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Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

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Things have changed. We have changed.

Earth is lost to us, but even in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, we grow, evolve and even prosper. We have witnessed the death of our mother and the birth of a new era.

In what might have been the end, the synthesis of biology and technology proved our salvation. Augmentation, ranging from basic genetic manipulation to Apotheosis, set us on the path of prosperity. But it also emphasized the importance of identity, individual humanity, and the purity of the species.

The loss of Earth and the resulting Exodus gave us an opportunity to start over with a clean slate. And we seized it.

Though the need for organization, stability and a reliable government was clear, the old ways were seen by most as archaic, clumsy and too prone to corruption.

It was time for a new way… a Nova Praxis.

Today, social networks allow the will of the people to be measured instantly, accurately and without the need for representation. The Coalition, guided by the collective voice of its people, has established new homes on worlds lit by new suns. Molecular assembly technology has made it possible for society to provide a quality of life never before imagined, at essentially no cost, to everyone.  And we are virtually immortal.

But can this would-be Utopia last?

Corruption in the Coalition government fosters decay from within. The Houses, our benefactors and patrons, run shadowy networks of intrigue, espionage and assassination. Apostates, non-citizens, condemn those who would trade their privacy for the Coalition’s false security. Remnants of Earth’s old governments wage an unrelenting guerilla war on Coalition forces. Ideological extremists commit acts of terror using the latest horror to spring from a factory or test tube…

And the value of a human soul is weighed and measured in lines of code.

Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

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  2. "Wha...hell yeah I can move," Anna replied woozily. She shaded her eyes and squinted up at Maddie. "...I'm moving now. Spinning. Ugh. Tell...captain to stop spinning the ship." Despite her dazed condition, she managed to roll onto her side and start to unsteadily pick herself up.
  3. Madeline had been through enough damage control training to recognize that blue generally equaled electrical arcing and that electrical arcing equaled bad, especially in an unknown ship. That realization galvanized into imedaite concern as she heard Ana stir, thoughts for where exactly on the line between Protectorate and renegade they stood. Things were very, very simple when space was the great enemy and your own systems only a tick behind that in danger. Get the potentially injured person out of the space. *Then* come back with the right gear to contain the disaster. "Ana, we need to clear the space and make sure you're okay. Can you move?" she vocalized through her coms, extending one hand towards the Apostate, ready to heft her up and carry her if needed. She kept one eye on the sparking potential disaster in progress, hoping her armor would be enough to keep her mobile if something exploded.
  4. Huh. This is now apparently going to be a thing. Well, it's been fun, guys...
  5. A flash of actinic light caught Volkov in a flash which caused her to look up from the seeming unhurt u unconscious Anna. At first she wasn't sure what she was seeing. The stress placed on the freighter had caused the overhead bulkhead to crack and split the flash of light was coming from within the split. Volkov see that Anna's vital were stable stood and tried to peer into the split but her helmet was in the way but the flash of bluish light was a puzzling concern. She heard a low moan over her suit com and turned back toward Anna who was stirring. Jericho flipped switches and toggles and slowly power started coming to the ships systems. It took a supreme act of caution but he stopped himself from using the ships drive to stop the tumbling until he had some idea of what the big things was. But that was proving difficult since he could only see it every 30 7 second and then for only about 4 seconds before the tumble took it out of sight again. But now he had cameras on it and would be able to get a better look. It was a ship of some sort he could see massive gravity impellers both for an aft. it basic structure was that of a flat oblong plate with dispersed superstructure rising from both the bottom and top of the frame. it was 3.87 kilometers long and and 2.335 wide. and was bristling with weapons many which he could identify and as worrisome as that was it was what was making that deep down sense of fear start to rise. No that was caused by the two dozen spider robots descending from that monster toward them. Robots just like the one they had faced on board the Ginger Snap.
  6. Jordan glided into her apartment and slipped her long coat from her shoulders and hanging it without looking from a coat rack in a habitual motion. Her Centurion Armored Bodysuit molded itself to a figure designed by fantasies rather than nature, on ample display as she sat down on the couch, crossing her legs as she reached up plugged the chip into the jack on the back of her neck. She held herself with her inherently enforced sultriness, but there was a tightness to her set of her shoulders and the line of her back. Jordan didn't often bring company to her apartment, so she found it vaguely uncomfortable having so many here. Even when she had to fulfill the needs of her overly sexualized sleeve, she preferred doing so at the other's domicile or a paid room. "Thank-you," Jordan murmurred, responding to Ryan and Yoyo, privately pleased and annoyed that she was pleased at the comments. "The Centurions of Rho are well compensated, and if you're discerning and spend the time, you can find nice templates under your rep limit." She nodded towards the digital frames of Martian scenes on the walls. "Some are gifts from family and I've tried my own modest hand at knitting." She began reviewing the data chip, the files superimposed in her vision via her mindnet. Jordan frowned when she noticed Anselmo immediately helping himself at the wetbar, but relented with a sharp nod of thanks when he offered her a drink. She down half it in a single pull. Jordan's lambent indigo eyes smoldered as Yoyo disrobed and reclothed herself, but rather in affront or intrigue, it was hard to tell. Despite trying to focus on the files, her gaze lingered on the lines of the woman's sleek curves. Her expression went flat however when Yoyo continued with the conceit of regaining her 'lost' memory. "Would you happen to 'remember' why Tilda and her friend believed the Marine contingent would be coming to Luna? I'll see if I can contact anyone in Martian Centurions, circumspectly of course, to see if they have heard anything." Jordan's full lips turned down into a frown once more as the tried to fit the puzzle pieces together. "I can see why the investigation might be closed under lock and key." She paused for a long moment. Her own department had closed the investigation. She might not entirely trust Church and Yoyo, and their own motives were suspect at best, but there were who she had to work with at the moment. "All the bodies in the first car were clones. All of them, including the child. Which shouldn't be possible. A developing brain can't handle and adapt to a neural net, which is why adolescent and younger clones aren't manufactured. They would be mindless husks, not capable of properly being animated by a memory core." Jordan took a deep breath, her buxom torso straining the confines of her armor, her eyes flicking from side to side as she scrolled through the files. "Furthermore, all the clones were less then twenty-four hours old, and all were forked from the same memory core. Kwon's. Now, I can accept he could have managed to get access to an unregistered, unrestricted compiler capable of making flawless clones. But to make so many would require a full fledged Clone Factory. And a facility of that size shouldn't be able to be hidden. The DNA markers of the clones aren't from any known manufacturer. Only a House would have the resources to manage something like this. So the questions are, where did the clones come from? And where is Kwon now?"
  7. Dizzy but conscious, Madeline pulled her pistol and swept the room for threats, trying to shake off whatever had hit them. She sucked in a breath as she spotted the smashed remains of the spider bot's torso. God willing, that'd mean the thing would stay dead long enough to be disposed of safely. There certainly were enough pieces of the thing scattered about to put even the most robust drone down. Still. This thing was an autonomous drone? Renegades able to field squads and legions of these things? She shuttered to think it. It would be another war. Having ensured that the scene was safe as she could on short notice, she made her way over to Anna's limp and beaten form, feet clunking solidly into place as the magnets re-engaged with each step. The protectorate marine knelt by the other woman, and started looking her over for worse injuries than bruising, thoughts running through the slightly more complicated procedures of military first aid when you might not know if your fellow soldier had a pulse or not. "Volkov to All. Robot down. Anna down. What's going on up there?" she put out over the radio, hoping that link was still up and running.
  8. "Penny?!?" "I'm alright dad, I isolated Moxie in a ram cell so she's safe too. I had to shut down the computer core the only thing operating now is hard codded devices that wer'nt in the network. Moxie says it's a virus or something she in a bit of a shock." Penny's voice came over the intercom and it sounded to Jericho that she might be in shock as well. Suddenly the ship rolled and acceleration increased the artificial gravity pules send Volkov and Anna to the floor then throwing them up onto the ceiling then back to the floor. Volkov activated her magnets locking her in place Anna, not trained for this sort of thing didn't. Jericho tried to bring the two ships under control but the flight controls were unresponsive then he saw the red countdown time spiraling to zero. The ships jump drive had been engaged! The Jump drive is a short cut through for want of a better term hyper-space. for it to function properly a series of very complex calculations taking into consideration over a thousand different variables, a lot of them about gravity both where the jump drive is located and where it wants be. for this reason Ships travel great distances into deep space to lessen the variable effects of gravity on a ships jump. While possible to jump with in a gravity well it is an extremely difficult calculation and absolutely dangerous. many ships have been lost jumping to close to a gravity source some outright destroy as gravity ripped them and their contents apart, others simply vanished into nothing never to be seen again. The Ginger Snap and Ataraxia locked together in a deadly dance were only 1 78 .63 kilometers from the moons surface well with in it's gravity well. the calculations for jump this close were massive and would take far longer than even the best computer to manage than it would to simply drive to a safe distance. Any ship making a jump this close to any world was doomed. The Ginger Snap/Ataraxia jumped into real space tumbling end over end none of her attained velocity had been shed. The drive was dark. the ships looked dead as they tumbled in a strange ballet. In the rapidly cooling control room of the Ginger Snap, Jericho opened his eyes slowly there was no artificial gravity so he was at the mercy of the tumble he swallowed the vomit that tried to come up from the intense vertigo. the panel in front of him was dead. His ears were ringing but not from sound. Warily he looked right then left. There! A light that meant power. He needed to get to that panel find out what it was. He reached down to unbuckle his safty belt when the control room was suddenly awash with harsh white light then dankness again. He looked up at the cockpit window saw the stars spinning due to the tumble and then there was the light again. He had feared that hey were tumbling into a sun. this may have been worse. The ship/construct was huge and alien in design. Man had never built anything on this scale at least not as a single entity. And the Ginger Snap/Ataraxia was head straight for it.
  9. Yoyo casually walked around the apartment with an calm air of serenity about her, taking in her surroundings. It was certainly much different than most homes in Gondolin. Life might generally be more comfortable in the Coalition, or at least it appeared to be, but they lacked the true freedom of the Apostates due to things like the ubiquitous Mesh. A cage was still a cage, no matter how gilded it may be, but it was shiny enough to blind most citizens to the reality of their situation. "You have a lovely apartment, Detective O'Quinn-Kurosagi. I thank you for opening your door to us." she said to the dective, giving her a slow, deep nod with her eyes closed, apparently gesture of respect or thanks, just moments before Yoyo's sparring drone arrived at the apartment with a small case. Still, the fact its unexpected arrival drew some attention, if not actual suspicion, from O.K. "I sent for my things. Though I appreciate the loan of the robe from the first responders, I would feel more comfortable in my own attire." Yoyo explained. O.K. relented and let the Drone inside. Immediately it walked over to Yoyo. and held out the case, which Yoyo opened. With a sensual shrug of her shoulders the robe fell from her body, leaving her standing completely nude, thought with her back to the apartments occupants for the most part, as she reached into the case and withdrew some garments. She seemed totally comfortable (and with a body that looked as divinely sculpted as her's, who wouldn't be?) as she retrieved several garments from the case. She slipped on a black, skintight suit with a dancer's graces, stepping into it and pulling the garment up her long, shapely legs before undulating as she slipped her arms in and arched her back causing her skin to faintly shimmer metallic as the motion pulled the suit up and to her body. The seam gradually closed and disappeared over the next several seconds and the nano-machines did their work, sealing her in for the time being as she pulled a flowing, hooded robe from the case and slipped it on. The robe appeared to be a simple linen with accents of black. The monk spoke as she dressed, organizing her thoughts at a bit as she tasked her agent to find out whatever it could about her new companions, "If you wish to continue looking into the matter at hand, then might I suggest that I have access to resources and information that you many not. If they would be of assistance, then I offer them fully and freely." Yoyo offered as she withdrew the last two items from the case; a set of gravitic batons. She casually spun them around each hand a time or two and then collapsed the pair, allowing her to easily conceal them beneath her robe along with a few other odds and ends from the case. "And I think some of my memory may be returning." she said, though it was clearly just a facade of feigned memory lapse, judging by the faint smile on her lips. "When I met Tilda today, about hand hour before we were assaulted, we were talking about the explosion. She told me that her... friends... were not responsible, and I believe her. But she also told me that a 'good' friend on Mars sent word that a Marine contingent left Mars about three hours prior on an unscheduled training exercise. She and her friend seemed to think they were coming here...”
  10. I will no longer be running this game. I will leave it active if anyone wishes to take it up let me know and i will ask Matt to change moderators
  11. Vaughn decided to move up to the entrance way, but not directly enter. If there was a trap, he would see what the tripwire was. Kwon really was playing up the whole unapologetic master of life and death shtick. Really, there was being free from corporeal constraints, and then there was lunacy.
  12. Ryan declined, "No thank you, I'm good for now." He took in the extremely well appointed room, and smiled, not that anyone could tell. "You do quite well for yourself to have such a nice place. My own place is much more spartan." he waited for Jordan to return, instead striking up a conversation with her partner. He let Vaughn do his work, trusting that he'd share any info he got once he was done, and because he really couldn't to all that much to help him. "So, how long have you been on the Force, Detective?" It was an innocuous question to start with.
  13. "Oh I'm done. Chuck it out at your leisure. Might be good to download its memory and instructions first, but we'll need the captain's okay on that. I don't have anywhere to put that much data on me." The ship shuddered, and Anna quickly took hold of one of the bulkheads. "This might not be the best time to ask though."
  14. The power-armored marine froze in place, featureless visor giving nothing away as she processed the thought of hundreds of nanite-forged drones pulling themselves out of the hull like fungi if this thing had managed to kill them, leaving the ship with just enough internal workings to slam into another colony and repeat the process anew. Eventually she managed to suck in a breath and get her mental feet back under her. Damned Apostates. "Try and finish up your examination quickly then. We're chucking this thing out an airlock at the nearest star before it repeats that trick if you don't mind," Volkov replied softly, shifting her grip on the spear so that it's shimmering bladed tip was pointed back at the murderous drone.
  15. Maverick shrugged. "It's dead. Justice is served as far as I'm concerned. Though..." She hunkered down over the 'body,' and poked at it, frowning. For a moment Anna looked back up at the nearby bulkhead, then back at the synth. "You know, this thing didn't have a mindset, but...yeah. This plating here came from the Ginger Snap. It's the same metal." Anna leaned forward and pulled the sensor cluster of the thing's 'head' to the left, exposing a deep set of scratches in its chassis. "This is the same one as before. The one you said you killed. It's not a different one...it came back on, repaired itself with stuff from the ship."
  16. The apartment was a corner unit halfway up a mid-rep residential tower. It's a modest place, it's open floor plan making the apartment seem bigger than it actually was, areas defined by the placement of furniture and area rugs over the hardwood floor. The furniture was generally low, fashioned of curved polished metal and glass and rugged fabric, softened with what appeared to hand knitted accessories, judging by the rattan basket filled with needles and yarn. The apartment was largely decorated in muted shades of blues and greys, enlivened by splashes of color, red or green. Digital frames displayed scrolling Martian landscapes, mostly from Helios and Olympus. Everything was well appointed, clean, and in its place from apparent habitual dedication. By the kitchenette area stood a high quality personal compiler unit. Floor to ceiling smart-windows made up one wall of the the apartment and the upper half of another, which led out to a narrow terrace. A low half-wall sectioned off what seemed to be an office or work area and a long silken screen patterned with abstract blossoms and wild animals gave her bedroom area some privacy. Ryan wondered how Kurosagi could afford such on a Detective salary. The trip across the dome had been uneventful. The two cops had been silent during the transport and Ryan had been following Vaughn internally. The manifested bird flew across the digital landscape and after what seemed like hours but was merely a second, Vaughn found himself circling what was an impressive sight. A forbidding black tower rising into the sky. It looked like something from a fantasy story. He imagined that armies of orcs and elves battling at it's foot would not be out of place. he studied the edifice and spied what could only be a purposeful entryway, an open invitation or a trap. As soon as they arrived at the apartment Anselmo went to the wet and began puring a couple of drinks as an after thought he asked Rick if he wanted anything. Jordan meanwhile had accessed the chip and didn't take long to find whatthe RO wanted her to find. All of the bodies in the 1st car had been clones. Including the little girl, not only that but none of them were more than 24 hours old, and all of the recovered cores were mirrors of the same core, that of the mind of Kwon.
  17. Volkov waited a heartbeat or three, just in case the thing was waiting for Maverick to withdraw her swarm before rising, magnetically clipping her rifle to her back as she dropped her cloak and shimmered back into full visibility. Out came the spear from her belt and a faint series of clacks presaged it's extension to it's full length. The armored redhead took a reverse grip on the polearm, ready to use it as a lever to force the zombie onto it's ruined stomach. Before she got to that bit of physical labor though, she prodded the synth's neck with the butt of the spear as one last precaution, finally relaxing enough to speak aloud, "If this... thing has a chip like I think it does, I'd like to take it back with me when I go home. This creature and it's brood need to face Coalition justice. That okay with you?"
  18. "Looks like the derelict had a stowaway that Jericho missed, and got onto this ship..." Maverick paused to let the gunshots go off, making a mental note that Volkov took the lesson of 'being sure' very...very...seriously. "...or if you mean why did it suddenly stop moving and just let you shoot it, that was me." She wiggled her fingertips, waving hello. "I cracked its security and locked it in a diagnostic loop at what might charitably be called an inopportune moment." The black fog of her esper swarm clustered around her arms again, and vanished into the tiny ports built into them. "I, uh, think you got it. Lets pull the brainbox and see what we can salvage."
  19. Even as she asked the question, Madeline reloaded her rifle and noted the likely spots where a combat synth would likely have a back up system. That had been too easy. No way this godless shell was dead in just 2 shots from her weapon. Much as she'd like to claim otherwise, somethings wouldn't die that easily to anything less than a heavy frame's primary armament. No. In the case that you lacked something like that, you needed to take steps. You double-tapped. Madeline pulled the trigger at an intact looking potential back up system on the unmoving shell and let the vibration echo through the hull. You triple-tapped. Madeline pulled the trigger at an intact looking potential back up system on the unmoving shell and let the vibration echo through the hull. You quadruple-tapped. Madeline pulled the trigger at an intact looking potential back up system on the unmoving shell and let the vibration echo through the hull. The Protectorate Marine frowned as she ran out of targets on the robot's ventral side. Damn it. If the zombie was playing dead, it was playing dead really really well, and she'd have to walk over there and flip it over to finish her six-fold vengeance against it. That had been too easy.
  20. The round flew true, the bullet hit and the world lurched throwing Volkov, Anna, and the droid crashing first to the ceiling then to the floor as the ships gravity fluctuated and the inertial compensators stressed... The 'Snap collided with the still descending Ataraxia with a bone wrenching jolt. In the 'Snaps cockpit Jericho snapped the Grappling clamp trigger, latching the two vessels together once again, and with the other threw the 'Snaps thrusters into over-drive putting incredible stress on the two ships in an attempt to avoid crashing into the moon surface only a few kilometers away! Volkov recovered as gravity restored and rolled into a crouch bringing her rifle to bear on the robot form against the far bulkhead. She hesitated, the mechanical wasn't moving, seemed lifeless. beside her Anna moaned as she righted herself and looked at the robot as well. "What happened?"
  21. The Crossroads, to... Sure, Savants like Vaughn were near mythical too, but that didn't mean he was going to go chasing after the Source, something that after all didn't work on his terms just to solve one case. He turned, walked out the door and then off into a side street. Vaughn faded out and returned to his private space. Quickly, he wrote an investigation program, taking the form of, to not pun too much, a briefing form which he closed into a folder and reached out to place in the hands of the ever-ready Smiley. That could dig up information on Yolanda Mannerheim while he took a look at this Necromancer's fortress.
  22. The creature froze in place, held upright on it's collection of mismatched limbs, and that moment of apparent hesitation from the abomination allowed her that extra few hearbeats needed to sink deeper into the now and bring her weapon back up it cycled into firing readiness once more. Inside her helmet, Madeline timed her breathing to negate it's affect on her steady, gentle trigger pull, weapon tip locking in the wound she had already inflicted on the zombie's shell. As lightning blessed the projectile towards it's target with divine wrath and the brutality of raw momentum, the Protectorate Marine caught sight of Anna's swarm of espers and came to an instant conclusion as to the 'why' of the monster's hesitation. If Anna had the eyes to see through the armor's cloaking effect, she would have seen Volkov nod her chin slightly in thanks, even as the round impacted and the marine started to ready another shot.
  23. "Good boys," Anna whispers to her espers, and focuses her concentration on the hulking synth shell currently bending the bulkheads in front of her. She wasn't sure offhand if it was automated or had a mindset, and right now it didn't matter. She just needed to keep it from moving to give Madeline a clear shot to finish it off. In her augmented-reality senses, she saw her agent persona dive out and slip across the room and loop crazily around their attacker. Meanwhile Anna's mindset bristled with data being exchanged; the real battlefield was data and encryption and subverted programming code. If l'outre could break through this thing's secured systems, all she had to do was issue a simple instruction. Stop. A massive-caliber railgun round would do the rest.
  24. Jericho puts all power into the drive and with one hand preps the docking clamps while the other make minute adjustments to keep the plummeting Ataraxia in his sights. ********* The two humans dodge to opposite sides of the wide corridor each unleashing their own brand of hell on the momentarily shaken adversary. Volkov's expertly aimed sniper round catches the thing in the upper chest and shoves it back appendages scrambling to maintain balance, the gaping smoking hole now emitting sparks. Anna's wild shots find their mark in a shower of steel but do not penetrate instead shattering and ricocheting off the thing's armor. But the wild shots did catch it's attention and the shoulder mounted particle weapon fired at Ana. The swarm does it's job and the robots aim is diffracted and the beam goes wide burrowing into the bulkhead.
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