incantation: Ven el forte es cufe, Ven el forte es cufe, Ven el forte es cufe, Ven el forte es cufe. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Tomb of target ancestor, Candles Regent Ancestral Communion Spell: A powerful spell that allows the New Orleans Regent to go into a chanting trance-like state to directly commune with the Ancestors. Incantation: L'objet perdu que petis est in civitate, in qua non dico l'objet que petis in civitate... l'objet que... que... Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Various stones and herbs, Burning sage, Candles To Channel A French Quarter Witch: A spell that allows a New Orleans witch access to the French Quarter Coven's Magic to perform spell unique to that coven. Incantation: Ou fé konfyans cherche de l'aide. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, The Remains of a French Quarter Witch Rite of Consecration: A ritual to prepare a deceased witch's body so that they may join their Ancestors within the Ancestral Plane. In doing so, their magic will flow back into the Earth, fueling the witch community. This particular funeral rite is practiced by the Nine Covens of New Orleans. Presumably, other cultures that practice Ancestral Magic perform similar rites. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Ancestral Magic, White robes or shrouds, rose petals, oil and blessed water, sage, torches or incense Calling Spell: The spell's true purpose is unknown though it can be assumed it was an invocation of the Ancestors, due to the whispering voices surrounding the witch casting the spell. Incantation: Attendez notre appel. Requirements: Ancestral Magic The Magic Purification Spell: The most powerful Traveler spell which serves as the means to break their curse by destroying "impure" forms of magic (i.e. any form of magic other than Traditional Magic). Once the spell begins, it will spread and unbind the "impure" magic, layer by layer until no other magic remains. The only known loophole to stop the spell is by killing one of the last two doppelgängers. Incantation: Zah Pet Par Veet Eezol Ehmit Pro Kleh Et Tee. Requirements: The spell will start with dozens of bodies inhabited by the Travelers as they all, through in ingestion of the combined doppelgänger blood, start chanting. As they chant, their human vessels slowly die from blood loss. As the spell begins to spread, all existing forms of spirit magic will be stripped away, layer by layer, together with all other forms of magic deemed unnatural by the Travelers. This process will continue until all forms of magic have been reversed completely. Defense Spell: A powerful spell primarily that allows ancestral witches to call on the entire collective power of the Ancestors. However, if death occurs in one of the witches performing the spell, the collective power of the Ancestors will fade. Incantation: La mère, le père, le frère, la sœur. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Place of power / Within the City of the Dead Ancestral Séance Spell: A ritual that allows ancestral witches to contact the spirits that are suspended between life and death. Incantation: Elikopte fantômes solitaire mouri, vous reveler... Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Assorted herbs, Stones, Chalk inscriptions (a circle surmounted by a cross with arms of equal and glyphs), Possession of target, Blood from caster, Candles. Bird Calling Spell: The spell allows a witch to call forth flocks of birds through a series of gestures. Tremors would occur before hundreds of birds come flying, directed by the witch. Summoning Spell: The spell that will summon a certain person bound and/or controlled by the bracelet of obedience. Incantation: Jwenn mwen vennez ça maintenant. Requirements: The bracelet of obedience Spiritual Communion Spell: The spell will allow a witch to commune with an object bound spirit, making them appear in spirit form only to the caster. Incantation: Trette che che che nunc que fra huset quanti nede dom mina... Requirements: Object or talisman that the spirit resides. Revelation Spell: The spell can be used to reveal cloaked entities, shielded with dark magic. Incantation: Revele votre vrai soi. Cleansing Spell: The spell can be used to cleanse a person of dark magic, possession or to break a link from a target to a totem. Incantation: Nettoyer timoun sa yo. Purification Spell: The spell can be used to purify the mind infected with dark magic or that of possession. Should the "infection" be deeply rooted, it spell can fail. Various forms of this spell exist as it can be chanted freely as a spell, be enchanted upon beads or other objects, or be brewed into a potion. Incantation: Reinigen monde tavo veneno. Summoning Spell: The spell that will telekinetically summon a certain person to the casting witch. Incantation: Unknown. Requirements: None Linking Spells Linking spells allow witches to establish a magical bond between two or more people, connecting mind, body, soul or even life force. Blood is often used to perform linking spells as it aids in strengthening the connection between the people that are being bonded together. Unlinking spells severs that bond, voiding the connection. Linking Spell: The spell is used to link two or more beings together, such that any harm comes to one, it is also inflicted upon the other(s). The spell can be used to link similar species, i.e. witch to another witch, or to different species, i.e. human to vampire. Incantation: Unknown Life Force Binding Spell: A spell that binds the life energy of one person to that of another person. This allows a person to be revived from death without upsetting Nature's cycle of life and death. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum Melan Veras Raddiam Onu Pavadus Ponemus. Original Linking Ritual: A spell used to link the Original Vampires together so that if one of them were to be killed, the others would die as well in the process. Incantation: Phasmatos Inta Grum Vin Callus Amalon Callagius Accodum. Cosom Naben Dox Callagius Amalon Gaeda Callagius. Ceremum Descendium Vinum. Phasmatos Inta Grum Callus. Cosom Naben Dox. Directions: The spell called for a drop of doppelgänger's blood and allowing the Originals consumed it at the same time, they would then be bound together as one. Expression Linking Spell: A non-verbal spell that allows the witch to link two people, including themselves in a matter of seconds simply by focusing. The witch will then be able to restraint the target's movements and distance which they can go to however far she pleases, acting as a leash. However, like any linking spell, whatever happens to one is also inflicted on the other. Requirements: Expression Expression Triangle Linking Spell: A non-verbal spell that uses Expression in order to charge and link three sacrificial hotspots. With all three hotspots linked, a spell can be used to drop the Veil as the caster sees fit, such as inside the Expression Triangle. Requirements: Expression Qetsiyah's Mind-Linking Spell: A powerful linking spell that connects the mind of a doppelgänger to that of their immortal, using the doppelgänger's energy in order to fry the doppelgänger's conscience mind to damage an Immortal's brain and render their mental abilities useless. As the doppelgänger's damaged brain will not heal from the spell, the linked Immortal's brain will not heal. If the spell is not lifted, the only loophole for the Immortal is to temporarily kill their doppelgänger to regain their psychic powers until the doppelgänger revives. Incantation: Adatu Khan Leala Ghan Breatvis Shemil. Requirements: Circle of herbs, Immortal's doppelgänger Traveler Mind-Linking Spell: A spell that is able to connect mind of two people (presumably, two doppelgängers) allowing the receiver of the spell to have visions of the target's life. Incantation: Odka na vonas czech nat, Misteni Requirements: Traveler Magic / Coven of Travelers, Doppelgänger blood, Barrels of fire, The target's doppelgänger The Merge: The Merge is a powerful ritual and a practiced tradition of the Gemini Coven. It works by merging the strength of twin witches. The twin who is naturally stronger absorbs the other twin's magic and the weaker twin dies. The spirits of both witches merge in the process to create a new being with traits from both witches in the body of the survivor. The witch who survives typically has their personality more dominant, but with changes from the deceased witch's personality. Successfully completing the Merge also bestows Leadership upon the Coven as well as reestablishes the linking spell that binds the coven as one. Incantation: Sanguinem desimilus... Sanguinem generis fiantus. Requirements: Celestial event, Blood drawn from both witches Confirmation-Representational Linking Ritual: A complex ritual used to confirm whether if another person is pregnant while using representational magic, which uses the concept of "like attracts like" to link the pregnant person to another. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Ancestral / Representational Magic, Target's hair, Goblet, Candles, Salt Symbols, Wooden surface, Herbs, Target's hair, Full Moon (Possibly) Genevieve's Mind-linking Spell: The spell allows a witch to connect two minds together. A potion concocted using herbs, the witch's blood and host's blood, which will then be drunk by the target. Doing so allows the drinkers to see into the host's mind and access their memories which the witch can then guide through. Incantation: -TBA- Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Blood of target to be drunk, Herbs Connective Magic: A powerful spell that bonds a supernatural creature to a witch, allowing her to draw on their strengths to gain more power without harming the target. With a Witch: The spell connects the power of two witches allowing one witch to draw power from the other, while augmenting the latter's power. It is unique such that the former was able to fully channel power even when the latter is miles away. Incantation: Med dette seglet, cum soluta nobis sammen. Med dette seglet, cum soluta nobis sammen. Med dette seglet, cum soluta nobis sammen. Med dette seglet, cum soluta nobis sammen. Requirements: Five Torches, Circle of salt, Runic Symbols, Waning crescent moon at its apex (possibly) With an Immortal Being: The spell connects the power of a witch to an immortal allowing the former to draw on the latter's strength to achieve true immortality in conjunction with the immortality slumber spell. However, neutralizing or killing said immortal being would similarly affect the witch. Incantation: Med arveno som et svar. Med arveno som et svar. Requirements: Salt drawn in an infinity symbol, Candles, Blood of targets, Chalices The Rite of Nines: A ritual that augments an ancestral witch's power through the linking and subsequent sacrifice of one witch from each of the nine covens of New Orleans - preferably young and prodigious. The immense amount of magical power gained by the witch performing the ritual is believed to elevate them to a level of strength unlike any other witch in any of the New Orleans covens. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: 9 children from each of the nine covens Link Exploitation Spell: A spell that exploits the shared 'link' between witches under a unified coven through the magic they practice collectively, from leader to members and vice versa. Through their magic, witches can spy upon other members of their coven, hearing them as if they were present in the same room and, additionally, by forcing enough magic through the 'link', can cause all witches to fall unconscious. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Collectively practiced magic (Dark Magic); Source of Power (Hand of Glory), optional. Sacrificial Anchorage Spell: A spell that uses sacrifices in order to anchor a spirit to the living world. Targets are placed atop a large ornate altar affixed with bones and skulls on which is inscribed with the marking of the “Ouroboros”. Once the spell is enacted, it creates a fire boundary spell around the targets to prevent the sacrifices from being removed. The spell then brings its targets into the veil as the spirit latches on to them. Incantation: Vinculum mond sa. Requirements: Sacrificial Anchor(s) Locator Spells Locator spells allow witches to discern the location of an object or person anywhere in the world. Locator spells are ineffective if the person or object is being hidden with a cloaking spell. Locator Spell: A simple spell in which the casting witch will receive a vision of the object or person's location or, using blood and a map, can be used to ascertain a more precise location. In some instances, it's not possible to get an exact address or even a location if the target is cloaked or deceased. Bonnie's Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Sequitas Sanguinem. Witch's Incantation: Faire à voir là ré. Requirements: Map, Object or blood belonging to target Grimoire Locator Spell: A simple spell used to locate a specific Grimoire, from a large collection of others or from an unknown location, that the witch desires. Bonnie's Incantation: Phasmatos tribum nos ex malom... Vincent's Incantation: Unknown Requirements: None Tracking Spell: The spell causes blood to move across a map to point at the target's location while chanting. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum Nas Ex Veras, Sequita Saguines, Ementas Asten Mihan Ega Petous Requirements: Map, Blood of target / Blood of relative Shadow Locator Spell: The spell allows one to pinpoint the location of the target through physical contact with an object of their possession. At the moment of the spell's succession, the person will receive a vision of the target's location and an apparition will flash before the target. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum Nas Ex Veras... Requirements: Possession of target (Photo, necklace), Strands of target's hair, Blood of person attempting to locate the target Object Locator Spell: A powerful spell used to find missing objects by receiving a vision of the target. It acts like a reverse locator spell as the witch use's the connection from the previous owner of the object to find it. When enacted, the object in question gets charged with magic and may have a number of effects when touched (Burning the current holder / Producing sparks etc.). Incantation: Anta Cotis Syrum, Anta Cotis Syrum. Requirements: Previous possessor of the object. Qetsiyah's Locator Spell: A powerful locator spell which allows the caster to receive visions of the object's/person's location anywhere even if it is constantly moving. Incantation: Vitto Brosche Tarem Car Manifesto Fen. Requirements: Qetsiyah's Talisman Traveler Locator Spell: A spell used by the Travelers to find their targets, allowing them to receive visions of their location from an open fire. Incantation: Ole Heldhat Eina Odvozniti. Requirements: Traveler Magic, Fire Luke's Locator Spell: The spell allows the caster to see visions of the target's location in his mind. Incantation: Permisso Laca Tha Tar. Requirements: Object belonging to the target, Map Vision Exchange Spell: The spell works by connecting the sight of two witches, giving one witch the ability to see through the other one's eyes. Incantation: Phasmatos Physium Calva. Requirements: Candle. Gemini Progeny Locator Spell: A spell that allows a witch to locate the position of an unborn child transported by the Gemini Surrogate Spell, the blood travels along the map and ignites upon reaching proximity to the babies. Incantation: Phasmatos quare infantatum, Phasmatos quare filios, Ado finet terraeum, Nunc temos rogamus, Combutis et sanguinem. Requirements: Map, Candles, Blood of parent Huntress Locator Spell: This spell is specifically used to locate the Huntress, Rayna Cruz; the spell utilized the completed Phoenix sword to track her. Incantation: Phasmatos invenira venatrixos isto gladio ulla onyx Requirements: Map, Candles, Black Sand, Phoenix Sword and Stone Valerie's Vision Locator Spell: The spell allows a witch to enter the mind of a person magically connected to the target and amplify said connection, allowing the witch to discern the location of their target. Incantation: None Requirements: Connection to the Target, Circle of Salt, Candles, Picture of Target Ancestral Locator Spell: Various spells used by witches of the French Quarter to locate people through the use of ancestral magic with the typical use of sand and a map, though personal artifacts of the target can also be used. Sophie's Spell: The energy will move sand across a map to form a linear path towards the target's location. Incantation: ...Salacku, tusdeh do... Davina and Kol's Spell: The energy will be drawn from the belongings of the target and the sand will come together, making a single pile on the map, which will show the target's location. Incantation: Ce che vous, pro la busque. Ce che vous, pro la busque. Ce che vous, pro la busque. Vincent's Spell: The first spell utilizes the blood of a secondary target, that has been exposed to the primary target, in order to track them. The second spell utilized bones and a map in an attempt to locate missing children. Incantation: Aducté do mi volum ix ti de... Second Incantation: --TBA-- Requirements: Map, Object that belongs to the target (occasionally), Sand, Candles, Blood Van's Spell: This spell utilizes the power of the Regent to locate any target on Earth, even those whole were supposedly buried at sea. Incantation: À cusco lè corpus, À cusco lè corpus, À cusco lè corpus. Requirements: Map, Object that belongs to the target (occasionally), One candle at each corner of the map, Power of Regent Maxine's Spell: This spell used personal items to attempt to locate the missing target. Incantation: Je veux mon homme fonte. New Orleans Witches: This spell is used to locate a specific missing person. Incantation: Nou charge le loup alpha. To Find a Person's Remains: The spell summons a path of wind that will lead to the target's location. A small vortex will than swirl at the location, pinpointing it. Incantation: Soeurs et freres, mwen rele sou nou. Mennen me sa me chache. Requirements: Ancestral Magic / Invoke the Ancestors Esther's Locator Spell: A simple locator spell used to locate an intended person. Incantation: Où tu fuis, A pouvoir la trouver. Yonn souri nan zeb. Requirements: None Water Divination Spell: A spell used to divine the location of a specific person, via the use of water. Incantation: Ma te ak san sou ki à lumière la fille Requirements: Bowl of water, Three rose petals, Drop of caster's blood White Oak Stake Locator Spell: A locator spell specifically used to find the White Oak Stake. Incantation: L'arme filium. Pa kenbe ex oculus. Indi... Requirements: Salt with a drawn runic symbol, Candles, assorted stones and powder. Davina's Locator Charm: A simple enchantment spelled on a bracelet to know the location of a specific person. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Ancestral Magic Vision Locator Spell: The witch performing the spell will receive visions of the target's location as well as their current actions. Incantation: We du le mon ennemi on ton. We du le mon ennemi on ton. Requirements: A circle of salt with 8 symbols, a candle Poppet Locator Spell: The spell is performed by flicking a poppet of the target above the map, in a circle of many candles, unknown herbs and a jar full of caterpillars. Incantation: De vuales numerus puerum. De vuales numerus puerum Requirements: Dozens of candles, unknown herbs, a poppet, map, jar full of caterpillars, Sacrificial Magic Runic Locator Spell: This spell allows a witch to locate their target by waving a burning sage above the runic tile on a small stone basin in front of the map. Thus, marking target's whereabouts on the map. The spell is considered ancient magic and the rune tile is carved with the symbol of the target. It is powerful enough to break through Hope's cloaking spell. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Candles, Assorted herbs (Wormwood, Ripple Weed, Burning Sage etc.), Runic Tiles, Map, Stone Basin Tracing Spell: A spell that allows a witch to locate another witch or their magic, by using an object/person that was under the effects of the targeted witch's magic. Thus, by tracing the witch's magic, the spell leads to the witch themselves. Requirements: Object Affected by the Target's Magic, Smudge stick made of sage leaves, Astrological sign of Taurus (Freya's First); Ashes of the deceased/affected witch (Vincent), Map, black sand/iron, herbs and vines, candles (Freya's second); Map, eight candles surrounding the map, with eight black stones at the centers and corners of the map, various herbs and powders (Freya) Freya's Incantation: Inveniere potencia reparon malifica. Inveniere potencia reparon malifica. Vincent's Incantation: Chèche le virtute Freya's Second Incantation: Dauha near do smrti Vincent's Second Incantation: Referte mini quid sé te we Compass Spell: A spell that directs a witch to a target object in a subtle manner by using the mechanics of a water compass. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Pointer (toothpick, needle etc.), Glass of liquid, Target object. Freya's Locator Spell: A spell that allows a witch to pinpoint ones location with a circle of black sand made in the center of a map, the sand circles around the map and finally stop in a ring, indicating the target's location. The caster or target's blood can also be utilized. Incantation: Vinde val tratunderes. Vinde val tratunderes. Second Incantation: Jalgida minu bloò mitt Requirements: Black Sand, Map, Candles, Connection to the Target Worldwide Locator Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch with enough power to locate a target on a global scale. Incantation: Le six ce strul no cruv. Le six ce strul no cruv. Le six ce strul no cruv. Requirements: Bowl of relative's blood, World Map, Candles Mortality Locator Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch with enough power to locate a target, living or dead, on a map with an infinity symbol in the center. Incantation: Chasé la verde la perdo. Chasé la verde la perdo. Requirements: A Map, Black Sand, Candles, Connection to the Target. Plummet Locator Spell: The spell allows a witch to break through cloaking spells and locate their target, unless the cloaking spell in question was cast by a greater source of power than used to empower the locator spell and the spindle that is used as a conduit. Incantation: Cerco il se ra ci. Cerco il se ra ci. Cerco il se ra ci. Requirements: Hanging Plummet, Candles, Map Expression Locator Spell: The witch is able to find anyone anywhere simply by focusing. Two versions are known to exist. The first is done by dropping a possession of the target's into a fire which will then produce a path of flame and wind leading towards them. The second, more advanced version, is done without even having any of the target's possession. Requirements: Expression, Possession of the target's (sometimes) Adversary Locator Spell: A spell that allows a witch to discern the locations of a person's enemies, specifically those that pose large threats. Incantation: Calaste piso tal tras es tros. Calaste piso tal tras es tros. Requirements: Ashes of the Enemies' Belonging, Target's Blood, Map, Candles Soul-Blood Connection Spell: A less-effective form of a locator spell that utilizes the soul echo of a possession in order to track the body that the spirit once possessed. Incantation: None Requirements: Blood from the possessed and possessor's bodies, Map, Metal Spindle, Tibetan singing bowl (For amplification) Marking Spell: A spell used to mark a target that lets the casting witch to track the target. Incantation: Marquer nom sa à. Requirements: Target Spirit Locator Spell: A spell used to locate the soul of another being trapped within in object, such as a talisman. Incantation: Leigheas brotin Requirements: Target, Blood Deconstruction Spell: A spell that allows a witch to retrace their steps. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Cup of blood in two bowls from the casting witch Transcription Spell: A spell that allows a witch to trace the magical signature of another witch in the hope to find an antidote within another witch's grimoires. Incantation: Mennen nou au sort. L'edat remedium. Requirements: Tears from target witch (Hope, containing the spirit of the Hollow), Esther's Grimoires Dark Magic Locator Spell: A spell that utilizes the sacrifice of a small rodent to locate a target that's deemed an enemy. Incantation: Inveniet hostium et tenebrae. Requirements: Dark Magic, Rodent's blood (Sacrifice), Unknown herbs, Two witches Beacon Spell: A spell that alerts the casting witch if black magic has been performed within a certain location. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Unknown Mental Spells Mental spells allow witches to affect the mind of a target, manipulating both the conscious and sub-conscious, in numerous of ways. It is most commonly used on memories. Compulsion Spell: The spell allows the witch to remotely control the mind and actions of a target, manipulating them like a puppet. The target is controlled such that they to copy the actions of the witch, saying what they say in return. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target Bonnie's Information Gathering Spell: The spell induces a suggestive trance-state onto a target by applying wet fingers to the temples of the target, allowing they to comply to any question asked. The spell is similar to hypnosis. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Candles placed evenly around the room, Water, Physical contact with target Gloria's Information Gathering Ritual: The spell allows the witch to establish a connection between them and the target's essence through their blood. A concoction of various herbs is then spread onto the witch's palms and upon physical contact, the witch will receive the information they seek from their victim's memories through visions. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Ring of candles, Assorted herbs (Witch hazel, Diviner's sage, Vervain etc.), Physical contact with target, Target constantly bleeding Darkness Reversal Spell: The spell allows one to reverse the damage of a broken psyche which brings out a dark alter-ego. It is common amongst witches who get obsessed with Dark Magic, thereby acting out their darkest impulses from the lack of self-control. The spell requires the target to consume a herbal remedy twice on a daily basis in order to be successful. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Possession of target from before they turned dark, Assorted herbs Dream Manipulation Spell: The target of the witch's spell will receive dreams, created specifically by the witch and may show visions of actual happenings. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Unknown Qetsiyah's Memory Restoration Spell: The target of the spell, previously a victim of memory loss will receive all of their lost memories in a violent process, as well as all of the emotions lost with the memories, which can lead to emotional problems. Incantation: Non-Verbal Vision Removal Spell: A spell used by Travelers to reverse a spell that caused a repeating circle of connected visions in the last remaining doppelgängers, Stefan and Elena. The original curse was intended to ensure that the two doppelgängers would always find each other, but Markos eventually performed the removal spell, with the help of his fellow Travelers, to prove to Damon that they weren't enemies. Incantation: Uvon Nispoceh Vi Cristine Kuzlo Chelos Bih(te) Requirements: Traveler Magic Mind Mending Spell: The spell allows a witch to heal and stabilize the mental state of a target by first putting them into an enchanted sleep. Incantation: Mal il de lui, ai malheur nuit cette san Requirements: Merlock orchid, Symbols on target's neck Forgetting Spell: The spell allows a witch to alter the memories of another person and even that of an Original Vampire. This allows the target to forget any memories the caster chooses such as a large period of their lives or as specific as a certain location or traumatic event. Incantation: Unknown Esther's Memory Alteration Spell: The spell allows one to regain previously sealed memories in a gradual manner. When cast upon, the target will bounce between reality and a dream state while remembering. Another variation of this spell is to alter memories entirely, so that targets can lose large spans of time. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: A candle Compulsion Removal Spell: A spell that is able to remove and undo every compulsion made on the target by a vampire. The process causes extreme pain onto the target and the more compulsion is needed to be erased, and the longer it takes to remove. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Compelled target Freya's Memory Transference Spell: The spell allows a witch to share selected memories of herself onto others, experiencing them as though they were there. Incantation: Non-Verbal Mind Breaching Spell: A powerful ritual that allows a witch drawing on a source of massive, but anchored power to breach someone's conscious mind. Such a spell can lead to the victim's death under the right circumstances, by destroying the soul while leaving their body, for all intensive purposes, alive, to which, would allow for spirit possession. The casting witch will also gain access to their anchored targets mind while performing the spell. First Incantation: Pontem Praesidio. Anchora Immortalibus. Per menta mi heava cor anmina. Pontem Praesidio. Anchora Immortalibus. Second Incantation: Tillate ulaz, tillate ulaz, tillate ulaz... First Incantation Requirements: Victim, Triangle of Salt, Source of massive (anchored) power. Second Incantation Requirements: Target, Circle of Salt enclosed in candles and additional symbols within, Source of power to anchor the spell. Memory Recollection Spell: A spell that utilizes blood to connect the caster to another person, drawing their mind within the caster's in order to re-live selected memories and to see events unfold as if they were present. Requirements: Bowl of serpent's blood, Stones, Runic Symbols and Candles Freya's Mind Weakening Spell: A spell that targets and incapacitates the mind. Given continued exposure can result in death. The great mental fortitude of old vampires can resist against this spell. First Incantation: Nemi blir kraften tegnet kurse mente fra Second Incantation: Somo ve de ver se, nat-- Requirements: Weakened Victim Memory Acquisition Spell: A spell to absorb all manner of information that pinpoints patterns from chaos, as it allows the witch to view the history (memory of the subject) as a whole. Incantation: Non-Verbal Requirements: Water as a conductor, Subject's mind to be entered. Deceased Memory Acquisition Spell: A dangerous spell meant to channel a recently dead target in order to search and absorb specific memories. Incantation: Acti vase da cona Requirements: Deceased Target Mind Shield Spell: A spell to protect a non-supernatural human's mind against vampire telepathy. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target Mind Shield Removal Spell: A spell to break through the mental shield to protect one's mind from vampiric control. Incantation: Briser le bouclier. Requirements: Target Death-Memory Conjuration Spell: A spell uses the energy marked from a violent death to unlock memories in order to "conjure" what happened during the events of the memory. Incantation: Ostende det siste. Requirements: Target, Place marked with violet death, candles Mind Reading Spell: A spell that forcefully taps into the mind of another in order to read their thoughts. Incantation: Dic mihi, hva du vet. Requirements: Target Consciousness Transportation Spell: A spell that allows the consciousness of blood-related family members to interact with one another, even if one is possessed. Incantation: Té ni rien à boka Requirements: Target(s) Mind Admittance Spell: A unique spell that allows the witch to open the mind of an Original Vampire so that they can be compelled by another Original Vampire, such as an Upgraded Original. Incantation: Louvri, louvri animo. Pémét pou accessum. Requirements: Target(s), sage, skull and bone circle Love Charm: A spell that, as the name implies, charms an individual into loving another person or the casting witch. Incantation: Phesmatos is lucas adoray. Requirements: Target(s) Message Spells Message spells enable witches to communicate over vast distances by supernaturally sending messages across space. Usually, the message requires a personal belong of the target's to contact them. Message Spell: A spell that is able to send messages across space by destroying a message with fire only to be transported and appear to the intended recipient. Bonnie's Incantation: Unknown Genevieve's Incantation: Prend ce message ce au le centre se levant. Cassie and Rebekah's Incantation: Vain se message sa a le main sur la vain. Freya's Incantation: Touve mon se kavo. Touve mon se kavo. Requirements: Traditional (Bonnie) / Ancestral (Genevieve/Cassie) Magic, Possession of the target (i.e. strands of hair, personal belongings etc.) Warning Spell: A spell that allows a witch to send a message or a warning to their target. Directions: The spell must be performed by drawing power from the candle's flames. In order to send a message to the target, a witch must write the symbols with salt. The same symbols will then be carved as a wound into the target's wrist. The spell is bound by a candle's flame, therefore, when that flame is extinguished, the target's wound will disappear. Devinette: A mystical riddle that Witches use to teach their children, it manifests as tattoo-like writing on the subject's skin. Once the subject solves the riddle the writing disappears. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Ancestral Magic Offensive Spells Offensive spells, like Curses and Hexes, allow witches to attack or cause harm to somebody commonly in a more direct and immediate way. They are widely used during combat situations and usually only lasts for as long as the spell is cast. Nature-Empowered Pain infliction Spell: Otherwise known as "Incantation of the Storm", is an extremely powerful spell that channels nature and the power of 100 witches, capable of killing an Original Vampire. When enacted, the spell summons a storm and inferno in addition to inflicting pain onto the target. Due to the spell's requirement of a massive amount of power, a witch could risk killing themselves in the process if they aren't too careful. Incantation: Phasmatos Infero Eseri Gratas, Disasustos Vom, Mas Pro Je Ta Sue Te. Victamas Veras. Phasmatos Tribum, Niha Sue Exilum, Disasustos Vom, Mas Pro Je Ta Sue Te. Levam, Mina Sue Te, Disasustos Vom, Mas Pro Je Ta Sue Te. Phasmatos Veras. Fes Matos Tribum, Mas Pro Tes Unum. Victas Ex Melam, Phasmatos Vanem. Mas Pro Je Ta Sue Te. Requirements: Power of 100 dead witches via Spirit Magic Pain Infliction Spell: A spell to induce pain or bodily harm. It is similar to the passive, non-verbal pain infliction power used by most witches albeit, a stronger, more forceful variation and done possibly when one requires it quickly but does not have the time for mental concentration to passively cast it. Qetsiyah's Incantation: Ah Sha Lana Olivia's Incantation: Phasmatos Pyrox Morsinus Illum... Kai's Incantation: Phasmatos superous em animi... Bonnie's Incantation: Phasmatos Morsinus Pyrox Allum The Hollow's Follower's Incantation: Arràcher soit je Traveler Pain Infliction Spell: A spell used by Travelers to inflict pain and, if persisted, to eventually knock out the target(s). Incantation: Evas Elabuk Estupey. Requirements: Collective Traveler Magic / A group of Traveler witches Telekinesis Spell: A spell to induce telekinesis. It is similar to the passive, non-verbal telekinetic power used by most witches albeit, a stronger, more forceful variation. Incantation: Motus / Phasmatos Motus Robix (Alternate) Kai's Incantation: Vodux Nora's Incantation: Phasmatos Motus Mary Louise's Incantation: Vido Oscar's First Incantation: Espirimus paratis! Oscar's Second Incantation: Aerodux Motus Vincent's First Incantation: Unknown Vincent's Second Incantation: Louvir Hope's Incantation: Dimiterre Hope's Second Incantation: Corporis impetu Lizzie's Incantation: Stella bun day Josie's Incantation: Passim Explosion Spell: The spell violently explodes all of the objects surrounding the target while telekinetically moving them towards the target at the same time. Incantation: Vados Chain-Breaking Spell: The spell will break the chains holding the witch. Incantation: Fractos Sleeping Spell: This spell renders the target instantly unconscious when cast. While more forms are non-verbal, variations and advanced forms can render targets in a comatose state for an undetermined amount of time. The spell can also be utilized in the form of a white powder. Olivia's Incantation: Phasmatos Somnus Hope's Incantation: Ad somnum Suffocation Spell: The spell which allows the caster to rapidly restrict the target's airways, stopping air from flowing and causing them to asphyxiate. Incantation: Lihednat Dolchitni. Requirements: Traveler Magic Traveler Acidic Blood Spell: A spell used by Travelers to raise the acidity level in the target's blood. Making it undrinkable even for vampires. Incantation: Osoarmavas ocre item otum et sine. Requirements: Traveler Magic Acidic Blood Spell: The spell will turn the blood of a person into acid. Incantation: Phasmatos navaro pulsus sanguinox. Bone Breaking Spell: The spell allows witches to violently crack the bones of a target. Incantation: Ossox / Phasmatos Ossox / Errox femus Alternate Incantation: Casser les os Qetsiyah's Desiccation Spell: An extremely powerful spell that's stops the heart of an immortal from working through magic alone. Blood will stop flowing and the body of the target will desiccate. Incantation: A vita ex alii, is ea po traho, adima disero. Requirements: Physical contact with the target's heart. Petrification Spell: An extremely powerful non-verbal spell enacted through sheer will and focus alone. It petrifies the target rapidly by clotting their blood and turning every bone, muscle and joint into stone. However, the spell as such is bound to the life of the caster. Requirements: Expression, Indomitable Will Repulsion Spell: An offensive spell that allows a witch to endow someone's skin with vervain-like effects, ensuring that any vampire who would come into physical contact with the victim would be burned. Incantation: Phasmatos extandas lomiano. Oscar's Subduing Spell: A powerful spell that can subdue several people by causing the ground to tremble, suffocate its targets and snapping their necks all at once on human, witch and vampire alike. Incantation: Espirimus Paratis Requirements: None Ancestral Pain Infliction Spell: A spell that is similar to the power of pain infliction, though it works on a somewhat larger scale, giving the casters the ability to subdue more vampires at a time and even those of older ages, who are commonly more resistant to aneurisms. Genevieve's Incantation: Radiamis. Bastiana's Incantation: Votre âme, l'ame boa. Genevieve's Second Incantation: Vamisa la visia. Vincent's Incantation: --TBA-- Vincent's Second Incantation: Passus doulé trèt... Requirements: Ancestral Magic Ancestral Mass Pain Infliction Spell: The spell commonly allows a witch to inflict pain on dozens of people at the same time, though it requires a massive amount of power, such as the unified ancestral power, charged in one witch. Incantation: Donn moi se la vroh kondu feh aila ra donn toi moi. Donn moi. Salacku tusdeh do. Vala. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Channeling the Ancestors Inferno Spell: The spell will invoke violent flames over a certain location and trap the residents inside. The witches light candles and chant over them until torches ignite and the flames are replicated over a home. Incantation: Fumée chaleur vicieux enfermé les vitres la bas. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, 3 French Quarter Elders, 4 Large cauldron like pillers to hold fire Sedation Spell: The spell will successful subdue the targets and knock them unconscious unless the target is too powerful. Incantation: Gadyen nan balans, gadyen nan la foi. Se pou nou fe sa yo dwe fe. Requirements: Ancestral Magic Poison Kiss: A simple enchantment enacted by a kiss. It was capable of temporarily incapacitating an Original Vampire. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Physical contact / Kiss the target Blood Poisoning Spell: The spell is performed by channeling the power of Dark Objects. It allows the witch to poison their own blood, which then successfully incapacitates a vampire as soon as they drink the said witch's blood Incantation: Averte insiguinae, a tor a ver. Directions: The spell is performed by crushing a handful of dried herbs and placing them in a bowl filled with white fluid. The witch then starts to chant, causing the bowl to spin rapidly. When the spell ends, the bowl's contents will be thoroughly mixed into a black, sludgy potion. Requirements: Different liquids, Assorted Herbs, Bowl of milky fluid, Dark Objects Blood Poisoning Revival Spell: A reversal spell to cure the blood of a victim of dark magic blood poisoning. This spell is powerful enough to effectively revive an Original Vampire, ending the original spell's hour of incapacitation early. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: The witch who originally cast the blood-poisoning spell. Heart Crushing Spell: The victim's heart will be crushed or eventually ripped out from their chest. The process however can be stopped by disturbing the witch who is performing the spell. Incantation: Le specto tre colo ves bestia. Sacrificial Telekinesis Spell: The spell allows a witch to telekinetically lift and throw a person or object with great force such as a Original Vampire. Incantation: Lec tare sel vipre. Requirements: Sacrificial Magic (powerful sacrifices) to empower the witch Desiccation Spell: An extremely powerful non-verbal spell that desiccates vampires with shear magical force. Incantation: Non-verbal Aphasia Spell: A spell that renders the target unable to speak, leaving them gasping for air as they struggle against the spell's effects. The spell will be released with a wave of the caster's hand. Alternate versions of this spell simulates the complete removal, or the sealing, of one's mouth. Alexis' Incantation: Unknown Hope's Incantation: Silencio Blinding Spell: An initially mild spell that begins as pin prick just behind the eyes that spreads in such intensity where the target would rather tear out their own eyes than endure further pain. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Unknown Neck-Snapping Spell: A powerful chant that allows a strong witch to simultaneously break the necks of multiple targets. Incantation: Me ne de qual suurentaa! Second Incantation: A cierta-- Requirements: None Restraintment Spell: A spell that can allow a witch to inflict a magical hold on her target, restricting them to a certain location or a kneeling position. It is capable of subduing strong beings, such as the original vampires. Emily's Incantation: Unknown Moroccan Incantation: Lem duree mohana Requirements: None Freya's Subduing Counter Spell: A spell with unknown effects; presumably it was either meant to release the magical hold over Rebekah or to subdue or even kill the desired target. Incantation: Gratuit fra lokk Requirements: None Crashing Spell: The spell allows a witch to telekinetically overturn objects as large as a heavy vehicle. Incantation: Sispann la agresè. Freya's Heart Extraction Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to telekinetically rip a victim's heart out from their chest. Incantation: Delfan eoten cor Requirements: None Sigil Restraintment Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to weaponized a drawn sigil to bind and weaken a target, restricting them to a kneeling position. It can be made further lethal with a blood boiling spell. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Sigil carefully crafted from potent elements Sigil Counter Spell: A spell used by the Ancestors to counter and unbind one from a sigil restraintment spell. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Ancestral magic and the Sigil Stink Spell: A spell that, as the name implies, creates an obnoxious odor in a small space. Incantation: Phesmatos is lucas odoray. Requirements: None Shock Wave Spell: A spell that can temporarily disable a target by inducing shock waves. Incantation: Fluctus inpulsa. Requirements: None Possession Spells Possession spells allow witches to manipulate the spirit of living or deceased beings by forcibly inserting or exorcising the spirit from the target body. It is shown that should the body die, the host will die too while the spirit of the possessor can jump into another body. However, some skilled witches can leave their host's bodies physically unharmed, though, at least with other witches, can leave them mentally unstable. Certain spells require the host's spirit to be suppressed, as an unwilling, powerful host can wake up and take back control of their body, imprisoning the possessing spirit within the host's mind. Spirit Possession Spell: A spell that allows a witch spirit to possess the living descendant of their bloodline when contact is attempted via a Séance. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Body for possession, Séance performed by living descendant (Bonnie) Body Possession Spell: A spell that is able to possess a person with the soul of someone else. The body which is to be possessed has to be unconscious and pumped with external blood from the possessing target. Incantation: Somno Ritum Per Dax Ritum. Requirements: Body for possession, Vials of blood Dispossession Spell: A spell that would reverse the effects of the Possession Spell. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Uenes Phasmatos Et Sonos. Ex Tutam Exum Lamia Matus. Requirements: 2 witches to perform the spell, Semi-circle of lit candles, Body of possessed, Body of subject, Dark Magic Esther's Possession Spell: A possession spell that allows the witch to possess another body, either from the living or from the dead. The spell is stronger than most possession spells, seeing as it allows the possessor witch to leave their host and enter another body, without the need to kill their previous host first. Spirit Transference Spell: A powerful spell that allows the witch to place the spirit of a person into the body of another and vice versa. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Raverus En Phasmatos Ex Sonos. Resistamus Et Veram Vatus. Raverus Phasmatos Ex Sonos. Requirements: Dark Magic Céleste's Possession Spell: A spell that allows the spirit of a deceased witch to jump from body to body. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Death of the witch's current host Spirit Reuniting Spell: The spell allows a witch to return a spirit jumping witch back to her original body, entrapping her within it. It was powerful enough to reconstitute an entire body from just its bones. Incantation: À ses restes, retourne au sol. Requirements: Bones of target, Anointing of skull with ash Esther's Spirit Transference Spell: The spell will be locked in the moment the hourglass is turned over. When the sand finally falls down, the target's soul will be "ripped" out of their body and placed into the body prepared through a vessel preparing spell. Directions: An egg-like shape is placed in the center of an altar and the hourglass is placed next to it. Turning over the hourglass will bind the spell and make it irreversible, though it can be counteracted, i.e. divert the spirit to another vessel. Possession Counteracting Spell: A spell that has to be performed at the exact moment as the possession spell that it's counteracting. The spell works by linking two hourglasses, one of the possession spell and the other of it's counter spell, therefore turned in reverse. Both the body of the vessel and the possessor will tremble violently, which will repel the spirit of the possessor from the vessel's body, sending it to another prepared vessel. Incantation: Scen ta Lum ves Victa per Vatis Imparret. Protection Against Possession: A spell that is able to prevent someone from being possessed by another spirit. It is performed by dipping the doll representing the target into an unknown mixture and flipping in around. Incantation: Se Protéger sa scandalum subsisto. Se pa toi inquia subsisto l'écoulement. Subsisto venenatis impedit l'écoulement. Requirements: Doll, Cauldron of unknown mixture, Circle of salt, Assorted herbs Vessel Preparation Spell: An ancient spell that is used to prepare another body to act as a host for a certain spirit. The byproduct of the spell is a vertical line of large pin-like pricks on the back. Incantation: Carama sae au... Requirements: A handful of herbs, The host Soul Branding Ritual: A ritual used to reveal if a person is being possessed by said branded spirit. In order to brand a certain person's soul, the spell requires an item blessed by the witch in question, such as a talisman and the sacrifice of a python. After the spell is completed, a distinct mark will appear on the back of the hand of whoever is inhabited by the marked spirit. The spell is rooted in dark sacrificial magic. Incantation: Aux sa ah ça le vous de le vous l'inspir non do set Requirements: Item enchanted by target witch, Sacrificial/Dark Magic (sacrifice of a python) Soul Relinquishment Spell: A powerful and ancient spell that allows a witch to resurrect someone from the dead by binding their soul to a talisman for protection. At the point of death, the soul deviates into the talisman where a witch is able to return it to the body, once healed. Incantation: Helbred brannsår, belaste hjerte, begin på nytt Requirements: Corpse, Salt, Freya's Talisman Soul Binding Spell: A spell that allows a witch to extract a target's soul and bind it to an object, usually a talisman, thus storing said target's soul in the talisman. Incantation: Yovara vimuna virael Second Incantation: Spasiti animam suam Requirements: Target, Talisman Essence Suppression Spell: A spell that is capable of suppressing the essence of a soul so that an invading or possessing spirit can inhabit the host unabated. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Host body to be put into a deep sleep Kenning Spell: A spell that allows a witch to enter the minds of others and using them as proxies, seeing through their eyes, talking through their mouths, controlling their actions and, if need be, grant them a fraction of their power. A powerful witch is capable of using it remotely on masses. Incantation: Unknown Passenger Spell: Common spell used by the Travelers to possess another in order to become a Passenger in someone else's body. Incantation: Jaryakat a zem. Daryeet acza. / Jaryakat is vido, ses malit vas. (Alternative) Activation Word: Vyjdi. Requirements: Traveler Magic, Physical contact with target Permanent Passenger Control Spell: A spell that grants a Passenger complete control over their host's body. It is performed by burning the Passenger's original body while chanting. Incantation: Dumi Porvo Vesthat Domo Etha Ani Oio Thomo. Requirements: Traveler Magic, The original body of the passenger Spirit Sealing Spell: A spell that when cast on one or another's body, the host's spirit will be permanently sealed within the body, preventing the removal of or insertion of another spirit until the host's death. The chest of the host body's will be marked with an ornate key-shaped scar that will symbolize the manifestation of this spell. Incantation: Lié cle vie la lumiere le sien lache. Requirements: The host body Soul Swap Spell: A spell that will transfer two spirits between bodies. Incantation: Phasmatos spiritus revertum corpus soelteros mentum mente Requirements: The host body and the body to swap souls between; two witches Dark Spirit Possession Spell: A spell that allows the spirit of a dark witch to possess another being, whether vampire or witch, and allows said spirit to retain the use of their magic and capable of using the host's abilities as well. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target Spirit Confinement Spell: A powerful spell that summons forth the possessing spirit from its host, splitting it into four pieces and confining it into four, immortal vessels, disempowering the spirit for as long as the four immortals remain separated. Incantation: Diviser ak konkeri. Chire apa ak po. Ak konkeri. Ak po... Requirements: Four Immortal Vampires, related by blood to the possessed target, and their blood; An intricate symbol of an unknown black powder formed a rhombus inscribed within a square and four runes drawn within the corners: Hagalaz (ᚺ), Thurisaz (ᚦ), Dagaz (ᛞ) and Othal (ᛟ). Each Mikaelsons positioned at the center of the side, between corresponding runes, i.e. Elijah, Kol, Rebekah, and Klaus, clockwise with respect to Hagalaz, Thurisaz, Dagaz and Othal. A single candle placed at each corner's edge, with each side lined with four dark objects. Within the rhombus, Hayley holding Hope, the possessed target. Each point of the rhombus just crosses the square's face, directing the portion of the spirit to its vessel. Bloodline Possession Spell: A spell that will transfer the spirit of a blood relative to another, so that when one dies, they will be able to possess a new host. Once the possession takes effect, a sigil will appear on the host's arm and, once complete, will indicate that the possession has become permanent. Incantation: Cencahua ezhuia, Cuauhtzicoa calpanpilli Requirements: Blood of the intended host, white, milky liquid Spirit Confinement Reversal Spell: A direct reversal spell to the Spirit Confinement spell. The spell summons forth pieces of a previously split spirit and confines the recently reunited, whole spirit to the casting witch's body, acting as the new vessel. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Vessels holding the Hollow's spirit (Four Immortal Vampires, related by blood to the possessed target) within a salt square, absent of bisecting designs. Their bodies are placed within the square, heads positioned at the corners. At the center of each side, four runes are drawn within the square: Hagalaz (ᚺ), Thurisaz (ᚦ), Dagaz (ᛞ) and Othal (ᛟ) and each Mikaelson positioned between corresponding runes, i.e. Kol, Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah counter-clockwise with respect to Othal, Hagalaz, Thurisaz, and Dagaz. Three candles are placed at each corner's edge, with each side, at its center, with a bowl of blood between two candles. Within the center of the square, seven candles are placed. Power Manipulation Spells Power Manipulation spells allow witches to manipulate the magic within a witch or object. They can transfer, cancel, add, subtract or most commonly, disrupt a source of magic, affecting its power. The affects of these spells are typically temporary with objects. Halting Spell: The spell stops the flow of a witch's magic, canceling out any spell that is being performed or magic that is being channeled. The spell can either be performed on the witch casting the spell or the person that is being channeled. Jonas' First Incantation: Relaxa rena! Jonas' Second Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Exum Sue, Redem Su Pas Quo. Silas' Incantation: Unknown Luke's Incantation: Phasmatos Fumos Extas Traveler Channeling Spell: One of the more powerful spells of Traveler Witches, the spell infuses the casting witch with a substantial amount of power with the use of doppelgänger blood, allowing the witch to channel the power of every single Traveler. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Traveler Magic, Doppelgänger Blood Magic-Relinquishment Spell: The spell allows a witch to freely give up their magic and placing its power into an object or person. Incantation: Oribos turai manecsitus. Orbiem. Oribos turai manecsitus. Orbiem Requirements: Physical contact with the object or witch where the magic will be stored or sent, respectively. Bonnie's Magic-Relinquishment Spell: The spell allows a witch to freely give up their magic by placing it into an object and sending it through to another dimension. Incantation: Sangina Mearma un magica Requirements: Physical contact with the object Magic-Reclamation Spell: The spell will reunite a witch who has relinquished their magic with it by holding the object in which they placed their power, by calling upon the elements of air and fire. Incantation: Lectos espiritox. Requirements: The object imbued with the witch's magic Siphoning Spell: A unique spell that can only be used in conjunction with Siphoning, allowing a siphoner-witch to absorb the magic of a certain spell or source of magic, granting them power. The unraveling of large spells releases energy that can cause wind storms and dissolve metal. Alternatively, they can siphon sources of magic and redirect it without absorbing the magic themselves. Kai's Incantation: Magia tollox de terras. Utera aso utox. Lizzie and Josie's Incantation: Magia tollox de terras. Solvo. Requirements: Physical contact with the earth holding the magic (Kai); Salt boundary spell and eight torches (Lizzie and Josie) Creating a Focus of Magic: A spell that allows a witch to channel a large amount of magic, creating a focal point of power. It can be used to attract untrained witches drawn to large sources of power such as newborn siphoners. It is implied that the spell can tax the user to the point of death when performed by one witch if magic is taken more that they can give. Incantation: Phasmatos sequitos in lucema infantesi mortuous. Venis ad vitur. Venis ad essendier. Factuo partis viventia. Sacrificial Channeling Spell: A spell that allows a witch to kill and channel the power and strength of a supernatural creature. The spell requires the sacrifice(s) to be placed within a symbol drawn on the ground. The process is normally fatal although in the case of Original Vampires, the spell desiccates them when enacted. Incantation: Symbole du masque et de l'ombre, embrace-toi. Embrace-toi. Requirements: Sacrificial Magic Disruption Spell: The spell will neutralize all forms of magic in a certain place exactly for one minute. This includes all forms of spells and magical objects. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: A circle of salt, 4 candles Over-Powering Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to channel a great amount of power from different sources and pass it onto an already strong power source in order to overload the witch channeling that power source. The targeted witch will then be forced to either break the link to their power source, which would leave them weakened, or die from the overwhelming power. Incantation: Los triforce comète. Los triforce comète. Requirements: Various sources of power to be channeled, such as the Dark Magic of Dark Objects or and Original through Sacrificial Magic Safe-house Spell: A powerful spell that uses a traditional blessing in conjunction with a disruption spell to to prevent the use of magic within the boundaries and form a barrier against anyone who wish to do harm upon a witch. It was powerful enough to last even after the caster's death and warrant Dahlia's wary. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Line of salt to dictate the boundary Moroccan Disempowerment Spell: A spell that allows a witch to disable the magic of other witches other than the caster within an area marked by bone totems in addition to, trapping a target within a boundary. Once activated, the hung totems begin to rattle. Incantation: Mithil rata dans hofos. Mithil rata dans hofos. Mithil rata dans hofos. Requirements: Bone Totems, Target Empowering Spell: A spell that allows one witch, as a spirit, to strengthen the magic of another witch. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Consent of the dead witch spirit Safe-House Disenchantment Spell: A powerful spell that wears away the protective magics of a spell that disables magic meant to do harm, thus allowing magic to flourish once again. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Six white candles, chalk hand prints Davina and Vincent's Disenchantment Spell: A powerful spell that disrupts and counters the effects of disruption magic. Incantation: Anpae kata sispann dife Requirements: Two or more witches Tapping into The Ancestral Well of Magic Spell: An extremely powerful spell that allows a non-ancestral witch to tap into and use the ancestral magic that is typically only granted by the ancestral spirits to the Regent. The spell is performed forcefully and requires a conduit between two planes of existence. Incantation: An et ne van ça le eu. Che ke ça le aun Requirements: Conduit between two planes (dead ancestral witch with a foothold) Sacrificial Empowering Spell: An extremely dark spell that calls for sacrificial magic to imbue the caster with incredible magic, though it requires the sacrifice of something that is "truly loved". The Sacrificial Magic Instruction manual details this specific spell and the sacrifices are not made to the Ancestors of New Orleans but something darker and far older. Presumably, a more potent form of this spell uses totems, personal artifacts, of it's victim that draws their life from them. Incantation: Donnez moi fortitudo, Apporte moi potestatem! Requirements: Totems for each target, Sacrificial Magic with a "true" sacrifice. Representational Totem Channeling Spell: A representational spell that uses a totem to represent a dark power. By channeling the totem, it allows one access to a witch spirit's magic, giving the caster knowledge otherwise not known. This spell also leaves the casting witch vulnerable to the spirit being called upon through the represented totem. Incantation: Din merkke otimo sekre Requirements: Representational Magic and Totem of the Witch Spirit Disempowerment Boundary Spell: A spell that is able to neutralize a witch's magic while bound within a small radius of intertwined vines. Once a witch enters the circle, they cannot leave on their own volition. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Vines Magic Bestowal Spell: A spell that bestows magic upon a Mother's unborn baby during her pregnancy. Incantation: Neltoca teoyohtica... Neltoca teoyohtica Requirements: Sage, bird feather Projection Spells Spells of Projection allows witches to manifest their consciousness outside of their bodies giving them varied forms and abilities, this is commonly referred to as Spirit or Astral Projection. Advanced forms of projection can (i.e. Teleportation, Bilocation and Dimensional Transcending spells) allow witches to travel between different planes of existence in addition to the manipulation of space around themselves or objects, i.e. localized teleportation. Known objects that have been teleported has typically been used to send a message; see Message Spells. Spirit Projection Spell: A spell that is able to transport the spiritual body of a person to another area within the world. However, whatever happens to the spiritual body of the witch will be inflicted on their physical form. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Es Tas Sue Sasta Nanse, Transum Viso. Mas Tenas Quisa, Nas Metam. Requires: Another witch to anchor their body The Other Side Transcending Spell: The spell stops the heart of the witch who is performing the spell to induce death, while tethering them to their body. This allows the witch to successfully enter the Other Side and even bring someone back with them if they are powerful enough. Incantation: Phasmatos Tribam, Mihan Veras Ractas, Mas Anima Mal Vita Caturam Hors. Suus Phasmatos Oproctum, E Tiamis Mihan Ractas, Somus Suster Gana. Phasmatos Tribam, Mihan Veras Ractas, Mas Anima Mal Vita, Caturam Hors. Somos Suster Gana, Phasmatos Tribam, Mihan Veras Ractas. Mas Anima Mal Vita, Caturam Hors. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victas, Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victas, Phasmatos Tribum, Mihan Veras Ractas. Mas Anima Mal Vita, Caturam Hors. Requirements: Dark magic Esther's Bilocation Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to be at two places at once and visit another location. If the witch is powerful enough, they can be conscious at both locations, in both body and soul. Incantation: Apparaitre apparebis. Requirements: Object - binding agent/power source, Sage Mindscape Transcending Spell: The spell allows a person about to transcend into another form of reality (such as a subconscious mind) to take a physical object with them, by somehow penetrating their skin with said object. Requirements: Person stabbed by the object Incantation: Lamina ferri in Mentem Localized Teleportation Spell: The spell allows a witch to teleport from one place to another. Incantation: Non-verbal Requirements: None Astral Projection Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to project their visible, astral form of their consciousness across vast distances such as to other continents. The spell also allows a witch to practice witchcraft in their astral body and even carry the form of another person with them if they are strong enough through physical contact. This particular spell also granted intangibility of the astral form. Freya's Incantation: Sang bis najit trouver. Sang bis najit trouver. Sang bis najit trouver. Hope's Incantation: Demitte moi, demitte moi. Ivy's Incantation: Voye à sa fille. Requirements: Candles, Sage, Map, Hanging Spindle, Crystals (Freya); Six Candles, Salt / chalk Circle, Herbs (specifically Violets for protection, Myrrh for meditation, and Acacia for focus), Water (Hope) Instructions: A chalk circle is drawn around the place of meditation to contain the witch's magic and energy. A plummet is used to dangle above a map to pinpoint the witch's desired location for the projection to be successful. Ancestral Plane Transcending Spell: A powerful yet simple suspension spell performed in a circle of salt, that allows a witch to gain access to the Ancestral Plane by stopping their heart with poison, or by other means, while the spell keeps them from permanent death as long as they maintain physical contact with a living person, serving as their life link. In order to return to the mortal plane, the witch is required to be at the place of the spell. There are two known loopholes to this spell. First, should an original vampire's spirit die within a witch and consecrated to the ancestral plane, with this spell they will be able to temporarily return. The second, non-witches (i.e. vampires) can be given access through living, blood relatives that are New Orleans witches. Davina's Incantation: Unknown Vincent's Incantation: Préserver a la vie nu. Harvest Girls' Incantation: Unknown Vincent's Second Incantation: Prezéve lyen lavi nou Requirements: Candles, Circle of Salt/black sand, Life-Link, Poison, Dark Magic; Salt circle iwith four candles on the exterior and four black rocks/gems situated on the interior, being that is neither living nor dead (Ivy in transition) , witch (Vincent) Davina's Spirit Projection Spell: A spell that is able to transport the spiritual body of a person to another area within the world allowing that form to be unnoticeable to any other being. Incantation: Mai tu mai lai, mai tu mai lai. Requirements: Unknown herbs, Iron powder, Candle Protection Spells Protection spells allow witches to provide protection to a target as a sort of insurance. Protection can vary based on the user's requirements however, most protection spells seen thus far have been used against immediate death. They can come in the form of enchantments such as a daylight ring's protection against sunlight. Protection spells do come with restrictions such as one use per spell or protection from a specific form of death (burning from sunlight, supernatural death etc.) most likely due to nature's rule that all living beings must die. Thus, it is highly likely that protection spells do not cover natural death (old age). It is highly possible protection spells protect the soul and prevents one from truly dying as they are done beforehand in anticipation of danger/immediate death and dying before casting said spell would require a resurrection spell. Injury Protection Spell: The spell protects a target, such as a a human, from injuries, even going as far as to allow the body to quickly recover from damaging magical attacks by a witch. Incantation: Unknown Protection Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to prevent themselves from permanently dying and/or from the soul from moving on after "death". Casting said spell allows them to resurrect should they meet certain doom. However, it appears to be a one time deal and have to be cast again should they wish to continue avoiding death. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Spirit Magic / Power from 100 witches (Bonnie), Ancestral Magic (Céleste) Expression Protection Spell: The witch can protect anyone from permanent death simply by focusing. It was cast non-verbally by setting beakers of rock salt on fire. With a possession of the target's, the witch connects to them and allows them to resurrect should they meet certain doom . However, it appears to be a one time deal and have to be cast again should she wish to continue avoiding death. Requirements: Expression, Rock Salt, Possession of target Qetsiyah's Daylight Protection Spell: A powerful enchantment placed upon an area that prevents vampires within to be unharmed by the sun. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Set building Protection Counter Spell: A counter spell to reverse the affects of a protection spell. Incantation: Ut non zna samo bol Requirements: Target Compound Protection Spell: A representational spell used to protect a location from harm or malicious intent. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Circle of salt, Representation magic (castle figurine to represent the Compound) Protection Totem Creation Spell: A blue, glowing, crystalline-like orb that is spelled to augment a witch's magic while it protects them from permanent death, should the witch be killed. As an empowered magical totem, it can also be used to bind certain spells, though when destroyed, the bound spells will be undone. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Crystalline Orb Resurrection Spells Resurrection spells allow witches to restore a dead being to life, returning the spirit back to its body. They are a violation of the Natural Order of life and death and may come with consequences. Even then, they usually require a massive amount of power and are considered among the hardest feats of magic, performable only by the strongest of witches. Bonnie's Resurrection Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to raise a person from the dead. However, the person who is brought back from death will be cursed with the ability to see ghosts on the Other Side as a consequence. Incantation: Victus Phasmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victus. Victus Phasmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victus. Requirements: Spirit Magic / Power of 100 dead witches Bonnie's Resuscitation Spell: A spell used to revive a person immediately after death such as from cardiac arrest. Incantation: En Dugas, Tuas, Animos Expression Resurrection Spell: A powerful spell that utilizes the extremely dark and potent magic of Expression to resurrect the body of the deceased. As such, this magic uses the indomitable will of the witch to make the manifestations of their will a reality. Requirements: Expression, Target, Indomitable will Magic Combination Resurrection Spell: An extremely powerful spell that defies the will of Nature by combining powerful magic from the Spirits, the Darkness and Expression in order to resurrect a person. Incantation: Phasmatos revenios un Animum. Phasmatos revenios un Animum. Phasmatos revenios un Animum. Requirements: Spirit, Dark and Expression Magic, Indomitable will Resurrection Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to raise oneself or another person from the dead. Particularly if the Veil to the Other Side has been lowered, a witch can cast the spell to make them a living, breathing mortal, seemingly without consequence. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Lowered Veil The Choosing, Harvest and Reaping Rituals: A three part, in-depth ceremony where four French Quarter Witches are chosen and sacrificed, the Choosing and Harvest, respectively. The final part of the colloquially called Harvest Ritual ends with the previously four sacrificed witches being resurrected by the Ancestors at the request of the Elders performing the ritual. The Harvest Invocation: Our magic fades as our ties to our ancestors weaken over time. We beseech them, accept this offering as a sign of our faith. To be born, you must sacrifice. Do you have faith? The Reaping Invocation: After the Harvest comes the Reaping. Their sacrifices made and accepted. We call upon our Elders to resurrect their chosen ones. Vincent's Incantation: Resisite chonje vos elus. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, specifically a French Quarter Elder Witch Harvest Hijacking Spell: A powerful spell that deviates the immense power of the Harvest ritual to the caster, to be used however she pleases. The power is then able to do one of two things: To resurrect a total of three other witches from the Ancestral Plane and/or to be bestowed onto the caster, empowering her further. Incantation: Sacré sang du père. Sacré coeur de la mer. Donnez-moi, donnez-moi. Requirements: Ancestral Magic, Poppet filled with blood To Pass Through the Anchor: A spell that allows passage from the Other Side (via the Anchor to the Other Side) to the physical plane. Incantation: Ohto Eestanay As Vazat Esvet Ohnaz Eespalit. Directions: Because of the massive power needed to perform the spell, the Travelers channeled the magical power of blood of the last two surviving doppelgängers. Requirements: Death of a Number of Travelers, Physical Contact with Anchor, Spell Genevieve's Resuscitation Spell: The spell allows a Ancestral witch to revive a target that has recently stopped breathing. It is powerful enough to combat the Poppet Death Curse. Incantation: Coeur blessé, battre avec mwen. Requirements: Ancestral magic, Poultice made from Chamomile, Gris-gris pouch, Salt, Herbs Esther's Resurrection Spell: An extremely powerful spell, created by Esther a 1000 years ago, used to bring a person back from the dead. The spell gains it's power by a witch channeling the energy of a Nexus Vorti, an event so infrequent that it is almost miraculous. Incantation: La cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie. De la cendre à l'os, de la chair à la vie. From ash to bone, from bone to flesh, from flesh to life. Requirements: Circle of chalk or salt, Target's ashes, Nexus Vorti Davina's Resurrection Spell: A convoluted spell that is implied to be capable of resurrecting a spirit from the Ancestral Plane. It utilizes the magical practice of representational magic, fueled by dark and sacrificial magic, in order to raise the dead. Incantation: An Toi Lem, Briggitte Bratti... Requirements: Ancestral Magic, 6 Black candles, 3 red candles, 2 sacrificed birds in a salt circle, Runic symbols (+4) around the salt circle, Practice of Representational Magic utilizing Dark and Sacrificial Magic, Paragon Diamond Ancestral Resurrection Spell: A powerful spell used to resurrect a spirit from the Ancestral Plane using the collective power of the Ancestors. If the body has been destroyed, reconstituting the body of the target by means of turning ash and soil to flesh and bone will be required. Subsequently, the target rises from the hardened soil. Davina's Incantation: Fian en che en kanu! Fian en che en kanu! Fian en che en kanu! Fian en che en kanu! Van's Incantation: Respire là vie corpore! Respire là vie corpore! Respire là vie corpore! Requirements: Circle of salt, Target's ashes, Soil, Water, Sum total power of the Ancestors Life-Force Control Spell: A powerful spell that allows a witch to either induce death in the target or to resuscitate someone who has died within six minutes. Incantation: Phasmatos sanguine infudare corra. Requirements: Physical Contact with the Target Traditional Resurrection Spell: A spell used to resurrect dead bodies, presumably requiring the presence of the Other Side. Incantation: Phasmatos exaud mi, conjug spiritis et corpe. Shamanistic Resurrection Ritual: A powerful spell that can allow a witch to resurrect a target whose spirit was previously trapped and bound to the Phoenix Stone by locating the spirit in the stone and connecting them with their body. Not specifying the target's name can result in resurrecting an unknown spirit in the targeted body. Incantation: Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan. Oshawas (or name of the target) melunaweh washaset zagoedan. Requirements: The Phoenix Stone, The Deceased's Corpse, Invoking the Target's Spirit Moroccan Resurrection Spell: A powerful, and dangerous resurrection spell of great complexity crafted by the Moroccan Witch. Incantation: Le sang des deux frères, les cendres de leurs morts. Le sang des deux frères, les cendres de leurs morts Requirements: Target's ashes, Blood of two siblings, Circle of salt, Runes, Nexus Vorti Ritualistic Resurrection Spell: A ritual that utilizes a minimum of six witches to heal the deceased body of a fellow witch, of all harmed that previously came to it, and resurrect them using their blood and bone totems. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target's body, Blood from the casting witches Sacrificial Resurrection Spell: A powerful spell that uses the sacrifice of a powerful being, such as an Original Vampire and their sireline or a witch, in order to resurrect a deceased witch, or other being, whom is in spirit form, by reconstituting the body from the target's remains. The Hollow's Incantation: Yoli conepiya miquilizti Freya's Incantation: Verha hel igjen Requirements: Target's remains, Sacrificial Magic; Blood from the casting witches and the target's blood; Sage, Talisman (housing the spirit) The Hollow's Resurrection Spell: A powerful spell used to resurrect a spirit, even from the Ancestral Plane. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Powerful Magic Transference Spells Transference spells allows witches to dispatch the spell bound from one medium onto another, granting the latter its magical properties. The nature of said spells can vary although most are made up of curses. Anchor Transference Ritual: The ceremony will successfully replace the current anchor of the supernatural purgatory with another person or supernatural entity . If the next anchor is a spirit of a deceased, they will be given a foothold in the living plane, though they will remain dead, thus giving the deceased spirit the power to interact with both planes of existence. Incantation: Im A Pran Khos Suptia Jhem Ai Pada Khe Rassatam. Im A Pran Khos Suptia Jhem Ai Pada Khe Rassatam. Im A Pran Khos Suptia Jhem Ai Pada Khe Rassatam. Ai Pada Se Rassatam. Ai Pada Se Rassatam. Ai Pada Se Rassatam. Ai Pada Se Rassatam. Requirements: Massive source of power (celestial events/doppelgänger), Personal belonging of the next anchor, Talisman (Qetsiyah), Traveler Magic (presumably) Phoenix Scar Transference Spell: This spell can be used to transfer the curse mark of the Phoenix sword to a living blood relative. Incantation: Sanguinem cicatrix ex cor pario. sanguinem cicatrix cambitas Requirements: Blood Relative Hex Transference Spell: This spell used the practice of representational magic to transfer an unwanted spell inflicted upon the target onto a clay doll. It, however, was unable to reverse the effects of a powerful death curse. Incantation: Voltre mezino cadau. Voltre mezino cadau. Requirements: Golem Dark Object Transference Spell: This spell was used to take the enchantment infused in a Dark Object to be placed onto another object, granting them its specific magical properties. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Target object Huntress Life-Force Transference Spell: This spell will transfer the remaining life from the huntress to a desired target. The spell will also grant the new huntress all the qualities of the previous hunter, such as super strength and the drive to hunt and kill vampires. The Shaman's Plea: Hear me, Great Spirit. Hear me. We call upon you in this moment of need. One has come before you. For many lifetimes as your servant, your vengeance. Let her journey end. Let another take her remaining years. Let another take up her burden. Requirements: Target's (The New Huntress) Blood, Rayna (Current Huntress), Shaman Descendant who cast the original spell. Sacrificial Anchor Transfer Spell: A spell to transfer the anchored life-force of a sacrificial spell to that of another being, such as a vampire. Incantation: Mare leurs esprit. Requirements: Sacrificial Anchor; Target intended to be transferred to Cycling Spell: A temporary spell used to transfer or offload the effects of darkness from one's mind to that of another, effectively clearing their mind. Incantation: Unknown. Requirements: Afflicted person, several large candles, five small candles, various colored liquids, unknown herbs, sage smudge stick, white powder, and white crystal Used by: In When The Saints Go Marching In, Freya mentions that Ivy had once told her of this spell while looking for a way to end the Hollow. Having found the blue binder in which Ivy kept the spell, Freya performed the spell on Klaus and Elijah to 'channel' the Dark Magic of the Hollow into Elijah so that Klaus could say his goodbyes with a clear mind. The Unknown Spells The spells listed below have occurred though no specific function has been defined. The assumptions are based on the facts that lead up to and shortly thereafter about their purpose. Talisman Locator Spell: A spell that utilizes a witch's own blood to locate a personal artifact of theirs, such as a Talisman. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Many Candles, Witch's Blood Protection Spell: A spell that attempted to block a curse and to prevent death through magical means. Incantation: Unknown Requirements: Candles, Unknown Beaded Bracelet Empowerment Spell: A spell that, seemingly, is used to amplify a witch's magic. Incantation: Pouvwa domini nostri Requirements: The Sacrificial Magic Instruction Manual
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