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Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

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Things have changed. We have changed.

Earth is lost to us, but even in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, we grow, evolve and even prosper. We have witnessed the death of our mother and the birth of a new era.

In what might have been the end, the synthesis of biology and technology proved our salvation. Augmentation, ranging from basic genetic manipulation to Apotheosis, set us on the path of prosperity. But it also emphasized the importance of identity, individual humanity, and the purity of the species.

The loss of Earth and the resulting Exodus gave us an opportunity to start over with a clean slate. And we seized it.

Though the need for organization, stability and a reliable government was clear, the old ways were seen by most as archaic, clumsy and too prone to corruption.

It was time for a new way… a Nova Praxis.

Today, social networks allow the will of the people to be measured instantly, accurately and without the need for representation. The Coalition, guided by the collective voice of its people, has established new homes on worlds lit by new suns. Molecular assembly technology has made it possible for society to provide a quality of life never before imagined, at essentially no cost, to everyone.  And we are virtually immortal.

But can this would-be Utopia last?

Corruption in the Coalition government fosters decay from within. The Houses, our benefactors and patrons, run shadowy networks of intrigue, espionage and assassination. Apostates, non-citizens, condemn those who would trade their privacy for the Coalition’s false security. Remnants of Earth’s old governments wage an unrelenting guerilla war on Coalition forces. Ideological extremists commit acts of terror using the latest horror to spring from a factory or test tube…

And the value of a human soul is weighed and measured in lines of code.

Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

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  2. STAR SYSTEM WISE 1959-3338 37.5 LY from SOL The Apostate entered the lock and glided through the inner door he pause and reached out his instinct to close it but his finger paused over the button, then withdrew. He disengaged the magnets on his boots and pushed off floating into the Ginger Snap. What he saw was what he had expected and old tramp freighter no more no less. It was a different ship than his different layout but the rooms he saw was the same, the equipment the same, the stories were probably the same. There was nothing to arouse suspicion no signs of a struggle no billet holes or blaster scorches. No blood and no bodies. What mess he did see was probably created by the decompression when the locks were opened. He didn't talk much as was his way but he did make a few comments so the Kid wouldn't worry too much. The flight deck didn't tell him anything power would need to be restored before any of the logs could be accessed that or they would have to be physically removed and brought back to the ship. It wasn't until he got to the ships main cargo hold that things took a turn. It was smaller than his and empty but he could see where something large had been secured of course he would need the logs to know when and what. Of course the hold wasn't actually empty, as he played his light over the cavernous hold he saw four bodies kneeling facing the bulkhead, two men and two women from the looks of their clothes they were the ships crew. They were dead. Aside from exposure to the vacuum each had a centimeter hole burned through the back of there necks at the base of the skull. Cored, The Apostates blood went cold at the sight. He played the light around and found two more bodies these were both floating at the rear of the hold near the passageway toward the drives. Both had the same centimeter hole but in their chests not the necks. Both bodies were headless. A quick look told the tale their cores had been removed along with their heads. Standard mob style killing, less mess than digging the core out and much faster. Both men were dressed in good fashionable clothes nothing that immediately gave away who they might be. Searching for Ids in pockets was out of the question while in his suit but he didn't expect to find any anyway. Everything here said professional. SANCTUARY 70 LY from Sol The three split and came up on her in a flanking maneuver. Anna waited and made no threatening moves. Two halted , one on each side about five meters out the third a bulky male cybersleeve bristling with handguns and knives. On his chest was some sort of badge. Anna assessed the situation she didn't need her agent to point out that she could make a sprint for what looked like an open access hatch. A very obvious escape route. The big guy halted about a meter away. He eyeballed the drone on her shoulder, his hand casually at his side draped over the butt of a snub blaster. “Can I help you with something Miss?” STAR SYSTEM HR9038 35LY from SOL It didn't take long before she came upon the first bodies. A man and woman at a cross section, wearing nondescript coveralls neither had weapons both had been shot in the chest. Clean efficient. A few more bodies Volkov came across were the same then she saw the first evidence of resistance, that the inhabitants had some fight in them. Still all she saw was the inhabitants dead. She had counted 11 bodies before she came across Manafort. It looked like he had taken a heavy energy bolt to the face-plate. The mans head was melted along with most of his helmet. Inside hers Madeline frowned, she hadn't seen any evidence of energy weapons up till now. And the team hadn't been armored against energy weapons, they had been told to expect small arms and hand weapons. She continued on saw more bodies and was closing in on the rest of the team when she came to the cavernous warehouse work center where the compiler should have been. She had seen any bodies for a while and once she entered the large area she knew why she hadn't been able to get any readings from the teams suits. The remainder of the fire team was scattered across the room literally, they had been torn apart. The floor was littered with shell casings and the walls scarred and pitted with both bullet and particle blasts. The fire teams bodies were the only bodies she could find in the room but there was no compiler here either. In the center of the room was a coffin a genuine resurrection chamber three times the size of any regulation chamber Volkov had ever seen and it was open. And it was empty.
  3. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET "Thank you." Vaughn chose to make no comment of square pegs vs. round holes in this situation. "I'll be your Extranet support and local expert for today." He added, mimicking the stock line the waiters would use here in Chicago. "Any physical involvement on my part will involve drones. I moved on from in-the-flesh a long time ago."
  4. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET VR was something Ryan had a passing knowledge regarding, thanks to the life he once lived, and he looked over at Vaughn's Avatar. "It's nice to meet you Vaughn, I trust we'll work well together. The Shogun is an excellent judge of talent and ability." He had worked with others before and knew well that the Shogun didn't hire those who were incompetent.
  5. RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME ODAIBA TOWER The Shogun laughed, it sounded like crystal chimes in a gentle breeze. “Of course you will be official and you will have an assistant. The authorities are still fighting the fire and trying to recover any survivors it will be hour yet before the police are ready to gather evidence.” Her image walked around the tube like resurrection chamber to stand in front of him. “This is Rho Mr. Church, you'd be surprised at how easily your sleeve will fit in. Now let's go meet the man you will be working with.” At the Shoguns instruction Ryan excepted a VR stream and found himself in an Ice Cream parlor. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET “We need to recover what is ours first. Once that is done and they have been... verified. We will give you further instructions. But now,” a flicker near the Samurai and a ...thing came into being almost seven feet tall, not human, a walking tank. “I would like you to meet Ryan Church. He will be our agent on the ground you are to accompany him and help him however you can. He is a stranger here and might find himself needing guidence. Ryan this is Vaughn.”
  6. Madeline Volkov


    STAR SYSTEM HR9038 35LY from SOL The little orange light in the bottom right corner of her HUD turned green as her reserves of air stopped counting down and started counting up after Madeline cleared the airlock. That was one clock on hold. The antechamber she was in now showed every bit the rough craftsman ship she expected from Apostates bereft of the benefits of civilization, strictly survival level, no signs of any mesh infrastructure. However much progress they had made to breaking the compiler, they hadn't started putting it to use here at least. That had her breathing a little easier. That was the only thing though. Three signals meant the other three armors had been damaged or overridden to the point of shutdown. And anything that hit the suits that hard meant the wearers were probably... No. She wouldn't kill them in her head until saw the bodies. "Baba, alert me when I'm close to their signals or any signs of an interface," she whispered in her helmet, double-checking the readiness of her weapons. Everything checked out. She clicked her rifle into place on her back and brought out her PAc pistol to better suit the potential close quarters ahead. Okay. Squad. Compiler. Interfaces. Three things to find and an unknown defense to get around. And with that, she ghosted out of the antechamber and into corridors devoid of life and marked by signs of a recent firefight, motions smooth and slow, outline blurred to near invisibility. The few corpses of the defenders she spotted were briefly examined and then abandoned like unworthy chaff, her objectives burning in her mind's eye.
  7. SANCTUARY 70 LY from Sol So...yeah. This was a thousand shades of off. Everyone's reactions to her just giving an empty booth the once-over seemed really extreme. And now this? Had Noodle set her up? Or maybe something had happened that Noodle didn't know about. Something that put everyone on edge. Her first instinct was to hit the camo field and slink away to regroup before those sleeves found her. It was not a terrible idea. ...but who would talk to her then? Word would spread about her, and in no time every door would be closed, every eye hostile, and she'd have no choice but to just leave. This was a defensive reaction. They felt threatened by her for some reason. She'd stepped into a big pile of shit here. Maybe it was a better idea not to start tracking it around all over the place. There was obviously some kind of misunderstanding going on. All Anna needed was to be able to talk to someone. Of course, if these were the types to start shooting first and asking questions never, Anna would have just about enough time to regret that decision. A mnemonic core wouldn't help her out here. No sleeves on standby now, ready to host her mind if this body broke. In that sense she was as mortal as she'd ever been. Anna recalled the drone to its perch on her shoulder. Its presence could be construed as a weapon. She kept her hands at her sides, visible and empty. Hopefully they'd just want to detain her. Hey Loutre. If this goes wrong send my last words, alright? She waited for what she assumed were the security personnel tensely, on edge. If it looked like they were going to shoot, and didn't kill her right off, she'd try to cloak and escape. Otherwise she'd cooperate and hope for the best.
  8. 'The Apostate'


    "Possibly," replied the Apostate. "Smuggler ships sometimes don't have them. She's a custom job, like the Ataraxia. Alright, change of plans, get us close and I'll check this one out on my own. Moxie, the drive is charged, activate the Mockingbird Protocol." There was a slight silence, like Moxie was processing the request. Moxie's generally snarky tone grew cold and serious like one would expect from an AI. The protocol was designed to, in the event that something happened to Jericho, that Mox would spirit Penelope away in the Ataraxia, keeping his greatest treasure safe at all cost. "Jericho, are you sure?" "Damn right I am." "Dad, no," Penny didn't like the stakes all of a sudden as the seriousness of adventure crept into her thoughts. "Look, maybe we should just forget this whole thing. It's not safe, this whole thing could be a trap." "Penny, we're here, and if there is emergency power that means there was, at some point, an emergency. People could still be aboard that ship, and we have an obligation to investigate and search for survivors." "Dad, the whole ship is cold. No life signs. We're good, conscience clear." She argued. "Apotheosis doesn't work like that, we both know it. While I can't help the dead, if there are inert cores on that ship then leaving those people out here is no different than abandoning a person in the middle of nowhere. Death is preferable to be being lost and forgotten, sweetie." She shook her head as he checked the ammo in his weapons and punched in the combination on his armor locker. "I don't understand." "You will one day, Penelope," he began strapping on his armor and sealing the suit. "Mox, prepare the boarding sequence, if there are people aboard that vessel, they deserve to be home with their families. If something happens, you keep my girl safe, you hear me?" Moxie sighed. "You know I will."
  9. SANCTUARY 70 LY from Sol Lou circled doing her best to find a data point she could access to no avail.”Sorry, there is no net access here theses spots do not seem to be locked into any specific data streams. My conclusion is that they are first come first serve locations. I can however access a portion of the power system which feed electricity to this grid. In the last 106 days this particular site has dran power 87 days. The last increment being 6 hours ago.” By this time Anna notices she has drawn a lot of attention. Both patrons and sellers are warily watching her and not a few of them have hands which are in pockets or under coats out of sight and likely gripping weapons of some sort. As she looked around her at what she was now, right or wrong, perceived as a hostile gathering her drone fed her an image into her direct VR feed. Three beings, cybersleeved in what could only be military models of some sort had entered the bazaar on the north side the paused and one raised it arm and made a sweeping motion obviously doing a snesor sweep. “forty meters and closing on your position” came the drones voice metallic in her head. STAR SYSTEM HR9038 35LY from SOL Volkov crossed the half kilometer to the bunker cautiously and slowly. She tried a couple of more times as she got closer to raise her fire team only to get static in reply. As she closed the distance she went silent as well. She came to the lock the team had used to breach the interior the ready seal they had placed after entering was still intact and holding air in. The seal was transparent but she couldn't see anything. She pushed through the outer seal which parted like loving lips and closed behind her once close the the inner seal that she was pressed against lotus'd open and allowed her to enter the complex proper. Gravity was higher inside about 0.8g she guessed. That was good meant that despite the darkness there was power or the grav plates would be dead. She swept the area for thermal and found no heat signatures. Low light would be useless so she lit up her own light source using the red shift to give her low light something to work with. Comms was still silent but she was picking up the teams suits carrier waves now so she did a scan for the team. Three suits responded. All indicators showed zero life-signs. She cursed under breath. If she had had a mind set or even a damned data jack she could have accessed the suits and at least gotten some idea of what had happened. But she didn't so she would have to locate her fallen comrades and go to them. STAR SYSTEM WISE 1959-3338 37.5 LY from SOL By the time they had changed vector and matched velocities with the object Penny had spotted, the Jump drive was fully spooled and thready to jump and they had made visual confirmation that the object was indeed a ship. It was smaller than the Ataraxia but not by much, strictly a utilitarian design with no visible weapons although the Apostate noted a couple of sensor blister that could be camouflage for some small weapons. The ship looked dead a fact supported by the fact that the main airlock forward and a second lock aft were open. Both the outer and inner hatches. The only markings they could find was what looked like hand painter letters that read, GINGER SNAP, near the bow below what was probably the control deck. “Nothing in my files with that name, and the hull configuration isn't unique but not a perfect match for any of the market hulls I have catalogued.” said Moxie, a list of general hull types scrolling along with the percent probability that they were looking at that type but customized. “Daddy, I got some lights on the inner control panel of the forward lock, there's still power coming from somewhere.” Moxie followed Penny with out missing a beat. “I can confirm picking up a weak electro-magnetic field probably from ships batteries but the reactors are cold. Still zero emissions.” Penny turned her chair to face forward to watch the Apostate. “If the batteries are still juicing the emergency systems there should be an emergency beacon, shouldn't there?” she asked a tiny bit of her excitement now replaced by fear.
  10. Jordan O'Quinn-Kurosagi


    RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME Jordan's lips tightened in an irritated grimace as she pulled her long, shimmering white hair over her shoulder. Things always got complicated when dealing directly with a House or whatever they claimed as theirs. She gave the case another, more incisive glance. It wasn't usual to find something House-Locked on public transportation. "Which House, Lockley?" Jordan growled, though it sounded more like an invitation. "Kimura." "Hmm," Jordan murmurmed, perusing the passenger log on her Mindset, using her Centurion Status to gain access. "Hmm, seems the case was logged in possession of a member of House Kimura in good standing, a Sigamund Kwon. Curious." She glanced around the bodies once more, her gaze skipping over the child with a tightening of her sculpted jaw, then nodded at the CSI. "Log it into evidence, could be motive for the attack, however remote and make a note for the ME that Kwon's Ego is of interest, if it's recoverable. I'll might know someone that can expedite the court order on the case." O'K had always pursued connections among the Centurions to make managing the bureaucracy and access easier in the course of her job. With her new sleeve, it was even easier to gain and maintain new contacts... which admittedly, hadn't always been towards the benefit of her job. "Stop staring, Anselmo," Jordan said, with a scowl. "Rather stare at you than a dead child," Anselmo rebutted. "You scowl so sexily." "I do everything so sexily," Jordan replied with sultry bitterness. "But if you're just looking, why not take a look at the local Mesh networks, see if we lucked out and caught anything. I'm gonna look up reports and compiler logs, see if anyone is missing or requested 300kg of pyoxycylene. Must need an industrial license for the stuff. Can't be that many on Luna with ready or legal access to it."
  11. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET Well, that provided the explanation for her being here. Vaughn read the reports Smiley provided him. A bombing on the Serro-Rho mag-line? Someone had big ideas. Big violent ones. It sounded rather strange that the lead investigator was an inexperienced one - but presumably the Shogun had her reasons. And if this person knew what they were doing, Vaughn wouldn't be getting this job. "Two questions. One, do you want me to look into the curious status of Kwon? Second," Vaughn considered Shogun Aria carefully, "if the case is in the hands of the Centurions...?" Because in that case, House Kimura could demand their property back right away and probably get it. Unless there was a catch somewhere.
  12. SANCTUARY 70 LY from Sol Anna stared at the booth in dismay, looking for details even as she fought down a spike of anger and a spike of panic. It all boiled down to one big question: What was she going to do now? She'd hung a lot on Lark, coming out here away from the meager contacts she'd managed to make on Mars and essentially starting over, hoping to get this guy's help. Now what did she have? You know, besides an body full of augments and enough gear to choke a horse. Good thing she'd prepared a bit for switching to a goods-based economy. But that prep wouldn't help her for much longer now. She needed a line on paying work, and she needed a line on the movement and she...ugh. She needed to chill the fuck out. "Lou...how long he's been gone for? Is this years, or is he just taking a break?" A silver-white image skated out into her field of vision, the outline of a sleek, lithe animal as if painted in lines of light that left trails behind it as it moved. The AR representation of her Agent software, Loutre Demort. It swam through the air, circling points of interest as it scanned the scene through her eyes and highlighted them for her perusal. As the agentsoft worked, Maverick released her drone; a wasp-like construct about the size of her two hands together, but spindly and fragile-looking. It hovered up over her shoulder and began revolving slowly, responding to her command to keep a watch around her and warn her if anything bigger than a cat started approaching her. The drone was armed, but she wouldn't issue a kill order unless it was necessary. Starting a gunfight in the middle of the bazaar was NOT how she wanted these folks to remember her.
  13. RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME ODAIBA TOWER "So, to make sure I'm tracking right, I'm to go down to the site of a terrorist attack, recover the mnemonic core and case of a man who is a member of our house, from under the noses of the Rho Centurions, without drawing attention to myself, or doing anything illegal. Forgive my impertinence Shougun, but this Cybersleeve, doesn't do subtle all that well in my experience. If they've already got the case and core, what then? Is there some way I can be officially recognized as the duly appointed representative to reclaim our citizen and property from the Centurions?" That approach would make the most sense, and would be easiest route in his mind, not involving any falshehoods.
  14. RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME “Wasn't a suicide bombing.” came a mildly un-enthused voice from the CSI who was looking over a thin metallic case. “Bomb was outside the tube, from the size of the thermal sphere probably a 300kg mining charge of pyoxycylene. Who ever set it up was a pro.” He had pulled out a small tubular scanner from his pocket and was waving it across the face of the cases lock while he talked. “What do you mean, a pro?” Ken asked his voice maybe a little quivery. Jordan glanced at her partner then followed his line of sight. He wasn't watching the CSI but instead was staring at the broken body a a small child. “Well those mining charges are built with a magnetic field that lets them flow after they get set off that's how they burn those tunnels into asteroids and stuff if they don't have a Vulcan swarm. This one was placed perfectly so that the spheres mag filed would lock onto the tubes field and become stationary. If it had been set even slightly out of phase it would have fallen to the surface then burned in whatever direction it was built for. Would have been a total fucking mess then.” He set the case down and looked up at the detectives and saw then looking at the dead girl. “I mean more than it is.” Jordan cut him a glare “Are you going to open that?” “Can't it's House Locked, going to need a court order.” GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET The vision across from him folded her hands on the table top in front of her, her calm poise making him somewhat uneasy as did her willingness to make eye contact with him. “There has been an alleged terrorist attack on Luna” At the mention Vaughn's agent began feeding him the relevant data. “A member of the House has been Identified as a passenger on the train in question he may have been in possession of sensitive material.” One part of his vision now showed a slim Asian looking man of maybe forty yeas in full 3D a biography scrolling along. The mans name was Sigamund Kwon he was a cyber-systems designer, but what caught his attention was the large red red letters that blink across the display. RENOUNCED. “As you can see, Vaughn, Mr. Kwon had renounced his affiliation with Kimura almost a year ago on Changden where he was living and working. His separation was complete and we saw no need to maintain contact after he left Changden and the House. It was assumed he went to work for one of our rivals. Imagine out surprise when his name was tagged as a member of our House in good standing as a passenger on this train. At the same time when the train catalogued him as a passenger it also received a property ping also belonging to our House, in Mr. Kwon's possession.” One delicate hand reached up and took hold of the spoon in the sundae on the table she took a spoonful and looked at it before placing it in her mouth. She closed her eyes as she savored the taste and feel if the ice cream on her tongue. “Mmm amazing. This case should not have been in this mans possession and this man is not a member of our House. Yet according to every bit of data recorded today, he is and it was. The case is missing from where it is supposed to be, and we assume that it is now in the wreckage of the train we do not know if it has been recovered by the authorities yet. We are sending in an... investigator, to locate and recover the case. He is unfamiliar with the locale and with this sort of work. I wish you to assist him in this endeavor. You will be compensated for your time and cooperation.” RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME ODAIBA TOWER There was a slight flicker in the Shoguns image and was that a time delay in her response that he noticed or was he still out of it from the needle cast. “A little more than 6 hours ago a commuter maglev was attacked and destroyed in an apparent terrorist attack. On board was man identified as a member of our House and according to the train he was in possession of an item that was stolen from a lab here on Luna. I need you to retrieve that case and the man's mnemonic core regardless of what condition they are in. They may shortly be in the possession of the Rho Centurions if they already are not. Do not do anything illegal and don't draw any undo attention to yourself. Once you have the case and the core we may need your services further.”
  15. Jordan O'Quinn-Kurosagi


    RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME Jordan held her partner's eyes for a moment then glanced around the semi-intact car with an arched brow. "We are homicide and here, we have a homicide. Dozens." If she couldn't help the velvet sultriness of her new voice, the wryness still came through. She flashed Ken a smirk, forgetting for a moment that it would come across at enticing rather than sardonic. "Maybe the boys in CTU (Counter-Terrorism Unit) didn't want to deal with the paperwork and shuffled this shit onto us." She shrugged, the shifting contents of her blouse drawing Ken's eye again. "Or maybe someone up top just doesn't like us." Ken grunted. It wasn't like he mouth hadn't gotten him in trouble before. And his partner was what she was now. Young for being an detective, she'd always been driven. That intensity in her new sleeve could be rather... distracting... but a lot more pleasing on the eye and frustrating in the pants than the hard-faced red-head she used to be. "And here I thought you liked being on top, O'K," Ken quipped. Jordan rolled her eyes as she pulled on a pair of latex gloves, chrome coloured nails flashing for a moment under the light of smoldering flames and the emergency lights of Centurion skiffs. I do like being on top, she thought to herself. She'd have blushed if her Venus-model biosleeve was capable of it. The reason she'd arrive on scene after Anselmo was breakfast. No what she had, but who. She had indulged herself again with the man she had picked up last night and had to run to her apartment to change before coming into work. It was a necessity. "Don't let them know that," Jordan countered, a glance upward referring to their superiors as she began to move about the fallen. "I'll never get them off my ass." And what a nice ass it is, Ken mused. He wasn't particularly keen on those who resleeved, but at least Jordan's new sleeve didn't have the same bland good looks and similarity as most in the RLCD (Rho Luna Centurion Department) who decanted into standard Rho model Centurion Biosleeve. "Too easy, O'K. Too easy." Jordan snorted. "I try to oblige." She crouched among the dead in the front half of the car, trying to not to disturb or contaminate the scene as she looked for anything conspicuous or out of place and tried to get a good look at any faces that she could send her Agent Cathbad off to identify through facial recognition. The techboys would be around soon enough to get what IDs they could through DNA, but the sooner she got something, the sooner she could get to work on it. "Let's set up an alert on the Extranet feeds, see if anyone is claiming responsibility," Jordan said. "Not like there isn't enough assholes who might do this. Apostates, Purifiers, Talons of Freedom, Savants just because they can." She gritted her teeth as she stood up and pulled off her gloves. Savants were her own issue, but she wouldn't pull them off the list, still bitter about her own sleeve-death. "We'll have to see if any corps would benefit from this new mag-train getting - fuck me - derailed. And we'll have to give the passenger manifest a look, in case this wasn't a terror-statement, just made to look like one to knock off someone in particular for the regular goddamned reasons." She pursed her lips as she considered the dead in the car, the dead in the rest of the mangled and scorched grav-train. "We should take a look at the Resurrection Insurance policies of those on the manifest and any we get an ID on, too. See if anyone just recently got a policy or if any have been called on suspiciously quickly after the incident. Or even recently got fitted for a mindset and mnemonic core." Jordan grimaced beautifully. "Suicide bombing hasn't been the same since the Singularity made Apotheosis possible."
  16. Madeline Volkov


    STAR SYSTEM HR9038 35LY from SOL "Squad lead, Volkov. Come in please. Over." Static. The same nonanswer that had greeted her for the last two minutes since the mission had gone to hell with so spectacular a bang. Madeline was on a clock, several clocks in fact, and all of them were against her. Less than 8 hours of air left in the suit. An increasing chance with every minute that passed her squadmates were all dead or at least disabled in the case of the cyberzombies. No means to contact command while whoever fired those missiles rallied a counter attack on the bunker and recovered the stolen compiler. Come to think of it... Where had those missiles come from? There were no faculties or equipment listed in the brief that could fire those kinds of weapons. She frowned, mind racing as she considered the possibilities. Just delivered? ICON screwing up again? Apostate trap? She was too patient to move from her perch even with the armor's cloaking field protecting her from causal observation, but she wanted to. “Baba Yaga, probable location for the launch point of the missiles that destroyed the Dakota?” she asked the one 'person' she could reach, voice flat and grim inside her helmet. There was a moment of silence save for her own breathing as the Agent worked on the problem and highlighted a circle on the map displayed on her HUD. “The most probable point of origin is approximately an hour's travel from here, Sgt. Volkov," came the voice of an old woman in her ear, the kind rarely heard outside of a sensie or a SIM these days, "Plus or minus 20 minutes based on degree of stealth movements included." The Protectorate sniper drummed her fingers on the rock. "Assuming the source isn't mobile, odds we... I can find anything to get us back to a Coalition outpost?" she asked again, ever so careful not to try and not treat her Agent as a person. One of the reasons she had named it after the cannibal witch of legend. "Unknown, Sgt. Volkov." Madeline grunted in annoyance at herself. She had *known* that. She was dithering, avoiding how ridiculously bad today was, and step one of the best, the only, course of action lay before her at the other end of her rifle barrel. "Time to go then, Baba," Sgt. Madeline Volkov breathed as she rose to her feet, rifle held low but ready, armored form ghosting towards the bunker entrance, thoughts racing with prefight adrenaline and the steps to her 'plan'. Get in the bunker. Find her squad or at least bring back any of the zombie's Cores she could recover. Destroy the compiler. Get home. Her lips quirked grimly at the odds against not only that last step, but all them. Nothing for it though.
  17. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET "I wasn't expecting to meet as eminent a figure as yourself, Shogun Aria." Behind the polite expression, Vaughn's mind worked double-time to assess and make sense of the situations. Appearances could be faked, even if it was very unlikely someone would dare cross House Kimura by impersonating Aria or Tomoe Gozen. He had programs of powerful SINC that could dig further and confirm their identities... ...But if Aria was the real deal, she'd have top-notch defenses even against Savants. Her undetected entrance backed that line of thought up. And the risk of offending her would be too great. No, the odds were 98.93% (as an analysis by Smiley, his Agent returned) the real McCoy Aria Blake Condileeza Mutsuharu. Which led to the next question, one embedded solidly in the subtext of his pleasantry. Why was she here? After all, Aria was a Shogun, one of the 14 individuals who ruled House Kimura. For all the faint outlines of this Shadow War that Vaughn was piecing together, one fact was obvious. People at the top don't meet with Auxiliaries. They had middlemen, subsidiaries and everything to keep them insulated from the slightest hint of malevolent criminal plotting. Yet in defiance of all that, here she was. With Tomoe Gozen in tow, whom if not quite so august was a major celebrity and PR asset for House Kimura. If Vaughn were on the Board of Governance, he wouldn't be sending Gozen to meet an Auxiliary either. Board of Governance. That got Vaughn considering. Samurai pledged to Governance dealt with internal affairs. The most plausible explanation was that this was something up that alley. A sensitive matter that would justify the involvement of 'specialists' like himself - but not illegal. Hence making it kosher for the Shogun to be sitting across from him in a VR booth over rich chocolate fudge brownie sundaes. "But it is an honor that you would personally call upon me. What can I do for you?"
  18. RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME ODAIBA TOWER Once he was alone with the woman he thought of as his benefactor, for that was a much nicer term than "Master" for both of them, he laid there for a moment, going through the basics he'd taught himself when he "woke". Finally he spoke. "Shogun, Mutsuharu, this is an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise. I didn't expect to see you so soon. " He'd been called from the field with an emergency summons to suspend his current mission and report in. Following that report, he'd been cast all the way to Luna, with very little information, being told only that he'd be informed of the particulars of this emergency once he was there. Now, looking up to see her standing over him, he took things slowly, Sitting up, testing the extremities of this body, before rising from the chamber and ensuring he was cleaned off. She'd not brought him all the way here to lay around, and since she'd interrupted a mission she'd asked him to undertake for this one, he knew it was important. Once he was out of the chamber, he quickly set about getting dressed in the clothing that was provided for him, not really out of a sense of modesty, but more because it would better use her time for him to not dawdle, so he would dress as she spoke, unless she demanded he stop. "It must be important for you to do all this, how may I be of service to you?"
  19. 'The Apostate'


    Jericho sat in his chair. It creaked softly as he moved it side to side, rubbing the stubble on his chin. Penny knew that look, he was deep in contemplation, weighing the odds of whether or not the gamble was worth the risk. Being an apostate was never easy, between smugglers, pirates, the Coalition, every action one took had to be carefully weighed and measured to be sure that they'd be alive to spend whatever salvage they might procure. Discretion was always the better part of valor. "Mox," he spoke, tilting his like the ship's AI was standing behind him without taking his eyes off the object on the screen. "What about biological, or organic?" "Cold, means cold, genius." Moxie replied. Penny couldn't help but smirk, after all, her dad couldn't make the ship do push-ups as punishment. "Estimate the tactical probability of cybernetic sleeves," Jericho looked back at the simple holo display where the ship's AI broadcast from. The display showed the the floating head of a woman with long hair and comely features albeit all tinted in blue. "Smart ass." "Hmm, that's a possibility," she quirked one brow up in acceptance of the thought. "However, that would be an awfully specialized unit equipped with some serious hardware all to lie in wait for what? A few contraband smugglers? The Coalition has far more important things to do, of that I can assure you. Pirates seem unlikely. That sort of tech would a smidge out their price range, or level of class." Still, he just sat there, staring off into the void of space. Jeicho was a careful man. He had to be for the sake of his daughter and his ship (which currently housing a very illegal AI). Penelope sighed and broke the silence. "Dad, it's been months since our last good score out here. The smuggling runs just aren't cutting it at the moment, this season is lean. We're looking at a possible gold mine." "No, it's too risky," he shook his head and settled into the chair preparing to fire up the sub drives and veer them around the derelict. "That thing could be nothing more than a trap and we can't risk it. We'll be too exposed while searching it." "But, Dad!" Penny attempted a rebuttal but her father cut her off. "I said no," he calmly replied over her. His daughter stood up and pressed a single on his console that powered down everything he'd put into motion. "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." "Ah, well put." Moxie interjected as Jericho shot them both an irritated look as he was slowly being subjected to mutiny aboard his ship. "Thomas Stearns Eliot, OM, was an essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social critic, and 'one of the twentieth century's major poets'. A wise choice for a quotation." There was a long pause as he pursed his lips in frustration, looking to the AI then to his daughter. He sighed in defeat. "Gear up. Moxie keep her ready to go and the drive core charging, and try to isolate whether there is a breathable atmo," he then glared at Penny who was excitedly leaping with victorious vigor. "Don't get too happy, kid. If this whole thing goes south, and we live, your ass is so grounded. And damn T.S. Eliot"
  20. Det. Ken Anselmo - Irreverent, inappropriate and cynical. He may lust after his partner but he respects her.
  21. Kimura Shogun Aria Blake Condileeza Mutsuharu - Once the Daimyo of Lotus Cyberworks She rose to her current position on the Board of Governance after her Predecessor committed suicide.
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  23. “GINGER SNAP” Space is big. Of course everyone knows this but still, until one finds themselves in the depths of space away from every single other human occupied ship, planet, moon, station, or what have you, your mind doesn't grasp how big, how enormous, or how intimidating space is. Or how empty. Man occupies seven starsystems, and has a presence in a half dozen more. At least officially. Unofficially you can probably double that number, give or take. At any given time there are a score of robot ships looking for new worlds, new sources for whatever it is that the powers that be are interested in at the moment. And then there are the others. Those who wish to remain unseen, unknown. Those whose business is their own. Or those whose actions need remain in the shadows, undiscovered. STAR SYSTEM HR9038 35LY from SOL The small cadre of Legionaires had deployed from the drop shuttle effortlessly and undetected and made their way to their target, an underground bunker complex that housed, among other things, an unregistered industrial Compiler taken from a pirated colony ship in route to Shouye. Normally an op such as this would be handled by drones, but the tidlelocked planetoids close proximity to the systems three suns created havoc with communications and made remote access impossible, and command didn't want to use autonomous robotic combatants due to the sensitive nature of the op. The legionnaires had all looked askance when informed of this but being legionnaires had said nothing, after all as the saying went, "Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and die". Sgt Volkov was alert as she lay in her over-watch position her snipers weapon trained on the likely egress point of any personnel attempting to flee the bunker. Not that there would be any. After all they had nowhere to go. The Coalition Force had waited after approaching the unnamed planetoid and had stayed under stealth waiting for the pirate ship grounded at the complex to launch and depart. The presence of the ship and it's departure at the appointed time lent credence to the intel they were operating under. Once the pirate ship had departed The protectorate warship had rapidly moved in and dropped the Legionnaires onto the airless worldlet to conduct the raid. Volkov wished she were with her team inside but protocol called for the sniper to remain on overwatch. Still she knew her teams capabilities well and knew that they would be in and out with the efficiency they were known for. But the lack of radio comms bugged her. She could get only snippets of the ops going on inside through the stellar interference. So it was a heart stopping shock when the words “Vampire, vampire, vampire!” clearly filled her helmet. She twisted into her side and looked up her eyes searching for where the CPS Dakota Meyer should be. Maddie couldn't locate the stealthed ship with her eyes but she did see the triple flares of the three gravity driven kinetic missiles that streaked up from the planets surface at over a thousand gravities acceleration on an intercept course with the small destroyer class ship. Even from geosynchronous orbit and unable to make radical maneuvers, the Dakota Meyer managed to destroy two of the projectiles with her close in defense systems, but only one needed to hit and the third one did. Sgt Madeline Volkov's Helmet face-plate darkened as the night was turned to the brightest day outshining all three suns with Antimatter fire. Seconds passed and the ball of light faded and darkness once again reigned. Maddie twisted back to face her watch zones and saw nothing had changed no movement no sound over the comms. Sgt Madeline Volkov suddenly felt very very alone. STAR SYSTEM WISE 1959-3338 37.5 LY from SOL The vessel slipped through the empty system at a healthy velocity. She was coasting now her drive was on standby and her JD was in the second half of it's spool cycle. The Apostate sat in the flight decks command chair where he was inputting the next jump. Being at velocity made navigation a bit more complicated but it was better, in his opinion, to be moving after a jump than dead still and maybe under someones guns. “Daddy, I think I found something. It might be a ship.” Jericho Wyze lifted his head but didn't turn to face his daughter at her station toward the rear of the flight deck. Instead he looked out the forward view port. Behind him Penny watched her dad and shook her head. “You can't see it unaided, it's about 30k klicks, here, that's the coordinates so you can bring it up on the scope.” “How'd you spot it?” he asked as he brought it up on the scope. All that he could see was stars and blackness. “It occluded two of the stars as we shifted. It's stationary or moving really really slow. “Moxie?” “Give me a minute will you. I wasn't sight seeing I was monitoring the jump drive.” came the disembodied voice of the ships AI. Before Jericho could respond Moxie spoke again. “Yeah the Kids right I'ts a ship or at least something artificial. I get returns showing both ferrous and non ferrous materials. But it's cold. No emissions at all.” Jericho finally turned around and looked at his daughter, at the light of excitement glowing in her eyes the grin on her way too pretty face. The chances of running into a ship out here were so infinitesimally small as to immediately set off alarms and his first inclination was to change vector and open the distance and jump as soon as he was able. But then that other voice in his head started speaking. This was a smugglers route, he wasn't the only one to use it and lord knows a derelict ship could be a treasure trove. SANCTUARY 70 LY from Sol Maverick pushed her way through the crowd and deeper into the bazaar. She still wasn't used to this, to have to actually live without the privileged and economic stability being a citizen had brought. But she had made up her mind. She was committed and anyone who knew her knew that once committed to something she was in it one hundred and ten percent. Still she needed to eat and needed a place to live. New Montreal was crowded and smelled bad. The air was pumped from the surface and circulated then recirculated through all the interconnected hulls which made up the buried city. The bazaar was an open area created from connecting the cargo holds of three different ships in to one big cavernous chamber full of booths and stalls where real craftsmen traded and bartered real hand made goods and where the farmers from hydroponics traded real grown food. It was like something out of an old earth tale of the Arabian nights or something. Maverick paused she had been here less than a week and had not found what she was looking for yet. Her decision to leave Olympus had been twofold, one, get away from her family (that included her House, Kimura), and two, to make contact with a person whose name she had gotten a person who if the rumors she had gleaned on the net were true, could get her on the way to fulfilling her personal mission maybe even get her an invite to the Darkive. A person called Lark. Anna had struggled to survive in Minos for a couple of months after her dramatic exit from society in Olympus. While not yet truly accepted by the downtrodden she hoped to help she had made friends. One of them, a street waif called Noodle, had listened to Anna's forceful dissertations about evolution, true freedom, and the evil that the coalition was perpetrating against humanity with it's totalitarian rules and the almighty HPA. Noodle had been mesmerized by the girl who called herself Maverick and had become one of her followers if you could call her that. It was noodle who told her about the apostate facilitator named Lark, and told her where to find him, and helped her get off mars and to Sanctuary. It had taken 21 days of riding cramped stinking tramp ships and eating questionable food but Maverick had made it to Sanctuary. And now she was in the bazaar where you could find anything you needed. Anything except who you where looking for. Maverick stood and stared at the empty cleared out stall where she was supposed to find the man she had come 70 light years to find.
  24. NOVA PRAXIS: HOLD BACK THE NIGHT “UNDER THE DRAGON CLAW” LUNA A snake riding the lightning. The passenger train on the Serro/Rho Transit Mag line was slashing across the desolate moonscape at over 300 kilometers an hour, but to the passengers onboard that sense of speed was lost. There was nothing along the line to zip past to give a sense of the speed at which the train traveled, just lonely flat seas of dust. Most of those riding the train were tourists to Luna from other worlds or stations within the solar system a few were from out system and even fewer were Luna residents, commuters traveling to Rho for work or recreation. Visible only from the first car without using the VR system the dome housing Rho grew larger and larger the only feature on the vast plain that allowed the human senses to recognize the speed at which the train traveled. The Train was autonomous so there was no need for a control room which would be found on much older versions of the train. Instead the front of this particular train, the newest and most advanced in service anywhere in the Coalition, even Mars, was made of transparent alloy allowing those in the first car an unparalleled view of the passing moonscape and the Dome looming larger and larger in the distance. Chani Coppley was 12 years old and was with her parents on a vacation from their home on Mercury, where her parents were technicians working in the antimatter factories. This was the first time Chani had been off world and she found it amazing the moon was, to her beautiful and when the first glimmer of the Dome housing Rho first came into view like some glittering jewel on the horizon she was in awe. She had asked and her parents granted for permission to go to the front of the car and watch the approach into the dome. Chani had rushed forward and while noting that the right hand seat was occupied by a man she paid no attention to, instead focusing soley on the fast growing dome. The train didnt begin to slow until it crossed the juncture where the line passed trough the outer Dome wall. The Gravity compensator's shifted keeping the interior at a stable 0.96G while the train itself began its rapid deceleration to safely enter the city. The train sped into the Dome shooting over the buildings and between two of the casino towers on it was to circumnavigate the central lake before eventually entering the Station on the far-side of the city. As she watched she grew uncomfortable, she could feel someone watching her. Chani glance sideways and saw the man siting across from her staring at her he was clutching a carrying case in his lap and was pale. She turned and looked at him squarely as she saw his lips quiver and a tear slide out of the corner of his eye “I'm so sorry” The train was a quarter of the way around the lake it's speed having dropped from 300kmh to just about 150kmh and was still decelerating when the mag tunnel exploded. RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME Fire fighting drones, police skiffs and other emergency vehicles still hovered in the cordoned off area where the terrorist attack against the maglev had taken place. The charred, twisted and melted metal of the train cars were scatter and almost unrecognizable only the first car resembled what it had once been and it was still a broken piece of machinery full of the dead. According to the passenger list eighty seven people had been on board all were assumed to be killed. Another eighteen deaths and numerous casualties had been reported. The death toll on the ground was likely to rise. Most of the dead would never be identified due to the extreme heat of the fire their bodies incinerated into charred skeletons which would likely not have any serviceable DNA. Det. Ken Anselmo watch as his partner...sashayed was the only term that came to mind, her way through the wreckage to join him at the first car. “Hope you skipped breakfast. It's a fucking mess in there.” Jordan “O'K” Kurosagi paused at the bottom of the step ladder and looked up at her partner who was unabashedly trying to stare down her blouse. She turned her head to look at the mangled yet intact and even more curiously unscorched front of the car and the at the back where the final third of the car had the first signs of heat and fire damage. “I saw the mesh footage on my way over, The Thermal sphere was fully formed by the time the first car would have passed through. Why the hell doesn't this one look like all the rest?” Ken climbed down to join his sexy partner... fuck it was so hard... not to think those thoughts.. “Jesus O'K, I know this shit excites you but you think you can dial back the pheromones, you're giving me a hardon here.” He walked around her and pointed at the mangled front of the car. “Brand spankin' new. First of it's kind in operation anywhere in the galaxy. It's not a mag train not like normal. It uses gravity inducers. The engineers tell me that there is a gravity wave, whatever the fuck that is, that makes a bubble the heat from the pyoxy sphere would have been bent around it. They said the bubble would have collapsed about where you see the first scorch marks back there.” Ken was making gestures and wide sweeps with his hands and arms to emphasize and illustrate his words. He tended to get carried away which annoyed Jordan to no end. Ken faced Jordan and looked her square in the eye all hint of his earlier inappropriate playfulness gone. “And that's why we have uncooked meat that we can Id up here. But I have an even better question for you, O'K. This is terrorist shit, why the fuck did we get assigned this case?” GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET Vaugn paused outside the door it was a warm afternoon here in Chicago, perfect for an ice cream. The boardwalk was crowded with sightseers and kids all enjoying an afternoon in VR of course some were AIs there to add to the crowded festive nature of the simulation, but Vaughn didn't see any that weren't what they seemed. Still, he thought it a funny place to have a meet. He went inside. Immediately he saw that all of the staff were AI, there were a half dozen others present all appeared to be VR users and not SIMS. Then there was the Samurai There was no mistaking her. She stood, back to the counter, leaning casually. When he enter she gave a slight nod toward a booth with no one else near by. The booth was empty. Vaughn moved to the booth and sat a ai waitress came over dressed in a mid twentieth century skirt and sweater a paper pad and a pencil in hand. “What ya gonna have Honey?” Vaughn made an order and when the waitress left he watched her pleasant sway as she walked away. When he turned back the Shogun was seated across from him. That sent a shiver through him none of his programs had warned him of her entrance into the local virtuality. She had no tags but he knew her image. A quick glance around and he was certain that only he and the Samurai could see her. “Greetings Vaughn. I am pleased that you could come and see me I know it was short notice and I hate to have caused any disruption in your own work. But I have need of your services.” RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME ODAIBA TOWER The return to consciousness was abrupt not at all like waking up from his short sleeps, just nothing, then sudden awareness. His body tensed as sudden fight or flight instincts wracked his brain then it passed. His auditory sensors detected two heartbeats neither in distress. Ryan opened his eyes. It was weird. “How long” his mental inquiry to his agent. “6 hours 24 minutes and 43 seconds. Transition and recovery were seamless.” Rayan tilted his head (it felt like his head, but his head, at least the one that had been his for the last ten months, was over 14 lightyears away) and took in the room. He was lying in a portable resurrection chamber in what looked like a very expensive hotel room, one he could not afford by any means. There were three people he could see but he only heard two heart beats. Those two he identified easily enough both wore stylized form fitting uniforms of a pleasant pink color and each had badges and emblems that identified their ranks and work classifications. One, a very young (really too young) looking man who appeared to barely be out of puberty, was a doctor. The other who was older with a pleasant bearded face and a genuine smile was a mnemonics technician. The third whose heart he couldn't hear was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and expansive ocean blue eyes. She was dressed in an expensive lavender fire diamond evening gown which accentuated her perfectly sculpted figure. “Hello Mr. Church, your probably disoriented but that to be understandable after all you have been through a very traumatic experience. Just relax and don't move fast or try to sit up.” The voice was bendy while Ryan could understand the words he couldn't tell which of the two pink uniforms spoke. He saw the beautiful blond look past him.”Do you need anything else, madam?” “No, you and your staff have done well thank you, you should notice the bump momentarily. Again Thank you now if you will please leave us alone.” The words were still bendy but he recognized the voice, he watched the two men pick up a couple of cases and the blond simple rez'd out, then he bent back his head to look behind him and saw the upside down Shogun.
  25. Penelope 'Penny' Wyze - Gear Head & Earthphile - A fifteen year old girl who is completely obsessed with pre-technophage Earth. It's her Holy Grail, her El Dorado. When her and her father, Jericho, are in a new colony or an apostate enclave on a station in the fringes of space she's always looking for some sort of pre-phage Earth junk she can add to her collection. Her quarters aboard their ship is a veritable museum of Earth artifacts. From old tech like iPods and old Blu-rays to snow globes to a few nick-nacks of technology that are no longer manufactured but still in use today, if seriously outdated. And very few people in the verse know more about Earth's history than her. She'll be the first to admit that life with her father is not easy. She has a full schedule of physical fitness, education, daily maintenance schedules and watch standing to keep on the look out for Protectorate vessels, but she couldn't be happier. Fun and inquisitive, almost to a fault, she is curious and simply a delight to be around... don't be fooled though, the life of an apostate it not an easy one and she will fervently defend herself, her father and her way of life without question or hesitation. She's quite intelligent and has grown into quite an engineer. Her insatiable curiosity, be it for pre-phage Earth objects or just the 'verse in general, is a constant thorn in her father's side, as well her attractiveness, which is starting to catch the attention of nearly every young man or woman at the various colonies they stop at. She's not allowed to date until she's ninety. Appearance: TBD
  26. Character Name: Anna Maverick State: Sleeved Allegiance: Apostate Gender: Female Height: 5'5" Weight: 132lbs Hair: Short. Red. Eyes: Hazel Skin: Fair. Appearance: Anna's current sleeve is of average build and size, with off-the-shelf decent looks but nothing like the sculpted perfection of more expensive models. It is patterned off of her original body, though has been customized considerably since she first sleeved. She wears her bright red hair short now instead of long, and uses more dark, ominous shades in her wardrobe than she used to. Background It's not a big secret that Anna used to be a member of House Kimura, but junked her Rep and went underground after some kind of falling out. The details of course are known only to the House mucky-mucks, but to say they're not thrilled with her would be an understatement. They're not sending hit squads or anything, but she's persona non grata with them at the moment. She was born on Mars, in Olympus, but her parents are terraforming engineers working in Charon. After her split with Kimura, Anna hooked up with a fringe cluster of apostates in Minos and helped them clear out before a House raid on their safehouse came down. From there she's moved around a lot, wherever apostates congregate. Her inside knowledge of the Houses can be valuable, though it's getting a bit dated now. Anna's had some close shaves trying to help her fellow apostates out, and she could be a lot richer than she is if she always charged the worth of her services. In particular there was an incident where a team she was on tried to steal a resurrection chamber for an apostate enclave's use. Didn't go so well, and the job set her back enough she had to clear out and uproot again. Hard to say where she'll turn up next.