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Aberrant: Weirder Stuff is an Aberrant game using an original setting. In Aberrant: Weirder Stuff (henceforth AWS) you will play a young Quantum Enhanced Human who must decide how to live with your new found powers and what role you will play in the coming world upheaval. It is a modern setting/Supers/Scifi/Weird Adventure which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality. Focus will be Character Drama, Us against them, facing the Unknown, and Action. Oh and there may be sex.

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Aberrant: Weirder Stuff this is an Aberrant game using an original setting.

In Aberrant: Weirder Stuff (henceforth AWS) you will play a Quantum Enhanced Human who must decide how to live with your new found powers and what role you will play in the coming world upheaval. It is a modern setting/Supers/Scifi/Weird Adventure which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality. Focus will be Character Drama, Us against them, facing the Unknown, and Action. Oh and there may be sex.

The game will begin, but not be restricted to, a small town in Montana. The town is a Fictionalized version of Shelly Montana ( based on the town of Shelby  http://www.city-data.com/city/Shelby-Montana.html ). The general public are not aware of Quantum Enhanced Humans (Novas in base aberrant), although if your a nerd and google every weird thing in the world (I'm not saying it's aliens … but it's aliens) there are stories of... well weird shit happening, some of which are true.

Enhanced Humans first began manifesting about 10-15 years ago, although these early manifestations were primarily low level mega stat recipients and went undetected by even those who manifested. Over the intervening years more low level manifestations have occurred and were first discovered by the government agency responsible for creating them (unknowingly, more on that later). This discovery took place about 5 years ago . The exact cause of the manifestation of super normal abilities is not yet known but there are theories. There are few QEHs (Quantum Enhanced Humans) in existence all of which are from the united states and all who manifested in one of 3 locations and all of which are government employees. These couple of dozen or so QEHs possess powers that range from low level mega stats (1 -2 dot) to low level provable psychic abilities such as telepathy, esp, etc. The government is unaware of any massive super powered people and in fact there have been no such manifestations. Until now.

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  2. Abel had listened intently as the Irregulars spoke, and looked to Charlie once he'd finished. "We will never know, now. The government has locked her away behind an impressive amount of shielding. I can of course get through it, but I'd need to be close by, and you can bet they are watching for just that. So that's gonna be a no-go for now, I'm not ready to go against the government proper." He looked to Sean, "Do you remember when Devin unlocked, how Hooli reacted to it when he found out? He was utterly surprised, and straight said this wasn't supposed to happen. More than that, has he actually appeared to anyone recently?" He looked to Lilly, mostly because the bear was technically hers. "He had alot to say early on but nothing now." He looked at the others gathered there. "Keys are not bad, and I don't feel that any Keys who unlock are a mistake. We do need to understand what makes people unlock as Keys, whatever else we decide. We don't have Rashoud, so we're going to have to handle all of this ourselves. I don't really know that the government is going to keep cooperating either if we're being totally honest. If they can make their own keys, they will, especially so long as they feel they can fully control them." He looked at Jeane, "And that, Forcing keys to unlock to be used as tools, is the sort of thing that worries me more. That is the Unlocking we need to look at stopping most."
  3. "You know, we're making a lot of assumptions." Charlie finally said. "Assuming Sara is right, assuming our tech is causing this. Right now, we have far more questions to answer before we can make any ethical debate or argument about the future of humanity." Jeane was getting more worked up and Charlie was trying to be the peacemaker, the same as he'd tried with Tease. "I think right now we're missing some more current answers: why did Dr. Rashoud do this? My understanding was that she was essentially a sane person."
  4. Jeane had once compared being remanded by Sean to a bite on the ear with the threat of the ear being torn off. This time there was no threat, no warning, just a sharp, swift emotional pain as the honeyed words tore into her, golden charisma flowing in like a torrent to drown her fire with ashy water, cruel logic trapping her in words and forbidding her from speaking in her own defense and the defense of all the others who could follow the Irregulars, all the others who couldn't speak and never would because Sean had a goal of *planned obsolesce* for the Keys if she had her way. If Sara and her 'natural evolution' had their way. She clung to those two pairs of words letting the outrage keep the faintest embers of defiance going amidst the tempest and emotional beatdown, nursing them back to life as Lilly said more poisonous words that meant nothing. The tall blonde stared down at the table, thinking at a mile a minute in blind circles. She could try..? No. How about..? No. Surely they'd..? Ha. What if..? No. She wasn't strong enough or smart enough or old enough, or even just plain *pretty* enough to reach Sean. And Sean would turn all the others, not that they needed turning by their damning silence of non-support. Her jaw worked briefly as that glow of resentment grew in the ashen ruin of her hopes and dreams, burying itself deep. Jeane felt like she spitting out a mouthful ashes as she looked back up at the others, voice fragile, "When you build your system to make us stop being a thing, do you think you could tweak it so that we get a few new Keys every once in a while? You never know. The psychics could use the help protecting the human race."
  5. "We, and the quantum tech they've invented, all put out radiation or whatever that unlocks KEYs. The more KEYs there are the more quantum Tech there is is, the faster more and more will unlack, which just accelerates it ever more, making it increase at an exponential rate or whatever." Lilly sighed. She looked at the expression on Kia's face and blinked. "What? I did get a B in Trig, Kia." she reminded her friend, giving her a playful jab with her elbow. "So anyways, " she said, bringing her focus back to the matter at hand, "...if we want to stop or slow the rate, then first, big, relatively easy step would be dealing with the quantum tech." "This is supposing, of course, that Sara is right about what's she saying, of, which we have probably little or no idea of verifying. I mean, she's my friends, so I am inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt, but this is pretty major, not, like, if a movie was good or not." she added. "I've thought about this, us, some here and there though. And the fact is, we're not natural. We didn't evolve to be this. We, the originals, were doused with the radiation from the portal tech and it triggered these changes. We didn't evolve to be this, we were artificially created. Everybody else was doused with ration for us, Q-tech, portals or whatever. If Abel and his sisters were already latent psychics before we were unlocked, then it's waaaay more likely that evolution got them there, not some accident, like us. That does kind of make the case for them being the one to 'inherit the Earth', so to speak. I mean, yeah, KEYs are all badass and whatever, but we could be stunting, or cutting short humanity;s natural evolution."
  6. Sean arched an elegant dark red brow at Kia. "No one's intentionally making people unlock? Kyle and the brain in jar that was found at that naval Black Op would indicate otherwise, Kia. It doesn't 'just happen' though the great many factors involved may make it seem like it does. And one of the major factors may need to be reevaluated. We were operating under the impression that exposure to certain exotic particles, quantrinos, was a critical component to the unlocking of Keys, but that is now suspect with the detainment of Dr. Rashoud, who seems to have been part of a conspiracy with - and without - Project Stepping Stone and Guardian Shield." Her long fingers danced gracefully over the glossy black block of advanced smartphone, projecting a holographic display of images of the items they had confiscated from Fort Story - and that had been turned over to the government - and a counting showing how much of the data had been decrypted. "We still have to go over the stuff we got from Fort Story . As for what we can do about future potential Keys, that is yet to be determined until we look more closely at what causes unlocking and how. We've designed the new Portal systems so they no longer emit gratuitous quantrinos, if that is indeed a factor. The info gleaned from Fort Story may provide us with more insight. If proximity to unlocked Keys is a factor..." Sean frowned, chewing a delectable underlip. "There will be two main branches of inquiry in curtailing the unlocking of future Keys." She tapped the tapped with a forefinger, the sound surprisingly sonorous and intense. "One, finding out what environmental factors cause Unlocking and removing or negating said factors." Her middle finger joined her index finger as she tapped the table again. "And two, determine a way to make the rest of humanity largely unresponsive to said environmental factors, or at least make unlocking less appealing when exposed to said factors." Sean held up a restraining hand as Jeane was about to voice her protest. "Yes, yes, if we so choose to curtail the unlocking of future Keys. However, I would like to add that planned obsolescence of Keys had always been a goal of mine. I've been trying to provide humanity with the tools and wherewithal to succeed and thrive without the need for Keys. Humanity's fate shouldn't be determined by a percent of a percent - less actually. Which isn't to say we can't help, we have and we should. We're still part of humanity, even if calling us human isn't precisely correct anymore. But we aren't a true representation of humanity." There were murmurs of disagreement and Sean's lips tightened. "I know, it's not something we like to think about, to admit, but it's true. I'm not saying we don't sympathize or can't empathize - dorming for some might strengthen the bonds - but consider.... how many of us, here, actually still need to eat and breathe? They're very basic human needs. I still do, but if anything, I'm in the minority. And that is just one way we differ that has nothing to do with superhuman capabilities we possess. Do I have to continue the list?" Sean seemed calmed and collected despite her girlfriend gone missing but those who knew her very well could just barely detect a faint stiffness to her posture through her inhuman grace. It wasn't that she wasn't concerned for Sara, Sara had come back from long odds, but not knowing where she'd gone, or how, was eating at her. But she wasn't going to let it influence what she wanted to say. Her gaze fell on the satchel in front of Jeane, her turquoise eyes narrowing on the splintered shards of rock spilling from it. She recalled Sara handing the bag over to Abel. With her superhuman ability to interpolate and extrapolate facts and deduce connections, she could practically see Jeane shattering the stones with her fists in frustration. Stress and anger Jeane still felt and barely suppressed. "I'd like to expand on a point Abel and Jeane brought it, if I may? Unlocking not only doesn't change us on a genetic level, despite any physical alterations we may have undergone." Her lips quirked wryly as she glanced down at herself then arched a brow at Jeane, the two of them having changed the most physically, at a casual glance. "It doesn't effect the germline cells. Meaning, being a Key isn't hereditary. There is no guarantee any of our offspring will unlock as a Key. They likely wouldn't even have a greater chance of it occurring. And they wouldn't inherit any of our quantically enhanced attributes or abilities. There will be no second generation, no legacy of Keys, only a perpetual first generation, if things continue as they have." Sean focused on her attention on Jeane. If her silken melodious voice was intense, there was no hint of anger in it, though she was trying to get her own point of view across. "You are pissed at being called an accident, right, Jeane? Would you prefer thinking of it as winning the lottery? Nobody is entitled to the powers we have, not even 'the originals'. Those deserving or worthy - however that is determined - aren't any more likely to unlock. In fact, they are less likely, if we presume they make up a smaller proportion of population. And those who are more like to abuse their powers, accidentally or unthinkingly, selfishly or actively disruptive and destructive..." Sean gestured at the unusually tall blond girl across from her. "You're a year or two younger than most of us, Jeane. You've been a Key for less than half the time, and already, by general metrics, you're as powerful as any us. By you own admission, you've said we've been a positive influence. And yet, when Sara said something you took issue with, what did you do? You ran - no, you teleported away and smashed rocks with your fists." She nodded pointedly at the bag of rocks in front of Jeane. "Which doesn't mean I think that is an unwarranted response. But what about other Keys? Then tens, the hundreds, that try to keep their powers underwraps, and don't have a positive influence, let alone have been exposed to truly negative ones? We won't find them all, and of the ones we do find, they won't necessarily want our help. What can someone as strong as Lilly do in a fit of pique if say, she was slapped by a parent or teased by a sibling or classmate. What chaos can someone with Abel's turbocharged psychic abilities cause just because he tried to force his divorced parents back together, then just wanted his older brother to stop beating him up, then wanted his grandparents to give him better and more Christmas presents, and then and then and... Someone with my or Courtney's social... dynamism can cause any number of issues, and that is without even trying. I compared it to winning a lottery, but it's more than that. It's too much power too quickly that humanity isn't ready for. If ever, at least, not this way. Look, Jean, have you ever taken PED, performance enhancing drugs, before?" Jeane's fair brows knitted in quizzical affront. "No, of course not?" "Why not?" Sean countered smoothly. "Used smartly and with consideration, they would have objectively made you a better athlete, stronger, faster, able to exercise harder and for longer. Unlocking... it's just giving a random person a super dose of quantum steroids. Some will handle it fine, even admirably, but most won't, regardless of what we do. And if we try to force the issue, keep all Keys in line, how different will that make us from the Titans? More nukes aren't a deterrent to more nukes, its just more chance of something going wrong." Sean sat back in her chair, eyes going around the table. "I'm not just agreeing with my girlfriend. This is just how I see the issue, reflecting on the revelations Sara voiced and extrapolating from trends I can see."
  7. "I'm still kind of unclear on this," Kia mentioned, starting to raise her hand like she was still in class. "I think I get what you're saying about Keys not being natural and all that, but I'm not sure what we're supposed to do about it. It's not like anyone's intentionally making people unlock. It just happens."
  8. Kia Mizuki


    Kia felt a sudden stab of sympathy for her friend, and stepped over to her to take hold of her arm. "Our powers change over time," she said. "This isn't a bad thing. It's just new. You don't have to do tests or anything. I think you just need practice maybe. What if we take some of that time off? We could go somewhere and just relax. What if we didn't teleport or fly or anything weird either? We could take a plane or a boat like regular people. Just...enjoy the experience of traveling? And then when we get wherever, we can see what you can do. I have some things I can show you too."
  9. Abel sighed at Jeane's plea, it was definitely putting the cart before the horse, but it was done. "Alright, since I know several of you at least are totally lost, I am going to share my own memories with you of what was said, in its entirety. From there, you can come to your own conclusions." It was rare that Abel actually opened his own mind to guildchat fully, but he did so now. He'd already partitioned off the corner of his mind containing the memory of the conversation, and he effectively showed them the way to it, allowing everyone to experience the whole conversation through his senses. For Mariah and James, this was the first time they'd been part of something like this, and they both smiled at him. After several minutes, he picked up the conversation. "What I can say is these Psychics already exist, and until they actually use their powers, they are completely unidentifiable as such, even to those of us with exceptional ability detecting such things. According to Sara, I was probably coming into my own natural psychic abilities before Unlocking, which, given what we know of the unlocking process, became the template my subconscious used for my development as a Key. "While being a Key shows no signs of being genetic, being Psychic could be, and would support some of what Sara has said. My younger sisters, now that I've looked at everything objectively, are not Keys, but this other type, they are natural psychics. What I mistook as them unlocking, was actually the effects of their abilities interacting with my own mental defenses, which I've upgraded considerably. I imagine you've all got some questions now, though without Sara here to explain everything she's seen, and fill in things with further information, We have only what I've shown you to go on." He looked imperceptibly at Sean, who he knew could feel herself being looked at, as if to question if she'd found anything more about any of this. His own efforts were inconclusive, and he didn't want to put it forward unless he heard nothing else.
  10. Lilly was a little unsure what this whole big meeting thing was about. For her though, she figured it was par for the course. She already had a dozen other problems to deal with, so what's the big deal about one more? She was pleased to see Alec though, they were pretty close, and comprised the Quarterback/Wide Receiver duo that brought home Shelly's first State Championship in 'Boys' Football. He had been busy though, putting his healing gifts to use at John Hopkins' and protecting Washington D.C. in general. Lilly would see him from time to time when she would visit the hospital to share her healing gift as well, and just help boost moral for the convalescing. Still though, it had been a while, too long really, and she was glad to see her friend, and one of the founding Irregulars, again. After catching up with Alec for a minute and greeting others, she took a seat, smiling, waving and shaking hands with some of the other KEYs she barely knew or did not know at all. She thought it was odd, and probably not a good idea to have so many KEYs in such a confined space. Part of her screamed 'Trap!' or 'Set up!' or several other things, but was confident that Abel had already thought of that long before her. Still though, she kept her guard up and senses sharp, in case her highly unlikely suspicions ended up to be true. Lilly sat back in her chair and listened to Jeane when she began speaking, trying to take in what she was saying, while attempting to make heads or tails of it at the same time. There was obviously something that she, and probably other, were missing. From the sounds of it, some prior discussion that, for some reason, she was not invited to, but Jeane was? That was weird. Lill pulled her long, dark hair back and put it up into a high pony before raising her hand to get the attention of the other, and leaning forward a bit, looking to Jeane. "Okay. I'll just come on out and say what, I am sure, many of us are thinking." Lilly said confidently before continuing, "Huh?? Sara''s big revelation? Voluntary extinction? Sara's psychics? What the hell are you talking about? What is this," she said, motioning around the table and room at the meeting of so many KEYs, "..about?" she asked with a confused look on her face.
  11. Listening to news of Sara's disappearance, there wasn't a whole lot of doubt that the other Key's absence was either something she caused or took advantage of to help shove them all into making the 'right choice'. On the very very very off chance she was wrong and Sara was *in trouble* instead of *being the trouble* though... She'd be among first to volunteer to kick in a door to go rescue her. Adjourn the meeting then and there. Jeane wanted to prove Sara wrong, not put her in a box, after all, not after the rock. What would that prove? This dark monologue of thought played out as a quick flicker of expression as she 'stowed it' deep in her belly with the other anger, emotion put to work as she fished a much-abused sheet of paper from a pocket, angry scribblings and crossed out lines of text. She stood up with a determined expression, a nod of gratitude to Abel before she started speaking, glancing down at her notes from time to time. "I'm not going to go over Sara's surprise reveal again, and I'm sure our big brains have more facts off hand about how or how not more Keys unlocking then I could look up in an hour. No, I'm bringing it down to the point of view of an 'accidental Key', the practical rights and wrongs of what Sara proposes from my eyes and maybe a few of my fellow accidents. After I calmed down, it took me a bit to start thinking about all this in terms of keys vs normals, not keys with normals for the first time since meeting you all. My parents would call you good influences." Her smile ever-so-briefly reached her eyes before determination refroze them, "No matter what Sara says, we, both as keys AND human beings deserve a place in this world. We have done nothing so wrong so as to deserve extinction just so her perfect, flawless psychics can inherit a world we're helping to build alongside the rest of the human race. We don't have to be a phase. We can be a foundation. Just because we're the first keys, doesn't mean we'll be the best keys forever. Someone who unlocks tomorrow could, and probably will, have a better solution for tomorrow's problems than anyone in this room right now. In fact, I hope we're the absolute *worst keys ever* as the next generation takes what we build and builds on that before passing that legacy onto the next generation. And so on and so on and so on." The tall blonde made her point by leaning over the table and stabbing it with a finger in time to her last point before straightening again. "Because, no matter how strong our nodes might make us, we're not gods. Keys are going to die, quit the good fight, or wander off. There are going to have to be more unlockings if we're going to stay a part of the human story. And if we stop all unlockings, that's just slow suici... voluntary extinction." She paused, catching her mental balance before sweeping the table with her eyes, anger flashing as she reached the climax of her speech, "End of the day, no matter what facts the rest of you use to justify killing ourselves off to yourselves, I'm going to have a real hard time fighting for a world that doesn't have room for me and mine. Part of who I am is being a Key now, and I won't be able to look another Key in the face and ask them to risk their lives for a humanity that can't fit them just when we're reaching out to the galaxy. Now *that's* crazy to me, but that falls under facts, and I said I'd leave the facts to our big brains. So I'm done. For now." She plopped back down in her chair, notes clenched in one fist, reining herself back in.
  12. Lilly "Vanguard" Pryor


    Lilly lets out a frustrated sigh, clenching her fists for a moment. "See?" she said to Kia, looking to her friend. "There is always another problem, another emergency, or whateve, that we have to take care of, so we never get time to ourselves. My life is a damned mess because I never have any time for it." Lilly unziped her jacket and put it over Rosa's head, trying to protect the doc from the sprinkles. She didn't care herself. it felt kind of good, actually, after the workout she had just finished. "The last time I took any time for myself was when I went to Australia with De-." Lilly cut herself off, sighing. "I've not even been able to talk to Laurie or Sean about that either. Ugh. Such a mess. But's it's not what you think." she sighed.
  13. AWS ST


    Rosa didn't take her eyes off the small tablet in her hand, "Yeah I don't know. Look I need to get back and analyze this with the big computer. I just wanted you to know I had some results on Kyle," said the young scientist. "Why don't you come to my office tomorrow and we can talk about that and I might need to run a few tests on you. About this."
  14. Abel sighed. Good freaking lord, he thought inwardly, this was just what they needed. He reached out globally with his telepathy, and shook his head. <Sean, I'm not getting a return mentally from her anywhere on Earth. The link's closed too of course. I assume you couldn't find her either.> He cast a look over to Jeane, and spoke. "Whatever you're feeling towards Sarah personally, Stow it. We're here to talk as equals, about something that could effect everyone earth eventually. Let's at least be civil. I know we all have our issues, but we have to work together, or this isn't going to go anywhere, and the next time we try to talk about this, it will likely be far too late." His look softened abit after that, and he looked to her. "Now, if you want to get started, then go ahead, but remember, we will hear both sides of this, and decide together how best to move forward."
  15. She searched Tahiti where Pandora and Apollo had trained Devin and others, had taken at look at Devin's old place in California he had made a base for his secret operation, but found no sign of Sara. She passed her Far Sight over an remote island in Fiji she had shared with Sara, a place in Malaysia, Paris, across Germany and Eastern Europe and other places she had visited with her girlfriend. No sight of her bold face, no sound of her sarcastic, slightly raspy voice. Her Mind's Eye was roved over the dark side of the Moon as she focused striving for Mars, when the mental reply finally caught up to her far ranging consciousness. Unfortunately, it wasn't who she wanted it to be. Her distance body sighed in frustration, a hand brushing back damp hair. <No, it isn't, Abel,> Sean answered curtly, the tight reins on her mental communication giving Abel no other indication of her thoughts. She pulled back, her senses snapping to Irregular Solutions with impossible speed, catching Jeane's comment. <In fact, I did have something better to do,> Sean told Jeane over a private channel, her mental tone icy cold. <And it isn't to make a 'better entrance' to lend more weight to my or her opinion on this very serious matter.> Sean stood up on the bathroom, quickly drying off her arm and brushing back to her hair, anchoring her senses back in her body, her mental voice back on general guild chat so that all the Irregulars could hear. <Sorry for being late, guys, just climbing into Little Bigfoot now. I'll be there in a few. Sara's missing, gone. I can't find her, and I don't know if she went willingly or was taken.> Sean put the Cherokee/Challenger hybrid into gear, the electric engine humming softly, then drove for Irregular Solutions at twice the speed limit, but with control as smooth as though she were out for an evening stroll. Sara's absence was too much to be coincidence.
  16. Jeane waited. A minute, maybe two, much as it grated on her nerves when Sara caused the whole problem in the first place, so whatever was causing the delay was either very important or very personal. She could see it being either way. Still. Rude much. "Guess she has better things to do then be here or answer her calls. Anyone else want to get started already? We can always catch them up later if they aren't listening in already to make a better entrance," the tall blonde chuckled grimly, sucking in a deep breath to swallow the bile Sara's little 'gift' continued to inspire in her. God, she hated bullies and manipulators. Nervousness bloomed in the false smile as she squared her shoulders and met the gaze of the others, very much aware of her lack of seniority in this gathering. She hadn't even met the one with the wings... Okay. Just jump. "Like I said. Made a speech and everything, so I'm willing to speak first to get the ball rolling... This is important, after all."
  17. Lilly "Vanguard" Pryor


    "If what you are saying is true, and to be honest I did not seen a third quantum signature, then how the hell did I do that?" Lilly asked as she walked over through the falling water to the ripped open bag and squatted down in her skintight boyshorts to scoop up a handful of wet sand and watch clumps of it fall from between her fingers as she squatted there in the 'rain'. "I've never been able to do anything like this. I mean, this was like creating matter, animating it and so on. If anything, it sounds more like Sara, or what brain in a bottle thing, or maybe even Kyle. And why the hell would it attack me?" she pondered aloud, brushing the hands together to wash off the sand in the falling water..
  18. Abel had spent the hour alone, his office locked, trying to go through best and worst case scenarios given the information he had. Still there was so little to work with, and he was annoyed. Still he worked through the scenarios, theories and vague hypotheses he'd brought together regarding what was best for them all going forward, all the while, he'd had the bag on the table. Once it was nearly time, he'd gone to the meeting he called, and he handed the rocks to Jeane, noting the change in her demeanor. Well damn, we've yet to start, and she's already mad again. Noting that not everyone was there, he nodded. "No real rules, save the one that's always existed at our gatherings, whether they were at the gaming table, or anywhere else." He smiled, as if remembering a happy memory. "Don't be a Dick, and show others the courtesy you wish to be shown. I think we should wait for everyone, and I had some refreshments brought in, so help yourselves. When Sean and Sarah show up, We can begin." Over his private link to Sean, Abel's voice called out to the wayward beauty. <Sean, is everything alright?> It was odd for Sean to be late, even with Sarah was involved, and he knew it had to be important as Sean hadn't contacted him to let him now.
  19. Sean went inhumanly still, her heart skipping a beat, breath held, the fine hairs on the back of her neck rising. She could feel every individual particle of steam that touched her flesh, hear every drop of water hit the tile of the shower stall, smell the constituent components of soap and shampoo in the bathroom. Sara wasn't there. There was only a fading hint of Sara's natural scent in the moist air, no trace of her clothes, no sense of her presence. Sean's lips parted as she exhaled, making the steam swirl and dance. Sara was gone. How? Why? Did she leave on her own or was she taken? Turquoise eyes that had their own dedicated websites and had widened in disbelief narrowed as Sean focused on spectra beyond human reckoning. The only heat signatures were her own and those caused by water hot enough to scald a locked human in moments. No hint of Sara's unique quantum signature. Nothing disturbed or stressed the natural quantum fields that would suggest more forms of teleportation or generated Portals. No other signs or residue of other Key powers. The window was closed and there was no way she could have missed Sara flying away, no matter how fast she was going. With a long, slim finger, Sean flicked open the AMP-glass shower door, more steam billowing out. Nothing should have been beyond her capability to perceive, but she had to look with her own eyes. The stall was empty, save for the pattering of water on the tile and steam. She frowned slightly, suspicion spiking. With Sara's revelations and the decision facing the Irregulars about future potential Keys and the ramifications thereof, now was not a time for Sara to go missing, willingly or unwillingly. Sean reached in and swiped her arm through the generous shower stall, making several passes to cover the entire area, in case something was concealed from her senses that she could touch. Nothing, only her arm getting wet and her dawn-hued hair darkening to dusk with damp. She turned off the water then leaned against the shower door, feeling the dissipating heat radiating against her back. "Sara?" Sean's melodious inquiry was answered only by echoes rebounding from the tiled walls. <Sara?> she sent out mentally into the void. Sean closed her eyes and breathed deep as she expanded her awareness of the holographic nature of reality, able to spread her senses throughout an ever growing amount of surrounding space. A kilometer, ten kilometers, a thousand, further, beyond the bounds of Earth, beyond the orbit of the Moon, searching for any hint of her friend, of her lover, of her love.
  20. Jeane walked into the room like she was prepping for a fight, a scowl on her face and eyes narrowed. Her hair was still damp from the shower she had just gotten out of, hanging loose around her face. She was dressed in reds and whites, a T-shirt, sweatpants, and sneakers claimed from her closet in her purposeful haste to get here on time after losing track of it on the rim of the Grand Canyon. At some point she had run out easy to strike boulder and resorted to lifting Sara the rock overhead and chucking her, eh, it off the side of the cliff to meet it's doom far below. Plopping her butt down by the edge of the cliff, Jeane drummed her heels on the rockface and stared out into the emptiness, breathing deeply to let the anger cool enough so that she could form emotions into ideas and ideas into plans. Rock dust covered hands rested on her knees, freezing as a thought breached the flow of molten thought, enough to threaten to make the volcano erupt again even as her lips shaped it into the open air. "Wait a second. Where does she get off calling *us* accidents? The only reason she lost *and* got her powers back was because of accidents. If I was a shittier human being, she'd have never gotten them back at all. Accidents, my ass. Oh, she's going down." The second she said those last words, she knew exactly how doomed she was. Just *one* of her friends, well, teammates based on how she was feeling right now had even partially rebutted Sara's venom to her face, and with an hour for her quantumly-charming friends to turn that poison into some kind of bullshit 'truth'... This was going to take work. And thought. And even then, she'd probably lose, but, damn it, she owed it to them to try. Paper. She needed paper. And pens. And signal for her phone. Sara wasn't going to win this. Not by default anyway. "Sara left this for you," Abel commented when she drew closer enough to be spoken to without shouting. She took a seat next to him, and he passed over the bag, prompting the scowl to mix with confusion long enough for her to open it up. What the..? Oh. Oooooh. That preening, smug bitch. Bring it on, Doctor Manhattan. Jeane was filled with determination. "Thank you, Abel," she exhaled softly, closing the bag and forcing the anger into a hot, tight ball in her belly and looking around the table, "I see our local bi... Sara isn't here yet. I wrote a short speech and everything for when we do start. So what are the rules for this?"
  21. Wheels within wheels In a spiral array A pattern so grand and complex Time after time We lose sight of the way Our causes can't see their effects by Neil Elwood Peart / Gary Lee Weinrib / Alex Zivojinovich PATHS AWS – S2 -Ep 02 In 1938 in Berlin Germany nuclear fission was discovered. It was the eve of world war two and those scientists involved in the discovery feared that this new knowledge would be taken by the Third Riche and turned into a most terrible weapon, a weapon which could end the world, and so many of them stole away in the night, so to speak, to the west and freedom. Some of those scientists were not so sure that this fear was founded in anything but joined their collegues as well. Sean looked at the time the hour had flown by fast, she listens and can hear the shower still going. That was odd Sara wasn't one to linger in the shower unless there was something to occupy her, Sean thought with a lascivious grin as she stood up and headed to the bathroom to remind her girl of the meeting they had to get back too. The tall buxom woman lightly rapped on the door “Hey hun, It's time to get back for the meeting if your going to come.” There was no answer only the sound of the shower, Sean frowned and tilted her head toward the door. All she could hear was the shower so she tuned her senses up and the ambient sounds crescendo but then one by one she tuned the extra sounds out. All but the shower. She should have heard Sara's breathing her heart beating, the sound of blood moving in her veins. All she heard was the shower. Sean opened the door to the bathroom and steam billowed out she feared what she would find, but she found nothing. Only an empty shower filling the room with steam. The war started and the west, already afraid of the possible outcome, embraced those scientists who had come from Germany. The fear that Germany would create a bomb was real and it is recorded that many of those same scientist who didn't want the bomb to be built by Germany urged the United States to be first to utilize this new science to defend the world. In December of 1942 a sustained nuclear reaction was attained at the University of Chicago The path to the Bomb was paved. Doctor Mizuki had been sitting on the uncomfortable chair for almost half and hour. It had taken him many weeks to get the okay to make this visit now that he was here a short wait was not a worry. The door across from him, the exact mirror of the one behind him, clicked and swung open The Small brown skinned woman with a wild untamed mas of black hair, in a pale blue prison jumpsuit was led into the room. She was shackled and hand cuffed the two women guards led her to the chair across from him and the attached her cuffs by a short chain to a ring set into the surface of the table. One of the guard set two cigarette on the table in front of the woman and one single wooden match. “You have thirty minutes if you finish early just call out and they will come and get you.” said the guards woman who had put the cigarette down. Mizuki nodded that he understood not taking his eyes off the woman The guards left and he was alone with his former colleague. Rashoud waited until the door closed behind her and picked up one of the cigarettes and the match with a flick of her thumb she lit the match and sucked in a deep lungful of smoke. “I did not know you smoked.” said Mizuki “I didn't,” Rashoud said, blowing the smoke to the side so as not to bother the man who thought she was a friend. Mizuki looked down at the table, wondering now, why he had come. “I am sorry it took so long for me to come and visit. But I was investigated after... you know. I do not understand. We had perfect access to the Irregulars why did you feel the need to experiment, to create those Aberrations?” Reshoud sat like a stone the cigarette burning between her fingers seemingly forgotten. Then she started to laugh. It was small at first just a chuckle then it grew until she threw back her head and gave vent to a full hysterical laugh that bordered on the psychotic. “Aberrations, Mizuki, Aberrations They weren't aberration they were designs haha it's those freaks you call Irregulars those Hahaha those are the Aberrations” Mizuki recoiled at this woman who he had called friend. July 16th 1945 the first atomic bomb was exploded in a test in the Nevada desert, the sight witnessed by the military and scientists of the Manhattan Project. It is said that as he witnessed the first detonation of a nuclear weapon on that, a piece of Hindu scripture ran through the mind of Robert Oppenheimer: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”. It has often be recounted that he actually said this. He did not. What he said was “It Worked!” The false quote is perhaps more appropriate as well as romantic, within a month, two more bombs would be detonated, this time over population centers in Japan. The Irregulars entered the secure conference room of Irregular Solutions.Everyone of the Keys who made up the superpowered group was present both the originals and those recruited since. They had arrived one or two at a time, even Alex had portaled in from DC. Only Sean and Sara were absent, running late. Abel wasn't even sure Sara would be there after Jeane's outburst. He looked down at the bag of rocks she had given him with instructions to give to Jeane when he saw her. He looked up and made eye contact with the newest and youngest member of the team and wondered what that had been about. Regardless it was time to get started
  22. AWS ST


    "Yeah well, science don't lie and neither does the evidence." Rosa said still waving her wand and watching the face of the tablet, thought of Lilly's strong arms around her body tucked away fro later... referral. "The volume of sand is consitant to what was inside the bag which is not consistant with what we saw." She pointed the wand at Lilly "Chica, according to this it was you doing that and nothing else. Lilly, if your powers don't work like that then honey, you got issues."
  23. Lilly "Vanguard" Pryor


    "What? No. I don't.. no." Lilly stammered as she cautiously set Rosa on her feet with little effort. Even with the flow of quantum shut off, physically Lilly still met or exceeded maximum human physical potential. Her Wonder Woman-esque physique was toned and powerful, but still feminine and belied her actual 'mortal' strength. "My powers do not work like that. All my stuff is, like, internal... physical. I can't move stuff with my mind or animate sand or whatever. That's, like, Abel's forte." she said as she brushed and swatted off sand that had clung to her her toned, sweaty body.
  24. Kia Mizuki


    Befuddled, Kia looked from the pile of sand to Lilly. "That was...you? You made the sand move?" It kind of made sense, now that she thought about it. Lilly had been angry and spoiling for a fight...hitting the sand, and maybe wanting the sand to hit back. But that wasn't how Lilly's powers worked, was it?
  25. AWS ST


    As Lilly's Power faded and the weight of Rosa settled onto her now mortal, but still powerfully strong shoulders, The sandman also began to slow and seemed confused then suddenly the whole thing simply collapsed leaving the scattered sands all around the gym. "Jesus girl, I think you can put me down now, please" Rosa said
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