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Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

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Things have changed. We have changed.

Earth is lost to us, but even in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, we grow, evolve and even prosper. We have witnessed the death of our mother and the birth of a new era.

In what might have been the end, the synthesis of biology and technology proved our salvation. Augmentation, ranging from basic genetic manipulation to Apotheosis, set us on the path of prosperity. But it also emphasized the importance of identity, individual humanity, and the purity of the species.

The loss of Earth and the resulting Exodus gave us an opportunity to start over with a clean slate. And we seized it.

Though the need for organization, stability and a reliable government was clear, the old ways were seen by most as archaic, clumsy and too prone to corruption.

It was time for a new way… a Nova Praxis.

Today, social networks allow the will of the people to be measured instantly, accurately and without the need for representation. The Coalition, guided by the collective voice of its people, has established new homes on worlds lit by new suns. Molecular assembly technology has made it possible for society to provide a quality of life never before imagined, at essentially no cost, to everyone.  And we are virtually immortal.

But can this would-be Utopia last?

Corruption in the Coalition government fosters decay from within. The Houses, our benefactors and patrons, run shadowy networks of intrigue, espionage and assassination. Apostates, non-citizens, condemn those who would trade their privacy for the Coalition’s false security. Remnants of Earth’s old governments wage an unrelenting guerilla war on Coalition forces. Ideological extremists commit acts of terror using the latest horror to spring from a factory or test tube…

And the value of a human soul is weighed and measured in lines of code.

Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

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  2. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Ryan had been recording everything, and had already noticed several things the two centurions obviously hadn't. "Of course Detective, I don't mind giving you a hand, though "Church" is just fine for way to address me, I imagine you'd not like me calling you a pet name." he moved into the site proper, and began scanning and recording everything, should Vaughn wish to look at it later. After his survey, he was allowed to look at the corpses of the assassins, and his mechanical eyes narrowed as he shifted through several spectrums. He could see at least part of what was going on here, and he wasn't happy. This was liable to blow up in all their faces if they were not careful. "I see. Well that's only going to complicate things." He made his way back to both detectives. "I have a report, if the two of you have a moment." It was clear from his tone that he wanted to give them that report quietly, Away from others.
  3. THE COBBLERS HOUSE CROSSROADS, THE 'NET The cobbler stiffens perceptibly Vaughn saw half a dozen small mice dart out in various directions from under the work table, each disappearing through small holes and cracks in the wall. The old man set his tools aside and pushed his stool back “Just like you always straight to the point, no beating around the bush, no taking care with who might be listening.” he said as he moved to the window and drew a set of dusty curtains then he bolted the door after flipping the welcome sign to closed. “He doesn't go by that name any more, might not even be that soul, but he does listen for it watches and acts when it's spoken” RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Anselmo looked at the carnage and shook his head as O'K asked the gore splattered hot chick some questions. “I swear to all that holy if these guys are clones...,” he mumbled. Then he noticed Church standing still as a statue on the edge of the site. “Hey Buttercup, how about using those big ears and eyes and giving us a hand since your here?”
  4. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Yoyo's face imperceptibly hardened a bit, her eyes faintly narrowing at how the detective spoke of her friend. She took in a breath, centered herself and relaxed once more before speaking. "Tilda? A criminal?" she said in a bit of surprise, her beautiful, expressive aquamarine eyes going wide. "I am absolutely certain that if she were a criminal, then the fine Centurions would have certainly brought her to justice by now. To call her a 'criminal' is a serious allegation for a detective to be making, one which I am sure somebody of your standing would not make without proof to support it." she said with a nod. Her expression turned thoughtful for a moment, glancing up at the dome above her. "Hmm.. But as I recall, it seems that for all of the highly skilled detective work of the Centurions, and the aid of the all-seeing mesh, no charge ever brought against her was ever able to stick." she thought aloud. "Tilda was associated with the Talons, as their representative in negotiations with the government. She helped the Coalition and Talons to avoid more violence. She saved lives. And she came to me to after the bombing to help save more lives with information she had. So please detective, do not slander the dead with your spurious allegations, especially to her friends." Yoyo politely asked as she rose from her seat on the back of the over-ambulance and walked over to one of the fire fighter vehicles with O'K walking along with her, O'K's lips tightened a bit as she listened. "Why come would she come to you, Ms. Mannerheim?" she asked when they had reached the fire fighting craft. Yoyo glanced over at O'K and leaned down, picking up a hose as she began to speak. "Because she was afraid that Centurions who were already unfairly biased against her would not believe her with the wound of the bombing so fresh. She also knew that in my work, I pass between all strata of society and do not judge, like some do." she began to explain as she leaned her head forward, bending just a bit at the waist. She lifted the hose quite easily over her head and turned it on partially, letting the water run through her faintly shimmering hair, washing out the ash, soot and other debris as she continued, "In so doing I have made many friends and acquaintances, some of whom are in positions, however lofty or lowly, irreproachable or unsavory, to be privy to privileged or sensitive information which they can be convinced to share, or be able to pass such information along the right channels if requested." she said as she dropped the hose and proceeded to wring out water from her hair. When she was satisfied, she shook her head, combing her fingers through her hear and then whipped her head back sharply, to lean her head back, causing her hair to arc through the air, sending off droplets or glistening water. Though she had been careful when rinsing her hair, some of the water still managed to trickle and cascade down her neck and shoulders, wetting the robe just a bit, so than when she leaned her head back it had the effect, whether unintentional or not, to pulled the thin, nearly transparent material when wet, taunt over her chest, the thin, wet material clinging to her perfectly sculpted breasts, the entire scene making her look like some sort of sea goddess freshly risen from the waves. "Unfortunately, I just can't recall all of the information she shared with me right now. After the explosion, things are a bit fuzzy." she said, shaking her head as she held up a hand across her forehead in an expression of wooziness that still causes a few of the male medics to tense and nearly jump to catch her. "Maybe if I were to tag along with your investigation, as an outside consultant perhaps, something might help me remember." she added. It was a gesture that she was certain the detective could see though, but that was also a bit of the point. She had dealth with all manner of law enforcement over her life, and knew how to handle them and give them what they needed to get what she wanted, such as providing the detective with a possible excuse, however flimsy, to her superiors to explain why she was permitted to tag along. Yoyo gestured toward the remains of the gardens with a sweep of her elegant hand, and then gestured up and down her body with a sling, fluid motion. "You obviously need not worry about my safety, and I am currently having further discrete protection brought to me from my quarters. That aside, I am sure you can see the benefit of having my assistance. There are many who would talk to me that would never be willing to talk to a detective." she explained as she wet her towel with the hose, wringing it somewhat clean, before continuing to use it to wipe what little bit remained of the charred crust from her body. "And no, Tlda never underwent the apotheosis. She had a bioware prosthetic here or there, due to injuries during her military service, but lacked any cyberware. I had hoped that she would, over time, decide to direct her own evolution and choose immortality, but now that choice was denied her. So now, detective, there is no core for you to recover from her. My account is close as you will get."
  5. A ship was not a thing of metal and tempered glass and hollow places for people to scurry through in between them for Anna. For her it was a construct of light caught in cables, like a vast spiderweb of glittering energy frozen in space and time. She barely noticed the bulkheads and control panels and seats as she walked through it all. Unseen to any but herself, her persona, her avatar flitted through the walls as if they weren't there, following datatrails and diving into network nodes like the old Earth aquatic mammal it resembled, and having just as much fun doing it. It took only minutes to roll back the clock and tell the sad tale of the Ginger Snap, as captured by its onboard systems. For all the carnage, there wasn't much to say. Anna met the others in the common room. "About a week before 'the Apostate' here found the Ginger Snap, it made landfall on a suspiciously nondescript planet in HR9038. Prior to that, there's a flight log and itinerary, but it's all garbage. Someone on the ship was covering their tracks. For some reason they didn't wash HR9038 off the record. My guess, given the circumstances, is that they never got a chance to. That kind of deep data removal and alteration takes time, and it doesn't look like they had much between leaving that planet and winding up a drifting hulk." She nods at The Apostate. "There's two extra bodies you found compared to crew records. The headless ones. Everyone else was registered to the ship, though their personnel records are definitely faked. There's not really anything else to learn here, I think. Next stop would be HR9038 and hope we can pick up the trail from there. Whatever was on that ship that got them killed came from there." (OOC - Software roll for when we get to the bunker to give Nina time to decide what Anna finds out when we get there. Software in bunker: 1d10 9 1d6 4 Ah, so close to an ace!)
  6. Jordan O'Quinn-Kurosagi


    RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME "They will," Jordan agreed, her sensual voice holding a hard bite, full lips and indigo eyes tightening, unmoved by Yoyo's tears. "But remember Ms Mann - Yoyo - it is the duty of the Centurions to apprehend them, and the Coalition of Free States to sentence them." Yolanda Mannerheim might claim Tilda Bailey as a friend, but to Jordan, she was a criminal. The Talons of Freedom seek nothing less than the fall of the Coalition under the pretext of old and obsolete nationalistic ideals. They were one of the largest suppliers of the black market, particularly in the area of weapons and armaments. And the Talons infested Rho, her city. It was never far from Jordan's thoughts that it was between the destructive machinations of the Talons of Freedom and the Purifiers that she ended up in her inappropriate sleeve. "Various augs and modifications or not, Yoyo, you shouldn't discount the danger offered by the Purifiers," Jordan said, then frowned faintly. "Nor that of the Talons. Though you are clearly a victim and have lost someone of importance to you, please remain available for questioning. By your own admission, you have interacted with someone you knew as a member of the Talons of Freedom, a recognized terrorist organization. Considering the events of today, that cannot be overlooked. If you will give me a few moments? I still need to take a look at the scene." It was phrased as a question, but it was a statement, as Jordan turned her attention back to the crime scene. More dead bodies burned beyond recognition. She tasked the Centurion Drone and a couple of the paramedics to keep a tab on Mannerheim while she looked over the footage the Drone has recorded of the event. In another personal window of her Mindset, Jordan began scouring public and Centurion databases on Tilda Bailey, to see if anything would clear or indict her, or hint at who may have attacked her. "Ken, would give the scene a once over, see if there's anything that might give a hint of who the attackers were or who they worked for?" Ken scowled, but Jordan gave him a pointed glance, aimed just below his belt. "If nothing else, it might help with your 'little' problem. And try not to disturb anything. Too much. You know how the CSIs hate that." Checking on the progress of the CSIs - they've been busy today - she sent them and the ME a note to take special care in trying to recover any mnemonic cores and to look for any indications that the charred attackers were cloned sleeves. It was a faint thread to follow, but it wasn't too far fetched to consider a link between the Mag-Lev attack and this one. Jordan turned back to Yoyo, her glistening white hair flaring. "Yoyo, are you aware if Tilda Bailey possessed a Mnemonic Core and Mindset?"
  7. Space above the planet of Sanctuary Lark's voice.... “Well the Ginger Snap isn't just a freighter she's a special one built for smuggling very special cargo. And that cargo couldn't have been taken off in space like you described. She was carrying 24 containers of Grade-A Antimatter that's a hundred and ninety-two cells, each one had to be individually powered with uninterrupted current. The 'Snap was special designed to smuggle antimatter and she has secret connections that only government sanction carriers are allowed to have.” The two Ships rose gently on their contra-gravity drives and push for the depths of the outer system where jumping would be possible. “So You can see how your version of the story has a bit of impossible added in. To take that cargo off in space would be almost impossible. Which in my book means that probably isn't what happened That ship had to offload on solid ground where that sort of cargo could be handled. Now that don't explain why you found her in space where you did but if there ain't any clues on the 'Snap then your gonna have to retrace her jumps. Either way your gonna need her with you.” The Ataraxia opened the jump portal and both ships vanished
  8. Anna frowned a little at that and gave Lark a look, then shrugged. "Alright then. Lets see what the cat dragged in. Lead the way to the ship, and I'll see what I can piece together."
  9. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Yoyo's gaze drifted past the Detective to the soldering remains of the garden. "Terrible" does not even begin to describe it." she she said, almost to herself, looking at the remains of the garden once again for a brief moment before looking back to the ground. "I.." Yoyo voice caught in her throat momentarily as she tried to speak about what happened. "I don't think they were after me. You see, I am something of a proponent of transhumanism. I speak about transhumanism, answer questions of the curios, help guide those who wish it along the path to their own self-directed evolution, to immortality, share my own story and try to set an example. I am not some transhumanist snob who looks down on those who do not wish to walk this path. I simply educate others on it and help them if they so desire. I am not like so many of the transhumanist supremacists out there. There is the occasional HPA fanatic, but I am perfectly capable of protecting myself. I am not one much for making enemies though. And please, call me Yoyo." she said, forcing a faint smile, that on her faced hardly even looked so. The faux smile faded quickly as her thoughts moved on to what had happened. "I believe they were after my friend, Tilda Baily," she said with a sigh as she pointed at one of the bodies, closing her eyes and shaking her head. "I think I was unexpected and just got in the way, and I doubt this happening shortly after the train bombing is a coincidence." Yoyo took in a deep breath, closing her eyes and centering herself as she let the detective pull up the information on Tilda. "You see, I come to the gardens often, and it was here I met Tilda by chance and we struck up a friendship. She may be associated with the Talons of Freedom, but our friendship had nothing to do with that. She came to me today, as I was praying for those poor souls on the train. She assured me that the Talons were not involved, and I must say, I believe her detective." she explained with the ache of loss lingering on her voice as she lifted her head to bring her luminous, aquamarine eyes to meet O'K's for a moment, her gaze full of sincerity and hurt. "I had just finished an hour or so of instructing Tilda in Maharia Meditation stances in the garden when I heard something outside the gate. It began to slowly open and I could see the barrel of a weapon, and so I acted to protect my friend, restraining the first one to question him, though I did not know there were others at the time. There were three of them, in fact, the apparent assassins I mean, but I don't know who they were. They had tactical gear, needle rifles and, apparently, incendiary grenades, and no compunction about taking lives." she explained, glancing over at the bodies being processed. "Another unloaded on the one I had restrained... to get to me. They just emptied a needler magazine into him, like... like... he was nothing" she recounted, shaking her head. "I have the benefit of certain augs, as I knew I may encounter violence in speaking on Transhumanism. Those augs made their needlers... ineffective... against me. The one I had restrained though, was not so lucky. I had only wished to question him, but he died in my grasp, bathing me in..." Yoyo's gaze shifted down to the towel in her hands, blackened by the crust of burnt blood she had wiped from her body. She closed her eyes tightly, though a few tears with a faint, metallic hue, escaped to run down her cheeks. With her eyes still closed tight, she continued, doing her best to steady her voice. "My friend, she was danger, for as that one reloaded, the other began to fire at her, not me. She was unarmed and still in the garden, clearly not the threat that I would have appeared to be, but still they fired at her as she took cover as best she could." "I did not have time to think about what what happening. Tilda was still in danger, so I had to act. I tossed Tilda the needler of the one I had restrained, and since one was reloading, I confronted the one shooting at my friend. I had hoped to remove him from the fight swiftly, either through unconsciousness or severe injury, so I could do the same to the third." "I am not entirely sure what happened next. It is a bit fuzzy. I think the one stopped reloading, and I remember hearing gunfire and then an explosion. When I awoke, trauma personnel were tending to me in the remains of the garden, and the assassins...and my friend... were dead." "Think what you may about her from what you've heard, but I can tell you that Tilda I knew was a good person and a better friend." she said as she locked eyes with the detective once more, he luminous eyes seemingly pleading and full of aching loss. Yoyo wiped away the steaks of tears on her cheeks with a clean back of her hand as her gaze slowly hardened with resolve. "Those responsible for all of these deaths will face justice."
  10. Vaughn swooped in on digitally-generated air currents. The village square grew into view, but Vaughn flapped left off of it towards a side street, at a building with green roofing and a blue hanging sign with the emblem of a boot. Vaughn landed on the roof before taking one brief final lift off, before putting himself in a position to turn back to human and safely land. Gravity wasn't exactly weakened in the rules of this virtuality, after all. The Cobbler, in the form of an older, kindly looking man, was puttering about something as Vaughn entered his shop. "Welcome. What-" His opening spiel cut off as he recognized: "Vaughn. I don't suppose you came here for shoes?" "No." Vaughn said, coming up to the counter. "I need to ask what you know about Sigmund Kwon."
  11. Jordan O'Quinn-Kurosagi


    RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME "Cry me a river, Anselmo," Jordan growled with more sexual frustration than she intended. With the Venus-model sleeve she wore, it wasn't a matter of being horny, but rather how horny she was. She shot her partner a smirk. "Though I'd think working decadent Rho, you'd be used to it by now." To be fair, even by the standards of an entertainment bastion such as Rho, the woman stood out. It was clearly not a 'naturally' made body, designed by someone with class and taste, instead of purely prurient interests like her own. And Ms. Mannerhiem must've taken more than a few hits to her rep or called in some special favours to get Synthesized with a rep rating only a 6. Even in a Silva dominated enclave like Rho, Synthesized Sleeves weren't exactly common. And aesthetic appeal wasn't the only thing the woman - or rather her sleeve - was designed for, Jordan thought with frown, reviewing the footage from the Centurion Drone and glancing around the destroyed garden with a frown. Her eyes fell on a dish by one of the medtechs holding several plastic flechettes from a needler. Some were broken, none had blood on them, not on the tips at least. And she's Licensed. Jordan wasn't even Licensed, except in course of her duties as a Centurion. The woman also didn't seem too shook up from the assault. Quiet and introverted - or was that introspective - but she didn't seem in shock or particularly distressed. Most people in the Protectorate didn't encounter violence, especially on this scale. "See if the MESH will give us anything this time, Anselmo, if you would? Since you're so hard done by, I'll see if Ms. Mannerheim is up to answering some questions." Jordan glided up to the gorgeous woman, waving aside the medtechs, asking for some distance with a glance. When the woman looked up at the curvaceous detective with those luminous aquamarine eyes, Jordan felt her hold on her enhanced pheromones go slack, even as she tried to decipher the subtle unconscious pheromones of the woman to determine her emotional state. Lucky me, not only did I get a libido jacked to eleven, but one not discerning in its proclivities. Jordan might still have a definite preference for men, but her sleeve was not so limited. She was still getting used to that. "Ms. Mannerheim, I know you've been subjected to a terrible situation," Jordan said, her sensual voice perhaps a touch too warm to be purely professional. "But while it is still fresh, would be willing to speak with me in our attempt to determine who did this and bring them to justice? I am Detective O'Quinn-Kurosagi, and the gentleman over there is Ken Anselmo." Jordan's eyes roved over the charred foliage of the gardens for a moment before turning them back on the woman who's modesty was barely held by a thin robe. "Standard I know, but I must ask, did you know the attacks or know why anyone would mean you harm?"
  12. Madeline Volkov


    It took a mountain of willpower to reign in her insulted pride and regain her equilibrium. Madeline shot Lark her best glare of icy contempt for his attempt to bribe a Marine of the 2nd Legion and ignored the lippy nameless girl, eventually nodding. She hadn't known the 'job' involved killing more pirates. "Pay me in enough supplies to last the job, send my squad and a report back before we take off, and I'll help stop these pirates. Your... money will be worse than useless if I make it home myself when we're done," Volkov returned flatly, expression grim, "If they have anything to do with the ones who stole and delivered the thing that took out my squad, they have a debt to settle with the 2nd Legion as well." The mission was back on, and this was as close to a resupply as she'd get.
  13. 'The Apostate'


    "Either way," The Apostate spoke with the tone of a disciplined man. "The choice is hers, not ours. Her rank and title mean absolutely nothing out here. If she decides to help us on a little side job, I sure as hell am not in any position to rat her out to her superiors."
  14. "Definitely too high," Anna says to the Apostate. "The Protectorate only cares about protecting one thing, and it isn't people. We're probably better off without her."
  15. 'The Apostate'


    "Honestly, Madeline," The Apostate said calmly, despite the shot she took at his integrity. "I was hoping you might want to assist us. After all, the operative word in 'Protectorate' is 'protector'. As a soldier of such, it's your duty to see to it that whomever is responsible for this piracy and slaughter answers for their crimes. Be their victims apostates or citizens, these people don't seem to care overmuch whose life they claim as they rob and steal. I seem to have set my expectations a bit too high." He shrugged, uncaring. "If you'd rather be home, I'll see to it you are there as soon as possible, as were the terms of our agreement. I can look into this situation afterwards."
  16. SANCTUARY 70 LY from Sol Madeline was quiet for a moment her eyes moving up and down taking the measure of the young woman...girl really, before her. Finally she gave a little shake of her head. “And that matters why?” Without waiting for the reply she faced the Apostate. “I don't want to sound ungrateful Captain but I do need to return to the coalition. If I understand your about to go off on some sort of treasure hunt Which kind of means your not taking me where you promised.” “If it's about pay I can make some arrangements and get you at lest class2 rate for the duration.” Lark broke in with a smile for the attractive woman. “This isn't about money. This is about the loss of a protectorate starship and the deaths of my squad. I need to get them home.” Volkov said her anger bleeding through Lark raised his hands “Didn't mean nothing soldier, and before you go getting all worked up. We ain't as backwards as you think. This city is made of Starships and we have all the integration that implies and we aint some backwater inbred rubes. I know you been trying to access our feeds we aren't as open as your coalition be we do have more of the amenities than you would think by the way we look. I can see to it that your mates get Home and I can see to it that you get a chance to report what happened to your superiors. This job is very important to my client and he has very deep pockets. What do you say?”
  17. THE EXTRANET LOCATION GUARDED “Okay, I have a few channels to investigate on my own. Keep me in the loop” Vaughn's avatar sat back as he contemplated which avenue to probe. Data flowed out at the speed of light multiple agents searching in nano seconds replies came back and were catalogued, ranked, filed, two were especially promising. One gave rise to the possibility that this may all be some sort of concerted attack on House Kimura. Not unheard of and definitely a possibility Several glitches and anomalies had surfaced in what was arguably the universes most popular virtuality, Stygia, and all of these things seem to coincide time wise with the incident on Luna. The other though caught Vaughn's attention and imagination. At the Crossroads, another virtuality based in a magical fantasy setting where old fashioned random events were commonplace, more anomalies had cropped up in the last few hours. Normally the events took place within defined localities with in the virtuality leaving other areas unaffected. But now complaints of events leaking into safe zones had been reported. It had also been reported that these incidents which were often violent not caused actual pain and damage to those who encountered them. Something that only alteration of base code could accomplish. The same kind of code alteration needed to change the focus of the MESH. Vaughn stood and became a bird, spreading his wings he took flight and flew through the now open window. Data flowed and his ego channeled across the vast distances that weren't and suddenly the Bird that was Vaughn burst from the branches of a tall Majestic oak. He soared high into the blue sky looking out over fields of nearly ready for harvest grain and quaint farmers tending fields and live stock. In the distance he spied a village his destination. He needed to speak to the Cobbler........
  18. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME "Vaughn, I'm going to go ahead with them. Until they okay the release of the core as well, and now with the clone situation, We're not going to get any further here." He looked to the Detectives and nodded. "Very well Detective, I will accompany you, but I do expect that should the situation arise, I am allowed to defend myself." He didn't expect it to get to that point, but wanted it spelled out that he had such rights. No need to complicate his actual duties further than they already had been. Doing this, at least, might earn some goodwill. He had followed along, and trailed still. His sleeve's sensor suite capturing and recording everything around him, and he drew near, but not so much to crowd the Detectives. The Woman under the care of the EMTs was another possessed of striking beauty, and he was glad that he wasn't flesh and blood, he'd likely be unable to focus on his mission with her and the Detective around. He quietly passed the woman's information to Vaughn. "May want to run a little check on her, if only because this was big enough to pull them from our case to here, if you have the time."
  19. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Yoyo sitting on the back of the hover ambulance was something of a surreal sight with all of the blackened destruction, smoldering embers and charred bodies in the area. It was not difficult to tell that she was nude beneath the thin robe, her clothing taken by the flames, but what she lacked in clothing was compensated for with a crust of burnt blood covering the front of her body, with seared flesh everywhere else. Even though she was encrusted mostly with burnt gore, her curves were plainly obvious. Her heavenly face and hands were wiped more or less clean, and her long braid was now undone, her once incredibly long, auburn hair now hanging loosely, singed and somewhat shortened by the flames, but not totally burned off as one would expect, with the slight metallic sheen of her hair and skin hinting as to why she was not further injured. Still, despite her current state, it was obvious that Yoyo was unearthly beauty, easily rivaling O'K in that department, though where OK oozed a raw sex appeal, Yoyo was more of a classic, seemingly unattainable, beauty. Her face was sad though, loss and mourning painted plainly on it. Her aquamarine eyes (that one could swear was faintly glowing) were staring at the ground as she wiped and scrubbed the charred blood from her ears and neck with a towel, her robe opened slightly exposing more or her decolletage as she worked down her neck, lost in thought and apparently totally unaware of any onlookers. Each pass of the towl eradicated more of the charred gore to reveal pristine, tanned supple flesh, almost like she were emerging from some chrysalis To those able to perceive such things, her seared skin could be seen to shimmer on occasion as nanite 'medichines' swarmed over her, repairing flesh at such a rate that the black blotch of seared flesh could be visibly seen to be contracting if one managed to pay attention to it. As she was approached, Yoyo's CID information hovered above her in AR as she sat on the back of the ambulance: - Citizen ID: KF93JD42M - Name: Yolanda Singh Mannerheim - House: Silva - Rep Rating: 6 Though O'K' and Anselmo's AR displays, being Centurions, had an additional piece of information: - >>> Licensed <<< Yoyo shook her head, trying to make sense of it all, her aquamarine eyes still looking at the ground, though focused on nothing, The medical personnel, especially the men, tended to hover around her, she was the only survivor after all, or at least that is the excuse they would give. When one would hand her something Yoyo would momentarily come out of her reverie, turning those beautiful aquamarine eyes on them with a smile and politely thank them, before drifting back deep into thought. The killing of her friend, of each other, the destruction of the Gardens... it was all madness.
  20. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME The all seeing eyes of the Mesh picked up and tagged the assailants as soon as they pulled their weapons even before Tilda's waiting driver was dropped. The closest Police drone were redirected to the location by the time Yoyo pulled the first man into the yard and locked him in the hold which led to his gory death. By the time the assassin realized that reloading his needler was a useless endeavor the first drone was zooming over the garden identifying potential targets. The Ai was slightly confused, violence of this magnitude was virtually unheard of and it took a few nano seconds to switch from non lethal to lethal interdiction. The assassin dropped his gun as Yoyo tore into his partner, he pulled a small black cylinder a tiny incendiary grenade, the kind used during space marine assaults, he flicked the arming trigger as he drew back to throw it at Yoyo as the drones guns fired and stitched a line of rounds across his back. The grenade flew but the trajectory was off still the resulting explosion and fireball engulfed everyone in the garden luckily Yoyo's armored hide saved her from any real damage although the concussion did render her unconscious. The rest of the people in the garden were not so lucky. RHO, LUNA THE MORGUE INSIDE THE DOME O'k was about to ask the RO to hurry it up when both her PADD and Anselmo's beeped urgently. The two exchanged looks the checked their PADDs. ** ALL OFFICERS IN VICINITY OF PHEADALON GARDENS RESPOND CODE RED** *** DETECTIVES KUROSAGI AND ANSELMO ARE PRIMARY*** **** O'k, Ken This may be connected to the other case your working on keep me posted. Capt. Moore**** “Get me the information on those bodies and no one and I do mean no one else has access to this stuff.” Kurosagi says sharply stifling a curse as her and Anselmo head for the door. O'k glances at Church, this might not be a good idea but damned if she was going to leave him here with all this evidence. “Why don't you come along, could always use another set of eyes.” RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME The garden was a wreck and for the second time that day O'k found herself looking at charred bodies. One of the drones hovered a few feet away. “Detective the Survivor is over here being treated. She says she is unharmed. “ The Drone say with it modulated robot voice as it sends Yoyo's CID data to the Policemen PADDS as the make their way toward the Paramedics Vehicle Ryan following along behind them. Anselmo gives a low whistle and fake slaps his forehead when he gets a look at Yoyo sitting on the back of the hover ambulance wrapped in a thin robe which did nothing to cover her beauty. “Holy fuck can't a horny guy catch a break”
  21. "Hi Madeline," Anna greeted. "Soldier, eh? Which House?"
  22. Madeline Volkov


    "I see. However you choose to respond to their need, I hope it doesn't cause problems with our deal," Madeline responded softly, eyes flicking over the group again before she responded to the unspoken question, "Madeline Volkov. Soldier. I shoot things that need shooting when they need shooting. The Captain and his daughter here rescued me from a bad situation, and in return for some... payment they're giving me a ride part of the way home." The protectorate sniper almost smiled at the thought of the spider morph's carcass being sold for scrap by these people, the tiniest measure of first justice for her squad.
  23. 'The Apostate'


    "Not near as I can tell." He replied casually. "These people seem to need our help more than we need theirs, but are getting all jittery over who the woman on the other side of the glass is. They keep implying that I should tell them, I keep telling them to go ask you... so," he gestured to those waiting. "Could you please put these people minds at ease and introduce yourself so I can get on with my day. I'm on a time table and would like to be out if here before my daughters judgemental, scathing glare burns a hole through me."
  24. THE MORGUE " From the first car," the RO said. "We're checking all of them right now, but the three we have checked are all from the same unregistered machine including Kwon. The remains from the other cars we will have to go molecular to try and recover any DNA from bone marrow if we can find any that isn't carbonized. I've never seen anything like this." Anselmo had come up and heard some of the last part of the explanation. "What about the little girl?" "She hasn't been examined yet," he flicked a finger across his PADD, "I sent a directive, they will examine her right away."
  25. Jordan O'Quinn-Kurosagi


    THE MORGUE The glare Jordan shot the RO should have made his spontaneously ejaculate or die on the spot. He took a cautious step back and tried not to stare - too much - at her chest as she took several deep breathes to calm herself. If there was a God, Jordan thought he had a very sick sense of humour. "Of course they are. Why wouldn't they be?" Jordan's tone was dry, so dry. She glanced over her shoulder at Church and pursed her lips, figuring he was able to hear. She turned back to the RO and nodded at the doorway he had entered by, then walked that way, giving him the option to follow or be left behind. He followed - having an ass like a heart-shaped dream had its advantages - but then his took several swift steps and stood in front of her, blocking access to the rooms beyond. Arms folded, she looked up at the RO with an arched brow, considering pushing past him, but decided not to make an issue of it. Besides, if she managed to get him alone, the case, as frustratingly convoluted as it was getting, wouldn't be the only thing on her mind, she suspected. "So, more clones." They could try to backtrack them through the MESH networks, but with the failure with Kwon, she suspected it wouldn't be illuminating. Still, they would have to try. "Is there anything more you can tell me? Which company, preferably, which specific lab, manufactured the clones? Or even if they were made in the same lab? Have any more intact mnemonic cores been recovered, or identities confirmed? We might get something with direct questioning, not being impeded by House Kimura." She cocked her head slightly to the side, in thought. She really needed to get laid. It hadn't even been a day yet, but still... "Forget about that!" Her eyes widened and she tried not to grimace. "I mean, don't forget about my earlier questions, but add - can you determine how long the clone-sleeves were manufactured, gestated, or whatever technical term they're using now? Also, the recovered bodies, have they all been from the front car, or from throughout the mag-train?"
  26. Madeline Volkov


    Madeline may have been brooding, but her situational awareness would have had to be pretty terrible to not pick up on the increasing series of gestures and focus in her direction. Time to face the music, whatever the hell it was. She stood up and smoothed out her jumpsuit, walking over to the door and pulling it open to enter the room with the quartet of Apostates. Blue eyes, the implant in her left eye ever so slightly bluer than the one remaining one she had been born with, scanned the room, exits, people, and weapons accounted for in that sharp sweep, a frown dancing on her lips. Old discipline masked that unease, voice even as she looked to the Apostate and fell into parade rest, "Is there a problem, Captain?"