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  1. What's new in this game
  2. Is anything going better for you Krul? (Not being sarcastic, just generally hopeful)
  3. hope things are getting better for you. does this mean your back?
  4. I've not been around, I'd say the holiday season has hit hard, and some of that is true, but I've also been exhausted, most of the time when I get home from work, and the hours I do have free I spend either sleeping, or winding down before I go to sleep, neither of which gives me the energy for much in terms of creativity. Also last few weeks, days off have been busy with family gatherings.
  5. okay understandable. Personally I don't drink as well as I don't go out partying. Plus I count Christmas and new years as two separate holidays. Plus I like to spend them with family if I can.
  6. I just got back from my holiday, it's likely that many won;t be back till after new years. I can think of many examples of ppl i know who expand Xmas all the way to new years in one huge drunken debauched incident...
  7. I am wondering the same. What's going on?
  8. I don't mind waiting, I'm sure once we're past the holidays things will pick up.
  9. You all take your time, I'm halfway through 878 pages of sheer mythos!
  10. Yeah, I hope people don't mind if I coordinate the teams with the people already on the ground and in the air.
  11. I'll work with folks in the next couple of days on such things, I believe we'll gain a speedster as well. In any case, I've been busy being 'Herald of Andreste' (Inquistion is awesome, everything two should have been and wasn't), and with turkey and thanksgiving, will be working on posting in the next couple of days, also have Christmas decorations and such to do over the next few days.
  12. Cad nodded and headed off. He needed to do his job as well. He vanish in a blink of an eye. He went to look for both his foes and those whom needed his help.
  13. Heya Krul and players! Back when this started I had a concept for the game but bowed out because I was having a creative block and other personal issues but I am feeling better now and would like to join the game if there is an opportunity (and if everyone is cool with that). My character concept is similar but different from what I proposed before. His name is Simon Whitechapel and he is an artist with a sketchy past. His heroic persona is the Iron Shadow who is a vigilante-of-the-night type with questionable ethics. I am still building him with the Molecular Master template. Anyhoo, thank for taking the time to read and I hope to see you in the game. If anyone has any question feel free to ask!
  14. "It seems people want me to hang back. Now get going. Seems the Paragons need a secretary." The look on Sakurako's face was clear, further conversation was unnecessary at this point and a waste of time.
  15. "I don't know to be honest.I though you wanted to be in the back? But if you want to help out then why not watch my back as I go and search for the injured. And if I am lucky maybe some intelligence that might help us out." Cad asked a bit curious to Sakurako behavior. "Then again do you think you can keep up with me?"
  16. "Erebus, most of the fliers have long necks. Their vertebrae are highly vulnerible as well. But it might be a good idea not to focus on their riders, an out-of-control Dino would be a higher threat than a crashed one with their rider still on it's back. I just don't know why I'm being told to stay here when I could back up the both of you with my firepower. You guys got a plan, but I wasn't given a part in it!" She adjusted her suit, waiting for any chatter. Wondering if she was just going to be on the sidelines.
  17. Cassidy's incandescent eyes widened at the sight of the dinosaurs rampaging through Chicago. It was one thing to see their image on the holographic projector, another to see them in the flesh, hear their roars with her own ears, and the ground tremble under their terrible weight. Trying to subdue one with mere song seemed like a small shield. Yet she couldn't help but feel a small sense of wonder at the sight of the dragons. She played role-playing games and had encountered dragons plenty of times, as enemies and allies. Her favourite character she had played had actually died facing a pair of dragons. Now she was a fantasy woman with a voice every bit a powerful and unique as her Bardic Princess'. I wonder if I could charm one with my voice... Cassidy's idle thoughts were interrupted by Darrik's overly sensual statement about starting the evacuations. She gave herself a shake and nodded, gesturing gracefully towards a curving section of O'Hare, a place to gather the civilians where the bulk of the building would prevent dinosaurs from coming at them from behind. "I'll go that way and gather the civilians over there and try to warn away any hostiles with my illusions," Cassidy said in her glorious voice. "It'll be easier to move them en mass to any triage area that gets set-up." As bad as Darrik was with his suggestive manner, Cassidy was just as bad, if not worse. Darrik was a pornstar and had performed with the biggest stars in the business. With the natural curve of her lips, the light in the eyes, a simple gesture with her arm and the way she started walking away, Cassidy evoked more raw sensuality without even trying then all his costars did, combined, while on set. Cassidy flicked her hand and illusory, glowing turquoise stars appeared in the sky above O'Hare, dispelling great swathes of the early morning darkness. Even with all the chaos about them, Cassidy could feel the eyes turning her way, in wonder and lust and hope. Hiding her anxiety, she met those eyes with an expression of calm and confident assurance. "Follow me, folks. The Paragons are here and we'll keep you safe," Cassidy said in her intoxicating and compelling tones. "We'll gather over there, until a more secure triage area is set-up for you all. Don't worry, my teammates will take care of the Dinos." "How are you going to stop those monsters from eating us if we all gather all in on spot, blocked by the airport?" One guy challenged - though he hadn't taken his eyes off her breasts since he had seen the Siren in their midst. "We'll be lunch!" "Don't fear, folks!" Cassidy countered, subduing the rising panic. "I know the dinosaurs are scary and dangerous. So... we'll just have to get a bigger and scarier one on our side! Stand clear, I need a lot of space to summon him." Maybe it was seeing the dragon, maybe it was the fact in some ways, she had powers similar to her favourite D&D character, but Cassidy now knew what illusion she planned on making to scare away the dinosaurs. With a sense for the theatrical, Cassidy began singing in Gaelic, the pure music compelling, dramatic, almost terrifying in its intensity. Using her Glamour powers, she made the sound of thunder crack through the air. There was a flash of sheet lightning, then another, and another. A towering, twisting line of sizzling light appear before her, then split open with a boom into a massive portal to elsewhere... And... something stepped through... It was huge, enormous, almost beyond comprehension, dwarfing the Tyrannosaurs. Like them, the beast was reptilian, bipedal, but its forelimbs were much longer and thicker, with huge, clawed hands that could crush or tear. Long, sharp horns sprouted from its head, its long, thick tail swept well over the civilians cowering in its shadow, and its back was protected by a thick, spiky carapace, able to resist nearly anything. Its roar rent the air asunder, daring any come for the tiny morsels it claimed as its own. The Tarrasque walked the Earth at the bidding of the tiny, impossibly beautiful Siren at its feet. Cassidy looked over her shoulder at the terrified civilians behind her, her challenging and mischievous grin instantly soothing their fears. "Don't worry, folks - he's on our side! Who needs Godzilla when we have him, hmm?" Cassidy turned back, watching the battlefield ahead of her, making sure to control her illusory Tarrasque in a consistent manner to scare away any approaching dinos without revealing its ephemeral nature. She encouraged any civilians she saw to take shelter behind her beast, and kept her eyes open for any opportunities to use her Voice to disrupt the actions of the dinos or Echidna's children with a short, sharp, nearly irresistible command. Picture of What Cassidy Summoned
  18. Darrik surveyed the scene for a long moment, taking in the chaos behind his imperturbable mask. Then the black-red hair fell to frame his face in just that way as he pulled in Puck for a long lingering kiss. It was the sort of thing to make everyone thrilled in a certain spot at not exactly the best of times. Darrik drew back from his boyfriend and bestowed everyone a lingering, confident smile. "Stay safe. I'm going to oversee the most orderly evacuations in history." The way he said evacuations suggested the most unfair things to Cassidy. Darrik sauntered off as if he was on a runway, not a warzone, hips swaying. OOC Darrik's been updated.
  19. Erebus looked over the chaotic scene and frowned beneath his mask. Too many hostiles over a wide area, too little intel as to their movements. Ideally he'd have loved to get the chance to spy on them for a while so he could start figuring out patterns, right now the whole scene looked like nothing but a disorderly riot. The overhead scene was worse. While these dragons and pterosaurs moved through the air lazily slow compared to a military jet, the firepower they held was apparently enough to cause serious damage to the city. He wondered whether they could have scrambled some attack choppers to lay suppressive fire on these dragons, or if their hides were as tough as their mythical counterparts. In any case, dragons and pterosaurs, unlike a plane or chopper, looked to rely on their wings to fly, so restraining those wings should bring them crashing right down. "I am nothing like a paleontologist, but these aerial hostiles look to need those wings to fly. And I don't imagine they'll shrug off an impact with the ground. Since enemy air support can apparently spread fires across the city and contribute to widespread damage I'll work with Maia on taking them out of the sky. If they notice what I'm doing and attack me directly they'll just be pulling themselves away from the rest of the attack. Once we have the skies we can call in additional air support and corral all the land based hostiles for easier elimination."
  20. "Might be a good idea. Although you're our only other teleporter I don't want to lose a potential evacuation option for the team if Chicago is lost... or we need to get someone in grave condition to a proper medical facility... preferably away from here." Sakurako said. "If you are going to look around..." She handed over her medical kit bag to Cad. "Don't go alone, and take this. We should be looking for the injured. I have a feeling I might be doing more coordination with the response teams here than anything for now." She adjusted her suit, tweaking the trapped air in the puffy winterized suit to be a little more comfortable. "I wager people might be entering shock quickly. I think I got a few thermal blankets in the kits in the bag."
  21. Cad took in the scene. It reminded him of something from an bad sci fi movie. The whole thing seem off, a bit comical in a sense. Yet nothing too far fetch if you knew how to do the stuff right. Sadly Cad could not figure such complicated stuff up. Still he knew that things were going to get rough. Only he did not know where was the best point to really do damage. "We need to figure out where the leaders are at. If we take them out then the others will have a harder time reworking the line of command. Also may help buy some time to get people out. I am going to do a quick scouting run. Anyone else interested?"
  22. Sakurako didn't miss a beat as she used her emergency clearances to access the emergency response network. Accessing their coms, she starts to assess the resources they got available. She placed her finger on the ear-mounted comlink to turn it on before closing her helmet. "This is Endeavor of the Paragons. We have multiple Paragons on scene trying to stabilize the situation. We are currently deploying in the area from O'Hare, we got people prioritizing contain and control. I need to know where any triage is set up, or where Civilians are being evacuated to." Sakurako's winterized suit turned blaze orange with white sections. "I'm in the orange suit with a orange bag. Can't really miss it. I need a sitrep." She looked over to Helix. "Good luck. I'll find out where our Triage zone is. At least I can protect that location with my firepower if necessary."
  23. Maia spread her wings and looked around. "Well I'm going to see if I can occupy that Dragon." In truth she had wanted to handle the rex's, but fighting a "Real" dragon, well, that was something she felt was best done by her, and inwardly found it hilarious. It was a deeply held fantasy from her younger days, those rare times playing D&D, even couple sessions in college with her daughter on her lap, where she was a paladin fighting to slaw a dragon, and now here she was getting to do it for real. "Hell of a first day on the job." She did have a real sword start with, something that had been made to withstand her physical strength (actually for someone stronger, but it was still light enough for her to use, before she broke out something quantum fueled. The Dragon wasn't all that hard to find. She knew Eidolon would be busy saving planes, it was her job to insure it didn't get anymore.
  24. Helix spying the group of creatures on the tarmac gestures to Puck. "Puck, we can try your experiment on that group there even if it doesn't work we can grab their attention and lead them away from the triage area. Is 40 yards close enough?" Waiting for Puck to come close to her, she tamps down the sudden urge his nearness causes and concentrates on a the area behind the dinosaurs marking it in her mind. She reaches out and takes his hand feeling the tingle surge through her at his touch. "We will port in behind them, you do your thing and I will be ready with either another port or a force-field, you call out which. Ready?" As she prepares to port to the tarmac with Puck she Looks at Eidilon. "Brian holler if you need my TK to help with the planes." Actions Use Holograpic Awareness to memorize the place we appear this will be my fall back teleport position. having attuned to Puck I will use teleport on his go order to put us behind the dinosaurs at 40 yard or what ever distance he prefers. i will then go on full defense for both of us with the option of porting back or defending on the tarmac.

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