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Aberrant: Weirder Stuff is an Aberrant game using an original setting. In Aberrant: Weirder Stuff (henceforth AWS) you will play a young Quantum Enhanced Human who must decide how to live with your new found powers and what role you will play in the coming world upheaval. It is a modern setting/Supers/Scifi/Weird Adventure which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality. Focus will be Character Drama, Us against them, facing the Unknown, and Action. Oh and there may be sex.

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Aberrant: Weirder Stuff this is an Aberrant game using an original setting.

In Aberrant: Weirder Stuff (henceforth AWS) you will play a Quantum Enhanced Human who must decide how to live with your new found powers and what role you will play in the coming world upheaval. It is a modern setting/Supers/Scifi/Weird Adventure which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality. Focus will be Character Drama, Us against them, facing the Unknown, and Action. Oh and there may be sex.

The game will begin, but not be restricted to, a small town in Montana. The town is a Fictionalized version of Shelly Montana ( based on the town of Shelby  http://www.city-data.com/city/Shelby-Montana.html ). The general public are not aware of Quantum Enhanced Humans (Novas in base aberrant), although if your a nerd and google every weird thing in the world (I'm not saying it's aliens … but it's aliens) there are stories of... well weird shit happening, some of which are true.

Enhanced Humans first began manifesting about 10-15 years ago, although these early manifestations were primarily low level mega stat recipients and went undetected by even those who manifested. Over the intervening years more low level manifestations have occurred and were first discovered by the government agency responsible for creating them (unknowingly, more on that later). This discovery took place about 5 years ago . The exact cause of the manifestation of super normal abilities is not yet known but there are theories. There are few QEHs (Quantum Enhanced Humans) in existence all of which are from the united states and all who manifested in one of 3 locations and all of which are government employees. These couple of dozen or so QEHs possess powers that range from low level mega stats (1 -2 dot) to low level provable psychic abilities such as telepathy, esp, etc. The government is unaware of any massive super powered people and in fact there have been no such manifestations. Until now.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Feeling Sara's eyes on her behind, Sean gave it a bit of extra wiggle as she rooted around the fridge. The Cornucopia processors were convenient and efficient, making food vastly more accessible to all, but that didn't mean people won't stop using fresh ingredients and making meals for themselves. There was something very satisfying in making a good meal with your own hands for you and others to enjoy. Sean turned back to the island with six bell peppers, two each of yellow, green, and red, and some chicken breasts in hand, along with some mushrooms and a few other vegetables. She danced about the kitchen, gathering up spices, a bag of orzo, and getting out a pot and pan. She had always enjoyed cooking, even moreso now with an expanded perception for tastes and flavours. Chicken and orzo stuffed peppers, making enough there'd be leftovers for another meal. "I more than kind of like you being you," Sean replied, playfully waggling her brows at Sara. Her hands flowed over the ingredients with a pianist's grace, preparing the meal with casual, eye-catching artistry. "Perspectives change, they should, as someone grows, matures, experiences... more. I know mine have, and it's not just being because I'm 35.5 centimeters taller and wear a bra now." She shrugged, raising her arms from cutting the chicken and looking down at herself. "But I still feel like me. This is me. I don't feel more like myself when I damp down the power. Perhaps it's because I don't go back to the boy I used to be, but remain a woman. Just as tall, for that matter." She sighed, lips curved in a small smile as she went back to preparing supper. "It's another balancing act, I suppose, where we each have to find our individual equilibrium. I might feel different if my powers and capabilities took the drastic jump yours did, or develop to that level." She pursed her lips, considering how her own powers and capabilities might expand and evolve. What she possessed now were largely just remarkable enhancements over natural human attributes and capabilities. At the minimum, her awareness would likely grow more fully realized in a manner like Sara's. "And while I know what you mean, don't start thinking of yourself when you 'power-up' as something other. It's still you in there, even if it's more complicated. I want to know you that way too."
  3. Abel answered Kia softly. "It is for now." Just then Jeane came back with her sample. "Well done Jeane, and thank you. I was able to keep the link, across dimensions. That's actually a first." Seeing the sample he smiled. "Kia, there truly was something there, and here's a sample of it. I was planning to add it to the library of samples we have, so perhaps we can understand more about it later. If you'd like to sample it though, then by all means." He was astounded internally by all of this, but was keeping it together nicely.
  4. Splattered with brains, blood, and fetid water, Jeane kept up her guard just in case the thing had friends near-by. None seemed immediately forthcoming, so she relaxed just a hair. 'Abel, would you like a sample? It's not like we can make ourselves seem any more hostile if it's more than an animal, wherever the hell I am,' she sent over the link, 'And thanks.' 'Of course. Hurry back and we'll talk,' he shot back, a suggestion perfectly in line with her own desires. An axe of pure lightning sparked into existence in the towering blonde's hand, a few quick strides bringing it down on the shoulder of the dead monster. Schlorck. Schlork. Splash. Her face splashed with more muck and gore, Jeane bend down and retrieved her prize, letting the energy weapon evaporate into nothing. Please work. She pushed inward again, sighing in relief as she found herself bodiless, silent, and mute once more in the fog. Not wanting to push her luck anymore, Jeane reached out and grabbed a hilt with her invisible hand and pulled. Back in reality as most people knew it, a return stroke of lightning announced Jeane's return to the basement training room. Soaked. Ever so slightly subdued. Bearing a prize she hadn't gone in their with. "Well. Here I am, bearing gifts like that guy from Gilgamesh and Grendel," she intoned flatly as she dropped the thing's arm on the floor with a thud, "All yours, guys."
  5. Meanwhile, Kia watched a little anxiously as Jeane didn't reappear and Abel's forehead bunched slightly in concentration. Nothing really bad seemed to be happening, but...should it have been taking so long? "Abel, is everything okay?"
  6. The creature slithered about half a meter toward Jeane then with a hissing scream it stopped it's talons went to it's head grasping it on both sides. Veins bulged and throbed it's eye's bulged then with a grusome popping sounds as sharp and loud as a firecracker it's head exploded with a spray of blood, brains and bone fragments!
  7. Abel held the link, and finally solidified the connection fully and was again in her head, seeing what she saw. With the monstrosity coming at them, Abel lashed out at the creature from within her mind using the abilities he had available, opting for brute force at first. <Stay on your guard, I'll do what I can but I cannot use my shields to protect you here.>
  8. Pain! Vibrations! It lunged at the un-thing truning folloing it the two collide and... Jeane saw the shadow move and before she could react she felt the same slimy impact except this time it was full force and sent her tumbling crashing to the ground... What the...! Jeane was solid and on the floor in a dark room she was wet, drenched actually. It was the lab but the lab if it had been abandoned after some disaster and oh yeah If it had spent the last thousand years under a thousand feet of ocean water. She took all that in in a split second as her skill and training took over by instinct and she rolled to her feet to find herself facing what had hit her. It was about the same size as she was, at least it's upper body was . It's tail was longer but the way iit looked to be built it would only be her height if it 'stood'.It hissed showing rows of needle sharp teeth, it reared up brandishing claws while it's lower body propelled it toward her like a snake.
  9. It had touched her! She didn't know there was a her for anything to touch in here! Jeane still didn't feel anything beyond the fading residue of the slap, 360 degree vision tracing the thing's path through the mist. She wanted to grin to split her face, again if she had a face to split while grinning. Also, smell and taste. Excitement flooded through her, mentally squaring her shoulders. This thing looked much smaller than anything she had faced with the team so far, so worry was a distant third in her thoughts for now. Given it apparently hadn't tried to hurt her, and she didn't have a weapon or a body... She inhaled mentally, trying to center herself the way she would before a fight and pushing out a wave of confidence into guild chat just in case this thing could pick that up. 'I don't want to hurt you. My name is Jeane,' she added to the emotional message, 'But I will if you make me.' She left thoughts about how exactly for later, but if she could get it to back even a second...
  10. The un-air flickers again. The taste of copper and salt filled it's sense. Not alone. The Un-air flickers. Invasion. Defend. Jeane reached for a hilt and something slapped her hand away. Leaving a residue wet and slimy and dry and brittle all at once. The hilt she had envisioned vanished. A shadow moved in the weird mist which was growing thicker, it circled as unseen as the mist crowded in on the young Key.
  11. "If you want to see it from my head, you can try me, too. Maybe it would be easier from one set of eyes at a time first," Jeane offered almost eagerly. This was getting interesting. If she had discovered this power before, when she was on her own in that park for training, it would have been weeks to months before she dared try again, but here she was, daring to go in again for a fourth time. Oh the joy of having a crew, even if the course wasn't quite as straight forward as a few choice blocks downtown... "I'm in," came Abel's smooth tone, interrupting the tall girl's thoughts. She didn't feel anything, but that meant almost nothing. So she nodded and went in a burst of lightning. *Jeane's POV* 'Hello? Can you hear me? Still silent and empty and spooky in here,' Jeane tried to send to her 'passenger', struggling to not let the numb desolation of the place get to her as she waited for a reply. Her mental fingers itched to reach out for a hilt and get out of here, get to where she could breath and blink and run. Two minutes of nothing ensued. She would have twitched and sweated if she had something to twitch and sweat with in that foggy, lifeless world. 'Abel? I'm coming out now. I guess you can't talk in here,' she spoke into the link again, reaching for a hilt in the room to return to reality as she had known it for the rest of her 16 years and some months of life... *Abel's POV* In the space between heartbeats that was Abel's hyperaware senses, Jeane shattered into glowing dust and vanished amid a stroke of crimson lightning. As one second ticked into the next a psychic modem began to whine in his mind's ear, a hyper compressed stream of sensory information spiking twice even as he started to slow the input down enough to actually make sense of it...
  12. Abel Cross

    AWS: Mind Games

    Even James was abit taken aback by Abel's admission of what he could do. "Abel that's an astounding ability..." Abel nodded. "It is yes, but I want to stress, it isn't as though it could be loaded into a computer and interacted with. In simple terms, the Copy is read only and non functional. I'm the only Key with this ability, as its a combination of several of my own abilities. As to what medium, I am using a gel crystalline matrix, that has no means of communication with the outside world, and can only be accessed by a single special computer. The capability for data storage is several orders of magnitude superior to anything else out there. Yes, I took pains to avoid a Skynet situation." Mariah looked at him and smiled "So that's why you had me working on that. "Yes, if we're going to be doing research I wanted it on hand, and to not depend solely on my ability to create it."
  13. Jeane

    AWS: Mind Games

    "Okay, guinea pig numb..," Jeane added after a pause and then paused again, a flip comment dying on her tongue. Abel being able to download her mind onto a cd or whatever was strange as shit. It didn't take her a lot to realize that if he could copy her brain and then use that copy to restore her brain if he broke it... And cloning Keys was definitely a thing... Then... Huh. She shifted her gaze between the resident geniuses of her team. Wow. Okay. Mind officially blown. "Let's put the breaks on for a second," she started again, sitting up fully in her chair again, "First off, what kind of medium? Two, how long is it good for? Three, can we talk to ourselves? Four, how long have we had the cure for death in your pocket? That's... Damn. Last, for now anyway, how much power would one of these nonKey psychics have to have to pull off Abel's trick and also flip the Grim Reaper the middle finger?" That last question, accompanied by an ever increasing tone of 'holy shit' was directed more to Sara, the tall blonde's eyes swimming with even more questions.
  14. Abel nodded once. "It can't be any weirder than the inside of an Asheen General." he left off that he'd already been inside Kia's head, deeper probably than Kia herself had ever actually gone, so it wasn't likely to weird him out more than that. With her permission she felt a little twinge and Abel actually sat down, so that if anything took him by surprise, he wouldn't embarrass himself. He was in her head, riding her senses, and ready for them to try this, The mental connection strong. "let's give it a go."
  15. Abel Cross

    AWS: Mind Games

    Abel smiled. "Sean, i've always had a contingency for if i actually do go bad, I always have." There was an understanding in his eyes, and his smile didn't fade. "It's always been all of you, though I admit Lily, Kia, and you figure prominently. It's part of why they're not part of this group. It might be abit Batman, but I knew you guys would have to be the ones to take me down if I went off. That's why I taught you all how to resist mental powers before, and as a penance for hiding the truth so long." He nodded, and went back to the board. "I have an ability to take a mental snapshot of your mind, and encode it to another medium, It takes a fair amount of power, but I was planning to do this with each of you. It would allow you to compare, should you wish. This isn't a working copy, but more like a printout so that we can all be sure we get back to normal." he looked to Jeane and the others. "What Sean says is true, the trio of you don't have psychic defenses like the rest, and with this I do hope to help you build some, in addition to my own training. Sean and Sara do have them, but not to the extent i do, or someone like Lily. I want to work my way up." His gaze rested on Mariah, "I thank you for that offer, truly I hated to ask such a thing, but I'd much rather test and train that on your duplicates, as opposed to all of you." "Of course I have actually been working on psi screen technology as well, something like the small white device on the table, which prevents outside psychic powers from peircing the walls, but that's not something I want to advertise publicly, it's something I worked on for you all after the last incident, should you be forced into the field. They are still in the prototype stage, but once I'm done, they will be excellent augmentations to your innate defenses."
  16. Kia glanced at Jeane, then shrugged. "I don't mind if you do that with me," she offers, "but I'm not sure it's a great idea. It's kinda...weird in there? I feel like if you don't have the power to go in, it might be even weirder."
  17. Sean Cassidy

    AWS: Mind Games

    "You are a control group, Jeane," Sean said, pursing her lips as she recovered from her surprise at Sara's revelation about the psychic potential of humanity. A potential that might serve everyone to pursue. There were already issues between Keys and the Locked. At least being able to attempt developing psychic disciplines could help ease the disparity. "With average mental defenses, by your own words, Abel can better determine the effort required to penetrate those with greater or more developed defenses. Also, you may be able to develop some psychic fortitude of your own in the process." Sean squeezed Sara's hand in return, flashing her an understanding grin, but there was just a hint of tightness to it. At times, it was vaguely disconcerting when Sara revealed something that was previously unknown to most or all. Mostly due to the fact that doing so before hadn't been in Sara's... suite of capabilities. Sean wouldn't lie to herself - she felt a small stab of envy that Sara's awareness seemed to have surpassed her own, even as she thrilled to share it with her. Sean turned her penetrating turquoise gaze on Abel, perhaps her most long-time friends, a faint frown gracing her perfect lips. "I have to tell you, Abel, I find the prospect of someone tampering with my mind more worrisome than facing a lethal threat." Her mind was her greatest asset. The idea of someone changing it, changing who she was, who she thought she was, and maybe without her even realizing it... Sara could feel Sean's shudder through their linked fingers. While she didn't have particularly developed psychic defenses, her expanded and enhanced mental functions did provide her with a formidable will and mental discipline. "But you're right, people with powers such as these are out there." She nodded at Sara. "Most than we initially expected, it seems. And we'll need someone who can counter and overcome them in kind. If someone needs to be Xavier or Jean Grey, I'd rather it was you, Abel." Sean smirked wryly. "Though if you go crazy, we'll have to put you down, and I'm not going to be able to not considering contingencies for if you do." She took a deep breath, folded her arms beneath her breasts, then nodded firmly. "So despite every part of me not wanting to do this, I'll help you practice and develop your terrifying mental mojo. But God help you if you don't put everything back the way it was."
  18. Jeane

    AWS: Mind Games

    Well. Wasn't that spooky? The disquiet flickered across Jeane's face at the thought of psychics you couldn't even ping to identify, only settling as first Abel spoke and then what she thought of as her 'fellow Sophomore Keys' added their two cents. She honestly didn't know what to make of Sara, scary as both her story was and her power levels appeared to be. James she trusted though, the warper her, well, key to tagging new safe doors in new places, a fellow nomad at heart. She hummed and crossed her arms on her lap. "What James said. I know *I'm* awesome at what I do," she began, wry smile taking some of the arrogance out of her words, a laugh in her blue eyes, "But aside from being too stubborn for my own good if you ask my Mom, I don't see what I bring to this table in terms of 'mental training'. My brain's as vulnerable as anyone's, nothing that will give you any trouble since I'm being honest again. Garden variety average on a good day. You've probably thought of something I'm missing, Abel, and between the fact I owe you nearly as many favors as James and you haven't steered me wrong yet... What's the plan?"
  19. Abel Cross

    AWS: Mind Games

    Abel sat and devoted nearly his entire thought to what Sara had said. After several moments, veritably an eternity with the speeds at which his mind worked when devoted singularly to one thing, he nodded. "That does explain a great deal. I do know of other psychics out there, most are not at the level where they can threaten us, and most simply wish to be left alone. There's one fairly near to us, the first of the modern age, but then Sean, i did tell you about him, and when we tried our expiriment, sara, i assumed you had some inkling of his presence, hence the way we communicated." He looked over to Jeane, then Mariah, James, and Sean. "What you said about it, it's true. It is the power to remove choice, to make another do as you wish, to believe as you wish, to destroy minds utterly. It's a powerset i'm not the only one with, though I do mean to be the best at it, so I can keep all of you safe from the others. To do that, i need to practice, to refine my abilities, which admittedly I have neglected, out of a desire to not use them. We cannot afford half measures, hence this meeting, and my request. Yes, i did use my powers in that office to get you out, so you could come help us find Kyle. I thought that the necessity of finding him quickly outweighed the risks, and I have since made things right with them, covering tracks, but keeping things so that no one is at risk. I didn't like using my powers, but it was the only way in that situation." "So it comes down to whether all of you, or any of you, trust me enough to help with this." Mariah and James had been mostly quiet, and James spoke softly. "You promised honesty when I signed on, so far you've delivered. I trust you Abel, because i know you really didn't have to ask anyone here save Sean and Sara." Mariah nodded once. "You have given so much to me, and to my old home, in my name. Of course I will help. In fact I think I can even help you with the mind breaking abilities you possess. Unlike Lily, my clones aren't exactly me. Certainly they have my abilities, my intelligence, but they are simple copies, they mean nothing personally, and while I cannot shield myself as well as others, if you need someone to test your more damaging effects against, well, i can think of none better. Provided I do not touch them, what happens to them won't effect me."
  20. Abel had watched them both teleport, with the same effects as before, and quickly his expanded mind put together a hypothesis over the nature of what was going on. "I think i have a working theory, at the very least." He moved to the wall creating a dry erase board and some markers, and within a minute had actually drawn out a rudimentary diagram of what he thought was occurring, as simply as he could. "Jeane, your power is tapping into a parallel world, never actually directly touching our world, but riddled with weakspots where you can appear and disappear at will through. It's remarkable really, a whole new form of teleportation. Tell me, are you actually moving as you teleport, in your minds at least? A further request if you will, Would you allow me to ride along in your minds when you try again? This ties into training I want to do myself, in strengthening guild chat. I want to see if I can maintain the link even as you teleport." He hadn't thought of it at first, for which he was kicking himself, but it was a good thing to test. All the other forms were instant, and thus no telepathic lag, if this actually had it, then they'd need to account for it in the field.
  21. Abel looked at her, and an inner part of him bristled slightly at the insinuation, but it never made it from the depths of his mind. Still, he took the books and nodded. "Kia and I are doing well. Things are abit different now, but not in a bad way. We accept and love each other, that's the important thing. Our trip to Hawaii was an eye opening experience for us both." He wasn't one to kiss and tell, though he felt certain the others knew or at least suspected what happened, if they had any concern over it. "I ended up buying the Condo we stayed at, so we've all got a real nice vacation spot if we want to just get away for a weekend." It may have seemed quaint, simply traveling to another part of the planet when other worlds were out there waiting to be explored, but sometimes it was good to stay close to home, as it were. "And you and Sean, I trust everything's going good with the two of you?"
  22. The sharper than human hearing of the two Irregulars picked up a crackle of sparks and Jeane's excited whoop from the hallway outside the storeroom. The tall blonde herself opened the door and strode back in with a big grin on her face. "Okay. That was crazy. You *were* in there, Kia, except all ghosty and flickering, and then a puncture opened up and sucked you in like whoosh and I decided to be brave and grip a hilt outside the room and it worked! No being embedded in a wall or fused with a fly or anything," she recounted with much expressive hand waving, "Still spooky as shit though." She calmed down enough to focus on Kia, "You feeling okay after seeing that? You weren't in there nearly as long as I was, but still..."
  23. Sara Hutchins

    AWS: Mind Games

    Sara reached over and took Sean's hand while Abel spoke. Then when Jeane the new girl spoke up she looked over at her. The two hand't really spoken since they returned from the Canadian wilderness, they didn't know much about each other at all, or rather Jean didn't know much about Sara, except what the others had mentioned or told her most of it out dated and wrong. Jean was young, younger than what they had been when they had been Keyed. And now she was not only adjusting to powers but to a new body which had developed so they believed from the Canadian Indian named Pete's power. Sara smiled at Jeane. "It's not as bad as you imagine. Psychic abilities are the most common of the Key abilities that form especially in those who are older who Get Unlocked, to use your term. There is a reason for that one which should have been apparent to Dr Rashoud and Dr Mizuki, Humans are Psychic by nature." "What?" Sean blurted out surprised. Abel was equally surprised but remained silent hoping Sara who had been some what vague about a lot of stuff following her transformation would be forthcoming about this. Sara squeezed Sean's hand reassuringly. "Psychic abilities have been a part of the human experience since we first started to walk upright. We just never developed it because it was scary. Where do you think magic came from? It scared our ancestors so much that as a species we didn't evolve and embrace it, instead we sidestepped it. But it's still there. Every person alive has the potential to be psychic. Abel was probably unaware of it but already actively psychic when he was Unlocked and that is what led to his over development in Psychic abilities."
  24. "I was scared back then. I didn't understand. None of us did except you and you kept it from us. We were kids," she shrugs," really, how did you expect us to act, for me to act." Sara pushed her plate aside and leaned forward folding her arms onto the table. "I'm not the same. I changed. Now with me sitting here you can tell that i'm just a girl, I don't have any powers, I'm just like the rest of them. Except I'm not." She reaches over and puts a hand on the bag of books and slides it across the table top to Abel. "I think you need these mor than I do." Sara leans back and grabs her shake after taking a sip she asks "So how are you and Kia?"
  25. Sara sauntered into the kitchen admiring Sean's backside as she bent over rummaging through the fridge. "Anything is fine babe, whatever you feel like making is fine." Resisting the urge to move up behind her sexy girlfriend she instead sat at the table. "And to answer your question yes all of my abilities, powers, what have you were evolved. I guess the defensive ability of absorbing energy is the most changed from it's original function. And yes, my sensing as well. I am aware now not just of the world but of everything. It's like your awareness but instead of being centered on me as an individual it is a true cosmic awareness. That's how I knew about Devin and Pandora, and her siblings, what they are, what we are. It's really given me a new perspective. and it let's me be me when I put the power away. I kind of like being me."
  26. "Sounds good!" Kia reached out and took hold of Jeane's arm for a moment. There was perhaps a slight tingle, though it was hard for Jeane to tell if it was a real feeling or just something she felt because she was expecting to feel something. For a moment the former cheerleader looked distracted, her gaze dropping to the floor as she mulled over what her powers were feeding her. Then she nodded and let go of Jeane. "Okay." And then she was gone. Exactly the same way Jeane had vanished before. Kia found herself in a strange, gloomy version of the lab room, painted in shades of grey and black like a watercolor, only in 3D. It was empty though, save for one thing. Jeane was standing there, though she was flickering and seemed immaterial. She was in the same spot she'd been, in the real world. Of Abel there was no sign. Hands held out, she moved across the lab, trying to see every which way at once. It was cool here, and absolutely still...even the slight air movements from the ventilation systems were absent here. Something felt off though. It took Kia a moment to realize what. She looked around towards the camera. Or rather, the shadowy ghost image of the camera. It was off. Or at least, there was no red light on it. But...there was definitely a feeling. The same kind of feeling she got when a camera was in the room. Being recorded. Being watched. "Hello?" she called, but even her voice was flat here, not echoing in any way. Was she even hearing herself, or was her voice only carrying through her own skull? There was a noticeable pause after Kia vanished...then she reappeared with a whoosh, and a gasp of indrawn breath. Kia's eyes were a little wide, but she otherwise seemed okay. "Wow."