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Heroes for Hire is a science fiction/fantasy game using the new Starfinder RPG rules from Paizo Publishing. Set in a slightly modified version of the core games published setting it is a sci-fi/fantasy romp across the galaxy full of action, adventure, romance, humor and maybe some dancing.

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Heroes for Hire is a science fiction/fantasy game using the new Starfinder RPG rules from Paizo Publishing. Set in a slightly modified version of the core games published setting it is a sci-fi/fantasy romp across the galaxy full of action, adventure, romance, humor and maybe some dancing.

Inspired by space movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ice Pirates, Battle beyond the Stars and a plethora of grade b space movies from the 1980's (most available on you tube) it follows a band of down on their luck crew of a crazy starship trying to make a living without selling out to the Galactic Man or falling victim to the numerous intergalactic crime lords and their nefarious schemes all while desperately trying not to become the next meal of the hordes of the insect like Swarm bent on devouring the galaxy.

This game will have lot's of action, lasers, nukes, magic, more lasers, rock and roll, zombies, androids, huge space battles, even more lasers this time with different colors, pissed off space gods, pizza, sexy space witches, horrible alien bugs to kill by the score...did I mention the lasers...

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Sunshine's instincts kicked in, and she immediately flipped on the red alert, priming the ship for evasive maneuvers. "Clevus, what the hell - never mind, preparing for evasive maneuvers. Can someone good at speaking get on the horn with them and talk them out of blowing us into dust?"
  3. The Ship's avatar re-materialized in the engineering compartment next to Echo, or rather another avatar as the other was still in the control center conversing with Sunshine. Solanya pursed her lips and fixed the artificial life form with a glare. "I will forgive your disrespect of earlier and allow you to make amends. Are you the one responsible for the unauthorized modifications done to my space frame?" *** A soft ping alerted Sunshine to their imminant arrival atthe Drift beacon where they would emerge at their destination system. "Guys, we are there. Emergence from drift in six minutes." *** The rest of the crew, still in the lounge listening to Clevus all looked up at the holoform of the mouse-pilot. "Nice we're there," said Clevus leveraging himself out of his chair. "We should probably get to the bridge" Everyone glared at him. "You stay here," Eva said pointing back at the chair he had just vacated. With a sigh he plopped back down into it as the rest of the crew shuffled out and up to the bridge. *** Sunshine paid little attention to her crew mates crowding into the small control center as she went about her task of navigating the ship back into real space. As the found places to stand out of the way of her constantly moving pilots chair as she zipped from one console to the next the ship gave and un-felt shudder and the grey nothing of drift space gave way to stars and a distant burning sun. And there before them was a green jewel of a planet hanging beautiful and inviting in the star strewn sky. However what lay between the Solanya and the emerald sphere was decidedly un-inviting. Resting in orbit and spread beyond were some twenty capital ships of the Vesk, Flitting between the great warships and the planet as well as buzzing around the rest of the system were many many more smaller ships, shuttles and fighters. Sunshine flipped switches and took reading, There are over a hundred ships in this system guys, and they are all Vesk." "Well Shamit and Farcart! That's about ninety six more than were here when I left." Everyone turned to the door to glare at Clevus who was in the hall poking his head in the door. "What?" "Attention tiny spacecraft!" A hologram fizzled into being hovering in front of the main view port of a uniformed Vesk with an eye-thingy attached to it's scaly head. "You have entered a restricted system without authorization. Heave to and prepare to be boarded." On one of the view screens one of their small ships (not tiny which means bigger than Solanya) blasted away from the fleet on an intercept course.
  4. Satisfied with being back on course, Sunshine continued to converse with the AI as she piloted the ship through the Drift. Satisfied with being back on course, Sunshine continued to converse with the AI as she piloted the ship through the Drift.
  5. "Aw baby, don't be like that," Echo said to the inert instrument panel. "I just got used to thinking of all this as mine, you know? Then it's...hey no, there's company in here. Bit of a shock." "Lets start over. I'll get you a nice new set of plasma filters."
  6. Solanya seemed to enjoy chatting with sunshine and continued to do so even reactivating the ships drives so Sunshine could get them back on course. Back in the lounge Clevus shrugged, "You pick things up. After i got away from the puppy parade I ended up on small trade moon and came across funny little fellow of a species I didn't know. Called itself Notonot, he was telling stories for clips. He was pretty good at it. One of his stories described a ship that was a pretty close description of yours, but the context was all wrong. from what he was saying the tale he was relating happened thousands of years ago and way back then there weren't a lot of starfaring races and none of them still exist much less there ships. But the way he described it was spot on so after he was done telling his stories i cornered him took him to good eatery bought him a meal and plied him with drink. I got a few more tales out of him and led him back to that ship he had talked about. He told me about the builders of that ship, a race of high elves or high elf like very powerful wizards all of them, could command space and time itself. when the elder races went to war they removed themselves from he conflict and took their whole homeworld with them to another part of the galaxy into orbit around a star that was never born, was the way he said it. He had several tales of that ship it was celebrated among those elves. I coaxed the name out of him eventually but for some reason he was reluctant to tell me but in the end after enough wine he did. That ships name was Solanya."
  7. Jexa sat back, calmly listening to the back and forth. Almost right away a single word stood out to her. Her curiosity peaked, she made a small gesture and a translucent blue ribber of energy extended in front of her eyes. She casually looked around the room, letting the HUD of the visor highlight objects before slipping from her seat and out of the room. She began to walk the halls of the ship, passing through common areas, hallways and maintenance corridors alike, always looking around as she listened in to the conversation through her comms, finally returning to mess and taking her seat again.. "Joy." she muttered and reached into her pocket, pulling out a small stone which she held at about head level and let go, allowing it to float and slowly circle her head, just in case the ship decided to open the airlocks. It was bad enough that they knew so little about the ship, but now to discover it was sentient and apparently a bit sensitive? There were enough egos to deal with on the ship already, without the ship having its own. Jexa sighed and shook her head. "So how did you come to know so much about the ship?" she finally asked the felinoid as she rocked back in her chair.
  8. Sunshine looks a little startled, but quickly composes herself. "It's a relief to find out I wasn't just talking to myself. Ah, sorry about that time I cussed when the stick slipped out of my hands. Heat of the moment." Sunshine continued to be friendly and conversational with the Solyana, thinking less and less about the need to get the ship going, and more and more about how fascinated she was by the living ship, and how much she wanted to get to know them.
  9. Sunshine jumped when the voice spoke again this time beside her "Of course I know you Sunshine, after all we have been companions for sometime and I am quite fond of you." The tall translucent elf was standing beside her. Sunshine looked around and could not see where the hologram was originating from. "I'm fond of you too, the ship i mean uh..."
  10. Sunshine, to her credit, processed all of this - magic ship with magic elf AI - relatively quickly, though this might have been motivated by the fact that they were dead in the suck and getting the ship moving was a priority. So she tried a different tack - she tried speaking to it herself. "Hey there, Solyana. Sorry about my co-worker. It's me. You remember me, don't you? The little mouse who's been flying you for a while? You have sleek moves. You're one hell of a ship. Thanks for all the times you came through for us, and sorry I didn't know that I could speak to you before." She thought, and amended. "And that you'd speak back."
  11. Clevus was intimidated no doubt about that, but he had no real answer for the hulking Vesk. "It's an alien ship... your android pissed her off. What do you want me to say? I told I know where you can find answers that implies that I don't know those answers." Says the cat man throwing up his hand in consternation.
  12. "I hate to say it," Gorunta finally said, "but Clevus was right." Of course, he then turned and loomed over the feline. "Now start explaining."
  13. The elven apparition narrows its eyes at echo and the steady thrum of the engine dies abruptly. "Your's? You are here on my sufferance which is at an end. Farewell 'mechanical'. Solanya placed great emphasis and a goodly amount of derision on her last word. Then faded from existence. The ship drifted
  14. "I'm Echo," replied the engineer tartly. "Why are YOU squatting in MY computer like a space hobo in a space cargo pod waiting for a space handout?"
  15. The apparitions brow furrowed and the pointed ears twitched giving the appearance of annoyance, "I am Solanya, and who are you and why are you digging in my computer banks like some sort of clumsy child digging through a toybox?" "Oh carbus, now she's done it." said Clevus as the voice of the android and the ship came over the open intercom. Evie reached over and flicked a switch on the control panel set in the table and a holographic image of Echo and the apparition calling itself Solanya materialized in the center of the table. In the ships control room Sunshine did much the same so she could see what was going on as well as hear.
  16. "I must ask you to cease." said the...person in perfect Binary. Echo reached over and grabbed a hand scanner, her eyes never leaving the apparition. The scanner was a diagnostic device, meant to help track down leaks or shielding faults in the engine core, but it was better than just eyes and ears. "Aaaaall right, I've ceased," the android said, aiming the scanner at this 'elf.' "For now. Mostly because I'm pretty sure you're the one I was looking for anyway. So. Who are you?"
  17. Sunshine grunted, out of comebacks for the cat, and simply concentrated on piloting the craft.
  18. "Haha, your right you could space me but you won't," said the feline as he stirred his Cha. "Telling you what I know now doesn't get me to the planet, and you getting rid of me doesn't get the Abadarian off your butts. But i will give a concession, I won't require all of you to accompany me into the ruins on Caerista, as soon as we are on the ground I'll tell you where you can find your secrets. That is if we make it to the ground before Echo gets all of us killed by digging where she shouldn't. *********** Echo's drone beeped as her fingers flew over the command keys and dug deeper and deeper this Ai, if that's what it was, was really hidden well. She had thought she had located it twice already only to find ...well, nothing. "Not now I'm busy" "beep beep boop beet" "I said I'm busy don't you have anything to do?" "BEEP BOOP BEET!" the drone insisted. Echo closed her eyes gritted her teeth at the interruption and swiveled her chair to face the drone and came face to face wih a tall, regal, Elven looking...apparition since Echo could see she was slightly transparent, standing before her. "I must ask you to cease." said the...person in perfect Binary.
  19. Jordayn arched a brow at Evana's uncharacteristic - but not unwelcome - outburst. He glanced at the splash of cha on the bulkhead, then took a sip of his own cha and took a moment to appreciate the curve of Evana's backside and legs as she leaned over Clevus. "Think about it, Clevus, this is Evana when she likes you. Imagine what'll be like if she doesn't?" Jordayn added. He put down his cup with a soft click, then stood up and pulled out a chair at the mess table for Evana with a grin. "Have a seat, luv, and let's give Clevus a moment to reassess his options." The half-elf glanced back at Clevus. "We aren't a greedy lot, Clevus." He paused, then gave his head a slight shake. "Not an overly greedy lot. Be a little more forthcoming, work with us, instead of trying to force us to work for you, and we won't feel the need to work against you and try to cut you out of the action. Equal shares all around, especially if there's as much as you claim there is."
  20. "Clevus," Evana smirked a grin that would have made the most hardy of predators swallow with worry. The sultry tone of her posh accent was almost hypnotic and Clevus was pretty sure if she tried, she could make love to him with her voice alone. "You're alive because we like you, well, I like you. Please understand that. I respect a fellow cut throat mercenary when I meet one, but what I do not appreciate is when people stand in my house," she wrenched the cup of cha from his hand and hurled against the wall where is shattered everywhere in a deep amber splash of liquid and ceramic. To date, none of them had seen Evana loose her shit yet, but it seemed like she was getting close. She was in his face, meeting him eye to eye. "And fuck with my shit. Honor among thieves and all that, call me old fashioned." "Echo, please tell me you're locating the source of the acknowledging voice that accompanied Clevus order." She asked to the air over the ship's open channel. "Already on it, Evie!" Echo fired back. "That's my girl," Evana smiled and looked back to Clevus. "You have until she figures all this out to find a way to remain useful to me, Clevus. My crew already wants to ghost you, don't give me a reason to stop protecting you now. So, let's be rational. We've already agreed to help you, I mean, fuck it, why not at this point? But if you know, that means others know, and I can't have security breeches on our ship. Talk, and stop being a prick."
  21. The revelations from the cat-guy convinced Echo that there could be another source of information...perhaps one more amenable. When he'd issued his commands, something had replied...a voice speaking from the Solenya's computer. Now, having verified her early check results on the nature of the anomalies in the ship drive, Echo went on a hunt into the computer's core. It was a big, complex computer...it wasn't out of the question that an AI could hide itself in there, but now that it had revealed itself by issuing directives, there'd be a datatrail. Naturally it would have been deleted, but the deletions themselves made a kind of...well...echo of the original commands. So long as the AI hadn't done anything, it was a ghost in the machine. But now Echo had a scent, and she could track that through as many layers of deletion and concealment as the AI had time to throw out before she managed to isolate it. It took several minutes...an eternity for an android mind working in a digital world...and in the end, the craftily-hidden software routines and spoofing obscured exactly where the actual programs were, but she managed to bring up an interface. She sent directives to the secret programming, instructing it to share basic operating data with her. Was this an actual intelligence? Echo would soon find out. Computer: 1D20+16 = [19]+16 = 35
  22. Sunshine then flipped to science station and engineering sections. "So, do you all have any clue as to how we just waved good-bye to the laws of metaphysics?"
  23. The Solanya sailed on through the drift and most of the crew, excepting Echo and Sunshine, made their way to the crew mess to confront and berate their Feline associate about what had just happened. "Well let me think...umm...no. Telling you that would allow you to basically figure it out yourselves. I know the secret which means two things. You need me to find the truth after you do your jobs, and you need me alive." he grins then laps up his Cha. In the engine room Echo is busy inspecting her engines and what she is finding is disconcerting to say the least. The drift engines seem to have self modified themselves into a configuration she is completely baffled by with components that she does not know what they do and even more that she doesn't know where they came from. Sunshine flips on the intercom "We are on the beacon and making good time we should be at Cearista in about forty-eight hours"
  24. "You know, I'm really starting to hate you," Jordayn commented without particularly animosity, taking a seat at the mess hall table across from Clevus. He eyed the cat-man with resigned suspicion, then after a long moment, poured himself a cup of cha. His took a contemplative sip. "Since you're being all coy, Clevus, provided Evana doesn't have Gorunta through you out of an airlock first, would you at least being willing to reveal how you learned all about our ship?"
  25. Grumbling under her breath, Sunshine turned back to the console, using sensors to locate the Drift beacon and plot a course. She kept an eye out for the extradimensional alarms, in case something nasty was in the Drift with them.
  26. Clevus poured a hot cup of Cha, "You want one?" he asked Jordayn. Jordayn shook his head and waited for answers. "I told you I knew secrets about this ship secrets I will give you when you do your part. Consider this a down payment. Now if Sunshine will jump on that beacon i gave her we can bee where we need to be in a few hours and Gorunta can get us on the planet then we can do what needs doing and you guys find out all about your magic ship."
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