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Aberrant: Weirder Stuff is an Aberrant game using an original setting. In Aberrant: Weirder Stuff (henceforth AWS) you will play a young Quantum Enhanced Human who must decide how to live with your new found powers and what role you will play in the coming world upheaval. It is a modern setting/Supers/Scifi/Weird Adventure which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality. Focus will be Character Drama, Us against them, facing the Unknown, and Action. Oh and there may be sex.

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Aberrant: Weirder Stuff this is an Aberrant game using an original setting.

In Aberrant: Weirder Stuff (henceforth AWS) you will play a Quantum Enhanced Human who must decide how to live with your new found powers and what role you will play in the coming world upheaval. It is a modern setting/Supers/Scifi/Weird Adventure which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality. Focus will be Character Drama, Us against them, facing the Unknown, and Action. Oh and there may be sex.

The game will begin, but not be restricted to, a small town in Montana. The town is a Fictionalized version of Shelly Montana ( based on the town of Shelby  http://www.city-data.com/city/Shelby-Montana.html ). The general public are not aware of Quantum Enhanced Humans (Novas in base aberrant), although if your a nerd and google every weird thing in the world (I'm not saying it's aliens … but it's aliens) there are stories of... well weird shit happening, some of which are true.

Enhanced Humans first began manifesting about 10-15 years ago, although these early manifestations were primarily low level mega stat recipients and went undetected by even those who manifested. Over the intervening years more low level manifestations have occurred and were first discovered by the government agency responsible for creating them (unknowingly, more on that later). This discovery took place about 5 years ago . The exact cause of the manifestation of super normal abilities is not yet known but there are theories. There are few QEHs (Quantum Enhanced Humans) in existence all of which are from the united states and all who manifested in one of 3 locations and all of which are government employees. These couple of dozen or so QEHs possess powers that range from low level mega stats (1 -2 dot) to low level provable psychic abilities such as telepathy, esp, etc. The government is unaware of any massive super powered people and in fact there have been no such manifestations. Until now.

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  2. "My vote is that we keep going. If there is something or someone watching us, so be it. Stay on guard. We're armed and there's damn little else we can do but continue on." Abel was in no mood to stop, he wanted to get answers, because the future depended on them. Still he made a quick check of the revolver he carried. "They're pretty good if they're able to keep horses down, and quiet like this though." He frowned as he looked around. Before there'd been damn little that could hide from him, or Sean, and yet that was then and this was now. Going forward was the only real option he saw, because it might help him deal with all the memories, and the voices in his head.
  3. "I say screw 'em. They can come out and make friends like sane people after the brain trust confirms whether or not there's anything to find at the reactor. Besides, if we were the thing's last cpus like you said, there's a chance it could be breaking down for good now that we're out and about," Jeane replied with a shake of her head, "The people'll keep a few more hours. Heck, once night falls, we can make a nice fire to invite 'em to see us." She scanned their surroundings, smiling that predator's false smile on her face, one hand thumbing her improvised axe.
  4. Lilly crouched by the horse droppings, inspecting them for a moment before lifting her gaze to look around for a few moments as she thought her dad, or at least who she remembered as her dad, and the hunting trips they would take where he thought her how to hunt, track, navigate and generally survive. She could also remember serving as a Park Ranger in Glacier National Park and other places, and even being an Army Ranger. Time and again she learned these skills and always enjoyed her time outdoors. She cut her reverie short though and sighed, focusing on the hear and now. She motioned to the others to get close around her as she rose up, glancing around casually. "These horse droppings are really fresh, probably more like under half an hour old." she said just loud enough for the others to hear. "There are also at least three sets of horse tracks I can pick out. They cross the train tracks and head into the ruins, away from the tracks. Now they are unshod too, but I am pretty damned sure that they are not wild horses though." she pointed out, continuing to speak low and soft. "Why do you think that?" Kia whispered curiously. "Look around. There's no big foliage, or high cover here. Just broken cement slabs, tiny bits of crumbling walls and skeletons of cars, no where near enough to conceal a person without crouching, so there's sure as hell not enough to conceal a standing horse, much less three. So that means they are laying down." she pointed out, noting the terrain as she softly spoke. "Yeah, there a few reasons why they might lay down, but given the situation, terrain and relative time of day, none of them fit. So if we are not seeing them it means they are being made to lay down. And that means they are trained and have riders, stealthy ones at that." Lilly explained. "Also, have any of you had the feeling we're being watched for a bit now? I sure have." she mentioned, glancing around casually. "Now, with our strength and athleticism we can pull off a cheerleader pyramid to get a higher vantage point to look around. It'll mean we'll be the tallest thing around here and easily spotted, but we might spot them horses and riders, even laying down." she said with a shrug. "Or we can follow the horse tracks and hope it does not lead into an ambush, which I think it probably better than 50% chance. Either way, if there are people and horses, that means they have food and water, and maybe some answers." she suggested as she looked from one friend to the other. "Or we ignore them, keep our guard up, and keep going as we were. No matter what we do, keep weapons ready and stay alert." she cautioned. "So what do you want to do?" she asked.
  5. They walked in silence each of them alert but lost in their own thoughts, they also, except for Kia and Abel, walked alone. They past through the rusted remains of a galvanized chain link fence the way was dusty and cold. The suits surprisingly kept them warm. As the marched on toward the city it was Lilly and Jeane who first felt the odd sensation of being watched, it was shortly after that that Lilly came across fresh horse droppings and hoof prints crossing the tracks. She motioned for them to pause and get down. The droppings were fresh. She looked around they were in what would have been a residential area of wood and mortar houses complete with green grass lawns and swing sets in the backyards. Today it was a wasteland the rail tracks ran behind a row of once houses that were now nothing more than concrete slabs cracked and broken lined by the collapsed remains of walls and roofs. The street beyond a dust covered and empty thoroughfare. There were a few cars now just metal skeletons lining curbs or parked in the drives ways of ruined homes. Lilly counted at least three sets of prints in the dust, unshod, she could tell from the tracks. The tracks led off through the ruins away from the direction they were going as they followed the tracks. The fallen houses would give no real cover and wouldn't hide a horse The thought that they could be wild horses crossed her mind but she just as quickly discarded that idea. She motioned everyone to join her and explained what she had found.
  6. "What? I can't hear you." Lilly called out from the 'doorway of the 'control' room where she had been standing the entire time waiting for any sort of conformation from the others about her suggested plan of action, when Sean decided to march outside and then began talking as she walked dozens of yards from the door, making her difficult, if not impossible to hear, virtually ensuring that Lilly and anybody else inside, could not hear her. "Well, I guess we are just ignoring each other now. That'll certainly increase our chances of success." Lilly said sarcastically about Sean who had exited without any sort of acknowledgement, positive or negative, to Lilly's suggestions. She checked her pack's straps and stepped out the door for the first time, looking around at the bleak landscape more fully now, instead of just what she could see from the doorway. Sean was already dozens of yards away near some tracks that seemed to be in line with the tracks in the tunnel, and looked like she was preparing to follow them towards the city, with our without anybody else. Lilly sighed and shook her head. Teamwork would be essential in a situation like that, and yet most of the others seemed dead set on doing their own thing, without any regard for the others while Lilly tried to keep them together and seek some sort of consensus. It almost seemed like herding cats at times. "Looks like Sean found some tracks. I guess we're following them now." she called back toward the Kia and the others before turning towards Sean. Lilly sighed and jogged to catch up to Sean.
  7. Ok to make things clear I will try to expand my setting discriptions and hopeful this will cut down the need for people to wait for me to answer questions or risk post with out all the information they should have. My apologies for any confusion or upset this has caused. this will mean that my posts may take longer to write. when possible I will provide visual aids as well. Again I also implore all of my players to read fully each and every post. You will be surprised at how much information people miss by not reading everyones posts. Skimming is bad. Again sorry for the confusion
  8. Jeane couldn't quite stifle her grin at how thoroughly Lilly got told off. She had missed those train tracks, and it wouldn't be the first time a reduced budget wrecked something super important. "*I'll* play scout once we hit the city. That's parkour country, and long as you guys don't have powers, I'm better at something for the first time since I met you this time around. Besides, if there's anything in there waiting to eat us, I want the first and last thing it meets to be one of my weapons," she chuckled, breath misting with the cold and eager to get some exercise on to get her body temperature up. She got up and swiped her handful of ashy mud across her face to refresh her camouflage, forming a grid with the mud from inside the complex. "My Dad and I used to watch a show about what'd happen if we all died when I was a kid. Between this and the Underverse? It's pretty on point," she mused as she waited to move, happiness at a goal bringing up a fond memory that fit for once.
  9. The world was in shades of grey where her swirling memories were saturated with colour. The soft wind was cold on her scalp and cheeks. Sean dug out one of the extra jumpsuits from her pack. Testing its stretch, she cut off one of the legs of a jumpsuit, then cut off a wide band. She pulled it over her head, and it fit well enough, covering part of her ears like a too wide headband, the extra material on top flopping over. She took it off, made a a few cuts and slits with the k-bar, and after some pulling and tying, she put her 'hat' back on. It looked stupid, like a mangled beanie, but it worked well enough. Sean took a deep breath as she watched the grey waves of lake Michigan lap against the shore with a strange flatness. The air smelled flat too, no sense of life too it, nor even the smell of exhaust or garbage, city smells. She turned back and studied the ruins of Chicago, looking for movement, lights, something to indicate life, as Lilly made her assertions and suggestions. "I don't disagree with things being... inconsistent," Sean said, even her melodious voice sounding somewhat flat out in the desolation. "The tech back in there..." She nodded back towards the doorway in the hill they had come from. "With it, with that... I wouldn't discount the Fermi reactor - or a version of it - running whatever we were part of. Lilly, the reactor wasn't just built at the University, the reactors and the University of Chicago were one of the sites for Government Research on the Manhattan Project. A government slash military run project, not mere college phd projects." The slender girl shrugged a shoulder. "If I was running things, sure, I'd give this place it's own power supply. But maybe they didn't have the funding for another reactor, or the space down there, or thought it unnecessary, or maybe even dangerous. I do know thinking of this as just another 'simulation' is a dangerous way of going about it. It would be better to just think of it as real. If we can't distinguish the difference, then for all intents and purposes, it is real. As for your big door..." Sean raised an arm and pointed at the hill to the left of the small door they had exited from, glancing from Lilly to Jeane. "It's right there, buried from the hill slumping or on purpose at some point. Unless you think those tracks that lead to the big doors drop down at a seriously steep angle right on the other side. I bet..." Without waiting to say what she bet, Sean began walking briskly away from the hill. Just a few dozen yards away, she found what she suspected, breaking though the dirt, dark with grit and disuse, but unmistakable. "Train tracks," she called out. "Leading towards the city." Sean walked back to the group at a more sedate pace. "Train tracks back to the city, to the campus even, for all we know. Could be reasons to build off site. More remote, so less eyes, curious university eyes. Or they didn't have a place secret enough situate the project, or couldn't built a place like this there without raising more questions on site. Regardless, I think we'll find more answers there than we will here playing with the phones. We certainly won't find less." Her jaw set with stubbornness. "So I'm going instead sitting here and building base camp. We apparently have waited for over a hundred and fifty years. I'm done with fucking waiting." She nodded at Lilly's pack which held one of the water condensers. "If the condensers are anything like the ones I designed, it should make perfectly clean, potable water. If something gets through the condensing process, I don't think boiling the water will deal with it any better. Everything you want to look for, we can look for on the way, Lilly." Sean got ready to set out, with or without anyone else, taking stock of what she had with her in her own pack, and glanced over at Abel. "Without continual maintenance, you'd be surprised how quickly infrastructure can decay." She gave the bleak sky a dismal look, one part slightly brighter than the rest that might have indicated the sun. "I have a few guesses on how this could have happened, but they are only guesses at this point."
  10. Lilly stared out at the bleak landscape in since, taking it all in. She looked around, but she just could not believe it right now. The visual was the straw that broke the camel's back. "No. Just... no. This is bullshit." she said as she shook her head. "This is some simulation or test or something. I mean, who keeps cases full of shrink-wrapped survival gear in a closet of what it essentially a server room? With guns and ammo and these jumpsuit that just so happen to fit our wetsuit thingies perfectly? Not the military. And if they did, there would be gear enough for everybody. There were dozens of pods back there, but there is just enough gear for us? It's all too convenient." "So if this is some sort of test, then fine. We'll play their game. And if not, then so be it. Either way, the decisions we have to make are the same." Lilly then turned to Abel after his suggestion of going to the university. "Sorry dude, but there is pretty much no way that a facility like this, built under the lake and housing a human brain-run supercomputer with ultra advanced tech and stuff was not built with it's own power source and would instead has to rely on a reactor at a university. If it is something that's been runing for 150 years, then it is well protected and likely in this facility someplace, just like it has its own phone network." Lilly countered. "Okay. So Jeane is on the right track, I think. The big door.... The hydraulics on the big door are shot, so no help from them, and I really doubt we can fix them. And even if we could, we would need a way of operating them..." Lilly turned to Sean and asked, "Any way of figuring out what all these controls do?" she asked, pointing to the controls in the room. "If we cannot, at the very least, 'unlock' the door from these controls, then we need to consider ways of going under, over or around that big door. We could try banging on it, and see if we can get the attention of anybody possibly inside. Hmm.. Abel. See if you can use the phone network. Maybe extensions or some phone phreak shit or something you might know. Hell, dial O for operator if need be." She then went back to thinking for a moment. "Okay, water, food, shelter. We need to get a condenser working and start filling the canteens. We can see about boiling the water before storing it, if need be. I'm not sure how 'clean' the water it makes is. Sean? Do you know?" she said and ended with a question to Sean for clarification. "We can prop the door back up and retreat back out to the platform and close that door too to keep the cold out for the time being. That should keep us warm enough." "We need better light sources. So we need to check the immediate area outside the door for any wood or anything flammable that does not make a friggn' bio-hazard cloud when ignited like our current torches. We will keep them as backup, or maybe useful to keep animals away. "Okay, so if your two," she said, looking to Sean and Abel, "can get on those things, then Jeane, Kia and I will see about gathering some firewood or something. We'll check in every 10 minutes or so. Sound good?"
  11. Abel frowned. "Chicago. only DC was a greater hive of scum and Villainy, or perhaps Detroit." he sighed softly. He waled out and looked at the lake, "That makes this Lake Michigan, So that means where we were is under the lake, going from how we got here. Good way to make the compound more secure at any rate." He looked to the others and he smiled. "We need to head to the university. That's where the Fermi Reactor is, and if anything could still be powering the facility we just came out of it's that, and likely they've got a computer command and control system for the project there." The way the world looked reminded him somewhat of the Underverse Jeane had discovered. "What the hell did they do to cause this in only a hundred and fifty years?" he asked softly.
  12. It wasn't the worst horizon Jeane had ever seen in her life. Unlike the times she had been in the Underverse though, she didn't have ability to regrow a limb or leap miles in a single bound or any of the half-dozen gifts she had let herself think of as 'normal' in the two months since meeting the team. This time around anyway. Or however many times they'd been forced to replay the course of their lives for the amusement of whatever conspiracy stuffed them down there. If stopped to let herself think about it, the tall amazon would break through the brittle surface of her conflicting memories and lose herself for God knew how long. Having achieved her first goal and been proven partially right, she didn't quite know what to do next, and that uncertainty made her mental footing wobble. Just a little. She dropped to one knee, planting the butt of her axe with one hand, and reaching down to squeeze a handful of the mud in the other, biting her lower lip. If she could see even a patch a green, a bit of flowing water, a single light in the gathering dark, Jeane would have taken off running towards it. But there wasn't. So she didn't. 'South where it would be warmer' was too much of a leap for her to take, not right now. She needed a short term goal, and the city was too risky if it had monsters anything like the Underverse. They'd be chopped to bits. "You said this computing center had to close, right?" she hoarsely intoned, forcing herself to stay calm, focused, together in the now, "Is there a chance in hell it's on the other side of those blast doors back there, and that we could force a breach with what we have? Damn bastards blew it all up out here while we were asleep. Probably got themselves blown up, too. Damn it."
  13. Kia shivered and pointed at a tall metal stand with a rotten signin book sitting on it. “There's another phone.” she pointed to an Identical phone on the wall above the stand. Lilly approached it and lifted the receiver she heard static, “Hello” more static then the same music. “More music.” Jeane stood in the middle of the room and listens as Abel and Sean swapped dream tales and while Lilly played with the phone. Clenching her Jaw and hefting the axe she had made she strode right up to the door lifter her foot and gave it a monumental kick. SMASH! The door flew from the corroded hinges and bent nearly in two landed a few feet from the doorway and cold wet wind blew in from the door. Jeane recovered her balance and with no hesitation trotted through the opening into the outside. Bleak is the first word that comes to mind the cloudy covered sky is gray, the grass less ground gray, the sea stretching off behind the earthen mount the the room is built in is bray the small shoreline gray. To the east the gray skyline a a once great city rises still recognizable as Chicago now a dead and crumbling ruin...
  14. Abel heard what Lilly said. "Well that's good to know, there's obviously some sort of network it's connected to, though it could just be an internal line. if someone answers, that would really be something." Looking to Kia he nodded. "I agree. I'd hope we're somewhere temperate, and not at one extreme or another, and not the depths of winter." Sean's comment about where they could be made him chuckle. "As good a guess as any, either of those, until we get outside. Now to answer the other question, I remember alot of things, in addition to my life as a Key and everything I knew and did there. Just at a glance, because I Really don't want to go to far into it, I recall being a Media mogul, I lead a hostile takeover of MGM and ran it the next forty years. I recall us working together to invent the first home computers, I remember being James Bond after Sean Connery. I remember being in charge of an asylum in Missouri, and a patient in another. Several instances where I was a criminal who was never caught. I recall being the First Man on the Moon, and so much more.." He trailed off, as his eyes seemed to glaze over, then he quite literally slapped himself. "Enough of that." He sighed. "As you can tell, I think we all lived so many iterations, altering the histories we know, and for me at least the further I delve, the harder it is to come back, and that makes me very uncomfortable, as i find more and more that counters other things I know. I want answers, but i know the truth is that they'll likely lead to even more questions."
  15. "Uh guys. The phone actually has 'on hold' music playing." Lilly said before hanging it back up. She walked into the room and looked around, shifting the pack on her back slightly. "So the phone is still connected to some sort of operational system." she added as she collected the M-16 from the rack and inspected it, checking to see if it was serviceable and/or loaded. At Kia's comment she walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Uhh.. don't get your hopes up. It is cold in here and colder by that door. So it is gonna cold out there, maybe freezing. So everybody make sure you keep your head warm too. Hopefully we won't have to deal with snow."
  16. "Hmm, there was that Arctic base we hid out in for a bit," Sean commented dryly as she looked around. "But with the limited power out-put, it doesn't feel nearly cold enough for that." She snorted a cute, bitterly amused laugh. "I'll vote for Groom Lake or Cheyenne Mountain." Sean had been largely silent and subdued as they trekked through the tunnel. She'd always had good recall and will the onslaught of memories swirling up in her mind, memories of other times, other selves were growing into sharper and more extensive focus. In the Key Frame, with her unlocking, she had known how to do many things, had simply known things, without having the context of when and how she had learned all those many skills. The capsules and plethora of scenes and memories she now experience suggested where those skills and talents had come from. She'd been an Olympic gymnast, scoring straight 10s, winning gold to Nadia Comaneci's silver. He'd been a soldier and UFC champion. She'd been a sensual lounge singer and an acclaimed actress. The pilot and captain of an independent freighter starship, and a survey specialist investigating new worlds for potential colonization. A doctor, a Nobel winning scientist, and the undisputed leader in the video game industry, revolutionizing it. An architect, and a thief. So many lives she had lived, and she was remembering more and more of them. Some felt more real than the others, though none had the tactile immediacy of where she was now, underground in some complex, as they tried to find their way out and see the sky. Perhaps for the first time with their actual eyes. "Guys, not sure if is an invasion of privacy - but I feel like we've been friends - and sometimes rivals - through many... iterations. But what do you remember, are remembering?"
  17. Kia stepped into the new room and looked around, then went over to help Jeane with the next door. "I hope it's nice outside," she confesses. "We haven't seen anything down here to tell us where we really are. I hope it's not a desert or Antarctica or something."
  18. Jeane was forward and through the new door almost as soon as Lilly pushed the open, torch swinging to illuminate the space beyond. Her eyes narrowed as she swept the room for anything useful, cataloging what she saw through her very particular focus, breath fogging from the chill here. More retro controls for the tram and maybe some other stuff? Ugh, hopefully Lilly wouldn't get a bug up her butt over these. Lost too much time already. A gun rack built for 4 rifles, but hosting only a single M-16? Better if it had ammo. A door, unarmored and begging to be bashed down? Thank you very much, universe. "Hey, guys! There's a door and a hell of a draft in here! Bet it leads outside. Help me get this thing open," she called over her shoulder, already squaring up where best to apply force and if her improvised axe would be needed to expedite the deed. One step closer to sky with any luck.
  19. Lilly could hear a bunch of static and then she said Hello and the phone receiver started making a loud screeching sound wich after a second settle into what sounded like music As she listend she reached out and placed her hand on the door itself and gave it a little push and with a groan the door swung open.
  20. Abel had simply gone along in line. he knew he wasn't going to be able to carry much, physical strength had always been a weakness of his. Still he took what he could, and suffered through the acrid smoke and odor from the torches in silence, until they came to the door. "You know If We end up being at that secondary base we set up after Devin's attack, We are gonna be way under dressed on the surface." His voice actually contained a hint of levity, as he studied the door, and wondered how they'd get it open if someone else didn't answer. They had some tools, but this didn't look like a door they could pry open with what they had on hand. One more time he lamented what he no longer had, as the door would have been nothing before his telekinetic might.
  21. Lilly looked at the door closely. The lack of handle or knob hinted that is was like opened from elsewhere, such as a control room or somesuch. "Well, the rooms we were in had power, so the phone might work. If it does work, and there is somebody on the other end, then we announce we are here. Time to give a wake-up call.." Lilly said as she reached for the phone and lifted it from its cradle. She held the phone close enough to her ear to hear, but not actually against her ear, and listened for a tone or a ringing or voice for several seconds, otherwise she says, "Hello?"
  22. They gather on the platform and look at the personnel door it appears to be made of high grade steel and it looks like it opens outwards. There are no latches or handle visible beside the door in a rusted metal box is a old style land line phone. The large door which the tracks go through is massive and is of the same type that is used in missile silos. it opens outwards as well and is operated by hydraulics which are now non-functional.
  23. It turned out that making a torch out of synthetic stuffing and vinyl resulted in a truly acrid smell that brought tears to the eyes. Yay, science. With Lilly on point and Jeane not too far behind holding up their foul source of flickering illumination, the deep dread drop turned out to be nothing worse than a four foot drop to underground rail track complete with 3rd rail. The rails lead into a long tunnel drilled from the stone and then finished with unpowered light fixtures. A mile and a half of flat track eventually takes on an upward slope for a mile beyond. Nothing moved in the dancing shadows beyond the torchlight in all that time, no branches or exits presented themselves. At least until they found the second rail platform and the tram itself. A little twelve-man model, the tram was rusted and neglected, looking like nothing so much as the skeleton of a long trapped animal. What it was trapped against was a huge metal door that cut off the tunnel and the tracks that went along it. A much smaller, second door was on the platform itself, opening outward from this side and much akin to the one that had bound them inside the macabre server room where the Irregulars had awoken from their slumber. "Seems obvious enough what's next," Jeane offered, holding the torch higher to illuminate the muck-covered platform, coughing from the smoke for the hundredth time, eyes watering.
  24. They pulled up a grate that Sean indicated and after she pointed out the cable bundle to follow Kia, the smallest of them, dropped into the space under the floor. She easily found the bundle and followed it as far as a stone wall where it vanished into a conduit along with several other bundles and cables. Kia made her way back and told them what she had found. After a short discussion it was decided to head out the door and see what they could find there Jeane used the matches lit her torch and pushed the door open and stepped out into the unknown.
  25. "If you can clone someone once, why not do it again and again and again when that part gets too old? I mean, long as you're writing off our entire lives as one long dream sequence as cogs in their system might as well write it all off as spare human #626. Anyway, let's just find the bastards, torch their bodies and works, and sprinkle some holy water on the ashes so they don't rise to do this shit ever again." Jeane, dressed in one set of the extra large outfits, spoke without looking up, loading up one of the packs with goods and spare clothing, lips quirked at a private joke. Words words words. So many words that meant nothing and less than nothing. Fractured chorus of memories aside, she'd definitely want some 'her time' when the immediate crisis was over. She mentally catalogued her armory. K-bar in her boot. Axe at her waist through a belt loop. Six shivs hidden in various pockets. An unlit torch propped up against the side of the box. She thudded the pack up and down a few times to settle it's contents before sealing it up and shrugging it on, looking over all the pods with their morbid contents, "These dead kids need avenging since we're too late for the saving. Anyone got a spark ready for these torches?"