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One man has attained the power of God, taking on the moniker, GameMaster. He has given a group of teenagers a portion of Nexus Energy, empowering them to travel to other worlds, setting to right things that are wrong.

Game System

Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM)



Full Description

BESM: Nexus Prime
Earth is always a focal point in all things, Finally, one man figured out why this is, and as such, attained the power of God, taking on the moniker, GameMaster.  What he has done since is simple.   Gathering together a group of teenagers from various walks of life, each with a unique quality of their own, he has Given each of them a portion of Nexus Energy, empowering them to travel to other worlds, Setting to right things that are wrong.
That's where all of you, the Players come in.  Each of you was a normal teenager, between 17 and 19, and now you have each been given extraordinary traits.   For example, you might now have a personal mecha (something no larger than 50 feet) and the knowledge to service and pilot it as an Ace, you might possess a magical weapon, or even cybernetic enhancement.  You could maste the elements, or know true magic.   The possibilities of the Nexus, and since its power flows through each of you, you the players, are endless.

Yeah it's a short premise write up.  This game is meant to be fun, and set like an anime, expect it to run like one.  We could end up in most any type of setting  Though I will say now, the first story Arc will be a mecha-centric setting.  Each Arc is going to be called a Level, and once you clear the challenges of the Level, some you may know beforehand, and some you may discover in the Level, you'll be returned to Earth to meet with GameMaster, and receive a boon.   Death is permanent in the Levels, so if you die you die, excepting a level where a means to revive someone actually exists.  Players should still look human, regardless of what form their extraordinary qualities take on.

Character Generation
300 cp build, and since I'm nice, I will give you Base Attributes of 4 to start  (120cp value)
no dynamic powers
powerflux is allowed, but you cannot modify the duration
Max total attack and Defense value to begin is 10 (factoring in all non-circumstantial bonuses)
If I feel a power is broken, I reserve the right to ask you to change it, or remove it as needed.  I will refund points if we discover it later in game.

--Decree of Fate--  I may have a character Fail a particular roll, or for some reason a power misfires at an inopportune moment, If I do this, please don't argue, I'll have story related reasons.  Each time I have it happen, whoever it happens to will receive a bonus cp award from 1-3 points depending on the severity of this Decree of Fate.  
*House Rules*

6,6 always hits and does double damage for PC's
6,6 is auto hit for anything attacking
6,6 auto defense for anything defending
1,1 always misses for attacks
1,1 always fails for power activation
1,1 always hit when rolled for defense
Defender always wins

reduced to negative HP-  characters with regeneration regenerate all negative HP in one turn, regardless of how deep they go, so long as they do not die.

The use of a healing power on someone in negative heal will always bring them up to at least 0 hp, regardless of how deep into the negatives they are.
Tough and energy bonus give you 10 hp and10 ep respectively, and each rank costs 2 cp, you may only have up to 10 ranks of each at game start.

Regeneration can be used for EP or HP, but must be decided at Character creation, You may have both kinds.

This last rule is an important one, The game is supposed to be fun for everyone, don't be a dick.  if you've got a problem come to me, I'm a pretty accomodating GM.  We're all adults, and I'm being as upfront about what the game's gonna be like as I can.  If you need help, ask, I'll do what I can.  

  1. What's new in this game
  2. With the lord beaten, soon his remaining forces were headed home, he would be brought to Theo, where he'd surrender officially. Theo held no grudge, and granted him a subordinate crest, to rule his former lands in Theo's name. Needless to say, the Standing army of the dukedom was beside itself. They'd never seen two people defeat twenty thousand, backed by Wyvern riders. The dead Wyvern was taken, its bodyparts useful for crafting weapons and armor, and as magical catalysts. Theo pulled the two of them aside later, and thanked them. "I've never heard of such power, but my friends, thank you for protecting this land and its people. More than that, you showed them that what I want isn't endless bloodshed, but justice. I am not foolish enough to think there won't be blood spilled on this path, but with you at my side, I know there will now be much less. Word of your battle will spread, and most will be very reluctant to react without thought and consideration." At Izona's home, the trio ate, speaking of simple things, and then it was back to training. At least now they knew why she always seemed to be staring at them. She was watching how they used mana, how it acted, and trying to see if it was compatible. She knew they were not quite ready for Level Four and Five spells, so she continued with the third tier spells, and increasing their mastery up to that point. What this served to do was to lessen the load on them, making the spells easier to cast, and surprisingly, she was able to to teach them how to activate the spells without the full incantations, which while cutting the power of the spells, let them fire them off much faster than any other mage. Izona smiled at them. "Well, it has been a year. I've taught you what was safe to within that time. I'm sure you're both ready to return to your friends. Why don't we go out, get cleaned up, and then I can bring you to them, and you can catch up?" Izona hadn't changed at all in the entire time they were there, which in and of itself seemed odd, and gave credence to her self stated otherworldliness.
  3. Vesper just nibbled at the food, watching and listening. Izona's interest in teaching them magic made sense now, but she couldn't shake the feeling there was a somewhat sinister edge to it. In any event, none of them controlled their own movement between worlds, so Izona was in for a disappointment...hopefully she wouldn't go mental over it or anything. The potsticker thingies were pretty good.
  4. Listening to Izona's explanation, *now* Yuuki was concerned, chasing a few last grains of rice around with her chopsticks to gather her thoughts. "Not that I don't want to help still, but I need to ask: Just how reduced were your abilities after casting this... gate spell or however it functions? Even after we succeed here, we'll probably have other worlds to help if our Patron asks us too. I can't..," she began before stopping and violently shaking her green-haired head and looking up again, old chains of duty put aside for more honest chains of want, "No. I shouldn't increase the burden on my teammates by recklessly injuring my ability to contribute to the fights to come. It wouldn't be right, and possibly even risk the missions failing if the cost is too high to help one person no matter how grateful I am... If I even could..." The shrinemaiden took a deep breath to stop the flow of word vomit and plaster a sickly smile on her face, "...But I'm probably getting ahead of myself, aren't I? Please. Explain.
  5. Izona chuckled as yuuki stepped in to help cook. She was getting things together to make something simple, a spicy chicken curry. The fact the preparations looked the same as in their home wasn't lost on either of the two apprentices. Izona had Yuuki get the rice going. Soon enough everything was ready, and the meal was surprisingly good. "To answer what you didn't ask earlier, I can't show you the spell, because I can no longer perform it. More than that, It was never something written down, it was something only I could do. I had hoped this world had such magic, or that someone here might create it, but in all my time here, I have yet to hear of such, or meet someone like that. Then Siluca comes by wanting me to teach two young women from another world the magic of this world. Of course I would agree, I want the chance to study you, to see if the mana you possess has the same capability as mine once had." She looked over to Vesper. "I learned Light magic from the Sage of Conviction, a Archmage from before the founding of the Grand Magic Academy. From there, I traveled around, searching the other archmagi, and learning from them. I've learned from all levels of magi, As different people have different views, and each has helped my mastery of Magic grow." ------------------------- The Lord Spat out a string of curses, even As Ryan moved, closing the gap in a moment, and batting away the Lord's sword. His blade against the Lord's throat, even as the Lord fell to his knees, yet So precise was Ryan's control that he didn't even nick him. "Surrender, or die." Above Tori was lining up another shot on one of the flying Wyverns, andthe lord nodded, "I surrender." The soldiers all fell to their knees in defeat. Ryan lowered his sword and pulled out the phone. "Tori, put the gun away, just knock out the rampaging one. This is over, they're beaten." She did as she was asked, and it took a single punch to lay out the riderless wyvern. The other two landed, and Ryan stood there. "Have your men return home. Send the riderless wyvern back with the two you've got left. There's probably enough rope left for you to have them carry it in a sling together." Quickly the lord issued orders to that effect, and the remaining soldiers did as they were bid. The lord was still kneeling, and Ryan was standing there with him. Tori was using the banshee to help rig the sling to carry the unconscious wyvern. "Why spare them?" "My lord has his own aspirations. Killing your people would only make them harder to achieve. If You'd have at least been civil when We first met, None of them would have had to die. We pulled the trigger, but you have the order that made it necessary. Still, we don't want to kill anyone if we don't have to, so there's no good reason for your men to die. There will be other battles, and now that your title and lands belong to Lord Theo, your men may be called upon to defend them still. All the better then that they live through this encounter." "That is not the way things are done here..." "And I'm given to understand you've only known constant war for at least a century. This way, well, Most of your men live to return to their families, to protect their home instead of attacking others. Which do you think they would prefer?"
  6. Vesper found a spot to sit down while Izona talked and Yuuki...yuukied. There were a couple of things about Izona's story that seemed a little...weird to her. But then again, what about this situation wasn't weird? She reached back and took hold of her long, straight black hair and tugged it forward over her shoulder so she could absently play with the end of it. "Who taught you magic once you got here?" she asked.
  7. Well, that wasn't a no to her helping with the cooking... Yuuki slipped the apron on over her bodyglove, presenting the strange juxtaposition of 'domestic superhero' as she considered their teacher's request. "Well, I would have no problem with you following us home, Master Izona, as long as it didn't devolve into something out of my unpleasant stories afterwards," the shrine maiden began, the angel having teased a few of the plots of her manga and religious training out of her, "Unfortunately, the magic that will bring us home doesn't belong to us. It belongs to our Patron and will trigger when we complete whatever objective he's decided is the keystone of our task here. That could be any time really." Or if they failed and took a whole year. But that didn't merit mentioning. She tilted her head to one side, "But if you have a means to keep an eye on us and observe the magic in action, maybe even hitch a ride... Well, you've taught us that magic seen first hand is best learned. That could work?"
  8. "I only know of One who left one world for another, aside from you and your friends." She smiled "And that would be me. My old world perished, and I alone was able to escape it, by making some sacrifices. The spell that let me come here was a one shot spell, then mana of this world is simply incompatible with it, so here I've remained all this time. I learned this world's magic, nearly all of it, to pass the time. It's actually pretty inferior in many regards to my world's magics, but It lets me keep the charade up as a unique "Ancient race" from the world's prehistory." She just smiled, after admitting to essentially conning the whole world as to who she was. "I'm hoping that after training you, and within the knowledge you gave me, there's some way for me to go to another world. I've learned all I really want to learn from here, and I'd rather not be stuck here if there's no magic." She looked at them both with a more ominous smile. "And now you know the price I ask for learning the higher tier magic." --------------------------------------------------- Elsewhere, The battle against the wyverns continued, with Tori finally freeing herself from the final wyvern, stabbing it, and knocking it away. Once clear, she drew the beam canon and fired, the shot taking the head and neck from the wyvern, leaving two more flying ones, and the grounded one, which was currently engaged against the Lord's remaining troops, rampaging as it was riderless. The Lord traded blows again with Ryan, and it was clear to see Ryan was just toying with him now. "Look man, you're a lord, you gotta put on a brave act for your people, but you're beaten. Yield now, and you walk away with your life at least. Hell, Lord Theo may even grant you a subordinate crest to continue ruling your lands in his name."
  9. Vesper frowned a little. She was pretty sure Izona had said...meh, whatever. The important part was that they hadn't spent half a year vanished away. Her folks were going to think she'd run away from home. Would that be so bad? She wasn't sure. She'd turned and was starting to head back to her room when Yuuki's question caught Vesper's ear. The fledgeling witch paused and glanced back, a little curious about what the answer would be.
  10. "May I help you prepare the meal whatever it is? I'm fine with bathing afterwards," Yuuki offered to their teacher, trailing behind the angel with a smile. Meal preparation was a sort of balm to her, simply following a series of steps with no expectation of presentation or charisma on the part of the food she was preparing. The revelation that so much time had passed for her and Vesper was quietly burbling in the back of her mind, working it's way up, and the shrine maiden wanted something to distract her from the reality of what that meant to be missing so long. For her. For the shrine. For her family. Taking Izona's silence for consent, she claimed one of the aprons hanging from the hook near the door, pausing just a moment. While harsh where it mattered, Izona lacked the hard edges of her great aunts, and that gave her the courage to ask a question that had been nagging at her. "Mistress Izona, I'm curious. What experiences have you had with other worlds? The people, cultures, how they've handled going home again?"
  11. With all three remaining wyverns in the air attacking, her sudden maneuver did shake two of them, still, the one she stabbed didn't die after the second stab, even as they rocked into the air. The other two wyverns ascended trying to catch the metal titan, while on the ground, Ryan traded steel with the Lord himself. The Lord was a good swordsman, and used to fighting with his battle ability enhancement, but Ryan's was literally like a second Skin, and he knocked the Lord back, nearly halfway across the circle. "Come on, man. You're a Lord, you've got a master crest's ability buff, and You're still only this good? I was hoping to fight a real swordsman." his words were meant to enrage, and they did, as the air was filled with the Lord's invective against Ryan, even as he came in hard for another series of attacks.
  12. More angry than disappointed at her plan not working, Tori fired her ascent rockets and, grappling the clawing Wyvern and taking it along with her, clinbed higher and higher and faster and faster all the while stabbing the beast with her blade in close combat.
  13. "You're not grasping it Vesper. Here in the real world, it's been two weeks. Each hour out here, was a full day in my dimension. You've both been training for six months and change already, and we're about halfway done." Izona answered her patiently. "I could train you longer, but you both said only a month out here was allowable. It would be at least that to get you both into fourth and fifth tier spells, so I'll do what I can to use the rest of time to see you master third tier spells." she seemed quite happy with herself, even as she moved to the Kitchen to start cooking. "Any requests for meals? I can make pretty much anything here in my kitchen. Maybe you'd like to get a bath? the third door on that hallway to the right. It would be good for you both to relax abit."
  14. Learning magic was...difficult for Vesper. Belief was a big part of it, and belief took trust. She wasn't deep into 'trust' as a concept. Seeing Yuuki easily grasp incantations and start creating effects only made it worse. Vesper got angry, and frustrated, and slipped back into using her own powers over and over again. Finally Izona just kept pushing...banishing the Therion and forcing Vesper to exhaust herself until her own powers were out of reach. The celestial didn't hold back, and in the heat of the moment Vesper feared for her life. Desperation, raw and primal, pushed past her usual apathy and she cast her first spell. Later, when she came to after being healed, she remembered that moment. From there her progress began. Unlike Yuuki, Vesper learned in fits and starts. She tended to get hung up at first, and then suddenly 'get it' and make up for all the lost time and then some. Her spells were tempestuous, tapping into the turbulent passions that she kept wrapped under her stoic demeanor. Subtlety was not her strength. Where Vesper shined was in the presentation, the imagination. When she concocted a spell to conceal herself behind illusory doubles, the doppelgangers each seemed animated by different imperatives...each one acting differently, even while imitating what Vesper was doing. Her explosion of fire was filled with the images of screaming skulls and writhing figures, as if damned souls danced within. When she summoned a storm, it was ushered in by a deathly reaper's silhouette in the clouds, and the harsh noise of electric guitars howling in the thunder. Finally, when they broke and Izona broke the news, Vesper frowned, not quite getting it. "Wait, so...why? Everyone out here has been waiting months even though we've only been training a week? That makes no sense. If anything it should be the other way around, with us training for months, but it only taking hours. What's even the point of doing it this way?"
  15. Yuuki tilted her head to one side, golden eyes tinged with confusion and a spark of subsiding horror as she realized that they weren't in a reversed, fairyland-style time chamber, years flashing by as they were lost in a haze of training. And it *was* enthralling training, so much more dynamic than the endless hours of memorization and ritual she had gone through back on the shrine to so much more effect than any of the small miracles that looked just like coincidences or basic psychology if you blinked. Which wasn't bad. Just... So much less colorful than she wished things could be in her life back home. That was a big part of the reason she was in her transformed state now, she liked it, and it didn't hurt her training, and her power seemed happy enough that she was more happy... "I guess time flies when you're having fun, Mistress Izona," the shrine maiden offered with a slight bow and a chuckle, not really worrying at the prospect of more training, more practice. There was a spell in one of her domains that let her borrow someone's boat, for Kami's sake. And another that let her fly. Who wouldn't enjoy flying? She had faith that if something truly bad happened to Tori and Ryan, Izona would know and would tell them so that they could act.
  16. It was almost funny, watching her swing a weapon at a target less than half the size of it, but with precise control, She smashed the blade into the rider, managing to not sever the beasts head, and splattering the hapless rider, showering the field with his gory remains. The Riderless Dragon kept on, lashing into the gundam, the powerful jaws actually rending the mech's armor, and the other two moving to tear at the mechs legs and back, leaving rents in the armor, but failing to damage the main systems. Ryan called out to the Lord. "Your men are beaten Lord Elrois, I offer you a chance to save their lives, Duel me. Win, and you can retreat with whoever has survived. If you lose, you submit to my lord, and become his vassal." "My wyverns will tear that thing from the sky, and you will wall to my blade for your insults." Ryan shook his head. "I'll just massacre them all, and send you back alone in rags, and let your subjects deal with you then." He scowled, and moved to power up lavaetien even more. "Wait, I'll duel you." Ryan smiled and his sword shrank to the size of a normal one. "Excellent." The soldiers all backed away, forming a circle, they were still broken from everything else that had happened. The Lord activated his crest, which shown with a bright orange light, and Ryan nodded. "Ability boost" eh? Cool. I was wondering what your crest did." "You can see that?" The lord looked shocked. "Not the only one with a special ability." He was surrounded with a soft blue light. "Now let's begin." With that they both closed in, swinging their swords with greater power than anyone else there could muster.
  17. Tori fired her maneuver jets and breaking thrusters as she watched the first wyvern plummet. She hadn't realized that they had riders and that gave her a queasy feeling. Not for killing the rider but that she might be killing a wyvern that had no choice but to fight, much like horses in her world. She spun the mech and opted to try some thing different to test a theory. She picked one of her foes and rocketed towards it as if she were going to ram only to alter course at the last second to overfly the beast and using her sword cut the rider from the wyvern's back!
  18. "Sounds good." Once situated, they flew off towards the approaching army. A quick strategy developed as they saw them on her sensors. She'd fire one shot at the ground troops and Drop Ryan into the huge hole in the formation. There were roughly twenty thousand troops, as well as 4 Wyverns which were about half the size of the Banshee. "Smaller than I thought they'd be. They are lesser dragons though." He took the lead and had her brandish her Plasma canon. "Attention Invading forces. We are the Knight Champions of Theo Cornaro, Lord of these lands. Abandon your invasion peaceably, and no harm will come to you. Persist in attacking, and you will be dealt with harshly." he boomed out through the mic, sounding impressive thanks to the killer sound system. There was great confusion, as none had ever seen a golem so large, or in the air on jets of flame. Still the Lord at the head of the army shook his head. "We will not relent because you ask. On this continent only strength matters. I will not allow a usurper to take over my old ally's lands. We will not back down. Wyverns, Tear that monstrosity from the sky!" The lord shouted, and Ryan sighed. "Alright Tori, one good shot to the rear please, where the supply train is." It was an Easy shot to make, as she was stationary, and Ryan unleased some of his own power through the Mech's systems, effectively doubling The effects of the blast. The end result was an area of scorched ground nearly a hundred and twenty meters across. In a single attack they'd killed a quarter of army, including destroying ninety percent of the supplies for their campaign, and nearly all the archers. This of course caused a panic, Even as the 4 Wyverns launched themselves toward the metal menace, a small human figure was falling to earth from it wielding a huge sword. He landed atop a heavy Infantry unit, clad in thick armor, and dropped into their midst. In an instant, a Circle six meters across opened up around him, as he swung his blade in a circle, and cleaved everything it came in contact with in half. Ryan stood, a faint blue aura covering him, a slight spark of energy crackling here and there, his blue eyes cold and bright. "I did warn you to turn away, but you say only strength matters. Well here we are, our strength against yours." The Army was still fifteen thousand strong, but their morale was absolutely shattered. Already many soldiers were throwing down weapons and running. The Lord made a bad call. "Archers shoot those treasonous bastards!" Even as what few archers he had left followed orders, more began to panic, as their lord was still fully intent on fighting the monster that had dropped into their midst. In the air, Four Wyverns battled against Tori and the Banshee. Their claws could tear at the armor, but the vulcan canons mounted on the mech's head proved adept at tearing apart their all too important wings, and sent one plummeting to the ground. The rider was crushed as the beast fell, and though not dead it was enraged and injured, trying to get back into the air.
  19. "In time Yuuki, I will explain everything." They returned to the regular world, and bid goodbye to Siluca. She returned to the Keep, and left them with Izona, who wasted little time, taking them to another room, which resembled a classroom, complete with a chalkboard. There she began to teach them the fundamentals of magic in this world. The first three days was alot of terminology and long explanations regarding the nature of magic, basic theories. The next three days saw them talk of foci and magical materials. In the end, Yuuki ended up with a moonsilver Magatama amulet as her focus, and Vesper's was a darksteel bracelet. "Moonsilver changes, but is always pure. The light it gives off is soft, but even the deepest darkness it cannot be extinguished. Darksteel is indestructible, even in the core of a star. It is unchanging, and eternal." According to Izona, having chosen these materials would only increase the power of their magic, as they would serve to keep it from running rampant. With their foci chosen, they were given a day to rest, before the most intense week of their lives began. for fourteen hours of each day, they were trained separately in magic by Izona. It was revealed that Izona could duplicate herself, to accomplish this, and Each was just as powerful. Using her Magic, she engaged them both in combat, and proved to be overwhelmingly stronger than either, but this illustrated the power of Magic, as she only used magic of each of their elements with them. She'd then teach them of the magic she used, while they couldn't hope to master tier 4 spells or higher yet, still the explanations helped them see how each tier built upon the others. She would heal them after each battle, then they'd go again. Magic it seemed was mostly a combat art, but she did show them other ways to use it that weren't combat related. Gathering information, summoning familiars, defending others, curses and banishing, curing wounds and sickness, If it could be done with magic, she taught them all of it. It was at the end of the week That she made a revelation to the two of them. "So have you two enjoyed our first six months together? I should probably have mentioned that. 1 hour in my dimension is a day out here. As its laws are my discretion, there's reduced fatigue and no hunger there, so it probably didn't really seem too bad to the two of you, but that's why you slept well and ate when we came out for the day each day. It's predicated on you both getting 8 regular hours a day of sleep." The fact remained that they still had two more "weeks" of their training before returning to the castle.
  20. Vesper just smirked and leaned against the wall with her arms folded. She was ready to get started. If Izona wanted to know about her gift, she could ask. Same thing with foci really. They could pick that up as they went.
  21. So not just the daughter of an imperial mage, but the daughter of *the head imperial mage* then? That was a lot to live up to, and with all this talk of magic going away if they fully repaired the seal, that couldn't have helped. Siluca got a gentle smile of understanding from the small girl, silent support before they were whisked away to a breath-taking starscape worthy of any story's epic battle. What followed enthralled her, not the scale of the blasts so much in and of themselves, but the context that this was something that could be learned or taught to potentially anyone. Earth. Water. Order. Okay those were hers, and she'd have to fight really hard to keep her preconceptions about the first two from tainting what was to come. Order? She had no real idea no real idea what to expect unless it borrowed *a lot* from the Shinto traditions she was raised in. "So many, Master Izona, which I'm sure you'll bring up and answer when we need to know them," she answered with a shimmer of breathless excitement and a quick bow of her head, "But most urgently perhaps... The reason your student directed us your way is because our patron listed learning magic is listed as one of the objectives needed to get us home to our world and, presumably, help us help this one while we're here. The same patron gave both of us... gifts which Lady Siluca compared to this world's Mystic Arts. I don't know if that will help or harm our training here, but in my case, I have a... Ha, transformation that lets me use more of that energy in ways that I know without having been actually taught. Is that a problem?" She breathed in through her nose, calming herself, allowing herself one further indulgence, "Also, foci materials and design choice. What's the difference between them?"
  22. "Now, we talk abit more, and after that Siluca leaves you here with me. You'll stay here a month or two, depending on how much you allow yourselves to learn, how much you apply yourselves to this, and then our business will be done." Izona gave them both a knowing smile. "Your magic is a reflection of yourself, who you are at your core, which aspects of Reality you resonate with. You can accept this and work in harmony with your powers, and the effects will be effortless, with minimal costs, but far more limited scope and power. Or you can take the harsher path, and Reject the way of things, and try to assert your dominance over reality, and make your will into your reality. The costs are greater, but the scope of power and effects is nearly limitless, if you have the will to see it through." She looked over to Siluca. "She is one of the Former, and quite rare. Most of the former can barely manage tier 2 spells, but She can manage tier 3. She's my little prodigy, but then with her Father being the Imperial court Magus, well she has some big shoes to fill." "IZONA!" Siluca cried out. "Oh, hadn't you told them about daddy? Well, you shouldn't keep secrets, that's not what friends do." "Not a secret, just hadn't really found the time or occasion.." Siluca pouted quietly. "At any rate, I know you're eager to get started, so If you'll follow me, We can go to my practice dimension. It's set so that magic works the same there as here, and I can show you how this world's magic works. With no dissent, the room shifted, and they were no longer in a room, just in a dimension of endless starfield. "This is Otherspace, and here, nothing can affect the real world. This is a small dimension i created to practice and perfect my spellcraft. Now, I will show a spell for each affinity." She started off With water, order, calling up a dozen automatons from aether and mana, to use as targets. She blasted them with lighting bolts from air, fireballs from fire, and crushed them with boulders from stone. She froze one using water, and caused one to break down and rust away with chaos and a little of her own blood. The final one was burned away with holy light, and she turned to them. "Those were mostly tier 2 and three spells, save the initial summoning spell, which is a fourth or fifth depending on what you're calling up. simple elementals are 4, something like a Water Dragon is a five." She looked to them. "Any Questions?"
  23. It had taken a moment to overcome the sense of burning resentment as her energies demanded she add the Words to her release, some flare, something anything to shout 'Here I am! Look at me!' to the upwelling, a sullen wrath that kicked up nausea in her gut before she could rein the coiling energy back down into it's root. Ugh. She had to suck in a little half breath, recover her balance before looking up and at Siluca, eyes curious. The other woman had shown none of this passion regarding Chaos magic before, their previous discussion more academic than anything. Still. Vesper had asked the big question. And 3 affinities? Was that good or not? She had no idea, and that was exciting, unruly powers or no. The short, brown-haired girl nodded agreement with Vesper's statement, waiting for the next part, the next test.
  24. "Badass," Vesper said, giving the black ball a closer look. "Chaos magic sounds pretty cool, actually." She then scrutinized each of the other little crystals in turn. Air seemed kinda...meh at first. Wee, windy... But then she thought 'air' could refer to sound too, right? Or like, storms, like thunderstorms. Dark clouds, angry lightning...cracks in the earth with plumes of fire jetting out. Then the baseline...bumbumbum bumbum bumbumbum bumbum bumbumbum... Sure, it was magic, not a music video, but that wasn't any reason you couldn't cast spells with some style, right? Hell no. Wands you shouted Latin at and shot little sparkles? Kids books. Nah, her Latin would be all deep and resonant, like a Gregorian chant you couldn't hear the source of. Just the words, pressing in on you, beating reality into a new shape like hot metal. Ugh. Ugh! Okay, cool off, V...don't kid yourself into thinking this isn't going to suck. Just go with it for now and see what happens. Vesper took a deep breath, banishing the growing anticipation she'd felt and fixing Izona with a deadpan stare. "So what now?"
  25. Izona smiled. I see. I accept both your offerings." She held out her hand and there were two small stones. "Each of you take one, and focus on it." With a look of incredulity this was done, and Izona smiled. "Feel you mana, your Will flowing into the stone. Don't constrain it, simply let go." Once the two f them had, there was a cracking noise, and in each of their hands were three small shards, of various colors. "Each color is aligned with a particular element." Her eyes Narrowed, and Siluca let out a little gasp. Yuuki's were green of course for Earth, which wasn't that surprising, a royal blue signifying Water, and Stark white, the color that signified the Magic of Order, a rarity in terms of alignment. Vesper on the other hand had a light blue stone that was aligned with Air, and a bright red stone aligned with fire. Her final stone was jet black, and everyone looked to Izona. "Chaos magic affinity.Well, you're going to be quite a pair." Siluca looked at her.. "You're not..." "They did bargain fairly with me, so yes, I will teach them, even that. Better they learn from me, than someone who doesn't know the truth." "It's forbidden." Siluca was definitely freaking out. "For a human to teach it, yes, but I am far from that, and certainly not bound by your laws." "..." Siluca really couldn't respond, Izona was probably the single most powerful magic caster alive, and She'd never seen the look in her eyes like this. She was truly excited. The lure of exotic knowledge, and having students with Order and Chaos as affinities, it was totally unprecedented. ------------------------------ Once the Banshee touched down and her inspection was complete, Tori and Ryan both climbed up and inside. "Huh, I don't remember a second actual seat in here." It was situated behind her main seat, slightly elevated, with its own instruments and while not control stics, there was a dome on each side of the seat obviously meant for the second occupant to place their hands on. "Something new to try out, I'm guessing." He smiled. "I think I'll just ride along for now, and get out once we get to the battlefield, Sound good?"
  26. Vesper gave Yuuki a flat look. She had history, math and science on her phone? Like physically on it? She brought out her iPhone and tossed it, and its earbuds, onto the table alongside Yuuki's phone. "Ten gigs of thrash metal and a PDF copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook," she said. "Take it or leave it." Ah shit, the cat vids! Maybe she won't notice. "There's stuff we can TELL you too though," Vesper added. "Like, with actual human interaction or something."
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