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  1. What's new in this game
  2. It is probably subsidized housing under Section 8, yah? They could allow you to relinquish the subsidy and pay full market value, but there are apartment buildings that don't like doing that, cuz they want the subsidies. Also, if too many people are off subsidy in the building, then they can lose their classification to continue under Section 8. ,, Bummer that you fell afoul of it all. I managed two buildings under Section 8, and it's a hassle sometimes. ,, Best of luck in your hunt, and don't worry about the game! I at least have no business getting mad at anyone because they were a long time between updates.
  3. Sorry for the longest delay ever. I'm in the middle of looking for a new place and just got denied because.... (drum roll)... I make TOO MUCH money! The apartment complex gets some sort of tax credit if they keep tenants under a certain income level based on number of family members. My wife and I are scrambling looking for a place to live before our lease is up in July. Plenty of time, but still stressful. I don't know when I'll be able to take time to post next, but hopefully before the end of the month.
  4. Sorry for the delay, guys. I've been extremely busy the last couple of weeks. I should have updates done by the end of the week.
  5. "Hmm, a teleportation device that requires two on either side, how limited, of course, my teleportation spells require preparation, though I need to know where I am going, I suppose this is superior in that aspect, but all other aspects of it appear to be somewhat limited.. It could be useful to install in your central matrix however, Fafrel. As to the other aspects of this situation, allow me to to be frank with both of you, now that we are more or less fully engaged. ,, The Smitre is causing strange affects on more then just your reality, it is powerful enough to have echos in many of the nearby realities as well. The Gossamer Lords are those who can walk what we call the grand stair between worlds, a sort of dimensional crossroads between more realities then can be counted in a thousand lifetimes. This reality was investigated, but the other gossamer lords who did so found the Smitre frightening, despite their power, and so only the bravest of us have been asked to investigate." ,, Raeth laughed. "Or crazy enough, I suppose. I have learned something already that either no one discovered yet, the Smitre is a dark mirror of the normal mix of Eidolon and Umbra across the worlds... one that seems to twist them both together in ways that they should not be twisted.. It might be possible, with my own mastery of the Umbra and the aid of an Eidolon master that together we could reverse the effects on an individual. Strangely, it only seems to be affecting the living inhabitants of your world, like it is some sort of viral version of the powers. My original plan had been to enter Black Helix, learn what I could from their genetic engineering and perhaps engineer psionics into your people to provide better protection against the Smitre's effects. Perhaps either of you have some additional suggestions? My own capabilities are far beyond yours, though I've done quite a bit to close the gap in both of you, making the two of you into powers in your own right, but you know your worlds better then I do at this point. Should I be approaching a different faction? Or perhaps forming a new one?"
  6. Smax didn't really have time to deal with the attempt at communication. It was entirely possible after all that the attempt was simply intended to distract him at a crucial moment. He spun off an agent of himself...a very basic copy of his interaction protocols running on a partition of his computational resources...and tasked it with fielding the call. He gave it what he deemed was sufficient sapience to evaulate the origin and intent of the communication, but not enough volition to do more than greet it and ask it questions, and perhaps give it some preprogrammed conversation. ,, The lion's share of his brain was devoted to the problem of the supernatural darkness, and the imminent threat to his allies. ,, First, he surmised that despite the entropic connotations of darkness and shadow, that this effect was more likely an expression of noesis...a 'perfected' or 'idealized' expression of shadows as the ultimate block of light. He could not simply dispel this. He saw two possibilities. First, he could attempt to realign the expression of 'light' via the noosphere, idealizing it. In theory, noetically perfected light should interact with noetically perfected darkness much as normal light did with normal darkness. Assuming their ability to access the noosphere was comparable. Or, secondly, he could attempt to simply avoid the issue entirely and rely on sensors other than visible light. He could use his uplink to the ship to send a sensor feed to the other soldiers as well. Sonic detection wouldn't work, and LIDAR was probably too close to visible spectra. Radar or microwave echoreflection might work though. ,, And of course, there was no real need to CHOOSE. He could activate his radar array and see if it was getting returns through the darkness at the same time he started an optimization program on the lights of the squad. ,, "Everyone hold position," he instructed calmly. "Pull towards each other into a ring and face out. If something attacks any one of you, the two beside him will be able to tell and fight back. I am working on a countermeasure for the enemy obscuration." ,, Meanwhile...the Smax Agent sent a message back over the planetary network to the unknown addresser. ,, "I am Smax, and I am aware," it replied. "Who are you?"
  7. Argh...so sorry. I don't know why I'm suddenly blocking so hard on this. I'm just going to post something, and it might be lame, but it will get us past this darn spot and we can move forward.
  8. Uriel rolled his eyes. Ruan had of course, misinterpreted his warning altogether. Which, given the point Uriel had tried to get across, had an ironic fitting. Corporations after all, could and would pass up things that would fit into their views of the world, their investments, and their markets. ,, In any case, time to maintain the cool-headed mystery man of knowledge image. "Let's see. All the information the Syndicate has on the Simitre and its victims - and I mean ALL OF IT. Swift passage to Mariz.... access into Ares, say 50,000 credits just in case...." ,, He jerked a finger at Jonna. "And she's coming with me."
  9. You can answer the mysterious message back in Raeth's IC and keep you're actions aboard the Herc in your IC.
  10. "Hello? Are you aware too?" a mysterious message calling out from the spacenet seemingly directed at Smax.
  11. Fafrel went to work. He sent two copies of himself to investigate the Black Helix and Galactic Syndicate. Fafrel chose to investigate the super-advance robot by sending out feelers searching for another advanced form of artificial intelligence on the inter-feed and spacenet. ,, "I'm surprisingly having a tough time getting through GS's security and intra-feed, but I'm getting there. Black Helix/Z Tech teleportation device was actually completed. Two devices where made to interact with each other. The teleportation only works one way with one device being the starting point and the other being the destination. Z-Tech was sending the destination pad to Black Helix for further testing. BH has the starting pad and were suppose to be sending it to Z-Tech." ,, "I've sent out feelers to contact any advance artificial life and waiting for a response."
  12. Ruan grins and, after making a showing that he wasn't going to pull a gun, takes an electronic tablet out of his jacket. ,, "You'd be surprised at what we can stomach," He flips the tablet on, "Demands are easy, though. Go head, Mr. Mystery, but you better deliver on your word. I can make demands into nightmares."
  13. No problem. I'm had a busy Easter and I'm sick because of it. Smax would notice that lights are functioning normally, but his could bolster them to work better. The spell is either affecting perception of light or creating a veil making it difficult for light illuminate the surroundings. Smax would know that a spell to affect multiple individuals' perception would take a massive psyche.
  14. No problem. I had a busy Easter weekend and now I'm sick. I should be posting replies hopefully by Friday. Glad you're feeling better.
  15. Flapjacks...I'm so sorry it's taking me forever to post to this! ,, I keep having half-ideas and then forgetting them by the time I can work on it. Doesn't help that I can't access the site while I'm at work; those are my productive hours. ,, Okay, so lights won't work. ,, Does Smax know if he can bolster a light source via the Eidolon, so that it will be able to shine through this darkness? Illuminating is, after all, what light's essential nature is.
  16. Uriel didn't adjust his position in the slightest. He could see that type. Ruan would casually seek to place all Halstead 'in the past' while cheerfully sacrificing him in exchange for placating Uriel. And his valuable secret. Throwing people under the bus would cut both ways. ,, Not that Uriel wasn't unwilling to play that game. Because he still could get use out of the Galactic Syndicate, so stringing along Mr. Ruan was profitable. And my secrets aren't what you could comprehend, anyway. Cold faced, he slowly shook his head at Mr. Ruan. ,, "It's not something exactly digestible for the mega-corps. Tell you what though. I could come up with something that is. In exchange for some demands fulfilled."
  17. "Ah, that makes perfect sense, he wrote his own way into this reality then, and that explains his irritation with my methods a bit more, they were contradicted by his own ideas and purposes, though I still think he should have been more flexible and willing to accept the help I offered.. oh well, perhaps another time. As to the other, as a Gossamer lord, they will regret cashing in on him, if he was willing to investigate this world, then he is not only more courageous then most of us, but is quite likely to be able to handle trouble, in fact.. I suspect if you looked into it a bit more, you will find that those who got a hold of him are missing, dead or in some sort of intensive care. Find out what happened to this Inas Retluring, and where he is now, if not deep in a grave, it might give us some insight to what my compatriot is likely to do in the future" ,, Raeth allowed xhirs thoughts to shift. "A super-advanced robot you say? Capabilities beyond those of anything anyone else has created then? Something akin to yourself, sounds like a golem servitor of sorts.. although, there are stranger possiblities. If this robot is super-advanced, and appeared around the same time as I did, there must be another gossamer lord behind it, ,, Who are these gossamer lords you keep speaking of, D'xhir? That is the right term to use? Telepathic contact from Darmi touched his own mind, overtones of curiosity and wonder, with a hint of uncertaintly in her mental voice, the conversation between them flowing at increadible speeds even as he spoke aloud to Fafrel, maintaining two distinct conversations. Together then the mental speech were other psychic impressions and Darmi touched some of the depths of xhirs powerful psyche then flinched back slightly before relaxing as Raeth responded with a soothing affection, something akin to a psychic embrace akin to the physical one she found herself in.. ,, A gossamer lord is one who can walk the grand stair between worlds, our powers vary greatly, what one can do is not necessarily what another can do, but all of us can walk the way between worlds. And yes, that is the right term for one such, it's good to known the mental teaching is working as well as the physical transformations.. The meaning of the word had been embedded in her psyche while she had been remade. ,, "Fafrel, as soon as possible, make contact with the robot or golem, or whatever it is, I'm sure it can lead me to another of the gossamer lords investigating your reality, it's becoming clear that the problem is something that needs more then one mind looking into it." Xhe said aloud even as xhe responded to Darmi's further queries on the matter, she didn't even fully get the words out this time, just the formation of a question that Raeth already had begun to answer even before it was fully formed. ,, In answer to your query, there are a host of powers possible to a gossamer lord, some of which are far greater then others, mastery over the umbra or the eidolon, are among the greatest, from them flow the essence of existence after all.. but there are many other powers, some more direct then others. ,, Awe was what the girl in the circle of xhirs arms responded with, mostly, then her thoughts turned to her own powers, which her mind told her were fairly significant all on their own. Holding out her right hand, Darmi simply sent out her thoughts to the nearby chair and found that her thoughts could cause it to move, as some of the information implanted in her mind indicated that her will could affect reality.. ,, Gently, dear one, you have a great deal of power, your will can alter gossamer reality even easier then mine, but your power can easily outstrip your endurance, you can easily exhaust yourself if you push too hard. ,, "In the meantime, what can you tell me about this teleportation device, it sounds like something that might come in handy, I can teleport myself, but it takes time and preparation to set up. As to signing my work, do as you see fit, it matters little to me, unless you think it might be useful, I don't really know the hacker community too well."
  18. Sorry for the lack of postage as of late, as indicated elsewhere, was sick the earlier part of this week.. wasn't really up to anything but bed for the most part during that period.
  19. It is supernatural darkness. Smax would be be able to tell it was brought about by sorcery. The darkness is dampening all light sources. Basically light sources can be seen, but they aren't emitting any illumination and everywhere else is pitch black. The Ares will have navigational systems in their helmet displays like Darmi did when finding Jonna's safe house. Passive light amplification wouldn't work, but there is no reason infrared or radar wouldn't. I don't think LIDAR would work properly in these conditions.
  20. I've a question regarding the darkness. Is it a natural darkness? Is there a reason we can't use flashlights? Smax...and I would assume the Ares mercs too...would also have various low light equipment like passive light amplification and infrared optics. Are those countermeasures not working, and if not can Smax determine why not? ,, What about non-optical sensors like LIDAR or radar or similar?
  21. The mutation has stopped indefinitely, but Uriel will have to wait to see what Jonna's mindset is when she wakes up. There's no telling when the Simitre affects an Azmani's mind and they become vicious killers. From the looks of it, she's going to be out for a while. ,, Halstead is having spasm on the ground while underneath Uriel's foot. He's breathing hard and clenching his fists, obviously in too much pain to utter a word. Halstead coughs out some blood onto the asphalt. ,, The sound of slow clapping is hear over Uriel's shoulder. A shadowy figure steps out into the tarmac. The mysterious Galactic Syndicate UP, Mr. Ruan, finally shows his face. A man about the same height as Uriel, but older from the looks of it. Ruan is wearing a tailor suit in the latest Azmani fashion. No visible buttons and fitted very snug to his body with no lapels. He's dress all in black. ,, "You put on quite an interesting show, stranger," Ruan chortles and walks closer to examine Jonna, "What did you do to her? To stop the Simitre? The other mega-corps will pay trillions for the secret." ,, Ruan looks Uriel in the eyes and cuts a devilish grin across his face. Ruan's eyes are a faded green color, but flash an intense blue when he mentions the amount of money he could get from Uriel's secret. Also, Ruan is smoking a cigar that Uriel notices that he doesn't smell it.
  22. Uriel focused on making the Ward settle fully into place and not have to divert his attention again, mentally. He had enough presence of mind to lift Jonna up and hoist her over one shoulder before deliberately walking towards Halstead. He paused to stamp a foot down on Halstead's back to hold him in place while he checked on Jonna.
  23. Fafrel flickers a bit as he retrieves information from all the sources at his disposal. He begins to speak, but then flickers again with confused look on his face. ,, "The previous occupant of this safe-house was a Galactic Syndicate mercenary. She worked contracts for the mega-corp, but never truly claimed a GS job rank," Fafrel laughs, "her name is Jonna Amorosa born on Demur. The colony of hot bitches! She left at an early age for unknown reasons and later resurfaced a GS merc." ,, "I can't find any info of the guy you said was Gossamer lord or whatever. Apparently, he contacted GS by going to Smooth Drinks Zone on a tether-port and just sat there. The GS security thought him suspicious and started looking into him. They also couldn't find anything either. The security men confronted him and he simply said he wanted work. It looks like GS officials and ups are really interested in him though. They don't like having a guy that seemingly popped out of nowhere like some kind of ghost. The GS ups had actually put a price out for information on him until this evening. It looks someone cashed in." ,, "The bozo that hit on you is named Inas Retluring. A Galactic Syndicate informant with a mid-level rank in the organization. He was planted in the Black Helix corp to gather any info on their mutation experiments under the alias of Franklin Halstead until the Gossamer guy and some super-advanced robot showed up around the same time as you did. From the few personal emails and texts that I read, it's safe to say that he's a prick." ,, "I'm still looking into a safe place to store and create my power-node. I've replicate my a several thousands times already, but I would like to have a home base. Lots of hackers think I'm some sort of super virus and they are all trying to figure out who created me. Would you like to sign your work, D'Xhir?"
  24. Smax and the Ares team enter the second half of the Herc. Nolo repeats the orders that Smax told him to three other Ares troops. They are still uneasy taking direct orders from what they consider a machine, but no one questions Nolo. ,, Entering the Herc wreckage. Everything is pitch black. The brightest lights only providing tiny pinpoints of illumination. The sound of fighting can be heard in the distance. Smax can find his way around in the black because the ship's computer is feeding enough info to navigate as though he has photographic memory of the ship, but the Ares troops are walking blind not be able to see their tactical computers. ,, It isn't long after entering the ship, one of the Ares troops is heard screaming as he is dragged off down a corridor.
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