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Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

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Things have changed. We have changed.

Earth is lost to us, but even in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, we grow, evolve and even prosper. We have witnessed the death of our mother and the birth of a new era.

In what might have been the end, the synthesis of biology and technology proved our salvation. Augmentation, ranging from basic genetic manipulation to Apotheosis, set us on the path of prosperity. But it also emphasized the importance of identity, individual humanity, and the purity of the species.

The loss of Earth and the resulting Exodus gave us an opportunity to start over with a clean slate. And we seized it.

Though the need for organization, stability and a reliable government was clear, the old ways were seen by most as archaic, clumsy and too prone to corruption.

It was time for a new way… a Nova Praxis.

Today, social networks allow the will of the people to be measured instantly, accurately and without the need for representation. The Coalition, guided by the collective voice of its people, has established new homes on worlds lit by new suns. Molecular assembly technology has made it possible for society to provide a quality of life never before imagined, at essentially no cost, to everyone.  And we are virtually immortal.

But can this would-be Utopia last?

Corruption in the Coalition government fosters decay from within. The Houses, our benefactors and patrons, run shadowy networks of intrigue, espionage and assassination. Apostates, non-citizens, condemn those who would trade their privacy for the Coalition’s false security. Remnants of Earth’s old governments wage an unrelenting guerilla war on Coalition forces. Ideological extremists commit acts of terror using the latest horror to spring from a factory or test tube…

And the value of a human soul is weighed and measured in lines of code.

Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

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  2. I will no longer be running this game. I will leave it active if anyone wishes to take it up let me know and i will ask Matt to change moderators
  3. Vaughn decided to move up to the entrance way, but not directly enter. If there was a trap, he would see what the tripwire was. Kwon really was playing up the whole unapologetic master of life and death shtick. Really, there was being free from corporeal constraints, and then there was lunacy.
  4. Ryan declined, "No thank you, I'm good for now." He took in the extremely well appointed room, and smiled, not that anyone could tell. "You do quite well for yourself to have such a nice place. My own place is much more spartan." he waited for Jordan to return, instead striking up a conversation with her partner. He let Vaughn do his work, trusting that he'd share any info he got once he was done, and because he really couldn't to all that much to help him. "So, how long have you been on the Force, Detective?" It was an innocuous question to start with.
  5. "Oh I'm done. Chuck it out at your leisure. Might be good to download its memory and instructions first, but we'll need the captain's okay on that. I don't have anywhere to put that much data on me." The ship shuddered, and Anna quickly took hold of one of the bulkheads. "This might not be the best time to ask though."
  6. The power-armored marine froze in place, featureless visor giving nothing away as she processed the thought of hundreds of nanite-forged drones pulling themselves out of the hull like fungi if this thing had managed to kill them, leaving the ship with just enough internal workings to slam into another colony and repeat the process anew. Eventually she managed to suck in a breath and get her mental feet back under her. Damned Apostates. "Try and finish up your examination quickly then. We're chucking this thing out an airlock at the nearest star before it repeats that trick if you don't mind," Volkov replied softly, shifting her grip on the spear so that it's shimmering bladed tip was pointed back at the murderous drone.
  7. Maverick shrugged. "It's dead. Justice is served as far as I'm concerned. Though..." She hunkered down over the 'body,' and poked at it, frowning. For a moment Anna looked back up at the nearby bulkhead, then back at the synth. "You know, this thing didn't have a mindset, but...yeah. This plating here came from the Ginger Snap. It's the same metal." Anna leaned forward and pulled the sensor cluster of the thing's 'head' to the left, exposing a deep set of scratches in its chassis. "This is the same one as before. The one you said you killed. It's not a different one...it came back on, repaired itself with stuff from the ship."
  8. The apartment was a corner unit halfway up a mid-rep residential tower. It's a modest place, it's open floor plan making the apartment seem bigger than it actually was, areas defined by the placement of furniture and area rugs over the hardwood floor. The furniture was generally low, fashioned of curved polished metal and glass and rugged fabric, softened with what appeared to hand knitted accessories, judging by the rattan basket filled with needles and yarn. The apartment was largely decorated in muted shades of blues and greys, enlivened by splashes of color, red or green. Digital frames displayed scrolling Martian landscapes, mostly from Helios and Olympus. Everything was well appointed, clean, and in its place from apparent habitual dedication. By the kitchenette area stood a high quality personal compiler unit. Floor to ceiling smart-windows made up one wall of the the apartment and the upper half of another, which led out to a narrow terrace. A low half-wall sectioned off what seemed to be an office or work area and a long silken screen patterned with abstract blossoms and wild animals gave her bedroom area some privacy. Ryan wondered how Kurosagi could afford such on a Detective salary. The trip across the dome had been uneventful. The two cops had been silent during the transport and Ryan had been following Vaughn internally. The manifested bird flew across the digital landscape and after what seemed like hours but was merely a second, Vaughn found himself circling what was an impressive sight. A forbidding black tower rising into the sky. It looked like something from a fantasy story. He imagined that armies of orcs and elves battling at it's foot would not be out of place. he studied the edifice and spied what could only be a purposeful entryway, an open invitation or a trap. As soon as they arrived at the apartment Anselmo went to the wet and began puring a couple of drinks as an after thought he asked Rick if he wanted anything. Jordan meanwhile had accessed the chip and didn't take long to find whatthe RO wanted her to find. All of the bodies in the 1st car had been clones. Including the little girl, not only that but none of them were more than 24 hours old, and all of the recovered cores were mirrors of the same core, that of the mind of Kwon.
  9. Volkov waited a heartbeat or three, just in case the thing was waiting for Maverick to withdraw her swarm before rising, magnetically clipping her rifle to her back as she dropped her cloak and shimmered back into full visibility. Out came the spear from her belt and a faint series of clacks presaged it's extension to it's full length. The armored redhead took a reverse grip on the polearm, ready to use it as a lever to force the zombie onto it's ruined stomach. Before she got to that bit of physical labor though, she prodded the synth's neck with the butt of the spear as one last precaution, finally relaxing enough to speak aloud, "If this... thing has a chip like I think it does, I'd like to take it back with me when I go home. This creature and it's brood need to face Coalition justice. That okay with you?"
  10. "Looks like the derelict had a stowaway that Jericho missed, and got onto this ship..." Maverick paused to let the gunshots go off, making a mental note that Volkov took the lesson of 'being sure' very...very...seriously. "...or if you mean why did it suddenly stop moving and just let you shoot it, that was me." She wiggled her fingertips, waving hello. "I cracked its security and locked it in a diagnostic loop at what might charitably be called an inopportune moment." The black fog of her esper swarm clustered around her arms again, and vanished into the tiny ports built into them. "I, uh, think you got it. Lets pull the brainbox and see what we can salvage."
  11. Even as she asked the question, Madeline reloaded her rifle and noted the likely spots where a combat synth would likely have a back up system. That had been too easy. No way this godless shell was dead in just 2 shots from her weapon. Much as she'd like to claim otherwise, somethings wouldn't die that easily to anything less than a heavy frame's primary armament. No. In the case that you lacked something like that, you needed to take steps. You double-tapped. Madeline pulled the trigger at an intact looking potential back up system on the unmoving shell and let the vibration echo through the hull. You triple-tapped. Madeline pulled the trigger at an intact looking potential back up system on the unmoving shell and let the vibration echo through the hull. You quadruple-tapped. Madeline pulled the trigger at an intact looking potential back up system on the unmoving shell and let the vibration echo through the hull. The Protectorate Marine frowned as she ran out of targets on the robot's ventral side. Damn it. If the zombie was playing dead, it was playing dead really really well, and she'd have to walk over there and flip it over to finish her six-fold vengeance against it. That had been too easy.
  12. The round flew true, the bullet hit and the world lurched throwing Volkov, Anna, and the droid crashing first to the ceiling then to the floor as the ships gravity fluctuated and the inertial compensators stressed... The 'Snap collided with the still descending Ataraxia with a bone wrenching jolt. In the 'Snaps cockpit Jericho snapped the Grappling clamp trigger, latching the two vessels together once again, and with the other threw the 'Snaps thrusters into over-drive putting incredible stress on the two ships in an attempt to avoid crashing into the moon surface only a few kilometers away! Volkov recovered as gravity restored and rolled into a crouch bringing her rifle to bear on the robot form against the far bulkhead. She hesitated, the mechanical wasn't moving, seemed lifeless. beside her Anna moaned as she righted herself and looked at the robot as well. "What happened?"
  13. The Crossroads, to... Sure, Savants like Vaughn were near mythical too, but that didn't mean he was going to go chasing after the Source, something that after all didn't work on his terms just to solve one case. He turned, walked out the door and then off into a side street. Vaughn faded out and returned to his private space. Quickly, he wrote an investigation program, taking the form of, to not pun too much, a briefing form which he closed into a folder and reached out to place in the hands of the ever-ready Smiley. That could dig up information on Yolanda Mannerheim while he took a look at this Necromancer's fortress.
  14. The creature froze in place, held upright on it's collection of mismatched limbs, and that moment of apparent hesitation from the abomination allowed her that extra few hearbeats needed to sink deeper into the now and bring her weapon back up it cycled into firing readiness once more. Inside her helmet, Madeline timed her breathing to negate it's affect on her steady, gentle trigger pull, weapon tip locking in the wound she had already inflicted on the zombie's shell. As lightning blessed the projectile towards it's target with divine wrath and the brutality of raw momentum, the Protectorate Marine caught sight of Anna's swarm of espers and came to an instant conclusion as to the 'why' of the monster's hesitation. If Anna had the eyes to see through the armor's cloaking effect, she would have seen Volkov nod her chin slightly in thanks, even as the round impacted and the marine started to ready another shot.
  15. "Good boys," Anna whispers to her espers, and focuses her concentration on the hulking synth shell currently bending the bulkheads in front of her. She wasn't sure offhand if it was automated or had a mindset, and right now it didn't matter. She just needed to keep it from moving to give Madeline a clear shot to finish it off. In her augmented-reality senses, she saw her agent persona dive out and slip across the room and loop crazily around their attacker. Meanwhile Anna's mindset bristled with data being exchanged; the real battlefield was data and encryption and subverted programming code. If l'outre could break through this thing's secured systems, all she had to do was issue a simple instruction. Stop. A massive-caliber railgun round would do the rest.
  16. Jericho puts all power into the drive and with one hand preps the docking clamps while the other make minute adjustments to keep the plummeting Ataraxia in his sights. ********* The two humans dodge to opposite sides of the wide corridor each unleashing their own brand of hell on the momentarily shaken adversary. Volkov's expertly aimed sniper round catches the thing in the upper chest and shoves it back appendages scrambling to maintain balance, the gaping smoking hole now emitting sparks. Anna's wild shots find their mark in a shower of steel but do not penetrate instead shattering and ricocheting off the thing's armor. But the wild shots did catch it's attention and the shoulder mounted particle weapon fired at Ana. The swarm does it's job and the robots aim is diffracted and the beam goes wide burrowing into the bulkhead.
  17. "You didn't give me a thing," Jordan replied laconically, lips twisting wryly as the RO walked away, tucking the data chip surreptitiously into her long coat. The curvaceous detective sashayed back to her partner and pair of impromptu deputies. She gave them a bland look, debating what to reveal, then sighed. Keeping things secret with them involved would just be counter productive. "The twists just keep on coming. The investigation has been shuttered and whitewashed here, which likely means the same thing is going to happen to ours. So, Anselmo, I think we're going to make ourselves scarce at the station for while. Let's go, guys. Luckily, we still have something to pursue, which we'll have to do without using official Centurion resources." She gave them a dry smirk. "We might be able to get some unofficial help if it becomes absolutely necessary." If they did that, their own investigations would be derailed all the sooner. She took in her squad in a glance and nodded towards door. "Back to the skiff. We'll... head to my apartment for now, unless any of you have a better suggestion."
  18. Anna would have reflected to herself that it was a damn fine thing that the gravity had come back on when it did. That fighting this thing in zero-G, possibly after being ambushed by it, would not have gone well. She would have, if the fight-or-flight regions of her amygdala were not frantically firing. With a squeak of treads on smooth ship flooring, she jinked sideways away from Madeline, firing her PDW from the hip as she ran for a stack of crates off to one side. The bullets from her weapon spattered against the creature's hide, though she couldn't tell if they'd actually HURT the thing. Hopefully Maddie's much more powerful gun would get this thing's attention. Maverick had much better weapons than guns at her disposal, but it'd take a second to make it happen.
  19. The Cobbler shook his head, "I have told you all I know, you will have to go to the Source, if you want more. you should go now." The cobbler went to the front door and locked it and put up a closed sign in the window then he walked behind his counter and went through and opening into the rear of the shop. Vaughn followed but when he reached the back of the shop it was empty. Vaughn cursed under his digital breath. The Source was a near mythical data node made up of hundreds or thousands of AI. They had come into existence after man fled earth and bartered for data with data. They were the filter through which everything flowed. Only problem, you had to give up something to deal with them, and what you gave up was never your choice. The trip back to the station had been strained but as soon as they arrived Jordan recived a call to come to the morgue. There they found the Ro with a very nervous expression. He met them in the hall way outside the office and in a low voice spoke to Jordan eyeing the others warily. "I got shut down this whole investigation has been classified and I had to turn the remains over to Government Security."he passes Jordan a data chip. "I didn't give you this." Without another word he goes back into the office shutting the door behind him.
  20. No gravity to gravity shifts were old hat to Madeline, less so her target tracking her movement even as it got to it's feet. Well, shit. She'd have hoped for her cloak to buy herself the opportunity to take her time on at least on shot. Hopefully her sole-remained back up proved more competent than she had so far. For a heartbeat she considered switching her weapon to it's silenced setting, but the vision of this zombie's sibling tearing through her entire squad without a scratch buried that idea before it could give it's birth cry. Better a dead Gingersnap than a live monster. She swung up her heavy rail rifle, inhaled and snapped off her shot, the hypersonic slug exploding towards her target, blue eyes tracking it's progress behind her featureless helmet and cloaking field.
  21. They arrived at the ladder it went up and down Jericho mumbled something the others couldn't make out. "What?" asked Anna "I said dammit Penny is having to fight Moxie and get control of the Ataraxia, she can't do both, not in the time she has. I have to do something. You two go after that thing I'm going to the bridge to save my daughter." The Apostate said as he push passed the two women and jumped up onto the ladder and started going up to the bridge. "Perfect," said Volkov, "Looks like it's just you and me." Then she jumped into the ladder and pushed herself down with her weapon pointed in the direction of her fall. Anna cursed and followed. Jericho made it to the bridge without incident. He knew a thing or two about space ships and everything had been set to standby while they had been hauling the 'Snap, with a few button pushes he had the power recycling and cut in the gravity thrusters and manually took the controls and put her into a dive to catch the Ataraxia! When the gravity shifted Volkov and Anna had just reached the engineering deck, Jericho had warned them over the suit radios of the G shift so they had been prepared. The Assassin had not had any warning and so was not prepared. With a crash it fell to the deck from its upside down perch on what was now the ceiling, where it had been waiting it's cannons primed and ready to blast the two humans coming down the shaft. As it slammed into the deck it's guns went off scarring the walls with the misplaced shots. quickly it righted itself.
  22. The Crossroads "What does he want?" Vaughn pressed though. The comment by the Cobbler annoyed him. He might not be 'the smartest' but he knew how to handle any challenge coming his way. Besides, he was on the clock, and his clients were the ones pressing for answers. "Is he still taking dives back into meat-bodies?"
  23. "Penelope, I trained you for this," he said calmly into his mic. "Dad, I-," there was a silence that seemed laced with sobs of worry. With a sniffle her voice seemed calmer, but no less worried. "I'll see you soon, Dad. I'm sorry." "Don't be sorry," he replied. "Be better. Follow your training." "Let's get moving," Jericho said. He floated, unconcerned with the lack of gravity. Gravity or no, they still had a job to do. He reached out and gripped the ceiling where a conduit pipe ran across its length. There was a creaking sound as his cybernetic hand gripped the pipe and bent it slightly. He straightened himself against the lack of gravity. "Focus up." He pulled himself along the ceiling, 'throwing himself' several feet at a time down the corridor. If he was worried about his daughter, he didn't show it.
  24. Shit...this is NOT what I signed up for, Anna thought furiously to herself. The ship was supposed to have been secure! There wasn't time to bitch about it now though. They had to survive first. "We have to restore power to the Ginger Snap," she said. "Engineering deck. And it'll probably figure we're going there, so..." Still spinning slowly in midair, Maverick got her coilgun out. Not the little holdout pistol, but the bullpup PDW. It wasn't a particularly menacing looking weapon, but it was accurate, had a high rate of fire, and enough punch to chew through personal armor. Probably not enough against this thing, but you never knew. "Buzzy, wake up." The 'wasp' drone unfolded from its recharging node on the shoulder of her armor and came free, awaiting orders. Anna held out a hand. "Push me over to the wall, big guy, then follow ten meters back and make sure nothing's coming up behind us." In a gravity well, the thrust produced by the tiny drone would barely have been felt, but in zero G it gave her a slow impulse over to the wall of the Ginger Snap's corridor. From there she could use handholds to pull and push herself along. It then whisked back to watch their asses. But since they were now officially being stalked by something that would probably get the jump on them at some point...it paid to be careful. When Anna had been human, interfacing with a swarm of espers had been basically impossible. The amount of data you had to wrangle was pretty nuts. There were millions of the little things too coordinate. Even the bog-standard mindset didn't have the processing power to do it. It took a little something extra. She tuned into the swarm hive, and concentrated to sync up with the nano-bots. The 'soft' limiters she'd left in place in her mindset were overridden, and the esper swarm went active. Something like black smoke came pouring out of her forearms. In zero-gravity the espers had complete control of their movement, causing the swarm to curl around Anna and start circling her in complex patterns. As she moved, the swarm moved along with her. Unlike Anna, they could see every way at once, could react even faster than her overclocked mindset. They'd always been enough to keep her safe until now.
  25. "Engaging mag traction system," whispered Baba Yaga in Madeline's ear, the soles of her suit adhering to the deck as the magnets kicked into life. This was bad, if they lost the Atraxia she was in an even worse scenario then she started with. well, not entirely worse. Her team was hopefully already readjusting into their new sleaves as she thought, and if this was a bug hunt on an out of control ship versus an overpowered zombie and only two renegades for back up... Well, she'd expected to die to the blade or the bullet. Best to go to hell with an empty rifle. "Lord, my mind, body, and soul belongs to Thee. If it is Your plan that I am to die, guide my mind and body that I may end one more abomination in service of Your flock," she offered in a whisper too quiet for the mikes in her helmet to pick up. "I'm making my way back to you two. Try and find out where the hell it got in so we can go kill it," she offered over the comms, already beginning her stalk, infravision illuminating her path as debris from the looted workshop bounced around her, rifle ready to fill her target with holes if she caught so much as glimpse of it from the corner of her eye. Long engrained training guided her every move through the tumbling ship, reflexes keyed to combat in tight spaces.
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